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We are now living in extraordinary times, marked by a world-wide violent transformation and confusion - ethical, political, social and economic - a confusion engendered by two world wars and the subsequent breakdown of centuries - old social, ethical and economic forms. The whole world is in turmoil - and we Muslims, too, cannot, even if we wanted, continue to live as we have hitherto been living, complacently secure in the illusion that the pattern of life accepted as valid in past times must forever remain valid; for that complacency, that security of convictions or illusions has been shattered by what has happened to us in the last few centuries.

At a time like this, we must begin to take stock of our cultural holdings. It is not enough to say, "We are Muslims and have an ideology of our own": we must also be in a position to show that our ideology is vital enough to withstand the pressure of the changing times, and to decide in what way the fact of our being Muslims will affect the course of our lives: in other words, we must find out whether Islam can offer us precise directives for the formation of our society, and whether its inspiration is strong enough in us to translate these directives into practice.

In order to reach such a decision, we must begin to think anew about Islam, about what it really signifies, what its real laws are ; for we have stopped thinking about these matters for a good many centuries and have merely relied on what previous generations of Muslims thought about Islam. In consequence, our current theology (kalam) and canonical jurisprudence (fiqh) now resemble nothing so much as a vast old-clothes shop where ancient thought-garments, almost unrecognizable as to their original purport, are mechanically bought and sold, patched up and re-sold, and where the buyer's only delight consists in praising the old tailors' skill...

We cannot go on like this at a time when the Muslim world is in the throes of a crisis which may make or unmake Islam's validity as a practical proposition for many centuries to come. Never was there a more urgent need for heart-searching and brain-searching. One does not require particularly sharp eyes to see that, set as we are in the midst of a rapidly changing world, our society, too, is subject to the same inexorable law of change. Whether we like it or not, a change there will be: it is, indeed, already being enacted before our very eyes. The Muslim world is in transition - a fact that is as obvious as it is pregnant with tremendous possibilities for better or worse. For better or worse: since we must not forget that "change" is but another word for "movement": and, within a social organism, movement can be creative as well as destructive. But whereas there is no power on earth which could now keep our society from changing, we are still free to determine the direction which this change should take: it is still up to us to decide whether we shall build our future on the real values of Islam - or entirely drift away from Islam and become passive camp-followers of other civilizations.

There is no other alternative. Nothing could be more stupid than to try to persuade ourselves that, if we but wanted, we could cling to yesterday's notions and conventions in their entirety. Those who do so - and there are, unfortunately, many of them - are playing the game of the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand in order to escape the necessity of making a decision. A dangerous game this, in addition to being unspeakably silly: for, like that famous bird, our friends  - however well-intentioned  - are depriving themselves of every opportunity to meet the oncoming challenge of the times: in this case, a challenge to the eternal validity of Islam as a culture-producing force. Their minds seem to work on the supposition that our recent past was "Islamic"; and that, therefore, everything that implies a departure from the conventions of our yesterday - both with regard to our social customs and our approach to problems of law - goes against Islam; and that, on the other hand, everything would be in perfect order if we could but preserve the social forms and the scheme of thought in which our grandfathers live. To put it differently, our ostriches assume that Islam and the conventions of Muslim society are one and the same thing (which, of course, is utter nonsense); and that the survival of Islam depends on the maintenance of the very conditions which nowadays make it impossible for Muslims to live in accordance with the true tenets of Islam (which, obviously, is vary bad logic). But however absurd these assumptions may be, they nevertheless provide the basis on which the minds of many Muslims nowadays operate; and their unwillingness to concede the necessity of any change drives countless other Muslims to a helpless imitation of the Occident, either in its Capitalist or in its Marxist manifestations, or, alternatively, to an equally blind, self defeating belief in the imminence of a quasi-Mahdist "Islamic revival".

These pages, therefore, are addressed to people who know that there is no survival value in playing the ostrich. They are addressed, in particular, to those of the Muslims who realize the desperate crisis of Islamic communal life and civilization; who, therefore, wish to think for themselves and refuse to be fed on mare catchwords and illusions; who regard self-deception as one of the most serious of sins; who have the courage to face the facts as they are, and not as they would like them to be; who, in short, desire not only to "serve" Islam but to live it.

