Pakistan or Land of ?

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Pakistan (Land of the Pure) is now Faujistan (Land of the Army). It could have become Benaziristan (Land of Banazir) if elections were held as were promised or it could have become Nawazistan (Land of Nawaz) if Sharif Nawaz were allowed to stay in the country after his return from exile.

Who ever has ruled Pakistan during the last 60 years has ruled it for building personal empires and family fortunes. The power of personal cult is so strong that no amount of criminal activity on the part of rulers has resulted in their permanent ban from public life. So passionate are people to support even those convicted for crimes against Pakistan, that they are willing to offer even their lives to sustain a corrupt leader. Who would have imagined Benazir in the role of a messiah for Pakistan after what she and her husband did with Pakistan and its resources? (Foreign cases that could haunt Bhutto

Martial law or emergency? It does not matter. Pakistanis once again have been enslaved by their own fears and inability to create a political structure that would ensure that the average citizen would have the freedom to live a decent life. No one can point fingers at others for this situation.

Various segments of people in Pakistan have contributed to what occurred last week.

Political parties have promoted a culture of violence. Many of the public officials lead a lucrative campaign of corruption. Bureaucrats have created an environment of greed. The clergy sector has thrived on ignorance. Businessmen have excelled in deceiving the state of its legitimate taxation. The law enforcement agencies have created a world of their own where the accepted norms and law were violated at the slightest whim of those who were powerful.

How can one trust a political leader when he boasts among his followers, the killing that his people engineered to silence the opposition? How can one believe in a law enforcement system when a police officer proudly narrates his exploits in implicating innocent citizens in crimes? How can one believe in the integrity of an army that delivers the national resources to its top brass in order to win over their silence?

In any society the middle class plays a key role in developing a democracy or promoting social change. The Pakistani middle class must create a vision of Pakistan and work for that through sacrifice and public involvement. The middle class of Pakistan has to create either a political movement or leadership than can prove to the people through an example that different ethnic and linguist groups can work under a political structure amicably. If they just looked beyond their Eastern borders they can see how India has sowed its social fabric with a multiplicity of ethnic and linguistic communities. 

There are limited examples of people working to bring meaningful solution to the many problems that the country faces. There is the shameful issue of bonded labors and slum dwellers. Status of feudally controlled and socially subdued women in rural areas is disgraceful.

The prevalence of illiteracy among more than 40 percent of Pakistanis must be given a priority. Not enough attention is being given to the youth to create a culture of peace so that their creativity could be used for the betterment of the country and humanity. Instead the youth are being given guns and provoked to murder in the name of whatever suited the interested political leadership.

The level of protest by the lawyers to what the generals have done prove that people are not willing to take things passively. The process of protest is still to be played out but if in this process the methodology of violence is chosen by the political parties, it will only strengthen the army. The use of violence in responding to the violence of the rulers never produces anything constructive.

Many Pakistanis often argue that their rulers have often played in the hands of powerful groups in Washington or London, etc, and average Pakistanis have no control over their own destiny. While, it may be true that Washington, London or Delhi might be keen to engineer things in Islamabad according to their interests, but their ability to do anything substantial is limited as long as people in Pakistan are active, dynamic and concerned about their interests.

What is the way out? A radical paradigm shift is needed in Pakistan to bring about any substantial changes for the betterment of the country. Issues such as poverty, illiteracy, lawlessness, bonded labor, status of women and labor, environmental crisis such as pollution and miss-utilization of resources, deserve the same importance as democratization of the country. 

Only those who have a humble heart and a concerned mind for the interests of average Pakistanis can really grasp the reality. Only those who have a passion for humanity and fellow human beings can think in larger terms different from those who always think of their interests first. It is the emergence of those people with a long term strategy to bring about changes at the grass roots levels that can save Pakistan from the chaos that its current leaders have created. Usually, this role is played by an educated middle class. 

Pakistan has suffered a significant brain loss and the bulk of the middle class is outside Pakistan. Unfortunately many among these groups are divided into groups, ethnicities, and factions replaying the politics of the homeland.

