Intellectual Terrorism

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The detestable cartoon portrayals of Muhammad , Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) by Danish and later by Norwegian, French, German and many other European newspapers is nothing less than emotional torture and intellectual terrorism.

In the name of freedom of speech, the most sophisticated professional class of European print media organizations are revealing their centuries old hatred and intolerance towards Islam and Muslims.

In universities, European and American journalists are often taught that freedom of speech ends where the sensitivities of people begin. Seemingly, they have failed to implement this most ethical and moral lesson. A newspaper, whether Danish or Portuguese, that indulges in opinionated reporting by making fun of a major religious figure revered by a global community is an exercise in emotional torture.

Showing solidarity with those who promote such kind of propaganda does not promote "free speech" but in fact promotes intolerance and violence that hurts innocent people all over the word. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Many European and American scholars, academics and intellectuals as well as public officials have remained engaged from seventh century onwards in anti-Islam, anti-Muslim and anti-Prophet Muhammad campaigns. 

They have refused to show civility in dealing with issues pertaining to the second largest religion in the world. After all, it was Martin Luther, the great Christian reformer to whom almost every Christian Protestant group owes its origin produced the worst writings against Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

Those who are unable to overcome their hatred and ignorance of Islam will not stop from promoting their agenda. To expect otherwise from such intolerant people would be futile. However, what was surprising was the silence of Christian and Jewish community and religious leaders on this issue? Through their interfaith dialogue with Muslims they must have realized the sanctity and sacredness Muslims attach to their religious values.

We are brothers and sisters in humanity and all of us should share a common goal of eradicating intolerance of any kind by speaking out against it. Whether it is a Jew or a Gypsy, we should not tolerate such hateful rhetoric. Yet, only a handful of community and religious leaders spoke out.

" .. indeed you shall hear many hurtful things from those to whom revelation was granted before your time, as well as from those who have come to ascribe divinity to other beings beside God .." al-Qur'an 3:186

What was even more disturbing was the response of Muslims. Boycotting Danish products, closing down the offices of European diplomatic offices and the beating of Dane's working in the Gulf were measures that did not suit a community whose Prophet is described in the divine scriptures as a Mercy to Humankind.

Immediately, after the battle of Badr, Omar bin al Khattab, one of the most celebrated companions of Prophet sought the permission of the state to punish Suhail bin Amr, a prisoner of war who had engaged in anti-Prophet Muhammad propaganda in Makkah. Suhail was known for his abusive language and insulting attitude towards the Prophet. Prophet Muhammad , as the ruler of the newly formed Islamic State strictly prohibited his companions from punishing or torturing any prisoner of war on account of their past hostilities. He admonished Omar bin al-Khattab for seeking retribution. After all, the Prophet had endured all the possible humiliation at the hands of the elites of Makkah and their supporters without asking any of his supporters to silence his opponents. 

Islam recognizes the dissent to its teachings and appeals to its adherents to deal with it in a civil manner. Islam promotes the idea that a polite response and a decent rebuttal are powerful enough in changing the worst enemy into a friend. Islam does not seek revenge of those who indulge in anti-Islam, anti-God or anti-Prophet abuses. Furthermore, Islam prohibits the use of pressure and intimidation for changing the hearts of people.

Islam teaches us that coercion is incapable of bringing a change in the attitude of people. Intimidation might make others change their immediate reaction to Islam but ultimately it is futile because every individual has to make a conscious decision about his or her relations with God and His creation.

The provocation of Danish and other European newspapers was foolish and full of hatred. There is no need for such provocation in a world that is fast becoming cosmopolitan in all its dimensions. The freedom of speech cannot be used as an excuse to hurt or insult others. Moreover, there exists double standards in this matter among most European and American journalists working for big media corporations. Most of these advocates of freedom of speech do not dare write against the foul practices of multinational corporations that often provide bread and butter to most working journalists. Most of them do not dare to expose the dirty trade practices, excessive exploitation and other violation of human rights of people working in such corporations. Most of them would not even touch the so called issues of national security even if the position of the power elite is against national interests. A case in point is the War in Iraq.

The majority of the European and American journalists working for big corporation controlled media have not questioned the rationale behind going to war in Iraq.

In fact, their anti-Islamic writings betray their loyalty to the power elites who are keen in promoting a hateful agenda against Muslims. Muslims ought to be cognizant of these facts. Our response to such Insults and humiliation should be based on the divine teachings and the lifestyle of our Prophet. We must not give in to our emotions.

We could have done much better if our response was controlled by the Divine teachings. We could have asked the Danish and other newspapers to allow us to introduce our Prophet to their audience the way we see him. We should have engaged the Dane's and others in a meaningful dialogue and discussion on the true nature of our faith and the true personality of our Prophet.

We should rise above our emotions to use this moment to educate others about Islam in an objective manner. It is the responsibility of our religious and intellectual leaders to direct our masses in developing a meaningful response to incidents of hate and racial bigotry.

No doubt, each of us feels hurt when we see an offensive depiction of our faith or our Prophet. However, rather than reacting in an emotional manner, we should use the opportunity to demonstrate true Islamic values of patience and persuasion. We showed our weakness in controlling our emotions when Salman Rushdie insulted our Prophet. We have repeated the same mistake. By now we should have learned about the teachings of our prophet in dealing with such cases. Perhaps we need to go back to study the life of our Prophet in more detail to develop a better understanding of his character and teachings as well as his mission in the world. After all, we accept him as a Mercy to Humankind that includes Dane's, Norwegian, French, Germans, Jews, Christians and every human being that exists or will exist in our universe. 

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor-in-Chief of the Muslim Observer and the director of the Islamic Society of Nevada as well as the director of the Muslim Electorates Council of America.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Freedom Of Speech
Views: 15290

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Older Comments:
There's blantant hypocrisy on both sides. Yes, the Danish paper should have been more sensitive to Islamic sentiment and avoided gratuitous offense. But where are the voices in the Muslim world that criticize portrayals of Jews in Arabic media? WHere are the Muslims who ignore the president of Iran's demand to push the Jews into the sea? Where are the protests by Muslims outside Iraq when a sacred mosque is blown up? All religions should be respected and all people must be recognized to have intrinsic dignity.

To Dr. Edriss, Your story is a nice fable, but to repeat part of your story 'the cleric replied " no! this dog has alots off dignity, he just saw me using my hands in my speech and he thought me going to beat him.', I have a tendency to believe the more believable hypothesis that the dog was agitated by the movement and not used by Allah.

GET REAL. Fairy tales are not to be believed.

Samuel Clemens "Mark Twain" wrote;

"Faith is believing something you know ain't true."

I am repeating what Hamza Aziz wrote because i believe his words should be heard:

THEYRE THE CRIME! Jyllands-Posten refused to publish Jesus caricatures produced by Christoffer-Zieler.Editor Jens Kaiser rejected this in April 2003 in order not to hurt Christians sensitivity.

I wonder if Denmark will lead modern crusade after Sebrenica and this. They already collected hundred of billion of dollars from their export to the Arabs and other muslim countries for the last 40 yrs. THEY HATE US IN THEIR SMILES !


this story happened in time of the Mongols

After their king Holako married a Nazareth(orthodox christian) woman. he gave the right to her people to come talk about christianity in his empire.
one of Holako's Governors converted to the Nazareth and he had to make a big celebration where he invited more clerics. one of the clerics who is supposed to give speech about the nazareth's believe, jumped to curse the Prophet Mohammad(from their blindness, in the past like now, the so called christians always preach hate against the truth to advance their corrupted belief) while no moslem attempted this celebration.
a hound(hunting dog) was chained by. when the cleric began cursing the Prophet, the Dog began barcking loud, broke the chain and jumped the cleric. the invitees helped the cleric and got the dog back chained.

one of the invitees said " I believe you got jumped by this hound because you curse Mohammad". the cleric replied " no! this dog has alots off dignity, he just saw me using my hands in my speech and he thought me going to beat him.

He again began cursing on the Prophet untill the hound broke the chain again, jumped on his neck and killed him... thousands of Mangols became moslems of this incident.

this story wrote in book of Abu Hajar Al Asskalany 700 years ago.

there is no doubt that this story is more authentic than the story of land of meeting and the story of jesus crucifiction. I post it here for those who have brains to think about it.

for those who may try to attack this story, there is only one way to do it: you have to believe that the moslems have the time machine, after the danish offensive cartoon, we sent some people 700years back in time to write this story in a book of one of the biggest scholars of Islam. :)

may Allah give us Iman stronger than the Iman of that Hound. Ameen

THERE THE CRIME! Jyllands-Posten refused to publish Jesus caricatures produced by Christoffer-Zieler.Editor Jens Kaiser rejected this in April 2003 in order not to hurt Christians sensitivity.

I wonder if Denmark will lead modern crusade after Sebrenica and this. They already collected hundred of billion of dollars from their export to the Arabs and other muslim countries for the last 40 yrs. THEY HATE US IN THEIR SMILES !

To, Aslam Abdullah, thanks for your reply to my comment, however free speech is ABSOLUTE. I believe that everybody should be able to handle criticism in a positive way, including Muslims. I know Islam is important to you, and that is great, but all religions are ideologies and open to free speech. Without free speech society will be frozen in the past. Think about it, how many great ideas were objectionable when first said, but today are highly acceptable. The original 12 cartoons were not hateful that is an important fact to remember.

Sensational Revleations
Freedom of press stops where one's religious senstivites begin. That is what the Danish newspaper beleived until it published cartoons about Prophet Muhammad.

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper that first published the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have caused a storm of protest throughout the Islamic world, refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus Christ, it has emerged today.
The Danish daily turned down the cartoons of Christ three years ago, on the grounds that they could be offensive to readers and were not funny.
In April 2003, Danish illustrator Christoffer Zieler submitted a series of unsolicited cartoons dealing with the resurrection of Christ to Jyllands-Posten.
Zieler received an email back from the paper's Sunday editor, Jens Kaiser, which said: "I don't think Jyllands-Posten's readers will enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use them."
The illustrator said: "I see the cartoons as an innocent joke, of the type that my Christian grandfather would enjoy."
"I showed them to a few pastors and they thought they were funny."
But the Jyllands-Posten editor in question, Mr Kaiser, said that the case was "ridiculous to bring forward now. It has nothing to do with the Muhammad cartoons.
"In the Muhammad drawings case, we asked the illustrators to do it. I did not ask for these cartoons. That's the difference," he said.
"The illustrator thought his cartoons were funny. I did not think so. It would offend some readers, not much but some."
The decision smacks of "double-standards", said Ahmed Akkari, spokesman for the Danish-based European Committee for Prophet Honouring, the umbrella group that represents 27 Muslim organisations that are campaigning for a full apology from Jyllands-Posten.
"How can Jyllands-Posten distinguish the two cases? Surely they must understand," Mr Akkari

Doin Phine
We all believe in freedom. This is a divine gift. Freedom of expression is a right that must be preserved. Bur the responsibility to use freedom in a sensible way is human. Use an N word to describe an African America and you will be showing inhumanity to African Americans even though you have a right to say it. Question holocaust or make fun of holocaust and you will be exercising your right to free speech, butthen you would be showing totla insensitivities to Jews and millions of victims of Holocaust.
The difference between being human and being animalist is to use the freedom in a rational and responsible manner.
These cartoons fall in the category of hate speech. Unfortuntately Dion and many likes ignore their humanity when they deal with Islam and Muslims.