To such people I am offering this contribution to a revival of Muslim thought. If some of my readers think that my criticism is unduly harsh and, on occasion, irreverent, let them remember that the wind that comes before dawn is often harsh, and on occasion even ill-pleasing. But it is just such a win that we need - a fresh wind that would blow away the cobwebs of our decadence, a wind that would blow us back to the Two Sources of Islam, the Quran and the Prophet's Sunnah, from which the life of our ummah started and to which it must return if it is not to disappear into thin air.

Let us be honest with ourselves and admit that we have strayed far away, indeed, from the ideology provided by the Quran and the Sunnah. Ours is the old, old story of the rich man's son who has squandered his splendid patrimony and now wallows in the gutter. Centuries of intellectual lethargy, of dumb adherence to formulas, of the meanest internecine wranglings, of laziness, superstition and social corruption have dimmed almost beyond recognition the glorious promise held out by our beginnings. Centuries ago we ceased to exercise our wits in the search for knowledge, although our religion had enjoined it upon us as a sacred duty; we talked of Al-Farabi and Ibn Sina, of Al-Battani and Ibn Hayyan - and went complacently to sleep over their achievements. we talked about the wondrous social programme of Islam, about the equity and naturalness of its tenets - and all while we flew at each others' throats, exploited one another or, alternatively, submitted in squalid contentment to every kind of exploitation at the hands of unscrupulous rulers. We always pretend to believe that the Qur'an is a sure guidance in all matters affecting man's life - and nevertheless we grew accustomed to regard it as mere edifying literature, good enough to be recited in prayers and on ceremonial occasions and, wrapped in a silken ghilaf, to embellish the uppermost shelves in our rooms, but not good enough to be followed in practice. We claimed that Islam is a religion of reason (which, in fact, it is) - and none the less we meekly agreed to, and sometimes even welcomed, suppression of reason by anyone who just happened to be in power: for most of our 'ulama' were telling us that in matters of religion independent thought is heresy, and that only he can be a true Muslim who blindly repeats the formulas evolved in olden days (and evolved by scholars who were human, and therefore liable to err), like a parrot which has learnt its lesson once and for all.

And the result of these failings - the list of which could be extended indefinitely?

There are many hundreds of millions of Muslims in the world today - but among all these millions there is not a single community that really lives according to the tenets of Islam; not a single community that could show, as an example to the world, how Islam solves the social and economic problems which nowadays worry mankind so much; not a single community that could produce, in the realms of science, arts or industry, anything better than any Western community; or that could, culturally and politically, at least compete on equal terms with any Western community of comparable size. All the blustering talk of our past glories, all our assertions as to what Islam stands for, cannot change the fact of our present humiliation.

These are facts - some of the facts - and there is no denying them.

This article is from Muhammad Asad's book "This Law of Ours" which is a collection of his essays he wrote in the 1940's and 50's

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Older Comments:
As Salaamu Alaikum: All Praise be to Allah (swt) and Blessings upon His last Messenger Muhammed (saw) And guidence be upon all.
I too were suprised that the article was written years ago and fits the present needed state of mind. It is a pleasure to know we had and still have scholars who understand the practical application of Qur'an in the example of Muhammed (saw). If a may I would like to refer you to one scholar I listen to and read. Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, Chicago,ILL. (newafricaradio.com).
We need more of these types of communication about Al-Islam. The Qur'an makes the connection to previous scriptures and there true believers so that we have a complete (360 degrees sort of speak) picture. Letting us know that we have to live with the rest of the people on Earth and not be arogantly dogmatic in our concepts and follow the Prophet's example importanly understand and have the correct perception of all the scriptures including the Qur'an. Allah says in the Qur'an that this book is for those who think, use thier intelligence, contemplate or engage the creation (alamin), internalize, visionualize and actualize.
I love the article and strongly agree.

