Still do not understand why do they hate us?

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You'll recall that immediately after the 9/11 attacks, U.S. officials declared that the attacks had been motivated by the terrorists' hatred for America's "freedom and values." That refrain produced the "war on terrorism" and, more recently, the "war on radical Islamo-fascism."" 

Nonsense, said libertarians. The anger and hatred that Arabs and Muslims have for the United States is rooted in decades of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Ending the U.S. government's decades-old policy of empire and intervention would bring an end to the threat of terrorism (and radical "Islamo-fascism") against the United States. 

The argument of the "freedom and values" crowd boils down to this: "The decades of U.S. supplying of advanced weaponry and foreign aid to the Israeli government, which is now being used to kill people in Lebanon, and the U.S. government's obeisance and submissiveness to the Israeli government, have had no adverse effect on how Arabs and Muslims feel about the United States. Their anger and hatred is caused by America's freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and rock and roll." 

If there is another major terrorist attack on American soil, you can rest assured that the immediate response of U.S. officials will be: It has nothing to do with the U.S. government's unconditional U.S. taxpayer-provided support of the Israeli government ..

Therefore, the argument goes, the chants of "Death to Israel. Death to America" from hundreds of thousands of Shiites marching in Baghdad last week had nothing to do with U.S. foreign policy but were motivated instead by hatred for American principles and lifestyles. 

(Reflect for a moment on the utter perversity of it all: U.S. soldiers in Iraq are dying to bring " freedom and democracy" to people who are screaming "Death to America" and whose radical Shiite government has aligned itself with Iran, which U.S. officials consider to be an arch-enemy of the United States.) 

The same "freedom and values" argument was made with respect to more than a decade of brutal sanctions against Iraq, which contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children - deaths that U.S. officials maintained were "worth it." People in the Middle East were indifferent to those deaths, the argument goes. Their anger and hatred were caused by the U.S. Bill of Rights and the gambling casinos in Las Vegas. 

After 9/11, the greatest fear that U.S. officials had was that the American people would figure out that U.S. foreign policy was at the root of the terrorist attacks and thus demand a total reevaluation of U.S. foreign policy. That might well have meant an end to all foreign aid to the Middle East and a withdrawal of U.S. forces from the region. That could have obviously meant a significant diminution of the U.S. government's overseas empire and the military-industrial complex, along with the enormously high taxes needed to pay for it all. Thus, it's not surprising that U.S. officials immediately went on the propaganda attack after 9/11 in order to divert people's attention from U.S. foreign policy and toward the "freedom-and-values" motivation for the 9/11 attacks. 

If there is another major terrorist attack on American soil, you can rest assured that the immediate response of U.S. officials will be: It has nothing to do with the U.S. government's unconditional U.S. taxpayer-provided support of the Israeli government, or with the brutal sanctions that contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, or with the callous position that such deaths were worth it, or with the invasion and occupation of Iraq, which have killed and maimed tens of thousands of Iraqi people. They'll say instead that it's all about anger and hatred for America's "freedom and values." And the sad part is that there will still be Americans who fall for it. 

What would be wrong with terminating foreign aid not only to Israel but also to every other country in the world and abolishing the taxes that support such aid, leaving the American people free to keep their own money and decide what to do with it?

What would be wrong with letting Americans support Israel or Lebanon or the Palestinians or any other cause in the world with their moral support and their own money and leaving the U.S. government and U.S. taxpayer money out of it? 

What would be wrong with ending the U.S. government's role as world policeman, intervenor, meddler, and interloper, not only in the Middle East but also in the rest of the world? 

With the situation in the Middle East degenerating into ever-increasing violence, conflict, death, suffering, and destruction after decades of U.S. intervention, what better time for the American people to reevaluate U.S. foreign policy, not only in the Middle East but also in the rest of the world? 

Jacob Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He can be reached at [email protected]

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War
Views: 4986

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Older Comments:
Too simple to say I am for/against the article, neither am I indifferent. My view is quite simply that peace comes through understanding. Understanding between individuals, not governments. Individuals have the power to change their attitude to each other. I am a Roman Catholic. Lapsed on occasion and more recently returned. I work with Muslims from Oman and have learnt some Arabic through them and also about Islam. I have a copy of the Qu'ran which they gave me and I have taken one of my Muslim friends to church with me. All so that we can learn about each other and develop an understanding. It is important to me that my sons and daughters also understand otherwise we have no future and will be talking about the same problems in another 100 years time. This may seem simplistic to you, but small steps will reach a destination just as well as long ones. I don't hate anyone, none of us have long enough lives to waste on such a negative emotion. I appreciate that I say this from the calm and quiet of a seaside town in the UK, but it really is time to accept that very often our countries are not represented by our governments.

