I am in rage when people demean Islam

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"There was one only good, namely, knowledge; and one only evil, namely, ignorance."  - Socrates

This must be the Age of Ignorance. An age whereby the impoverished and the wealthy, the illiterate and the educated, the faithful and the faithless, the weak and the powerful, the east and the west share a common trait, a common cause, a common lie - an ignorant perversion of faith, of morality, and truth. An "Age" where lies, greed, murder, and abuse of humanity are justified, even glorified, in the name of the Almighty.

From so called "Conservative Compassion" to "Misused Jihad", the end result is wanton murder and destruction of those unwilling to submit to the "truth of the folly and ignorant" of those delivering "smart bombs" or "car bombs." The wicked indifference to life and truth, the intellectual disconnect from knowledge and reality, and the immoral ignorance of their own faiths are the evil triad of the leaders of today.

Misrepresented Islam: 

There are some who claim Islam as their faith. They perform their daily prayers in peaceful congregation with their fellow Muslims, hearing the compassionate and merciful teachings of God and His Holy Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, only to leave the mosques and return with guns or car bombs to kill the same Muslims they just prayed with, shoulder to shoulder, glorifying God and facing the Holy City of Makkah. These people who have professed to submit to the will of God have launched a killing spree that does not differentiate between civilians and combatants, Muslims or Non-Muslims.

No Muslim today who worships God and understands the Holy Quran can accept this murderous perversion of our faith and not condemn it publicly and repeatedly from every minaret, microphone, school, radio, television, or government office from Washington D.C. to Jakarta. Muslim voices must cry out in unison against those who take the lives of the innocent, lives created by God who breathed of His spirit into each human soul. All of humanity, east and west, north and south, should be consistent in condemning terrorism whether committed by governments, or by individual groups.

I share the anger and frustration, against people that demean Islam in words, whether they are Islamophobes or people who demean Islam in action after they have professed to submit to the will of God.

The Taliban of the West want to make America exclusively a "Zionist-Christian" nation and marginalize Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Mormons, and every other faith that does not conform to their thinking. It does not matter to them if they alienate the rest of the world with their war on the innocent and support or blind eye towards atrocities of governments around the world.

In due time the American people will come to understand the folly of such distortion of the founding principals of this nation.

The Holy Quran is replete with admonitions to Muslims to be just, deal fairly, even with unbelievers, be patient and compassionate even in adversity, to be humble always, to be charitable to the weak, and live in peace with all who do not seek to harm or oppress Muslims or commit injustice.

People around the world have the right and legitimate claim to oppose and fight the unjustified political and military oppression by any nation, but the fight must be against those who are combatants, not civilians. Muslims should know that even in war, the Prophet forbade believers from harming civilians, destroying buildings, killing animals, and uprooting plants and trees.

There is no greater theological misrepresentation of Islam and an outrageous oxymoron than the term "Muslim terrorist." The killing of innocent civilians anywhere must be condemned forcibly, and if known to be committed by people who profess to be Muslims must be stopped primarily by Muslims themselves. They are sinners against God, hijackers of a peaceful faith, and harmful to the general interests of Islam.

Let's begin with a firm understanding and love of our faith. Let us enlighten our minds and hearts and hold on firmly to the Glorious Quran. Let us begin with an individual change and commitment to Islam, then hasten a change within our family, our neighbors, our community, then our nations; then and only then will we be assured of victory from God against those who spread corruption. But first, we must clean our own house of despot, squandering rulers and hypocritical, extremists who claim to be the vanguards of Islam.

The Holy Prophet enjoins upon ALL Muslims to do good and prevent evil, even if it's against one's family.

"Anybody amongst you who sees evil should correct it with his own hands. If unable to do so, he should correct it with his speech. If he is unable even to do that, he should at least consider it as such in his heart, for this is the weakest degree of faith."

Are you doing good and preventing evil? Are you taking part in the betterment of society and the world? Are you donating your time and money for the good of your community and humanity? Are you feeding the poor, sponsoring the orphans? Are you reaching out to others to inform them in actions and words the values of Islam? Are you condemning Muslims when they perform evil acts? Are you preparing for tomorrow? If you are, may God bless you, if you're not, may God have mercy on us all.

The individual action of every one of us affects us collectively. God willing if we all do our part in promoting good and preventing the bad, we can fulfill the Quranic directive - "You are indeed the best community that has ever been brought forth for the good of humankind; you enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and you believe in God." (Quran 3:110)

  Category: Featured, World Affairs
  Topics: Condemnation, Terrorism
Views: 12186

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Older Comments:
You were doing reasonably well until you coudn't control your passions and used the inflamitory phrase, "Israel's atrocities." I have yet to be told of any atrocity of which Israel is guilty that they were not merely answering an atrocity that had been perpitrated upon them. For every response that they have undertaken they gave a reason of what it was in retaliation for.


I was waiting for the rest of your response but let me just respond to what you have posted. Please notice that I said people who call themselves Muslim who fly planes into buildings. My intent was to imply that these people, instead of proving their faith, are actually putting their faith in question by the performance of these acts of terror. I have tried very carefully in all of my posts not to make the sweeping statements of indictment that you accused me of. Neither was I trying to throw guilt at the Muslim community in general. All I want to do is get the posters of this site to think carefully before they spew hate at the US.

One of the inconsistencies I see in this website is that many posters do not seem to be able to differentiate between a political statement and a religious statement. Even you, Peter, who I see as a reasonable person, jumped to the same conclusion. When I say I am against terrorists, I get attacked for saying I am against Islam. Whenever the US does something that they think might be politically, economically or militarily advantageous to Americans (Why is it that the US is the only country in the world that can't act in its own interest?) it may hurt or it may benefit a country that is predominantly Muslim. If it happens to hurt then we are Crusaders trying to wipe out Islam while if it benefits then we never are thanked but are criticized for not doing more and our actions are attributed to all kinds of ulterior motives. Is it against Islam to say something nice about the US?



I appreciate your attendance here in the spirit of mutual understanding. I can fully understand your desire to defend our country in the face of what you perceive to be unjust statements against it.

That said, I hope you will read my email and give it some serious thought: first of all, I really have to say I take exception to your statement about Muslims flying planes into buildings. It's not right to lump us all together in one group and try to lay a collective guilt trip on us.

To further illustrate this point, Do you know what happened in Srebnica? Probably not. Well, 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered by the Serbs as part of their 'ethnic cleansing' program. What is more, the Serbs made death camps and raped so many women that the UN has now officially made rape a war crime (!). Don't think this conflict has a religious dimension to it? Think again. Ever heard of Arkan? Probably not, well, he was a thug of the Milosevic regime who went murdering and etc with his military unit and wherever he went, he held up three fingers to symbolize the Christian Trinity.

Now, does this reflect on Christianity? Would it be fair for me to put you, as a Christian, in the same group as Arkan? How would Christians in the US react if I went to one of their web-sites and said I wanted to understand what made Christians create death-camps, ethnic cleansing and wage a world war every generation or so? Probably a lot of people would be mystified at my statements, and wonder who the heck I was. Not a few would think I was crazy.

How would you feel if I made broad sweeping remarks about your religion. You say Christianity has no leader, but what if I insist that the Pope speaks for all of you. Or, even better, that Pat Robertson is the man in chargee and he just issued a fatwa against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela?
Do you see my point? Brother, I'm not attacking you, but you have to understand.. (to be continued)

I completly agree with that peaceful speech .Islam is not about killing islam is about peace , respect and dignity for all mankind. We will only survive these hard times by being united and following the way of the Coran and the Sunna . A good muslim is the one that is an examples and leader in everything you do , a good muslim should always preach for peace and harmony.


