Christian Right and `Islamo-Facism`

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"Islamo-fascism," a term that Americans heard George Bush use at an August 7 press conference, is the new term being thrown around among factions of the Christian right, from which he no doubt picked it up. It was much in use last month when the new lobby group, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), held their first "Washington-Israel Summit" at a Washington D.C. hotel. Amidst plenty of the celebratory song and dance usually associated with evangelical meetings and a three-course meal was served to over 2,000 attendees, a series of prominent religious and political speakers got up to promise unquestioning support for the state of Israel. 

Although CUFI is a religious organization founded by minister John Hagee of Texas, it was a political speaker, Senator Rick Santorum, whose comments seemed to have a profound impact on the nights events. Santorum was the first to use the term "Islamic-fascists" during the presentation. According to Santorum the constant use of "The War on Terror" rhetoric is erroneous because it is akin to "declaring war on a tactic." Santorum went on to say that "The War on Terror" rhetoric was the product of a disinformation campaign and exclaimed that "terror is not the enemy; the enemy are Islamic fascists." 

The term "Islamic fascists" appeared to have mass appeal and was used regularly by the rest of the speakers throughout the evening. Before Santorum's speech the Ambassador of Israel to the United States, Daniel Ayalon, using the same rhetoric, saying, "Radical Islam is on the march." 

Santorum felt it incumbent upon himself to explain to the audience exactly what they were up against in their support of Israel. He said, "They [the American public] don't understand the enemy because we don't explain it to them." According to Santorum, "Islamic fascism is a mosaic. But the biggest piece of the mosaic, the one that reaches out and touches all the others, is Iran." 

The vilification of Iran was the major thrust of the summit and the speakers pulled no punches. On Iran Santorum said, "This is the enemy we face. This is the enemy attacking us." While Ayalon echoed his prime minister's declaration that "Iran must be stopped," Santorum took the matter even further and severely criticized efforts to negotiate a solution with Iran. "While we negotiate with Iran, they fund Hamas and Hezbollah to attack Israel. While we negotiate, they continue in their pursuit of nuclear weapons technology." Of course, Santorum used this opportunity to encourage support for his bill that calls for increased sanctions against Iran. The bill was defeated last month. 

There was more than a fair amount of saber rattling at the CUFI summit. Again, Santorum stood out among the speakers on this point when he admonished the U.S. to "...go at the heart of the problem-Iran." The CUFI speakers made it well known at the summit that they want to see less diplomacy and more action.

Also on display was outspoken and undying support for Israel. The speakers depicted Israel as a victim in the current crisis taking place in the Palestinian Territories and Southern Lebanon. Gary Bauer mentioned the sadness of seeing Israelis who are so used to terrorist bombings that they seem virtually unaffected by their occurrence. Neither he nor any of the other speakers referenced the daily deaths occurring in Gaza and the West Bank. CUFI founder and National Chairman John Hagee demanded that the U.S. let Israel defend itself, declaring that if rockets were falling on United States territory, Congress would be voting to go to war. 

Whether or not CUFI's Washington D.C. summit is a success for the organization remains to be seen. It is CUFI's intention to bring their interpretation of the Bible and their mandate to support Israel at all costs to the Hill in a massive lobbying effort. CUFI's followers know their message well and, if they are anything like they were during the last evening of their summit, they possess tremendous enthusiasm for their cause. However, it may take more than enthusiasm to convince the nation's policymakers that adopting CUFI's mission as their own would be in the nation's or the world's best interest.

Dan Jennejohn writes for Council for the National Interest Foundation

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Occupation
Views: 5133

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Older Comments:
USA public is being misled by their media and some Israel loving people. They don't try to understand the reason of hatreadness to USA in Islamic world. No Muslim ever spoke about the democracy and free loving socity of west but always the policies of their government who supports blindly to Israel. Due to this blind support all troubles are created in Middle East and in Muslim World. Once you stop this, see how the world will become peaceful. Stop hating Muslima, Muslims will stop hating USA.

The Born of Israel was big mistake of west countries.