No doubt that it is an illusion and a lie that US has Israel as the only friend in the middle east and that argument is sold by the Israili Lobby and US dominated News. Untill the Muslims wake up and work hard to change those policies no thing will be accomplished. There are a few organizations who are currently doing that. Please support those organizations and constructively work for that change otherwise we are in competition with devil.
If we look at all different time in history, small or big governments were never able to crash resistance totally. There is no dought that relationships starts with those you are already consider friends. The poit is instead of US support of democracy in Iraq we should try it in Egypt and Saudi arabia, and see how far it goes,

I am not sure I like some of the connotations of this article, but it does make some salient points. What does the author think about how Sadaam treated fundamentalist Muslims? Surely he can't believe the Islamic world is better off with Sadaam Hussein in power? Yet I agree with much of the article.

Mr. Syed,

Wake up! ... I am a Muslim also and came to the US 20 years ago. I am sorry to say that your assessment based on your past 3 years experience as a naturalized citizen is very limited and short-sighted in nature. Yes its true that US is a land of opportunities and land of immigrants and governed by certain laws. The laws that were made in order to benefit certain factions of the world very discriminantly. It just so happened that lately the beficiaries started to become people from contries which the laws were not intended to benefit. That is why there are attempts being made towards changing those laws; Until that is achieved, other methods are being used to discourage people from such countries to migrate or even visit.

Just like US, other countries have their own laws, traditions and attitudes. Either way you look at them, you are wrong. For example: the attitude of the Saudi govt or the people towards (White)Americans that visit them is totally different from the way they would treat you or me although we are Americans too. In fact we would be Muslims and Americans but just not white.
Secondly, the laws of Pakistan are very balanced and fair towards Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

You need to wake up and smell the coffee (or tea).

Bottom line, Islam hated us, before we even knew they existed. With their philosophy of 'land of islam' and 'land of warfare', there is no other possible outcome for Muslims to think of non-Mulsims. Philo of Islam says perform Jihad until the 'Land of Warfare' is conquered and becomes the 'Land of Islam'.

History testifies that any country which follows the policy of oppression,injustice has to pay for its misdeeds and crimes.There is a long list crimes commited by the Americans aginst humanity world over before and after bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Miilions of people have been directly or indirectly killed by Americans.Such country dig their own grave.Americans who had started digging their own grave long ago is nearing completion and Israel is providing shovel to them which Americans are not aware.The wheel of destruction for Americans has started turning and time will accelerate it if they continue with their brutal policy.It would be nice if Americans read world history of the recent past and ponder over what they have been doing for decades and try to infer some consequences of brutality and injustice inflicted on oppressed.But the tragedy is that the recalcitrants like Americans dont take lesson from history and continue to dig their own grave till it complete for burial.

Muslims have nothing to do with US so caleed "Freedom and Values", we are concerned that for the last 50 years US has put the world into trouble only for the sake of Israel. Had he been an impartial player the middle east and the world would have been in peace. US cares only how it can subjugate Muslim world through Israel.

No human rights or human lives are of any importance when they are violated by US himself or Israel. By any world standard what Israel has done in Labanon with open support of US, no sensible human can swallow the destruction of Lebanon.

Wow! People who briefly scan the Quran sure have some strong opinions. Which goes to show, exactly how ignorance breeds contempt. Good Christians, Jews, Muslims, or People don't bash anyones' religion. All religions teach good. People forget that quickly. Where is the love for God's creation? After all, He did create everyone and everything.

As a Muslim that has lived in Pakistan most of my 41 years, I'm ashamed at the way my Muslim brothers throughout the world treat my American and non-Muslim friends that visit our Islamic countries as second class citizens. For example, in Saudia Arabia, in order to be a citizen you must be a Muslim. Suffice it to say, why should non-Islamic countries such as America allow Muslims to live in the US when non-Muslims in Islamic countries aren't treated with the same respect and rights as Muslims? Even from a Muslim such as myself, it doesn't seem fair to me. For the past three years, America has been my adopted country and America has welcomed me with open arms. In Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, we should be allowing non-Muslims to live in any region of the Middle East they please. In addition, their rights should be accepted just as equally as a Muslim without conditions. As it stands right now, many of my Muslim brothers are a disgrace to the religion and should be more accepting of non-Muslims and should be standing up more against cowardly and hateful terrorist acts that occur against non-Muslims. Until we do that, we as Muslims are a disgrace to our religion for not supporting our non-Muslim counterparts. Here's to love, peace and co-existing with our non-Muslim counterparts.

