Cartoon crisis?

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We like making sweeping declarations about freedom of speech but that right is fettered by laws of libel and hate, and other factors.

In newspapers, cartoons are routinely rejected for reasons of taste or because they may be unfair or unnecessarily hurtful. A good editor errs on the side of pushing the limits of freedom. But on occasion, she says no.

The artist may not like the call but must live with it. The drawing is his but the space in which it is to run is the newspaper's. 

The Star's legendary cartoonist Dunc Macpherson once argued that I was misguided to have axed his day's work on the basis that his premise was all wrong. "Artists are not bound by facts," he growled. But the paper is, I said.

The Danish paper that invoked freedom of speech to justify caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad is, thus, only half right. But let's say that it did have an absolute right. Equally, though, Muslims had a right to be offended. Defenders of the first principle have had difficulty acknowledging the second.

"Why the fuss? These are only cartoons," many said of the Arab boycott of Danish products.

The peaceful consumer revolt was a legitimate response (until overtaken by gun-toting hotheads issuing dire warnings).

Yet many Europeans derided the boycott, with the unmistakable underlying message: "We can treat you the way we want and thou shall shut up."

Those days are gone. Still, why do Muslims react so strongly?

By now, readers know that Islam forbids depictions of the Prophet. Non-Muslims can no more mock that than Muslims can deride some aspect of the Christian or Jewish faith. 

Imagery was not the only problem with the Danish cartoons. They were insulting, which is, of course, the point of a cartoon. But they also portrayed the Prophet as a terrorist and, by extension, all Muslims, thereby engendering hate against them.

The drawings were hurtful to a people who are, arguably, more attached to their prophet than others may be to theirs. 

Each time they say his name, Muslims invoke "peace and blessings" on Muhammad. Nearly 4 million visit his grave in Saudi Arabia every year. 

But more than religion, it is geo-politics, past and present, that hangs over the controversy.

A cartoon Thursday in the al-Quds newspaper showed an artist at work at Jyllands-Posten. In the first panel, he rejects a grotesque drawing of a black person: "This is racism." He rejects the second, which equated the Cross of David with the swastika: "This is anti-Semitism." He keeps the longer third panel, of the Prophet's cartoons: "This is freedom of speech."

When Muhammad appeared 600 years after Christ, Europe saw him as an impostor and a false prophet. Pope Innocent III called him the Antichrist. Dante consigned him to the ninth of the 10 ditches of the Inferno. Voltaire, Gibbon, Bacon and others demonized him as the Prince of Darkness or the Beast of the Apocalypse or Mahound. 

Such characterizations were used in more muted forms by European colonialists occupying Muslim lands. The bigoted imagery had begun to subside during our contemporary era, only to be resurrected after 9/11.

Go to any bookstore in a European city and you will see anti-Muslim tracts selling well.

Europe's 20 million Muslims have borne the brunt of this Islamophobia, from rightwing anti-immigrant parties and conservative media. Here's a sample from the Danish People's Party: "Muslims who come here reject our culture. Muslim immigration is a way for Muslims to conquer us, just as they have done for the past 1,400 years."

Add to all this some contemporary realities affecting Muslims.

Iraq was illegally and unjustly invaded and remains occupied, with contemptuous disregard for Iraqi lives. Palestinians have just been warned they may be starved because they dared to elect Hamas. Iran is being isolated over its nuclear intentions, even though it has not violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty it has signed, while non-signatories Israel and India enjoy full American backing. 

The arguments for and against those policies aside, there's no doubt that they have left Arabs/Muslims feeling under siege.

They see double standards in the Danish affair as well.

A cartoon Thursday in the al-Quds newspaper showed an artist at work at Jyllands-Posten. In the first panel, he rejects a grotesque drawing of a black person: "This is racism." He rejects the second, which equated the Cross of David with the swastika: "This is anti-Semitism." He keeps the longer third panel, of the Prophet's cartoons: "This is freedom of speech."

Conversely, the criticism from Arabs/Muslims has sounded hypocritical, given their own intolerance and an ongoing anti-Israeli polemic. Much of that is encouraged by unelected, despotic governments keen on diverting domestic anger abroad.

This context shows there is a great deal of mutual ignorance. However, it does not prove any inherent incompatibility between Muslims and non-Muslims, as extremists on both sides would have us believe.


Haroon Siddiqui is the Toronto Star's editorial page editor emeritus. [email protected]

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  1. Angelo Bucciero from CANADA


    I found a response to this issue, on a Muslim website that seems very reasonable.

    I've also been thinking about the death that has happened because of these cartoons. Especially after someone on BBC News World mentioned that they thought some right wing Fascist type people on both sides seem to be manipulating and adding fuel to the fire to cause this crisis. (It was the one with Prince Hassan of Jordan.)

    Could it be that there are very sinister forces at work here trying to divide, so that they can gain power or influence?

    And could it be that these sinister and opposing forces knowingingly or not are actually serving a bigger evil that wants mankind to kill itself off?

    I can hear the athiests and the scientific people laughing and maybe they are right.

    However if you are Christian or you are Muslim and don't follow what the prophets taught, and as such help the enemy of all the prophets then you belong to that enemy.

    We all have a consience we know right from wrong. Lets not let our weaknesses be the assets of our prophets' enemy.

    I am confident that the forces of reason and goodness will prevail.

    Peace be with you and your families.

  2. Doin Phine

    To Hudd, when you say my words bear a seed of truth, that is the point of free speech, what is a seed one day is a beautiful garden the next. Didn't the UN come out with a report stating the abuses in the "Oil for Food" program to feed the Iraqi people by Saddam. Yes Saddam and Bin Laden were partners with the West and the USA in the past, but I don't think you could state that this is the first instance of shifting partners in the history of mankind. It goes with the course. For better or worse. Yes the West makes mistakes and is not perfect. Persaonnaly I find why Bush should not be in the ME is due to the impossiblility of having a democracy due to "tribal" allegiances. Look at the fighting between different factions of Islam which has been happening for hundreds of years. The Kurds will take the first chance they have to seperate. I believe Bush is not evil, but he is terribly naive about what can be accomplished. You listen to the news and hear Muslims blowing up Americans, and along that you here where a Mosque is blown up. The most sacred of building by Muslims blown up other Muslims. There is no sense, no logic and no tolerence. With growing free speech, tolerance would be accepted, and people of different beliefs will be able to live together. How can Muslims live with non-Muslims when Sunni don't even believe that Shia are real Muslims. As far as saying that the Danish cartoons are racist, how is that possible. Everybody knows that Islam is an ideology. How can you be racist. I think it is important to use the right words if we are to resolve the issue. An Arab is not necessarily a Muslim, and a Muslim is not necessarily an Arab. So lets stop talking racism and call it what it is. The Koran is filled with hate towards disbelievers, so is the Koran racist? Good question, anybody got an answer to that one. Do you need verse numbers, if so I can give them, but the list would be long. Please in your answer don't deflect your answer by............

