Stealth Crusade Part 2

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September 11, "A day that will live in Infamy," in the words of FDR who was describing the Axis attacks on American Pearl Harbor in 1941. Fast forward to the rhetoric of the Bush administration post 9/11 which declared "A war on Terror," or what has become a apparent, "A war on Islam," which has become apparent to all including the Muslim American community, which at one point supported the efforts of the Bush Administration. Mr. Bush and his administration have kindled a fire of "Stealth Crusade Part 2" on Muslims in America and abroad. It has become apparent that the War on Terror was, and is in fact a War on Islam. Nevertheless, the pattern and reality of furtive hostility that has surfaced has been consistent since 2001 and clearly indicates that there is actually a crusade going on against Islam and Muslims under the pretext of the war on terrorism.

We live in a world where history has proven that political deception is a recognized method used by powerful governments and their leaders towards achieving personal interests. We as informed citizens of the world should analyze the "performances" and rhetoric of such leaders as Bush, when we listen to him praising Islam as a "great religion," while hosting Iftar parties at the White House and trumpeting off to the world about how he now owns a copy of the Quran, suggesting that he and his administration are exercising an act of diversity. 

Through the implementation of policies such as those found within the USA Patriot Act; what has become more evident and clear now, is that the Bush administration is consistently pursuing a path of confrontation with Islam and Muslims both in America and abroad. For example, the self-evident scandals of the humility brought upon the Iraqi prisoners of war at Abu Ghraib. Moreover, the manner in which, the Quran was mistreated by American servicemen at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Last but not least, the style in which the bodies of two Taliban fighters were cremated and the rhetoric that was uttered by high Pentagon officials in describing Islam and Muslims suggest without any doubt that the US Administration is pursing an agenda of a "Clash of Civilizations," through intimidation towards Islam and Muslims.

The proof of this "stealth crusade," can be found within the recorded history of the last five years. It is quite apparent, and one can see and view the patterns of the "us versus them," chess game being played clearly by the kings, the rooks and nights of the White House. 

Praising Islam as a stealth tactic:

Another example of the Bush administration's hidden agenda to carry out his stealth crusade on Islam includes the use of double-talk. For example, government officials that hold high rank such as the President and vice president, and senior staff members ensure that Islam is never criticized or attacked by their office. They always extend courtesy towards Muslims and Islamic symbols. They ensure that the White house does not demonize Islam. However, 79th attorney general John Ashcroft tried to cross the line of tolerance when he questioned the idea of God in Islam, and said that, "the God of Islam wants the followers of Islam to be suicide bombers." He never withdrew the statement he made in public even though some senior administration members had distanced themselves from him. It looks great to see Bush and or Cheney praising Islam and hosting iftar parties while waving a copy of the Quran as a symbol of their respect for Islam. But one must understand their hidden motives and the stealth game they are playing very clearly. First of all, under the US constitution, they cannot speak against Islam or any other religion and secondly, they do not want to create a diplomatic disaster for America by showing open hostility against Islam. There are 56 Muslim countries. Even though some of them such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Qatar and UAE are virtual US colonies, yet none of them would tolerate open hostilities against Islam.

Praise the Lord

The second strategy being implemented within the stealth crusade project is quite recognizable in the form of propaganda speeches and radio/TV talks delivered by some of the closest friends of President Bush and the GOP. The title Christian evangelists may ring a bell to those who are aware of this tactic in particular. In reality, however, they are crusaders whose sole aim is to denigrate Islam in particular because it is an ideological opposite of their defined Christian faith. Thus for them, Islam is anti-Christ, a religion of terror and should be shot back into the dark ages. The evangelists share these ideas with Bush and his cronies and rarely has the Bush administration distanced itself from the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

The Bush team uses the first amendment as a means of spewing their hateful speech towards Islam within their churches and on their radio stations. For these necessary tools are Bush's pawns on the chess board, which he rallies as the base of the Republican party crusade against the new axis of evil, being Islam and the Middle East. 

They have prepared a large team of crusaders at the grass roots level that is willing to express its hatred openly against Islam and Muslims.

Praise the Freedom

The third pattern is visible in several government agencies and government sponsored programs such as the faith-based provision in which, several evangelical groups have been using public money not only to promote their brand of Christianity, but also to promote hatred against Islam and Muslims.

In Places like Pentagon and the justice Department, there are individuals who strongly believe that Islam is an axis of evil and this was actually expressed by several US army officers within private and public statements made by them. They occupy important positions in the Administration and they have been using public funds to demonize face of Islam.

