Anti-Muslim comments by Congressman draws rebuke

Congresswoman Berkley Condemns
Virginia congressman's anti-Muslim comments

Muslims in Nevada received assurance from their state congressional delegates that Virginian congressman's anti-Muslim remarks would not go unanswered. Congress woman Berkley was the first one to issue condemnation. Other congressional delegates such as John Porter, John Ensign and Harry Reid were also preparing statements challenging the assumptions of the Virginia Congressman Muslims would pose a threat to the security of the country. 

Congressman Virgil Goode (R-VA) recently sent a letter to his constituents regarding the recent election of Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison, a Muslim. The letter stated: 

"I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States." 

Congressman Goode's letter, in reaction to Congressman-elect Ellison's preference to be sworn in using the book of his faith, the Koran, went on to say that if Americans, "don't wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran."

In response to Goode's remarks, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley issued a statement in which she wrote: 

"Congressman Goode mentions 'values and beliefs traditional in the United States.' Has Congressman Goode never heard of the First Amendment's protection of religious freedom? Does he not know that immigrants seeking religious freedom founded many of the early communities in what would become the United States of America? It is shocking that a member of the United States House of Representatives could espouse such narrow-minded, misinformed, and bigoted views. His statements are a deplorable affront to America's real values of freedom, respect for others, and unity." "Is he not familiar with the American motto, E Pluribus Unum, literally, 'from many, one?' The United States is the most successful country, the most free, and the most pluralistic. The many religions, races, and cultures of our nation come together to help make America great. Without question, Muslims in America have made many outstanding contributions to the nation through their accomplishments in medicine, science, arts, scholarship, business, and the civic life of our communities." 

"Yet, infuriated by the presence of one member of the Muslim faith being elected to the U.S. Congress, Congressman Goode seeks to prevent Muslims from legally entering the United States, asserts that they are un-American, and wants to deny the religious freedom of his lone Muslim colleague in Congress." 

"Thankfully, Congressman Goode does not speak for Congress, and his comments have inspired outrage from a broad cross section of American religious groups." 

"I will oppose his policy of division, fear, and prejudice. His views are despicable, and they hit me personally. I have an 'only in America' story to tell: A long-time good friend of mine in Las Vegas is Muslim. Years back, this friend had another friend who is Jewish, as I am. My Muslim friend thought his two Jewish friends, both single, might make a good match. So he introduced us. And that is why I am married to my wonderful husband today. Only in America could a Muslim man introduce a Jewish man to the Jewish lady whom he would marry. This is the America of goodwill and respect for others I believe in, as does the vast majority of all Americans. I believe a person of any faith is just as American as anyone else."

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Older Comments:
Larry, get of your TBN cool aid. There is no such thing as Christian America. Stop using the Saudis, a dictatorship bought and paid for by your tax dollars as an excuse to deny other Muslims their rights.
If anything you have proven to a shallow ignorant bigot. Stop talking rubbish, I bet you can't even find Saudi Arabia on the ma, let alone what goes in there.

big problem islam has to solve before it can successfully "mix" into mainly christian america. you can't carry a bible in saudi arabia, birthplace of islam without possibly getting yourself killed over it. nothing else needs to be said.

The US Administration is wakening up to the fact that it can't pull out of Iraq without creating a regional war between the Saudis and the Iranians Such a war would likely follow a path leading to the destruction of most of the oil pumping capability in the middle east. The result of which would be the meltdown of most western economies. Therefore they are stuck. Wearing out the armed forces and spending billions. While Bush is evil, he isn't evil enough to cause a crash of western civilization... maybe, directly.
This creates an opening. Look for those that may deserve strong monotheism and see if they can be sent home as those that worship the creator. 16:125-128. This may require teaching them about Ancient Christianity. While most modern Christians think of Christianity as starting with Jesus they must think that the title "christ" just sprang into existence with Jesus. Little do they know of the original meaning, little do they know that the Bible records the Iranian (Persian) king that freed the Jews from the second exile as a Christ.
To understand what Jesus was teaching a person needs to be Muslim. The Jews might have followed it, and there may be some that do, but Muslims can understand it explicitly. Clearly, Jesus was a Sufi of the line of David. The first words of the new testament remark of Jesus as a "son of David". Indeed, the bible records two different lines of transmittal from David to Jesus through his adopting father. While the Father/Son metaphor God started with Solomon and David has been depreciated, it can be taught along with why it was depreciated.
While the modern Christians think of Christianity as starting with Jesus, Jesus represented a classical climax to the line. Teaching this will create a backlash that will make the Spanish Inquisition seem tame in comparison but it must be done. There are about three years left in which to do it.
You have to wonder what they would think with so many soldiers returning as Muslims. <