Pakistani Americans and others who are living in Europe and Canada can certainly use their skills and love for Pakistan to provide a strong peaceful movement for change. Pakistanis must overcome the politics, factionalism and ethnic divide that is dominant inside and outside of Pakistan. It is essential that Pakistanis work for the collective interests of its entire people.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor in chief of the weekly Muslim Observe and director of the Islamic Society of Nevada.

  Category: Asia, World Affairs
  Topics: Pakistan
Views: 7277

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Older Comments:

The Holocaust - Did such a high astronomical figure of millions of Jews actually died, 6 million is what they, the western establishment claimed, was it really that huge in figure or just being magnified and inflated in order to incite continuos sympathy and support for Zion International ?

What about many others were had also perished during the World Wars ? What about the Asians who were sent to forced labour camps, to be enslaved in constructing the death railway along Burma and India ? Are these lives not as much worthy as the dead Jews ? Are these not victims of war as well ? And so many other concentration camps around the world at that time, I am fortified that their numbers are much much more than the Jews.

But since that is so, should these war victims and their future descendants used or seized their suffering as excuses and justification to oppresss others who has nothing to do with those heinous war crimes, like what the Zionist are now doing to the Palestinians.

Iraq - Shortly after the invasion, were there wars and disputes, or strife among the Sunni and Syiah ? In fact, it took more than a couple of months, only then the civil battles became more apparent. Why ? Who incited the Sunni and Syiah to fight one another ? Who, or which and for what malicious purposes could it be ? Please remember the history of Iraq, in the 1920's, Sunnis and Syiahs had united to rid of the British. So shouldn't be think that there is something just not right about the whole turmoil here.

And remember, that there are other motives other than just oil, someone or some people read our scriptures and compared with theirs, they conclude that there is a 2nd. coming of ____.

And they had seen some of the signs, today.

Romesh: Please do not make innacurate statements. One of my best friends is an Armenian woman who suffers daily seizures do to the torture she endured by the hands of Christians, not Muslims. She has 4 out of 10 brothers left and one of them was killed with his wife after watching their infant child be boiled in water. She is a woman of beauty and character and strength, but so damaged by torture that she is scarred, has nightmares, and memory loss of parts of the treatment she endured. Never did a Muslim raise a hand to her, her mother, or anyone in her family. She is an older woman now and tells me it was all done by the hands of Christians trying to destroy Islam. I suggest you talk what is left of ancestors of victims, and not believe the deceit in books and the media. Are there Muslims killing Muslims today in Iraq, yes. But for the first year after Saddam's fall, ask yourself why was there not internal fighting? It is because Sunni and Shi'ite were not intent on killing each other. It was instigated through an old military technique called divide and conquer. Being innocent to the lies of the powers that be is what really is destroying Iraqis today.

Look here Mr Cry Baby Romesh, Muslims do not deny what happened to the Jews during the Second World War. But can you prove to me that 6 million had died ? Prove to now instead of constant yelling and wailing over other matters.

I am just administering your own dose of medicine, that you had used all this while. I repeat it again, you communist comrades atheits are the worst lot, that makes all atheits bad, including you. That is the same game slogan that you had been playing all this while. And Christians from both wars, the second especially killed more people than all others.

Look, why are you upset when I am blunt. Are you not blunt and the one who started all this frenzy maniac business of linking faith with what some of the so-called followers do ? Are you and didn't you not. ? I repeat and say it again, Atheist misrule every where. Your test, your game. And I love playing it !

to mr romesh chdra we dont care about about fbi or cia are these are just agents to trap innocent people for benefit of the politicians personal intersts wher is democracy and freedom of speech when you cannot express your opnions. it is only for politicians the corrupt ones ruling this country enemies of humanity and mankind. war mongerers . remmember that it has happened in istoryn and it will happen agin inshalllh soon the weak and oppressed always have and will triumph over the oppressors it is the law of nature . these agents have already been responisble for the downfall of Us economy which is on steady decline . they should look at their own lives and families first what amess the social fabric of this society is in. ahve they been able to reduce crime in this country nothing the more innocents get harrassed the more ecnomic decline and social decline and rising crime this country willl face why shoudl we be scared of speaking the truth if we belive in democracy and freedom of speech and expression is that only for the books. they are hammering their own toes they cannot harm anyone whom god wants to portect unjustly and they very well known. mr chicken head ramesh chndar the truth is biiter for you. because you lack common sense .

