BRITZ- A Psychological Warfare or an Innocent Film?

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Is the new two-part series BRITZ a new tactic to remind viewers that the terrorist threat is very real while we go about our lives thinking otherwise? The BRITZ shows a young Asian Muslim man who joins the MI5 (intelligence service) and helps track down British Muslim terrorists.

Is this drama part of a psychological warfare to threaten and frighten Muslims to believe that they are being watched every single second of the day? I think so. And I believe it is also a tactic to scare the British public that the terrorist threat is something the MI5 have to tackle daily. It makes one suspect that their neighbors could be terrorists, or their colleagues at work. Any group of men having fun at a paint-ball park will also be suspects; perhaps they are training to be terrorists. Every Muslim is a suspect.

I admit that I hold the same values of Sohail, the lead character, in that I honor being a Western, whether that is as an American or British or Australian. I am proud to be a part of this country. It sheltered me, it gave me opportunities that I probably would not have received back home. And I would proudly stand up for it if anyone decided to treat it the wrong way. And I have defended it many times back in Egypt, though I may not agree with the foreign policies of the Western world, like many American and British people.

But I feel as if the film is forcing me to choose between the country I was born in or my faith. The slogan for this two-part drama, which continues tomorrow, is "Whose side will you choose?". The two sides shown is the intelligence service and the terrorists. To be honest, I don't want to be part of either. Is that fair? I want to live my life peacefully without these creepy, scary, conspiracies. I don't want to believe that the government has our telephone/mobile/houses tapped, because that would mean I'm not trusted just because I'm a Muslim. I want to believe that only people who act suspiciously in terms of involving themselves in activities that may lead to terrorism deserve to be bugged, for the safety of the country and its people. I don't want to believe that innocent Muslims are under surveillance just because they are Muslims, because that would be unfair; there are plenty of innocent Muslims who are against terrorism, including me. 

I think if someone doesn't like the West, then they should go home. They should not live in this country. And if I found someone who was like that I would inform the intelligence services straight away, because these people hold no faith or morals; they are killers who would kill you and your family if you so happened to be on the train the day they decided to carry out their heinous attacks.

The intelligence man in the film said something interesting, as to why these young men become jihadis. Because they feel guilty from their lives in the West, what with all the privileges they have, so they resent it because it is these countries that are waging wars against the Muslim world. They have some sort of identity crises, not knowing where exactly to belong. And so they join groups of people who hold the same ideologies they do, to feel like they belong to a larger group of people. That is the basic human need- to feel that one belongs, and this is how they do it.

But I believe you can be with the people who are against the politics of the country and are also against the terrorists. There is a middle ground. And you don't have to sell your soul to the intelligence services to be a faithful citizen of the country you reside in.

I write this not knowing what the future holds for innocent Muslims in the West. Are we responsible for these terrorists turning out to be what they are? Could we do something to stop these groups forming? Are moderate Muslims doing enough? Do we have to forget about our Muslim identity in order to stop terrorism as what the film tries to portray with Sohail drinking and having sexual relations with an English woman? 

Can't Western people see that I can be a faithful Muslim and at the same time a faithful Westerner? That I can take the good things from Western society and be proud of it and at the same time be proud of being a Muslim, both not conflicting with each other but both helping me be a better person?

That I can pray, fast, wear the Hijab and attend Islamic lectures and at the same time protect the Western country I was born in from any harm, even if that means from people who claim to be Muslims?

That there is a middle ground we can choose, if only they let us. These psychological warfare tactics may be seen as to pressurize us to abandon our religion in order to not be terrorists. If that is so, then I want to be comfortable in practicing my religion and not be called a political-activist-soon-to-be-terrorist. What does a Muslim have to do to prove their loyalty to the country they are living in? Why it is only Muslims that are being shown as terrorists? There are so many more terrorists out there that are bound to be getting up to no good also, right?

Whatever the answers, however you feel after watching this thrilling, psychologically disturbing drama, and so does the psychological warfare. I'm just afraid that this will escalate the already escalating paranoia that Britain and America is going through. Whenever people start to forget and go on about their daily lives normally, the media just has to remind them, like salt rubbed on a wound.

Unique Muslimah is a journalist and freelance writer who was raised in the West, of Egyptian origin. Unique Muslimah has written for various publications in the US and UK. On Unique Muslimah's blog, she analysis cultures, films, books, people and supports Muslim women's rights according to Islam. To visit her blog check where you can also e-mail her.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
Views: 3584
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Older Comments:
miss barabie u should tell western leaders to stop stealing muslim oil from Iraq

Face it, you have obviously misunderstood the point i was trying to make about unique Muslimah's article.
If western leaders would listen to me, i would tell them to jump off a cliff.
Maybe you should have a look at my blog before you judge me. Just a thought. joogle "barabie".

As for the point regarding the article, it is the writer's ingenious way of labeling everyone "who hates the west" as a "terrorst", that i am pointing out. She puts everyone "who hates the west" in the "terrorist" boat.

"Do we have to forget about our Muslim identity in order to stop terrorism as what the film tries to portray with Sohail drinking and having sexual relations with an English woman?"

The Muslim identity has two main parts:
1. Practicing prayers, piety, preaching good news and charitable deeds of the like (may this glorify the Lord of Heavens and Earth)
2. Slitting/ blasting Christians or Jews to achieve peace and paradise (this demonic activity diminishes all the good deeds to less than nothing).
Muslim's identity as terrorist is based on the second part of the sacred duty, the doctrine attributed to the "last" and crowning of the prophets. The second identity is a problem for the world's mankind forgetting which no sin is accrued to any Muslim.

