Terror attack on America and the Bush Doctrine

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Sadly we approach the seventh anniversary of one of the most heinous acts in the history of human civilization, perpetrated by some terrorists in the name of the great religion of Islam to promote and gain some politically motivated objectives of their own. 

In the aftermath of 9/11 that left nearly 3,000 Americans murdered, including some 50 Muslim Americans, it is the Muslims who have become the major victims of the attacks. 

Since 9/11, the Bush administration has subjected 80,000 Arab and Muslim immigrants to fingerprinting and special registration, 8,000 were interviewed extensively by the FBI, and over 5,000 non-nationals were arrested and detained for as long as a year on technical immigration violations, under the so called patriot acts. 

More shocking are the 400 indictments that have been returned against Muslims and Arabs, nearly all of them accompanied by press releases and frequent television appearances, by the attorney general, touting the almost never proven claims of connections to terrorism. 

Criticisms were made that Muslim leaders and organizations were not outspoken enough in denouncing acts of terrorism. Muslims are constantly perplexed by this accusation. In fact, virtually all Islamic leaders, organizations, and countries condemned the inhuman attacks of 9/11 in the strongest terms. 

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia summarized: "Hijacking planes, terrorizing innocent people and shedding blood, constitute a form of injustice that cannot be tolerated by Islam, which views them as gross crimes and sinful acts." 

Any Muslim will not only unequivocally denounce any form of extremism and terrorism but also admit that targeting civilian life and property is haram (forbidden) in Islam according to the Quran and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad

The Fiqh Council of North America issued a statement right after 9/11 saying: "This condemnation of violence is deeply rooted in true Islamic values based on the Qur'anic instructions which consider the unjust killing of a single person equivalent to the killing of all humanity." 

Those who are perpetrating this heinous act might have Muslim identities but due to their Muslim identities, this dreadful act cannot be labeled as Islamic terrorism just as it cannot be called Jewish terrorism if the perpetrators are Jewish or Christian terrorism if the perpetrators are Christian. 

One of the strangest aspects of the post-9/11 world, is that despite all the talk about Muslim/Islamic terrorism, there is hardly any exploration of the complex causes of Muslim rage. Muslims in general are in a state of crisis but their most daunting problems are not religious, rather there are geo-political, economic, and social problems that have caused widespread Muslim despair and, in some cases, militancy, both of which are expressed in the religious terminology. 

Most Muslims live in the developing world, much of it colonized by Western powers. Not all Muslim shortcomings emanate from colonialism and neo-imperialism, but several do. 

As part of the spoils of the First World War, Britain and France helped themselves to much of the Ottoman Empire, including Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and what is now Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. 

In recent years, the US has maintained repressive proxy regimes in the Middle East to keep control of oil and maintain a captive market for armaments. Hundreds of millions live in zones of conflict, precisely in the areas of European and American meddling, past and present. 

These conflicts, along with the economic sanctions on Iraq, have killed an estimated 1.3 million Muslims in the last 15 years alone. In addition, nearly 400 million Muslims live under authoritarian despots, many of them Western puppets, whose corruption and incompetence have left their people in economic and social shambles. It is against this backdrop that one must look at the current malaise of Muslims and their increasing emotional reliance on their faith. 

As a matter of fact, United States and its allies have started fighting terrorism in the name of exporting freedom and democracy in the Muslim world without ferreting out the root causes of the problems that led some people and groups around the globe to wage war against the West. 

The conviction that fundamentalism and terrorism emanate from lack of democracy and freedom, and therefore democracy and freedom must be exported to those countries by hook or by crook, has not only failed to reduce terrorism and fundamentalism but exasperated the situation and increased terrorism all around the world. 

Benjamin R. Barbar a distinguished fellow at Demos and a professor at University of Maryland has written:

"The conviction that Islam cannot accommodate democracy is rooted in a shallow and incomplete understanding of Islam. But it is also true that the conviction that democracy cannot accommodate Islam is rooted in a shallow and incomplete understanding of democracy. It is tied to the false view that there is but one kind of democracy, one road to liberty, one formula for translating the theory of justice into practice. So the Bush-Cheney doctrine of exporting democracy is an absolute illusion. No people have ever been liberated from the outside at the point of gun. An invader can overthrow a tyrant, but cannot create a democracy by doing so. Similarly freedom cannot be given to others; it must be won by those who seek it from inside." 