Note to Lie About a Hindu:

As expected you could not (and did not) comment about well-known Armenian Genocide (perpetrated by Turkish muslims) and Darfur Genocide (perpetrated by muslims on muslims). Muslims still deny Armenian Genocide.

Funny thing is that Germans don't deny Jewish Holocaust for which they were the sole perpetrators; but muslims deny Jewish Holocaust even though they have no part in it.

Note to Lie About A Hindu:

Surprisingly, you don't even have the courage to sign your name. Don't worry, FBI/RAW/RSS won't come after you; you are safe in USA.

Must be a recent convert!!

to mr romesh chandr if muslims slaughter hindus or conducted genocide you would not be living up to this day. hindus would not have been in majority today it would be like Isreal just like they reduced the plestinan propulation to less than half by creating refugees and killing thousand years of muslim rule would have left india free from Hindus but they were very tolerant and therefore let their mandirs which existed form centuriess prevail .if hindus would be asked to rule over India for 1000 yrs beleive me they will not leave any muslim on land there. but that will never happen because it aginst allahs rule to let idol worshippers rule last for long. people who worship monkeys . and genital parts of shiva . muslims were very tolerant people they may have been incidents of rebllion in some place s and they had to use force but most of the time they were very tolerant rulers no wonder so many hindus accepted Islam you think all muslims in India 300 million plus are migrants you must be out of your mind. so when you use that term genocide think and analyse first. muslims dont dance in their fetsivals with swords and spaeras like hindus do.and dance in front ofa bufflao and dont do bhnaumati or black magic on thers. u need to read history carefully .and dont belive in kama sutra .yes there are some hypocrites in Islam unfortunatley but they will have a worse end than the disbelivers on the day of judgement . and allah knows what is in their hearts .

i agree with the story..actually our Pakistani are not also supporting government and the country..Government is wrong i agree but they are in the lawers and the media of Pakistan should talk to government decently but what is happening here is lawers and the media is directly attacking the government so it's obvious if you call a thief "a thief" directly he would bring his reality out in front of you....if you watch the news channels here every single time they are giving negative points about Pakistan...the media doesn't support Pakistan at all...and the news casters always say: "THERE IS NO HOPE FOR PAKISTAN", and if you say this how can there be some hope or support for the people of Pakistan, it's like you're degrading a poor by calling "you're a cheap".....and lastly above all there is no ISLAM in pakistan here; the adult and the youth of PAK are not religious at all...thats a very big point, if the Youth becomes bit religious the future of pakistan can be changed. But until now there doesn't seem to be any plan of being changed.


Pakistan's name should be changed to Napakistan which will represent the minds and actions of her people appropriately.


Note to Kris McPherson:

You wrote "Surely, using Romesh test, the Christains must be horrible people as well.

Ha ! So nice to administer to Romesh his own dose of medicine.".

You are correct. At least Christians, Jews, Hindus (and Buddhists) don't claim that they follow their scriptures and act like saints. It is the muslims, who always cite their scriptures and never admit they are capable of doing bad (and even horrible deeds), have done them, and are still doing them.

At least Jews, Christians, Hindus & Buddhists are not trying to be hypocrites. Germans don't deny holocaust, Americans don't deny slaughter of Indians and Vietnamese, Spanish don't deny slaughter of indigenous people of South America, Dutch/English don't deny Apartheid, and Slavery; Catholics don't deny Inquisition, but muslims do deny Darfur and Armenian genocide and Hindu genocide over 1000 year of Islamic rule (the last statement is going to boil your blood).

We have shunned our hypocrisy; you cannot shun your hypocrisy.

