Commander in Chief should apologize for the desecration of the Quran

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Copy of the Quran from Thomas Jefferson's library collection

One of our US Army generals apologized to the people of Iraq for the action of one of the soldiers who used the Quran as a shooting target. The apology was accepted by the leaders of the Iraqi district where this incident occurred. 

Desecrating the Quran or religious symbol is nothing new in the Pentagon as the events during the last several years suggest that there have been enough incidents showing a pattern of actions against the Quran and dehumanizing Muslim prisoners. At the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, the Quran and its pages were flushed in the toilet. In another incident some officials stomped on the Quran and tore down its pages.

The disturbing pattern clearly indicates that the US Army has many in its staff who view Islam as anti-Christ or an enemy of civilization as many Evangelical leaders propagate in their churches on a weekly basis. It is not a surprise to find many of the US Army chaplains representing known evangelical leaders such as Pat Robertson, John Hagee and Franklin Graham.

Obviously, many in the US Army see them as crusaders rather than soldiers of an army that is built on the resources of a people who include people of all faiths as well as atheists and pagans. What is being done to the Quran is against the constitution and against the values our country that it stands for.

If this administration is serious about promoting a better understanding with the Muslim world, it is important that the Commander in Chief of the US Military apologize to the American Muslims as well as Muslims around the world for this behavior on the part of some US soldiers.

As Muslim Americans, we also apologize to the Muslim world for this action on the part of our army soldiers. We should have done more to educate various branches of our government about Islam and Muslims. As Muslims we realize the nature of hurt and pain the entire Muslim world feels at these sorts of actions.

However, our apology is not enough, unless our Commander in Chief assures the world that US Army or any of its branches or recruits would not be used to promote hatred against any religion or people.

Flushing the Quran in the toilet or using it as a shooting target would not diminish the value of the Quran in the minds of billions of those who view the Quran as the words of the divine revealed through Prophet Muhammad to humanity for the last time. However, these incidents show the nature of hatred that has overtaken the hearts and minds of many of those who are entrusted with the responsibility of defending the interests of a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, religiously plural society.

As Muslim Americans, we must ensure that our civil institutions do not get entrapped in this malice of hatred on the part of a few who represent special interest groups who have nothing but hatred against anyone and everyone that is different from them.

You can express your opinion at the White House link below.

Please remember that Islamic etiquettes teaches to always use polite and the best language in communication.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is Editor-in-Chief of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic society of Nevada, Las Vegas and acting president of the Muslim Council of America, a Washington-based newly formed groups of Muslim activists.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: United States Army, United States Of America
Views: 5157

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Older Comments:
Ahmed's answer is hilarious! I ask why the Muslim world 'was so great' in the distant past, backwards in the present, and he tells me to project into the future! What an amazing non-answer. Mind boggling really.

Also, you spelled my name wrong. I'm sure it was a simple, non-intentional mistake...

Dinoe writes:

"The real question is - if the Muslim world 'was' all of these things, what happened?"

Project yourself some 100 years from now and replace Muslim for USA.

Hubris is downfall of all civilisation. Nothing worng in a concept but how it is applied, by who and for what purpose. And nothing is new under the sun except for the gizillion ways of presenting it but underneath all that there is a simple sign that reads:

"We are all one. What we do to another we do to ourselves."

Take note and break the cycle. Peace.

Lin writes:
"You do not realize that democracy was being utilized in the islamic community before the US was even in existence. Freedom was being utilized by women and all races alike."

That's the problem with so many Muslim arguments, there's too many 'past tense' statements. The Muslim world had democracy, they protected the rights of minorities, they excelled in science and learning, etc. Despite what most people on this board might think, these claims are subject to a lot of interpretation, and a lot of times it's a matter of the 'victor' writing the history. The real question is - if the Muslim world 'was' all of these things, what happened? How come the Muslim world is mostly illiterate, doesn't produce anything of value and the people seem to want to get to the West whenever they have an opportunity?

Yes, yes, the great Satan props up your dictators, and if only it would leave you alone, everything would be a golden age. Which is why Afghanistan and Iran are beacons of enlightenment... Korea and Japan were devastated by war, and look at them now. India and Pakistan started at the same place. India now has a booming knowledge based industry. Pakistan makes t-shirts.

Comment for Chander: You do not realize that democracy was being utilized in the islamic community before the US was even in existence. Freedom was being utilized by women and all races alike. Please speak with your facts not with your hate.


