The War of Jesus and Allah?

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Every group commemorates the anniversary of September 11th with a notion reflecting its own angle of the world. Staunch Republicans are using the occasion to remind the world of the importance of waging war. Democrats point out the incompetence of Republicans in waging the wrong war in Iraq. Believers in Armageddon and the concept of the End Times paint a scenario of a fatalistic escalation of hostilities with Islam leading up to the end of this world.

A thoughtful friend of mine, also a devout Christian, offered his frank view of 9/11. He said to me: "as long as your God is not my God we will be at war." 

Naively, I've always thought that God is the God and that all of humanity must've come to this realization, which some of us take for granted, a long time ago. Apparently not. My friend who holds an advanced University degree said that his God was Jesus while my God was Allah. I tried to explain to him that Allah is not a name of a God and that Arab Christians also worship Allah. He did not believe it. In his view, the war on terrorism was a war to decide whose God is right, once and for all. Is it Jesus or is it Allah?

President Bush has defined the enemy we're fighting as "Islamo-fascists" and his rhetoric seems to be directed to the Christian base that my friend belongs to. They want to hear that this war is between Jesus and Allah. Donald Rumsfeld gave a long speech this week and accused his critics that they were "morally confused." He argued that the rise of fascism in Islam is just like the rise of Nazism in Germany in the late thirties. Many far right commentators have been pressing this argument for years but it seems like the administration is now ready to embrace it. 

In the past, the enemy was defined as an isolated group of fanatics that did not represent Islam. But five years later this group seems to have swelled up and expanded instead of what people were led to believe this war would do, which is to make fanatics shrink and die. The administration has finally warmed up to broadening the definition so that Iran can fit neatly as the "head of the snake" of Islamo-fascism. The administration already knows that it has missed the boat on initiating any military action against Iran. This option is off the table and Iran has already called the bluff, but the administration is currently waging an election campaign and making its own base of voters believe that it still has a military option.

The Bush administration is desperate and wants to win the elections in November at almost any cost. The reality is that people are tired of war and not just in this country but all over the Middle East. The Democrats are poised to regain control of the US Congress which will turn Bush into a lame duck President for his remaining two years in office. The Democrats will end the war in Iraq in a hurry and will begin negotiations with the so-called "Islamo-fascists" who truly control the new rising Middle East.

The label itself is pure hate-speech because it offends every self-respecting Muslim on this earth. Some times I wonder about the actions of President Bush and how clueless he sounds when he talks about the Middle East. The more they repeat Islamo-fascism the bigger this group will grow. It is called the radicalization of Islam and they are causing it. There is no Islamo-Liberal or Islamo-Moderate. Muslims have too long and too rich of a history to accept the ignorant labels of others, especially when others are clueless about Islam. The administration is developing a new product under this brand name, and packaging it basically for domestic consumption. There are no adherents or followers of Islamo-fascism out there in the real world that exists beyond the bubble of the Rose Garden.

The war started out against the Afghani Taliban regime and less than 2,000 Arab fighters from Al-Qaida. Five years later, the enemy expanded from Afghanistan to Iraq to Palestine to Lebanon to Iran to Syria to Sudan to Somalia and reached South American shores in Venezuela and Bolivia. Is Hugo Chavez an Islamo-fascist? The last time I checked he was still a Christian.

The truth of the matter is that this President is slowly uniting the entire world against America. An objective measurement of the success of this war should be in the form of quantifying the enemy. Five years ago it used to be 15 million people who lived in Afghanistan. Today, America's Muslim enemies alone number 200 million people if we apply the lowest estimate, taking into account only the countries that the Bush administration had declared as "terrorist."

Bush often cites the ultimate objective of Osama Bin Laden as creating a super Islamic state from Morocco to Indonesia. In historic terms no one has been able to unite all Arabs or Muslims except two men in the last fourteen centuries; the prophet Muhammad and Saladin. Iran's President, Ahmadinejad, with all his fiery speeches can only ignite a fraction of the passion that President Bush inflames when he speaks. But it is anti-America passion that he inflames. Bush has an uncanny way of insulting people of the Middle East, Muslims and almost every person who does not agree with him. He has united Arabs and Muslims more than any leader in modern history.