Assalam alaikum,
I agree with the autor. This is not a matter of being occupied by other nations. It is a matter of unescrupulous leadership, tyrants, in the muslim countries and the community not doing a thing. As a result the most intelligent ones are forced to flee, depriving the muslim countries of the knowledge necessary to build the nation. I can begin a list of countries but, I don't have enough characters. All ruled by tyrants self proclaimed muslims and in ocassion even prophets.In the other hand we have the misguided avengers.Those who have taken the name of islam and made of it an abomination. And yet the question is what are we doing to make it better? how are we making it appealing? How can we get the attention and clear the name of Islam?
Maybe we need t start at home...where the tyrant is!

The problem with this article is that it is incompelete either from the writer's side or from the book itself. The former supposition is glaring as from the point when the article says;

"In order to reach such a decision, we must begin to think anew about Islam, about what it really signifies, what its real laws are ; for we have stopped thinking about these matters for a good many centuries and have merely relied on what previous generations of Muslims thought about Islam. In consequence, our current theology (kalam) and canonical jurisprudence (fiqh) now resemble nothing so much as a vast old-clothes shop where ancient thought-garments, almost unrecognizable as to their original purport, are mechanically bought and sold, patched up and re-sold, and where the buyer's only delight consists in praising the old tailors' skill..."

it (the article) continues in this tone up to the end, making NO DISTINCTION b/w the first three generations of Islam which the prophet (SAW) said are the best and the subsequent ones that i hope the article was refering to above. Clearly no human in his right senses will infer that the first three generations of muslims that conquered the entire world (even with their "archaic" (?) interpretation of the Quran) did not succeed 99% if not 100% in executing the tenets of islamic teachings and civilisation.

So if the article that is saying that we go back to living the islam of those that succeeded in the past as above, then 'm for it, but if it is ortherwise then the article should go down the drain like previous oppoturnists writings of wanting to change islam to conform with the changing times instead of the orther way round, had.

As for the later supposition i guess i have to read the book.


I agree, but when the Jewish and Christian media are hell bent on demonising Muslims. No matter what Muslims say or do, they will never stand a fair chance and will always be mocked, ridiculed, hated and feared. Just view this clip where reminiscent of the Nazi era, here amazingly a Jewish professor, apparently an "expert on Islam" (rather an "expert Hater" of Islam) advocates a that Western countries adopt a vile racist policy of ensuring that Muslim populations be capped. Now had anyone said this about Jews the shrieking of anti-Semitism would never have stopped till doomsday: http://sundaymag.ca/index.php?id=683

Since these passages were taken out from the book that is much longer, it is easy to misunderstand what Asad, may Allah have mercy on his soul (Asad died in 1992), wanted to say. Yes, you can get an impression that he wants to undo all theology and jurisprudence in favor of some 'modern' notions. However, if you read the whole book, what Asad wants to do is to deconstruct theology and jurisprudence in favor of restoring Islam as brought by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In other words, theology and jurisprudence need to be weighed against the Qur'an and Sunnah. That which is found not to in line with these two sources cannot be considered 'Islamic'. I cannot recommend this book ("This Law of Ours") enough. In my opinion, it is the best book written on the subject, and provides a blueprint of how to restore the Shari'ah in Muslim societies, or--in other words--how to bring our societies in conformity with the Shari'ah (which is just another name for teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah). Please read the book!

Salaam Alaikum; Brothers & sisters.

I am "for" the article. And I want to thank Islamicity for running this article again. Last time I had missed.

Reading the comments from readers; one thing comes right in front. What are we supposed to do ? More prayers, more fasting and more Hajj ?(I left zakaah) or start pulling down the enemy appointed autocratic kings who are their pawns anyway. Then learn what will make us compete & win in this world also. Once we start on this; then we bring back prayers & fasting and may be kings also.

I know, I am treading on a thin line, but some one has to say that. If it hurts a brother or sister, I apologise in advance.