  3. Hudd from Canada

    Doin Phine, I see you're still doing fine. Definitely. I coulnd't approve more. Free speech to the extent that the other party has a diametrically different point of view without getting violent or resuming onself to racial slurs. Even though,truth might be ugly, your comments bear a seed of truth. But the message of the cartoons bear not an atom of reality and as such is just a racial slur that is a generator of hurt feelings culminating in dire violence. You differ in values and in culture, good for you, so is this world diverse and whole. In the moment you bring a people under one umbrella by depicting their prophet in a position you see the Muslim leaders today, religious or irreligious is fundamentally wrong. You will not claim God as being the culprit for human failure, that's just stupid. Prophets are messangers of God and if God was just(and He is) He couldn't arbitrarily chose a nation over the other. Remember, Nietzsche's "obermann". According to Islam all nations are equal, none is superior to the other and every man is the brother of the other(in principle they have the same origin).

    As such, I consider the sanctions imposed by USA as the main cause of the death of the Iraqi children. Before the sunctions Iraqi children had only one problem: obesity. The embargo was cruel and unnecessary. It served no purpose but the distruction of a great people. I wouldn't say Saddam killed hundred of thousands, but more like thousands. More than one but less than ten. However as once I opined about the claimed number of dead in the WWII Holocaust. It doesn't really matter whether it was 2 or 6 million. What matters is the manner in which they were compelled to die. It seems that the public at large is influenced by astronomical numbers. The world is not a theatre. After the play is over the actors won't get up and continue with their lives,but be for ever dead(untill the Day of Reckoning).

    Don't forget Saddam Hussein was USA's ally. Ask Rumsfeld.

  4. ibrahim from turkei

    if people want to response to cartoons because of their faith to Muhammed(sav), they should behave his doctrines he lived as an answer. "what non muslims do" does not interest me as much as muslims acts at this point. as a muslim i am interested in the faults done by us, especially after some stupid agressions(you know) which are done in all over the world..

  5. Angelo Bucciero from Canada

    Dear Hudd,

    I think that there is a lot of common ground between what the Christians and Muslim believe with regard to how offensive violence is to God.

    I believe that together we can agree on this and since I haven't seen any opposing view I am going to assume that this forum generally agrees with this.

    Does it not seem illogical for a believer in Islam to offend Muhammad by being violent against a non-believer because he offends Muhammad.

    BTW don't worry about my belief in Jesus as my way to salvation because this is a question of faith. I did however stumble unto the following link:

    In this video a Christian that I am not very familiar with quotes from the Quaran Sura 10:94, 5:44 among others. He says that Quaran instructs Muslims to read the previous scriptures (Torah and New Testament). Maybe if you do, you will understand why to us Jesus is more than a prophet.

    Peace be with you,


  6. Doin Phine

    Million starving Iraqi children, due to American sanctions. Hudd you know what you wrote is not correct. The Children starved due to the corrupt gov't of Saddam Hussain, where food for oil dollars were not used properly, and used to support Saddam's and friends lifestyle and his military "machine", if it could be called that. Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Shia Muslims during his reign. One of the worlds most evil people of the last 100 years with his ruthless rise to power, and doing whatever it took to stay there. During his reign stealing from the Iraq people of untold known amounts of money. WMD he had it, he used it, and it was moved to Syria, before the invasion, due to delays created by the United Nations. To try to relate this to free speech, I can state my opinion, and you yours, and nobody gets violent, and discussion is possible! Long live free speech.

  7. Hudd from Canada

    Dear Angelo Bucciero,

    I feel you and I hope that you are honest in your quest. In light of this sentiment, I'll try to bridge over to you.

    Regarding Jesus of Nazareth,peace be upon him, he delivered the message God intrusted him with. Not once he says in the Bible that he was sent by the Father,meaning God. Since Christians pray,"Our Father which art in Heaven...", denotes that a common term of appealing to God was,"Father!" In Middle East is customary to call upon God,"Rab!" which means loosely,Father. Having said these I just want to stress that whatever Jesus,pbuh,taught was from God and a Mission from God. We Muslims do not consider Jesus,pbuh,God. If that was the case why does he mention God/Father independently? It wouldn't make sense. If he was god, then nobody sent him but he came. However, he mentions,"The one that sent me." For us Muslims the one who sent him is The One and Only: The God!" God is English for Allah as well as Dios,Dieu,Got,Boga,Khoda,Ellah,Ilah,etc in other languages, which are just interpretations of Allah. To make you understand, when you speak Arabic as a Christian you call on God, Allah. God in the Arabic Bible is Allah. God in Hebrew is Ellah with many other variations,Ilah, Elloh. Yahwe is a name and atribute of God as well. In Islam we have other 99 names of His atributes. But they are names and atributes of the same one God. For Muslims this God is the Creator of everything there is. If Jesus the son of Mary,pbuh,was good it was because God wilt so. All his teachings were from God because God is good. When he was called good master, didn't he say:"Why do you call me good? There is only one good,even my father in heaven." A message for all of us. God/Allah/etc is good. Man is frail and prone to sin and crime. Only with God's guidance coming through the prophets, man can arrest his diabolic tendances. The message is there. How many heed to it? Jesus,pbuh,said,"Many are called,few are chosen."

  8. Thomas

    To ACDC Logic. So you are saying it is ok for free speech to degrade everybody except the prophets. But don't you understand, there are no prophets only pople who say they are. So what you are saying is that in the West we can use free speech only according to Middle Eastern logic and not ours. I DON'T THINK SO!!!

    "Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense." (comment by Thomas;like the cartoons).

    Carl Sagan

    There are many hypotheses in science which are wrong. That's perfectly all right; they're the aperture to finding out what's right. Science is a self-correcting process. To be accepted, new ideas must survive the most rigorous standards of evidence and scrutiny.

    Carl Sagan

    Maybe with these two quotes from a world famous scientist, we can better understand why free speech is so important. Why free speech can't be tied down to be politically or religiously correct.

    Middle East Muslims speak at no ends on how great the Middle East once was scientifically, and why it is not anymore. I suggest to them they research if for themselves, and they will see, that the dark ages started when liberties and free speech were cut down in the 1200's, due to outside pressures put on the Muslim world. The reaction of the Muslim world was the opposite of what it should have been, and has affected the Muslim world since. Thank-you.

    I wish Islam well, and I believe it needs to have as Islam terminology uses a "Ijtihad" urgently, which with out free speech is impossible. Good Luck.

    To learn more about " Ijtihad" go to


  9. Angelo Bucciero from Canada

    Dear Hudd,

    First thank you for replying, I was starting to think that I was invisible.:)

    I am glad to see that, if I understand, you accept what Jesus taught and that you didn't learn anything new from me regarding Jesus. So at least on the points that I mentioned regarding Jesus, The Quaran and the Bible seem to say the same thing.

    You mention different shameful events done in Jesus name. I agree with you 100%. I say loadly that I condemn without any hesitation what the people you mentioned did. AND what certain Christians continue to do in the name of Jesus.

    I adopt the following attitude, to be Christian is to strive to be Christ like while accepting him as saviour.

    It says in the Bible that when we feed, clothes, shelter someone that we actually are doing this to Jesus. I suspect that when we steal, cheat, murder and lie that we actually do this to him too.

    What does the Quaran say about this? Is it possible that violence we have been witnessing ia actually against all our collective prophets?

    Also if we agree on what Jesus says then I will assume that Muhammad would be in agreement and so would ultimately Allah.

    So then, should not all real Muslims call for their brothers in Islam not to cause violence but love thy enemy by educating.

    BTW with all the mistrust and bad blood between our people I accept that you question my motives but for me I am starting to see a bit more clearly what is going on.

    Thank you and peace be with you, your loved ones and all the prophets that serve the one true God.