Democracy is distinctive from one society to another and the road to democracy comes not from imitation but from excavation and invention. And for the citizens of a country to establish democracy, it must be constructed bottom up not top down. First educate citizens and do the hard slow work of making a civil society, then build a political infrastructure on top of it. The Americans had a hundred years of experience with municipal liberty and citizen competence before they declared independence. 

Democracy takes time. If patience is required and democracy is built bottom up, then elections come last not first. The rush to vote is generally a sign that the ground for democracy has not been prepared and when voting occurs in the absence of educated and competent citizens, the prospects for liberty and justice will be poor. 

Supporting repressive regimes and occupying territories without creating opportunities for the people, the frustration, hostility and anger of the masses cannot be solved by exporting democracy at gun-point. The world needs to understand the deeply rooted causes of people's frustrations and anger and help educate citizens, build civic institutions, and construct bottom up political infrastructure that will empower people. 

Zahid Zamir teaches at York College, City University of New York.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War
Views: 3115

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Sir Douglas aka "Godboy" is living in a dream land.

Christian Terrorism exists since the day of the crusaders

Christian Terrorism = Palestinian occupation = creation of the Zionist State = Iraq War = Dropping atomic Bombs in Japan = Slavery of African Americans = all the conflicts in the World since 1101.

Biblical Christianity is going down the drain and will continue to do so. You changed your Bible thousand times and you still call yourselves christian. You are bunch of pagans and infidels. You betryaed God. You're very lucky b/c God is very patient.

You claim to follow christianity, yet your kids getting pregnant at age 11 and your culture is full of sexuality and infidelities. You even do not know who the real father of a baby is. You do court proceedings, gather possible sex partners and do DNA tests to find out the real father.

So much for a Biblical Christinaity and the Christian nation.

Your Jesus is crying. And Stop calling "Jesus" Jesus; that is not his real name. Ask a Muslim, he/she will tell you the real name of "Jesus".

You've committed offense in multipe fronts as you can see. You have only until the day of judgment to have good time and live like animals....after that child play and child thinking are over...

Very sad group of people living on Earth.

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No religion will progress this far as does Islam if its primary aim is to kill innocent lives. Allah forbids!
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there is no pint on speaking the truth because your website is very hypocritaical you did not wnat to publish my previous comment when i said mossad commited 9111 to have an agenda for war and formation of greater Israel. if you are true belivers you would have published my comments but unfortuantely muslims world is getting beaten up for thier hypocrisy towards theri bretheren and those who speka the truth . god knows whose turn will it be next muslsim in US or UK or somewhere else
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As long as Islamic terrorism is present and Muslims do nothing but talk, and provide no action,fake cooperation,etc Biblical Christianity will gain ground as a counter to Islam.
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the events of 911 was clearly done to make and agenda for war for formtion of greater Israel within the next ten fifteen years and imposing the so called new world order of the free masons on the entire population by enslaving them just like phaoah enslaved the people. america people ingeneral are so ignorant and naive majority of them they dont know what the pharoahs incomplete pyramid on dollar bill stands for unfortunately and if the gov does not wnat them to know the truth that is not democray btu bureaucracy,and in open words , deceit. but more and mor have now begin to relaise and question things , even though the real culprit behind 911 attacks was agov army men based in fort detric, in maryland, where the orignal Hiv vrus came from to infect the children of africa thru polio vaccines. and then balme it on soem nonexistent creatures. some foolish americansand some hypocritical muslims arestill skeptical 911. depsite all evidence.which is open, its a shame , it is the job of american muslims to educate these massses that 911 is not conducted by muslims it is the handiwork of Mossad who are known to caary out assasination attamepts with the help of Us gov to benefit Israel. we also have to remind oursleves about the recent remarks made by charlie black mc cain's close associate that another 911 willl be benficial to the ??? country or hsi party. and was immediately made to apologise. mccain being the next prsident willl surely let these kind of things happen to engage in war after war until they hammer their own selves completely, they have forgootten that thre is creator who is also given life to other beings on this planet other than americans and who also have right to live free life. it is well known fact that muslims lived in India for 1100 years and they never made refugeess out of hindus ulike Isreal has made out of palestinians or US millitary has made out of Iraqis.and afgahnis. justice will come surely for the oppressed and unjustly persecuted .
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First of all, this notion of automatically blaming muslims for 911 is grossly misinterpreted. There is no hard evidence that any muslim was behind 911. Huge number of people are saying that it was an inside job. WTC 7 and pentagon. Go see videos on youtube...
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