God is not a terrorist

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Religious extremists waste no time declaring natural disasters to be God's punishment. The divine motivations they cite are different, but they invariably reflect personal religious or political agendas.

On different occasions, these extremists of different faiths said Hurricane Katrina was America's punishment for pressuring Israel to leave Gaza, for the invasion of Iraq or for domestic "immorality."

Such zealots invoke God's name to reinforce their own demands, without that God is not their personal lobbyist. A just God, and Muslims know one of God's 99 Names is "The Just," does not punish thousands of innocent human beings for the acts, good, bad or indifferent, of a few.

God is not a terrorist.

Any person of faith will strive to reconcile the death and destruction caused by natural disasters like Katrina, or the recent earthquake that devastated parts of South Asia, with God's justice and love for humanity.

Islam, like other faiths, provides answers based on hope and inspiration, not anger and vengeance.

The Quran, Islam's revealed text, describes God's ultimate justice on Judgment Day, when everyone will be shown their past deeds. "Then, whoever has done an atom's weight of good shall see it, and whoever has done an atom's weight of evil shall (also) see it there." (99:6-8)

Few watching the riveting television images of Americans being pulled from rooftops in New Orleans, or Pakistanis sifting through the rubble of a devastated village, could help but think of our common humanity and the petty nature of our differences.

How is a Pakistani mother's agony over her lost child different from that of a Katrina survivor suffering the same terrible loss? The two women may dress differently, but their faces show the same grief. One speaks Urdu and the other English, but they weep in the same language.

These two natural disasters broke through more than just levees and layers of earth; they ripped through layers of politics and culture that distort our perception of each other.

Wonders can happen when we focus on our similarities, not our differences.

Muslims worldwide raised more than a billion dollars for victims of Hurricane Katrina. In the Middle East, there was an outpouring of sympathy and prayers for those who had been killed, injured or displaced on the Gulf Coast.

Across the United States, churches and other houses of worship joined with mosques to raise funds and rush aid to the earthquake zone. In both parts of the world, people who viewed each other with suspicion were moved to reciprocate prayers and generosity, demonstrating that the so-called "clash of civilizations" is not inevitable or necessary.

Such is the hidden blessing in the horror that is a natural disaster.

Sometimes, it takes the earth literally shaking under our feet to remind us of our common humanity. Let us all work to make sure there is a long-lasting positive response to recent suffering.

As God states in the Quran: "Whenever affliction touches a man, he prays to Us. But as soon as We relieve his affliction he walks away as if he had never prayed." (10:12)

We must never walk away from one another's humanity and should always heed the advice of the Prophet Muhammad, who reprimanded a follower who said: "O God! Bestow Your Mercy on me and Muhammad only, and do not bestow it on anyone else." The Prophet told him: "You have limited a very vast thing (God's Mercy)."

Ahmed Rehab is communications director for the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group. He may be reached at: [email protected]

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Allah
Views: 5915

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Older Comments:
it made me cry and realize we need to be more aware of what god wants of us,,, i will work to be a better person and a good muslimmmm joy

Hudd d'Aelia

HELP: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4396698.stm

Paul, what on earth are you trying to say? Say it as you see it and leave the theatrics out of your comments. I will not assume anything. I want to hear your piece, straight and clear, then I'll answer ...

Hudd d'Aelia & Alex

Read my first post "The work of God / Nature", add up the body count and get off your backside and help (no matter what their creed, colour or religion is, you are owe it to your neighbour).


P.S. I'll discuss the polemics, semantics and statistics of death later.


Brother Daniel, I answeared you but didn't go thru. lost in cyberspace :). Listen my brother? you didn't believe me for saying that was dark and it was a mistake!? how can you expect me to believe you are moslem and promoting what is wrong in Islam like "gay"? I don't see any sense in you giving analogy between punishment and being gay? if that's your desire, I guided you to nice website(I won't put it again, I scare be sining in doing so :) )
Now, think my brother about what you did? think carefully? the people who said here it was punishment, none of them jumped on those who said the opposit. you my brother, jumped on them, and still for you just to call them terrorists or you did it indirectly. after reading your first post, I imagined you some kind of people who worship Bush and you want pray to him like this "Oh! Bush? please strike them lord? I believe they are terrorists.please just listen to me and strike them?". you have to learn to respect others my brother, like they respect you. don't look unmerciful to your brothers because they disagree with you? what you practice is not from Islam that the Prophet Sallah Allah Alaihe Wa Sallam brought. this is something you reached from your own. could be behind it, the overwhelming panic that the media spread everyday in the name of democracy. If you can't handle discussing with people, do not jump on them untill you are sure that you can handle a payback?

I agree with you brother Sirius but you have to bring proofs. I scare that those who said punishment got more proofs than you do, I will give a clue about that later.I have to repeat again how I see it from scientific point of view: I said there is not just punishment and no punishment! and I added something for sure is Allah can stop that but He didn't...
the article, with all my respect to whoever wrote it, is blind article. you can feel the writer had problem with the jew saying it's punishment for withdrawing from Gaza. instead of answearing this myth=="people stealing the land of other people and claim was promised by God thousands of years ago to some other people, just the delivery was wrong and 4000 years late :) " the writer tried to take over all to be seen as neutral, which is not scientific. you will not make someone who make no sense equal to someone who speaks with logic just lack proofs. Sounds like this guys who call themselves jew in our days, who never ever had any promise from God for even packet of cigarettes, are threatening us in the intellectual level. we should accept their non sense about meeting land or we are criminals and the crime is "anti_semetism".
just 10 days before the disaster, I was watching discovery channel. that was show about some explorers who crossed those mountains. I recall that guy reaching the top of one of those mountains and found some witchcraft people. he said that zone is known by the highest number of people who do witchcraft. I didn't give you this to back those who said it is punishment! in the opposit, you can use it to prove that there is possibility of punishment. in the other hand, I doubt you find any logical thing to say, to advance the Idea of "no punishment". since we have nothing to be certain of, I remain with what I proved which is: God doesn't help those who do against what He sent but will He punish them or not? it depends on His will not mine. May The All Almighty be merceful to us? Ameen