  10. Hudd from Canada

    Marcel Saba,this is the most racist comment from a Christian that I ever heard. Muslims from Lebanon here in Toronto were telling us incredible stories about the Christian hate and struggle to destroy Islam. I didn't believe them because my experience with Christians is quite different. Some of them were there for me when I was in times of trouble and helped me out. At my turn I extended a helping hand when they were in need. But this?! What you are saying is terrible. You and your father should be ashamed of yourselves. .. You think that you are better than me? Wow, now that's fascist. You a Lebanese Christian are better than a Canadian Muslim? Well,buddy, I wouldn't exchange my place with yours if I were to own Lebanon. How big is your country anyway? The size of Toronto? I don't think is half as big as New York City. Anyway,thank you for revealing to me the real culprit of the turmoils in Lebanon, now it's clear. The fascist and ultra racist Christians of Lebanon are the ones responsible for the atrocities happening in that puny Lebanon! I just remembered Sabrah and Shatilah how you happily and joyeously murdered 2000 Palestinian children,women and old people. What about that, Marcel?Did the Muslims kill 2000 fascist Christians in the latest riots?

    ..!Sad!Very sad! I informed all my Canadian and other Western Muslim friends about your comment and we are going to share it with our Christian compatriots. As such they will see what the Middle Eastern Muslims have to put up with! Not only the apartheit Israelis but also the racist and fascist Christian Arabs! Shame on you!

  11. Hudd from Canada

    Dear Angelo Bucciero, I understand your reaction,but I can't appreciate it. First of all, Jesus,pbuh,is Jesus. Can't be two of them,if you talked about the Messiah the son of Mary. There is not Moses,pbuh, of the old testament,Moses of the new testament and Moses of the Quran. There is Moses,pbuh,period! Jesus,pbuh,is the most mentioned prophet in the Quran. Muslims never cursed him as Christians do.Never protraited him in either an icon or a cartoon. When Muslims mention his name they add,peace be upon him. So do not try to pull a smart one with us on this,OK?

    You said:"The problem that I am having is that if Muslims know Jesus how can they even try and justify the violent protests"You hit the nail on the head,my friend. It is the same problem Muslims have with Christians.Let's analyze together,shall we?

    1)Were the fanatic crusaders entering the city of Aelia(Jerusalem) following Jesus Christ,pbuh, when they slaughtered every living thing in the city? Muslim,Christian,Jew,livestock,pets and anything that either moved or breathed!

    2)Were the bloody conquistadors slaughtering the native Americans in the name of brotherly love and love for the enamy when they were received with open arms? Was this what Jesus of Nazareth,pbuh,taught them to do?When Hernan Pizzaro fed bound natives to his hounds after baptizing them, was this what Jesus the son of Mary,pbuh,asked him to do?

    When the fascist duce,Mussolini invaded Lybia and created large concentration camps,death fields for the Lybians and started systematically to exterminate the Arabs and replace them with Italians.He had the Pope's blessings and thus was it what Jesus the son of man,pbuh,taught the Italian people to do?

    3)When USA invaded Vietnam and burned people alive with napalm bombs and poisoned them with yellow gas, killing them in the millions, was this what Jesus the Messiah,pbuh,asked them to do?

    Shall I continue?But I guess you knew all this. Your question is to provoke,not to l

  12. Kurt Zinkernagel from Denmark

    The article is calling for a boycot of Danish

    products.We could of course retaliate and boycot

    Muslims in Denmark,but so far we havent been so

    silly.I have an Arab hairdresser,and I go to a

    Turkish restaurant every week.

  13. a from u

    crticising against one's strong belief is more dangerous to the extent of endless conflicts resulting the formation of terrorism, etc. This not only to muslims but also to other religions shall act the same.

    Now the world crisis obvious fueled by insulting the religion faith leader (Prophet) who is absolutely unique according to believers potraying him in ill image never forgiven.

  14. Poul Granum-Jensen from Denmark

    According to Islamic tradition and the Quran,Mu-

    hammed was just a man like anybody else...The prob-

    lem is that muslims have made him into a god be-side God,and thereby committed an unforgivable

    sin (sura 4,116.

  15. Angelo Bucciero from CANADA


    In reading the reactions I have seen many references to Jesus. Even though I fail him through my actions and thought countless times a day I consider him untouchable and my saviour.

    The problem that I am having is that if Muslims know Jesus how can they even try and justify the violent protests?

    Is the Jesus of Islam the one who teaches that there are really only two commandments:

    1) Love God above all.

    2) Love your fellow man as you love yourself.


    Is he the same one who said that anyone can love their friend but that we should love our enemy?

    Is he the same one who said to his apostle that to live by the sword is to die by the sword when this apostle tried to save him?

    If this is also the Jesus of Islam as it is the one of Christians than by what logic do you feel that to violently defend the honour of any of the prophets and the one true God of these prophets that you please any of them?

    If the Jesus of Islam is the same as the Jesus that I have described to you then without any knowledge of the Quaran I know beyond the shadow of doubt, that all those who protest violently dishonour Allah and all of his prophets.

    So, are we talking about the same Jesus?

    please reply I really need to have my question answered.


    Angelo Bucciero

  16. halim aziz from malaysia

    It seem the whole western civilisation doesnt know where to cartoon and where not to cartoon.They accused mid-eastern countries also printed cartoon of Christian and Jewish politicians. And when come to cartoon produced by Christoffer-Zieler(Jesus caricatures)Jyllands-Posten refuse to print.Yesterday JP announced it will not print holocust cartoon produced by Iranian newspaper. Now 6.5 billions people on planet earth witness western and Christian hypocrisy! YOU REALLY HATE US IN YOUR SMILE !!!!

  17. Rauf from Cda

    I wonder if some of the 'against' commentators have read the article in full. Or understood the message the writer is trying to convey.

    Further let us not place the mullah's, imams or the pope on the same pedestal as a prophet. And as Mr siddiqui says, the Muslims love and respect their prophet more than the respect enjoyed by prophets of other faiths! 1400 years has not removed him into 'the past'. We live his messages daily. Terrorism has been thrown at us by the West(foreign policies of the West).

    Peace upon all.

  18. AC/DC Logic from canada

    Dear TC Logic,

    Middle-eastern media have been creating cartoons on some Mullahs or Imams , mid-eastern muslim people, some muslim figures... for a long time. Muslims never complained... they dont bother if insulting cartoons are made on muslim people or muslim political leaders etc. Yes , you are right, mid-eastern media have been creating cartoons on western and isrealy political leaders such as Sharone mr.Bush Tony Blair etc , insulting cartoons on jews, christians, israely and western people have been created by them for many years. But they NEVER NEVER NEVER make any cartoon or insult in any form the Prophets of Jewish and christian faiths like Moses, Jesus, Isaac, Jacob etc. Muslims dont bother cartoons on muslim people but insulting cartoons on any Prophet is unacceptable to them. So those cartoons by mid-eastern media is not the same as this danish one.

  19. TC Logic from Planet Earth

    Before John-Paul II died, there was cartoons about him in every paper and not a single Christian protested because they take things more lightly. Muslims have to relaaaax and not give too much importance to a stupid cartoonist. How about all the cartoons in the Arab press!!! I have seen many anti Christian or jewish things and there was never a single person protesting because Muslim media use the excuse of freedom of the press when it suits them and not accept it when some idiot draws a cartoon not even seen by 1 million people. But now everyone in the world 6.5 BILLION people have seen those cartoons in the early days on TV, internet or Press reprints.