To Muxiiyadeen Ref: 35179

Thank you for the response. I appriciate your kindness and your point of view. I am sorry, I am not misled, naive, ore trying to cover anything. I truly believe what I say, as I suppose you do. (believe what you are saying to yourselves)
It is hard for me, when you describe the painters as criminals, but I understand your anger. To understand the whole article, you need to read it, and that I will never ask you to do.(but I hope you will)
In this world there are people filled with hate, who want the confrontation between you and me. Belive it ore not, the people at Jyllandsposten are NOT between.
Thanks again, and the best wishes for a better future.

From the Authors comment; "Publishing cartoons about Sharon or Jews are different than publishing cartoons about Judaism and Moses and Abraham."

No there is NO difference, free speech is absolute, as Voltaire saying (paraphrased)goes; "I disagree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it". This is the basis of Western society. When I see Arab cartoons, go ahead do it, they will be judged by what they do. I don't want anybody censoring by ability to view what the arab world is doing. Anyway I take the time to read/view the arab news (translated) as is, and I find this outrage totally hyporcitical, in a way quite farcical, and definetly foreign to Western thinking. Freedom of Speech is a necessity for a free society without it, well we all might as well live in the ****** ****!

There are too many Muslims who take a reactionary stance to issues such as these, and show lack of knowledge and understanding about the Prophet's character and life as well as Islam. Therefore, this results in a lack of confidence in how to respond to such anti-Muslim bashing except by emotion led un-Islamic behaviour that reinforces the western view of Muslims as zealots. However, this does not make it right to publish such an insensitive cartoon but just reflects societies that have abandoned religion to give free rein to those who are free to abuse religion in the name of free speech. Muslims need to critically question themselves about the image they want to portray to the west in the light of such an attack - reinforce the stereotypical one or engage in dialogue? Whether some Muslims like it or not, they must learn from the experience of the Jews and Germany where such stereotypical images of the Jews led to most of the nation complicit in genocide. They must question their attitudes and deep seated prejudices because they share them as much as any racist, anti-semite, anti-muslim, etc and rise above them to represent the true depiction of Islam. Show the true spirit of Islam not the dogmatics and proscription of law. The violent reactionaries have undone a lot of hard work by Muslims at grass roots level in the west since 9/11 and even prior to that for their own glorification and title as 'defender of the faith'. They only defend their own insecurities and lack of power to do anything about it, whereas those promoting Islam peacefully are the true defenders of faith.

As Dr Edriss stated: the newspapers know it is an act of claiming war when you abuse or curse or offend another people's believe. what brought the wars to the world, in the history of Earth, other than abusing the believe of others?

I would like to thank all those who have written on this subject, especially those who see an expression of hypocrisy in ideas and analysis presented in the article.
Before they jump to any more conclusions on the subject, I would like them to read two articles that I wrote with reference to the destruction of the Buddha's statue in Afghanistan and the denail of equal rights to Hindus. We will talk about hypocrisy once the critics have read the two articles.
Further investigations about these cartoons revel that they were supported and promoted by right wing Christian fanatics. Interestingly these fantatics were advised by experts not to publish such cartoons as they were offensive. They were even told of the consquences by many non-Muslim non right wing Christians. The decision to publish them was calculated and pre meditated.
Let us not confuse press freedom with press hooliganism. It is not freedom to denounce a faith or its centeral figure. It is hate speech.
THe jerusalem Post in its defense of republishing these cartoons argues that these cartoons are a rebuttal to many cartoons that Arabs publoish in their newspapers about Israel or Jews.
Publishing cartoons about Sharon or Jews are different than publishing cartoons about Judaism and Moses and Abraham.

Stop making excuses! they wrote those comics to provoke! freedom of speach? hmmph.... what a lie ... they got laws against making jokes about hallicost not Muhamad ....????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why they gota make those stupid comic strips. why dont they make them of Jesus if they got the guts.

Muslims have faced the worst times in history. Even today people make fun of them as terrorists. Now they're shown things against their religion in there newspapers. wheres the love in this world! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

NO, there is no Christian or Jewish god cartoons by Muslims, cartoons are only on Christian and Jewish political leaders. Muslims are forbidden to insult Christian and Jewish god. What happening now is Muslims showing their freedom of expression and freedom of speech The rest of the world is also witnessing how the west destroying the peaceful Muslims community. After all nuclear bombs are now in most Christian countries hand. They build this bomb with purpose years ago. Cutting of American or allied supporters throat in front of cameras is vengeance shown by militias because of allied bombing and killings of hundred of thousands of women and children by Bush-Clinton-Bush and Blair devil regime.

AC I'm not sure which quote you were trying to think of, but one comes to my mind and I'm sorry but I don't know to whom to attribute it. "There is nothing like ignorance to speak with assurance." This applies to both sides of this debate.

Another is: "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963
US black civil rights leader & clergyman (1929 - 1968)

Speaking of Martin Luther King, we would all do well to reread his speeches and sermons. Robert Koehler's piece on MLK here on Iviews spurred me to order a set of his sermons. His life stands as a standard for dealing with racism and bigotry. By living what he preached he did more to end segregation and racism than the race riots that followed his death could reverse. Combining strength of faith, strength of intellect, and strength of purpose, he was able to marginalize the few hard core by winning over the majority.

There seems to be enough hate spewing from both sides maybe we should try his method of returning hate with love (despise the act but love God's creation) and non-violent resistance (boycott if you feel the offense warrants but eschew violence). MLK borrowed heavily from Gandhi, who also demonstrated its efficacy. This view seems more Islamic to me than bombing embassies. Only by behaving from a position of moral integrity can you expose hate for what it is.

PS: Defend your God by showing the strength of faith that comes from Him, not by the adolescent hubris of the dark side.

See how assured I can be in my ignorance.

SAAD said:
Gosh darnit! You .. keep on disgracing the name of Islam with rioting and burning other countries' flags. Last time I checked we are supposed to be accepting of other people. HOW CAN ONE CARTOON CAUSE SO MUCH HATRED! I am not going to hate all Europeans for the cartoon (maybe the french, but no one liked them anyway). This is ridiculous. I hope everyone will realize how disgusting this is. We can either fight fire with fire or fire with water! Putting a disgracing remark of the pope would be fire but boycotting their goods is water and the Euros will suffa'.


to Ronald,
thank you Sir! your people planed to curse us and you are here planing to make us guilty. we appreciate your input, and we appologize for hearing your stupid people cursing at the Last Messenger to Mankind. we should close our eyes and our ears, we just forgot.

I never knew of a country in Europe called danmark. I bearly spell it... are you more than 1 million? don't blame me for not knowing? your people doesn't know more than 1 billion moslems following your post!!!

what happened is a clear act of war. it has nothing to do with freedom of speech. show us how many danish newspaper made competition about drawing the queen with her Homosexual boyfriend? or no one can talk about that. it is holy...

I personaly will never ever buy anything from Europe anymore except if I don't know. there are more than 100 nations in the world who can respect others as much as they like others respect them. I will with no doubt go with the people who are true about being peaceful not the hypocrites...

I agree that what was depicted was absolutely wrong and offensive, but the reaction was not good. Again, we need to look to our prophets and think about what they would have done. What we are going through now is nothing compared to their struggle and even when they were faced with hateful propoganda, they stood their ground by continuing with what they were doing. What is happening now has hurt many people and may not be the right way, so lets go back to our beloved prophets example and learn from him.

I find it unbelievable that in matters of faith a satirical cartoon has any effect at all. Why is it that mortal men believe they understand what God understands? Censorship weakens resolve. The Imans should have more resprct for Islam and their own intellect rather than play the 'hate card' against every western 'breach of fidelity'. God is much bigger and more powerful that we humans, we should show some respect instead of bickering about such pedantic detail. The kind of literalism prtrayed in the current riots is dangerous for all.

I enjoyed Dr. Abdullah reasoned argument above, and thank hum for his eloquence. I am confused, however, as I'm sure other "Westerners" are, by one aspect of this episode. In the West, mockery, even blasphemy, has had a long tradition of protection, both under the law and by civil tradition. Whether it's right or wrong, I'll leave to the reader. The question I have why should the West step away from the tradition of openess, a tradition that has contributed hugely to Western scientific and material progress, to protect the feelings of those who enter an alien culture without making their peace with the alienness of that culture? If I migrated to Saudi Arabia, I would not demand alcohol, my wife would dress modestly, and I would raise my children to have an understanding of the host culture, if for no other reason than politeness. Muslims can enter Denmark, as Denmark has liberal immigration laws (unlike Saudi Arabia), but shouldn't muslims attempt to understand the culture they are entering? I'm at a loss as to why a newspaper in Denmark has to worry
about the feelings of a man in Beiruit. And it is with no small irony that the blasphemy of depicting the Prophet as the inspiration for violence has inspired his followers to...violence.
In a religion of a billion plus people, I realize that the actions of a small minority of members cannot be held up as an example of the majority. But in my weaker moments, when I see the beheadings, the honor killings, the killings of innocents and the mindless mob violence, the doubt of the maturity of the Muslim civilization is a strong one.

Thank you.

I find it amusing the good doctor does not speak out against his own brethren of the Islamic faith in this article. All he does is stifle the individuals of Islam and promotes blind adherence to another mortals opinion.

I quote from this article:
"A newspaper, whether Danish or Portuguese, that indulges in opinionated reporting by making fun of a major religious figure revered by a global community is an exercise in emotional torture."

Well then, Dr. Aslam Abdullah, it is clear your own colleagues and religious brethren are just as guilty. Have a look at the following cartoons. Clearly, you want to decide what offends non muslims as well. It offends me that people in positions of influence such as yourself have not been more pragmatic in your inner quest for "peace".

"The freedom of speech cannot be used as an excuse to hurt or insult others. " Another quote from your article. Is that what these cartoons from arab centers of media are doing? It seems clearly to me they are violent, baseless, and without thought. Are these cartoons responses controled by the divine teachings of Mohammad?

Do you think this article hypocritical at all? I will be suprised if you do, and not suprised that you supply a well though out response that says your reactions (Islam's as a whole) are somehow more justified than similar reactions of insults, hate and violence in the name of Islam have been in the past.

Credibility comes through actions, not words, Dr.


I have a problem with a selling site that has forums for posting, posting some very bad content , bigiotted remarks and some truely offensive images by one poster in particular- phoenixbird2006 is the user name, check this link for just one of the clubs this person posts in or check the blog. I have complained to the site owners, but it is just one voice protesting the filth posted.

This person spouts hate language. This is sad, but unacceptable behavior in any adult- people may disagree without hate being spewed.

I look at this as people being incited as with the terrible cartoons posted without caring about anyone elses' religeous faith or feelings.

