Does god exist?

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Does God exist? Throughout the ages people have been pondering this question which has resulted in various theologies that affirm that there must be a creator. On the other hand there are people who answer this question in the negative and are commonly described as Atheists.

There are various reasons that atheists reject the concept of god. For many it could be due to questioning the core beliefs of their religion, a negative experience in their religion or a traumatic event resulting in a deep personal loss. In its purest form atheists are people who are not satisfied with answers that religions provide to questions like; "Why am I here?" "What's the meaning of life?" and "Where did I come from?". 

I would like to present the following ideas which are based on reasoning and a conscious belief that God does exist.

According to atheist belief "matter is self-existing and not created." If matter had a beginning and yet was not created, one must logically maintain that without any force, energy or intelligence, matter come into existence. But this belief can not be supported with what science has discovered so far about the creation of the universe, with the inception of the "Big Bang". This fact should be enough to sway the answer to, "Does God exist?" in to the positive.

But let's continue with some earthly reasoning. If we look at a painting we know that it is a mix of different colors that the artist has planned out on a particular canvas. The artist uses a specific type of material whether it is charcoal, watercolors or pencil to create a certain design that can only be created with that material. Let's agree that the painting did not spontaneously appear from a chemical reaction in the air. The artist either made or bought all of his materials and then planned to use them to create a painting. It can then also be said that it is highly unlikely that another person could replicate the painting with each detail exactly in place.

I would like to then mention that the universe also did not spontaneously form but that there was a creator, who had a plan. He used specific materials to create the universe along with the stars and planets. One major fact is that the universe exists and functions in an orderly manner with specific laws that govern it. An example could be about how all eight planets revolve around our sun in a consistent manner and that this order has survived for millions of years. This harmony points to a creator of order and a being who knows everything in all its relations and characteristics, one who can put everything in order. Can we really say that the universe is accidental? Can we attribute the existence of man and the whole world to mere chance? I think not.

If we look around us, there are many things which are living. These living things are made up of nonliving things such as atoms and molecules. Even though living things are made up of all these atoms, there is nothing that makes up the conscious. Living things are not just physical systems; they have a rich range of expression that is more than just electrical charges in the brain. This consciousness allows humans to live with a rich mental state, while allowing all other living things to at least be aware of their surroundings. It is the aspect of conscience, which allows for humans to distinguish between right and wrong. Humans are the only beings that are able to do this. But where does this come from? How is it possible that a mixture of nonliving atoms and molecules are able to produce a living thing? The infinite complexities of life points to a creator who brings nonliving material into being.

Natural selection, often presented as the poster child for "no god", cannot explain where consciousness comes from. The process of natural selection is based on the survival behaviors that the organism performs. The consciousness that we humans have is not necessary for behavior. Behavior is the only trait necessary for survival. An organism that looks human can exist without the consciousness that we posses. Consciousness does not increase our chance of survival and evolution cannot explain where consciousness comes from.

A common question that is put forth to reject the concept of God is, why does God allow suffering. God is omnipotent (infinite in power), omniscient (has unlimited knowledge) and omni-benevolent (has unlimited compassion). He is able to perform outside of our capabilities and that being omniscient and omni-benevolent would not contradict each other. If you ask yourself why has a God, who is all-good, let evil and suffering into our world? God is omniscient and knows all things, which as limited beings, there would be some things we cannot understand. We would not understand all the reasons for the existence of evil. But you can ask yourself, without evil, can there be good? The existence of evil provides a channel for people to do good. If there was no suffering than what would compassion be used for?

Self-sacrifice is another virtue that only happens when people depend on each other and need help from others. If each of us were able to be self-sufficient, and there was no suffering then good would not be possible. A lot of the evil in the world exists because people are the cause of it. God could have created us as either beings with free will or a pre-programmed will. God chose to give us free will, but people are abusing this right and cause a lot of the suffering in this world. There could be a million reasons why God let's suffering happen, and maybe we just can't see what God's intentions are.