  20. A. Allen from Canada

    Why have I seen no commentary questioning why Muslims fail to protest against suicide bombings in their prophet's name yet simple cartoons cause world-wide outrage? Surely, killing in Muhammed's name is more offensive than cartoons!!! This point must be made publicly in the media! Where is the context? I now feel Islam should be banned given the irrational response to these cartoons.

  21. abdul from US

    Marcel Saba:

    I say shame when you do not follow even what the your so called Christ teachings.

    Look at the cause behind any violence or anger anywhere in the world, fix the cause.

    Who is Terrorist? Who killed and tortured who since ascent of Jesus to heaven? read history.

    Quran is a Final testament, Muhammad is final messenger of the same one GOD who sent other prophets.. Adam to Jesus.

    Who is attacking or invading or looting oil, gas and other resources of muslims around the world?.

    Post on this site if you come across in Quran and Hadith where it is said to hate other religion or other people of faith.

    You forgive muslim fanatics as you are more tolerant.. Ha Ha ha..look at your back before you say this. The events of the past and present, Crusades, World wars, killings of your own sub-sect people, Who tortured and killed the PERSON on HOLYCROSS?. They were not MUSLIMs....

    You will remain idoltors till Jesus second coming, Muhammad and Quran couldnt changed you. You read the manmade, revised, edited holybooks and watch TVs and bad people you are just ignorant.

    You people are scared to find out what is real Islam, Hadith and Prophet Muhammad. Read the Quran, Hadith with translation -you will peace and love.

    Stop terrorism, provoking, cheating, bias and read what Jesus and other prophets original or authentic teachings from the ORIGINAL, enedited, non-revised holy books.

  22. ismail from NIGERIA

    it is very bad.if anything should happen they will say is does muslim.we have been tagged terorist which is very bad.

  23. Bilal Haroon from Singapore

    Yes, it is also freedom of expression that " if they have a right offend in the name of freedom of speech, we too have right o defend our Prophet who is exemplary human being and who is above to our parents"

    Let the west stop this arrogance against Islam

  24. Kaveh from Iran

    In response to Vincester,

    You say - "Islam/Muslims will be forced to bend their knees at the foot of Isreals God The King of Kings Jesus Christ." !! Lol, Israel has never accepted Jesus as God of Israel and they never will accept this roman and greek bullshit. Besides, our Prophet Jesus(peace be upon him) will return in Syria at a friday prayer as the leader of muslim ummah and then He will crush the aggressor zionists and armies from russia, china,india. Jesus(pbuh) is not God of Abraham, Isaac,Moses etc. He never claimed to be God, let alone God of Israel. Jews corrupted original Injeel(bible) and passed it to greeks and romans which greeks & romans corrupted so many times and they twisted corrupted the true faith of Christ. What you are following - present day christianity, is not the true faith of Christ but the cult of greeks and romans. They created many false teachings such as trinity, original sin, Jesus being God etc that directly oppose the true faith of Christ. His mother-tounge was aramaic as the Gospel was revealed to him in aramaic. 'Allah' is aramaic for God and Jesus refered to Him (first part of trinity for christians) as Allah - the only God/Lord ever exists - the God of Jesus,Noah,Abraham,Ishmael, Isaac,Jacob,Joseph,Moses,Mohammed (peace be upon them). It is pure nonsense to say something like God of Arabia, God of Israel, God of jews/arabs because He is the God of everything that exists, He is God of the entire daamn universe or space, He is the God of every creatures including angels and other unseen creratures, certainly He is the God of every nations on earth not only Israel. The nations of modern day Iraq and Iran had existed thousands years before Israel came into being, who was God of ancient iraq-iran when there was no israel ? You say - "Turn now to your Lord Jesus Christ He desires that you choose Him" while the reality is we muslims follow our Prophet Jesus(pbuh) and he desires you turn to his Lord(Allah) leaving the roman cult.

  25. Dr Edriss from US

    get life marcel? why your name is not arab and you claim to be lebanese? nevermind! if your dad was raised good he will not have you telling people about his uglyness. why don't you use your Idea and go to the court and leave the judge say his opinion if any innocents were attacked?.

    lebanon got bunch of problems and you proved to the world that you are not loyal to lebanon. it is not my talk, it is lebanese christian talk too, just not the one who begged France to accept Maron as saint.

    do not fool the christian of the west? the majority of them doesn't accept the maronite belief to be christian... it is just politics and you are the only way France can get to lebanon...

    by the way, I'm not lebanese and I'm not syrian, I just have like Phd in the history of the arab world. don't present your problems like part of the problems of the christians? your people in the morning loyal to Israel, in the afternoon loyal to America and in the evening loyal to France. how do you want us believe anything from what you said here? and if it is true, why don't you go to the court since that's your Idea?

  26. Thomas

    To Marcel Saba,

    I have empathy for your plight, and respect for your courage. Be strong, and knowing you have friends in the West. The problem of persecution of Christians in the Middle East is horrific. I try in my daily life to help Westerners that we have to help minorities in the Middle East for added support.

  27. halim aziz from malaysia

    Give 1000 years more, Jyllands-Posten and friends will still have misconceptions about Islam because they choose to be that.There is locks in their heart. THEY HATE MUSLIMS IN THEIR SMILES

  28. halim aziz from malaysia

    I believe Evelyn Alsultany from University of Michigan gives good explaination:

    According to Islamic tradition, Alsuntany said, the Prophet Muhammad was sent with a message in the 7th century because Christians were worshiping the man Jesus and his image, instead of God. As a result, Muhammad refused to have his image recorded because he did not want people to worship him, but rather pay attention to his message and worship God. "Given this background, it is blasphemous to depict the Prophet Muhammad, and it is beyond disrespect to not just depict the Prophet, but to depict him as a terrorist," she said.

    Evelyn Alsultany, University of Michigan

  29. hanifa from Indonesia

    It's time to all moslems to be united to be solid as a rock. We have to show them that Moslems have a good attitude by doing protest without violent.

    My heart was shattered into peaces and we must keep on doing protest. How we could just let our Masseger ( Muhammad SAW) treat light that?? He is the one who show you the light and offer you an enternal happiness without reward. should people who dont even have 10% of Mohammed SAW's great attitude treat our massanger like that??

    where's the justice and your gratitude to this perfect person guaranteed entering the heaven

  30. AC from UK









  31. AC from UK










  32. Marcel Saba from Lebanon

    I am a Christian Lebanese and I say SHAME on those Muslims who have burned Lebanese Christian Arab areas in Beyrouth as an excuse about the Muhammed cartoons. Don't be surprised to be called terrorists even more after this. Muslims who do this are backwards, non-tolerant and down right fools when they act this way. This will harm Islam on the long term. How would you feel if Syria does something wrong and Algeria gets attacked for it? This is what muslims are doing by attacking Christians everywhere and calling them pigs. Stop this madness, you are proving to the world that you hate Christians and are looking for an excuse to attack innocent people. But us Christian Arabs forgive you Muslims fanatics because we are more tolerent than you will ever be... As my dad use to say, those fanatic muslims need another 200 years to become donkeys (HAMIR)and 1000 years to become humans!!! May God forgive you for acting like 12 year old immature kids.