Their strategy is two-pronged. The first being to engage Muslims in dialogue and creates a division between them. This is done under the guise of labeling and categorizing Muslims into a moderate group and an extremist group being Shia and Sunnis. They are also dividing Muslims on ethnic and cultural lines. The administration has found a sufficient amount of Muslim groups throughout the world to serve as their partners in this endeavor. So far, the administration has spent more than 200 million dollars in this campaign, which has been kept secret. The Bush administration has given money to several Muslim groups under different Schemes and it has tried to boost the stature of several Muslim leaders by tempting them to join iftar parties hosted by GOP leaders and the White House. The second strategy is to create conditions of hostility against Islam through evangelical chaplains who have been employed in large numbers within the Pentagon.

Praise Democracy

The third visible trend within the stealth attack on Islam has been implemented through the use of so called intellectuals such as Daniel Pipes, who is a self-proclaimed Islam-hater, and through the employment of so called liberals as well as neo-cons whose main objective is to prove that Islam is anti-democracy and as a religion, does not have the capability to play any role either in state or in politics.

They do not want Islam to take any form of comprehensiveness in any part of public or private welfare. Ironically, some of them are strong supporters of a mingling Christianity within the political arena in America and the West. For instance, Kenneth Star, a GOP favorite had urged the Bush administration to appoint ultra-conservative Christians and radical Islam-haters to positions of power within the government. For instance, Daniel Pipes was elected as a board of director for the Institute for Peace.

How ironic, a self-proclaimed Islam-hater would be appointed by Bush to such a position of honor. He was later removed from the elected position. 

How should Muslims deal with this confrontational situation that has been thrust into their faces by Bush and his "Stealth Crusaders?" The first advice would be to stand up and recognize that this attack on Islam is a crusade against Islam launched by the Bush Administration. The second advice would be to speak up and refuse to be categorized into groups such as Shia or Sunni, which gives them fuel to divide Muslims.

Let us not identify ourselves as either Sunnis or Shias. Let us call ourselves Muslims. Stand up and refuse to be called moderate or extremists. Take a stand against those who misuse Islam for their stealth political agenda, which is to eradicate Islam from the face of the earth. Take a stand against this "Stealth Crusade."

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is the editor of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada and director of the Muslim Electorates Council of America (MECA).

Note: Neo-cons and the general public who limit their views to a select group of American corporate news media will point figures at the actions of a few fringe elements to justify this policy of aggression. But tit-for-tat is not a policy that civilized societies should engage in. To those people I want to say, "Hold your criticism of this article" until you read this writers criticism of those who claim to be Muslims and engage in violation of human rights. See the following articles ..

Anatomy of Violence

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  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: George W. Bush
Views: 8617

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Older Comments:
Let me begin by saying that I am American and a Roman Catholic. Your viewpoint in this article disturbs me not because your thinking, in my opinion, isn't correct but rather because it is. President Bush has an agenda that extends beyond intimidating muslims, it is intimidating anyone who has a different point of vew from his own. This has lead to a major division in the USA that can only be healed in one way, communication.
There needs to be a serious dialogue between Muslims and Christians here in the USA. This "us vs. them" mentality of President Bush on Muslims is a problem for all Americans. It is similar to what happened to other minorities until they demanded their rights. The idea also of Muslims standing up to Bush is a great idea. It is a good answer to the probable discrimination that they have been experiencing. It is reminiscent of what Martin Luther King Jr. did to end 100 years of discrimination against African Americans.
It shames me as an American that for all the ways we talk about freedom and rights we don't acknowledge those rights for the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. With Bush refusing represenatives from the Red Cross/Crescent to come and visit with these prisoners we act exactly the same way as we did with our Japanese Internment camps of the 1940s. Why don't we learn?

Now US soilders are refusing to fight in Iraq, and are surrendering on Syrian borders everyday saying they donot want to be part of this insane war.

Dr Aslam Abdullah lives up to his scholarship.
As an activist, scholar and writer, he has always sided with the truth and justice. He has spoken and written vehemently against injustice and violations of human rights - whether Muslims or non-Muslims commit it. Similarly, he is known to speak against friends and foes if they breach the basic human dignity of their fellow human being. Most of us already knew that the so-called War on Terror was nothing more than a cover for a War on Islam. But to hear this from Dr Aslam Abdullah, even those who were sceptical may now see the truth. May Allah swt bless him for his noble efforts in the service of humanity. Ameen.