As Muslims we should not hate Jews. We should hate the actions and the existence of the state of Israel. The words and belief of the Anti-Zionists Jews/Anti-Israel Jews conveys the point that the state of Israel was created ILLEGALLY according to the Jewish belief system. According to Islam, the Jews ( rather the Jewish leadership which resulted in the destrustion of SECOND Temnple(Ezekiel's Temple) in 70 AD ) are cursed by Allah but as Muslims we are allowed to MARRY Jewish females ( according to Islamic Law ). Also, Jews are allowed to exists within the ideal framework of a "pure" Islamic state ( the treaty of Medinah of the past is a prime example ).

if bush wants to meet fascism he should look no further than the mirror.
gary: you seem to have short memory or lack understanding of recent history of ME. perhaps you should take up some reading? tell me whose soldiers were roaming ME streets for the last 100 years. 911 came too late. then tell me how many muslim soldiers roam western countries. did you know falluja before 2003? whay was hizbolla formed and how long ago? how many jews lived in palestine before 1940? how many western jews migrated to paelstine since? how many arab villages wiped out of palewstine since? how many arabs were made refugees since israel inception and by what method? who has supplied all the wmd in the ME? how come every jew has a right to live in paelstine yet those whose ancestral homes were confiscated have no right of return nor can ask for any compensation? why is your govt. supports israel as if it can do no wrong and denounces palestinians as if they can do no right? why did israel bomb civilian infrastructure in lebanon including the civilian airport even when lebanon is a us friendly democratic country? why not go thro un to resove such issues? how many arab prisoners abducted by israel and for how long some have been in israeli prisons? wehy has israel for the last 23 years been roaming south lebanon nightly to with low flying fighter planes terrorising citizens? what percentage of the palestinian land has been given to israel by un and what percentage it has today and what percentage palestinians are asking for their homeland? how many un resolutions are there against israel? whay us and others only enforce un resolutions agaisnt muslim countries and ignore those agaisnt israel? who owns nukes and who is being persecuted for trying to have civilian nukes and why? why? why? why? oh why, you guys are always one sided and can not see the reason behind what is happening today??

Amina, I had hoped that you would have answered my questions in a more elaborate manner then a simple "no" and "yes", you weren't even specific as to which question you answered no to and which you answered yes to. My little questionnaire served a purpose, to basically force you to come to grips with reality. You have agreed-although in a very abstract manner, to say Muslims have legitimate 'grips' suggest the west is a slight annoyance-that Muslims have legitimate reasons for being angry, but you have not provided any practical solution for literally millions of people who are in a seething rage because they have mourned deaths of family members, have their lands and resources confiscated by force, have no choice but to accept foreign troops walking in their cities, and in lands they consider sacred, etc. etc. etc. I am not advocating violence of ANY kind, your characterization is false. however what I am asserting here is that Muslims didn't wake up from a long sleep one day and decided "you know Ahmed, the west is such a free open society, with its brilliant system of capitalism, its thousands of 7-ll's, burger kings in every street, hell lets blow it up!". Muslims are human beings, its best for the west to start treating them as such, because when humans are pushed, spat upon, cornered, demonized, robbed, and killed for decades, they just MIGHT want that to stop, and that is why groups like Hizbullah and Hamas exist. Go and tell a Hizbullah member "you know, I realize Israel has been killing Lebanese for years, and killing Palestinians for years, but try and take it, because if you resist, it will make us Muslims look bad" you will more then be enlightened.