  33. Todd Bingham from UK

    Vincester, you sound like a naked raving born-again, rapture-waiting, lunatic Christian Mulla. Present events and historical facts clearly show -yes even to you Vincester, "O" Christian Mulla, as blood crazed and blind as you may be, that Christians and Jews have principally been the ones lusting for blood, domination, torture, and gore. Go read your history, goofy boy. If it were not for the tremendous patience demanded by Islam, Muslims would be kicking your mad crazed born-again smelly rear end all around your Texan church.

  34. muctarr baba from The Gambia

    I am 100 percent against not only cartooning the Prophet,but saying bad things about him.Our brothers in the west should really try to understand the muslim faith which is islam.Islam is a religion of peace and unity.Freedom of speech and expression in the west has limitation expecially when we are talking about messengers of Allah.We can cartoon Geoge Bush,Tony Blair,Gaddafi or even say things about them,these people are not sent direcly by Allah ,but indirectly by their people.Any muslim that says bad things about Prophet Jesus,Moses,Ibraham knows the consequences.We respect all the Prophets that was sent by Allah.In religion there is no freedom of speech,it is in the mosques and churches,but not with the word of Allah.My brothers in the west understand Islam,then you will live in peace with the Islamic Ummah.If you dont want to understand Islam,Please live us alone to live in peace with our brothers in the west.We are all created by One God,we have to live in peace and harmony to worship him,which is the purpose of creation.WASALLAM.

  35. Ice Fossil from USA

    I guess with the world trying promote an idea of coexistence in peace irrespective of religion and race, respect, is a vital ingredient. Every person needs to learn this. The cartoonist and editor should at least bare on their conscience that because of their irresponsible venture people are now dead and rioting has spread. It doesn't matter what your views are, you should always realize the consequences of your actions. Even Danish businesses in muslim countries are now suffering because of them. Us muslims likewise need to foresee the consequences of our actions. Violence did not get our point through but rather widened the gulf and created many other misconceptions about our religion.

  36. LoveToLearnTruth from USA

    Evidently there aim is to do to Muhummad{PBH}what they have done to Jesus by blaspemously falsifying morally disturbing lies about a wreched prostitute Mary Maddog....Don't be fooled by these Devils By nature. Is that why they spontaneously combust.

  37. Vincester from USA

    Islam the religion of submission is out of control. Muslims say one thing and do violent acts, I say actions speak louder than words. Muslims from Egypt and Syria disown there Palastinian brothers by their actions, thier words are good for nothing.Islam/Muslims will be forced to bend their knees at the foot of Isreals God The King of Kings Jesus Christ. Right now they still have a choice,but when they/Islam moves on Jerusalem they will be crushed.By The God of Isreal,pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Those that bless Her will themseleves be blessed those that curse Her will themselves be cursed forever. Isreal is Gods timepeace never again will the Jewish people again be without a nation, for God Himself will fight and triumph for Her. Turn now to your Lord Jesus Christ He desires that you choose Him and thus choose LIFE!

  38. Dr Edriss from US

    We can treat you the way we want and thou shall shut up.

    that's exactly the message that moslems understtod from arround the world. and it is a claim of War message.

    rioting is small answer to that message but I believe the right answer is never ever buy anything those guys produce. plus in our time, European product is the last quality and the highest price of all the world's products. we should tell them thank you for waking us from buying your junks. I see the whole Europe has nothing special to sell to the Islamic world. in the opposit, they must buy oil and gas from the moslem world.

    it is time to tell them enjoy your products, we a both gonna buy asian products untill we can afford to make our own :).

    this message is copyright, do not use or reproduce without contacting the author? you will be subject to $10 000... 🙂

    Allah is making things easy for us, we just have to worship Him sincerely. Alhumdulillah

  39. Wajiha from Pakistan

    This article does express the concern, also there is a limit for freedom of speech, when it tries to hurt the feelings, in terms of other religion, sex, race in general.

  40. athfa from maldives

    this is not fair! if they draw thw cartoon we can also draw!!!y its always us?

  41. M Johansohn from Sweden

    I think there is a lack of understanding of Islam in Denmark but not because there is a dearth of information on the religion, but that there is an intrinsic hate for Muslims in Europe, particularly in Denmark and France. This gives rise to a virulently racist national policy supported by these states at all levels. Hence under "Freedom of Speech and Expression" the Europeans may insult, ridicule and demonise Islam and Muslims, but at the same time dare a European Muslim lady wear a headscarf, to express her religion. Sorry that's against state policy. You see Europeans hate Muslims more because the Crusades never got them anywhere. After all the bloodshed, in the end they all went back to their White Christian European hovels, disgusted, defeated and routed. Europeans have tremendous access to information about Islam but choose not enrich themselves because they look down upon Muslims. If you are white and a Muslim, they think you have become mad. If you are dark and are Muslim they think you were born mad. But yes there are a few who really do dare to defy White European Christian norms and make an effort to study these creatures they hate so much. But here lies the problem for Europeans. Usually when one of their own, specially of the intellectual bent, study Islam, invariably they end up converting to the religion. What appeals to them ? Some say the simplicity. Some say its modern thought and teaching and some say they found in Islam a culmination of all great religions and besides an exhilarating experience it was a turning point in their life which turned around 360 degrees. But these people have to first contend with the mountains of negative stereotypical images put forward by both European and American media. From the bad guys in cartoons such as Popeye caricatured as evil Muslims to the evil guys in Hollywood action movies, and so it goes on. Not until people are true to themselves will they ever find the truth. Look for the truth and you will find it.

  42. wondering man

    I cant understand why 12 cartoons of the prophet can be so horrible that it demands 100 of people to storm Danish embassy and consulate to whip it of the surface of the planet earth.

    I understand that it is not allowed to show picuters or other graphic material of the prophet according to the Koran, but aint that a question of faith?

    As far as I know is it also not allowed to attack foreign embassys.

    I dont care who to blame, Who started Jyllandsposten? The drawer? The Danish muslims who traved around whit fake pictures? I dont care get together and talk it over befor it all ends up in a conflict we cant handel.

  43. Stu from Australia

    I dont undersand all the fuss is about. Its only a cartoon, in a non muslim nation. If someone does not like something, then dont read or look at it. Its ok to say you are against it but burning embassies wont help, and pictures like that shows the west that Islam is an intolerant religion.

  44. Jacob Goodwin from US

    Just cartoon the Muslim world get very angry, but when it comes to killing hundred thousand of your fellow brother and sister you do nothing.

    Well done!!

  45. Dilligaf from New Zealand

    I haven't even seen the cartoons. But a previous poster was right. There must be hundreds of offensive cartoons out there. They happen. Instead of reacting as people expect you to, ignore them.

    Followers of Islam are fast becoming the most hated people (even more than the Germans and everyone hates Germans).

    Nobody will take any of you seriously or treaT you with any respect and accept you into their societies until you stop blowing people up and shooting them willy nilly.

    One day us infidels might just start retaliating.

  46. AbdulRahman Hj Taib from Malaysia

    However I would like to counter the statements both made in thisarticle or any western oriented writeups saying that the show of discontend inregards to the drawing the deragatory cartoons by the Muslims are not fanned by some groups or organisations. They are more from the clean hearts of every muslims that loves and respect Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)more than their lives, their parents, their Prime Ministers or even their presidents. Any negative reference or deragatory statements about this Prophet or any ather Prophets (PBUT)will result in this sortof reactions. It is not fanaticism or hysteria but sheer love for the most honorable servant and messenger of Allah as some of the orientalists made up.