Unintentionally, President Bush is doing what Bin Laden could only dream about. He has united the sentiments of Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia. He has served the cause of Islam very well. He will go down in the history books as the Chief Islamo-fascist Jihadist of the 21st century. He will wear his own label till the end of time.

Jesus and Allah called for peaceful means to resolve differences. Maybe that's something all humanity can agree on instead of creating more labels to justify more killing of God's creatures.

Neal AbuNab is a Michigan-based author of "The War on Terror and Democracy"- available on An Arab American who advocates for a balanced US policy in the Middle East. He is a commentator on Arab and Muslim affairs and his weekly column appears in the Arab American News. He can be reached at:

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, George W. Bush, Interfaith, Iraq War
Views: 6749

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Older Comments:
I agree with you completely. What has been aptly described in this article appears to be the bane of interfaith intolerance. I doubt if non muslims can afford the luxury of learning about Islam for NO REASON.

As a follower of christ i have witnessed the love of Jesus in those that the Lord puts in my path. Christ says all authority in heaven has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit.Matt28:18,19 Truely I say unto you, no one can enter heaven un less he is born of water and spirit.John:3:5 If "Allah" did indeed breathe him into Mary's whomb as the propecies proclaim, then truely he is God on earth and that he came to deliver us from sin. Issac was the promised one to Abram and God's grace was shown by providing a ram in the place of Issac. A sacrifice that was a foreshadow of the one who was to come. Look into Genesis chapters 15 and 21. Through Issac his desendents shall be named.Gen:21:12 The holy scriptures might have varied in the ways they were written, but it all starts with the Torah. Jesus came through Issac. Maybe Muhammad was a good and religous man, but he was just a man with no backround of God's purpose for him. The man witout the spirit does not accept the things that come from the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.1 Cor:2:14 I only hope that the prayers that you pray to Allah are not in vain. Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and lean not onto your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.Prov:3:5,6 Praise the Lord of salvation, the Lord of Lord and King of Kings. Christ Jesus Amen. I would love to get a response from those who are without understanding.

At least in my area of the country, it is not a widespread belief that the current war is or ever was a "war between gods". Christianity does not give christians authority to kill in the name of God. Of course, the values that christianity teaches will no doubt be a great influence when deciding to go to war, as most americans claim to be christians.
As well, if christians presuppose that allah is distinct of Jesus, and that the corresponding religions are diametrically opposed, then it is not possible for Jesus to fight allah. For, to the christian, allah does not exist. It is also foreign thought to even reference the war as being between "Gods" among typical citizens in America. In times past, greedy men have claimed "manifest destiny". Such actions are regarded as perversions of the christian faith.

Whatever Muslims call their god, they cannot worship the same God as chrisians. Whether christian teaching makes this so, or Islamic teaching makes this so, or both, they cannot worship the same god. Logically, it only takes one group that claims they have an exclusive grasp on the truth. If they claim that their god is the only god, and that only their sect can worship him, then they are either correct, or they worship no god at all. This is obvious because the teachings of christianity are in contradiction to other faiths simply on its own account, regardless of actual comparison.

I just converted to Islam. When I was christian I was under the notion that God(Allah) created Jesus. Reading the Quran states the same thing. Me being a ex-christian realize that I were worshipping a prophet and not God(Allah) himself.

You are right... This is nothing but the will of Allah, if He wants he can even bring goodness from the devil, so Bush is no exception, how ever what has to be noted is, any christian who says that this is a war between Allah and Jesus, should read the bible, "Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI? that is to say, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me'? (Matthew 27:46)." Can't they see that the cry is to Allah? "Eli, Eli - Elah, Elah, Allah, Allah!" Let them hear these words from your lips and watch their reactions. No honest per- son can help agreeing with you. Allah guide the truthfull. ameen.

