Islamic Danger?

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Let's suppose that I interviewed David Duke, the Louisiana politician who rails against what he calls Jewish supremacy, and also interviewed the lunatic preacher who disrupted the funerals of American servicemen with his message of killing all the gays. 

And let's suppose I presented these men's views as typical of American Christian thought. 

You'd say, and rightly so, that these men are not representative of mainstream Christianity, much less mainstream America. Well, the same thing applies to Islam. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Broadcasting or reporting the words of a few extremists does not reflect mainstream Muslim thought. 

Yellow journalism is never all right, but as long as it's confined to celebrities and other non-important matters, it is at least not too harmful. But yellow journalism applied to national security and to foreign affairs should be considered unacceptable. 

A number of irresponsible journalists and broadcasters, egged on by the crazy neocons, are trying to duplicate the mass fear of foreigners that characterized earlier times in America when demagogues spoke of the "yellow peril." Now demagogues speak of the "jihadi peril." And, as was inevitable, the demagoguery slips away from Muslim extremists and talks about Muslims and Islam as if there were no difference. 

Yes, there are some Muslim extremists, just as there are some Christian extremists, Hindu extremists, Jewish extremists and so forth. Extremism is a personality disorder not confined to any one religion or political system. Anyone can become infected with it. 

Islam has been around for more than 1,300 years. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful people, just like you and I, and they are not plotting to storm the citadels of the West. Muslim countries are full of universities, professors, poets, novelists, scientists and engineers. It was the Muslims who preserved the wisdom of the classical world and passed it on to the Europeans, thus making the Renaissance possible. 

And there have been American Muslims since at least the late 1800s. Most of them so assimilated into American society that no one noticed them. They are as patriotic as any other American. 

Most of the conflict in the Middle East - at least until we stirred the caldron in Iraq - is about secular matters, not religion. Hamas and Islamic Jihad oppose Israeli occupation of Palestine. Hezbollah opposes Israeli occupation of Lebanon. Even Osama bin Laden, if you bother to read what he says, opposes us on secular matters - support for Israel, the invasion of two Muslim countries and our massive military presence in the Persian Gulf. 

The neocons would like to convince you that it is a war over religious matters so they won't have to address the real causes, which are our own bad policies in that part of the world. 

You should know that the wealthy powers in this world wouldn't waste a dime on a religious conflict. It's control of the world's oil that interests them, and also the arms business. War to them is a profitable enterprise, especially since they and their children don't have to fight the wars. 

These elite almost panicked when communism collapsed. How could they maintain power and make money without an enemy at the gate? Then bin Laden gave them exactly what they wanted with the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Now they have an enemy so ill-defined, their "war on terror" can go on forever, provided they can keep the American public ignorant and ill-informed.

Charley Reese is an American syndicated columnist. He is known for his plainspoken manner and his conservative views. He was associated with the Orlando Sentinel from 1971-2001, both as a writer and in various editorial capacities.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
Views: 3573
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Older Comments:
i do agree with the view expressed in this nicely wriitten article. From the dawn of human civilization this is being going on. It's being noticed always the greater portion of peoples are good, peace loving and hates any violance but that devil small minority is the real problam behind all problems and sins. And believe me not this will continue till the end of the world. No matter what evil people do the truth will prevail.

Charley Reese is a straight shooter. However, one has to look at the arms manufacturers in the US who have major lobbying power withing the US government. They represents a good chunk of US economy. This means employment, ad-hoc businesses attached to supplying these manufacturers, etc. They are the ones who appoint politicians to keep their business booming. And this means creating demand for their weapons. Wars are major users of such weapons. But to sell wars to your own constituency requires brainwashing thro media, so control the media, have a proxy-state like Israel, court energy companies, banking, bio-chemicals, etc. And finally create enemies so as to make it easy to sell killing but make sure you ban the gory details on prime time, so as not to upset our civilisied families having a good time eating their family meals together after a hard day work producing weapons to protect us from those fanatics. The stage is set, minds are made up. It is very easy, given how little average Americans know about world affairs coupled with their undying support for their presidents and politicians. In other countries the same politicians are rated as second-hand car dealers on the trust barometer. The sad part of this so-called civilised country is that it spends so much of its resources on destruction instead of supporting life. There is an urgent need to divert econimies from producing WMD to other life-supporting industires. The need is extremely urgent otherwise the cycle of violence continues regardless of religion, which has been hijacked by the very merchants of doom. Peace.

Most of the article is true, like more or less 80% of it. But the real so called "war on terror" is war on Islam. I see it every day in the public eyes here in the USA. God with his mighty power has promised that Islam will never be defeated.You can kill muslims everywhere in the world but Islam will never be defeated. A true muslim will never even harm a tree let alone killing of another human being for no reason. Its not just in Islam but in any religion, when you believe in GOd almighty and fear him you will never ever harm any other human being, regardless of their religion, nationality, culture of creed!

Beware of those who tell you 90% truth and 10%lie. That 10% could distroy you.

I agree with you Charley.

But only this time the noe-cons and their zionists conspirators have made a fatal mistake. Islam is unlike other religions, we have two basic principles the idea to stay in peace with all when the other side wants it and also for the muslims to fight back when the situation demands exactly that. They have started the later process when they invaded Afghanistan and later Iraq and the greatest evil they have unleashed may not be clear for now until when ALL or alost all the muslims realised that they are under attack, and that the rule that should work is ...famani'tada 'alaikum fa'tada 'alaihi bimisli ma'tada 'alaikum...if anyone transgresses aginst you, transgresses ye likewise against him.. it will then be too late for both the neo-cons and their zionist conspirators on one side and the remaining silent world on the other. Cos no power at that time could stop the Muslims in unleashing turmoils that will cover most part of this world.

They will have their stolen oil and even proceeds from their arms sales of course, but it won't be fun as usual for the neo-cons and the zionists and their future generations.