I really enjoyed reading your article because I had
started believeing that my muslims brothers were walking into the wolfs mouth with their eyes open,
and loved doing so. The tricks of this adminitration
is the most wicky of all.
By living here in america I see everyday the hatered shown toward muslims and really I could not believe how my muslim brothers was falling for
some of the lies that came out of this adminitration. Condeleezza Rice I believe history
will show her to be the most evil women in known
history but yet she walks over into the muslim world talking with a forked tongue but out of her
mouth drips death.
I say this as one who walks in the shadows of death everyday here, "america do not like muslim".
You said in your artical Bush had a Quran, so what anyone can get a Quran, he's not going to read it and for sure not for understanding.


I strongly agree with Dr. Aslam Abdullah. Its time for muslims to unite against these evil doers. May Allah guide us towards the right path. Aameen

Allah hafiz,


To Ahmed
What you talking about. Are you telling me, that I asked for a Crusade and got one. Gee, I know that is NOT my wish, and I certainly don't have a position of authority where I can ask for one.

Doin Phine to Assistant: "Please order up one Crusade."

You are a funny guy Ahmed :-)


I agree with the Doctor. We are deceiving ourselves if we hang on to the belief that this "terror" war is not against Islam. A very old tactic is being used here. In the days leading up to the battle if Uhud, even the Makkans had sent a letter to the Al-Ansar in Medina declaring that their fight was not against them, rather against the Muhajirs amongst them. An obvious attempt to disunite the Muslims. The Bush administration is not different when it says " we are not against Islam, Islam is peace..., we are against extremists only!" We need to wake up!

Now many americans themselves say that
911 is a inside job.
also evidence DVD and photos


Very well written article. I agree with you, Islam is under attack. It will take one man, like Saladin, to unite us again, and get rid of the cancer that has taken over the center of the Muslim civilization (Palestine).


you spoke just the truth here and of course you upset the spies here :). the west my brother is built on "nothing is free". the people who back the oppressors always have benefit in doing so. there is a movie that the Americans refer to as the American spirit movie. it is a western movie titled "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly". this movie made from 3 criminals the good, the bad and the ugly... if you are raised in this culture, you grow up with the same mentality believing there are good criminals out there. and of course when your country is the one committing the crime, you will feel patriotism and you will consider it to be the GOOD CRIME.

The only one in fantasy land is Don Phine. You wanted a got one.

Something that the Bush, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein supporters maybe agree on but interpret differently:

'Take a stand against those who misuse Islam for their stealth political agenda, which is to, install a despotic regime with murderous fanatics. Take a stand against this Stealth Crusade.'

Peace, for we are one.

This is hundred percent correct. That is because right after 9-11 Bush made a comment over the T.V that it is time for Crusade. Then later his administration reminded him that the word used by him would inspire the whole muslim world to be against their agenda.
Dr. Aslam Abdullah you have made a genuine report please do not feel ashamed from naive comments made against you.

ALY said:
It becomes more apparent that the War on Islam and the hostility against Muslims has a long history: even beyond the Crusades, Colonialism, Western Writings on Islam and Muslims ....
The sources or causes, which accounted for such bigoted mindsets of the likes of Bush, Inc., are obviously many, and go much beyond 9/11.
But many Muslim elite and rulers are letting such bigots get away with murder and atrocities of their brothers and sisters.
The failure of Muslims to practice Islam, as they should, is one of the factors that led to becoming an easy prey.


salaam aleikum,

this article seems too little too late, since we are *already* in a de-facto state of the clash of civilizations ushered not just on 9/11 but pushed over the edge with the Iraq war. What Mr. Abdullah should instead do is look inside of himself and other organiztions that duped Muslims prior to 9/11 and were used by this administration and many others -- i.e. getting Bush elected to office using the "so-called Muslim vote", working with a Saudi-funded organization the AMC, whose Libyan-money laundering director recently went to prison, and let us not forget the role of the munafiq "Progressives" whose sole claim to fame is media attention for women leading men in salaat, something that Mr. Abdullah should have been aware of was in the future plans when he endorsed a "progressive" Muslim cause in his earlier columns. That is you cannot claim to be "exposing" something or against it, if u had earlier supported it and championed others to follow in your misguided support.

americans dont really know the truth about ISLAM. it is only ISLAM that america is what america is. when islam first came and united arabia it change the brothers and sisters to becoming a civilized people with a a way of life and civilization that illuminated the world while bush's ancestors in europe where living in the dark ages.

yes ISLAM calls for unity not division as the kuffar wants us to be. brothers and sisters don't fall for this trap by these neocrusaders. these neocrusaders will meet their fate..and they will have to answer to allah swt for their wicked oppression and terror

The truth is finally surfacing.. and coming from Dr Aslam Abdullah (of all people). This conclusion is what all muslims should have reached the day Bush and his cronies declare an ILLEGAL war on Iraq.