It is wrong to denigrate anyone for the race, color, or religion.


I'm being anonymous so you all will not jump on me. this game of cursing the Prophet is plan to get the first reaction before the nazists go forward and destroy the Aqssa musjid.

you never find muslims cursing Moses or Jesus while those who claim to follow them, wish us to do so. there is difference between devil and the Angel: devil can always cuss God but the Angel can never answer in the sameway. that's why devils should die.

please don't jump on me? I do not hate jew or christian if I call them devils. the bible and torah said "the hypocrites, their father is devil"

I am being anonymous because I'm afraid of backlash against me personally. You say that cartoons are a form of terror? Meanwhile a Priest is shot and embassies are burned down. Middle East newspapers print anti-Jewish and anti-Christian cartoons all the time. There have never been killings or rioting because of them. If a cartoon is offensive enough for the Islamic world to start killing and rioting, I think the point of the cartoon is exactly what is being represented by Muslims doing these horrid things. Also, it is very apparent that you do not understand the concept of Free Speech. I have the right to say your are wrong, or to defame your religion. You have the right to disagree and peacefully protest my speech. Freedom (something that is very clear you, and most Muslims in the Middle East, do not understand) is a double edged sword. Violence, kidnappings, rioting and killing are not a tolerated for of protest in a reasonable and free society. --again, action in the Middle East are show the cartoon which portrays Allah with a bomb on his turbine, has some merit to it.--

Christianity is not a religion, its about a relationship with Jesus Christ, the son of man. jesus rose from the dead and assended into heaven where he lives today. Yes, HIS tomb is empty. Furthermore, no one can force you to believe anything, you can chose to reject the Gospel of Jesus and follow a false God and profit. I haven`t seen the cartoon everyone is talking about, but from what I have heard it is acurate. Muhammad promoted violience.

Salam Alaikum,

It is hard to believe that there are people among humanity to support provocation in the name of freedom of the press.

For all its worth, what artistic beauty there is in this cartoon for a news paper of repute to unhesistantly print it... and get it reprinted all over the European major News papers. This clearly shows the level of hatred against muslims and their belief. In short it is this intollerance that they often attribute to the muslims and Islam.

To argue that printing this cartoon is within the confines of the freedom of the press only confirms the dipravity of morality in Western cultures and values. Filt appeals to only men of basest instincts. Humanity should be allow to elevate to higher moral standards and this is possible (I think) within inter religious debates rather than formenting hatred, which is precisely the aim of this Danish Newspaper and its sister media houses in the West.

My appeal to the muslim world is for them to be calm and rational in their response to this blatant provocation. The boycot of Danish business is one good move. If they have the freedom to print filt about our belief.. we equally hold the freedom to dissociate with them in the world of business. There is no need to be violent. My appeal to my muslim brothers all over the world.


The article would have merit if the same standard was applied against Muslim oriented journalism. What do I mean by this statement? That throughout the Muslim media hate phrases directed toward Jews and Christians occur on an alarmingly frequent basis. How can this article be critical of the West when the same brand of 'intellectual terrorism' is condoned within the Islamkc world?

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Salaam Alaykum,

Islam is a religion of freedoms, freedoms intended for the good of all humanity. It's not our place to against the traditions of our beloved and most kind prophet. At the same time we are not a people who will take insults and turn the other cheek. Cartoons like these definetly promote hate and intolerance. If we claim to be a community of tolerance then there is no place for displays like. Humanity must remember that one does not elevate themself by degrading others.

Such thin skin. Newsapers all over the world depict
Catholics and Christians, Jesus, Moses and even God
(Your Allah?) But, Muhammad..why is he exempted?
Islam is very controlling, "Thought Police" comes to
mind. It is now apparent that there are not just a "FEW"
Muslim terrorists. The religion seems to breed
Terriorism instead of Tolerance with the latest display
of responses as evidence. Cartoons that create such
"Emotional Terror"...meanwhile heads are being loped
off and bombs exploding killing innocent people for the
printing of a cartoon! How about don't look at the
cartoon?. Is this what Muhammad would want? I'm sure
this will be censored under the guise insensitive just as
Islam attempts to censor freedom of exression .

The detestable cartoon protrayals of Muhammad (saws). It,is offensive too ALL MUSLIMS. This way the the disbelivers can keep comotion and hatered within the communities. They will not let us live in PEACE>

There is a highly valued principle called freedom at stake here. To the West, it is maybe the most important human right. The drawback of freedom of expression is that some people will say things that offend others. Christianity has been the victim of this far more often in the West than Islam. Muslims should learn to brush these things off as insignificant. It is certainly outrageous to blame an entire nation, Denmark, for the actions of a cartoonist. Don't you understand that the Danish state does NOT control the media?

Dear Sir,

I read your article with interest. I am a Dane who lives abroad, and have done so most of my life. I do not adhere to any religion: in fact i refused to be confirmed in the religion I was born with. I went to an international school, and have traveled extensively, notably in Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon.
I keep reading that the islamic community believes the cartoons were published with in a malicious and hateful spirit.This is not my impression. As far as I have understood the newspaper asked some cartoonists to provide their impression of islam. I personally did not know it was not allowed to depict the Prophet, and it would seem neither did the cartoonists. That was very unfortunate, and I believe the newspaper in question apologized already. It is not the role of the Danish Government to apologize, nor my role as a Dane to do so (I don't even read this newspaper). However, the islamic community does need to address the issue of how the World has come to see islam, i.e. you need to work on your PR skills. I have no doubt that the majority of muslims are peace loving people - I certainly cannot imagine my muslim friends taking to the street with guns. However, there is a very visible and very violent minority in the islamic community. If you want the rest of the World to see you as peaceful, it is time to do some introspective work, to demonstrate with your fellow human beings against terrorism (in the name of islam). People of non-muslim faith (or lack of faith for that matter) do not understand WHY there has been such a reaction to a couple of cattoons, and none at all to the many terrorist attacks: at least not visible ones. It really would be so nice if we could all just get along, and not be so uptight about proving to the rest of the World which religion is No 1 (and this goes for ANY religion, not just islam).

To peace.


Many insults to religion and race have been spread through out the world with the protection of freedom of speech. In the Philippines the other day someone yelled bomb because of that a riot broke out and many people were killed. In America it has actual been debated if to scream fire in a crowd was protected by freedom of speech. It was understood that freedom of speech was a right as long as it did not bring harm to others. The same court up held the right of The KKK march freely through streets shouting venomous evil, this to was said to be freedom of speech. The world fought against Hitler and now his ideals are taught and keep safe by freedom of speech. A Mr. Hume posted "but because they have right to publish what they deem appropriate." He also said that we are view as a backward people (not his words but what he expressed). How is it that a people that believe that humans should have freedom but a controlled amount of freedom, be deemed as backwards? This single concept has been the undertone of civilization through out the centuries. We should understand that freedom must be controlled and tempered with good taste and common sense. I leave those of you in the religious community with "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "Want for your brother what you want for yourself." Perhaps if we let these ideas govern us we would not need to have these type of controversy

Actions truly define faith. In the name of "Christ" slaughters occured. In the name of Muhammad slaughters occured/occur. Is there a difference? Yes,we watch the latter and only read of the former. Your position while, admirable, simply does not reflect the action of your people. " Polite response and decent rebuttal" hardley characterizes what the world "sees". Your position is biased. You do not choose to "see" or at least acknowledge contridictions between profession and action. I'm a Jew, I have read Martin Luther,Mein Kamph,and some Koran. Islam may continue to flourish, Christianity may continue to flourish, but I choose to remain a Jew.

Mr. Clement:

I appreciate for your comments.The cartoons are not funny/ loving if they are personal and most offending when it is about the religion.Why don't newspapers/media draw/talk cartoons of Holy cross, manmade revised,and manipulated Bible? Jesus and Moses?.

If the western media/nonmuslim countries want to make cartoon/comments about our religion, first make cartoons or talk about their religion ,and I am sure you have can do better about your faith as it is manipulated and revised by your Popes and fathers.

We are already getting more than enough love(hate,torture,wars,suppression...) from western countries.Please do not cross the limit attacking our faith as we do not to yopur faith.

It is good to have a dialogue and meetings with implementation. All Governments should make a law that nobody should talk/write any bad about any religion and any faith.

You cannot be moderate or modern muslim. You have to follow complete Islam and Hadith period.If you do not want to follow,fine, but you cannot change or revise the things in Islam and other religions did. We cannot be selective and put the things that are not ther or take the things out of Islam and look for advantages. Quran and hadith cannot be changed/revised as they are word of the same God who sent religious books to HIs other Prophets- Abraham, David, Moses and Muhammad).Some of Books of God are manipulated, changed,lost, distorted, and revised from time to time.

To: `Mr. Clement` ! First of all, May the Almighty, All-knowing, All-seeing, All-hearing, All-Merciful, All-Powerful and All-Compassionate ALLAH guide you closer to the Truth.
Friend, You are completely misguided. Your unfounded, lame defense that the disgusting and silly cartoons were drawn ``Out of love for the Danish Muslims?`` is utterly ludicrous. It is either an intentional misinformation you are making to cover up the wrong and the hatred and mislead people, or you are completely devoid of any Human basic comprehension. ( I am sorry, Friend, If what I have said may offend you for my intention was not to offend and I express my deepest apologies to you in advance If you felt offended. My Islamic faith forbis me to offend, harm or insult others. If I did, of course, it is due to the breach of My Islamic faith). Your statement in defending the Childish, despicable, barbaric and utterly provocative cartoons leads only one to believe that you are either trying to mislead people ` which of course you cannot, because people are not stupid`, or you lack any iota of understanding whatsover. Any child could understand the motive behind the shameful drawings. Those brutish criminals who did the drawings are only disgrace to their own selves, to their families, to their fellow citizens, to whole Europe and to the Entire Humanity. They did it out of their plain hatred for Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammed (May ALLAH`s Peace and Blessings be upon him, his family, his companions and his followers until the Day of Judgment) and out of need to provoke, malign. But it only reflected their deep ignorance of history. Had they known well the history, they would not dare to do such a thing. The slander-mongering by the west against the Holy Prophet Muhammed(Peace be upon him) is not something new.The More they Insult Islam and the Prophet(PBUH) the more non-Muslims discover Islam and become Muslims. History is a witness to this fact, both past and present.