H.A, you did very good job in accusing all the elements of this problem. you did alots better than the unknown writer of this article.

this unworthy to be known gave the impression to moslems that he is about to bring some talk of wisdom by starting with a word that he never understood. later joggled between extremists to play his so called objectivety. but in conclusion, he had to jump on moslems to move them toward solving the hard side of the problem(which is stoping the fight back). why should a moslem fight another moslem because someone didn't listen and went after moslems in what Thomas Barnett called the Gap of the world?
Pat Robinson, Jerry Falwell and others are not the problem here. they had more than 1 billion dollars grant from the US administration. they are like lightbulb, they work when they get enough energy.
read carefuly the game? he said " However, we as Muslims must never, ever, commit their brand of evil upon innocent civilians " ... who is this moslem from us who come here who gonna accept to be accused like that? how many moslems from Islam.org or any islamic website, did attack innocent people? I know none, unless if this unknown author did it and didn't tell us the truth :).
read more about this game? :) "and if known to be committed by people who profess to be Muslims must be stopped primarily by Muslims themselves... " that's the target of his whole game. but the question here that should be addressed to the head of state and his team: how Dear you with the last technology and the whole pentagon and... fall to resolve this problem? and us who are simple moslems arround the world, we bearly own our living, gonna do it? do you think we have the magic stick? if yes, at least we use it to change our life first :). the chain of dumb policies will not stop unless a new Government with new strategy take place.
and if Mr unknown just used equal call to stop the fight from whose who intend to destroy Islam!!!?

Bruce, what I meant was the kind of patriotism that sacrifices humanity and arrests the civil liberties of its citizens as stated in the constitution.

You want"To try to understand what makes people who call themselves Muslims fly planes into our buildings and kill innocent people."? You are searching in the wrong place. First, this site is used mainly by North American Muslims. Second, Muslims do not do or facilitate acts of terrorism. Now, USA has caused some serious issues with some people in the Middle East that happen to be Muslims. They will try to get back to the US every way they could and this not because Islamic faith but out of retaliation. It's the law of equity. If one killed your brother, you will kill the one. It's the law in USA. The perpetrators are Muslims because you targeted them. Try targeting Hindus, see what happens. Anyway my answer to your dilemma about plains flying into buildings is simple:"What you sow you reap." You hurt the Muslims of X,Y country they will find a way to tell you they were hurt. It won't be pretty though, but hey, your call wasn't either. If the Canadian government would crack down on me because of my faith, I would be out in the streets rioting like those in France. Makes sense, doesn't it?

That's beautiful and very commendable Bruce. You love America, bully for you, Iraqis, Palestinians and others love their countries too. Allow me to disagree, US has no ability to self-correct, they go on though, the same stubborn old donkey way as in times of yore.

The type of patriotism in Canada? Good question. I wonder myself. At least we didn't compromise on humanity and the world loves us in return.

Correct. To pull out or not to pull out, that is the question. Yeah, the immortal question. However, Iraq doesn't want democracy and you cannot impose that by force and call yourselves a democracy? What is the conclusion? US is an opressor and a totalitarian foreign tyrant that follows only her own interests and a


The problem is neither Islam nor those who follow it. The problem is WESTERN GREED on others' resources. It's time some "flew planes" through "greed" of the west. Then and only the all the problems of the world would be resolved...

In summary, Arrest Bush, Blair, Zionists and all the Talibans (the real criminals of our time) in the U.S. gov't, put them behind bar and THEN "fly planes" thru the greed of the West.

This is the ultimate solution. THIS IS also THE "NAKED" truth. If anyone has hard time swallowing this truth, then that just TOO BAD...JUST FIND A RANCH AND FEED COWS...This is one of ways the "sefl-expressive" creatures of the West can lower their greed...b/c it's been proven by various clinical trials, the only exception is Bush jr (feeding cows increased his greed).


I think some of us are reading too much into this piece. The essence of this article is:

1. "fight must be against those who are combatants, not [innocent] civilians."

2. "respect the sanctity of the [holy places]"

3. "change [first] within our family ... than our nations; [than can we begin to strive or exert our utmost for the unfinished business]

4. "first we must clean our own houses of despot, squandering rulers and hypocritical extremists who claim to be the vanguards of Islam".

I agree that in his rage the author gotten carried away in using inappropriate quote or terms and not addressing this complex issue thoroughly, for instant is the Israeli settler in the West Bank an innocent non-combatant? Or the Abu Gharib contractors/agents in Iraq same as innocent civilians?

And Allah Knows Best.


Salaam A'lekum,

I see some still continue to see it as "them & us".

I'll continue to live my life by "all & God"

Peace for all.


I'm not sure what you mean by my brand of "Patriotism", but I will try to tell you what it means to me.

Does it mean I agree with everything that is done by everyone in my country? No! I have my own opinions and am not afraid to express them.

Do I follow blindly without question the statements of our leadership? No! It is my duty in a democracy to ask questions and seek truth and to hold leaders accountable to their voters.

Why do I visit this website? To try to understand what makes people who call themselves Muslims fly planes into our buildings and kill innocent people.

Why do I try to defend the US? Because on this website and other sources, I see statements made out of hate, ignorance, paranoia, or possibly jealousy (I also see many statements from truly devout Muslims whose opinions I seek) that I know to be patently false or at least a distortion of the truth. These statements when repeated enough within a circle without defense become virtual truth. I am afraid that it is these "virtual truths" that become justifications for further terrorists acts. The next victim may be one of my own children. By responding to statements I take exception to I may at least engage the author in a dialogue that might bring us both closer to the truth. Mohsen Kenawy's post is a good example but one I'm not sure in which I will be able to engage a fruitful dialogue.

Do I love my country? Yes. We as a nation have a lot to be proud of. We have made mistakes and have done things that have brought shame upon us. We have also shown the ability to self-correct and go on.

What kind of patriotism do you have in Canada


I agree! It saddens me on a more local level as well to see "Muslims" demeaning Islam. We see it everyday, Muslims sealing drugs in our communities, then coming to prayer. Beating they're wives and trying justifying their actions with Sunnah, when the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) never abused his wives! You are right, we must first make changes in or homes which will carry out to our neighborhoods and then the world. But unfortunately it's so hard to find Muslims who really want to embrace Islam for what it really teaches. Myself, I have gone to the stage of trying to change evil acts of fellow Muslim with my heart and through prayer. Trying to speak out against injustice is hard. You will find that other Muslims will disassoicate themselves from you. But remembering that in your patience and prayer, that Allah (SWT) will step closer to you when you step closer to him, even if it goes against the social/cultural grain of you Muslim community. This way of thinking helps to soothe my rage.