Allah Haafiz,

Mumbai 26.3.07


Salam Alaikum,

I would respectfully ask the beleivers who disagreed with this article to go back and read the whole body of it. (or read it again) The brother writing the article wrote numerous times that our problem is that we have drifted away from the Quran and the Sunnah and that we must come back to these undeniable truths to become the positive force we used to and need to be again.
**our beloved Prophet (PBUH) spoke much of holding off anger and cultivating patience--read the article again

Salam, Dear Brother
The fact that a thief or a drug dealer builds a big house so easy and so fast from the stolen wealth of others should not make us doubt our way.
Let's remember that the West you talk about has built its legacy by the skulls of innocent victims. The British sold drugs to China and punished it when it rejected such evil. This is only one example when you surely know many. The pirates of the West terrorized the seas.
The West that builds its legacy by the skulls of Natives (Americans, Australians, New Zelanders, and so on) as well as the slavery of Africans is one that should be despised rather than embraced. We, as Muslims, should rather prefer to live in a tent with righteous way of life than to live in castles which require the denial of our faith. Perhaps, the Western way of life is too flashy to many unbelievers - but it is not flashy to the true believers.
The last centuries you mentioned are centuries that the evil of the West was spreading all the way from Europe to all other continents since 1492 A.D. Until not long ago, most of the Muslim land whether in North Africa and other parts of Africa and all the way to asia were dominated by such Westerners who inflicted much pain and suffering. It took much of our resources just to get free from the demons and evil doers of the West. Many others prefered to surrender to the Westerners and perhaps they may look as flashy as the West.
If a Muslim scientist agrees to stay in his/her muslim land even for a modest salary and would not be seduced by the high salaries of the West then we may start our own Islamic science and technology boost. Otherwise, the brain drainage may continues. An advanced Islamic institutions of research and study can be a good start. Independence is the key to all these matters. If our land is occupied or dominated by others, our resources are exploited by others, and so on then there is no hope that such others would wish us well. My space is limited.
WAllaho Aa

What he says is true, and necessary. The so-called Muslim world is the only part of the world where one can kidnap and kill a sister-in-law for what someone else has done, or plant a bomb in a masjid full of worshippers, and where that offense would be generally approved of or ignored in the name of Islam.

When people who call themselves Muslim, and who have some Muslim education can engage in these kinds of actions, when the Quran speaks so often and eloquently about how Allah (SWT) is merciful is the most pointed piece of evidence that what he says is true. It is especially telling when you observe that most of those who engage in such acts are advocating for the oldest interpretations of fiqh, rather than those often called innovators.

I applaud this article.It may be 50-60yrs. old but it is still relevant and accurately reflects the sorry state of the muslims today.Thank you Islamicity.

Saeed Khan

Our beloved prophet had once said do not abuse "Zamana" i.e. time, because it is God. He also told us to hold tightly the rope of Allah. He explained that the rope of Allah is "Quran". The Quran is, apart from historical facts stated therein, is a code for human life and conduct. The moment we are away from that code, and adopt a modern life, which is nothing but allurement created by Shaitan,we are duped and we have lost the real meaning of life on earth, and we lose the benefits of everlasting next world.

By their fruit you shall know them. Christ. "innama al-amaal bil'nia'at" Quran = "Deeds are governed by intentions". Muslims today hang on to form and have long let go of the substance. We care more for hijab, beard, dress code, moon sighting, exact time of prayers, whether to cross one's arm during prayer or not. We go to great length to write volumes about what Prophet did or didn't do, but seldom we give our lives to Allah and follow our hearts and truly believe and trust that He will guide us like a true friend - we seldom do business with HIM yet HE has told us to do business with HIM for we never loose in such a business venture. Sure we pray. fast and do all that inherited from our forefathers but rarely we apply such teachings in our daily lives. What we do is apply our own ways to acquire comfort and always manipulate situations to get to the end already defined in our thoughts and that is hardly relying on Allah. Thus the fruit of our ways are manifest to all. Weakness, lack of true faith, self-reliance and dogged hard-headedness. These are what rule our lives today, plus a lot more that we go to extremes, even prepared to kill to defend such beliefs. Yet few question where is God in all this? How can we hang all our failures onto HIS neck??