Your words speak volumes about yourself. Politics and democracy aside, if your feel the need to insult another by clearly stating your right to blow the Quran AND taking delight in such an act, knowing full well it is a book that is revered by millions, then that speaks of your lower desire to insult another in order to inflate your sense of superiority.

If you take morality/respect/love from any aspect of life it descends to pure animal instinct. Is there any wonder we have so many wars. I repeat you can not give a dime to another if you do not have it yourself.

By the way, The US 5th Fleet has been stationed here for over 2 decades and the ruling family has been supported by all our US governments. You can feel proud but giving WMD to thugs and helping to subjugate the innocent is no task to be proud of. I guess you pay taxes and those go towards keeping the freedom that you hold dear from reaching others.

I guess you expect us to take up arms and fight and then call us terrorists, deserving Gitmo treatment. You also assume I come from an illiterate background and have not seen the world and have basic education. That too speaks volumes about you.

I bid you peace.

Salam Alaikum to all of my brothers and sisters,
I think that the author is shocked and hurt about the way that things are going down in Iraq, and to muslims as well. I think that the Dr. had more expectations out of the US. Back whenever the war in Iraq started, many people that I worked with and knew said that they feel sorry for the Iraqi's. See, some people already knew what the deal would be for these people. Did you really expect anything different? Just read the history of the US. I am not shocked about anything that is going on in the world today. As some have stated here, this is the real world. This is the REAL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA folks. My husband even admitted to me that he thought higher of the US whenever the war first started. Now he is definitely thinking differently, as most Arabs are.
As far as Mr. Chander is concerned, I think he says a lot of things to get a rise from us Muslims. As one stated, me need to be about making prayer, and asking Allah to deal with him in his own way. I learned many years ago that you cannot respond to everything that people do and say. Mr. Chander sounds like someone who is miserable to me. Because happy people do not spend most of their time downing others.
This article is interesting but I am not surprised about anything. I did submit a comment to our government about the soilder using the Holy Quran for target practice. As an American taxpaying citizen, I feel that this was a disgrace. I would love to see my taxpaying dollars spent in better ways. To all my brothers and sisters in the US, hold tight to the ropes of Allah.

Sister Fatimah

Note to Ahmed Asghsr (Baharain):

You write "Does your freedom depend on your right to insult someone else?".

I don't insult anybody. It is just the other guy who may feel it insulted or not feel insulted; if he feels insulted, that is his problem; if he does not feel insulted, that is also his problem. It is just not my problem.

You live in Baharain, a dictatorial muslim and petro-state; you don't know what freedom of speech means, because you cannot practice it there.

In a democratic society, you have NO right not to be offended. And it is not freedom unless you have offended somebody.

Freedom of Speech has no concept of public relations or political correctness.

Because muslims are so easily offended, they are not a material for democracy.


Your remarks are justified but the way you say it is childish. How can you say you are free if you do not and can not uphold another person's freedom. You can not give to another that which you do not have. Only when you have a dime in your pocket then you can give it away. The same applies to freedom and love. Search your pocket a little deeper for that dime.

Does your freedom depend on your right to insult someone else? Does this make your ego become more inflated? and give you a sense of security and superiority?

The venom has no place in a free heart.

another plot of the devil has been exposed, refer:

the executor might be the lackeys or agents but the architect and the motives remain the same:

Hypocrites! They flush our Qur'an down the toilet, not once, but many times, and then apologize. Then do it again, and apologize. Then you urinate on the Qur'an, and then apologize. And Allah knows how many times you are repeating this in secret or in front of the detainees of Guantanamo Bay.

No matter how many times they may desecrate our Qur'an, they will never find us desecrating their Holy Books. This is because we have morals and standards which we live by and we fear Allah.

Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas (RA), was once sitting next to a man and he heard him mumbling. So he listened attentively and he heard the man abusing 'Ali, Talhah and Zubair (RA). He told him to stop, but he would not listen and continued. Finally, Sa'd became extremely upset for the sake of Allah, and said to the man that if he did not control his tongue, he would put a curse on him. Arrogantly, the man told him that he was arrogating powers to himself and he asked him if he thought he was a Prophet. Listening to the man's bitter words, he merely turned away. He went, made his ablutions for prayers and offered two nafl (supererogatory) units of prayer. Then he entreated Allah Almighty:

"O Allah! You know that this man is abusing men of purity, with whom You Yourself are Pleased because of their goodness. Surely You will not approve of these abuses. May this man be a lesson for such other men."