Are there really Muslims today who so hate the state of Israel, not the people, but the political state, that they believe in identifying the righteous struggles of Muslims under oppression with a fascist type ideology? This is a fundamental question. Is this the Islam that Allah declares as our way of life in the Qur-an? We must continue to struggle for peace and justice, not just power and glory (the booty). We have a real enemy to defeat. This is a fight against the globalization of fascism and the authors and inventors of fascism. We must stop the killing of civilians the globe over, and protect children, the elderly and women. The very screams in the breath of the dying are inhaled by us and settles in our hearts. These vibrations will stay there and kill us (heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, diabetes, insanity, you name it) if we don't increase our Iman, our good deeds and adjust our lives and submit to Allah's will. Muslims in the west, we have to do more. We have to lose some things in order for Allah's balance to rule in our lives and so that others gain their birth right to live in peace and to control their own destiny. The good life as we have known it, is now over. It was and is an illusion created from the blood and upon the backs and lives of oppressed people the world over. The interest (yes many of us do have this debt, because, we are in the west and that's how it is, right?) we pay on the credit cards, housing, etc. is blood money. Stop spending money - send the bankers to the poor house (the God of the West is money). Pay down your debt so that you can give a beautiful loan to Allah. If you can't send it overseas to help, then don't spend it on anything except what is needed, really needed. Surely we are asking Allah to help us to deal the final death blow to fascism and fascist ideology, and to make is so that no other time in human history it can rear it's ugly head.

AMINA said:
the answer to many of your questions is "no", although for some it's "yes". as I've said, I'm not saying muslims don't have legitimate gripes, but the violence isn't the solution, isn't helping anyone and is actually hurting mostly muslims. you keep saying i don't have my facts straight, but i haven't really been arguing with you all about many of your complaints and issues rather i've been arguing with you about a) your violent non-working solution to the problem, and b) challenging that muslims seem to think we are the only ones entitled to anger and justice as if there are no consequences to our actions. And i'll again repeat my original point which is that if Muslims want to support the violence then ew should accept the consequences and accept that Muslims will be viewed and treated badly as a result. We can't have it both ways, and we can't keep saying islam is a religion of peace while we support the useless violence. I don't believe Islam at all encourages this sort of nonsense, nor that followers of Islam are predisposed to commit such acts of violence against innocents, however the current Muslim mindset does appear to jump to that as valid including convincing others there is religious justification for it. I think we are twisting and destroying the message of Islam and , according to the comments on this site, becoming a people that the world should fear. I don't know why you are even arguing with me since you've made it clear the violence is okay with you, that it's our right and even our duty -- so just accept there will be consequences.

As long as the us helps israel blow up innocent muslims in Palestine and Lebanon, there are going to be muslims that are going to want to blow up innocent civilians in the us and israel.

Some of these people like gary just don't have some common sense. If you don't want people to kill you then don't kill others. It's that simmple. Muslims wouldn't want to attack this country if it wasn't killing innocent muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine.

I remember someone told me about 10 years ago that once this country loses it's moral values it will go down and that is what's happening.

Amina, even when the article is about the clinical psychopaths of the Christian right, you still find some way to criticize Muslims. I think your lack of comprehensive knowledge and your lack of ability to put the current global situation into a historical context has contributed greatly to your unfair, and myopic interpretation of the 'conflict' between the west and Islam. I wont get into the history of the 'why who how when' for now, instead I will ask you some questions which I hope you answer. What is your stance exactly when it comes to the so called 'war on terror'? Do you believe that Muslims are somehow predisposed, preprogrammed to commit acts of violence on innocent people? Or do you believe its for enjoyment, hatred of freedom, jealousy of Americas wealth? Do you believe that the west has a noble and divine mission to spread freedom and democracy around the world? Do you recognize the state of Israel, if yes what are your justifications, legally, historically, and morally? Why was it that the Islamic world had no quarrels with America before America started meddling in the affairs of Muslims and unconditionally supported Israel regardless of its criminal actions taken against the Palestinians? Do you support the war in Iraq, if yes why, and in the light of Americas lack of clear objectives, hundreds of thousands of dead civilians, the incitement of sectarian violence, the whole country spiraling down to a chaotic hell, was it worth it? Do the families and relatives of the dead Iraqis have a right to ask for justice of any kind? Would it qualify them as a terrorist if they desired to inflict harm on the entity that massacred their family members? Is America complicit in the death and destruction in Lebanon because its weapons are used? How is it that Shias and Sunnis weren't massacring each other pre Americas invasion? Is John Hagee and his goons terrorists for wanting the destruction of Iran- a sovereign nation- to fulfill a biblical prophesy?