Sir, you are right to say that our deeds are not upto the mark. We are not following exactly the way Quran and the sunnah teaches us. We have to follow it in our daily life. There is no other alternative. Not only we have to follow, but we also have to spread this message to our brothers and sisters who are so much impressed by the western values. This is only way for the Islamic revival. Thus we can become a different force which believes in peace and harmony which the prophet teaches us. In this way we can change not only our society but also spread our message to others that Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion which is a solution to all the problems of mankind.

The writer of whom I have great regard is absolutely true that our actions are not in accordance with the teachings of Islam. While we verbally reiterate that Islam is the complete code of life we practically are leading completely un-islamic lives. My country, although known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the most un-islamic in nature, with no justice, equality, religious tolerance and welfare. We are blindly following those scholars who produced the FIQA for their times deeply studying Quran and Sunnah without compromising on the basic principles of Islam. While we hail their efforts, but are scared to confront the modren day problems in the light of Quran and Hadith and only try to impose old solutions on the problems with completely changed dynamics. Unfortunately some voices which ask for this chnage, are so secular in their ideology that they are questioning the validity of the divine guidence. They are in such an inferiority complex that they propose the same solution of a godless society on the westren pattren where religion and state are miles apart. They even are for the change in the limits and boundries specifically laid down by Allah without encompassing that without the true divine guidence we will be living in a society replica of westren socity without a valid concept of morality. We need to find a middle way which neither support an ideology to blindly follow the old fiqa nor the concept of transgressing the divine parameters.

It was obviouse that brother Asad objected on muslims, not Islam. He said that Quran Kareem and Sunnah of Muhammad(SAWS) is a complete manual for a productive life. As we see there are thousands of Ulamma who give Fetwa about current problems accourding to Islam, but there are very few who follows. I think majority of Muslims are more secular now, they follow Islam only for some social reasons. May Allah (J) give us Hedaya for applying Islam to our lives and may every change "improvment" happens accourding to Quran and Sunnah.

The Muslims are in the present state because we have placed the Qur'an and Sunnah behind us. The one and only way to salvage ourselves is to put the Qur'an and Sunnah in front of us and lead our lives, our community and country by it. As proven by previous generations, this would mean peace and prosperity for all, Muslims and non-Muslims.

Shame on you, Islamic city, for posting this 50 year old plus Article. Why not post Shaik Nasralla, or Badawi of Malaysia instead.
This is pethetic.


Either I am missing a few pages from the Quran which brother Asad may have in his possession or there is another book revealed and in his possession. For want of better word and to be disrespectful, I believe Brother Asad needs to examine his faith a little more before assuming that Muslims are in need of changes! The Quran is the manual which suffices for all times and for every human being! Allah sent this book for all mankind and there is nothing wrong with its ideals and values. In fact, it is proving to more effective than any so-called man-made rules and regulations which have corrupted societies time and again! We Muslims believe in Allah! And whatever He said, that is good for us.

Muslims are not indifferent to woes of the world. We Know and we help! But the Greatest helper is Allah. And to Him we ask for assistance. But in order to receive help, one must believe in Him explicitily! why should we change that which is not broken?

Jazakamukllah Khairan,



The author seemed to have confused the behaviors of muslims with the Islamic verdicts in the fiqh and theology from the past till now. To give a brief example, you notice all kinds of sinful acts in the muslim societies as being the norms i-e dishonesty, lying, immodesty, etc. which are banned by Islam from the earlier times till now. But due to the insincerity of muslims with Islam and Allah (Swt) muslim societies are failing horribly in the social developments. Look at the leaders of muslim countries, how truthful and Islamic they are? Because of their uncontrolled negligence, corruption is norm in muslim societies which is banned by Islam. If I was to list the mischief present in muslim societies that will be enough for one booklet, which are banned since earlier verdicts. Author also does not know what fiqh really implies, the object of fiqh is to solve the current problems according to the Quran and Sunnah. Scholars have been giving new verdicts as the new issues arrive. In regards to the earlier verdicts given in the past, those verdicts are valid as long as they meet all the new arising situations. The only thing is that after receiving secular education, we have distanced ourselves from the scholars and attached the behaviors of muslims in the society as part of Islam. Has ever, scholars prevented the muslims from receiving education? what about research in the science? what about honesty, truthfulness, improvment at work? Islam came to benefit the humanity in this world and hereafter. If muslims are suffering from the backwardness it because muslims failed in regards to practice Islam fully. The fault goes to me and all who are instead of following Islam are deviating from Islam and imitate disbelievers. And when it comes to imitating west, we only want to adapt to their immodesty, free sexual interactions, films, etc. Rather we should accept their honesty, literally works, truthfulness which Islam promotes.I hope that muslims start to practive Islam fully.

