Confronting Islamophobia

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Confronting Islamophobia, It's No Dog and Pony Show

Recognition of islamophobia as the irrational and unwarranted fear of Muslims and Islam lingers in lexical incubation. Some accept the term fully while others discount its validity. Whether this neologism will gain currency as a bona fide social pathology, or be viewed simply as a marginally legitimate term, moonlighting as a public relations tool, remains to be seen. Phobias, according to the American Psychiatric Association are mental disorders characterized by persistent and irrational fear of a particular thing, situation, or animal. The word islamophobia, and the operative definition applied to it, is far from clinical recognition. However, I must admit, it is a catchy term; and certainly trendy sounding enough to fuel circulation. Like; "what are you guys doing this weekend? "We're going to fight islamophobia!"" Its etymology insures seamless placement in the "for Islam", "saving the deen", "for Allah" category. 

Islamophobia has a diabolical, sinister ring to it. You can almost picture a young Muslim mother sending her child off to public school; "Now son, remember to drink your milk, look both ways when you cross the street, don't forget to say your prayers on time, and be sure to watch out for any islamophobia! We've used the term with such frequency and with such self serving overtones that it has started to lose it effectiveness if it even had any. Picture the scenario of a man who utters an anti-Muslim remark causing outrage in the Muslim community; he's rushed to a licensed islamophobist for diagnosis, after submitting to a few diagnostics, the man turns to the doctor in anxious trepidation and says; "well Doc, tell me! What is it? Racism? Psychomotor agitation? Bipolar disorder? Bird flu? The doctor, clipboard in, hand, gazes solemnly into his eyes and says: "no Pat, what you have is a mild case of islamophobia". The man wiping the sweat off his brow says: "That's all? Thank God, for a moment, I thought it was something serious". 

As Muslims, accurate and responsible use of categorical verbiage is a moral obligation, and in this case, a vital tactical adjunct for Muslims in America. This is why it is critical that before we wage jihad against islamophobia, we accurately define the terminology. Perhaps, we can avoid misdirecting our energies in what may very well be another fruitless pursuit, frocked in Islamic trappings that fails to address the root of our problems as Muslims. Sure there is discrimination against Muslims and yes, it should be addressed, but not manipulated. I don't see crowds of rednecks chasing down Muslims in the streets. 

Let's set aside American foreign policy for a moment, that's a separate issue. I'm talking about everyday life, living in America. Are there Americans who fear Muslims? Absolutely, and there are some that fear bald headed bikers clad in leather, there are some that fear Latinos, Italians whose last name ends in a vowel, and Christian Fundamentalists. There are people in America who fear African Americans, especially those less than 25 years of age who parenthetically, may be the most feared minority in the country. There are people in America who fear skinheads, the sound of fire trucks, the din of crowded subways, men with bushy mustaches, Caucasians, the police, Catholic priests, the homeless, and there are even people in America believe it or not who are mortified by toothless old ladies. I'm terrified of dentist visits and a contentious divorce could make a person afraid of the opposite sex. Welcome to the club. Fear is an industry in America and that's not going to change anytime soon.

Accepting that there are Americans who fear Muslims, is such fear completely irrational? Well, knowing that a surgically worded fatwa can turn an unsuspecting young Muslim into a societal menace overnight, and the capricious way in which a Muslim can be suddenly labeled a non-Muslim, a deviant, or infidel does cause concern. Is there fanaticism in the name of Islam? Yes. Is it widespread? Yes. Are we doing much to combat it? I don't think so. I'd never expect that anyone could find any moral imperative to suicide bomb a Mawlid celebration. Regardless of the variant opinions of Muslims on celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad , bombing a group of Muslims many of whom were scholars of Islam, gathered in honor of Allah's final Messenger would make a person say hmm... Talk about Americans fearing Muslims, there are Muslims that fear Muslims! Does this qualify then as islamophobes? I think not.