Funny, muslims forot the slaughter of muslims by Chengiz Khan (and his myriad generals) because they eventually decided to beome muslims.

pkaistanis should stop behaving as hypocrites and adopting double standards with their muslims bretheren regrdless of what country they belong to. allah appoints upon people a leader who is as corrupt and hypocrite as the mass majority of pkaistanis are .no point in protesting thy have to change themselves for alla's mercy to come and stop being double standard with their muslim bretheren regradless of their nationality. I had an experience in saudi arbai where pakistanis do lie and cheat even in the state of ihram unfortunately. I had gone to buy something in clothes store in the same country and a pkistani who was the owner of the store siad he is selling something for 15 riyals at the same time two pkaistani women who wer standing next to me he told them price of the same material is 10riyals loud enough that I can hear he told me he would not brgain at all but told the pakistanis instead he can reduce the price further . but they still refused and walked away pakistani are paying aprice for accusing the taliban supporting the enemies of Islam US and britan kill innocent afgahn children . for thei rown intersts and intersts for nationalism . muslim ahave only one nation and their nation is tawhhhed . and the only nation which enforce the teachings of the quran are the ones entitled to carry the banner of Islam and lead muslims of the entire world . not nations like pakistan. there is nothing pakaistan shpould be proud of except nuclear weapons.


To both Kam and Romesh,
Applying Romesh test here
He said in one post " people live by their deeds and not by a piece of paper ". Yaa..., maybe he could be right. Christians slaughtered thousands of Jews during the Inquisition, so they must be bad. Indra Ghandi, a Hindu ordered a crackdown on the Sikhs in the Amritsar temple, so applying Romesh test, Hindus are bad too. And the atheist, they are the worst lot. Thousands were killed during the Korean conflict, a battle between communist China ( Romesh fellow atheists comrades ) and the west ( a proxy cold war actually ) so atheist must be terrible red neck monsters as well. And lest that we forget, another of Romesh atheist commrades, Mao Tze Tung, killled millions during the cultural revolution, so that really doesn't sound like an angel isn't it ? ! So are atheist the perfect species after the ice age ?

And don't forget, the Nazis killed many Jews ( not 6 million as claimed ) so the German Christians must be equally monstrous as well. Surely, using Romesh test, the Christains must be horrible people as well.

Ha ! So nice to administer to Romesh his own dose of medicine.


An excellent and well put article. The author is dead on with his
analysis of the sad state of affairs Pakistan has been in since the
partition. May Allah rid of us these corrupt leaders and give the
people the strength and courage to build the country positively,
immune from the corruption has plagued us since 1947. Why is
it that the same corrupt leaders are still popular enough to dare
run again, that just shows how pitiful Pakistan has become, and
it is up to the people to rectify this illness. Stop being sheep
who are tricked by wolves in sheep clothing.

Question for M Saquib.

You wrote "I was born in Pakistan but am glad was not in Pakistan in 2001 and not there now. And I hope to Allah that I never go there unless it turns to land of Islam.".

As I understand, you prefer living in the Land of Islam, and that you currently reside in USA. Well, as far as I know, USA is not the Land of Islam and is not likely to turn to Islam in the foreseeable future (at least not in your life time). Can't you find some other muslim country which is fairly close to the Land of Islam and move there?

Do you see your own hypocrisy in desires and actions?

pakistan is not at all land of pure except for minority few the constitution of pakistan as to make it Islamic ctsate when it was fomred but pkaistanis are the ones who have been protesting it for so,long specially women who protested hijab and alk around the streets with duppttas barely covering their breats some of them dont even look like muslims it has become the land of impure that is why allah is causing them to suffer in their own fitnah look at pakistanis during umrah and hajj they lie and beg they lie and stael when yu ask for help they ask for money it is a shame they are the biggest criminals of the muslim ummah in the present time all they care is about their image in the western eyes when people form toher nations are doing dwah to nonmuslim here they discourage them and shun them they only vie with one another in buying expensive cars , homes and clothes of course. the most materialsitic muslims of all times. they are also very nationalised the formation of pkaistan has been the biggest disaster for people living in theat area both muslims and hindus . missinaries come to pkasitan to preach christianity in aso called land whose constitution is supposed to be Islam they have failed and allah wll replace them the hypocriets with better people inshallah .