Ultimately the answer to "Does god exist?" can be based on our finite understanding of our universe or a primordial urge to submit to a creator who knows the infinite.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Nature & Science
  Topics: Allah, Universe
Views: 15273

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Older Comments:
This article is neither logical nor scientific. It does not prove
anything. Universe is orderly because it created itself to exist,
otherwise it can not exist.


I think the author missed the point entirely about why God allows suffering in this world.

Our lives are trials and a series of tests for our faith in God.

Allah gives us trials to see who will call upon Him in despair and ask for guidance. Those that call Him, receive the help they need eventually after the time has passed that we are under the trial or test.

We were granted "limited" free will because this also was given to us as a way of testing humans as well.

Either we choose the path that Allah provides for us in life(and that is not always the easy one) or we choose using our limited free will what to do.

Rejecting His path does not mean we will be in despair because of it, it just means we need to work harder on our relationship with Him when He shows the difficult way and we do not take it.

The difficult way(down the road a bit) always has more merits than the path we take with our own limited free will.

It is about trusting Allah completely in all affairs in your life and taking the difficult route all the time(if this is what He shows)and gaining the reward of stronger deen and deeper relations with Allah in this world.

This is a very difficult way to live life, but once it is learned, then life becomes much easier after every single trial that Allah puts us under.


Most people depend on deficient reasoning, let alone faith. Let us look at our creation. Good smelling food goes through one opening and comes out bad smelling on another end. what about the shape of the our reproductive parts? Does anyone think evolution has something to do with that. This is done by the ULTIMATE PLANNER.

I totally believe in the existence of god and the have done enough on
the article.

An excellent article. On the question of evil, that is exactly what we read in the Quran. When the angels wondered why Allah (swt) would create human beings who will spill blood and corruption on earth when he has angels who carry out his every command. Allah's response is "I know what you know not" to teach us that there are things beyond our comprehension.

This can be likened to a relationship between a parent and a child. As we as parents sometimes find ourselves unable to explain to our children why we ask them to do certain things for their own benefit in terms that they can understand, Allah cannot convey his infinite wisdom in terms that we can understand. That of course does not mean that there were no good reasons. It is important to understand however the difference between something that is beyond our reason and something against reason. There is nothing in Islam that is against reason. An example of the latter is Trinity and the GOD-man belief of Christians.

JazakaAllahu Keiran


This is a good article on a difficult subject. Many people have
genuine questions about God. The main argument used by atheists is
existence of evil however there are many other questions as well
which believers should be ready to answer.

1. Why create human kind when they will do all kinds of bad stuff?
(a questions also asked by angels)

2. Why would God need to be worshiped?

3. Why test humans when God already knows what we will do.

4. Why not put every one in heaven straight and bypass the earth

5. Why create the devil when God in his infinite knowledge knows
that he will mislead mankind. And why give him time to mislead
mankind up to the day of judgment.

6. Why create such a huge universe and just one earth? Or are there
others (there are) What are the consequences of intelligent life in
other planets?

7. Why God has hidden himself so well so that we have to keep

8. Why absolute proofs of the truth about Gods existence are not
given to human kind?

9. Why so many religions Why not protect the original books and
teachings just as Muslims believe now that Quran is being protected?

10. Why are we discovering now that we arose through evolution? And
if we came through evolution then does that negate God?

There are clear answers to all the above questions which will
require lots of space and time. However these are genuine questions.
Remember even Prophet Ibrahim wanted proof despite his very strong

Good luck Nabeeha Aleem yours is a good attempt.

Dr. M Khan
Madinah SA

We do not have "free will".

We have "limited free will"

There is a difference.

The reason as to suffering comes from the concept that life is a test or trial and is temporary.

It is like the Buddhist saying in that we really aren't here in the first place.

It is just a passing through of states of consciousness in a scientific expression.

The best way to answer the atheist is telling them that the human body needs energy to sustain itself in life form.
If we go with Einstein:"Energy can neither be created or formed just transferred to one medium to another", then ask them where does the energy within our bodies go when the body dies?