We can blame the media until we are blue in the face for negative portrayals of Islam and Muslims; Even as of this writing, graphic imagery of Muslim on Muslim violence, Muslim rage, Muslim turmoil, dominate network and print media. However, these images fuel policy; they help pass massive budgets appropriations, and provide the justification for the mega industry that is known as the war on terror. Preparing ourselves for the so-called Muslim threat has created completely new industries in America as well as bolstering others. Police departments are spending billions dollars on preventive arsenal and technology to prepare for the Muslim threat. Kevlar fitted canines which ten years ago might have been the butt of a Jay Leno opening monologue, is now a lucrative commercial venue. 

There is such abundance and variety of Muslim media footage, that politicians, policy makers, businessmen, non-profits and industrialists can literally pick out what suits their purpose. Want to do missionary work in Iraq? Grab some hungry children footage. Want to get funding to buy new jail doors from your brother in-law's Company? Get some terrorist cell simulation footage. Want to retrofit that county bridge to withstand a terrorist attack? Of course, no one could imagine what a so-called terrorist would want with a bridge in the middle of nowhere, but you simply pull out the appropriate news footage and motion passed. The press is only doing their job, selling news entertainment. 

The question is, what are we going to do? Continue complaining? Ignore our own ills? Only take on agendas that have fundraising potential? The only thing stopping the Muslims from changing their condition is our own arrogance, religious sectarianism, injustices to own selves, and refusal to address serious social Islamic issues. It is nonsense to assume that the media is the only culprit. Or to assume we can somehow eradicate unwarranted fear or distrust of Muslims through the rhetoric of public relations, or references to the glorious history of Islam. America is a "what have you done for me lately" kind of country. Which by the way is not an un-Islamic viewpoint. The Prophet said: "Verily deeds are tallied according to those that are last" (innamaa al-a'maalu bil khawaa'teem). Years of town halls, demonstrations, accountability sessions, sensitivity training and boycotts hasn't removed graphic negative Muslim media imagery from top billing on headline news. Money can't buy you love. Yeah I know the Beatles said it 1964, but Allah said it 1400 years prior; "And if you spent everything in the world you could not have joined between their hearts, but it is Allah who joined between them" Quran 8:63. 

Americans do not necessarily fear Islam and Muslims. What Americans do not want is to see suicide bombers in New York City. As an American Muslim who knows no other homeland, I have no problem in protecting our borders or legitimately defending my country. Does that make me a bad Muslim? I live here, why would I want to see America go down in flames? I have issues with the phrase "death to America". Our way of life here may not be all good but it definitely is not all bad. We need to stop making politics part of theology or if we insist on doing so, we should accept that no one group or ethnicity can speak for all American Muslims. You have scholars who have never experienced the family bonding that takes place at Thanksgiving dinner, or understand the true nature of the holiday, making fatwas (religious edict) using triangulated logic, telling me that to sit down with my Muslim and non-Muslim family to eat roasted turkey, macaroni and cheese, hug my aunties whom I haven't seen all year and watch a football game with my cousins is a faith deficiency! My response to that fatwa is posted elsewhere. However the point I'm making is that there is a distinct, irrational, extremist tendency in our application of Islam that needs to be extricated. 

Americans are more confused about Islam and Muslims than anything else. I don't think that the media is entirely to blame for that. Heck, even Muslims are confused about Islam. Every year there are millions of Muslims in America who are confused about the start of Ramadan. "Should I fast or should I eat? Can I do both? Taraaweeh prayer; is it 20 rakaat or 8? Am I wrong if I do 8? Am I an innovator if I do twenty? Do I give salaams to all Muslims or just some of them? Do I boycott American products even though I live in America? I still can't figure that one out. There are so many conflicting fatwas flying around that a person spirals into bewilderment just trying to keep track of them, let alone making sense of some of them.