Hello Arthur!

Allah created Jesus (Pbuh). Can't handle the truth? Too bad. The deed is done already. Can't change it.

It is time to do some research on Islam instead of getting agitated like Arthur the king.



you are right Arthur. but the author living in his own world with his thoughtful friend. a both of them edging the right religion for them...

this senario can fit to be comedy.

Mr X : I believe jesus is the best, and he is my god, he is better than your god god.MrY.

Mr Y: you my thoughtful friend doesn't know that my god and jesus called for peace?

Mr X: I know jesus called for peace and he was living in middleeast and the bible(book in greek language) said so. but I don't know where god.Mry was living!?

Mr Y: hold on! did you say middlleast? then why you are against people of middleeast? the majority believe to my god in middleeast and he was teaching peace.

Mr X: ooooooop's! did I say middleeast? I never thought of it! never thought about jesus from middleeast, I used to think him from TBN since only TBN who rock with it. well I think jesus was by mistake in middleeast like oil is by mistake there.

Mr Y. come on! I proved my god better than your god. I won. time to go have fun and drink some beer and eat some pork... peace to my thoughtful friend.
Mr X: peace to you my thoughtful friend! now we agree on something: I will go drink beer with you, hold on? I like jesus because he allow me to do anything free of charge. I didn't know your god too allowed you that! otherwise we won't be having this stupid conversation. let's go have fun.

Satan: cool, I'm going to Adams grave to give him the score...

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cheerful thoughts

Dr E

I am in agreement with most of what the article states. I'm not sure I understand the problem the author has with the term "Islamofascism". I would define it as someone who would use force either as a coercion to accept Islam or against someone on the basis of them being non-Islamic. Since it is the terrorists themselves who describe their actions as doing the "will of Allah", I see no problem with the term. What do you call them? The problem comes with whom you apply the term. I would assume that the author would not count himself one, so why take offense. The problem seems to be that if someone takes offense to something that someone calling them self a Muslim does, then the whole Muslim world takes offense. Instead of focusing all your anger at Bush, at least some of the anger should be addressed at the same people Bush is addressing. Bush will be gone soon and you will be left with the question of why the Sunnis and the Shiia are killing each other.

This article is not right, how could you compare or bring in a way that says Allah the almighty and his creation Jesus are same or similar level to compare. This is wrong, this is deplorable. This is shrik.

Asalaamu alaikum: Thank you for a well written article..I doubt if Jefferson could have said it better!

I am in agreement with this article. The political spin that our president and his cabinet to turn the world against Muslims has not been successful. Although it may not seem clear to others, Muslims are uniting more and more each day.

There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Such a term was created the Bush, his ilk, and the media to try to paint a picture of good Muslims versus bad ones. There is only True Muslims, ones that follow the Qur'an and its teachings. True Muslims respect all of Allah creations and they know that they are not put on this earth to be judge and jury. If one calls themselves a moderate Muslim, then I suggest they look deeper into their heart and soul and measure the strength of their faith in Allah and Islam.

All Muslims need to take back Islam because it has been hijacked by extremists from both sides.

Your God is One God Quran 16:22, so a Muslim is told by his sacred book that God is one. Question is whether humans acknowledge HIM and accept this concept that there is only One God.