As-salam walikum wa rahmatullahibarkata hu,
read the article...it was good. but when US forces went on a rampage in IRAQ were all the muslim bretheren sleeping.comon comon its time all the muslims get united ...this is the true religion and we are its followers ,we should forge an alliance which can drive out the american at the worst case ...we should slaughter them right there ...or are we waiting for them to desecrate MECCA...i am proud to be a muslim and appreciate the pains muslims have taken over the ages, we have to face this battle with braveness and courage and deplore the sad state in which we have to see our brothers ...i think its time to raise the weapons...nuclear ,chemical,or biological it doesnt matter destroy the enemy their land and every thing that belongs to them

Is it not enough evedint that all the explotions set by cars and killing civilnes in IRAQ is done by CIA &MOSSAD & Britsh secret agents with the Britch troops. The 3 agents were captured by Iraqi police and released by Britsh troops in Parparian way is not enough for you. this is the cristians Gihaad and Blood shades. who is gaining from all these explotions is US America and there tail the Britsh. the operations done by Iraqi resisitance against american troop and britsh roops are the only one related to Gihaad. they are there to steal Crude Oil all the pasters are crocks under the name of the CROSS !!!!!

yes brother N, you have all the right to disagree with me. you just need to understand what you are disagreeing about :).
this is the hadith my brother that you can't get: The Prophet May the prayers of Allah be on him said "the WISDOM is lost for the TRUE believer, wherever he finds it, he should get it"
This is what I said Akhi: "in Islam we do not START articles with socrates words" and this is what you said "Islam teaches us wisdom and knowledge even if it is taken from non-Muslims..."
was the wisdom you learnt from Islam who didn't help you to make difference between STARTING article and wisdom?
Plz next time,try to read more than one time inorder to answear? we start the Islamic Articles with something Islamic and later quote from whoever you like. you do not put the WORD of Allah who Has 0 tolerance under the word of someone that I proved to you in my last post, in our time, he is wrong in what he said.

that quote from Socrates can work just in time of Socrates where slaves were not educated AT ALL. if you worship Socrates, I just proved to you that his words are not for anytime. I advice you to drop that worship.
If you just admire him, I adviced and still advice you to admire the way he chose to drink poison OVER losing his right to express himself.
I already wrote this small coming story, but was lost in cyberspace.
the example of moslems today is like some people caught in battlefield between a teeny_weeny rat and Super Giant Monster(SGM). when the moster attack the mouse and hurt us, we just forgive him. when the teeny_weeny rat fight back and hurt us, we and the SGM begin chasing it :).
I don't worship Socrates but I do have more respect to him THAN to many of those who write whatever here. I know if Socrates is alife, he will accept to drink the poison over losing his right to express himself against the Super Giant Monster mentioned above.
May Allah help us to what He wants and Accepts for us.Ameen.
you worth to

How very interesting. This article was reposted after so many months with the comments of that time. Then, I was for the article, now I'm against it. Reason being, now I know more than I knew then.

Mebrocky, if you still visit this site, you are right and I stand corrected. Although, I don't remember to have accused either the Christians or the Jews to be congenital evil.

Bruce, I really don't know what you are talking about. If you followed my comments you could see that I don't spare noone, Muslim, Christian, Jewish or otherwise. If I do not agree with a statement I will let you know. We don't have your type of "Patriotism" and "Homeland Security" here in Canada. What I can voice in Canada I couldn't voice in many so called free countries of the world. It's just my luck, I guess. Don't take me amiss though, I disapprove with any sort of killing, unless it's an execution of a proven felon. What difference in result and in concept is there between terrorists blowing to pieces civilians in a public place or US army burning with white phosphorous bombs civilians in their habitations? Do you think is there for God? You'll be surprised by God's decission. I'm not going to play god, but the blood of the innocent is in greater number on the hands of the Americans than on anybody's else. Remember, not for nothing USA is the most hated nation in the world.

Eventually, USA will need to accept defeat in Iraq and pull out her troops before more mothers become grieving. It will not happen under Bush. Bush is the kind of donkey that would rather have USA bankrupt than step over his imbecilic pride and admit that going to war with Iraq was a bad idea. Iraq will be in chaos for many years to come. Maybe Iraq is the beginning of something. An Islamic Renaissance is long overdue. However the present situation and hostilities toward Islam impede the due process of Islamic rebirth. Instead, the most radical elements are surfacing and gain terrain in the onslought.

I fully agree with "dontmatter"

Hey, wait a minute! Who are the terrorists?

Yes there were mistakes, but hey, they are doing the dirty work with what ever little resources. The hypocrites are good at commenting from the comforts of bedrooms,
thanks to the relentless insurgency (in Iraq and outside) that US playing the game of democracy and election, else they would have installed a puppet dictator in Iraq and cheap oil to profit from.

How ever oppressed and evil the Bush may be I still like him to have few more terms as US president, because I am sure he will make sure the ignorant and self-centered people (like their president) will soon end up queuing up for bread. He is the right person for the demise of US.

N FROM USA said:
I agree with the author of the article and i completely disagree with "Dr.Edris"...what are you talking about dude? First get your thinking together and then try to comment on someone else. Islam teaches us wisdom and knowledge even if it is taken from non-Muslims...even the Prophet SAW himself quoted a Mushrik poet who said a wise poetry. Socrates' knowledge is not the transitional scientific knowledge that is constantly updated and outdated...rather it is the knowledge of inner reality of people (to some extent) that is shared by all humans. May Allah open our hearts to the truth and make us busy with the real business which is to spread the true message of Islam and to save us from ourselves.

Salam Walaikum,
First i would like to give my thanks to those who wrote this article for showing an interest in Islam, jihad, and its current geopolitical influence. However, i would also like to say that if your going to say that Jihad is not being waged correctly, which is what i took as the basic point of the article, then i suggest rather than calling for a stop to Jihad in its current form you join and lead by example and urge the Muslim Ummah to join in as well. Clearly, if we all know the right way to do it, then why let our religion be hijacked by the few who have no clue. The struggle is going to continue regardless of our position, we can either do it correctly and triumph, or let these atrocities keep happening without knowing or understanding their islamic justifications. Simply turning a blind eye and speaking against our muslim brothers who are continuously risking their lives with the pure intent of establishing a Muslim State is not the answer, solution, or course of action. Following this path simply causes division and confusion within the Ummah and appeases the Kuffar, which is exactly what they aim to accomplish.


Very good article.

Dr?. Edriss, I doubt that anyone in 2000 years will be quoting anything you have written.

Hudd, Why do you seem to make so much sense when you address a Muslim and babble incoherently when addressing the rest of the world?

Ismail ghori, "Educate a boy you have educated only a person. Educate a girl you have educated an entire family." Amen

TS, lighten up. Editorial Comment, listen before you react.

Abdi, "I believe and history proved that a true Muslim leader is far better than a secular Muslim leader." The problem is there is no true Muslim leader, just as there is no true Christian leader. Better to have a fair secular leader who allows the pious of all faiths to practice their faith. There is nothing as corrupting as power in both political and religious spheres. History truly has proved this. This is what TS fears.

Is israe!!!!! a country in yr false system?

Be a Muslim . Not a suf! rabet

"Change comes from the roots of a good tree not from a colored glass" Aaed

Assalam alaikim Br's and Sr's...
Islam is growing. Growing is painful and that's what were seeing today. Islam is like a beutiful butterfly coming out of it's millenial cocoon, but like any butterfly it's wings are soft and fraile. It is our duty as muslims to make sure it comes out unharmed. Only our resolve and following the teachings of the Qran and our prophet will save it.Only then Allah(SWT) will be pleased with his children.


he is not author brothers and sisters. he is just a game of those who want curse moslems by pretending they are doing it objectively. if I have nothing to do or I get paid to give a service to someone else, I will hire a hacker and I will post whatever to advance my agenda, later come back with thousand usernames and post them as they agree with me. this things sucks :). Islam.org should do something about it. they are getting hijacked by some people who studied how the website works.

this dumb boy didn't understand that in Islam we do not start articles with socrates words. ooop's I should not say that because this guys got job to do (which is to destroy Islam from inside or outside). more we uncover their games, they just go and correct it for the next time. they work with money, more money means more work. you cut the money and you cut the plug on them.

what socrates said is dumb in our day. and what we say today, will be dumb for others in the future. following socrates words, he is evil now because his knowledge before is unworthy today. in more simplistic way: socrates is ignorant on microprocessors, atoms and all the science we enjoy today. then following his words, he is evil.
If someone on this Earth claim that he is learning something from Socrates, it should be the way Socrates stood against the power of his society. I don't think Socrates gonna stand against the consequences of American policies! he will rater stand against those who shifted the American democracy to a pre_dictatorship.

