Armageddon Wish

John Bolton, a notorious neocon warmonger who could not be confirmed as America's ambassador to the UN by even the compliant and inept US Senate, got the job as a recess appointment. He is using the platform to push America into war with Iran.

Bolton told the Financial Times (June 9, 2006) that the Bush Regime has no intention of reaching an agreement with Iran. Time is running out for diplomacy, Bolton told the Financial Times. Iran has a short time remaining in which it can give up its right under the non-proliferation treaty to enrich uranium for nuclear energy or be attacked. Bolton said that US security guarantees for Iran "were not on the table."

There is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Every physicist knows that the enrichment requirement for weapons is many times greater than for nuclear energy and that Iran can barely achieve the latter. Despite the facts, Bolton told the Financial Times: "They've [Iran] got both feet on the accelerator, which is why we have a sense of urgency. Each day that goes by gives Iran more time to continue to perfect its efforts for mass production."

Mr. Bolton is shamelessly promoting misinformation. Bush administration lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and propagandistic references to mushroom clouds convinced the befuddled American public to accept an illegal invasion of Iraq. The same collection of neocon war criminals is again deceiving the American public about Iran.

In his remarks to the Financial Times, Bolton shows himself to be extremely disturbed by the prospect that the diplomatic efforts of Europe, Russia, and China could undermine the Bush administration's plan to attack Iran. Bolton is doing everything possible to make certain that there is no diplomatic solution.

To help undermine any prospect for peace in the Middle East, Israeli gunboats shelled a public beach and killed or wounded 50 Palestinians. This was done in order to provoke Hamas into abandoning the long-established cease-fire that Hamas had imposed in the interest of negotiating a Palestinian settlement.

The Israeli government succeeded, and now there will a resurgence of "Hamas terrorism" that Bolton and his neocon compatriots can use to build a frightening spectacle of Muslim terrorism.

The Bush/Olmert axis-of-evil have made it clear that "we don't want no stinking peace."

Writing in (June 10, 2006), University of California Professor Jorge Hirsch explains the tripwire that the Bush Regime has laid for Iran in order to have an excuse to launch an attack on that country.

Just as the Bush administration planned to attack Iraq and then orchestrated a case based on lies, the Bush Regime has already planned to attack Iran. Only this time nuclear weapons will be used.

Nuking Iran is an essential part of the attack plan. The US lacks the necessary conventional military force to invade and occupy Iran, but the use of nuclear weapons against Iran has a wider purpose. The neocons are determined not to have any more embarrassments, such as the Iraqi insurgency. By nuking Iran they intend to send a wider message that the US will use every means at its disposal to ensure its hegemony. The neocons believe that the use of nukes will convince Arabs and the wider world that there is no recourse to accepting America's will.

The neoconservatives could not care less about public opinion. Neocons are contemptuous of the American people. Leo Strauss taught neocons that it was their duty to deceive the clueless American people in order to implement their agenda of global domination. The neocons believe that they have a perfect right, even the obligation, to manipulate the public through propaganda and black ops in order to create acceptance and support for their wars of aggression.

The neocons are the epitome of evil, and they have succumbed to hubris. Like Hitler when he attacked the Soviet Union, neocons believe that their manipulative skills and use of military power will carry the day for their agenda. Hitler's hubris doomed Germany to destruction. What price will America pay for neocon hubris?

When the neocon nazis nuke Iran it will revive memories in Japan and break the US-Japanese alliance. Japan owns enough US Treasury bonds to be able to destroy both the US dollar and the market for Washington's endless red ink. Russia, China, India, and even our European lackeys will have it forcefully brought home to them that the US is an out-of-control rogue nation. They will unify against us. Most likely our bought and paid for puppets in the Middle East will fall, and Islamic leaders will gain Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Al Qaeda will gain tens of millions of recruits.

Francis Fukuyama's phrase, "the end of history" takes on new meaning.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.

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Older Comments:
Salaam Alaykum brother Ahmed Ashgar.

Regarding your post no. 38246, and in particular, to quote your alternative comment as follows:

"Whilst a Muslim believes in end of time, none can predict this except God. Ours is to continue life and leave such matters to God. He does not need our helping hand, as this bunch of loonies believe, to bring the world to an end. After all He created when we were not there to help, so what makes a Despensationalist Christian believe that now God needs our helping hand to destroy this world! Yet we know that creating anything is far more difficult than destrying it. So, if God created life then destroying it is much more easier for Him> He has no need for our help. It is us who need GOD not the other way around."!!! Mashallah for the sensible people like you to help set things in order. May Allah give us all the wisdom and courage to turn people to Him. Amen.

The only cartoon like character here is you DOn Phoine. As usual you have nothing of any substance to add to the discussion. Grow up ...

Renee wrote
"It is very irresponsible of islamicity to put this article. It is more of one's opinion stated as a fact as to nuking Iran."
Bolton is not just one man. He reprents the US in the world body known as United Nations. Thus he is the face of the US and represents Bush's govt policies. He is also a staunch Zinoist and absolute backer of Israel come what may, even to bombing any country that doesn't like what Israel does. In short he is a war-mongering thug whose resume was rejected by many to represent US but ended up there anyway. Question: What sort of power is behind him?

This is the sad demise of the greatest nation in the world. What makes America so great are the different types of people (Melting pot) but that is decreasing day by day as the nation is going in the negative directions. I hope and Inshallah pray that American Governemnt and oppresor gov'ts around the world stop this rampage as it will greatly detrimental to us as Humans if they does not stop. May the Creator, GOD bless peace on the land. AMEEN

It is very irresponsible of islamicity to put this article. It is more of one's opinion stated as a fact as to nuking Iran.

I'm totally indifferent to article of Mr. Roberts, with his perspective of the world that is bordering on cartoon like with its caricature of the dreaded Neo-Con!

The Neo-Con is a super villain on the same level as Lex Luthor or The Joker. Get real Mr. Roberts, your analysis is made to please a certain audience, but is inaccurate to put it mildly!

US should think about impeaching Bush, this is costing US and it taxpayers billions of dollars to fight a war and Bush's calls it war on terror
but it sounds more on War on Islam, since he is born again christian.

Ah, don't worry. US war with Iran will mean the End of US Empire; and the empire will end very quickly. Don't you want to see the end of US Empire?

Capitalism, for its survival, must expand. For expansion, it needs oil. Iran war will shut down the oil flow; dollar will collapse, and the economy will collapse. And the Empire will collapse. So, I say, 'Bring on the War". Does anybody not see the collapse of US Empire?