Lose Weight and Gain Spirituality

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Contrary to public opinion, most Muslims end up gaining weight during Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset. Although, this sounds like a good diet, seldom does it turn out to be.

Traditionally, Muslims are supposed to eat two meals; after sunset and prior to sunrise. While in most Muslim majority countries this works out well, in the US it doesn't. In Muslim majority countries the entire country reverses their daily schedule. They don't do much all day, and stay awake at night so they have time to eat a morning meal.

Here in the US, most Muslims indulge after sunset and don't wake up to have an early meal. Busy work schedules and busy lifestyles promote this bad eating behavior. This is a major contributor to gaining weight.

The human body is very smart. The body figures out that it is only getting one meal a day and decides that it needs to store everything. So everything you eat gets stored as fat. The best practice would be to remember to wake up early and have a sensible meal, but that may not always work out.

You can easily use the occasion of Ramadan to lose some weight and shed some pounds. You don't have to stop eating or avoid going to dinner break-fast parties (Iftars). You just have to follow a few guidelines.

First of all, avoid eating too many carbohydrates. Muslims love carbohydrates. Most Iftar dinners are composed of a ton of carbohydrates. Pasta, rice, bread, sweets and sugars are the most common culprits. Try to avoid these. No your host will not be offended. Instead of eating a ton of rice with the red sauce, try to cut the rice out totally and just have the sauce. Load up on salad and drink diet pop. Carbs are the worse thing person can eat if they are trying to lose weight.

Secondly, eat lots of protein. If you avoid carbohydrates and eat tons of protein, you will stop feeling hungry and end up eating less. And even if you eat tons of proteins, you will still lose weight. Eat chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, veal, eggs, and seafood. Contrary to popular belief an all meat diet will decrease your cholesterol and blood sugar. Recent studies in the New England Journal of Medicine and other reputable medical journals have proven this time and time again.

Thirdly, eat some fiber. Green, leafy vegetables are great for getting your system flowing. Have all the salad you want. Don't use "fat free" dressing. Fat free usually means "tons of sugar". It's the sugar that is making us fatter. Also, avoid fruits, a piece or two a day is fine, but they usually contain a lot of sugar.

Avoid sugary drinks. Tea, coffee, pop, and juices all contain tons of sugar. Try to drink diet drinks and use Splenda as a sugar substitute. It is made of real sugar and tastes like real sugar, but does not make you gain weight nor does it have the side-effects of other sugar substitutes.

Following this high protein diet, your body will turn into a fat burning machine. Your body doesn't get the sugar from the diet, so it has to burn fat to make fuel. Even while you sleep the fat will burn right off.

Along with extra prayers and spirituality, this is a quick easy way to get the most out of your Ramadan.

Note: Always check with your doctor before beginning any diet and exercise plan. This article does not constitute medical advice.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Diet, Eating, Food  Values: Spirituality
Views: 13534

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Older Comments:
I thought this was actually bad advice for ramadan. This is the Atkins fad diet that should not be followed during the month of ramadan. There is another article on the site named "diet during ramadan" which promotes a balanced diet that I beleive is much better advice.

I forgot to post this article with my proof that SPLENDA is just as hazardous as its best friends Nutrasweet, Equal, Sweet N'Low and aspartame based sweetners. Do more searches to convince yourself,


Take care,


Uh oh, I exceeded the limit again...sorry :(

But stay away from sodas, orance juice (NO, it's not natural b/c it says 100%-they add so much sugar to it and it doen't even taste like real squeezed oranges), candy (duh), FAST FOOD (duh again).

Eat almonds they are the powerhouse of all nuts! Check their benefits online. And get your daily ~30 something grams of fiber a day. If you are not having to go to the bathroom at least 2-3 times a day you are unhealthy and have a lack of fiber which is really bad because this means that your body is clogged up with junk. Have your daily fiber and witness the difference.

Okay, I think that's about it. If you follow those rules you will stay lean and lose weight dramatically. It just takes discipline and the will to refrain from those super carbohydrated foods with all that unnatural sugar and fat.

I wish all my brothers and sisters a safe and succesful Ramadan and the power to be healthy!

you can do it beleive in yourself :)

Sorry, my first comment exceeded the character limit.

When I left off I said that sugars found in fruits are simple and natural therefore your body converts them via GLYCOLYSIS (check your biology book out and see for yourself) into ATP which is usable energy for your cells and thus you.

So please do not refrain from fruits. A human being is delicate and most if not all your nutrients need to be obtained from food. Therefore you should eat as many fruits and vegitables as you can a day and make it a priority if you want to maintain your youthful appearance and age gracefully.

If you really want to know why people get fat it's because of all these tampered natural substances such as vegetable, soybean oil etc...that the chemist add hydrogen to, to make the substance solid at room temperature. They did this to keep the yummy cookies and all crisp and together so they don't fall apart. Most natural oils are liquid at room temperature and therefore if you baked with them your cookies and other sweets would fall apart. But this is BAD, because when you eat that yummy cookie the oil that was "hydrogenated" (added hydrogens to it) does not turn into liquid and go through your system-INSTEAD, it goes back to its stable form which is SOLID at room temperature and clings to your internal organs. That is why we have fat people! The oils want to remail solid within you and they do!

In summary:

-DO NOT eat anything with artifical sweetners such as SPLENDA, unless you prefer cancer as a side dish along with your meal!
-Follow nature's example as Allah has intended. Eat your vegi's and fruits and reap the benefits of remaining beautiful.
-STAY AWAY from any foods that have the ingredients "partially hydrogenated, hydrogenated, saturated (means adds hydrogens), HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (is a huge macromolecule that your body cannot break down and thus wraps around your waist and makes you still feel hungry),Orange juice and sugary yogurt-hav

Salaam Alaikum,

I need to correct a couple things from this article but overall it was informative and understandable.

First of all, yes you must refrain from sugary based foods/drinks such as soda and candy but DO NOT substitite with sweetners such as SPLENDA. SPLENDA causes cancer! Spenda is an isomer of sugar which the body is technically suppose to ignore and not recognize as sugar but comsuming SPLENDA is very harmful to the body! There have been tests on animals such as mice that have been fed sweetners such as NutraSweet, Sweet N'Low, Equal...etc... that contain harsh chemicals such as Aspartame and have gotten cancer. Here is a website listing the side effects of Aspartame: http://www.mac-archive.com/ns/side.html

Please understand and know that Allah is all knowing and everything humans need to survive is given through nature. This does not mean eat a whole plate of rice and your going to not get fat but it means that you should not tamper with nature! Scientist continue to tamper with nature and "attempt" to make chemicals that help the body in some way or another but the side effects weigh more than the benefits. A funny example is when you see those commercials for heart burn and they claim you will be free of this burded then really fast at the end say "side effects include: diarrea, constipation, nasea, bloating, dizziness, sexual side effects..." What's left, brain tumors and death?

Also, DO NOT refrain from eating fruits. Your body needs these essential vitamins and minerals that have life saving/disease preventing antibodies that find free radicals in your body (which are potential disease causing/cancer causing macromolecules) and help maintain your youthful appearance and antiaging. SUGARS from fruits are natural and in the form of simple sugars such as glucose, galactose and fructose that you body needs. Your body does NOT store them because they are "simple" and break down very easily and convert to energy in the