What the enemies of Islam and muslims would fear most, is not missiles bombs of muslim nations or nuclear tecknology of Iran, but Muslim Unity. Unfortunately, muslim unity was gone after the death of Amir-ul-Mumenin Omar and never really came back (as was prophecied by the Prophet). Saladin united only some muslims (mostly Kurds), a small fraction of then muslim world but muslim unity never came back and it doesnt exist till today. Bush may anger few muslims here and there but muslims are not united at all today. One of the most important muslim country Iraq was attacked and destroyed by the enemy in first gulf war but they are not happy, they invaded it again. Saddam regime gone but still they not leaving, they still robbing Iraq's God-given wealth, killing and molesting iraqi children & women, imprisoning only iraqi muslims without any charge, disrespecting defenseless Iraqis every daamn day, bullying people trying to get full control of Iraq, they dont care Iraqis and do whatever they wish to do and try to make Iraq their slave... IRAQ IS STILL BURNING - where is muslim unity ? Saudi,egyptian etc arab government blame Syrian govt for not co-operating with U.S on the issue of Iraq, where are arab muslims in those gulf countries protesting against their american-puppet ruler ?
The arab gulf-rulers can easily effect U.S aggression against muslim heartlands by increasing oil price or dealing their oil business differently but they wouldnt, so, where is arab protest in those countries ? Why is it only some Syrians and our relatives some Iranians care for Iraqis ? The truth is muslims dont need that dumbass ugly moron Bush to get united, they only need Islam. Only Islam can unite Persians Arabs Kurds Turks the entire mid-east. Saladin had united his folks only by teaching them Islam. Most people today with a muslim label are not true muslims, few are true real muslims but their hands are tied. True muslims will be united when our leader Jesus returns for muslims.

First of all, the words, "elah or ilah" in Aramaic (which was translated in Latin as "elaw") and "ilah" in Arabic, are same words that were derived from the root word "Allah". "Allah" is both Arabic and Aramaic word for God. The Arabic and Aramaic speaking Jews and Christians in the 4th century (200 years before Islam) called GOD Almighty as "Allah". The Hebrew speaking ones in 4th century of course called Him "Yahweh", a hebrew-language word. Jesus spoke aramaic and when he cried out to God, Jesus called God :- "Allah" . So,today, one can be surprised to see christian( Greek meaning of christian/christina is one who follows Christ) attitude towards the term "Allah" ... ... the christians today might recognise hebrew term "Yahweh" but they cant recognise Aramaic(The language of Jesus) term "Allah" and act such bad ways towards Jesus-term "Allah" !!! !!! WHY ? Jesus warned his aramaic followers that the truth would be distorted and some folks in charge would edit Injeel and aramaic Injeel would be lost. Today it is no secret "The aramaic Injeel" exists nomore. Back to the question WHY this attitude by christians towards the term "Allah" - the term how Jesus referred to God, while they have different attitude towards hebrew term "Yahweh" !!! One reason is, the jews corrupted Injeel in the first place and later the Greeks and Romans took that corrupted one and then the Greeks & Romans further deleted/edited/added to what they got. Not only did Greeks+Romans corrupted the corrupted Injeel but they also invented and added false concepts (trinity,original sin etc) - the result is modern day christianity. So, the present-day christians are not the true followers of Christ but they are followers of that frutcake baked by Romans+Greeks. Also, the fact that christians today talk in terms of "our God,your God,their God" , definitely proves my point. No wonder why they think/act the way they think/act. No doubt muslims are closer to Jesus(pbuh) than they ever will be.

the peace loving humans will shine over Bush and his leaders, allah's willing the pious homes will shine over them

We muslims are united no matter what. Even if they try to create differences and separate us. In our hearts we are joined for the Cause of Allah swt. Muslims are the best of creation following prophet s.a.w. If they only knew. Anyway we're the subject of their aggression for centuries because they fear our unity and our rise. They are the oppressors. We know Jesus p.b.u.h. did not like oppressors. We can be called whatever name they want, but we're all muslims without exception.

BOB said:
What nonsense using Bush as the cause of Muslim unity. There is no Muslim unity. Never has been, and probably never will be. With Muslim Jihadist committing violent acts againts innocents, they show that Islam is a religion that pushs its follows towards Jihad.

I am totally agreed with this article. I consider myself as a moderate Muslim, every time Bush utter a word on Islam, he make me in love with my religion more and more. At lest has done some good to the Muslims. When the empty head US president give a speech, you don't need to be an Al-Qaida member, but you can feel agitated.