Domestically, the American people have accommodated, and accepted the Muslim presence in too many ways for anyone to suggest that there is a pandemic of islamophobia. It has been and still is a struggle. However, the doors have already been opened in large part by African American Muslims. American Muslims in the United States have very little difficulty buying homes, starting businesses, enrolling in universities, or obtaining the so-called American dream. Redundant use of psycho-suggestive coinage would tend to make you feel people are staring you down when they just happen to be looking at you like they do everybody else. It can also convince you that you were not hired because you were a Muslim and not simply because another candidate was more appealing, or more qualified. Statistically speaking, incidents of anti Muslim hate, violence, discrimination in America are relatively low. If we divide the 1500 or so anti Muslim, and anti-Arab (what about anti African, or anti Asian?) incidents reported by one of the largest and loudest civil rights groups in America, into the 6 million Muslims who legally reside in America, that comes up to 2/10ths of a percent. If we multiply the number by five to take into consideration unreported incidents, we arrive at the grand total of 1% of the general Muslim population, hardly enough to qualify fighting islamophobia as a top priority!

Using the term as a scare tactic has created another neologism; 'islamophobia-phobia', (the fear of islamophobia),, which is a greater threat to Muslims than islamophobia. It is true that many Muslims in America receive daily briefs detailing anti Muslim incidents. However, these daily alarms appear more like self-serving, opinion shaping, headline grabbing, and manipulative issue control, than proof of an evil, unwarranted, mindless campaign against Muslims and Arabs by the American citizenry. Give me break! 

With respect to the religion of Islam, the only ones who can taint its image are its designated practitioners; i.e., the Muslims. This is why the Prophet opted not to dispose of some of the treasonous hypocrites in Medina. It also explains why he reprimanded Mu'aath ibn Jabal for leading the congregational prayer beyond reasonable length. Both actions are potential repellents. Extremism, although it may seem, depending upon the interpreter, to have a textual basis (Quran and Sunna),, usually results in other than the desired outcome. Our failure to realize this point will leave us in disappointment. We have many examples of such. Our recent overreaction to the cartoon portrayal of the Prophet is just one. None of our protests altered the Prophets status in any way. His place with Allah is still secure, and in the same degree, he is still the honored last Prophet of God. All the ranting did not endear the masses to Islam, it exposed our lack of rectitude, it cost us lives, money, time, moral capital and lacked definitive textual basis

Human beings cannot invalidate the quality or value of Islam; on the contrary, Islam is a divinely pre-validated faith and way of life according to orthodox Islamic creed (agenda). "Verily the religion of Allah is Islam" Quran 3:19. Adherence to Islam or lack of it determines humanistic value, balances societies, and by the way, supports stable, healthy civilizations. Anti Islamic sentiment in the United States has particular causes such as providential disbelief or what is known is theological jargon as (kufr). Nothing we can do about that. "And it is no different whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe" Quran 36:10. Other causes are misunderstanding, misrepresentation of Islam by Muslims or non-Muslim, injustice, the absence of Islamic standards of civility, (yes there is such a thing) and the conspicuous scarcity of Muslim social service institutions in America. Furthermore, anti Islamic sentiment is not always tantamount to anti God, anti righteousness, or anti-justice. You can't go around accusing anyone who criticizes a Muslim as immoral or islamophobic. We are gullible but were not idiots, at least not all of us.

Placing responsibility for Islam's image on other than ourselves is a flawed and unstable paradigm that siphons away valuable time, energy, and spiritual as well as temporal benefit. It distracts us away from individual and collective responsibility and sets in motion as'baab (causative factors) that could deprive us at this critical juncture in our history, of what we need most; divine intervention and support. This can only come from Allah. "Allah is the Friend of those who believe; He takes them out of the darkness's into the (one) light". Quran 2:257. Faith, is more than rhetoric action is required. If we for a moment think that success or improvement in our condition can ever occur without it, we are engaging in a fantasy, existing only in the quilt of our minds, wove together with the threads of wishful thinking. Want to prove people in the west wrong about Muslims? Be charitable, help others, feed the hungry, assist the orphan, teach people to read, build a hospital, pave a road, or clean a park. Charitable work does wonders for the soul and it doesn't hurt public image either if that's what we care about. The Prophet said: "Prayer is light and charity is proof". When a people address their own ills and acknowledge their individual and collective faults, and their need to change wrongful ways, and embrace fairness, righteousness, civility, adab, humility, brotherhood, honesty, patience and the qualities that ultimately define our character, change becomes imminent. Divine assistance is set in motion. 