  47. clear city from world

    First of all I must say that the cartoons are stupid. But in western world we have a freedom of speech and I am glad that those people have right to print/say whatever they want eventhough I dont agree with it. See the movie "People agiants Larry Flint" which stresses my point. On the other hand who gives you right to attack our symbols on the other hand? Or kill a christian priest and still be in a role of victims? It starts to look as if the arab world finally has a reason to say how you hate us. Ok on the other hand do not expect that the people of wetsern world will be willing to support multicurlutarilsm in their countries as thay have sofar.

  48. Samer from USA/Syria

    Once again Muslims showed the world in a very disturbing way that that they are a reactionary and irrational people. Why did they not demonstrate the way they did while bombs were falling over Iraq? Why did not Muslim and Arab govenrments boycot American made products for the past 20 years even though every American administration stood firmly with Israel? Instead Showing the world how stupid and irrational we are we should have shown the world that we can use civilized means to deals with the issues. But it seems we are incapable of doing this.

  49. Kaveh from Iran

    To Danish people or any other nationality whose flag has been burned,

    Most middle eastern country's media is strictly controled by their government for a long time. So those mid-eastern youth who burned embassy and flags, naturally didnt think that Danish media is different and hence they reacted against Danish government by burning flags and embassy. This is a misunderstanding because the fact that european media is not controlled by their government unlike mid-east, is not known or understood well here in mid-east. Thats why those youths reacted the wrong way but they are minority, the majority of mid-eastern people are not happy the way those youths reacted. But of course all mid-eastern nations generally are against western attitude towards islam and their foriegn policy and this cartoon just adds to that centiment. So I assure you that majority of mid-eastern people are not against Danish people, its just a few who over-reacted the wrong way. I apologize on behalf of majority mid-eastern people or muslim people. Now if you ask me about our Iranian governments cutting relation with Denmark, I would say this government dont represent the average people of mid-east.

  50. Shabih Hasan from India

    As wr wb,

    First of all this whole issue should not be turned into a for or agaisnt 'Freedom of Speech' as is being branded by the mostly Western Media .

    The issue is about 'Freedom to insult' and Muslims take a very strong exception to it .

    Muslims invite debate and criticism and we are willing to engage in an intellectual debate with the West if they 'genuinely' have some issues with Islam and the same can be carried out in very cordial ways .

    Publishing such cartoons is not the way ..its plain Insult and the coordinated publishing by the Europeon newspapers proves its delibrate .

    This shows how low have they stooped in attacking Islam and Muslims after having failed the Ideological battle and to win the 'Hearts and Minds' of Muslims to their 'secular' way of life.


    Let us use this opportunity to spread the message of Islam

    Encourage the wider Christian and Jewish community to speak out against the ridicule and abuse against all the prophets and religions, which has become commonplace in secular societies in the name of free speech. The society and state that Muslims are calling for i.e. the Caliphate State, is one in which all faiths will be respected and protected - this is the state that can bring peace amongst Muslims, Christians and Jews as was the case for hundreds of years in the Middle East.

    Invite (mankind) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His path, and He is the Best aware of those who are guided. (Al-Quran 16:125)

  51. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Admittedly I enjoy the feeling of living in a country where on occasion those who have used their position to recklessly endanger the safety of countrymen serving overseas have been more or less formally warned to be careful on their way to work. I'm quite serious about that. Such awareness gives me a feeling that is in the same instant both warm and secure.

    And believe or not it has been said that the same thing applies to members of my country's free press even. In fact during times of national strife it has been said that journalists are sometimes among the first to be given the word. Sound familiar perhaps?

    At any rate I find it comforting to know that those who have chosen to wear the uniform of my country matter more to those who are ultimately responsible for their safety than the right of a cartoonist or more to the point a publisher to disparage someone else's religion. But then again for better or worse historically the urge to be among those who rebel seems practically inherent among my countrymen. (For better or worse.)

  52. IBRO from BOSNIA






  53. Angelo Bucciero from Canada

    I accept that it is against the Muslim religion to depict the prophet Mohammad in image (especially such a negative depiction). I however am not Muslim and find the images in the news of violence from Muslims in reaction to the cartoon very offensive. As if to say that the Muslim world will use violence to force me to live by its rules. It will not work any better than the crusades worked on you.

    Shortly after 9/11 some in the west started asking themselves what could motivate a group to do what they had done on 9/11? Some have started to do some soul searching.

    Maybe it is time that the Muslim world ask itself why is there in the west a growing association between Muslim and terrorism?

    Why is it that a cartoon that is clearly insulting towards Islam causes so much outcry but the very existance of Al-Qaida which has been described by some as the hi-jacking of Islam causes muted protest?

    I am not trying to insult anyone who reads this, I just want to understand what is going on in this world.

  54. joe matana from australia

    the koran is psychiological manual that incites hatred and violence in the reader . it was specificaly designed for this purpose, so that the prophet mohammed could carry on his tradition of genocide and terrorism, long after his death. the entire recorded history of muslims is a testament to this fact

    by the way muslims are trying to take over every country they happen to migrate to from their homeland and refuse to integrate to comunities only prove that they are backward and intolerant people who don't deserve to be accepted into world comunities

  55. Ahmed from UK

    Sammena as usual has nothing of value to add, the same old clueless and apathetic tripe to be expected from ignorant munafiqs. Muslims tried for MONTHS to reach a respectable solution despite having the door slammed in their faces by the Danes anytime they requested a meeting. Once the they felt the sting of the boycott they half-heartedly "apologized" and REPRINTED the cartoons again! Thats when the riots started.

    Now its been revealed that the same paper(which supported Mussolini) refused to lapoon Christ(a.s.) 3 years for fear of offending people. Also truns out that Flemming Rose, the man who authorized the publication is a zionist close with neoconservative Daniel Pipes. In light of these facts, there is no doubt that this was planned provocation.

    This isnt "freedom of speech" its hatred lies, and hypocrisy. Some of the regular round of annti-Muslim idiots and degenerates who post here may want to get some facts under their belt before posting their asinine and inane comments.

  56. Joseph Sadon from USA

    I believe that this incident vindicates the American perspective of the muslim world. That there really needs no provocation of any state to recieve the scorn of the muslim world. My closest friend is a muslim (deply devoted to the Muslim faith) and I have realized that the Muslim world will never be able to peacefully coexist with the western world unless it breaks free of the radicalism that has captured the hearts and minds of many throughout the Islamic umma. This isnt an issue of Colonialism or imperialism, this is about one group of people who simply view the rest of the world as iferior and long for the glorious days of the past when they ruled the world. Well that time has long passed and now the world must come together and try to live in a peaceful society... otherwise i see no way of avoiding the conflict that is inevitable.

  57. Yanto from Canada

    People should now realize that enough is enough. Islam has been attacked and systematically profiled as terorist. Now they've gone too far. They triggered the most sensitive fuse, unrealizing that Muslims love their Prophet so much, almost unimaginable to other religions. And that is not baseless. Muhammad p.b.u.h is the only true leader and nothing compares to him. So the best way for non Muslims is to understand and respect Islam or take the consequences.