All muslims should just go back to there desert communities and quit trying to get the world to feel sorry for them. Oh yes I support making my wife wear masks and kill them if they have anything to say.. Oh I am sorry, the God I learned about dont teach us that. Go home and just stay there and who knows with the muslim self destruct attitude the world wont have to worry about it too much longer. Many people, not just americans, are sick and tired of the cowardly ways of the muslim community and the way they oppress there people. I have briefly scanned the koran and have yet to see where that is taught. You know our women went through a time when there civil rights were needed and they won without anyone blowing up innocent people, why dont you all or will the terroist that you know where they are kill you for trying. Before you cuss me understand the principle of what is written above.


This article forgets one HUGE point. Although the US sells arms to the one country, Israel, it also sells arms to more than a dozen other Arab/Moslem countries!! So, your argument is rediculously empty and full of holes when it comes to the hatred of US Foreign policy. The Arab world's hatred of the US & Israel is totally irrational and rooted in the spiritual & even demonic realm. Never mind all the foreign aid and help the US has been to Arab countries, and all the money Americans have sent to Arabs for oil. All the while that oil money goes to making a few "Moslem" shieks filthy rich, while the poor keep getting poorer in Arab countries. Is that America's fault too!?

America isn't perfect, but at least most of us try to do the right thing and the majority don't rejoice in evil. Can you imagine if Christians started strapping explosives to themselves and blowing themselves up amidst women and children yelling "Jesus is Lord", or trying to send an army to invade Mecca?!! The Christian world would immediately condemn it as evil and demonic, and rightfully so for what it would be! In the Moslem world, people celebrate in the streets when evil things happen like 9-11. Moslems should be speaking out against the evil actions instead of trying to rationalize them, or even celebrate them. That is the epitome of evil.

Thankfully, ultimately God will judge between the righteous and the evil in this world!

Why don't thet show the injustices against muslims? Media is serving it's political purpose. When muslim women who are in labor and their babies are dieing at check-points in Israel because they can't get to the hospitals what do you think they feel? LOVE? Of course, we only get half the story. Not the truth. then people make their opinions based on falsehoods. SEE!

Most Americans are highly educated but they love this temporal world very much and forget the Hereafter and they do not value the Revelations in their Bible. There is only one Message from God Almighty and it never change. Only if they ever ponder and obey it, they will understand. The good knowledge they have are getting useless and are pulling them to destruction, ... Wasalaam.


Adaab, what in the name of all that is holy are you talking about? You speak like a white trailer boy, yet have an ethnic, probably an Islamic name...classy. Is that all you could extract and absorb from the article? Jeez, there should be some sort of an intellectual standard in this forum, anyone having the mental capacity of a rabid weasel should not be allowed to post, and I despise censorship. "if you hate US stay away". lol

The response to arab angwer will be more Christian Fundamentalism in the US.

Yes, the Americans should exercise their right
to protest againist the current foreign policy.
Bush and his adm have strong support for Israeli and Israeli can't do any wrong. There are several questions unanswered to 9-11. The commission
didn't care to ask thiose questions.


bismilah, brothers they will not be police man enemy more , they are not even police in their own soil, are you kidding me, how dare they police you in your own soil? obay allah's law not man's law, allah tells you to respect everyone and spread knowlage and wisdom, law, justice and equally, and love without fear, I don't understand why the ummah is soo quite, and not doing their religious duty, yet they are the most powerful most strong, their lord guides them the success automaticly if they surrounder to him, please fear your lord, and shoot straight those who don't fear their lord, they thought 2001 was the beging of thier globalastion but it was the end of the their globalastion and it was the beging our justice and equallty, all power and honor belong to allah,

It doesn't matter. Ever heard of E Pluribus Unum.Look at the US currency. One nation under God,it means. 2 words GLOBAL DOMINATION. US allies will get screwed in the end by the US. Thats the way it's been. Taliban was created by the US. And since when was Lebanon an enemy of the US. But no one can take on the big monster. It'll eventually gobble them all up. It'll just bull-doze people in it's way just like Israel is doing. In fact usually others do the dirty work for this bully. Has the UN had any success? In fact, Bush himself had a Freudian slip once where he used US in place of UN. Get it?

So don't come to US and hate us. If you hate then stay away and think what you can do about it. Since you dont hate but envy hence suffer with your hipocrisy.

The article .. hates Israel. It makes me more skeptical of Islam & Muslims.