How do I fight terrorism?

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The speed, with which terrorists are striking at will, may turn each of the 365 days of a year into a memorial for different countries. September 11 for the US, July 7 for Britain, September 20 for Pakistan, April 20 for Palestine, June 21 for Israel, every day in Iraq, November 10 for Jordan and now November 26 for India.

In these and many similar attacks innocent lives are lost without any gain for those who perpetrate these unforgiving crimes against humanity and above all against God. Laws of God dictate that every human life deserves a dignified existence and protection from all acts of violence, yet the attackers invoking the name of God seem to be determined to take innocent lives at will and show their sickening happiness at every drop of blood they shed in the name of their so called ideology.

As a Muslim who believes in the absolute power and wisdom of the divine for giving His guidance to humanity, I am horrified when I read that people with Muslim names are involved in terrorist attacks. I feel outraged when I read that the killers used the name of Allah, the sustainer of the universe, the most gracious and the most merciful for their nefarious acts. I feel enraged at their audacity to justify the killing for the injustices caused by others to their folks.

I would have felt the same rage and shame if the perpetrators were members of other religious communities. After all, sufferings of human beings cannot be divided on the basis of their religious identities and tears cannot be selectively shed only for those who belong to my faith or my ethnicity. I cannot fulfill my covenant with God if I cry only for those who are like me and turn my face the other way when the victims are Jewish, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists or any other faith.

I often wonder what I as an individual must do to stop these insane criminals from committing these acts. I have no way to communicate with them. Even if I get an opportunity to speak with them, I know they would not listen to me because they have not listened to even God, who demands that life must be protected from all harm. They do not realize the basics of their professed faith that says, God is the creator of all life, He is the sustainer of each and every human, He does not discriminate among people in His mercy on the basis of their faith, He does not deny nourishment even to those who reject him and He describes the taking the life one person as a crime against all humanity.

I speak against terrorism in the places of worship when I am invited to give the Friday sermons. I write extensively against terrorists and I constantly remind my fellow Muslims that we must be in the forefront of our jihad against violence and terror and stand up for peace and justice. This is commanded by God when he says in the Quran, 

O You who have attained to faith! Be ever steadfast in upholding equity, bearing witness to the truth for the sake of God, even though it be against your own selves or your parents and kinsfolk. Whether the person concerned be rich or poor, God's claim takes precedence over [the claims of] either of them. Do not, then, follow your own desires, lest you swerve from justice: for if you distort [the truth], behold, God is indeed aware of all that you do! (Quran 4:135)

I know that the people I speak with are absolutely against all forms of terrorism. I have not come across a single Muslim in my adult life who justifies violence because of the injustices perpetrated against Muslims anywhere in the world.

But, I also realize that governments and political parties and leaders use acts of terrorism to serve their political interests. They too have an agenda that is often determined by their religion, ethnicity or political goals. They may claim that they care for human life, but when it is time to act decisively they often show their blindness to the reality and demands of justice.

If we all had cared for human life and dignity, we would have not allowed millions of Jews to suffer during the second world war, millions of Muslims in Central Asia to die as a result of brutal communist policies, thousands of Bosnian men and women to be killed and raped, millions of Rwandans to be slaughter mercilessly, thousands of Darfurians to be brutalized, millions of Palestinians to live in refugees camps, and millions of people in Iraq, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other places to live in miserable conditions.

We would have come together to show our determination to protect human life and human dignity. We would not have allowed hundreds of wars that have been waged during the last century in the name of ethnicity, nationalism and cultural and economic superiority. We would not have extolled the virtues of our nation to put down others. We would not have adopted a policy of economic and cultural imperialism to subjugate people.

Don't forget the fact that the rulers of Muslim counties are not absolved from this prevailing insensitivity to human dignity. In fact, their brutality can match anyone else in the world. They have killed at will anyone who appears to challenge them. They have destroyed their own people because they were afraid of losing power. They have pitched one against another to serve their own corrupt agenda.

I realize all this and often wonder what can be done to stop this menace and insanity. Speak, I will, write, I must, confront those who advocate violence, I shall and use every opportunity to challenge terrorists, I do. But in a world where leaders and parties often use their self serving agenda to define terrorism and the nature of fight against violence and terror and injustice, I am left bewildered.

I know I am not alone. Almost everyone within the Muslim community think the same way as I do, except those faceless and nameless, secret groups and individuals who have refused to listen to the divine call for respecting all human life. Yet, we all find ourselves incapable of stopping this insanity. There are forces that are out there that we do not know and there are groups and individuals who are constantly plotting to hurt fellow humans. There are people who are waiting to pour more fuel to add to the fire and there are countries that are keen to see wars and destruction.

The Muslim community needs partners in the fight against terror in defense of human dignity and human life. We need people who are willing to stand up for the protection of every human life regardless of its cultural, ethnic nationalistic and religious origin. There are many who say that they care for humanity as a whole. But where are they? Why do they speak only when someone like them is hurt? Where are their voices when human beings other than their own lose their dignity and life?

God describes himself as the guarantor of world peace to His creation. His guidance speaks to this clearly. But people acting on his behalf have done everything possible to destroy it. Can we Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and everyone else come together to stand for each of us and fight the menace jointly rather than using religious or nationalistic labels to vent our anger and serve the political agenda of the power elite?

The Muslim community is waiting to hear a call of unity in action in defense of all human life and dignity in any part of the world.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor in chief of the weekly Muslim Observe and director of the Islamic Society of Nevada.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Christianity
Views: 3545

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Older Comments:
I believe this article says what is in my heart. The article higlights the way, infact the only way,, by which the problem of terrorism can be dealt with. I appreciate Dr. Aslam Abdullah to write such articles and enlighten us which will Inshallah help us to live in a peacefull world. Ameen.