And while we all deplore the actions of the terrorists directed at non-combatants and civilians - no matter whether the perpetrators call themselves Muslims, Hindus, Jews or Christians and whatever their justifications.

According to a study conducted by Prof. Pape of University of Chicago, the actions of the terrorists are NOT propelled by religion, but by occupation - whether, it is the Muslims or the Hindu Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka,or the Christians of Northern Ireland.

But to curb terrorism, we must demand from our elected leaders to address the root causes of terrorism and violence. But than again, some of the them may qualify for this dubious distinction themselves!!

For a practicing Muslim, or for that matter any one practicing his true faith - there is no room for terrorism.

I am in a rage when I read about Islamic militants cutting schoolgirls heads off in Indonesia, or Islamic militants taking an elementary school in Russia hostage,(etc. etc.) or Muslims saying they are 'oppressed' when they really mean they feel oppressed because they aren't allowed to take over and enact barbaric sharia laws which make non-Muslims second-class citizens, or worse!
And guess what, the rest of the non-Muslim world, or the infidels as you call us, are sick of your whining!

Not one of you is a believer unless he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. - Qu'ran, Sunnah. The "Golden Rule" if you will, of Islam. My brothers and sisters, it is really that simple, isn't it. Until Muslims of all cloth, until Humanity from all spiritual paths, elect to adhere to these most simple and most precious of words, people who claim to be Muslims and those who claim to belong to other faiths will continue to exhibit hypocritical lives, endangering their own souls and the lives of those around them.

In keeping with those most powerful words from Qur'an, our concentration needs to be on following them rather than criticizing others for failing in that regard. For as we become examples, the light which we generate will extinguish the darkness that is spread by the unfaithful.

alhamd'lillahi reading a true & balance point of view on a very sensetive issue as this in a world were personal interest overshadow common logic & reasoning not to talk of the understanding of the word of ALMIGTY ALLAH the holy quran & the hadit of the holy prophet [saw] is very refreshing . i personal can understand the hiden agenda behind the west conquest on the east it is purely economic greed & ........ but what i do not understand is the reasons why some characters liken to the greed ignorant of the .... hide under the blanket of jihad to commet crime agaist humanity & GOD .

This is one of the most clear articles that I have come across in a long time about muslims and theri present association with terrorrism. In my opinion we are in this state because of lack education and resultant ignorance. We should endevor to become educated and knowledgeable. And let us not limit education only to men. Educate a boy you have educated only a perosn. Educate a girl you have educated an entire family.

I thoroughly enjoyed your article. Although, I am unfamiliar with leaders of the United States who activley support the suppression of non-Christian faiths. With that part of the article, I disagree. However, the promoting of peace, the insistance of those who murder in the name of islam to cease... It is refreshing. I see so often on television the costant demands for the death of American devils and the like, it saddens me. I am not very familiar with the islamic faith, but I have thoroughly enjoyed what i have read so far through this site. I wish that everyone could read the true meaning of Islam and see that random acts of violence are not the wishes of the true practicing Muslim. I also feel that society as a whole should take a look at what islam actually teaches.. Thank you again... I found this site, as I was doing research for an essay I am writing for a religions class I am currently taking. This site willbe shared with my class and hopefullt hey will enjoy the readings as much as I have.

We should really ask "what makes a muslim strap a bomb onto himself and explode it?". Is it that his mother and sister were raped by Israeli soldiers? is it because he witnessed his brother being shot dead? Is it that he himself was imprisoned, tortured and raped??? In the UK and USA, we go through years of therapy for much lesser things... how would we react to such destructive abuse and oppression? I agree that we must condemn, but we must also help our brother and make excuses for them where we can. That does not mean you have to agree, just try to understand and work towards a solution to our problem as an Ummah. I understand where the writer is coming from, but at the same time I know that my "humanity" compared to terrorists is only due to the mercy and protection of Allah. If I were in Palestine, I cannot be sure if I could be so passive whilst my brothers and sisters were being opressed and neglected. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

Weakness is the main cause of being opressed. Why we Muslims all over the world at present are being opressed ? Because we are weak, because we perform prayers by action orientated. If we perform our prayers to purify our hearts with "TakWa" our actions and personal general characters will be affectionated by others. Manners will speak louder than the WORDS itself.
The revolution should begins within ourselves.
May Allah grant us the strength.

To Habiba, salaams sister. In life there are times when one is doing well and then other times when the real test comes in. No one apart from God has the full solution to our global problems. Life is a test itself and unfortunately like an exam you can not pass it in this world. Our results are with Allah when we die and on the day of Judgement everything will be clear to us.

In this world our main responsibility as a muslim is to worship Allah and treat the whole of mankind with love, respect and dignity. Also everything around us be it animals, earth, environment you name it is under our responsibility to look after with care and love. Not even a small ant or fly should be harmed by us. This is the true spirit of Islam to love and be loved.

As hard as it is for all of us muslims be it new converts or those who were born in Islam all I could say is that Allah is with us all times. His Mercy is around us. The fact that we are being tested for actions that is not our own does not mean that He left us alone. Just reflect the real message of our prophet in your hearts and you will see that our probelms are tiny compared to the millions around the globe including children who are dying be it in the cold or hot weather with no parents and no food or shelter over their head.

This wolrd is a test and we will all depart from it when our turn comes to rejoin with our Beloved Creator. Such journey is a blessing where all that is hidden is uncovered and we all return to a world full of glory for those who earned it in beleiving their God and messenger of Allah and followed his path with peace, respect and love for humanity.

Dear sis., enjoy the test that has been put infront of you, for Allah is well attentive to the heart that is alert to His Love and love for humanity. Negative and positive are twin features that balance life. Just look into your heart for positive inspirations and enligthen the others from your heart without expecting favour.


Assalamu alaikum abyr. With all respect - insha'Allah - when Muslims kill innocents it leaves even more innocents wanting to kill Muslims. Wassalam.

Assalamu Aleykum brothers

I find that the diversity of opinions justifies how confusing this era is for the muslims. I give credit to all of you who come in this forum and have the courage to speak their mind. this shows that at least there are a few who are concerned with the situation of our Umma. One suggestion I have is to put on hold our differences on this bless day of Friday and let's unite and pray individually sometime during the day to Allah (swt) to clean our hearts, guide us and give victory to the muslims.

it is absolutely correct that Muslims should not be killing the innocents
but many argue that this is the only option that is open to such people after having exhorted to many other ways of fighting oppression..........
they argue that it is jihad.... killing of the innocents.

InshaAllah, I am sadly distressed as a new Muslim to see all of the infighting of a religion of Peace. I became Muslim because of the love that is spread from the Holy Qur'an. When I hear and see some of the things that are going against Islam, I detest it greatly in my heart and think of ways that I may do something about it.

salamu alaykum
the factual function of futility defined:
arguing endlessly with nonbelievers who've terrorized people for two millenia, but now claim the moral highground when some unfortunate arab teenager loses his family to a yahuudi avvram missile, and decides to respond in the same fashion.

It appears that Iviews requires me to send my commens twice in order to get them posted once.

Hudd D'Alhamd:

There are so many things wrong with your comments, that I don't know if I can address them all. Nevertheless, I will try.

"You know Zinedine didn't mean all the allegations you stated. You just can't help yourself in twisting the meaning of statement coming from Muslims."

So you're telling me that since Zinedine didn't mean his words that I quoted directly, I am the one who's "twisting" them? Yeah, you lost me here.