This can prove the concept of a soul to them or life force if they like.

Many athesist were once religious and lost their way for some reason.

All they need is a good reason to return and they will. For what was once within them in God consciousness still exists within them, it is just the influence of this world has quieted their soul from a connection to God.

The world is indeed a very dangerous place to reside and the glitter can lead many off the path forever.

There is a reason why as Muslims, we are required to pray five times per day. The daily influence of the world in which Shatan controls is a mighty deterrant to our path toward Allah on Judgement Day.

Do you think that you will not be tested in your possesions of the world???? Remember that Allah tells you this and what you have now is just on loan from Him.

Everything is a loan from Him. Your wealth and property are His, not yours, and it all depends on what you do in this world with the loan and how you apply it to the goodwill of all of humanity and not just other Muslims but to the atheist as well.

A good essay on the topic. The logic of existence of "good" to counter "bad" and that we are created as "free-will" beings is excellent.
I would like to add that God does not intervene in the "free-will" of His creations. He allows "free-will" to manifest because He is JUST and His LOVE for all His creations is equal and unbound.
BUT He only reminds His creations that every action will have an accounting later. So please use your "free will" wisely, so to speak!

To Nasser
Assalaamu Alikum
Allah swt said : " Afala ta'qiloon"... don't you think... and the
writer is thinking logically to proof God's existence. Maybe you
don't need this argument in the first place because you are a
Muslim. But this is a good argument for those who deny.
The famous story of the Bedouin who was asked how do you know there
is a God.. he had his argument and said that if there is camel poop
then there is a camel ..looking at the heavens and the earth will
surely tell you there is a creator. In these days we have to have
arguments that suits the 21st century and this is what the writer is
trying to do.. Good Job Nabeeha

Know one have seen god to say what he look's like muslims have faith and we be-leave that god is allah, know one can tell you how god allah look like because know human have never seen him. I like some of the comment's that where made;scenic t try to explain things but can not explain Allah(god)know matter how hard they try everything come from Allah(god


I was listening to this argument the other day. A person who does
not believe in god asked 'If there is a god, where did god come
from?' This is a fair and logical question. How do Muslims answer
this? This article does not address this question. The Quran says
'haatu burhanukum inkuntum sadiqeen' in many verses. It means 'bring
your proofs if you are truthful'. What proofs are there in the quran
that Allah is god? Are the god of the Bible and the Allah of the
Quran the same? If there is no god, there cannot be atheists. There
is no such thing as Santa Claus. So what do you call someone who
does not believe in Santa Claus? You cannot call him an atheist. So
proof is important. Faith is no substitute for proof.

in my opinion the question should not be about existance,but it should be the form in which the god exist ,how he lives ,where he lives and etc.

essalaamu 3alaikum,
Al-Baqara [2:3]
"Allatheena yu'minoona bialghaybi wayuqeemoona alssalata wamimma razaqnahum yunfiqoona"
the key word is: "bialghaybi", beyond the reach of perception or rationnal thoughts.
Before we answer a question it's sane to ask its meaning. Does it carry any sens ?
Does this question get any meaning in the knowledge brought by El-Habib 3alaihi essalat wa essalaam ?
Existence is subject to constraints of at least space, time, energy and matter every thing Allah Sub7anahu created. Is Allah subHanahu subject to existence ? This is the real question.
Allah SubHanahu is The Beginner of every thing be it our thoughts, ideas, sciences or the universes and their objects.
So the existence itself proceeds from Him. Existence itself is a creation of Allah SubHanahu.
Existence is surrounded by Allah. Not the inverse. Nothing can be comparable to Him: "wa lam yakun lahu kufu'an aHad".
By asking this question, do we just follow the atheists or the people of the book asking as they did with Mussa and Iissa alaihim essalaam ?
Al-Baqara [2:108]:
"Am tureedoona an tas'aloo rasoolakum kama su'ila moosa min qablu wa man yatabaddali alkufra bi aleemani faqad dalla sawaa alssabeeli"
As muslims we have faith in Allah as He is the Realitity/Truth (El-Haq).
Faith is an universal emotional fact: some of us recognize (you'minoon) and others hide (yukfiroon) this emotion and feeling. It's not a matter of rationnal analysis. Every one of us experience the feeling and emotion of His Majestic Presence:
Al-Mujadilah [58:7]
"Alam tara anna Allaha yaAAlamu ma fee alssamawati wama fee alardi
ma yakoonu min najwa thalathatin illa huwa rabiAAuhum wala khamsatin illa huwa sadisuhum
wala adna min thalika wala akthara illa huwa maAAahum ayna ma kanoo thumma yunabbiohum bima AAamiloo yawma alqiyamati inna Allaha bikulli shayin AAaleemun"
If we rationnaly proof His Presence, every thing will be over: Al-Baqara [2:210].