    Ofcourse, you can do whatever you want to mock us up, but don't be surprised if we fight back,Muslims are not dumb, not coward, not weak and not stupid.

    Understand this. Islam is like oxigen. It gives you fresh air when you deak genty with them, But it might explode if you squeeze it too hard.

    So, be mature, respect us and we will respect you.

  58. Mark from USA

    Good article, reasonable point of view. Islam has a serious PR problem in America. Some of this is due to simple ignorance and racism, but some of it lies squarely on the shoulders of Muslims. Its hard to tell whether there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim, since they are too meek and/or frightened to speak up. But the ones who are vocal are generally savages psychologically-- brutish uncivilized immature punks who bear a disturbing and striking resemblance to America gang culture.

  59. um yusuf

    Dear Julian Smith

    The Muslim can ask the same question you are asking. Why they bomb us in Iraq, why so much hatred towards the Palestinian, why they bomb us in Afganistan and Pakistan? What in the world has the average people of these countries done to the west they their life are destoyed and they are still living in misery. Are ALL of them with AlQaeda are they all terrorist?

  60. Sameena from US

    Cartoons are not our problems. There are worse depictions of Mohammed on the internet. In this day and age, you should respect freedom of speech in whatever form it comes. You can ofcourse PEACEFULLY protest - that would be ur freedom of speech. What we really need to focus on is the colonization of Muslim lands by America and Israel. IF you are gonna protest something, protest that. Dont waste your time and energy over a stupid cartoon. Our first priority should be to reclaim democracy for ourselves and to have governments that are militarily self-sufficient and economically stable so that we can stand up to the colonial onslaught. Instead, muslim men stupidly focus on minorities and women and other hobby horses of theirs because it doesnt require much of Muslim men and moreover gives their ego a quick fix. The sooner our men learn to think in a intelligent and sophisticated way, the better. Now can we please move on something more important that a puny little cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Aisha from United Kingdom

    This article had one important point it highlights the cartoon portrayed the Prophet as a terrorist and, by extension, all Muslims, thereby engendering hate against them. This is an obvious example of intellectual terrorism as it has shocked so many muslims globally that this journalist who created this cartoon feels that he has an international platform ( the media ) to insult millions of people. This artist obviously has no tact or taste in his field of work. The whole terrorist thing is an irritating issue for muslims so that last thing anyone wanted was a silly provoking cartoon splashed around the papers. I am sure he had intended such a reaction from people but if this does prove anything it shows the lack of respect for muslims from the European countries publishing such things. Anyway I think there are lots of intelligent people in the world and despite efforts to depict the prophet as a terrorist by such journalists it has only had the opposite effect. Muslims should get on with peaceful opposition to such incidents and not give them the reaction they want so that they can publish pictures of muslims burning embassies on the front page of every paper the next day. That does the muslims no favours what so ever. As far as I know the pictures were not published fully in the UK. Its nice to see that at least we British still respect other religions 🙂

  62. Arman from Azerbaijaan

    2) My second point is that modern science - chemistry, algebra , medical science etc are muslim invention. Unfortunately, for some stupid reasons, muslims had abandoned their thirst for knowledge despite strong recommendation in Koran.

    But the westerners picked it up where the muslims left it off. The west studied and developed all these muslim knowledge and have become powerful as knowledge is power. One example, It is europeans who invented calculus but without algebra the muslim invention, there is no calculus .

    From these two points I'm trying to say that we leave our knowledge and our God-given wealth to our enemies and with the power of our knowledge and wealth when the enemies keep abuse offend oppress and kill us , we fail to recognise that we muslim nations have become weak for our own actions. We had left Islam long time ago.... our rulers are bought off by the enemies. We are responsible for our weakness and we can burn foriegn flags etc but at the end of the day, it is us who must fix this by going back to Islam, establishing True Islam in mid-eastern societies. Without establishing true real Islam in mid-eastern societies, they can never become strong again and the enemies of Islam will keep oppressing them, keep insulting offending the last Messenger, keep killing destroying muslim mid-eastern people. My beloved mid-eastern brothers and sisters, all these horrible incidents happening now-a-dayz are reminders that you have no choice but to go back to Islam, arabs persians kurds turks should love eachother and be united. To do that, first you need to throw out all those american twat-kissing butt-snieffing rulers of mideast. Then establish True Islam in your societies and part of that would be to control your God-given wealth by none but you and resume seeking of knowledge as our Prophet instucted the early mumenin to go to even china for knowledge. Otherwise, today its only the west but tomorrow india and china will join them God forbid.

  63. Arman from Azerbaijaan


    Dont blame the Danish nation for a minor newspaper of that country, blame that newspaper. I had lived in Denmark for 3 years, Danish people are one of the most pro-palestinian, anti-israely, pro-muslim population in europe. When you burn Danish flags and embassy, those newpaper's folks dont give a damn about it, but its the Danish people who get some negative views on muslims. I support the idea of boycotting Danish goods but why not boycotting US and British goods as well since US and Britain are the Enemies of Islam, not Denmark. Also, I know some or few westerners are 'just people' and they are pro-muslim, however, westerners in general are very hostile to Islam and this will not change. Of all nations of the world, some western nations are enemies of Islam. There are two points I'd like to tell my mideastern bros & sisters :-

    1) Allah subhanuatala has blessed mid-eastern muslim nations in many ways. One is the blessings of energy and fuel, natural resources. No other places of this planet is 1/3 as blessed as mideast. Any part of the world would need that God-given muslim energy to become developed, powerful, industrialized, prosperous etc. So tecknically speaking it is the mideastern muslim nations who should be the most powerful and strong nations, thats why the Creator has placed energy and fuel at mideastern country's soil ; not in US, Israel and Europe. But the sad reality today is the enemies of Islam (some western nations) have bought off wealthy mideastern country's rulers and those bastard rulers have been selling out Allah's gift to muslims to the enemies of Islam, in order to protect their huge royal bastard families or monarchies. With that muslim wealth, west has become powerful and thus they are invading destroying killing mideastern innocent muslim people. My dear mideastern brothers & sisters, its time you guys throw out those american twat-kissing rulers of mideast and set their pants on fire. (to be continued in my next post)

  64. Julian Smith from Neutral

    It seems to me that this article only helps to create more ignorant hatred in the minds of the blinded faithful. My question is, what is more offensive, a cartoon of Muhammad (I agree it was wrong publishing it),or the deaths of 300 innocent workers in Madrid's subway in the name of religion? Besides the cartoon was drawn by one person, and published by another, that makes ONLY TWO Danish individuals that might have wrong views about RESPECT. But images showed the muslim world boiling with hatred against the whole western civilization; burning down the Chilean embassy, or the Swedish embassy... I am sorry, but I nor may family had anything to do with this but it seems like you hate us. Why? Why so much hate? Do you really think a person full of hate toward the innocent people of this world is ever going to make it to paradise, heaven? You better think again!!

  65. faisal from U.K

    i thought this site offered something different; views on news that are consistent with islamic principles and ettiqutes. the name of our rasool(S.A.W) has not been finished with S.A.W. secondly the article has the tone of almost a christian writter and how can he ever say the paper was half right. i find this Preposterous! muslims have been hurt deeply by this whole issue and thus extra caution should be observed. i cant believe why islamicity decided to produce it in thier website.