M Saqib - "And I hope to Allah that I never go there (Pakistan) unless it turns to land of Islam." Are you not now in kuffer land (USA) enjoying yourself? Surely other than Pakistan there are many such "land of Islam" where you can go and reside?

I was born in Pakistan but am glad was not in Pakistan in 2001 and not there now. And I hope to Allah that I never go there unless it turns to land of Islam.

It seems that Pakistanis and specially the educated ones have no sense of history; Please remember that in 2001 you turned your back on your Muslim brothers, there were B-52s bombing Afghanistan, I mean carpet bombing innocent Muslims and they were flying from Islamabad and Quetta. As we know Allah is just so please reap what you have sown.

Now that Pakistanis are being killed by other Pakistanis you can't even call them Shahids, at least the Afghans were killed by kuffar may Allah forgive their sins and send them to Jennah.

My humble message to Pakistanis please ask forgiveness for your kuffer that you committed against Muslims and Islam as the people of Younis AS did and Insha Allah, Allah is the most forgiving and merciful...


The present misery and mess in Pakistan have been brought upon by themselves, I mean by major influential sections of the society; Corrupt politicians_ loathsome qualities), stupid Army generals, Iidiotic religious fanatics who have appointed thenmselves reps of Allah on earth and finally all these intelligentia academics,civil servants etc. These are the guys who spawned, nurtured, funded and directed the Jihadis and intolerant Frankenstein little monsters to fight in Afghanistan and Kashmir. Now it is the Blow-Back trime . Chickens have home to roost.! Wait for the fun.

To Romesh Chander, Islam is misunderstood system, but only by Muslims.

We converted a system into religion. Islam was never a religion. It was a faith based system. Complete way of life.

Pakistanis have deceived the Almighty Allah by creating a nation in the name of Islam and converted that into a land of opportunists. Today, they don't know what they are! And that is exactly Qur'an warned those people that they will be severely punished in the identity crisis. They will be lost. They will not be knowing who are they, who were they, where they are going. Punishment for deception.



Wether Romesh mentioned it sacarstically or he was serious I can confidently say without doubt that definitely Quran has the answer to all our problems.The reason why unfortunately the people including Muslims of course are afraid to follow the teachings of Quran is due to their own Nafs or desires.The moment they turn to the teachings of Quran if they are serious they will definetly succeed in both Worlds. They want man-made laws to replace the Laws of the Creator how can they succeed? This is the question.We don't have to be violent to enact Sharia if there is a will there is a way.In Nigeria about 10 States are running Sharia under democratic dispensation.
As said democracy is the government for the people of the people and run by the people.So if given the choice people could run their states according to their needs.Nigeria is now the most democratic Nation in the whole World whereby it runs democratic system with some states ofted for secular while other States running under Sharia system and they are all doing fine. Despite all our shortcomings no Soldier will ever dream to rule our Country again.If natural democracy is allowed to thrive in Pakistan and any other Muslim Nation they can do wonders.We are not opposed to democracy but people must be given the choice allow them to chose their leaders not imposed on them.So people have the right like in any democratic society to chose how they should be governed if they chose secularism well and good and if they opt for Sharia allow them to try it like in Nigeria but every one should be treated equally wether so called Islamists or secularist.We should all avoid political and physical confrontation and try to be just and fair to every one>This is the teachings of Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet (S.A.W).May Allah give us taufiq Amen.

A wonderful article with keen observations, straight to the point. Are some Pakistanis toeing that line as well?

Let Pakistan emerge to exihibit it's excellent name in true character; not a place of feudal clashes.

I thought Koran provided answer "How to govern a country". What happened? Nobody cared to read!!

Pakistan never developed an identity for itself and never developed a philosophy of governing. All decisions were ad-hoc -- crisis management. And it had all the modern tools for learning available -- foreign education; and all the tools of communications like railways, printing press, telephopne, telegram, internet, newspapers, electricity, etc. China had even lesser tools available and still they have a very well developed philosophy of government.