Did you ever wonder why when the US or Isreal starts to look bad something stupid like this happens? During the Afghan invasion there were some guys in Buffalo who were plotting an attack, we all heard that. Oh but they forgot to publicize it when they were found innocent. During the Iraq war, some dodo from Florida, with wires in his tennis shoes was labelled muslim and arrested. Where did he go? Innocent, I didn't get that in the media. Yusuf Islam, the former Cat Stevens can't enter the US, for what? Singing? An arab professor from Florida, who was found innocent, was thought to have strong opinions, he was no threat. He had freedom of opinion, again innocent, but labelled bad muslim. No one has the right to label anyone. Look at the bullying and murdering, raping, sodomizing, humiliating the US is engaged in throughout the middle east. Stop pointing the fingers at muslims. Look at the man in the mirror.

Gary,Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah have it right! Radical Christianity and racist Zionism is the cause of all forms of terrorism directly and indirectly. The forces of Judeo-Christian Fascism and that include,Bnei Brit,Kach,Likud,Israel,USA,UK are on the march to shove an intolerant version of "democratic" dictatorship on a world that does not want it or need it.And they use every method available to bring about their intolerant version of "democratic dictatorship". Were the people raping girls in Iraq on a peaceful democratic conversion mission? Is this the Biblical approved way to show Allah's supposed grace and love to mankind? What a shame! By the way "Allah" means God in English. Before the word God there was Allah! Nay, when the people of ME were calling on Allah as god, ther wasn't an English people born yet. For your info, Jews, Christians and Muslims of Arabic tongue call on god Allah in their language. I suggest you either post your comment in Arabic and then,"Allah" is acceptable as part of the language,but if you post your comment in English then use God for God or Allah. Otherwise you might create confusion in the less endowed ..audience like yourself that would believe that Allah and God are two different things. By the way in Iranian you say god,"Khoda" but guess what is the same God since there is only one God with differnt names from tongue to tongue and English is not the measure of things. Not even the most spoken language. Chinese is.

Gary,learn about Islam and politics as well. One thing is Islam as a way of life and another the struggle for independence of the Palestinians and the ME in general against their occupiers. Without Islam,there would be something else even Christianity, it's the struggle of ME people against oppression,occupation,colonization and dictatorship imposed by Israel,USA and UK. In the end Muslims will prevail because they are right and God is on their side.
So long,soldier!

First of all I would just like to say to the other person 'Gary' who posted a comment earlier to wake up. Stop for a second and think before you talk. Or better yet read before you speak. To say Muslims today are trying to turn the world back to the 7th century Islam is just plain stupid. A lot of these so called terrorist aren't terrorist at all. The conflict between Israel-Palenstain is one of territory not religion.

What amazes me is how many people talk bad about Islam and yet no nothing about the religion. If you want to read a book about Islam start with the Quran, not a book you got in borders with a title like "The Real Islam" or "The truth about Islam". These books are obviously written by people who oppose Islam and you think your going to get a good opinion from them on Islam.

The Christian right and Jews have their own agenda. Not all Jews, nor all Christians but the current ones in power are pushing the machine of war/hate throughout the world. President George W. Bush is the ring leader with Santorum and a lot of others with him. How can anyone call himself/herself Muslim, Jew, or Christian if they can drop a bomb on innocent children and women killing them in a split second. Wiping out generations of families in one strike.

All of us will have to bow before Allah on the Day of Judgement and we will be questioned and punished for our sins and rewarded for our good deeds. NO ONE will escape this day. A real Muslim walks through life preparing for this day. His actions reflect this day. May Allah forgive us all for our sins (In-sha-Allah) and may he bless all of mankind with knowledge, wisdom, and the courage to always do what is right (In-sha-Allah).

Let us wait and see who these accused terrorists are and if they have any kind of political ideology or religious allegiance.

should one make a wild gusess! Could he(she) be
Buddhist, Christian, Jewish,Hindu, Sikh or Islamic?