Labeling people islamophobes, still muzzles some criticism of Islam and the Muslims, However, for many other Americans, it just tees them off, especially when one can easily see the upward mobility, affluence, academic, commercial, and political presence of immigrant Muslims in American society. No one likes a perpetual whiner especially when perceived as having a silver spoon on his palate. This is regardless whether he worked for it or not. Other than paying taxes, there is no significant Islamic social welfare component to offset suspicion, hostility, resentment, or mistrust. This is another cause of anti-Muslim or anti-Arab sentiment in America. 

We hardly see Islamic ideals and principles manifested institutionally in United States. Oh, pardon me, that's not entirely true. Islamic ideals and principles do exist in many American institutions. Let's see, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, free and reduced fee clinics, food stamps, homeless shelters, the SPCA, Fire Departments, traffic lights, free libraries, trash collection, the ability to disagree publicly oh and we have tawheed (monotheism) here too. Maybe we have forgotten what Islam is all about. It just may be possible that we have some closet islamophobia in us! Let us all, myself included, get our act together and leave dog and pony shows for the circus. 

Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad is an Imam and freelance writer on the East Coast USA. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Older Comments:
What the "Islamophobes" fear is that Muslims will replace payday loan scams, inflated usury mortgages and fake paper money with independent Halal capital and call the oppressed to the blessings of an Islamic Economic Order! The rise of fascist corporate power cannot tolerate a belief system that refuses to compromise its core principles even in the face of death. That is what this struggle is all about - wicked moneyed gangsters who believe that "Greed is good" and that charity is for suckers. And by contrast, the Muslim masses that should understand that Islam stands for charity over greedy gain, justice over oppression and the enjoining of good and forbidding evil. Tell the world the truth about MONEY and the honest use of wealth by EXAMPLE - give the greedy wicked ones more to fear!

This article by Imam Luqman starts out good, but goes downhill towards the very end.
I don't believe my dear Imam that CAIR is making big noise about "Islamophobia" where it doesn't exist.
Just because you happen to be an African American Muslim and accepted because of your race, does not mean all brown Muslim people wearing their veil or kufi/beard are not feared. Indeed I have experienced personal anti-Muslim prejudice myself, when my mother went to a supermarket only to have a man scream anti-islamic epithets and curses for 2 minutes at the top of his lungs. Finally the clerk called security, but my mom was left terribly shaken.
Indeed this is not a recurring example, but even one incident is one incident too many and we need to gather our resources and fight the disease of anti-Muslim prejudice before it is manipulated (as Mr. Horowitz did lately with "Islamofascism Week") into a bigger, more dangerous, and a more concerted hate/dehumanization campaign.

Therefore, I believe what you say is generally true, but I feel that as an African American Muslim imam, you speak from your perspective only, with all due respect.

And I believe CAIR and other American Muslim organizations are taking the right approach into confronting this menace of "hating Muslims" before it is used to propagandize more attacks on Muslims at home (such as taking away our civil rights at home as seen by Holy Land trial, immigration delays, phone wire-tapping) and abroad (Republicon Presidential candidates lining up to threaten Iran as an "Islamic menace" that wants to build bombs to attack Israel).

So I urge my fellow Muslims to know that being a citizen of this country means fully participating in its civic duty including voting, donating money to politicians and charity, and raising a morally robust Islamic community where we treat our Muslim brothers first with respect before showing it and asking it of others.

Outstanding articles, I am praying that the people could actually see the message in it. All of us are trying to make a different, it is good to heard that I'm the only one. May allah bless you with good ilham so you can continue on struggling to get the people to stay away from those dogs and ponies. (God know how hard that would be) After all some of the sign of the appointed doomsday that Mankind will start to care more about their pets than their own children.