He was barely done with his supplications when people saw that a raging she-camel had broken away from the rope which tethered her, and leaving her home, had entered in the midst of a crowd of people. It seemed as if she was looking for a particular person. In seconds, she had the head of a person in her bloodthirsty jaws and was shaking it violently from side to side. Finally, his neck broke and in no time he had become the prey of death. People were stunned into silence. The dead man was none other than the one who had been abusing the noble Companions a few minutes earlier, and against whom Sa'd bin Abi Waqqaas had appealed to Allah.

So brothers and sisters, make ablutions for prayer and offer two sincere nafl salah. Once finished, make a strong supplication to Allah to deal with him as He sees fit to be a lesson for such other men.

"Du`a is the weapon of the believer, and the pillar of faith, and the light of the heavens and the earth." Holy Prophet (SAW)

Romesh. Since you say you are a programmer I am sure you were taught the logic of the program first then given good and bad examples so you understand the logic better. Had you not known the logic you would not be able to differentiate. Instead of seeking answers from creations, which we all are and by nature limited, perhaps you will find answers in the Quran which is from our Creator and in the character of the best of creation Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Romesh speaks about thick skin like only we Muslims have thin skins. Just check examples of Hindu zealots in India and how thin skinned they are.

BTW Dr. Abdullah is asking satan to repent and that something to really LOL over.

ALLAH (SWT) has said what will happen to those who mock HIM, his Prophet (PBUH), and his Ummah.

See Sura 33 Verses 56-58 for example.

33:56 Lo! Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation.

33:57 Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in the world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained.

33:58 And those who malign believing men and believing women undeservedly, they bear the guilt of slander and manifest sin.


So we really should chill out. For no matter what they plot, ALLAH (SWT) is the best of plotters.

Dr. Abdullah can do us a favor and please write about the successes of Muslims around America and leave this "self pity' to the Jews for example who can only wallow in it ad nauseam.

Peace to all esp R. Chander,
You have mispelt my name my friend.
In your response you shot yourself in both your feet -'LAST FIVE YEARS'. And when were they invaded by the West? About 5 years ago? You my friend might now understand why (or because of whom) they are doing it! Unless you refuse to understand.........!

I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His messanger


It's sad to see misconduct among our men and women in Uniform. A shot at Quran ( Muslim Holy Book) is an insult even to this administration. It does nothing but promoting hatred and enemity between Faiths and people of color.
This is barbaric and primitive attitude. And this soldier who shot at Quran for target practice probably has a degree but with no common sense. I think US presence in Iraq makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, that's the bottom line of these hate crimes. Yet we condemning the so called Terrorists for doing the same thing US military are doing arround the globe.

To Romesh,

I suggest you stick to your computer programmer job. All you do is play Devil's advocate and waste our time. It's obvious you will always post negative and pessimistic comments regarding Islam and Muslims. Why don't you save your "noble" ideas for sites that deal with YOUR religion, IF you have one. It's easy to point fingers at people who are at the receiving end. I would suggest all readers to ignore such comments. The objective is obvious: to frustrate Muslims visiting this site. If we say "White', Romesh says "Black", Go through all his past comments and you'll see how pathetic he is.

I'd like to confirm what Romesh Chander said about the suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan, It's true! And it's happened in Algeria too.

To Romesh,

You are not there in Iraq to witness and if only relying on the likes of bbc, cnn, foxnews, and so on, what right do you have to speak about the fighters in Iraq? Every clear thinking, well-informed, honest human being knows it is of no use to them to massacre civilians, bomb mosques and shrines besides being detrimental to their objectives. They only killed those who are fighting them, American and traitors. Seems like you are a victim of the incessant, deliberately schemed lies/indoctrinations and machinations by the imperialistic media and their cohorts who are in cahoots with them in their vested interests, of promoting their devilish and malicious plans by staging terrorist acts and then blaming them on the Muslims to cause chaos amongst the Iraqis.

