The Mother of all chaos

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New World Order through constructive chaos

Is it possible that US President George W. Bush might "create a crises of such magnitude that it 'justifies' calling off or postponing the next elections? After all, under the two terms limit, it is impossible to steal another election".

The limit, known as the 22nd Amendment of the US constitution, was ratified by a Republican controlled Congress in 1951. Since its ratification several attempts have been made by both, Republicans and Democrats to repeal the amendment, the most recent being a February 2005 proposal. 

Three questions immediately bring themselves to the fore here. 

  1. Will the term limit be repealed?

  2. Should it be repealed, will Mr. Bush, who will definitely run again, be re-elected?

  3. If the term limit is not repealed, how likely is it that Bush will create some crises justifying calling off or postponing the next elections?

I rate the first question as likely, especially considering the bi-partisan effort involved. There are even sound and democratic basis to remove presidential term limits so that voters get to determine presidential terms of office. 

However, the devil is in the second and third questions. 

Suppose the 22nd amendment is repealed enabling Bush to run again. With his record, including Afghanistan, Iraq, now Lebanon, biggest 4 budget deficits in US history, highest number of scandals of any US president, highest number of civil liberties violation of any US president, including the Patriot Act and secret wire tapping, mismanaging rescue efforts in the largely Afro-American Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, how likely is it that Bush will be re-elected?

Indeed, there is even the question of whether it serves Bush's interest to have the 22nd amendment repealed, forcing him to face the electorate again. Wouldn't Bush be better served by a massive terrorist attack upon the US instead? In 2003 General Franks, who lead the American war against Iraq, stated that a "massive casualty producing event" would result in Americans questioning their constitution and militarising their country in order to avoid similar future events!

General Franks was talking about the 2004 elections. However, while Bush did not need to resort to such extremes in 2004, in 2008 with a proper mandate very unlikely, the situation is different.

Before you judge me a "conspiracy theory" geek, consider these facts:

Bush, who attended Yale like his father and grandfather, belongs to an order called the "Order of Skull and Bones" whose American chapter was founded and continues to exist in Yale College since 1832.

Hegel's theory

This order was first founded in Germany. It is based on the philosophy of Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, then chairman of the University of Berlin who advanced the theory that the masses must devote their absolute obedience to the State which he called the "final end" in the "march of God in the world". In this way, Hegel theorised, "The State has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State." Hegelism is the foundation of the "New World Order" created through the process of "Constructive Chaos". Papa and Baby Bush, members of the Order of Skull and Bones, are advocates of the "New World Order". 

The Bush wars we have seen in the Middle East so far are part of that process of "Constructive Chaos" advocated by Hegelism. This process, not yet completed, makes it imperative that Bush remains president. Bush senior's failure to get re-elected was a setback in the process of the "Constructive Chaos" necessary to create the New World Order. 

Bush junior has appointed the highest number of Bonesmen of any US administration. 

Neo-Conservatives direct the policies of the Bush administration through organisations such as Project for the New American Century (PNAC). PNAC's 90 page manifesto, "Building America's Defences", discusses in detail how America must transform its power in the new century. In paragraph 2 of page 51 PNAC describes this transformation as follows: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalysing event like a new Pearl Harbor." PNAC was founded and is headed by William Kristol, a well known Jewish-American and a Zionist. The manifesto, dated September 2000, is PNAC's policy guideline for the Bush administration. Note the reference to a "catastrophic catalysing event like Pearl Harbor". This catastrophic event seems to have happened exactly one year later, on 9/11, 2001!

The Arab world is uniquely important for those aspiring for world domination. This region has been the target of foreign powers at least for the past 1,000 years.

Bush's expressions, "Axis of Evil" and most recently "Islamic Facists", should leave no doubt about the extent that Bush and his neoconservatives will go towards achieving their aim, especially now that there is no "Evil Empire" to worry about. 

Unless stopped, what catastrophes await us as we get closer to 2008 and the Bush day of reckoning? 

Only time will tell.