" I give you that, you have some unsolved beef with Zinedine and you want revenge. No good, Nick, the revenge belongs to the Lord. "

Wrong. As I stated on many occasions, my concern is not with any particular Muslim here. I believe that people like Zinedine are just a symptom of a greater problem in the Muslim world, and this breakdown in morality is the root of terrorism. If Zinedine was stating an opinion that only he held, then it really wouldn't be my problem. Unfortunately, it seems to be a pervasive viewpoint within the Muslim world that we cannot expect "oppressed" people to avoid evil conduct.

"For the purpose of frankness and unbiased truth, we have to recognize the truth even if it comes from our enemies."

Indeed? People here have accused me of being an enemy of Muslims. Does that mean that if I truthfully criticize wrongs that occur in the Muslim world, I should be recognized?

"What Zinedine said was not what you derived, but rather this: "Even though, man is by his Godly nature, a being inclined to do rather good than wrong, can be brought to act against his nature under the following conditions: Muslims under duress and oppression, Christians being manipulated(like WMD, Sadam and al-Qaeda, Islamism=terrorism,etc.) and Jews being brainwashed(like, Israel is your God-given land, you have to exterminate the barbarian Arabs which are a threat to the very existance of Israel, etc.)"

Salaamu alaikum,

Dear brother Hudd D'Alhamd, I have so much respect for you not just because you always defend my points but also because you have what the French call "une tete bien form) simply meaning a really good brain. As a matter of fact, you always manage to read between the lines unlike Nick who's heart is hardned & who's mind is blinded by a sort of an unhealthy patriotism. As a result he become so stubborn to accept the truth & needs redundant details & babysat to no avail...Wa Allahi I knew he is going to use this paragraph: " we cannot always expect them to be good under all circumstances especially when they are oppressed in the case of Muslims or manipulated in the case of Christians and brainwashed in the case of Jews." against me; I was going to elaborate on my point but I was too busy at work as I frequently get interrupted by other responsibilities throughout the day when I am writing but I also knew that if I don't get into details it's still a win-win situation because Nick will fall into this trap by fishing in dirty waters as usual.

Jazaka Allahu khairan again for a solid defense of the truth.


Agree 100%. Good job Iviews, I couldn't have agreed more!

I agree with this article and I am against people that claim they are Muslim and then go ahead and kill innocent people (non-combatant), women, children, elderly and then say "it is for Allah". I am sorry but I am a Muslim and I don't believe that Allah ordered you to kill innocent people (no matter what religion they believe in). Al-Hamdou Lilah, I follow Allah's path and the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) teaching of Peace, Love, Respect others (Muslim and Non-Muslim), to be kind to others and do only good and not evil for evil is the works of El-Shaitan. A long time ago, I decided to follow Allah and not El-Shaitan, therefore, I am against evil, disrespect, desruction but I am for Peace, Love, kindness, etc... just as thought by Allah (SWT) and his Prophets (PBUT). As Muslim, we should rise up against and prevent them from doing evil. Islam does not mean Terrorism. Islam does not mean Killing. Islam means peace.

A wonderful presentation of a heart earning to remove the clusters of weeds which under the name of Islam are ruining the image of Islam.

I agree. The Muslims of the world are very confused about their faith, to not realize the obvious, that terrorism is not heroism. That the unity envisioned by Islam was meant for a certain purpose, to be able to face the trials that others would inflict on us. We are all far too dispersed in our own wants to really want anything for the whole Muslim Ummah. Selfishiss and Nationalism has crept in and taken root. It is like talking to those who are deaf and blind - indeed even the "Muslims" are not Muslims, so there is bound to be misrepresentation.

Assalamualikum Brother /Sister:

Alhamdullilah The article was right to the point. However, I would like to tell that such people demean Islam are not muslims to begin with. anybody defy Quran and Sunnah is not a muslim. There were hipocrites in the time of the Prophet (SAWS)and there are hypocrites in the society today. What we lack, IS Unity and the Obdiance to ALLAH. We left his string and HE left ours. Please forgive me if I have written too much.

JAzakallah hu Khairun

Nick, You made a good comment - Hudd, Hudd, Hudd - I think you are maybe reading more into Nick's comments based on some things from his past comments. Could we all take a deep breath, admit that Christians, Muslims, Jews have all done horrific as well as great and noble things? The type of religious fundamentalism that is growing every day that says - God is great, but we hate all (fill in the blank) is the greatest threat to mankind that exists today. If you believe in the one God of Abraham, and you still think that it is acceptable to kill other people - especially with acts of terrorism, then you have completely missed the one thing that all the Prophets have clearly explained to us. We are to care for our fellow man as we care for ourselves. This is very easy to understand but very hard to do. Just an afterthought - I am a Christian who believes that Muhammad was a messenger of God, and you are a Muslim who believes that Jesus was a Prophet, so we should be able to find some common ground, right? Peace unto you all.

Nick, Nick, Nick, why are you doing this? What's eating you buddy? You know Zinedine didn't mean all the allegations you stated. You just can't help yourself in twisting the meaning of statement coming from Muslims. I give you that, you have some unsolved beef with Zinedine and you want revenge. No good, Nick, the revenge belongs to the Lord. For the purpose of frankness and unbiased truth, we have to recognize the truth even if it comes from our enemies. What Zinedine said was not what you derived, but rather this: "Even though, man is by his Godly nature, a being inclined to do rather good than wrong, can be brought to act against his nature under the following conditions: Muslims under duress and oppression, Christians being manipulated(like WMD, Sadam and al-Qaeda, Islamism=terrorism,etc.) and Jews being brainwashed(like, Israel is your God-given land, you have to exterminate the barbarian Arabs which are a threat to the very existance of Israel, etc.)
You cared to say:"Not only can we expect 100% good out of people, but God also requires it" One thing is what God requires and what good people like yourself expect from others. Does it happen? Then why do we have in all societies, thieves, murderers, rapists, US and Western serial killers, Western pedophiles and daughter molesters. Man plans, God delivers. Societies planned since Sumer and Babylon, e.g.,the code of Hammurabi, to force man to be good if he chose not to. Unsuccessfully. USA has an inmate population of over 2 million and those my friend are not Muslims but by a minimal number, mind you. What is this, Nick? "This is a classic example of the breakdown in moral values that I've been referring to for weeks now." Begging your pardon, you don't have a point here. But to support your claim, I give you something to chew on:"Is the Iraq war a mistake, since WMD weren't found? The answer from your dignitaries, No, but he could have had them and he might have used them against us." Is this moral?

May Allah bless you & have marcy on you all

I could not say it any better than the author did. I agree with the statement that every individual should correct themselves and adhere to the Islamic religion and the teachings of the great prophet MUHAMAD (SAW), and all Muslims will look good! However, Let me hit the point that moderate Islamists are the ones that demean Islam itself by trying to appeal to non-muslims. Look at the secular governments (like Saudi Arabia, Egeypt, Pakistan, and the entire middle east) who practically demean Islam and oppress their people day and night. America would not want to have such a government system and yet they praise and help those secular government to better opress these people.
If we could only get someone to clear these borders and make all Muslims one like it was at the time of the prophet, Islam would make a sense on the world stage. This war is fought in every aspect. Look at the excellent jouralism that Al-Jazeera did and is still doing; Instead of praising them they are called a terrorist TV channel! If the west wants real peace they have to stop fighting wars with Muslims on every front.
I beleive and history proved that a true Muslim leader is far better than a secular Muslim leader. Remember that Prophet Muhamed protected the jews from Christain army at his time. Islam is a peacefull and just religion and as far as its believers don't act (truly) like bleivers it will stay on the opposite otherwise.
How to do?
The saying goes that, a mad man once said that he will have all the city population cover their head with a tiny rob! he was asked how can you do that and he said that I am going to start with you. You cover your head and if everybody does that the whole city will be covered in no time!
Now (starting myself) start yourself and be a true believer and Islam will shine in no time!
Thanks for your interset in reading my comment and may god have marcy on you.

