Hitler's Avatar Seeks US Visa

Muqtedar Khan

Nishrin Hussein, a resident of Delaware since 1989, suffered immeasurable trauma in February of 2002. Her father, Ehsan Jafferi a former member of the Indian national parliament and a poet was dragged out of his house and burned alive by a rampaging mob.

In that week over 2000 members of a religious minority were killed and burned, over 150,000 were rendered homeless and many women were raped; often as police watched and stubbornly refused to protect religious minorities in Gujarat, a state in India. According to human rights organizations, Indian government commissions and even US government, the man ultimately responsible for this state facilitated genocide was Narender Modi, the current and then Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Modi is now seeking a US Visa to come and speak to his supporters and admirers in New Jersey in the month of August. His visit also forces victims like Nishrin Hussein to relive their trauma.

Narender Modi belongs to a Hindu fascist movement that seeks to make India a global power by first religiously and culturally purifying it through elimination of religious minorities. International Religious Freedom Reports, prepared by the US State Department, implicate Narender Modi's political party - the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its religious affiliates in systematic killings of Muslims and Christians and burning of their homes and businesses; year after year.

Modi is a self-styled disciple of Adolf Hitler. He has often expressed his admiration for Hitler and even members of his own party sometimes refer to him as the Hitler of India. In Gujarat, Adolf Hitler is glorified in higher secondary school textbooks. Modi and the state of Gujarat's growing admiration for Hitler has even spooked Israel. Former Israeli Councilor General David Zohar Zonshine has made significant efforts to rectify the matter, including holding exhibitions to educate Modi's followers about the holocaust. But textbooks printed before Israeli protests are still being used in schools.

Modi frightens me. I think he is sowing the seeds of hatred and preparing the people of Gujarat for a bigger and more ominous genocide in the future.

Modi now wishes to mobilize his supporters in New Jersey. Fortunately a broad spectrum of Indians in America, American academics, human rights organizations and members of the US Congress, like Betty McCollum (D- Minnesota) have come together to forge a coalition against genocide (CAG) and are pressing the State Department to reject this Avatar (re-incarnation) of Hitler.

The Indian elite, empowered by recent economic successes, wish to piggy back on the US to superpower status. They wish to forge a new strategic alliance with the US that will facilitate the transfer of critical military technology, attract financial investments, open US markets to Indian businesses and enlist US' diplomatic support for Indian ascendance.

Modi seeks to increase his influence in the US. He also wishes to increase fund raising from the rich Indian American community to finance his politics in India. It is vital to his cause that he has intimate access to the U.S.

At the moment, Hindu nationalist cannot have both; Modi as a national leader and the US as vehicle to global power. As long as Modi is shunned by the US he is ineligible for national office. It is therefore essential for his supporters to purify his image, and they hope to do so by bullying the US government into allowing him entry in to the US. If he was received in the U.S., he will be projected in India as a leader of global stature.

US law on international religious freedom (section 604) prohibits the State Department from allowing people who commit egregious violations from coming to the US. Modi is now enforcing a new law against religious conversions in Gujarat which primarily targets Christians. This single act of curbing religious consciousness triggers section 604 and alone makes him ineligible for a US visa.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedoms has also asked the State department to deny Modi.

The Bush administration has been excellent on this issue, so far. In 2005 it not only denied Modi a diplomatic visa, but also rescinded a valid tourist visa underscoring his status as an untouchable. All the signals from the State Department suggest that the US will reject any new application from Modi.

All politics is now global. The struggle between secular Hindus and minorities and Hindu nationalism has spilled over to Foggy Bottom and Capitol Hill. The US cannot stay away. It must engage and fight with the Coalition against Genocide to preserve India's democracy and its pluralistic traditions.

Dr. Muqtedar Khan is Director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware and Fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

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Older Comments:
Mark S is just like most of the other Islam basher/hater, absolutely INCAPABLE of dealing with the simplest challenge and answering the most basic questions. I am so happy that Mark S and the likes prove my point. Flaky they are, just plain FLAKY LIARS and uneducated they will forever be. The challenge is still up for any one else, because apparently Mark S left with his tail between his legs. This is cool.

I could care less if Modi is given visa to US or not. But muslims (and US Government) cannot stop Modi in delivering his nonsensical lecture in US; he could easily do so by telephone from India. Results will be the same. So, granting or not granting visa is meaningless.

Regarding the fellow who wrote about Hindu Jehad called Dharam Yudh. Well, when was the last time Hindus practised it? Are they trying to ask Hindus to wage Dharam Yudh like muslims are always talking about waging Jehad throughout the world? Hindus don't wage Dharam Yudh anymore. If need be, they use modern military with all of its dirty tactics. Dharam Yudh does not allow dirty tactics otherwise it will not be Dharama.

Uncle Logic is meandering towards a justifiable point. It is uncivil for well-intentioned people to attach the label of fascism towards a major religion of mankind e.g. Judaism, Christianity, Islam or "Hinduism" e.g. Judeo-Fascism. However, I think it is just about acceptable to call someone a Jewish/Christian/Islamic/"Hindu" fascist individually or as an organization. An entire religion cannot be demonized e.g. Islamo-fascism or Hindo-fascism.

R.P. FROM U.S.A. said:
My guess is that you missed the bottom paragraph Najjar!!!!!!!

Romesh Chandar shows is true colors defending Modi. Atta also should not have got US visa, if his intentions were known.

In this article I agree that Modi is such a filthy criminal. If you focus on the invidual murder committed under him, it was too graphical. A pregnant woman was killed, her stomach split open and burned the foetus. He should never be entertained by any civilized groups and definitely deny entry of Modi to USA.

But I disagree with the fact that US should involve in the Indian democracy. Unfortunatley, eventhough for a different reason same things are going on in Iraq.

