Obama names U.S. envoy to Islamic Conference

President Obama announced Saturday the appointment of Rashad Hussain, a White House lawyer, to be his special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Obama made the announcement in a video conference to the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar. In his message, Obama called Hussain "an accomplished lawyer and a close and trusted member of my White House staff," who would strengthen his policy of outreach to the world's Muslims.

Obama has made repairing U.S. relations with the Islamic world an important element of his foreign policy, an effort highlighted by his call for a "new beginning" in a speech in Cairo last June.

In the statement Saturday, Obama said Hussain has "played a key role in developing the partnerships I called for in Cairo," and would continue to do so in his new position. Obama noted that Hussain is a Hafiz of the Koran, someone who has memorized the holy Islamic text.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference comprises 57 nations with a goal of promoting Muslim unity.

As a deputy associate counsel to Obama, Hussain has worked on national security, new media, and science and technology issues, according to a White House statement. He previously worked as a trial attorney for the Justice Department and as a legislative assistant on the House Judiciary Committee.

Hussain attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned his law degree from Yale Law School. He holds master's degrees in public administration and Arabic and Islamic studies from Harvard University.


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You can't erase any God's word from quran

Aneesa Essop,
Thank you for your forbearing and enlightening comment. If so called Zionism anywhere treats human as less than the image of God, that Zionism is fake. I shall not give up my true Zionism for the fault of the fake even if you call me fanatic! There is tussle between the true and fake. We find enough evidences in the scriptures on this matter.

If some Jews think Zionism is against their religion, they are the branch cast away from the main tree that once bore them. Zionism is expression of the beautiful vision of the just king ruling over all the earth from Jerusalem: we call Him King of the Jews and King of the princes of the whole world. The slightest wish against this vision forms offence darkening the soul having denied the illuminating light of the Most Holy God. It is that big a sin to object against Zionism, Aneesa Essop. Please be enlightened about this and have its peace.

Israel has not arrived suddenly ripping the belly of the Middle East if the events and history are studied well. Israel came back to the land they inhabited millenniums ago. The doctrines of the prophet that denies the Son and the Father teach against existence of Israel seducing the souls to dullness and fattening them for slaughter for the feasts of the Devil! Sorry for the hard truth that might have hurt. But this can also be taken for healing and enjoyment of better life now and hope for hereafter, if desired. We embrace all humanity in faith irrespective of diverse races and their faces: color and shape form no bar but creeds have no place of equality with Zionism. Here it differs from the rest, being distinct and standing alone!!!

Zionism is not a creed favoring a tribe or clan or a nation but in itself expresses the understanding of care for all by the Sovereign God of Heaven and Earth. Those opining or fighting against Zion are the real threat to peace and survival of humanity and His moral order on earth whether such opposes are from among Jews or

Yishan Yisha, I'm sorry but you sound like a Zionist fanatic.

You refer to the Palestinians as "Philistines" as though we are still stuck in whatever ancient Biblical millenium you're referring to. Wake up, we live in 2010.

The Arab world and the Palestinians did not invite Jews to set up a state on their land. Israel is like an unnatural caesarian birth-untimely ripped from the womb of the Middle East, and leaving a trail of destruction and blood on the way.

And then you pretend surprise that the Palestinians can't seem to accept your presence.

Here in South Africa and even in America and Australia, the white settlers also used the same excuse of Biblical exceptionalism to steal the land and historical rights of the native inhabitants. This Eurocentric midset is also the reason why Europe and America are so unsympathetic to Palestine.

And furthermore there is no way that God in whatever form you believe him to be approve of the ethnic cleansing and land theft that you support. I hope you can find it within yourself to treat the Palestinians in the same humane manner in which you'd like to be treated instead of relying on Religious ramblings.

And for the record, I know many religious Jews (I'm assuming you're Jewish) who believe that Zionism is actually against their religion. So maybe it is you who worship the false god of Zionism, and not us Muslims and non-Zionist Jews and non-Zionist Christians who are the problem.

Go in peace. Salaam.

"Without Muslims/Arabs support it is impossible to have peace and as long as the double standard continues the hafiz Hussain can read all the Quran from his memory to the Arabs or Muslim's in general it will not change their view and it must start with Israel and return of stolen occupied land to the Palestinian Christians/Muslims/Jews before the criminals arrived from Europe with Zionism". Roger Smith.

The pain of Roger Smith and Gilberto Abrao is very awful. If these represent the heart of the general mass of people professing the prophet and his god, there is no way of reconciliation and peace on earth. I see two gods at war against each other: the true one and false one. The pain of the loser is awful... If the Philistines feel they are foreigner in the land of Israel, it is not the fault of Zionism or of Europe.

It is the open, avowed stench against the God of the Land not knowing Him even after millenniums of inhabiting the Holy Land and it is the fault of the people that oppose the Sovereign God of Heaven and earth that chose Israel to show His purpose to the World. The Land belongs to none, neither sovereignty but to the Lord and to Him alone. The people that submit to Him the Lord gives power to rule in the Land (of Israel).

No nation may put itself on the way against the Sovereign God YHWH to bring judgment on its leaders or on the whole nation the leader represents, putting it to defeat and shame.

Let's not fool ourselves. The only way for President Obama to conquer the hearts of the Islamic world is to push Israel to get back to the 1967's borders and let palestinians build their country freely, with some kind of a link between the two pieces of Palestine. Of course, he should push Israel to dismanttle all Jewish settlements in Palestine. Other than that, it's just a waste of time and effort. We all know, however, that if he does that he may be forced by the congress to step down. Or he may be killed by the Mossad. That's the unfortunate reality. Muslims around the world have lost their faith in America. It's gonna be tough to recuperate it.

This is another vain gesture by the president would be proven useless soon simply because he is not addressing the real cause of all the animosity in the middle East. It is Israel - Stupid!! America's undeserving support of that artificial country in the heartland of Islam must be balanced before any policy to succeed. One billion plus Muslims including 300 million plus Arabs their natural resources of Oil/Gas should be a better choice for market or American service rather. Double standard policy towards Muslims will not ease with the mediation by another hafiz like Hussain Rashad helped create the Patriot act that abuses Muslim's in general including unlawful arrest and violation of basic human rights. Muslims and specially Arabs population are not dumb as if their rulers seems today. Stop unreasonable military support or financial/political support to Israel should replace with justice and fairness America will prevail. Without Muslims/Arabs support it is impossible to have peace and as long as the double standard continues the hafiz Hussain can read all the Quran from his memory to the Arabs or Muslim's in general it will not change their view and it must start with Israel and return of stolen occupied land to the Palestinian Christians/Muslims/Jews before the criminals arrived from Europe with Zionism. As long as America continue to take their resources and supports atrocities of Israel it is another waste of tax payers money and his empty promise in Cairo to Muslims/Arabs. Sorry but this is the reality not another appointed of a Muslim by name to fool them again. Peace.

A good beginning in repairing relationship with the Muslim World.Similar efforts are required in the Middle East.