The Day of Deliverance

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Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

Despite running one of the worst negative election campaigns, his opponent conceded his defeat graciously as soon as the Western States close their poll on November 4. The victory was a forgone conclusion as soon as the voting began even though the skeptics wanted people to believe that it would be a very close contest. In a way, it was neither the victory for Obama nor a defeat for McCain individually. It was a victory of people over the elitist establishment, new over the old, fear over hope and peace and harmony over hatred and bigotry.

It was a defeat for those who wanted America to question the patriotism of fellow Americans who may have the name Hussein.

It was a mandate against those who wanted some Americans to rule others with intimidation. It was a rejection of the policy of those who always wanted big businesses to succeed at the cost of the poor and the needy and it was a revolt against those who wanted America to fear their fellow Muslims.

A great majority of Americans spoke with one voice against the politics of division, negativity, bigotry, hatred and intimidation.

The victory for Obama was secured by those ordinary men and women who not only donated $6.00 to $25.00 to the Democratic Party campaign, but who also came out in streets knocking on doors for a new change they were seeking for their country.

It was a powerful revolt against the Bushes, McCains, Chenys and Palins who were seen as the symbol of bigotry, and hatred. Perhaps it was appropriate for many in the country to celebrate November 5, 2008 as a day of deliverance. Indeed many were thankful to God for delivering them from the eight dark years of Bush and Republican era.

During the last few weeks of the campaign, the old establishment of the Republican Party tried to use every possible trick to galvanize its ranks and file. Not surprisingly, they used Islam and Muslims as the greatest danger the Christian world has faced since the end of the crusades.

Under the stewardship of some Republican religious right wing leaders, an anti Muslim campaign was launched with the distribution of the DVD Obsession to more than 25 million Americans. Many Churches leaders were recruited to project Islam as a religion of violence and Muslims as anti-Christians.

Regular insults were hurled at the divine Scriptures in many churches and Muslims were question for their patriotism. Whatever was done during the last two weeks of the McCain campaign was built on a policy of intimidation during the last seven and half years of Bush-Cheney Administration.

The most notoriously fear-mongering Administration in American history tried its best to project Islam as the new enemy. Terms such as Islamo-Fascism and Muslim Nazis were coined. Some in the law enforcement agencies were given full freedom to use their powers to question, investigate, detain and deport people arbitrarily.

During the last seven years, thousands of Muslims have been declared as suspects and potential terrorists. Mosques have been regularly monitored and thousands of passengers bearing Muslim names have been harassed at airports for visiting countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Malaysia.

Radio Talk show hosts who wanted another four years of the Republican rule, used every possible opportunity to spread poison against Islam and Muslims. They suggested that Muslims be put in concentration camps and they incited average Americans against those who were Muslims or followers of Islam.

But people on November 4, 2004 rejected the politics of fear and deception. They shocked the old establishment by demonstrating clearly that they were wise enough to reject the tired old politics.

It is this victory that one must celebrate and in more than one sense, it is a celebration for the end of a n era of bigotry. Obama represents the symbol of that new era politics. Not only Muslim Americans but all those who felt that their dignity and honor was constantly challenged during the last eight years of the Republican era must find comfort in the fact that the overwhelming majority of the country rejected the messengers of doom and gloom and by declaring it through the ballots that America would not allow bigots and hate mongers to prevail.

Barack Obama has brought out the founding principals of this great nation from the cold storage - that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is Editor-in-Chief of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic society of Nevada, Las Vegas and acting president of the Muslim Council of America, a Washington-based newly formed groups of Muslim activists.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Barack Obama, United States Of America
Views: 4264

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Older Comments:
I may agree with your point of a new era of recognition of individual rights,but would not go so far to say that we were overtly oppressed. We still have our jobs and people respect us as Muslims for what we are and do. It is understandable to people fear or mistrust us because of what all is being done by some selfish people in the name of Islam. We do not need to blame any one but our own static, disgusting and self-oriented leaders of the Islamic world. Christians look at their Church,Jews at their Rabbis. We Muslims look at each other and kill each other. That has to change.


Lost in this meandering article is any sense of contrition or public accountability on the part of this individual and his fellow "activists" and self-declared "leaders" who - having floated Jewish conspiracy theories -- had no problems taking Saudi funds and political direction from Grover Norquist and other Republican operatives in 2000 to bring out the "Muslim vote" for Bush.

Obama's first appointment, Rahm Emanuel is the first cousin of Howard Stein (American Radio host). Rahm is a strategist. Unlike Howard Dean, He declared that in his new role "winning is everything", and he urged Democratic candidates to adopt more centrist positions from wikipedia. He is very close to Bill Clinton.
one of the major goals he spoke of during the race was "to help make health care affordable and available for all Americans"
He is the one who introduced Obama to AIPAC. He is strong supporter of AIPAC. Obama listens to him seems like.

Obama should remove racisim from US foreign policies agianst Africa, Asia and Latin America. And genocide/ Apartheid of Palestinians which is also expressed by President Carter should be strongly defeated.

Yuhuuuu!!! It's just the beginning of the detour! Thanks to all Americans who has proven once again that the US is still the Land of the Free!!! For those who are fun of poking negative energies, give us some more! The more you pitch in the more costly it is for you! Ignorance is highly expensive!!!

Very good article, that is exactly the majority American felt about the Republicans. I hope America as a nation learned that those fear mongering tactics will not work. Verily truth stands clear from evil and falsehood.

Barack Obam will not stop the spread of Biblical Christianity in the US or around the world. Biblical Christianity is not politics and does not need politics or government to influence. And it will continue to influence.