But..that doesn't mean we should stop trying....Insha alloh, if god willed it, that's all we got to do to make a different

They way to fight Islam is by having more CHRISTIANS

Sameena, I do not have enough fingers (and toes) to count how many times my comments were not posted for the last 4 years.
Sometimes I get disappointed, sometimes after thinking, I feel being greatful the editors refused to post some my comments, it helped me think and measure my words. I do no have to like it, and I do not have to cry for it either or lose any sleep. So my advice to you or anybody who gets a heartburn on this web site, or any web site for that matter, the cyberdoors are wide open, that may help you get over your misery.

Way to go Islamicity! You have shot the "arrow of decency" right in the heart of Sameena, who is a self-declared smart one, exactly as as Israel a self-declared Jewish state (pardon my comparison).

Since Sameena is swimming in the sea of confusion and in the "civilized" fluid (a type of booze containing slices of freedom fries), Islamicity should NOT let Sameena swim here in the "water" of Islamcity, until she repents ang goes back to Madrasa and learns the definition of decency from a designated 7 year old Madrasa kid.

Side note: I,H.A, is a Madrasa alumni and more importantly, a Madrasa "valedictator". God Bless ALL the Madrasas in all the nooks and crannies of our Universe.

No surprise that there are hosts against the Truth for which Islam is standing;it looks as if powerful leagues(materially speaking)are behind the worldwide onslaughter on Islam.But no bother.Islam is here to stay and survive and supersede all other contrived beliefs and tampered with revealed religions.
Wallahou yaquulul haqqa wa Huwa yahdis-Sabiila
Wa In Yansurukumullaahu Falaa Ghaaliba lakum!

if you say that America is not against muslims then what are they doing in Afghanistan, Iraq and soon all of the other muslim countries? Why don't they leave the muslims alone? Why do they kill thousands of innocent muslims? They are causing more harm than good by sending their men ther to fight.I love America and I have never been treated bad here but I feel that America should leave all of the muslim countries alone!

So "khan" what "christo-phobia" or judeo-phobia" are you babbling about? Grow up.

Lately the editors of the comments have not been posting my comments. This is a forum for all, both muslims and nonmuslims. Even muslims like me who are deemed "anti-muslim", by ignorant and hypocritical muslims, deserve to be heard. This kind of bias reflects very poorly on Islamicity. This is a sophisticated website. Please allow all opinions and dont drag this website down to the level of crass c-grade websites.

TOMMY D said:
Really good article. Muslims have to understand, that when people disagree with Islam that they don't hate Muslims, they just disagree with Muslim ideology. Ideology regardless of its source should never be free from criticism, discussion and even ridicule. If the ideology is strong, correct, and moral it can stand up to debate and ridicule. It makes me ask why then are Muslims so closed to the debate on their ideologies. Once again thanks for such a good article, and I believe that the term Islamaphobia, is labelled on people to restrict free speech and discussion which is I find is the real evil.

PS. As an Atheist, I'm ready to debate anybody anytime, and the use of ridicule has no effect on me as I believe that debate will bring the truth.

Islam-o-phobia: nice invention ! another new word invented by ... for Muslims..

What about Christian-o-phobia and Juda-o-phobia in Muslims and mid-east countries?

It is not a disease when compared to medical or Psychic phobia aspect. Usually the phobia is against the things not against any religion.
One should see a psychiatrist or refer medical books for phobia definition.

Brother Lugman,

Thank you very much for educating the ignorant. You said it right.

An article like this penned by an Imam goes a long way in fighting islamophobia where it exists. A common complaint by anti-islamic voices harps on the absence of moderate muslim response to extrimist readings of Qur'anic verses and hadith literature. This prompts the thesis that Moderate Islam is a myth. I hope the writer will continue to illustrate the role of moderation in islamic theology.

Thank you Brother Luqman, could not be said any better than this. You hit right on the nail.
I am all for it.

This is the single most intelligent, well thought out and honest article I have read at Iviews/Islamicity. Can't really disagree with anything. I think the author would agree with the phrase Islam is as Islam does. I would of liked to ask the the where does he place his first responsability to Islam or to the United States. I recommend to this site to have this author back to publish more articles!