There are many incidents, though the guilty media doesn't want you to know, such as the BRITISH soldiers in Iraq who were caught red-handed, planting Bombs in Basra while malevolently disguising themselves in Arab garbs so that the innocent arabs will be blamed and the Criminal Media would as always, ruthlessly tell the world that it's the mujahideen who exploded and massacred innocents people. A more recent incident was when the Mujahideen managed to capture cameras belonging to the mercenaries that contained evidences of their criminal acts... On the other hand, there are a vast amount of videos in youtube released by the mujahideen to prove that they only killed valid targets. It's only up to us to look and decide for ourselves who the mujahideen targets. Don`t let others do the thinking for us. we owe it to ourselves. Try to do some little research and go beyond those media that are run/owned by the Criminals and their accomplices, who are the outright purveyors of monstrous lies and dis-information.

Note to Sadiq (India):

You write "So to make things easier you could apologise to God and there is only One.".

Sorry. No Way. No apologies from me, to God, or George Bush, or General Musharraf or Mufti of Medina/Mecca or King of Saudi Arabia or anybody else. I like my freedom and I am not giving that up. If god wants to send me to hellfire, that is his freedom.

officers represent the commander in chief... your making a mountain out of a mole hill, get over it and write somthing productive

This is not just an isolated incident from one soldier. Similar deliberate acts have happened on Muslim land ruled by Muslim leader under Islamic law. Shame-Shame. Muslim leaders are also responsible and accountable on Qayamah for their no actions.

One person can bring down the name of religion or his country as Hitler. One rotten fish in the pond is enough to ruin and one tumor in the body involving a single organ is enough to kill the body.

Forget the apology, this soldier and other because they committed crimes on Muslim land, such persons should be put under trial in Islamic court under Islamic shariah and punished accordingly.

To one of the commentator:You have all liberty to do with your computer and your rotten mind with your different holy books and the innumerable Gods you have in your faith. But you may make some Gods unhappy. Have fun.

Have the christians forgotten what Jesus said: Present your other cheek if someone slaps your other cheek. Have Jesus said anywhere to treat other people like this.

I never heard /read that muslims do such acts with the Bible/Cross and other religious symbols when there is lot of controversies about the Christ dates, events and authenticity of other Holy religious books.

These acts are not helping in anyway.They are making muslims pious and religious and making non muslims eager to find out more about the Islam and helping us to come on and follow the right path. GOOD LUCK.

Note to Ruaf (Canada):

You write "As a Muslim I feel very proud to say that I have never or will never consider an act like this. It is beneath a Muslim".

Well, my friend, muslims have been doing exactly that in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 5 years. Remember suicide bombers targeting mosques and shrines? Well, during these bombings, not only people get killed and property destroyed, but also lots of Korans (and valuable research books) get burnt or don't they? Now, who are these bombers bombing mosques and muslims shrines? I don't think they are methodists (or even Hindus).

Look in the mirror. And stop being holier-than-thou.

Romesh. You got it right. We Muslims are not thick skinned! You are also right regarding the apology thing as there are a billion+ Muslims and it could take up an awful lot of time to apologise to all. So to make things easier you could apologise to God and there is only One.

In that case hurry up who can make the first burning bible as a screen saver, this time christian must hv a real thick skin as suggested by ramesh

Peace to everyone.
How low can this administration and the West on the whole get. The brain of this soldier must be smaller than a dried pea.
As a Muslim I feel very proud to say that I have never or will never consider an act like this. It is beneath a Muslim.
Finally it is absolutely important for every Muslim leader to show them the way out. USA must leave the Middle-East. They have enough problems at home.

I think it was right that the chief commander apologized as he did. I don't blame the soldier that did it though; he didn't know what he didn't know any better; I personally would have done the same thing before I became a muslim. My father fought in Desert storm back in the early 1990's and i have been raised to be pregidous towards muslims all my life. if i had not been lead to read the Quran out of my curiosity for muslim beliefs I could have disgraced the word of God as he did.

I am a computer programmer. Suppose, I have a copy of Koran on my computer. I can design a program which shoots bullets on Koran (like a Nintendo movie). Would I be asked to apologise and to who; and should I. What is the difference between a paper copy of Koran and computer copy of Koran? No difference to me. But the act is the same.

Similarly, I could design computer program to burn Koran on my computer; and even make a screen save out of it. Should I apologise and to who? And Why?

I think asking for apology is nonsensical.

Hey, folks, calm down; develop some real thick skin. The more you complain, the more people do silly things just to make you mad. That is life, folks. The world is not made according to the wishes of muslims. So Chill out.