I agree Islam condemns violence in any form, it only teaches peace and to defend ourselves and our religion.

The topic really touched me and I would like to contribute my thoughts.

I have suggestions for muslims and general public in developed countries to look beyond thier own lives.

Muslims know that they are seen as unreliable, dangerous and inhumane. If we go back in time, look into the facts and observe we will find that muslim world have fallen into a deep pit that was engineered by some special interest groups who benefitted the most from these results.

It strated when hollywood started portraying muslims commiting violent acts, this worked like a dual sided sword, it developed common man phyche that muslims are violent and on the other hand they provided ideas to the lost and frustrated extremists how to commit acts of violence with grace. Those that didn't had much knowledge about Islam and didn't even understood the ideology behind it fall in this pit while falling bought down the whole muslim nation.

Our faults were and still are: as a muslims we are lost, hollow inside, we might be believers but definately we were not followers.

General Public in developed countries:
These are basically innocent people, sometimes refered to as ignorants, who lives simply and mind thier own business, but they don't realize that "Little Knowledge is very dangerous thing", its better not to listen to news at all then listening to a 5 minutes world news headlines, which never gives them insight to the real issues.

In fact the media is brain washing them by hiding the details, these people have no idea the political and monetary benefits these media giants gain from special interest groups for such practices. These groups are always conspiring how to use and get the most out of the masses on the other hand the "Masses" are working hard to make thier ends meet or busy entertaining themselves.

Please wake up and see

Zinedine opines the following:

"...we cannot always expect them to be good under all circumstances especially when they are oppressed in the case of Muslims or manipulated in the case of Christians and brainwashed in the case of Jews."

This is by far one of the weakest excuses I've ever heard for evil. Not only can we expect 100% good out of people, but God also requires it. He never said that we must be good some of the time and only when we feel not so oppressed. God made no exceptions for evil, and those Muslims who tells us, "Well we aren't walking Qurans so we can't be expected to be good all the time" contradict God's laws.

This is a classic example of the breakdown in moral values that I've been referring to for weeks now. There's a bright line between right and wrong, and all people, including Muslims, must act accordingly. No more excuses.

Salamu alaikum brothers & sisters,

Tell the Yankee that the New Hampshire's motto, "Live Free or Die," is part of the ethics of America's freedom fighter in their war against the royalist Brits & is not a value that is restricted to Muslims only. Umm Muhammad, Junaid, Ahmed, Hudd D'Alhamd & Adamo have already made good points by asking questions that have not been answered yet such us what caused this madness of terror, who's really behind it and who benefits from it. Who controls knowledge, the mass media, information, brainwashing powers, cultural wholesale etc? We may not agree on what I just said but we at least know who the losers are; they are usually people that are not included in decision making whether bad or good: innocent civilians like Sara herself. But remember that because humans are not walking Qur'ans or living Bibles, or breathing Torahs, we cannot always expect them to be good under all circumstances especially when they are oppressed in the case of Muslims or manipulated in the case of Christians and brainwashed in the case of Jews.
Sara you should know better since you are English that English saying a hungry man is an angry man. The impoverished hungry nations watch their wealth squandered by their corrupt leaders and businessmen backed up by an elite of evil group of scholars & think tanks. How would you feel if your country is an oil producing one such as Nigeria and 1 litre of pure water in any supermarket is twice the price of 1litre of oil when water is replaceable but oil is not. The exact opposite should have happened but because Western nations states & their multinational corporations (the core) have decided to capitalistically deplete the wealth of the impoverished nation states in an act of economic racism & brutal exploitation of their resources for centuries, the value of their goods & services are relatively cheaper than the values of goods & services of those of the West. Furthermore, when they sense there is a probabilit

THANK YOU. Finally somebody has verbalized what should be common sense. I agree with all what you said and I would add to your list of "muslims" who have harmed Islam and acted in non-Islamic ways, the countries and governments that claim to be muslim. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran have done nothing to teach the real principles of Islam. Every one is protecting their personal interests and pretending to represent Islam. I wish you could also give suggestions to change the status quo in a constructive way, preferably actions that can be done by individuals, since the governments will never do anything.

asalam alekam,This is a good article, I like to see islam defended because its the best religion and we are not told in our Quran to strap on suicide belts etc, I believe we are told to make sure if you revenge,its fair, and since we dont have all the knowledge like Allah does to be entirely fair, how can we ever take revenge, We dont fight unless attacked personally.God knows all and we only little facts on any given situation and topic,so as a muslim,I think i will leave it to Allah to decide who needs to be kept in place or not, I shall spread islam as a peaceful religion and the umma the best and stick to my quran,that offers me security for this.our muslim voices need to defend Islam as a peaceful religion willing to reach out a helpful kind hand, and respectful of family and parents,etc and helpful to the umma,God bless him for this article,Thanks shirley your muslim sister

I agree 100% with this article, in my view Islam is a peaceful religion, it promotes understanding and tolerance, but also it does not prevent one from waging jihad against injuctices, even jihad in physical form is fine as long as the rules are kept to. I think as shaitaan is the master of misleading people it does not matter what you are doing, even if you are doing Jihad shaitaan will find a way to make that good deed turn to an evil deed, and also persuade you to think its ok at the same time. For example a Jihadi might go out to form a resistance against occupation troops which is a good thing, but then once he cannot engage them he grow desperate, this is the slot the master of decievers gets, shaitaan takes this oppertunity to poison the mind of the Jihadi and make him think other unlawful targets are infact legitimate... once he is led down this path by shaitaan he is not a Jihadi anymore but thinks he is as shaitaan has made him think its lawful, so everytime the person kills cililians or children he will broadcast a tape which says he did it in the name of Allah the almighty, but whereas he did it on the guidance of shaitaan. This then leads to this misconception of Islam, this is terrorism not resistance... and even the good resistance groups are mislabeled terrorists because of this steriotype, I think there are some ways to combat this, the most apparent to me is as most wannabe Jihadi's attend Masjids quite often they should be taught not to cross the line in Masjids, they should be taught more of legitemate Jihad, the rules and boundaries. Also people like Al'Qaida who own up to killing of civilians on their tapes, these tapes should not be aired, they might stop their infulence... as all the tapes are is propaganda, maybe some of the things are the truth in those tapes no doubt, but their purpose in recruitment.... and also I think there should be a website with the names of good resistance groups and their aims written out,This is my opinion anyway.

why does the author of this self-righteous 'liberal' mantra hide behind anonymity?
why do we need a socratic halftruth to set the scene for our self-flagellation that is watched by our 'masters' for any deviation from rules of our acceptability into their 'civilized' society ?
Follow your own advice, and examine your inner self with the critical eye of taqwa : notwitstanding the power of the massive and powerful propaganda and disinformation,is that simple taliban not a better muslim than you are?
when you stop becoming mesmerised by the 'so-called 'founding principals(sic) of this nation', you'd realise that these principles are based on murder,looting, massacres, slavery,stealing other peoples' lands, bullying, actually using weapons of mass destruction(including nuclear, chemical and biological)......and many other such examples of civilized behaviour, of which we all are very envious!
Yes there cannot be any justification for taking of innocent lives,least by Muslims. There are No Muslim Terrorists; but there are a lot of angry human beings , frustrated and humiliated. What we need to do is to find a way of managing this anger.

Mashallah a well written text. May Allah keep us all steadfast.Ameen

Everything should be doen for the sake of Allah swt. Good actions with good intentions. Ameen

So what about the killing of combatants? Do Muslims condone Iraqis kicking the "occupier" out of their land?