Salaamu alaikum,
Kudos to Dr Aslam for a great article & shukran to Islamcity for publishing it.
As for Suja, I find you very clever as you outwited Romesh. You used his own nasty & cheap weapons against him. Brilliant comments Suja!!!
Romesh view of terrorism is myopic & his understanding of terror is handicaped!
The day he understand that dropping bombs from the skies of Baghdad on Iraqi men, women & children as an example is no different than suicide bombing or holding tourists hostages & murdering them or highjacking a plane & torturing its passengers & blowing it into pieces. State terrorists, individual terrorists & organisations terrorists regardless of their religion, language, political & economic backgrounds, color, sex, ethnicity all have one thing in common: They terrorise people & kill them!End of story!!!

First I want to say that i am CHRISTIAN - ORTODOX from Bulgaria :)
But I realy like what you have writen here :)
First of all we are humans,after that we separete on different religions,races and blq blq blq :)
Thats the way - with peace and words !

Dr. Aslam Abdullah asak ,
u r not alone the world 1.8 Billion Muslims with u , and with all those u speak / write truth against any form of Terrorism..

Firstly we must unite and expose those who r in action Terrorism , use the ink to spread the message acroos the world , as Prophet [saw] said ink of the scholars is more scared than the blood of a martyr , time has come to write to make the world aware of the action terrorism.

Once its stop , trouble comes to end....Inshallah.

This guy (Romesh Chander)is another form of cancer. One would see clearly that his mind is full of hate. I never saw him wrote anything possitive about Muslims. I like this article and also the logic response from Mr.Shuja Syed. I am sorry for addressing you directly but that's the way it is. I believe Allah is just and He will establish "justice on earth" He said. Many ceturies ago their have been act of terrorism commited against African people. In 1862, British came all the way from europe and killed scores of human being in my native city of (I.J)in Nigeria. this people(Brtitish) attribute themselves to christian faith. The same is done recently in Somoalia, US govt. supported Ethopian army to overthrow islamic goverment in Somalia, palestinians are under seige every single day from israeli occupation, yet anything done against Muslims is always justified to people like Mr. Romesh Chander. But if a Muslim should react to this barbaric act, he becomes extremist?. Italo(italy) invaded Libya and occupied the country, killed it inhabitants: men, women and children, confiscated the land in the name of what, Jesus?.
I think one should study history very well before posting comments here. Allah is just and he does not create unjust state even if it is believers. Mr. Romesh Chander's problem is not only media but his inner narrow-minded and hate monger is driving him.

We are used to armchair critiques such as Romesh Chander who have never seen anything good written by a Muslim which is so unfortunate.People like Romesh always want find faults with the Muslims blaming everything on Muslims whether they are to blame or not.Unfortunately some of our Muslims brothers have given bad name to Islam and Muslims making people like Romesh and section of the Media to take advantage and classify all Muslims as potential terrorists which is so sad.You find among the human beings there are some bad rotten eggs Muslims Christians, Jews,Hindus Atheists some governments who are unjust. So this is a common phenomenom we must all work together as individuals and collectively to help eradicate this cancer called terrorism.The Governments all over the World should be fair not be seen as treating others like second class so as to avoid backlash, As Dr Aslam pointed out the Muslims are expected to be fair with everyone so we must be steadfast on fairness even if it affects our closest relative and work as human beings to protect the interest of humanity.The Prophet said the humanity is like the family of Allah so one who treats them best is the best.

I agree with Romesh Chander that who provided them logistical help? Who is providing Israel with 3 billion dollars grants? Who killed the top three Indian cops of Anti-Terrorism from behind? I repeat from rear side. They were not killed from the front! Who did that? Who re-elected Narender Modi for second or third term, despite he was complicit in murdering 5000 people? Romesh is right. Who is that voting for Thackray when he organized murder, rape and loot. Who is that? Who is that re-elected Bush and Cheney despite he had organized killing fields? Who indoctrinted them? Did they read the Qur'an by any chance? In the same way, who had instigated Hitler, Mousoloni, Stalin, Mao, who have killed millions and millions of people. They grown up in Christian houses. The author is right that we cannot selectively cry and cry!!! When a child misbehaves, the teacher tries to find the root cause. Unfortunately, the word root cause is selective eleminated from the dictionary books. Why the world has not cried enough when Pakistan has suffered at Marriot blasts? Why have we slectively crying lately? I totally agree with Romesh Chander.


I think Dr. Abdullah has defined the terrorrist very well.It is not just the individuals we see on our tv screens or named in the media, but countless, nameless and faceless individuals and groups who are bent upon to kill their fellow human beings.These people don't have a nationality or a religion but are united with the common bond of Inhumanity.
We can only fight them by being united ourselves with the common bond of Humanity and praying for divine help to identify these inhumans amongst us, so that they can be brought to justice.

The title of the article is "How I Fight Terrorism". But the author did not give even one single example of how he (personally) fought terrorism. Did he really fight terrorism?

How do you fight terroism? Don't create them. They are product of the Culture and their indoctrination. I wonder how many muslims became terrorists by reading Bible, Gita, Buddihist books, Pagan books, New Age books, etc. And I wonder how many of these muslim terrorists know how to read even, anything at all.

How not to create terrorists? Don't provide them support and training and equipment and indoctrination. Mumbai terrorists had extensive training. Who provided them?. They were well equipped with communications equipment and firepower. Who provided them?. It costs tons of money. Who provided them? They did not fall from sky. The martians were not involved.

As usual, an armchair writer like Dr Abdullah can never think deep enough. As somebody wrote "Terrorists have won the hearts and minds of some segments of society, including the western liberal society". I wonder Dr Abdullah is a physician or a theologian?