Wait for few days and truth will be out!!



Since Bush values the more of Jewish faith or
think that Israeli must survive in his bible.
perhaps US can give a piece of the US to the Israeli and move its people out to NY.

bismilah, its not knew, the federal goverment is facing straigh shooters, who are independt, its not knew they were jewish,, all power and honor belong to allah

Hagee and Santorum have it right. Radical Islam IS the cause of most terrorism today. The forces of Islamofascism, and that includes Al Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, et al are on the march to shove an intolerant version of Islam on a world that does not want it or need it. And they use every method available to bring about their intolerant version of Islam. Were the people arrested on charges of wanting to blow up 10 planes in England on a peaceful Islamic conversion mission? Is this the Koranic approved way to show Allah's supposed grace and love to mankind? What a sham!

When are you all going to stop giving the West lip service about Islam being a religion of peace, tolerance, multiculturalism, and love when it is not. Tell us the truth that Islam has factions that desire the establishment of a global 7th century world dominated by backward Islam. This is where the Islamofascism comes into play. It is Nazi-like in its desire for a 1000 year reign of global Nazi domination. Oh, I forgot, Allah told you that it is OK to lie to unbelievers in the cause of jihad. And one more thing about Iran -- With a president who regularly calls for the immediate destruction of Israel, what can one say. The comment about the vilification of Iran is the funniest part of the article. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has almost daily vilified Israel, the United States, and the West. I believe that we have the right and obligation to defend ourselves against this. Even though the article singles out Judeo-Christian world, the Islamic threat also targets every other non-Muslim faith.

It is very sad that people use the name of God to kill His own creation.The very same God of all the Jews, Christians and Muslims, as we aqll are suppose to belive in the same One God. To achive salvation nither a muslin nor a christian nor a jew have to kill each other, but follow the commandments as was stated by Moses and Jesus and Mohammed (peace upon them all). I pray to God Almighty to bring the people who love and fear God to together and the evil leaders across the world for peace to prevail. Ameen.

AMINA said:
not saying i don't have a problem with the nutty christian right, but i would argue that terms like islamo fascist are being used INSTEAD of simply calling it muslim violence or islamic terrorism. i personally think it's political correctness rather than rhetoric aimed at making islam/muslims look bad. beli8eve me, many would prefer to just say it's "all muslims" -- frankly, from many of the posts on this iste, i'd be inclined to say similar

I always thaught tha USA is the bigger land colonized, much more than Palestine itself.


A true circus by all accounts. A convention of sociopath frothing and foaming from every orifice at the thought of an Islamic holocaust, bent of destroying the world. I have seen this hideous, obese swine that goes by the name of John Hagee many times on television, and he never fails to make me wince at the level that a human being has the capacity to stoop to.Imagine if a prominent, influential, worldly renown Muslim cleric were to repeatedly call for Americas destruction for no other reason then to force a Quranic prophecy into fruition. He would be languishing in a gitmo cell right now. However, this perversity of nature and his colleagues like Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell and the like, not only get away with it, but they greatly influence the governments geo-political decisions. Decisions that determine which sovereign nation should be obliterated and turned to rubble, decisions that have the potential to cause mass genocide.I am beginning to think that somehow humanity has lost its ability to reason and use the light of intellect to look through this veil of mass deception which is in fact paper thin, and the more one relies on intellectual and reflective reasoning and thinking the more translucent it becomes.Look beyond the dark cloak of deception, and you can see the real face of terror and evil. By manipulation of the masses they do their war. Terror and evil does not have a penchant for turbans and over grown beards. We have fallen for a comical demagoguery, and de-humanization of the Islamic world, to a point where even the most rational amongst us remain afflicted. John Hagee and his acolytes who convene to discuss destruction and mass genocide, and those who adhere to their every word without relying on their own God given ability to decipher through their mendacity, and those who's arrogance, bellicosity, and a false sense of superiority cause them to murder their neighbors in cold blood, are the true face of terror and indeed evil.