Just like most of Americans don't want such a mess, Modi is liked only by extremist Hindus.

I'll bet that Dr Khan doesn't like it when people refer to Muslim biggots as Islamo Fascists but that doesn't stop him refering Hindu biggots like mister Modi as Hidu Fascists.

Mr Romesh Chander is not telling the truth. In Hinduism there is holy war & it is called Dharm Yuddh.

r.p, just allow the muslim brothers to express their genuine feelings. We (Christians and Muslims) may be a threat to each other at peace but Modi is a threat to both at war and peace. It seems that we are unnecessarily struggling when both of us have a common enemy: the python of religious/cultural nationalism that seeks to swallow other creatures in the garden. When the hellish ideals is represented in person (like N.Modi who is capable of polluting even the secular India), it is worth resisting to the end by the free world that might otherwise be polluted aslo. He should be declared as untouchable, the living dead etc...

Atrocities committed by select group or persons can't be representative of whole commune. Lets be positive and humane and denounce all types of violence and loss of life, honour and property regardless of what religion or sect one belongs. Whosoever is responsible for in-humane behaviour, may possibly get away with it here but not on the DAY of recompense, an advise for mindful people.

hindus do believe in jihad(ie is fighting for dharm).Thats what ramayana and bhagvad gita are all about.stoping believers from killing innocent people is what these religios books aswellas the holy QURAAN do.to know this people like MODI AND ATTA and Narender Modi have to read these holy books.

Modi is a very well-known terrorist; plain and simple fact. Any act of terrorism whether it's committed by Hindus, Muslims or Christians or Jews should be condemned without any reservation.

We should not grant visa to this criminal. Period.

The US routinely claims to stand up for Human Rights. India is a signatory to various international treaties & is legally bound by them. This is a question of law & standing by international obligations to which you have committed yourself. Gujerat is the laboratory of HINDUTVA HATE & NAZISM is taught as a honourable example in schools. The results of this have been barbaric pogroms which have been documented by International,Western,American & most tellingly of all INDIAN Human Rights organisations. India is a federal state & is relatively secular (but not anti-religious) with strong civic institutions. The British-inspired edifice is being eaten away at the edges by large states like HINDU FUNDAMENTALIST Gujarat. This is truly a battle for India's soul & survival as a unified federation unlike USSR or Yugoslavia. I as an Non-Resident Indian Gujarati believe that the people of India will not make the same mistake as Nazi Germany, a fellow great "Aryan" dominated nation. We should not APPEASE these ARYAN NAZIS as they have engaged in many Kristallnachts. The US government reports have stated that the 150 million Indian Muslims are unique in the Muslim world for being an integral part of a democratic secular system. The rabble-rousing SWASTIKA brandishing Aryan fascist Hitler-admirer has taken over a state of 60 million & he has touted by his acolytes to take over 1 BILLION population of India & its HINDUTVADI bomb.The US stood up for its ideals before & BANNED Modi tour in the past. STOP HITLERITE ARYAN FASCIST HINDUTVADI NAZI TERRORISTS before they destroy a potential US ally i.e. secular democratic India, a neighbour of China.

Mark S. I commend you for sparing us any hypocrisy, but no one is expecting you to be outraged. If you are from the U.S. then, you only have to prove that you are able to support and obey the law of the land, or are the laws written on paper for exhibition only? And what will you do with those so-called'American values'? Trash them like most of the politicians over there are doing? You too, need to re-read the first phrase of the eleventh paragraph. Obey and enforce the laws and principles you have there first, before thinking about changing other countries. You asked how many Christians in these Arab countries have been killed and blablabla. I CHALLENGE you to come up with a number from each of these Arab countries, and at the same time I CHALLENGE you to come up with a number of Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc, etc. who have been prosecuted and killed in Europe and the Americas? Let us see if you are up to the challenge.

r.p, you missed the point, and please don't flatter yourself. No one from the outside is asking 'america' to interfere, QUITE THE CONTRARY dude, QUITE THE CONTRARY, but only stick to her own laws and principles as they are written on her papers, and to her so called 'american values' , and this within her boundaries. Dude re-read the article, better yet, peruse it, if you are capable, and then post another comment.
You have proven that you can read and write English, wonderful, now prove us that you can comprehend what you read. Let me help you here, I am not going to inflict on you the pain of re-reading the whole article, but only the first phrase of the eleventh paragraph and do your best to comprehend it, or at least seek someone's. Sans rancune.

Funny how we complain about the persecution of people simply due to their religious beliefs. We should strive to have all countries allow freedom of religion just like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran...oh wait, they don't allow freedom of religion in those countries and they persecute those that try to. How many Christians in these Arab countries have been killed simply due to their Religious beliefs yet now we are suppose to be outraged at India for doing the very same thing. Hard to understand.

R.P. FROM U.S.A. said:
Typical! Cry foul and call Americans imperialist invaders, but when the shoe is on the other foot and theres benefit for them, Muslims seem more than willing to have America interfere with the internal dynamics of another nation.

If Mohammed Atta and 18 of his collegues can get visa to US, why should Narendar Modi not be granted a visa to visit to US. His motives are well known and he will be watched in US very carefully; nobody watched Atta and others.

Relax. Modi will not explode any bombs physically, just verbal bombs (which anybody can ignore, but hard to ignore physical bombs).

I doubt Modi can start any jihad in US; Hindus don't believe in any kind of Jihad.

So, calm down, and enjoy the show (even if it is a stupid show). Let the idiot speak and make a donkey of himself.

Modi is a sick person. Modi is 'maudit' (French appellation for the cursed one). Obviously he is going to be flushed down the toilettes of history, just like AH before him. The man is really sick.