While I applaud Rep. Berkley's beautiful statement on religious
diversity in the U.S., it saddens me deeply that she is willing to
receive only selective information about Israel & Palestine from
the Israeli government and willing to go on paid propaganda
trips. Below is one of her speeches, indicating how out of touch
she is with facts in the Middle East. Judging by her passionate
words, I really have no doubt that if Rep. Berkley spent just 1
day in the West Bank and 1 in Gaza that she would rise up and
make some very, very different speeches. It is my hope that one
day soon, she will.

Floor Speech on Israeli Solidarity - Rep. Shelley Berkley
May 02, 2002

"I rise in strong support of this resolution, and as a strong
advocate of the American-Israeli relationship. No country in the
world is more familiar with that Americans experienced on
September 11th than is Israel. During the passover holiday
alone, 46 Israelis lost their lives, the victims of Palestinian

"There are those who object to Israel's self-defense actions. I
ask those people what is America doing in Afghanistan? Are
Israeli victims of Terror in someway different from American
victims. Do Americans have a right to self-defense and Israelis a
right to die?"

"The peace process is dead because the Palestinians refuse to
keep it alive. It is time for Yasar Arafat and the Palestinian
Leadership to express their desire for a Palestinian State living
peacefully next to Israel, rather than a Palestinian state in the
place of Israel."

"This resolution once again sends a clear message to the
supporters of terrorism and the enemies of Israel. America will
never be an ally to those who commit and support terror.
America will always side with democratic and peace-loving
people. America should, as this Congresswoman does, stand
side by side with the people of Israel."

I am for Berkley's comments, not for Goodes. (to make that clear)
Also, what is interesting is that he is simply addressing immigration as the only contributing factor to the growth of Islam. He is not taking into consideration those Americans who are seeing that Islam is the one True Faith, and reverting.
I am an American-born and raised of Irish descent. Before I began wearing hijab I looked like the typical "white girl" with green eyes and fair skin. Now that I cover I am seen as a threat wherever I go, and it truly makes me sad to know that long before I ever made my choice, others were going through the same thing.
Wasn't America founded by people who came to the "New World" to practice their faith in peace and be free to live the way they believed was right? Somewhere along the way this belief was lost, and as Ms. McBride commented, if you are not a White Christian in America you are treated as a second rate citizen.
We have to do our best to fight against these stereotypes and negative feelings toward our Brothers and Sisters. I try my hardest to speak up when I feel someone is discriminating myself or my Sisters for our beautiful hijab, or our Brothers for their commitment to prayer or their beards.
We must all join together as one, and voice our rights to all of the freedoms given to others in America, and try to vote (if we can) to get these ignorant representatives out of their positions of power.
Inshallah they will eventually open their eyes and hearts to the beauty of Islam.
Asalaam uAlaikum.
And Happy Eid Al-Adha (in advance)

There is no need to react furiously with hatred or disdain,instead we should show the Honourable Member that his colleauge although unfortunately is a Muslim but has equal right like every other American to follow whatever Religion he likes as enshrined in the Constitution.So let us make du'a for him May Allah also give him guidance then he will realise his mistake next time he will not dare make such unfortunate comments drawing rebuke to himself.