A Muslim political leader and an intellectual, Moulana Abulkalam Azad, while commenting on the eve of establishment of Pakistan, had stated that the Muslim would suffer in India (Bharat) and Islam would suffer in Pakistan. At that time it seemed to be only his anti-Pakistan prejudice as a Congressite but we see now its truth. With its blasphemy law and lynchings, sectarianism, Karokari, etc., etc., Islam in Pakistan has degenerated into a cult worse than Jahilya. One's life, faith, everything is in danger in this so called 'Citadel of Islam'. Even the worshippers are to be proteccted here by armed guards as even mosques have become virtual slaughter-houses here. The religious terrorism has made us fear even our own shadows. Pakistan which they say was established in the name of Islam has been made a hell for the Muslims by the sectarian extremists who are weilding the sword of Islam to massacre the Muslims. In short the religion of Mohammad (PBUH) has been converted into a cult of Ilam Din turned against the very Muslms.

Islam-o-phobia ? Phobia means FEAR. Who invented this phobia? What is the purpose?

It is used for for many purposes; Political and justify unjust actions and so on. They need something everytime to keep their economy good, justify the spendings in the government, make themselves rich and to stay in control of the world.

Islam is a religion like Christianity and Judaism which has the same GOD and the Prophets. There are good and bad people always. Some abuse their superpower and miltary to terrorise other faith people.Why?

The war crimes, violence, abuse, atrocities, suppression are commited by non-Muslims on muslims put fear/terror on peoples'(especially Children) minds and hearts. We can call this CHRISTIAN-O-PHOBIA, JUDA-O-PHOBIA.

People see the religion first not the origin, when their countries are invaded, when their resources are taken, when they face torture, when their laws and constitutions are abused and re-written for their benefit and so on...

It is not fair to attack muslims, Islam and Prophet Muhammad with the words like violent, islamophobia, Islamists, fanatics and extremists when some other religions and the followers are worse in their own countries and on their own people.

Watch for more new words coming for muslims and Islam, looking forward to them.....


Thank you Sheikh Ahmad. You have expressed much of my concerns and my frustrations. The acts of some "holier-than-though" Muslims can shortcut the spiritual energy that bonds one mu'min to Allah. Thank you.

This article was written by someone who's been convinced to hate their own heritage. Islamophobia is very real, spend some time reading the books, websites, and various other hate publications against us sometime. There is nothing but page after page describing how inherently violent and evil Islam is and how the muslim community must be torn from our practices by whatever means necessary. We can't call ourselves muslims unless we are willing to spend our entire lives constantly trying to bring ourselves closer to Allah (SWT), and we'll never do that by throwing away our most noble and sacred traditions and scorning those who try to learn more about them just because holding strong to self-discipline unnerves people. The anti-muslim cartoons may not have harmed Muhammad (PBUH) in any way besides insults, but everyone must speak up for themselves when insulted. "We" have nothing to be ashamed of- millions of us demonstrated against being degraded, only a handful of people reacted by trying to start trouble. To be a muslim means to be assertive about our constant dedication to preserving the traditions of the Prophet, and criticizing those who do so or speak up when we are being intentionally defamed does no good to any of us.

Bravo alaik.

The people of America are thirsty for Islam. The courage of someone like yourself in exhorting Muslims to rise above the political and ethno-centric squabbling is one drop among many in helping to quench that thirst.

While there may not be a lot we can do to stop dispicable foreign and corporate policies, there is plenty we can do to help our neighbors.

here in islamicity forum, even the women sections tells personal stories of islamophobia. should i disbelieve them, to go for what you write? i don't know. maybe men have it differently as you can be invinsible in public?

of course i like it if Americans are nice to muslims. but it's hard to do that when your news kept linking Islam with terrorism, militancy etc. Websites, even the giant ones promote stories of Prophet Muhammad as a violent man, or Islam attacking nations to convert them. The news agencies produces biased stories against Islam & muslims.

I'm a muslim, and of course such actions hurts me a lot. Don't I have my right to not like what they do?