David, we careless about your opinion as long as the whole world know that denying holocaust is crime in most European countries!!! you are just speaking from your Utopia's point of view. it's hard to wake you but I will try my best in this post.

the Elders of Zion are wrote by your people! why are you gonna condemn others for reading your books? this is a link to the elders of Zion. anyone who read that, can feel like a big cloud moved from his way and can see well the truth about those who wrote the Protocols of Zion. .

the stupidity published by the danish and manipulated by the Elders of Zion believers is not moslems who wrote it. do you see the difference? or you are from the generation that sharon made to advance his dreams of meeting land. even if you are dumb, you still can question the myth of meeting land!!! how can you believe you have a meeting land with some people that you never ever knew before!?? let's suppose the sons of Israel tribes were separated and they should meet back together? they are all dead!!! how can you fall in believing that your meeting with stranger people can fullfill the meeting of sons of Israel tribes who died 4000 years ago?.

it is always hard to explain to somebody sinking that there is possibility to save him. once you come close, he just try to sink you with him. that's exactly your case in this life. you born inside a game played very well by those who had Elders of Zion mentality. they sink you in believing there is no life outside the myths they put you in! and no matter how much truth appears to you, you feel like it is impossible to have life outside this myths.
hard to get out from a myth where you believe the world revolve arround you. I advice you and myself to seek help just from The Almighty, just try to be sincere in asking Him for help?. The Prophet Mohammad didn't harm you, it is pure evil to back whoever cursed him

I thought it was a balanced and well written article.

I agree the cartoons were evil as were some of the responses.

We must continue to promote peace and brotherhood and not hate. My impression is many if not most Muslims feel that promoting hate is wrong, regardless of the offense. I hope this is true and that many will continue to speak out as the writer of this article has done.

Romesh Chander, ... Don't you have grandchildren to attend to? Why do you come on this site to pester me with your smart-ass wise-crackers?

First of all, what I say is a wish, not a verdict,duh! At the end of the day is up to any free democracy to follow Canada's example or not. What the hell did you believe me to be? Kofi Anan? What I suggested would be the right thing to do. It works in Canada, yes, anti-hate laws work and they should be implemented. Today is the Muslim, tomorrow who knows, maybe your turn, the Indian, if you'll be still around,if not then your grandchild.

Yeah, you could sit in a cave in the Amazon if there would be any. Supposing it was, hardly since Amazon Basin does not have mountains and caves. So you could send all over the world from your laptop child pornography and you think you would get away with it? Did you hear about filters? Did you hear about security? Besides if something is available on the net that doesn't compare with a newspaper publication. Are you senile or what on earth is so hard for you to comprehend? There are porn sites on the web, including gay sex and bestiality. Do you think that the American public would take it mildly if N.Y. Times would decide to publish either Bush having sex with a cow or Rice being fecundated by a mule? Now tell me of what you could do in a cave. Maybe you could commit harakiri and nobody would know about it. Nobody was affended or talked about internet. Are you sure you understood what this is all about? Because I have serious doubts you did.

Very funny, you well know what 'salam' means and also that that the reaction to an issue is different from individual to individual and from place to place. As you cannot control the iternet you cannot control the Muslims. If countries like Denmark don't care about losses in $ and insecurity elevations, then go ahead, you can't change the mentality of the Muslims. Sooner the hell will froze over.

Feb 4, 2006

The Editor
The Philadelphia Inquirer
P.O Box 8263, Philadelphia
PA 19101

Sub: To the Editor

This is with reference to February 4, 2006. The Philadelphia Inquirer republished a Danish cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with inappropriate contents.

I would like to express the disapproval of The Inquirer's ignorant decision to republish the Danish cartoons which according to the religion of Islam, it is strictly forbidden to portray the image of the Prophets (peace be upon them).

I would request the Philadelphia Inquirer not to publish such comics and images that will hurt the freedom of others to follow there religion.

It's not wise or right to say that the press has the freedom of speech to do anything and republish the cartoons again. It will be viewed as the breach of the moral human behavior. Expressing what went wrong in Danish comics could be done in just words. And this will make people mistrust the news coming out of the Philadelphia Inquirer in future and I would never recommend anyone who in the shade of freedom of speech plays with the freedom of religion which we find in articles of American constitution. It looks like inviting stupid troubles in this beautiful country which may cause cycles of hatred by few ignorant reacting to the article and so on by other side ignorant.

Altaf Hussain.


Hi Jase (comment 35102) and Doin Phine and the doubting Thomas's and their like.

I saw the racist attacks a few months ago on innocent men, women and children of non Anglo-Saxon origin in Anglo-Saxon occupied Australia. Man, what a slight that was on British and World TV. Anglo-Saxon drunken and crazed racist neo-Nazi youth attacking anything that did not resemble them, or were not partaking in their ritual every day getting drunk, beating the crap out of ones best mate and then ones girl friend before crashing out and hopefully choking to death on ones own vomit. Now Jase, don't get offended. I'm only kidding about coking to death on ones vomit. We non Anglo-Saxon Brits -by the way, am I allowed to call myself a Brit (meaning British)? Is that okay with you? No! Oh, okay you're offended. I will call myself an expatriate living in Britain (what ever that means) same as when Anglo-Saxon Brits go to live abroad. Jase, do you call yourself an Anglo-Saxon expat, since you surely aren't Australian. Only the Aborigines are. You should call yourself an expat you know- that's the proper designation. How's this; a British expatriate living in Australia. Sounds good huh???
I got a bit distracted on the issue of you being an expat. See we non Anglo-Saxon expats are used to seeing Anglo-Saxon men and women drinking themselves silly, and then beating the crap out of each other in full view of CCTV. It's a routine occurrence on the streets of most, if not all British cities. So, we non Anglo-Saxons expats understand what you poor Anglo-Saxon expat in Australia go through.

Jase:comment 35102 and Doin Phine, doubting Thomas's and their like.
You know what; my aboriginal friend hates you chaps over their occupying his country. By the way, he also informed me that Aborigines were not classed as human beings- you know - homosapiens- until the late 1960's or early1970's. Is this TRUE Jase? NOW IF I WERE ABORINGINAL, I THINK I WOULD BE MIGHTY PISSED OFF (PARDON MY FRENCH) WITH YOU ANGLO-SAXONS! Now here you are you Anglo-Saxon Euro-Americans trying to tell the World that you are civilized? Funny how I heard the same story at a concentration camp (known as reservations to Anglo-Saxons) when in the US doing research and teaching at one of the Universities some time ago. The chief in the reservation-Ooohs!- you've even got me at it now- concentrations camp would not let the two white guys who were with me into the camp, but he let me and the black guy with me enter. I wonder why Jase? Any thoughts on this Jase? So Jase, you thieving, conniving, murdering, usurping Anglo-Saxon and fellow race members should come back to your home, England- that is if you have a conscious. Hey, the non Anglo-Saxons in Britain will make room for you by leaving and going to Australia. The only requirement is that all your racist Anglo-Saxons compatriots leave, since you have a colour-bar immigration possible. Jase, you drunkard Anglo-Saxon and the descendant of genocidal robbing, raping, murdering Anglo-Saxon criminals don't get offended Mate, I'm only saying this TRUTH about all you Anglo-Saxons out there where ever you may be in the World because of freedom of speech and expression to insult you, cause hatred and injure against you, not to mention slandering you. Jase, you are probably the nicest person in Australia, but there is a lesson in what I have written above for ones with intellect. So ponder deeply my words an learn something. By the way, Jase I don't give a rat's ass (pardon the French) if you are annoyed or are getting pissed off.

These news paper are from educated countries that make billions of dollars selling their products to Muslim countries.By publishing this they seem to be telling Muslims, we dont need your money and friendship anymore. Alternative for the Muslims, maintain our thousand years attitude never to insult their god and religion. Dont be like them.Start manufacturing what you want and develop close relationship with the emerging east.Close all bank account in the west and leave.

Always remember, the more anger and fear, the more terror and war... the more profits are made by people like George W. Bush. If I had to guess, the United States CIA and its dupes are behind both the cartoons AND the most violent reactions and statements in the Islamic world. They will do anything they can to stoke the fire, and will start the fires if necessary. I do not believe in gods, but there are plenty of areas to make common cause with people of all or no faith, for example, ending US/European capitalist-fascist imperialism and racism and creating a safer and more environmentally sustainable world.

Jyllands-Posten demeaning caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are defended by UN,EU,US and UK as freedom of speech, but Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cannot have freedom of speech and freedom of expression or freedom of nuclear education, this is western democracy. They are the modern Mongols that will destroy Muslim nation one after another.
YES, Christian agenda since the seventh century onwards in anti-Islam, anti-Muslim and anti-Prophet Muhammad campaigns.

Assalamou alaikoum. I beleive that if all journalists would have the tolerance and respect that this article exhibits, We would all live together more peaceably. Why do we have to label one another as a Jew, Christian,Gypsy or otherwise? Are we not all people of the book, and commanded by our one God (may He be Praised) to live in tolerance to one another? We are brethren!

To Jase comment 35102 (and Doin Phine, Doubting Thomas's and the rest like them).
Good Day mate (or not). Good to hear from my cousins in Australia (Oz), but the only problem is that I am not remotely Anglo-Saxon. Does that matter with you? I guess it does, so I guess we are not cousins after all. Good thing for me, but alas not for you as you will see. How does it feel to be living in a stolen land you murdering, raping, thieving racist English convict? Oh, Jase don't get offended. Chill out and live in the real World. I only mean this in a spirited way and in lightheartedness'. By the way, Jase have you separate any Aboriginal babies and children forcibly from their parents lately to bring them up white in Christian concentration camps given the guise of civilizing institutes? Oh Jase don't get offended, I don't mean it that way. Or have you and your drunken and drug crazed Anglo-Saxon mates lately gone on Aboriginal rape and murder fests? Oh Jase, don't get offended as you Anglo-Saxon chaps occupying Australia are renounced for that type of thing. During my University days in London many moons ago, I had an Aboriginal friend who looked almost white. In fact he was white and could have passed for such in the racist white South Africa before freedom came, if he didn't tell any one. He (my almost white Aboriginal friend) informed me that he looked that way because of continuous raping of aboriginal women, and female children (pedophilia) by the occupying Anglo-Saxons over a two hundred year period. Is this true Jase? Oh please answer and don't get offended. He also told be that over the 200 yr history of the Anglo-Saxons' occupations of Oz, these civilized Anglo-Saxons were paid per head for kill Aboriginal men, women and children (actually it was per nose, ear etc which they cut off after killing the Abo's. However, the women and female children were raped first before being killed). Oh Jase is this TRUE?

I attend a highschool in the suburbs in Minnesota. Living in Fridley, MN there are not many Muslims in the area. One of my classes World Studies the teacher told the class of the cartoons and showed a PBS video that showed the cartoons, I was so emotionally hurt because I revered the prophet as a role model, I coudn't believe the cartoons. To add insult to injury when the pictures were shown half of the class exploded in laughter, truthfully I have never faced any type of religious bios and felt very defensive after that experience. I am seeking help from any and all shiekhs and scholars from this point on. I am 16 and I know that this is just the beginning of it all, if anyone has any advice for me please dont hesitate to email me at [email protected]. Thanks and Assalamu Alaikum.

Dear people of all faith:

I strongly recommend that the Governments of those countries shall take strong action against any person or the media(TV channels,radios, talk-shows,magazines, newspapers etc) when they they talk or do such things against any religion or any prophet of any time. Religion is a very sensitive thing to any person.

This is an insult to mankind, all religions,and GOD,because all the prophets from Adam to Muhammad were all sent by the same one GOD-ALLAH.
(including Abraham, Noah, David, Joseph, Isaac, Ismaeel, Moses, Jesus)

I do not believe that any muslim or in any muslim world, Moses or Jesus are shown in pictures of any kind, because they are our prophets too and we pay same respect to all of them.

