The truth about Gaza: Who broke the ceasefire and who did what?

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In an environment of accusations and counter accusations that we see in the barrage of information from numerous news sources the truth gets buried.

Following is a timeline of news items as they appeared in various news services related to the build-up of the current Israeli war on Gaza.

Hamas in Cairo for reconciliation talks

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Hamas has sent a delegation to Egypt for talks with Egyptian officials aimed at restoring Palestinian unity ahead of a Cairo meeting. more

Israel installs missile system for war

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Israel is installing a new missile system to stop Hezbollah and Hamas rockets in the event of an attack against Iran, a report has claimed. more

Gaza truce broken as Israeli raid kills six Hamas gunmen

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A four-month ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza was in jeopardy today after Israeli troops killed six Hamas gunmen... more

Israeli airstrike on Gaza is first since June

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip Israel launched an airstrike on Gaza yesterday after its troops clashed with Hamas along the border and militants fired... more

Israel hit by 'rockets from Gaza'


Barrage follows first deadly clash since June between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters. more

'Hamas is ready for dialogue with Obama'

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Hamas' senior political leader Khaled Mashaal says his movement is ready to hold talks with US President-elect Barack Obama. more

A Palestinian man carries a child who was injured in an Israeli strike for medical treatment in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Olmert: Confrontation with Hamas inevitable

From ynet - News  | 

Prime minister tours Gaza Division headquarters with defense minister in tow, both pledge that while Israel is keen on maintaining current... more

UN agency says runs out of Gaza food supplies

From ynet - News  | 

UNRWA says suspending further deliveries to 750,000 Palestinians in Hamas-controlled territory due to shortage created by closure of border... more

Gaza flare-up threatens truce


Hamas responds to Israeli attack by firing rockets as Gazans suffer under blockade. more

Israel rejects U.N. appeal on Gaza

From Los Angeles Times | 

For the second time this week, Israel on Thursday resisted a plea by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to ease its blockade of... more

Hamas launching rocket attacks against Israel.

Gaza groups want calm with Israel: Hamas leader

From Reuters: International News  | 

GAZA (Reuters) - Palestinian armed groups in Gaza remain committed to a truce with Israel if the Jewish state reciprocates, Hamas's Gaza leader... more

Livni clashes with EU MP over roadblocks

From ynet - News  | 

Foreign minister briefs European lawmakers on Israeli policy, comes under fire from MPs on Gaza blockade, roadblocks. Outraged Livni says... more

Hamas says renewal of Gaza ceasefire hedges on Israel commitment


GAZA, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- The Islamic Hamas movement said Thursday a ceasefire between Palestinian militant groups and Israel, due to expire later this month, would not renew if Israel continues to violate its terms. ... more

Gaza-Israel truce in jeopardy


Renewal of fragile six-month Israeli-Gaza ceasefire "unlikely", says Hamas leader. more

Hamas formally ends Gaza cease-fire with Israel

From Los Angeles Times | 

Hamas declared a formal end to its cease-fire with Israel on Thursday, ruling out an extension of a 6-month-old pact that had begun to fray... more

Gazan killed in Israeli air raid


Death is first death since the end of truce between Israel and Hamas. more

Livni vows to topple Hamas at all costs

From PRESS TV RSS News  | 

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzip Livni says Israel would resort to military action to topple Hamas in Gaza, should she be elected premier. more

Hamas holding fire 'at Egypt's request'

From ynet - News  | 

Senior group member says armed Gaza factions observing 24-hour halt to rocket fire against Israel, might consider longer truce if Jewish state... more

3 Dead in Deadliest Clash Between Israel, Hamas Since Truce

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Israeli forces killed three Palestinian militants on the Gaza border Tuesday, the military and Israeli media said, in the deadliest clash... more

Hamas Rockets Pound Israel

From VOA News: Top Stories  | 

Militants fired about 60 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel but no casualties were reported more

Israeli soldiers at a mobile artillery unit just outside the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli air raid kills Palestinian

From PRESS TV RSS News  | 

An Israeli air raid has killed a Palestinian in the southern Gaza Strip amid new threats by Israel against the Hamas government. more

Israeli Gaza raid kills 180, wounds 800

From PRESS TV RSS News  | 

Israeli warplanes have carried out a massive airstrike on Hamas security compounds inside the Gaza Strip, killing at least 180 and wounding... more

Israel Preparing Tanks, Infantry Troops For Possible Ground Incursion...

From The Huffington Post  | 

The Israeli Air Force struck a total of 100 Hamas targets in Gaza on Saturday with the launching of the operation dubbed 'Cast Lead.' Palestinian... more

Israeli raids continue Monday, bringing death toll to 310


Israel on Monday continued raids into the Gaza Strip for the third day, bringing more casualties in the unprecedented offensive into the Hamas... more

Palestinians hurl stones during clashes with Israeli troops at a demonstration against Israel's military operation in Gaza, in the West Bank village of Yatta near Hebron.

Hamas strikes back with missiles into Israel

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Palestinian militants sent a deadly barrage of missiles flying deep into Israel yesterday, demonstrating that Hamas... more

3 children killed in Gaza strike

From ynet - News  | 

Palestinian sources report three family members killed in IAF strike on Khan Younis; home of Hamas Minister of Prisoner Affairs also bombed more

Israeli troops move deep into Gaza

From  | 

Israeli tanks and thousands of troops today battled Hamas fighters as they pushed deep into the Gaza strip in a dramatic escalation of the... more

Bush Blames Hamas for Starting Gaza Conflict

From - World  | 

President Bush today called a cease-fire in Gaza a "noble" ambition but said that any agreement must ensure that Hamas is unable to continue... more

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Older Comments:
My thanks to the iViews people for this article. This is much needed information since the so called "Godly people" (hypocrites) of the Western world automatically blaming Hamas for starting trouble.
Israel and its followers in the Western world always create confusion in the news media helping Israel play victim, as usual. Israel never does anything wrong; Israel only retaliates; Israel is only trying to protect its people! Bunch of liars!
May Allah punish those who commit injustice and those who help others commit injustice!
May Allah protect my brothers and sisters throughout the world!
May Allah give martyrdom to those who perished in Gaza!

Thank you for clarifying a few things for us her ein the USA. Our tainted news media cannot be trusted to tell us the real truth!

This article put short history in prespective. i wish you have a time line for the occupation since it begain,the veto of the usa for every UN decision and condamination of israel actions.