This article is well written. Congratulations

Agreed 100%. Any time, any body, anywhere commits this type of act, should be condemned right away. Islam does not train cowards.After all we should not allow people to take religion hostage.

Injustice is never an excuse for religious terrorism against non-Muslims. For w person's duty to do good and refrain from evil is not contingent upon the morality of others. I agree with this article fully, for it is consistent with what I've been saying since I first came to this site.

Salaams. Reading the recent points I would add that we should move away from politics of religion and find ways of connecting our human universal values.Every nation have their weak spots but one must be strong enough to look beyond for the collective benefit of the human race.

People of different faiths should come together and challenge international polices to help the average poor people accross the globe whose voice can not be heard.

A lot of people think that international policies does not concern them and leave it to their politicians but unfortunately that is not the reality. We are one community call it the human race or the global community. The issues that concern us all are real and closer to our doors no matter where you live in this small globe of ours.

I hope we can all challenge ourselves to adopt new changes to our universal role in helping humanity.

Attacking Islam, or any other religion is not going to solve the real problems that exist beyond the politics of religion.

We can replace international policies with universal values that help poor countries taking as an example building centres where people of all faiths take part to help those who are less fortunate. Imagine having excellence centres with doctors from all backgrounds treating the poor with money donated from across the globe.

For me personally the sufferings of humanbeings accross the globe that is increasing through the tools of poverty, war, lack of basic access to medical care and so on, makes me wonder why are acting like we have no ears, eyes and hearts. We can all relate to each other's pain and sufferings without leaving our homes.

God created us to be thinking machines with one heart,one soul and with solutions at our disposal.God created this whole world as a test for our conscious.Surely most of us can not bear to be free from the sufferings of other's. Those of us who are more fortunate must help those who are less fortunate.


Simple statistics on this article's contents' acceptance in the muslim world will be 1 percent for and 99 percent against. This is without prejudice to those muslims visiting Islamicity site. Why?

The fact is that in as long as the second question Hudd D'Alhamd asked in his response No. 23540 could not even be ask not to talk of answering it, then we will continue to see the suicidal missions of alqaeda, Hamas etc on the increase. And also so will the muslim world's acceptance of these missions as the only way out. To be forwarn is to be FORARM. Somebody should begin to do something before it is too late. And in this circumstances it looks like the UN Security council(even though I have my doubts) should start the ball rolling.

Lest I forget the question is, "why are these people terrorists?"

Brother Hudd D'Alhamd
"When you give food to the poor, they call you a saint. When you ask why the poor have no food, they call you a communist." was said by archbishop Helder Camara.

I love reading your comments.keep it up!

The present situation and the condition of Muslims the world over is a direct result of not following the most important directive from Prophet Mohammed (SAWS). We,Muslims, are rightly following the Quran, but ignoring the teachings of Ahlu Bayt-e-Rasool. This is not a sectrian demand, but question of obeying the rules set out by Prophet Mohammed (SAWS). No wonder where muslim are leading to?

Sallam brothers and sisters in Islam.
The messenger of Allah (PBUH) said that there will be trials and afflictions in the future during which a sitting person is better than a standig person who will be better than the walking person who will be better than the person running to these fitan or Al-Harj(killings), so stay away from them. Don't even try to make excuses for them( revenge for what is happening to muslims etc). DO NOT assume that these are muslims doing this. Muslims know in their hearts that muslims couldn't possibley doing this. It is simply unislamic. Don't let people tell you that you have different typs of muslims, such as extrimist etc. Revert to the quote above by the messenger of Allah and stick to it.

salaam alaikum,
the author made several important points at the start of this article. he/she then explored in more detail a few of them, but not enough, and there were too many issues not adressed at all. The article ended so abruptly with so much left unsaid.

the comment by Hudd D'Alhamd was excellent. we should demand an honest answer to this question from ourselves and our leaders.

one should also not chose one's evil Shuja, but speak out against all evil. one compromises one's integrity and how can anyone take one seriously after that.

K2 FROM USA said:
Muslims cannot be indifferent to the evil of Muslims who are making Islam look so bad.

We need to denounce the evil of killing innocent civilians and the intolerance Muslims have shown towards people of different religions or races. Without somehow trying to justify their behavior.

At the very least we should begin by hating in our hearts the evil actions of Muslims.

We cannot claim to follow a great religion and at the same time behave in the worst manner.

I like your article. But it has been written (in my view) from a position of complete passiveness. The American military is an offensive piece of machinery- and under its presence leadership cannot be reasoned with. It has moved unprovoked and seems to have been given a mandate form its God.
So if we say the car bombings in Iraq are done in the name of Islam- then in the name of Christianity American troops are there. So in the name of Satan we have this misunderstanding of how and when to evoke the name of religion. So in the name of Allah may this occupation END.

How do you reasoned with an entity who has occupied your land under the pretext of bringing you something you didn't ask for- nor has it delivered to its own land. (this so-called western-style democracy)

Islam is not being misrepresented when a car bomb goes off and civilians are killed. Muslims misrepresent Islam when they remain in a state of shocked by foreign powers, stand by and watch their land pillaged, plundered, Islam slandered, marginalized and these passive westernize Muslims do nothing.

Answer to Sara. There is the ideal and the practical side of every religion. Undoubtly, all religions of the world teach mankind to do good. Mahatma Ghandi once said: "I love Christianity and I love Islam, but if I failed as a Hindu I failed as a man." In other words, he said that there are enough resources in any religion to make the individual a compasssionate human. Then the legitimate question arises, "why do we all kill one another? Is it the religion? Is it the politics, is it the economic interest, is it a morbid ideology of supremacy and controll?" Well, it's all of the above interwined to serve a sinister purpose for the enemies of mankind, regardless what they call themselves, Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews. I shall illustrate it with the sayings of a Brazilian priest(I don't recall his name, if somebody has that info, please let me know): "If I feed these poor people, I am called a saint. If I ask, 'why are these people poor', I am called a communist(enemy of the state)." The same question must be put here:"Why does a thing like al-Qaeda exist? Why do the Palestinian prefer to kill themselves in terroristic attacks than live under occupation? And the list is long." Now if your answer to it is: "Because they hate freedom. Because they hate our way of life. Because they are uncivilized. Because they are rogues. Because they are terrorists and love to kill innocent people(who the hell would love to do that?). Because they are thugs. And the list is long. This is like feeding the poor. And this is all what the west and the East did and does to abate the suffering of innocent people all over the world. It is time for somebody to put the question: "why are these people terrorists?" And it is time that an honest answer, untinted by personal interests should immerge at the highest level of the world community. It is time for all parties to take responsibilities for their actions. The strongest and the most influential has to set the tune for all the rest.


One of the best articles yet!! There is no other way to ever see peace. There are so many arguments on this website about the murderous Muslims or morally corrupt Christians, and they are indeed POINTLESS. If you are truly a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc., then the words of the author make a great point: "All of humanity, east and west, north and south, should be consistent in condemning terrorism whether committed by governments, or by individual groups." If the main spokesmen for your culture or religion are the ones with the guns, then it is no wonder the others fear and despise you. Could we please have a discussion about how Muslims and Christians and anyone else, could get together and protest the terrible things that are done in our name!!!

Americans do realize the folly of 1 religion overall. We did just have the court case on prayer in school. One side was an Atheist, the other a devout Christian. The age of Ignorance as the author called it, has been around for a long time. Consider Jeruselum, Kashmir, and Afghanistan. Maybe it is now more apparent to world b/c of actions by Bush. Extremists have existed in all faiths. Overall what this article is trying to say is correct. There is just not enough proof, and alot of opinion.