We have forgotten (until now ) the saying of the Prophet (SAW) amongst other things that "..none of us is believer until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself".
Who wants to be bastardised, maimed and killed? Subhanall-lah. May be as one commentator saw it, the plan of Allah to change us for another generation of muslims who will execute his will on earth is unfolding, who knows? But muslims (including myself) need to wake up to the truth. Enough of the propaganda of "fighting terror" the time muslims face reality is now, lets remember that there may be no second chance.

Pure Fantasy. ;-)

Dr. Abdullah,

I am afraid your present article has undone the good that has been done by the your previous two articles referenced at the end of the article. By using the unfortunate rhetoric of "Stealth Crusade" and thus framing the war on terror as a "War on Islam," you have just given the extremists (yes, you must call them extremists or forget your prior claim that they don't represent Islam) an excuse or worse a mandate to continue their attacks on the US. Except for a few hotheads who speak before they think, the US government and the bulk of the American public has been remarkable in its care to not confuse Islam with the terrorists that attack us. It is primarily the Muslim community that confuses a political and military response to terrorists with a religious war against Islam. The very fact that you are able to print such an article disproves your basic premise. I hope this article is not widely distributed as it just the fodder that will bring about the response he says exists now from not only the "neocons" but also the majority of Americans that up to now understand that a few extremists do not taint a whole Muslim community. No reasonable person wants a true religious war.

NA FROM US said:
After 9-11 Bush has declared a war on terror but turn out to be Islam.His born again Christian has turn him againist Islam. Islam and Middle East
has done more for him and the Americans.

When Dr. Aslam takes up some topic to express opinion it is normally serious and thoughtful, but today he seems to become little emotional on this topic.
There are few obvious things that all "muslims" should have understand by now that no matter what you have become radical, moderate, liberal , Shia , sunni or even muslim of just by name, you will be consider same as "T" you know what I am saying. It is little odd as only with muslims in the world this happens they never get classfied as different types of muslim but when it comes down to killing and oppressing muslims it is always consider all types of present day muslims as just muslim. I guess this is the same thing what Doc. is saying as well.
What I am not agreeing is that Islam will be wipe out from the face of this earth, this is been the effort of a lot of forces in the past to accomplish this task but with no success we know that very well. What I am sure is that God will choose better people than us may be to serve him.
I think and even believe that we or just myself may be should not be affarid of US and even West that they will destroy my faith or people but I am affarid of muslim all over the world that are allowing the kind of rulers to rule over us that are making our peaceful lives in danger and not the mention the all silent minority of good muslims if there are any left who will be in danger will rest as well.
West interest in muslim and muslim world is only economic (oil specifically) not Islam as a religion or even muslims. They will not even care or even know the georgraphy of muslim land if they don't have the economic benift. It is something some muslim countries have that they need and they will get it. Otherwise I am sure no westren leader spend restless nights on issues of African countries and even some south american countries. They don't even know how many coutries there are and even name one of its leader. I will be surprised.
No oil No muslims No Islam No Problem :)

Cindy Seehan is right in protesting the war in front of his ranch. She care for the country while bush is careless about citizen of our country. Like Cindy Seehan said Bush need to explain what noble cause he is fighting this war. For oil of course.

So far his war on Islam will not bring any goodnesss for the world. Like allah said that They Plan and Allah also plan and Allah is the master of the planners not bush. if bush has a copy of Quran He should read what allah did to those who oppose allah then he will realise the fate of an unjust war.


Well said. Dr. Aslam, People say 'people have short memories' I say people have long memories when it comes to attack on thier faith ... Everytime I see the truth when president bush speaks against the obviaous facts ... no I'll never forget. Assalmu Alikoum.

Brothers and sisters in Islam,

Assalamu alaikum.
I agree 100% on Dr. Abdullah's ideas. Insha-Allah, all Muslims in this planet will unite and follow the real cause of Islam. Most people are inherently Islam 'haters', they are no different from the people way back in the time of the noble prophet (SAW). Let us educate them, and make them realize the truth in many ways. Let them say whatever they want, let them do whatever they could, the more important thing is we keep ourselves, and our faith in the best direction, as what is stipulated in the Holy Qur'an.

However, as in case, there will always be a limit to everything else. We will not allow them to maltreat Islam or us, never ever ever. Thus, if you feel the clamor for change then it is high time for you to act and do whatever you can, now not tommorow. Maybe some of us don't realize that this battle has started since the time the Nabbie Mohd (SAW), a cyclic and continuous one.

Let's make dua(s) for all Muslims in this world. Insha-Allah.