Yes, it is sad that Jesus is shown on the cross half naked, talk vulgar about the Prophet Lot and talk violent about the Moses and Jesus in some religious books and some people make stories about them.. Mary was very shy and religious woman.

Remember Muslims or non-muslims,all came from Adam and Eve and finally everybody goes back to the same one GOD who is a creator of everything, Is this the way to please the almighty and his prophets...

May GOD(ALLAH) show us the right path and we please HIM in all our actions..Aameen.

Dear Readers

If you think that the cartoons were made to insult any Muslim ore any other citizen on this earth, you have to think again.

The plain truth is, that the cartoons were drawn out of love to the Danish Muslims, so that they would feel to be a part of the Danish community. It may sound strange, to a Muslim, but that is the true fact, and we appolygize to all that was hurt. It was not our intention.

In Denmark we are maybe to open, and we never thought that our small paper "Jyllandsposten" would be on all frontpages in the world.

But now it is, and we have to learn of our mistakes.

Our Embassyes are burned down, our good healthy products are thrown out, we are threathened with murder and terrorist attacks. Our children are confused...the day before they thought that they, as Danes, were welcome all over the world!!!

Can you imagine how it is?

"Jyllandsposten" and our Prime Minister has allready made an appollegise, but it seems that nobody have heard them.

This Sunday evening in our national television, there was a discussion between Danish Muslims, Parlament officials, and normal Danes. We all agreed to have a dialog instead of hurting eachother. Also a big demonstration in Copenhagen with Muslims and other Danes that wanted peace.

So lets get a better future for all man kind, and let the moderate Muslims talk, instead of the fanatics.

I am writing to express my support of all of the European newspapers who published the satirical cartoons which originally appeared in Denmark. This is not because I approve of their content, which I do not, but because they have right to publish what they deem appropriate, not what your religion prohibits. I also express my support because of the completely indefensible tactics of threat, intimidation, and violence engaged in by those in opposition to the publication of these caricatures.

The press of Western liberal democracies is not bound by your religious precepts, which apply only to the members of your religion. However, when people live in a society they must, to some degree, take that society on its terms, with its political values, and not believe that they have the right to challenge those values at their core by demanding censorship.

Furthermore, there is also a clear double standard through much of the Islamic world as we have seen with the welcome reception and defense the Opening Speech by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, at of the 10th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference in 2003. We have seen the forged, absurd "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" turned into a television serial and broadcast in Egypt during Ramadan to maximize the impact. I could provide a lengthy list of such examples of bigotry and discrimination stemming from your religion and backed by governments in Islamic societies and you know as well as I that it is the case.

Many educated people in the West, terrorism aside, are beginning to view your religion as reactionary and intolerant and one of the main reasons that the Islamic world is so technologically, socially, and politically backwards. Instead of attacking the Western press, blaming all your problems on the West and Jews, perhaps you should reevaluate your own views and bring yourself in the 21th century.


Peabe Be Upon you all:

I believe that the Muslims should not take this insult in such a manner as they have since if you take time to read a bit about the religion, even the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) him self was insulted truly and vigorously by oppressors in his time and he stayed quite ignoring their manners and praying for them. He used to pray for his enemies and that is the quality of the messengers of God. Therefore, when someone cursed at the Prophet (Pbuh) or hurt the Propet (Pbuh), he would straighten out his companions to excercise patience and forgiveness, and if the Muslims practiced these aspects, the whole aspect of this insulting cartoon could have backfired...however Muslims fail to read and learn their religion properly, thus, resulting themeselves in the dilemma they are in now.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for any true Muslim to remain indifferent to the recent provocations invoked by the Danish press--no matter how hard one tries to do so. We can only thank the many Islamic intellectuals that are trying to quell--through the use of the pen--the upheavals that this callousness has given rise to. These deliberate attempts to test the resolve of Muslims do not work well for the rest of humanity. Muslims are taught to be patient and tolerant but not weak, because weakness is a serious sin in Islam. Muslim warriors during the lifetime of the Prophet (SAW) protected him with their bodies under hails of spears and arrows. Muslims today will not relinquish that legacy for anything in this world. Do we need any further proof given the recent developments? The only sad thing is we are allowing ourselves to play up to the whims and caprices of few misguided Westerners. I am quite sure that Muslims are not convinced that those caricatures bear the slightest resemblance to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), but are, nonetheless, prepared to tear them up and burn them just because someone said they depict the Holy Prophet of Islam. What more loyalty to Islam do people want for Muslims to prove? I wish all of humanity peace and tolerance. Assalam Alaikoom!

The creator & supporters of this cartoon or imagination are WAJIB UL QATAL and it is unacceptable to any civilized society in this modern world. I wonder if Christanity (the most civilized religion according to many European countries leaders) teaches Christians to disrespect the Prophets and insult other religions, the answer is no because the christanity is one of the greatest religion from Allah. This is not the first time, it happened before and all European counrties & USA supported the devil Salman Rushdi and others who disrespected Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H in the name of so called freedom of speech. To me the ultimate destination of the creator and the supporters of this cartoon inshaallah will burn in HELL and to know the intensity of that HELL, they should go 6400km deep in the earth where the temperture is around 6000 degrees and inshaallah it will rise as soon as these satans and devils are thrown in it. I strongly believe that Allah will keep them alive, awake and concious to feel the pain for their wrong doings and as all of us know that "InAllah ha Ala Qullay Shaeinn Qadeer". Allah is the master of everything and can do whatever is needed to punish the devils and satans. Also all the practicing and non practicing Muslim should know that one of the attributes of Allah is Kun Fayakoon. Brothers & Sisters in Islam don't worry, their time is up and Allah is wraping up very fast and you can see the sings. They will pay for their sins they committed for the disrespect of Allah's Prophets and religions. All the prophets who were sent to the earth from time to time by almighty Allah for the betterment of hamanity were disrespected. The Jews and Christians called them gays, fagits and womanizers etc and most of you might have seen those movies that hollywood made about the Prophets of Allah. We all are proud to be Muslims because we never disrespected, insulted any Prophet or used a wrong word for any religion.


The cartoons where definitely inappropriate. However what is even more startling is the violence in the muslim world towards a cartoons. Is the religion so insecure it can't handle critisim? The riots reinforce the image of a violent and intolerant religion.

AC FROM UK said:
To Doin Phine and the doubting Thomas's.
Here's a link that tells it as it is about this free speech or expression you keep on flaunting or try to ram down everyone's throat. Read and learn a few things about yourselves and the "enlightened" Europe or the West you are trying to convince everyone off.



It will be as important for the Muslims to become independent of the west as it continues to be for the Pakistanis to execute Humanities Prime Directive (thou shalt garden Gods garden) as the tectonic forces in earth's plates readjust.

Some segments of a society will turn nasty when stress is increased. These groups gather strength when a society is pushed toward conservatism. Morality, the enforcement of mores of behavior, is a near enemy of ethics. And as Spiritual Services pushes the west toward conservatism it can be expected to get nasty.

Both Spiritual Services and Earth Services will continue to increase the pressure on the west.
Prepare places for your friends. The west prepars for explusions.

Great respect to the author. This is one of the most balanced and reasonable statements on the matter.

AC FROM UK said:
Doin Phine, In your Alternative Comment you say
"it isn't perfect no defence however violent will keep it alive."

Islam is a whole perfect way of life, but sadly some Muslims are not good Muslims.
But people like you, Doin Phine and the Doubting Thomas's of this world tar all Muslims with the same brush. Your philosophy is that of an Islamaphobe who says it does not matter if some bad Muslims are responsible for wrong doings, Islam and all Muslims are to blame and held accountable. If I use your twisted and sick logic and apply it, then since Hitler was a Christian and killed millions of people (40 Million people dead in a Euro-American War engulfing the World from 1938-45), and Stalin and Mao were atheists like yourself and both killed 20 million people each (some say more), then I should now blame all the Christians and the atheists in the World for the crimes of a few. No, absolutely not, but you Doin Phine and your Ilk have no problem in tarring Islam and all Muslims. This is the difference between the likes of you and me. As regards Islam dying out, I think not. The right-wing Journal, the Christian Science Monitor in their survey says that 20,000 Americans accept Islam as their way of life every year. In my home City of Cambridge, UK, last Friday two Westerners (white skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed)- a women and a man in their mid twenties accepted Islam as their way of life. And guess what Doin Phine, there were no A-AArabs or Muslims holding swords over their necks forcing them to accept Islam. In fact, before conversion (Muslims call it reversion) the Imam at the mosque individual and in private, with two witnesses present, asked them if they had been coerced in any why into accepting Islam. Islam dying out-Dream on Doin Phine or not Dion Phine in this case. It must be excruciatingly painful to hear that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world for an Islamaphobe and atheist like you. Doin Phine to you your way in peace.

This article was very good! The only problem I see is how we are supposed to sit down in a civil and intellectual debate, and exercise patience on an audience that has never accepted us for who we are. The example of the prophet's (pbuh) patience with war prisoners may demonstrate a pillar we are missing in Muslim society today, but in the example provided by this article, Muslims had already won the attention and respect of the enemy through battle, and therefore had room to show patience and understanding. I'm not saying lets battle or fight anyone, I'm just simply saying the boycotts and civil disobedience demonstrated in the Muslim world might be a good thing, because only when a people are taken seriously and respected will their patience be seen with sincerity and form.

As a longtime Muslim sympathizer and supporter of Palestinian rights I'm appalled at the Muslim world's violent reaction to the cartoons. I'm also embarrassed because of what those who have heard me defend Islam must think of my judgment and Islam. Muslims shouldn't expect non-Muslim Westerners with a history of a free press to follow Islamic rules on representing the Prophet. Calling it intellectual terrorism is a bit over the top. Islam has serious problems and needs to get its own house in order before going off the deep-end over things like this.

The following is part of a satire emailed to me with which I agree. No attribution was provided so I can not credit the author.:

"We are demanding that an entire nation be punished because of a cartoon one individual drew," said Turkish Islamic leader Jasahfell Behlam. "And we demand that the laws of our religion be applied to everyone, everywhere, regardless of what religion they may follow."

In a speech last night, Iranian cleric Molalla bin Durkan explained, "The very idea of depicting the holiest prophet in any form is abhorrent to us. Muslims flying planes into buildings and murdering thousands, not so much, but naughty drawings...just abhorrent." He continued, "It is not so outrageous that Muslims are blowing up other Muslims in the streets of Baghdad. That we can live with. But this is a whole new kind of wrong."

Members of Iraq's rival political parties reached an uncommon consensus. Havan bin Fed issued a statment saying, "No one really minds the fact that our religion of peace and love and brotherhood has been hijacked by terrorists. And we don't really care whether or not journalists are kidnapped and beheaded, or whether Muslims murder schoolchildren in Russia. If our religion is corrupted and perverted by the worst criminals the human race has to offer, that's alright with us. But this is a cartoon we're talking about."