Forgetting the first Muslim identity by taking side with immorality is wrong. Sins are accrued by that inclination and deeds. We may give up one value for another of higher order- (compete with each other in doing good to be profitable to each other and to be acceptable to the Lord) else we be trading with upfront loss.

Are English (known and honored for practicing Christian values, virtues and conducts) women become so promiscuous to barter the beautiful gift of sex outside the marital bond for the pleasure of the drunken that already lost sense and balance? Are acts of immorality like the one mentioned considered appropriate to destroy terrorism from the world? Instead, is it not breaking the solemnity of the divine institution of marriage by which two bodies become one flesh?

Want to identify terrorist? People taking quran literally as if every word in it are divine and enforcing the doctrines against the already established teachings of the Holy Bible are potential candidates against whom the world must keep vigil. Proof? Reports of happenings in the so called 'muslim countries' with standing rules to butcher any that turn to Christ (and become a true Muslim in Islam = Isa the Aslam, Isa Sa

to miss barabie
if the west does not like muslims they should get out of their lands stop interfering in the way they practice their religion if they real mean democracy and not impose their ugly immoral values present in their society on us because we will never accept we will fight to get our rights back. and not tolerate oppresion. miss barabie u should tell western leaders to stop stealing muslim oil from Iraq and making their coffers full . because these are tyrants and oppressors. we will not accept shame and immmorality and adultery fornication , killing innocent people .look what yur blackwater was doing In iraq and blaming it on others in name of suicide bombimngs when suicide is forbidden in Iraq when god wants to destory apeopl he dislikes wor have gone astray he imposes on them apresident who is crazy in evry way and that is what is happening here. because of the nice actions of the people in this society until the society changes itself or it gets the punishment of god so what is happening to the social and economic conditions and the dollar whose value is detiroating day by day. do not let forbiddeen things to creep inthe majoirty of our societies it is your asset you keep and live miserable life in this world as well as next world with it. if you dont wnat to change your ways. . we dont bother yu just dont step on our toes. we will not take it.

"Do we have to forget about our Muslim identity in order to stop terrorism as what the film tries to portray with Sohail drinking and having sexual relations with an English woman?"

Taking the question of identity, there are two main types: that pertaining to physical and another for ideological. Physical identity based on race, dress, language, culture etc. may be harmless to one another although it suffers with the inherent weakness of not being able to communicate with most others. Ideological identity transmits across national boundaries often posing risk to the other with hidden message that eats up the understanding and changes the mindset by the hidden disease.

Forgetting the Muslim identity by taking side with immorality is straightway wrong. We may give up one value for another of higher order- else we be trading in upfront loss.

Are English (known and honored for practicing Christian conducts) women so promiscuous to barter the beautiful gift of sexual union outside the marital bond under the influence of alcohol? Is this act considered appropriate to destroy moral standing of certain ideology and the divine institution of marriage by which two bodies become one flesh? I am at a loss for words ....

Regarding the issue of terrorism, those taking quran literally and enforcing its doctrines as if they are divine are potential terrorists against whom the world must keep vigilance. It is a proven fact by what is happening in the so called 'muslim countries' with standing rules to butcher Christians (the true Muslims).

To the reader "an infidel" - you say, "why in the world should we tolerate something that wants to destroy us?"

I say to you, "why in the world should we tolerate those who steal and kill for other people's lands and resources?"

Stop stealing!

I hope that this took a better turn .. After the 'dont like the west' generalization I stop reading. This article is garbage. I typically reserve words like that for smut, but Im so offended by this person. He starts by blasting a show for generalizations and he in turn generalizes. It seems that common sense is no longer common as well as Critical Thinking.


To an infidel,

Just what do you mean by screaming for your blood. Muslims are only allowed to act in self defense. And you mentioned Irish terrorism. For what relevance ?

Oh, please !! You think that when the British dealt with the Irish, they gave the Irish a summer camp picnic ?

Dear me, I can't imagine why the rest of us should be
paranoid about muslims and/or Islam. Unlike the Irish
terrorism, numbers of your actual clergy are screaming
for our blood, pointing to your scriptures that tell you to
kill us. Why in the world should we tolerate something
that wants to destroy us?

The word Jihadi is not correct. Its Mujahid. In essense Islam is about the core or the reality of a situation. This has priority over the labels. Pork can not be halal even if it has the word halal written on the pack.

To the site owners, you are disgusting, unIslamic and liars. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my previous comment but you still chose not to publish it. TFOU on such muslims. You are a fake muslim, a fraud.

It seems to me Sister, that you are terribly confused about your identity and even afraid. Please know that we as a Muslim have been blessed with these glorious words - FEAR NOTHING BUT ALLAH. Please remind yourself that every minute of the day if you must. Please know too that with every level of psychological, physical, and even word warfare, Allah will provide us with means to counter attack if we are a Muslim in every sense of the word. There can be no confusion as to whose side we're on. TRUST IN ALLAH and again FEAR NOTHING BUT ALLAH.

Would a Muslim use the word jihadi? Of course not. There is no such word. A follower of Islam is a Muslim and "jihad" is in every one of us as a Muslim and that means more than a billion of us. And there is nothing in Islam that can make a Muslim an "extremist" or a "moderate." Either you're a Muslim or you're not.

Mohammad; the paranoia is that what ever you don't like is Zionist conspiracy

Yes sister, I agree that this program does make British people suspicious against Muslims and likewise it makes the British Muslims paranoid. Really it is a sad state of affairs. I thought this program was made by a Zionist.