Muslims have brought so many good things to america like family values, honesty, hardworking.
American should be proud that there is a Muslim congressman who wants to take oath over his holly book Quran, which means that he will never betrayed america and americans at any cost, not even at the cost of his life.

only in america???
i heard that comment so many times from americans it makes me sick.
that senario could happen in canada, britan, ireland, italy, jordan,swaziland,india or anywhere else in the world
i'll give you an only in america story. only in america could someone, supposedly educated, make such an asenine statement and not be taken to task for it
if one is willing to investigate, they will find that before zionism, there was a great deal of brotherhood between jews and muslims. even in the middle fact, jews in the ottoman empire would invite there fellow (european)jews to settle in turkey because they were treated so much better there. look it up.
american attitudes about themselves and the rest of the world are more of a problem than anyone seems to want to admit.
i think this attitude is the reason why so called christians can live lives of perverse excess on the blood of innocent, poor, mostly non white people.
wake up america, you are squandering the gift you were given in 1776 with your selfish ways. you could have been a light for the rest of the world but instead you are despised by more and more people with every dead child, with every bomb, with every whitehouse lie.

Assalamualaikum wrbt and greetings to all.

I am not an American yet I am called to voice my views in this column. I thank so many Americans particularly other e mail writers for their objectivity, and rationality, and above all for a display of common respect for other faith including Islam.

Islam per say, has never been anti American, and historical facts had shown that in the countries under the rule of Islam, ( in the hey days of the Ottomon ) all faith including Judaism and Christianity, were not only protected, they also thrived. There were Christian and Jewish ministers in Greek and Spain, when it was under the rule of Islam and they jointly administered the country with Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) himself displayed the highest respect for Christians on various occassions, when in one event, the mosque was offered and indeed used by a group of visiting Christians because there was no church for them to pray. That is the real image of Islam, one of tolerance and respect for others.

I am mindful that today's event in the globe are not promising and helpful, because it was so easy for anyone who doesn't know Islam, to form a pre-conceived view of the faith to be assosciated with violence. I admire Americans for their open mindedness and objectivity and for being warm hearted individuals. I had a few American lecturers in my university days, and I must say that there are various positive qualities that I acquired from them, and those are not contrary to Islam.

And above all, I believe that a greater respect of the citizens of the world, that amongst nations, faith, religion or civilization can be further forged by having meaningful dialogues in the meetings of common goodwill.

Regards, Kris,

In the Republicans perfect world there would exist only White Christians - all else will go to hell. If anyone doubts Republican plans for the US, here are a few examples of how Republicans truly feel:

Senator Jesse Helms: In 1990, to discredit his opponent an African American Democrat, Harvey Gantt, Helms aired TV ad that showed a pair of white hands crumpling a rejection letter, while an announcer said, "You needed that job and you were the best qualified. But they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota."

Strom Thurmond (SC): In 1948 stated, "All the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, our schools, our churches." Also "We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race."

Trent Lott (MS): Supporting avowed KKK sympathizer, Strom Thurmond stated in 2002, "all these problems" if then-segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected president in 1948"

Pete Wilson (CA): In 2002 commented about Prop. 187 (Prop 187 denies all humanitarian rights to Mexicans, which however whites may enjoy), being "the last gasp of Mexican-Americans in California".

AND NOW, enters yet another CLOWN:

Virgil Goode (VA): "I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States."

Interesting point to note that Americans, keep on re-electing these rats in spite of their openly racist views. Which says a lot about the mindset of the Americans- they are generally speaking, RACISTS and BIGOTS.

Note to all non-white& non-Christian Republican hopefuls - Do you really want to join or serve the Republican party ? They will use you as non-white minorities or as non-Christian only to garner minority votes through you and shower you with titles and praise. Just look at Condileeza Rice or Coli

The Republican Party should be honest and re-define their name as the KKK Party. This is not the first time some Republican congressman or senator has shown his true racist-redneck hate mongering colours. I say to anyone who votes for Republicans, especially those of colour, do you really want to elect a member of the K.K.K. into US administration?

Good article! The remarks made by Virgil Goode made me sick to my stomach. They show the religious bigotry that is trying to make America a one religion nation (Christianity). Christians aren't the only people in America, and I hope that Goode changes his views and sees (as I did) that Muslims are human beings and are just as capable of goodness as anyone from any other faith.