Munir Daair is a Yemeni political analyst and writes on special assignment for Gulf News.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: George W. Bush
Views: 3537

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Older Comments:
I'd have to agree with this article G.W. Bush would try and do something like this. In my opinion he personally let Bin Laden destroy the World Trade Center so he could leverage that devestation against the entire Muslim community. He is easily the most corrupt and power hungry president the U.S. has ever seen. I'm sick and tired of hearing about Islam being labeled as an evil religion, I've personally read the Quran and I don't see anything in it that is being portrayed in the news. Personally, I'm a pacifist as are many in the U.S. but the U.S. nation is being brainwashed into thinking we are fighting a world war against Islam by our own government. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a nice piece of analysis as to what the unbelievers may plot against the believers. This would not be the first plot and most probably may not be the last. Unbelievers always plotted their plots against the true faith of Allah.
The answer to such unbelievers' plots is already given in surah 86 Ayat 15-17.
The true believers should always be reminded whom to trust. Some people may say "In God We Trust" - but, do they really mean it? If they do then why would they drop no other than nuclear bombs on civilians? Why would they burn entire towns in Vietnam and allow or rather encourage similar things to happen in Palestine or Lebanon by their friends, for example?
The unbelievers may or may not know what they are doing - but, the believers should know who is their real protector.
In the old days, the pagan Arabs tried; the pagan Persian empire tried; the pagan Roman empire tried; and in the modern days, the British empire tried; the USSR tried. All such attempts to anhilate the believers failed and the enemies of Allah were defeated with a shameful defeat. Not because the Muslims have stronger muscles than others have - but, because Muslims believe and trust Allah. All others that may try their turn should be reminded of the fate of those before them who tried. We can only pray that the USA would not make such a grieve mistake of waging attacks on Islam. Yet, we can only warn the unbelievers against their evil plots. Nevertheless, it is up to them whether to try or not.
As to us, the Muslims, we should do our best to outreach to all communities worldwide and bring to them the good tidings that our prophet (PBUH) brought to us. We need to remind our community of the real meaning of being the best nation that was sent to mankind - we have to stand up for the truth; encourage the good and right and forbid the bad and wrong. May Allah bless the efforts of all who follow his guidance and spread the true faith all over this beautiful planet. Allah knows b

I completely agree with mr. Asgher. It's our idiot ways that make us week so we realy should be putting the blame on ourselves. Our Ulamma first of all tends to focus on the most superficial of matters spending great lengths to make sure its "100% orthodox" whatever that is!! The pact between the ulamma and thier secular dictatorial counterparts is what has weekend the Islamic world for hundreds of years. Their resistance against science and thinking in general has crippled our region and for what!? They say God. I say its for their own power. The end of the ulamma is no where near in sight nor is the end of the dictators. Political islam with their ultra strict crap is gaining ground feeding off mostly the uneducated and poor but what will happen when they are in power? Another dictatorship for sure as they try to resist any oppostion. What's worse when someone is saying "lets have free elections", "lets have more education" "lets give our women more rights" its seen as unislamic and pro western!! WE ARE DOOMED. IF any one thinks that political islam at least in its current from is going to slove any problem they are on crack! Don't agree? Ok just watch what happens in the next thirty years and watch the humiliation of the mulsim world both from within and from the outside. Its like one massive joke! It all started with the colonial period. If only the ulamma was destroyed before that we could have repelled the European invasion! Isn't this why the muslim world started to look for alternatives to islamic rule in the past because of its faliures in the modern perdiod to defend against the superior Eurpean forces both on a military, cultural and govermental levels. And they want to bring political islam again? And this is going to slove our problems how excatly? How is a Taliban or Iranian or Saudi like government or any thing even close going to solve our problems exactly? What is this sharia is going to slove our problems nonsense? Curse you all!!!!!!!!!

I don't blame the west,i.e.,the Bush family and their brotherhood one bit. Muslims deserve to fall victims to such organizations because they have forgotten the principles of islamic brotherhood. The arab puts his faith in an arab league. The pakastani puts his faith in the west. Both groups put themselves above other muslims. As for the rest of the umma of Muhammad (s.w.a.) it's too easy to blame the west and others than to place blame where it truly belongs, on our own corrupt hearts.

the one reason why bush and his band of merry neocon thieves can download their ill-designed PNAC and Clean Break plans unto the islamic world is purely because we lack cohesive unity. god wanrned us against not being united: "hold steadfast to the rope of God and do not be divided", yet we are still arguing about moon-sighting, how to perform ablustions and how to pray! we even go to extreme lengths by killing each other in order to maintain archaic tribal customs hammered into us as islamic edicts. that is the one reason why bush et al can have the audacity to conquer us and drop his bombs on our villages. just like when worms eat into a rotten corpse. when we choose to follow God's true guidance we can be a strong body with total resistance to any such vermins like bush and his necon liars. so long as we remain weak and dsunited we leave ourselves to all sorts of invasions and wealth plunder. it is that simple.