I think u have made good sensible arguments and I would suggest u to check out Dr. Moustafa (utube)Mahmoud's documentry on living thing such as plants, seeds and trees is remarkable to see how these various botanic living things behave-wonder who is controlling them?


It is great to see such inquisitive minds.

To say that all Creation is a product of chance, is to subscribe to the idea that a huge tornado went through the junk yard and as a result a super efficient jumbo jet came out the other side.

God is not something apart from the human but part of the human. We can not seek Him outside of us,but only Him inside. He is not hidden but clearly displayed in every single child born. (I am closer to you than your jugular vein.- Quran).

We will be mistaken to believe that what we see with our eyes is all that there is to this life. A believer becomes a seeker. The seeker's desire becomes burning which leads to inner knowledge which then leads to witness the scheme of Creation. The witness then sees only him/herself and once we see ourselves as the place where the buck stops, then we will have come close to seeing how God operates inside of us.

The result is always the same. Inner peace, love & respect for all Creation, acting with this total certainty and awareness that we are part of God and never have been separate from The Creator. He is the Higher witness in us and therefore, we now look upon everyone and everything with reverence and the knowledge that what we love for ourselves we love for them.

We see Oneness in all Creation. Peace can only come from such a belief. Anything less is a separation from part or whole of Creation, something that is truly impossible but exists only in the mind of the beholder.

Hence Quran: "You are from me, and to me is your return". Nothing operates outside of this amazing and miraculous Creation.

Einstein said: There are two types of people; those who live as if life is a miracle and those who don't.

Its all in the mind. The choice is ours and that is the greatest of God's gifts of our love for Him is best discovered through freedom of choice. Quran: "there is no compulsion in religion. Truth is visible from falsehood". It is only visible in the heart o

Very good article. I am a grand father and have 12 grand children, I have printed this article and going to share this with them. Please keep writing such a wonderful article.

The article certainly had excellent intentions. But it is written well under the expectations of one read on Islamicity. There is very little substance on the subject that needs to be presented to those who have any doubts about the undeniable fact of His existence.

what are we doing....since we came in this world..just in doubt..does God exist or not..lets stop this ..and be in solid faith..yes there is a God.... people of other reliegions also start saying that muslims are themself in doubt writing this that GOD exist and even coments on that Gog does not exist...
Just say there is a God...

God does exist. It takes faith to believe in an unseen God but it takes greater faith to say that everything came out of nothing by chance. Just looking at the properties of water alone which is an absolute requirement for life would convince anybody that it all did not happen without a creator. However, in my limited ability to comprehend Gods' wisdom, I cannot see how causing or allowing some people to suffer is justifiable for others to realize compassion and self sacrifice. Where is the justice in this? God exorts mankind to equality yet God creates ineqaulity. What we see in the world clashes with the notion that God is just, kind and benevolent. I would find it easier to accept it if God said he is the creator and he created everything for his pleasure alone leaving out the justice, kindess and benevolent bit. God is just, kind and benevolent to some people. But then I can only see through imperfect human eyes and we are only seeing one side of the coin. We will see the other side in the hereafter.