If you talk about Islam :), Islam is not religion. we try to make the things easy to those who claim to be descendents of animals BUT they miss the point :). the descendents of animals(I'm just quoting their believe here :) ) still can't rid from the animal's mentality... they keep throwing words without thinking: it's looklike they want prove to us that they are not animals anymore and they can type and understand human's languages :)

Islam is Deen, something that is beyond the understanding of those who smoke pot.

there are other ways to enjoy this life other than smoking pots and drinking wiskey pee :). but how can you tell drug addicts that drugs should be illegal!!!?

It is amazing when you read to Phds in bars and strip clubs talking about enjoying this life!!! sounds they witness what they do brings no enjoyment! they just can't get it!

it's hard for the animal's descendents to understand themselves, then we should not expect them to understand Islam is Deen and not religion.

to those who still lost about following the message of Allah or following the inheritors of animalism. there is time where Allah test us the moslems to the extreme: it is the way to separate the believers from the hypocrites. The Prophet Salla Allah Alaihe Wa Sallam said "my Ummah doesn't come together on doing wrong" from this hadith and the Quran, the scholars of this Ummah proved that the nation who follow the last message is immune about doing the wrong together. that's why it is very hard to put this ummah together in issues. as you all saw, the ummah of the Prophet Mohammad from the East to the west and from the North to the South came together in this matter. only the hypocrites among moslems who get out about the opinion of the Ummah.
it is time to have self dialogue with yourselves and ask yourselves "I'm really a moslem? or I just think I'm?" anybody who get out on the opinion of the Ummah together is dead wrong.

If Muslims cannot handle freedom of the press in Western Countries, then they should consider leaving them.

Assalamou alaikoum. Perhaps islamicity/iviews should follow this present article with the one from the respected and loved scholar Latiefa Achmat, may Allah (Praise to Him) preserve and bless her.**

Reply to Hudd:

So, you want Canadian-style 'anti-hate' laws in other countries. Great idea. But can you implement them at all.

I could sit in a cave in the Amazon, write the most vicious 'hatred' against anybody and everybody and put them on an internet site in another country with plenty of mirror-sites; I can write the most vicious hateful book and put it on the internet and make it freely available without charge. How are you going to find me. All I need a laptop and a phone line to do my vicious deeds.

Sorry, fellow, you can pass all the laws you want; but in the internet age, you cannot prosecute any smart writer. In the internet age, the state is becoming powerless.

The best way for muslims is to take it easy, laugh at the world, and ignore all the nonsense. Otherwise, there will be plenty of idiots who are ready to use technology to incite muslims. I am sure there are plenty of Neo-cons who would love to start a 'war of civilizations'. Do you really want a war or avoid it. I hope 'Saalam' does not mean 'war', 'jihad'.

Cool down. It is an extremely diverse world. Like it or not, you will never be able to control it.

AC FROM UK said:
To Doin Phine (comment 35038). You say, "The saying "The pen is mightier then the sword", is true, and the enemy of the pen is lies, deceit, and the friend of the pen is the truth." HERE YOU GO AGAIN, SHOWING YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING AND HENCE IGNORANCE on the subject matter. Do the WESTERN Media report or write the truth on any subject? The Answer is some do, but most lie through their teeth and people like you, and Westerners in general, swallow it whole, hook, line and sinker like obedient minions. There is a Brilliant quote from the Great American- no, the Great citizen of the planet Earth- Mark Twain made in 1917, which escapes my mind right now regarding people like you and your ilk. Remain tuned and it will come to me over the next few days.
All the world has had lie after lie from the West, whether it be Politicians (the war criminals Bush and Blair and others) or Western media, be it written or spoken (i.e. TV news outlets like CNN, Sky News, Fox News, BBC etc.).
Yes, the saying that, "The pen is mightier then the sword", is true in disseminating lies, deceit and doggy dossiers through the compliant Western Media, and in the West the enemy of the pen is the truth and this is why the Western media will not report the truth. I am still waiting for the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, or shall I call them the Weapons of Mass Disappearance orchestrated by Western Politicians through an acquiescent and deceitful Western media. Doin Phine, may be you can tell me where they are? Since you are Doin Phine and your conscience does not bother you regarding the murder of over 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children due to the "pen being mightier than the sword". By the way the Iraqi dead figures are from the Lancet, an internationally renowned Medial Journal published in Britain. I wonder how you can sleep at night? But then again looking at your past posts all this killing in your name is like water of a ducks back.


The event is to teach all Muslims what is Freedom of Speech. Those who fear to share their Islamic knowledge with non-muslims fearing that they might get offended need to understand that they can do this within the law of freedom of expression.

Since US media and Government expands the definition every day to serve their purpose then it makes absolute sense to define intellectual terrorism.

AC FROM UK said:
To Din Phine (comment 35038) (and others of his ilk): You say, "This supposed "Intellectual Terrorism" is what the world needs more of, let the terrorism of the intellect rule forever". The Nazi and Italian fascists in the 1930/40's and their ilk would have been proud of you, not to mention the multitude of present day neo-Nazis and fascist organizations in Europe and America. Once again you show your complete lack of knowledge regarding the Nazi's of Germany and Mussolini's fascist Italy of the 1930's and 40's. The Nazi's murdered 6 million Jews, gypsies, blacks, Eastern European's they classed as inferior, and also tens of thousands of Germans who apposed the Nazis. Mussolini's fascist Italy put 75% of the Libyan population into two large concentration camps outside Tripoli. Starvation, disease, torture, and rape of A-arab women and children and murder were openly being perpetrated on a vast scale. One million Libyans (men, women and children) were murdered in these camps. Doin Phine do you know what made this possible initially? Intellectual Terrorism that's what! When you start to demean a people or a group or a religious belief through press articles, movie and TV propaganda and caricatures (yes cartoons!), and no one speaks out against these things, be it governments or ordinary citizens, then this leads to genocide and gas chambers. And Euro-Americans are past masters at it. If not killing and committing mass murder and genocide on their own kind, they have been at it in Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, North American, Canada, Asia and Eurasia under Russian occupation, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, just to mention a few, even to this present day. Indeed, with Intellectual Terrorism, the World is a dark place indeed.
I wonder what do they teach you in Canadian schools? Is it to be ignorant of history?
As for Britain and Europe, I have a quote as to what I was taught in school:

I thnink that cartoonist mind is spoil and mad man so he has done this activity,and this affraid by muslims and from its philosophy,but they dont know that islam is very simple and loyal religion,and napak pepoles could done this types of activity.But islam has does not faced any difference.Allah seen every moments................

Answer to Tom.

Quite right. In Islam there are no minor prophets. All prophets are equal, those mentioned in the Bible, Quran and those that might have not been mentioned in any. For God said in the Quran:"I have sent a messenger/prophet to every nation...". And yes they are all equal and we as Muslims must respect them all the same. Prophet Muhammad,pbuh, is more mentioned by Muslims and followed directly because he was the closer in time and the message he brought is the least to no alteration at all. While a Muslims reads the Bible, a lot of what is recorded there makes sense and is in conformity with the Quran. However there are quite many passages that are contradicting Quran. I will not discuss these differences now. To continue, Christianity was a well establish form of worship in Abysinia, Egypt, Armenia,etc in the time of prophet Muhammad. God tells the Muslim in the Quran that those that follow the Quran, the Torah, the Gospel, the followers of John the Baptist,pbuh, and whoever believes in God and the last day and their deeds are righteous and just have nothing to fear. In other words, we are mentioned together, therefore our lot is similar. This is one of many other reasons why the Muslims accepted the Christians and the Jews the way they were. Even though, drawing the portrait of any prophet, is downright blasphemy in Islam. However, the Quran says that we had to respect the people of the book/Bible. And that is what happened, although blasphemeous for a Muslim, the icons and the statues were tolerated for due respect for the mentionings of our Generous Quran.

I disagree with the spiritual separation of Issa of the Quran versus Jesus of the Bible. Both names are an Arab vs English corruption of the Hebrew name of Yeshu'a. All three mentioned names belong to one person: Yashu'a/Jesus/Issa is one person perceived in different languages and cultures. Any blasphemy against him is a blashphemy against Islam! No Muslim could deem this otherwise.

As an isolated American, I am far from the opportunity to mix with such a rich, diverse blend of cultures that, sometimes akwardly, co-exist in the East. Still, I have tried to correct my ignorance by asking a Muslim friend to provide me with the Quran and other readings so I could feel the wisdom of Muhammad, Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him).

I have read, studied and concluded these violent protestors to the printed cartoons are beyond the teachings of the Quran and have falled out of Muhammad's favor (peace be upon him) for having taken violent measures to show their displeasure. The people who printed the cartoon are not enemies preparing a physical violation upon a Muslim, they are reflecting the world's confusion and uncertainty over the Muslim communities direction and lack of a singular leadership. Where is the leader of the Muslim nation who can unite the disciples of Muhammad (peace be upon him) unto a peacefull joyfull life with all the children of God.

The path to for Islam to be embraced by the world is through thicker skin and teachings and restraint. The teacher's word is in the Quran. One only has to read and believe.

Muslims are not doing Islam a favor by attacking Norwegian embassies. The governments in the European nations have condemned these drawings. We have freedom of speech. What our newspapers publish do not necessarily reflect our governments views.
You cant call this intellectual terror, it is NOT teror against you! It is a cultural colission. I am absolutely certain that the people who made these drawings meant no harm y it, just to look at the issue from another viewpoint than the classical one.
Ofcourse, the muslim response like you said is terrible. It is increasing the racial hatred against arabs here in Europe, and that is not good.

This was not intellectual terror at all. It was just a drawing.
We view the Muslim response as a direct attack on freedom of speech. We view i as an attempt to terrify us into abandoning what freedoms we have dearly bought. We will not abandon them.
You make emotional torture attacks against us much more frequently by burning our flags, and mocking our nations and leaders in caricatures

If you cannot tolerate us making caricatures of your central HUMANS, then neither should you make caricatures of important figures in the west. Should we tolerate your caricatures against us?
Not if we are to do stuff like you do! But we do tolerate it!
Should we start burning your embassies and threaten to kill your people? I think not.

A Quote from Bertrand Russell for Muslims to reflect upon.

"And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt His existence."

When I think about it. When I read the Koran, I find a Narcissistic God. Which to me, if there was a God, doesn't make any sense what so ever.

But I'm an Atheist, so I guess it is not suppose to make sense to me. ;-)

I agree with the autor. And I will also add to your information, that the same newspaper that published the cartoons, refused to publish some mocking cartoons of Jesus in 2003, because they didn't want to upset people!!!

Cant agree more, we must show the world the real Islam by been open minded tolerance
& understanding .
A. Nasser

The reason people are rioting is because we had enough. We are full up to our necks with western hypocrisy. We are asked to be kind, loving, tolerant, open, understanding, patient, democratic, value freedom, equal treatment, and so on with the list of the good Christian and western good traits we bad Muslims must follow. Yet the west has spent the last 2000 years doing the complete opposite of every thing they preach. Let us see, the Roman invasions, the Roman western Christian crusades, the European, Roman, colonial era and the current American-European, Roman, evasions of Palestine and Iraq. PLEASE SPARE US THE WESTERN HYPOCRICY. On the numbers side, over the last 100 years the west killed millions of Muslims and destroyed our economies, countries and civilizations. The only thing left for us BAD MUSLIMS is to hurt them where it matters, the money bag.