  66. TYPICAL from USA

    I think we are reaching the point of no return in terms of relationship of muslim world and west. Last 3 centuries were rock bottom time period for muslim world anyways but now it even more crashing point after that there is nothing left that can be saved. I am sure a lot of people don't like this conclusion but this is coming fast as we like it or not. More efforts are put into mend west and muslim relationships more oppression muslims have to bear. It is undeniable truth all religions has hardliners and often most covered in media. I am sure most of the silent majority in the middle has to suffer the consequences of the actions of extreme sect. This is exactly what is happening now that people in middle are suffering more and more and feeling more isolated. I hope they don't lose hope as it will cause this tipping over on side of no return. Most people object portrayals of muslims as victims of these crisis as it consider muslims are the one causing all this. I am sure if someone is not delusional, muslims are not any super power or even strong enough to oppress anyone other than themselves. Only the strong and the powerful can oppress and force his will. I am sure muslim don't have any of this capacity on the other side we can see who has force and power to impose his will.

    I am sure American Indians didn't have the strength and power to offset fire power and strength of westerns, same as African slaves didn't have the strength and power to fight against their slavery. Even then the retaliation of these victims of heinous crimes was consider a crime and dealt with full force. Isn't this obvious who is victim in conflict with west and muslim. If muslims are so powerful then why are they playing the blame game, they can impose their will as all powerful did in the history.

  67. a b m saleh from INDIA

    Yes, the can not be absolute right of freedom of speech or freedom of expression, where it can create law and order problem in the world. The present cartoon has been purposely created with mischievious design. By whom ? It requires enqury?

    Which one is already guilty of crime aganst prophets? In Islam, all prophets are accepted and respected as messengers of Allah. Who is responsible for present day tirade against Islam ? If there is an impertial enquiry by a respected International body, the devil will be exposed.

    a b m saleh

  68. bashar saleh from KOLKATA, INDIA

    Who abused their prophets ? Requires international enqury. The devil will come out.

    bashar saleh

  69. Emre Sevelin from Turkey

    To those who say middle-eastern Islamic nation's media also have been drawing cartoons against israel and the west , why the double standerd ???

    Let me tell you this :-

    Yes, cartoons have been made by islamic mid-eastern country's media on israeli and western polititical leaders such as Sharon , mr. Bush , Blair etc.... sometimes on Jewish people... But they NEVER NEVER NEVER make any cartoon or insult in any way the Prophets of Jewish and Christian faiths like Moses, Jesus, Isaac, Jacob, David (peace be upon them all) etc. Middle-eastern muslim people dont bother if offensive cartoons are made on their political leaders and muslim people. But since the early dayz of Islam , the europeans have been demonizing the seal of the Prophets - Mohammed (saas) constantly. How long should muslim people remain silent about it ? They should react at some point I guess....

  70. Mr.Khan from USA

    This is response to some V.I.Ps.(politicians and people), media(TV,radios,newspapers,magazines) reaction to the crisis of the cartoon.

    Yes the government must be responsible for their people actions and consequences as they blameand hold responsible some muslim governments for their people actions. Governments must pass a law especially in regards to all religions, prophets and GODS.

    Cartoons can be about any persons or politicians that are fun but cannot be of any prophets and their lives like Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (pbut)under any circumstances.This is insane and insult to GOD because they are his messengers.

    If some VIPs think this is a freedom of press, media and speech , then show the cartoons and offending images of their beleifs and gods, holy things like cross,stars and books.

    They have many vulgar and violent stories and incidents in their so called holy writings and books.There is no compulsion in Islam- some have muslim names and act like non-muslims or moderate. They can change their faith because these hippocrates with muslim names are more dangerous to any society.

    May ALLAH(GOD) guide us all..aameen.

  71. Hassan from Saudi Arabia

    He came as a Mercy to the Mankind

    The illiterate orphan from Makkah who changed the whole world. With fewer than ten dedicated

    followers in the beginning of his mission, more than one billion people recognize him as their prophet and the most ideal role model. The whole world has changed in a very unprecedented way that will never be duplicated.

    Let the people who did not believe in him, speak about his attributes!


    "....a mass of details in the early sources show that he was an honest and upright man who had gained the respect and loyalty of others who were like-wise honest and upright men." (Vol. 12)

    MICHAEL H. HART in his book on ratings of men who contributed towards the benefit and upliftment of mankind writes:

    "My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels."


    GEORGE BERNARD SHAW said about him:

    "He must be called the Savior of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it much needed peace and happiness."

    (THE GENUINE ISLAM, Singapore, Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936)

    He was by far the most remarkable man that ever set foot on this earth.

    He preached a religion, founded a state, built a nation, laid down a moral code, initiated numerous social and political reforms, established a powerful and dynamic society to practice and represent his teachings and completely revolutionized the worlds of human thought and behavior for all times to come.

    During this short period of 23 years of his Prophethood, He changed the complete Arabian peninsula from paganism and idolatry to worship of One God, from tribal

  72. Poul Granum-Jensen from Denmark

    If you say something,that I do not like,I will defend your right to say it.No matter what you


    I will not burn your flag,and I will certainly

    not threaten with terror.

  73. Farhan from Kuwait

    The author has well portrayed his point of view, and adding to it, we must also explain to our non-muslim neighbours the saying of our prophet, that Narrated Abu Huraira:

    "Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hands my life is, none of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father and his children."

    Narrated Anas:

    The Prophet said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind."

    Hence, imagine the cartoonit making an inhumane and ugly cartoon of his mother or father and showing to all the world. Offcourse he wouldnt dare to do it. May be the offense caused by the Danish cartoonist and others who reprinted, can now feel somewhat similar pain and realise the agony caused to the muslims.

  74. Atif Suhail Siddiqui from India

    It is nothing more than an ideological terrorism against Islam. There is no doubt the west is fighting a war of survival which they have already lost to Islam. In past the westerns defeated several isms due to their frail and weak doctrines and theories. These all defeated isms in past were supported and projected by their theorists with weaker adherents, there was a need to defend them. But in case of Islam it is totally different. Islam itself is a theory and doctrine. Adherents of Islam take shelter under its canopy. The strong spiritual and intellectual resources of Islam make it invincible and this character also make Islam principle while the community subordinate to it. Therefore, west has chosen a wrong enemy at a right time. Let them see, what happen with them in future? How long they prolong their war against Islam while finally they have to surrender? Second thing which is also very important if western media has its rights reserved ruthlessly to project whatever they feel to be projected without caring consequences, similarly Islamic world has its freedom how to react and in what manner to react. If they are burning their embassies this is a way also to express their anger and it is justified.

  75. Thomas

    To Quote Mr. Siddiqui

    "Imagery was not the only problem with the Danish cartoons. They were insulting, which is, of course, the point of a cartoon. But they also portrayed the Prophet as a terrorist and, by extension, all Muslims, thereby engendering hate against them." Your conclusion is totaly wrong and irresponsable. You certainly are a joke. They did not make me hateful or any of the people I showed the cartoons to. They were just good for a laugh and a point to start interesting discussions. By saying the engender hate, it is you who are implicitly giving Muslims reason to peform acts of violence. Job well done Mr. Siddiqui. The cartoon showing a fearful cartoonist drawing an image of Mohamed is pure genius, and is as worthy as the other 11 for publication. The pen is mightier then the sword (or in the modern world, the suicide bomber) and that is what worries many muslims.