I condemn the artcile from Top Down. Instead of lambasting Taliban the author should first correct the "self-imposed-moderates". How come Saudi Arabia cooperated with U.S. in the recent attacks of Iraq? How come Saudi Arabia allowed and cooperated with Americans in 1991 Gulf War? How come the so called moderates like Naser and Sadat, Arafat and King Hussein has lost the 1967 Arab Israeli war? How come the seculars like Bhutto and Yaha Khan humilited Pakistan by loosing 1971 war? I am an educated and well-to-do Muslim living in the west, but I refuse to condemn Taliban or Hammas until our seculars, so-called moderates stop playing games of traitorship.



War on Terror is a really against the Muslims by large. All the turmoil in world today involves victimizing Muslims, echoing of what the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)once said, end of time; despite Muslims being in large numbers will suffers...The great game today depicts this.

Explain why the West media keep using the word "Islamic Terrorist" one word is in Arabic and the other in English. If both word use is in English it will look like "Peace Terrorist" or " Belive in one G_D Terrorist" Funny Huh !


HYAT said:
Wouldn't be a great world to live in if all the wars, fighting and killing would stop. And every body was treated as an equal humanbeing.

Your thoughts are very well presented. Jazaakallah. I believe the problem is far more complex than we would wish to accept. There is the kaafir, who is bent upon eliminating faith in God. There is the munafiq, who sides with the kaafir but pretends to be a believer. We should obviously be concerned about these two categories. But what about the believer, who genuinely wants Jannah? What should he do? If he speaks up openly against authorities, he is a fanatic. If he turns himself into a human bomb, he is a terrorist. If he strictly obeys Allah and his messanger(taqwa) without taking direct measures against evil, he may be deemed passive. There is no unified Islamic movement with well-guided leadership, which shoulders full responsibility, that he should follow. He is not a mufti to issue fatwas. One mufti tells him Jihad is mandatory, so he sets off to Iraq. Another tells him there is no Muslim "army" as such in Iraq, so he stops dead on his tracks. Another tells him that he needs permission from his WaliyyulAmr, but he there is none to consult, or he has no faith in his waliyyulAmr. What does he do??? The bottom line is, only Allah knows. Each of us will be judged according to our intentions. Random attacks in otherwise peaceful places is definately out of order. Right or wrong, I have adopted the strategy of taqwa, preparing myself for the rightly guided leadership, which only Allah can bestow on us. May Allah grant us wisdom.

Dear Sara, Salaams. Islam is a religion of peace and to know more about Islam and its relation with the christianity plse visit the following website: http://www.unionoffaiths.com/

Also to see how Islam dennounces terrorism plse visit: http://www.islamdenouncesterrorism.com/

Also to know about Islam and muslim's plse visit: http://muslimheritage.com/

Another European website briding a dialoge with Islam: http://www.qantara.de/

Speech by Prince Charles on Islam: http://www.sunnah.org/nl/v0104/prince.htm

Striving for excellence - HRH Prince Charles speech at The Muslim News Awards:

What is important is not attacking Islam but those who are using Islam to legitimise their wrong actions across the globe in the name of Islam. It takes women and men of knowledge with universal values to protect the true teachings Islam. Islam has contributed to world civilization and still is. To attack it will be to attack a whole civilization that has contributed to the civilization we adore today.

Women from all religions and backgrounds also need to protect Islam which is part of our universal civilization otherwise a time will come where knowledge and peace will be destroyed and chaos and ignorance will follow hence the destruction of our universal civilization.

Our global community is so interconnected that we can not afford any sort civilization to be shaken let alone destroyed. If one thinks deeply on how war, world poverty, lack of education and human rights for all(including respecting rights of women) slowly destroys civilizations then will one realise how slowly our own universal values will erode away.

We must all rescue world peace which is the foundation for peace and civilization to flourish. No one owns world civilization and it belongs to us all the human race.

Thankyou for your article. I am an English woman living in Spain coming from (although now not practising) a Christian background. All that I ever learned about Islam whilst at school was that, as Christianity, the main teachings are of peace and understanding and love to all other beings. As we all know, Christians over the centuries have been responsible for the killing and manipulation of many peoples. I believe that this is inevitable when such a movement becomes so big and it doesn`t make me proud to know that my ancestors were responsible for such acts. I see that the same has happened within Islam. There are people who distort the teachings. Last Thursday in Madrid there was a terrorist attack. I am here in this website looking for consolation. I want to know how the vast majority of the Muslim population feel. I imagine that they have similar feelings to me... of sadness and desperation. I believe that nobody has the right to take the life of another. That we must respect all other life - this also applies to their religion. We cannot( as you have said) impose our beliefs and religion on others who don`t come to it of their own free will. I begin to wonder if there is a widespread hate of Western culture within predominantly Muslim countries that I`d never imagined possible. That many Muslims already see the ``Western attitude`` as a denial of and attack on Islam, hence justifying terrorist attacks on ordinary people. Was it an attack directly inspired by the war? In Spain the elections have just taken place and the president who was so convinced of the justification of the war, has been voted out!!!! Personally I know of not one single person who was in agreement with the war. The people have been in outrage. How can the ordinary people - those who went to the countless demonstrations -now be made to pay. I hold no bad feelings towards Islam and will do all I can to fight prejudices, but I also ask the same of all muslims towards me. Please reply...

Besides the mention of John Ashcroft and Jerry Falwell (the two of whom I don't really know much about), this article is very well written. I think the real enemies of Islam are those who profess to be Muslims but engage in these heinous acts of blowing up planes and buses and even entertainment facilities packed with children, women, the elderlies, and, worst of all, non-combatants. There is no justification for such callous acts in Islam. If the Holy Prophet of Islam (May the Peace and Blessings of Almighty Allah be upon Him) could rule out the uprooting of plants in war, then how how much more about innocent people? Almighty Allah makes it abundantly clear in the Holy Qu'ran that the believer's aggression should be directed only at the transgressor. It is further mentioned that once the transgressor stops his aggression, the believer should stop as well. But a terrorist is just a terrorist. He can profess any religion, because he is just as human as any other human being. But what people should do is to investigate whether his religion unequivocably supports his action. One can best do that by reading, with open mind, the sacred book of the religion that individual gets his spiritual guidance from.

I equally get very upset when people say anything against Islam.I believe because of there level of ignorance,this causes them to look at Islam in a negative light.Islam as i know it preaches peace,love,brotherliness with all including non-believers,it doesn't say you should fight amongst us.The kind of news we get on stations like CNN,BBC,doesn't do justice to us,they potray Muslims as violent people,meanwhile they only tell the story from their own perspective,spreading false stories about our activities.It hurts me very much when people say negative things about Islam,because i know we love.It really angers me,it makes me want to do something,but what i don't know.Misinformation is generally the major problem,i believe that we have to enlighten people about what Islam is all about,open ther eyes,counter all the negative propergander which are been spread around about the religion.
Sometimes peoples attitude and utterances means you want to get violet,then they say 'you Muslims are violet",when they provoke you intentionally expecting a reaction and when you do they say Muslims are violet.
May Allah Guide Us.Amin.
Ma Salam

I agree up to a point, but how do you know
that the people that did this were Muslim?
Just because the media says so? Are there
any "suicide bombers" out there that we as
Muslims can give dawah to?
Where did any one get the idea that they can
kill in a manner the Prophet Muhammad (prayers
and blessings be upon him) did not and still
call themself a Muslim? As Muslims we must
think and question what liars (the media)say
How do we know what they believe?

ok i agree that the killings in mecca are not what islam teaches nor the killings in any other country of civilians. but sir how are u sure that the killings of saudi arabia were done by al qaeda. throughout the history it is known that israeli IDF commandoes have actively carried out such activities in neighbouring countries. any muslim realizes that killin in mecca is not some thing good.