AC FROM UK said:
To Din Phine (comment 35038) (and others of his ilk): You say, "In this site I have seen much hypocrisy mixed in with articles, columns and opinion pieces". If so, then why do you visit this site? Surely it would be better for you and the others of your ilk to visit Islamaphobic sites run by Christian Zionists, Jewish Zionists, Fox News, Neocons (all Zionists), Atheists etc...? You can't miss them since there are literally millions of them emanating from 'civilized' Europe, USA, Australia and Israel! I am sure you will feel at home with your brethren at these sites. Oh, I forgot there may be an A-AArab or Muslim holding a sword over your neck forcing you to visit, or else you're for the chop! If that is the reason for continuously visiting this site, then I apologize profusely on behalf of my Muslim brethren. But, then again why do I get the feeling that you visit this site through sheer spite for Islam and Muslims. Nothing you've said so far in all your posts is to the contrary. Doin Phine, in your opinion is there anything good in Islam and Muslims that you see? If not, then why visit this site, read the articles and waste your time? Oh, by the way, this is not an attempt at censoring you or stopping you, since as far as I am concerned you can do what ever you like and want. I think Canada is still a free country and as yet not a United States' protectorate (occupied) or colony, although (some) Americans would like it to be. Not yet anyhow, so there's no worry of being carted off to GITMO in US occupied Cuban to be tortured and force fed. May you and your family live in peace with yourselves and your surroundings.
P.S Note I use the words Americans and Canadians, as when I was in Canada in 2001 for an international scientific conference at one of your universities, all the Canadians I met hated being called Northern Americans, and said that they were Canadians, not Americans, which they said were people who live in the US.

TASDIK said:
Some valid points but I disagree with some of the points. I liked the Freedom speech vs. the sanctity of religious debate but I disagree with his comments on the overall actions of the muslims.

MaashaAllah, how beautifully written!
Id like to thank Dr. Aslam Abdullah for putting things in perspective for understand the true meaning of Islam, which is not all the violence our muslim brothers portray. That only increases fear and hatred towards all of our muslim brothers and sisters.
I do understand the hatred those muslims feel, but as the Doctor said, we should show our Sabr, our patience, for Allah 3azzawazjal is with the Sabireen, the patient ones.
May Allah bless you for your work and bestow on all of us the Inner Peace were all searching for and elhamdulillah some of us have found already.

Guys, get a sense of humour and stop burning .. down. Religion is currently the biggest pain in the arse that I have ever come across. Not only does it breed incontempt, but hatred for those who don't believe. I think you need to take a chill pill, stop thinking that your religion is so hard done by, and enjoy everyday life, cos the rest of the world is starting to get sick and tired of your constant bitchin'. We are all only here for a little while, so god damn enjoy it!!!!


A Response from Nurjahan Ruby Zigrino

I agree with Ibrahim Hooper.
This is a time we should vindicate ourselves as followers of Islam
that we operate from moral high grounds and we set examples for
Conquering raw emotions in the service of God to express human
decency and the refined quality God has granted us all is the

Instead, Muslims are not successful people it seems. They are too
busy taking eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. The eventuality of
that appears to be a world of blind and toothless people. That is
definitely not what Islam propagated.

What Islam propagated is that we inspire others and attract others
to the higher Truth by setting higher examples. That can possibly
lead to a world of peace and mutual respect.

Many of the Muslims in the Muslim World are holding double
standards: when so called Muslims perpetrate many heinous crimes and
crimes against humanity and do things that defy any standard of
decency and dignity, the Muslim World remains quiet about the
failures, however, it is outrageous at others when they fail. This
in itself is hypocritical and not fair.

If we only manifest our rage and aggression and fail to manifest our
wisdom and compassion, we fail Islam.

Nurjahan Ruby Zigrino
Minneapolis, USA


Tom, the moslems who are aware of their Islam act in the same way against cursing any Prophet or messenger. we act the same way if you curse the Prophet Aissa the SON OF MARY the peace be on both of them. we don't act the same way about jesus because it is a myth in the corrupted version of christianity...

As a Muslim, I am pained to see our Prophet denigrated as he so often is in the West. But it is well to remember that the Prophet (PBUH)himself patiently endured the abuse of Hind, the wife of Abu Sofian.
I think in the Qur'an, God tells us that it is WE who are affected by glorifying Him (and conversely, degraded by insulting Him or His holy Prophet PBUH). We do not need to fear that silly, ugly cartoons will tarnish our Prophet (PBUH), they only reflect on the people who publish them.
The West has attacked the lDar-ul Islam for centuries. This insult to our Prophet is not new; but there ARE those in the West who do not support this mocking of Islam and the Prophet (PBUH).
Peace and God's blessings to all Muslims in this time of conflict.

Excellent article. I fully agree with the author.



Perhaps Muslims should not riot in the streets over every slight. It serves to reinforce the (well deserved) stereotype of "wild-eyed" fanatic. What happened to the philosophers of Islam's golden era?


This is a reply to Tom. Yes my friend, you are right, muslims should be reacting the same way when any of the prophets are treated this way, for they are seen as being equal in our eyes. This was the first reaction I got when the protests started. God willing, we will learn some good from all of this.
We get angry every time we see a depection of Jesus( pbuh) half naked on a cross, on someone's chain or a church, but have become desenatized by it for the pure reason of keeping the peace, this is because as you may know that muslime know that jesus did not die on the cross as revealed to us by angel gabriel(pbuh).
The danes have awoken the love we should have for our prophet(s), for when you love your prophet you physically show your love for God. Christians should get angry like this when the prophet jesus is defamed. May god guide us all..

Say I agree for the sake of argument that Muslims could have ask the media to expose the true identity of the Prophet (pduh) and the true Islam, how would you ask them and how would you make them agree to what you want them to in exchange of their hating Muslims. If you could answer this question, I guess that would be a good beginning for the Muslims with the west to teach them lessons or start a new dialogue.

Deeply ingrained malice towards Prophet Muhammad is nothing new. He suffered abundant ridicule and abuse in his own lifetime at the hands of his people. But since the Prophet's impact on the course of human history has continued to be so fundamentally profound and everlasting, the assassination attempts on his character have continued apace throughout the fourteen centuries since his passing. Under academic guises like Orientalism, whole disciplines have dedicated themselves to projecting warped interpretations of his persona in order to fallaciously discredit his message. Such momentous ongoing efforts are deemed necessary given that theological defeat of the cardinal Islamic doctrine of the unity of God and His immateriality has failed miserably.

Equally troubling though is the agitated reaction to this latest round of abuse directed at the Prophet, with a certain minority among the larger Muslim community demanding redress in ways he himself never utilized. Even the most biased observer would be hard pressed to find the Prophet ever sanctioning threats, kidnappings, beheadings or wanton destruction of property as a response to personal insults against him.

The Prophet hated peoples' idolatrous beliefs, not the people themselves. His whole life is a testimony to the achievement of excellence in the use of reason, not anger, as a means of transforming individual human beings, and through them, entire nations and empires. Anyone claiming him as their guide would do well to channel their zeal into acquiring his methods of moving hearts and minds as he dealt with his adversaries and delivered the Truth to mankind. The Holy Qur'an, the only religious text to survive the ravages of time completely unaltered, clearly shows the way:

"The Unbelievers say: "No messenger are thou." Say: "Enough for a witness between me and you is God, and such as have knowledge of the Book." (13:43)

If Islam, as you say, teaches a peaceful resolution to ridicule, I have a piece of advice. Before you tell this to the West, tell it to your coreligionists.


Now you see that how true one Quran verse stating that the Christians and the Jews would never be happy with you until you follow their ways. The cartoons are forms of sick jokes. I had seen the comments of Flemming Rose, cultural editor of the danish newspaper on BBC etc. He is a very ego man indeed. so if it is their right to have free speech then it is our right to boycott their products. it is a sign of protest. i would do that because i don't like street protest and i don't like taking violent solution. why i punish the danes? i don't think it is a punishment, I'm just stating my principles.. in this so called FREE SPEECH world.


Some commentators do not realize that Muslims are Muslims because their moral,ethical,social,spiritual and philosophical makeup is very different than that of the secular westerner. Nobody has the right to send a Muslim citizen out of his host country, it is sheer fascism,Hitler style. So,Al Tom shame on you that you share into Nazi Germany's ideology after over 60 years that it was brought down by the positive forces of this world.You will not support Palestine? Fine!Wouldn't you also pull out from there together with the Israelis?Maybe you could give them half of your country? Thomas,the passage from the Quran is relevent to anybody. Did the Vietnamese follow your way? The South Koreans were compelled into it by your armada of missionaries.Remember also this from the Quran:"There should be no compulsion in religion." Jered, you came to the Muslim lands and killed millions, you better keep quiet and take a back seat. If you live in a glass house don't throw stones.

The western community should install the Canadian 'anti-hate' laws in their lands and no such incident would ever happen again. Anti-hate law is a clause to the freedom of speech which is that as long as does not instigate or propagate hate. For the simple minded, a joke is a joke as long as it doesn't insult the subject of joke. The Muslim reaction is so outraged because the cartoons were not withdrawn, nay other countries picked them up. If measures would have been taken right away and the cartoons would have been suspended and forbidden I'm pretty sure things would have developed otherwise.Doin Phine,please represent your country! If those cartoons could be published in Canada I would understand your point.But they couldn't. As a Canadian you are forbidden to be anti-social,fascist,nazi and a hate-monger.As such me as a Muslim I can work side by side with a Jew,homosexual,etc and see in my colleagues their professionalism and their individual values as members of the same society I belong to.

As a muslism living in America i am deeply hurt my the depiction of Islam, Muslisms, and our holy prophet( peace and blessings be upon him). I am shamed to be american and will never consider myself such. Allah the all mightly knows all and he with judge those on the final day. so there is only one thing to do as muslism. worship Allah and stick together. We are all we have in this cold world. May Allah bless us all.

You are a reasonable man and a true spokesman for the real teachings of Islam. The riots will only bring hatred and discrimination against your people. I do not condone the caricatures, but I believe in the right of the artists to do as they wish. A non-Moslem is not subject to your laws and a violent protest against a non-believer shows a worse level of intolerance than the cartoons demonstrated. One of the Islamic Web sites has likened this event to a precursor to Nazi genocide. Inflammatory words like these serve no purpose ... other than to divide and create even more hatred.
You can have your religion so long as I can have mine. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. Shoot at me I will shoot at you. We all need to cohabitate on this planet and I suggest as you suggest that this be an opportunity to learn and move on with new understanding.

My sincerest thanks to the author for the well written, rational editorial.

What help did we ever get from the west? They colonized muslim lands and now want the muslims out of their lands. When will they admit that they are the ones who hate and not angry muslims protestors? History is proof of this.