Some of us need to realize that this was written in Muhammad Asad's collection of essays in the 40's and 50's. He was jewish and he reverted to Islam. Masha'allah, how relevant it is for us today. He was a great thinker and his comments regarding the condition of Muslims applies to us today. We all realize that as Muslims we need to wake up and stop being complacent as we have been until now. The values of Islam are for all races and for all time. As Muslims we fail to live up to these values and as such we do not reflect the beauty of this in our characters.

TCMK said:
I was surprised when i realized this article is more than 50 years old for its relevant today as well. The author does provides the solution which is following the Quran and Sunnah. That is a lifetime practice in itself and cannot be justified with a few points, if thats what people who disagree with the article want.

The followers of my comments (if any :)) will know that I fully agree with the author! I hope it happens because without it, it is a bad thing for all the planet, and not just Muslims.

In Canada there is Irshad Manji, and in Syria there is an Iman trying to start a Protestant Islam, his name escapes me at the moment. So there are Muslims trying to change/modernise/improve Islam. I wish them all well.

So Asad too has started rethinking about Islam? I wonder if he is still alive. No body can differ with him about the need for thinking objectively about Islam, especially because today we have the facilities for information and knowledge which our fore-fathers could not even imagine. But the vested interest, above all the stinking Mullah, with his abominable Loud-speaker, and their supporters with heaps of petro-dollars won't allow this. So we are destined to remain an Umma whose real God is non-existent (Ghaaib) and false gods are very much present, live and vibrant.

A very interesting and thought creating article. Excellent writing.

Islam is the complite code of human life. Idologi of mohammad s is only gurantee for world wide peach and stublity. let us want to try save female ,children and humanaty on levanon.

I agree with Azeim Noor Mohammed Malik

I agree with the writer that Muslims should be up and doing. They should be creative in all ways and not just rely on our predecessors for Islamic glory. I however don't think we should compete with the West when we know it does not have absolute answeres to our situatioin or porblems.

I am not that good in English. But I will try to express my opinion in my English.
I do agree word by word with the article but feel that the writer has not suggested any single step to honestly follow the tenets of Islam. Merely by saying that following the true preachings of Qurane Hakeem and Sunnah is going to help Muslims through out the world, I don't find convincing. What Sunnah the writer is talking about? Different sects of Muslims are following or agreeing with Sunnah which has been presented to them by so calld Ulmas, as they think right for their personal and ulterior motives. Who is going to decide which Hadith is Zayeef or Mustanad right or Ghair-mustanad. There are contradictions between themselves. Procedure and timings of Salaat are very much contradicting.
I think the first and foremost thing for a Muslim/Muslimah is to become literate so that He/She can read Quran-e-Majeed with authentic & correct translation (Tarjumah) in a language which is his/her mother tongue. One Arabic word has hundreds of meanings. Which meaning is correct for a particular word mentioned in Quraane Kareem at a particular place, must be first clarified and authenticated by the unbiased scholars of Islam. A fresh and unbiased translation of Qurane Hakeem is direly needed immediately. One more thing, the culture of modern day's Jehad must stop immediately. It is inhuman and is strictly forbidden by Quran at many places. Those who are involve in such acts must declare jehad on themselves, on their conscience first. If they do that and succeed in purifying their conscience by jehad on themselves, they will fully understand the meaning of ZAABTA-E-HAYAAT mentioned in Quraan Hakeem.
Ninety percent Muslims in India and Pakistan are totally misguided and divided in sects thinking that their sect will only be allowed to enter in JANNAT. All are busy in practicing their faith just to get into janaat without thinking of ZAABTA-E-HAYAAT.
Allah SWT! show them Siraat-e-Mustaqeem