This cartoon incident is just one more factor contributing to the unity of Islam. I'm for a peaceful response and a diplomatic debate on such matters however I must admit that I get chills seeing our brothers and sisters, from east to west, standing up for what we all consider sacred. Unlike the "free world", thank God almighty we can still differentiate between what's sacred and what's 'haram.'

I certainly agree with the article, especially about Muslims needing to ask themselves 'how would our Prophet (saas) have responded to the publication of those cartoons?', but PLEASE no more talks about these interfaith dialogues! I firmly believe they are useless. The author's
"However, what was surprising was the silence of Christian and Jewish community and religious leaders on this issue?" is a case in point. It seems to me that the people who hate Islam and the Muslim most tend to be the same people who know most about Islam.

Thank you.

It is my understanding that Islam says that none of the prophets
were any better than one another. If so, what I wonder about is
why Muslims, who believe in Jesus, do not react in a similar way
when Jesus, or other prophets of the Bible are depicted in either a
good or bad manner? Thanks in advance for your responses

Thank you for awakening us to the teachings of Prophet(saw), in a
state of emotions we do get derailed.

Allah said in the Quran what I can translate to english here "it appeared the HATE from their mouths and what their chests hide is WORST"
the hypocrites can hide anything they want but Allah uncover the truth about them when He likes.

the intellectual terrorism is the weapon of any hypocrite who hate us for being on the right way. the 20 century and the 21 century are marked by the intellectual terrorism imposed by those who hate Islam on his followers. how many people are allowed to live naked in nude towns in Europe? and how many people are not allowed to have just a beard or hijab?

the act of drawing any messenger or prophet is something that should have no meaning in Moslem's mind. in Islam, anybody who draw messengers or prophets is just insane and LOCO :).
what is bothering in the case of the newspapers is they know it is an act of claiming war when you abuse or curse or offend another people's believe. what brought the wars to the world, in the history of Earth, other than abusing the believe of others?

this kind of war's act should be answered in the same level... by the way, the war is not just what people live in battlefield. but the battlefield is the last stages of the war.

the way the brothers and sisters answered to this war is the perfect way. it shows that the moslem population is the smartest population on Earth. it is time for the moslems in Islamic world to punish this hypocrisy and anti_Islam of the European and others by shifting their friendship from the west to the far East and others. it is time for moslems to prefer any not european products on european products. and why not!? we see America is shifting to chinese products!!!?

Allah is so merciful for us the moslems to the level we see how Allah works in our favore without we plan it. and thank you to the ignorants in Europe, you are appreciated for waking the moslems from their sleep, with your ignorance.

I am european, raised christian. I had the opportunity to visualize these cartoons and I was able to measure the extent of the lack of respect and consideration as well as shallow-minddedness they represent. They simply were not welcome nor justified except for an attempt to provoke I assume. I guess it is an open attempt of confrontation between a secular european culture and a muslim culture deeply attached to its principles. Freedom of expression YES but not when it is suceptible to freely hurt a community in its very much principles. But then I guess lets not fall into extreme reactions. I do not understand nor support the violent uprising against entire european countries. The same way european should maybe change their perception of muslims and islam, the same way angry muslims CANNOT extend the irresponsability of careless newspapers or editors, to an entire population... IT IS EXACTLY the same principle. Islam is peace, humbleness and respect, it should shine these principles to the eyes of westerners. Somehow something is telling me this will not the first example of cultural confrontation in the near future we may assist to. No solutions will exist unless affirmative actions are taken for promoting deeper understanding and mutual respect.
This conclusion may sound naive
Peace and respect

As a Norwegian I have been a member of a group supporting the Palestinian people all my life, political as well as ecomical. What I have seen the last days has convinced me that Palistinians and Muslim countries don't deserve Scandinavian support. I never thought some could react as madmen and make treaths and violence out such a minimal issue.

If muslims living in Europe feels offended by us, please do as we do when we are uncomfertable as guests, we choose to go home!

For several decades I have choosen to boicotte goods from Israel, now I will stop visiting muslim countries, muslim shops and cafes in Europe, and I will always ask the taxi driver if he is a muslim, and in case choose another taxi. You are really a sad bunch of neanderthals.

Islam is a religion of peace (come to our country and you're a target), Islam is a religion of peace (we want vengance), Islam is a religion of peace (we will burn your embassies). The true beliefs of more than a militant few have come forth. Read your own quran, there are several passages where the response to infidels is anything but peaceful. And your prophet exemplified that in his life. Stop twisting or ignoring historical facts.

Thanks Dr. Aslam for putting your thoughts in such words full of wisdom, at least I am happy to see that what I was hoping should have been the response resonates with some other Muslims around the world too.

You are correct when you say that Muslims have learned next to nothing from Salman Rushdie blasphemy and having made him hugely in(famous) overnight and making more and more people read his satanic work.

From what I hear, there are a plenty of indications that several groups of people (on "both" sides) are using this issue to increase the "confrontation" instead of creating understanding for different customs in different parts of the world. I find this very sad.

Regarding the rucus made about a cartoon issue in Denmark, at the risk of being misunderstood, I think it is 'much ado about nothing'. Why?

Well, great men and prophets cannot be belittled by puny men. In fact, most prophets in history have been vilified but their stature remains intact because of their actions and their wisdom.

Next do we really want to make celebrities out of these insensitive people? But that is exactly what we do. Who had heard of this cartoonist outside Denmark before the protests?

In a well organised society there is always a legal mechanism to fall back on. The aggrieved party can do that and fight a battle in court against the cartoonist. I am sure there must be laws against insulting people's religion in Denmark, and it is this path that would be the most effective.

Also, we are big time hypocrities. I am wondering what this says about us Muslims globally. We are willing to stand up to small Denmark, but think nothing of throwing our money at nations who have not just published some stupid cartoons, but are actually occupying, bombing and destroying Muslim lands? Does anyone see the hypocrisy here?

THOMAS said:
I think instead of this violence over free speech,(Danish cartoons)Muslims should read the Koran verse 109 1 to 6. In a previous article there was an author who tried to state that there was no clash of civilizations. I think this whole farce over the cartoons proves that author totally wrong. Thank-you.

109:1 Say: O disbelievers!

109:2 I worship not that which ye worship;

109:3 Nor worship ye that which I worship.

109:4 And I shall not worship that which ye worship.

109:5 Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

109:6 Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.

There is nothing wrong in bycotting Denmark's products. Its a right step in right direction. Protest rallies are good as far as its not too violent. Calling diplomats from Denmark is MOST Appropriate.

WEST media knows better, FIRST COMES DUE RESPECT.

There are 2 things goin on here.

1. Insulting via Media.

2. The reason for such insult, that is to analysize the reaction. For immediate and near future policies. and to test different governments loyalties?

as we know Broadcasts are usually a propaganda tool for almost all Governments. It can be in printed material (News Papers, magazine etc) or electronic media, Radio / TV etc.

For an ordinary muslim the way to protest is to bycott products made in Denmark etc.

we should use the opportunity to demonstrate true Islamic values of patience and persuasion.

Shiek Salman recommendation is wise.

What about a cartoon about the holocaust, will the news print it!!!!

To the supposed "Intellectual Terrorism" that the Muslim world is going through right now, All I have to say is join the modern world, and learn to live with it. In this site I have seen much hyprocrasy mixed in with articles, columns and opinion pieces. I'm an atheist, but a quote somewhere in th Bible says something like this; "he who has not committed sin be the first to throw a rock". If everybody followed that, the Muslim world would not be acting like this because they, are not without much worst actions then some stupid cartoon. Well actually its not the cartoons that are stupid, it is the Muslim response. Even too hard for a reasonably minded person to believe. Like out of the twilight zone. This supposed "Intellectual Terrorism" is what the world needs more of, let the terrorism of the intellect rule forever. In this way the best ideas will rise to the top, the bad, the evil and the useless will be left by the side. Religion is an ideology no more no less. Therefore deserving of no protection from free speech, or as the author likes to put it "Intellectual Terrorism". Without intellectual terrorism the world would be a dark place, where instead of the intellect it would be the sword that would rule.

The saying "The pen is mightier then the sword", is true, and the enemy of the pen is lies, deceit, and the friend of the pen is the truth.

So why this outcry, any reasonable person can see. A final quote for the people out there with only point of reference in their life. Open your eyes and learn.

-- G. W. Foote
"Atheists are often charged with blasphemy, but it is a crime they cannot commit...

When the Atheist examines, denounces, or satirises the gods, he is not dealing with persons but with ideas. He is incapable of insulting God, for he does not admit the existence of any such being.... We attack not a person but a belief, not a binge but an idea, not a fact but a fancy."

If Islam is perfect, it doesn't need the protection of an

Allah Says in the Quraan:

21:107 We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.

9:33 It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it).

48:28 It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion: and enough is Allah for a Witness.

61:9 It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that he may proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it).


It is wrong to use freedom off speech.For make fun off our prophat(sas) the man who did is EVEIL . and go to hall

The only language the WEST understands is Economical strangulation/boycott. They will not cease their hate-mongering, slanderous, anti-Muslim and childish attacks until they are taught a lesson. Every Muslim should economically strangle and boycott anything that is associated with the guilty countries. They malign and slander Islam, the Holy Prophet and the Muslims; and when ever they are challenged for their retarded and ignorant manners, they hide behind their concocted phrase of `freedom of speech?`. It is not `freedom of speech?` as they falsely mislead people to believe; it is actually Freedom of Spite. They have the freedom to slander and malign Islam, the Muslims and the Holy Prophet(PBUH) as they like. But they donnot have the `freedom` to publish or even critically question when others who are not Muslims are concerned. I am not advocating that others are to be `criticized`. A Muslim has a duty to defend the defendless, the weak and not allow others to be maltreated. But I am pointing out their gross duplicity and hypocrisy. They donnot dare to treat others as they treat the Muslims. When Muslims are concerned, it is a free ride. The claims by their governments, that they `cannot` interfere is unfounded, fake, ludicrous and hypocritical. If this were, for example, Judaism, there is doubt that not only their governments would interfere. The publishers would be fired and the government would send them to jail. Again, I am not advocating that people ill-speak of other Religions, be they Judaism or Christianity or any other Religion. Their claim of `freedom of speech` which in reality is, Freedom of duplicity, is absurd and racist. You donnot have to be a rocket scientist to see the hypocrisy. This was a deliberate, ill-intended, slanderous provocation and attack. Muslims should boycott economically anything that is by these countries or is affliated with them. They will learn a big leason, once it touches them financially.

Just want to say diplomacy does not work in every case, sometimes respect comes through the barrel of a gun. Please study Badr, Uhad......

I don't think this is "intellectual terrorism." And if anything, the Muslims who beheaded innocent people in Iraq do MUCH more damage to the image of Islam than some silly cartoons. It is Muslims like these who fuel the stereotype that we are blood thirsty people. I consider THESE people to be Murtads (apostates) and they are a BIGGER threat to Islam than some cartoonist in Denmark. This whole thing is being blown way out of proportion.