Paul try your guile someplace else. Don't choose to join the hordes .. that are for sure the fuel of hell. If you had a dram of honesty in your .. heart you would have started the enumeration of the disasters with the crimes against humanity done to Muslims since the time of the Crusaders to present day. Every westerner and western power should immediately leave the lands of the Muslims including the illegitimate state of Israel. Then it will be peace, once you are not treading on Holy land and leave your .. trail in your passing, the Muslims will have no enamy in the land to fight. Yankee go home!

In response to Sirus's list of man made disasters .. How convenient to leave out the list of man made disasters created by Israel and USA. The number of people killed by the direct action of Israel and USA would dwarf the list given by Sirus by several fold. May God give you the wisdom of justice ..

Maybe there's no dispute at all. Maybe I ASSUMED that you doc were trying to discredit science as a source of information. You are downright right when you say people don't create laws of nature. We only FIND them, that's what science is all about.
The original article was about whether these resent catastrophes were punishments from God or not. What is sure is that God's will fullfilled. It doesn't matter have we observed certain patterns in the behavior of Gods creation (seismic activities, wheather etc.), nothing happens against God's will. But were they punishments? I still stand behind my first comment and the conclution that they were not.
Quess I don't have much to add so I rest my case.

And in same time frame ... The work of man:

Delhi Bombings (India, 2005) 62 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics?
Fuel tanker explosives throw a suicide bomber (Musayyib, Iraq (2005) 101 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
2005 Sharm el-Sheikh attacks, (Egypt, 2005) 90 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
London tube / bus bombings (UK, 2005) 56 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Beslan School Siege, (Beslan, Russia, 2004) 344 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Kerbala and Baghdad attacks [2], (Iraq, 2004) 220 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings, (Spain, 2004) 191 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Superferry 14 bombing, (Philippines, 2004) 116 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Russian airplane bombings, (Russia, 2004) 89 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
2004 Sinai bombings, Taba and Nuweib, Egypt, 2004 34 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
2003 Istanbul Bombings, (Turkey, 2003) 57 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
2003 Mumbai bombings, (Mumbai, India, 2003) 52 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Casablanca Attacks, (Morocco, 2003) 46 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Riyadh Compound Bombings, (Saudi Arabia, 2003) 26 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Jerusalem bus 2 massacre, (Israel, 2003) 23 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Tel Aviv central bus station massacre, (Israel, 2003) 22 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Maxim restaurant suicide bombing, (Israel, 2003) 21 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
2002 Bali bombing, (Indonesia, 2002) 202 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Moscow Theatre Siege, (Russia, 2002) 170 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Passover massacre, (Israel, 2002) 30 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Patt junction massacre, (Israel, 2002) 19 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics
Matza restaurant massacre, (Israel, 2002) 15 people murdered by 'muslim' fanatics

to be continued...

The work of God / Nature:

Kashmir earthquake, (Pakistan, India, 2005). 77000 and rising Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Zarand (Iran, 2005). 564 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Indian Ocean earthquake & tsunamis (outside Indonesia, 2004). 286000 Muslims and Buddists died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Morocco earthquake (Al Hoceima Province, 2004). 571 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Bam earthquake (Iran, 2003). 31,000-41,000 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Algian earthquake (Algeria, 2003). 2000 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
South Eastern Turkey earthquake (Turkey , 2003) . 160 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Xinjiang earthquake (China, 2003). 260 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
San Giuliano earthquake (Italy, 2002). 26 Christians died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Gujarat earthquake (India, 2001). 20000 Hindus and Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Izmit earthquake (Turkey, 1999). 17118 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Chi -Chi earthquake (Taiwan, 1999). 2400 Buddists and Daoists died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Northern Afganistan earthquake (Afganistan, 1998). 4000 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Birjand earthquake (Iran, 1997). 1600 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Great Hanshin earthquake, (Kobe, Japan, 1995). 6433 Shintoists and Buddists died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Northridge earthquake (California, 1994). 57 Christians died by God / Nature - Earthquake
India earthquake (India, 1993). 9748 Hindus and Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake
Iran earthquake (1990). 50000 Muslims died by God / Nature - Earthquake


If you are not my brother in Islam you are my brother in humanity. don't forget the challenge was between satan and Adam? since I'm a moslem and I believe to Adam as Prophet and the father of mankind, I will always treat you as my brother to close the door on satan to pull you in his side. once I see I can not help, in that time I must give up so I can not be pulled with you :).
I put the challenge on the people who use the term natural in describing disasters! I said natural disasters is a myth. since you tried to comment on it, in the logical way of discussion(I will not call it debate yet) you should provide people with definition of the term "natural". I will give you here what the dictionary says about nature: " The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world" I used just the definition that suit me :) but they are all related if you read all the meanings at www.dictionary.com.
read that definition carefully? still unclear! that's because dictionaries were not written by True scientists. now the part not mentioned there is Random. that was suppose to be Random forces and processes... because that's what we all hear from the Term natural. Now if you are someone who believed to mangod(no matter what was your religion) you accept this term natural because the variety of this forces and processes can not be controled by a man with magic stick that you call jesus, buddah or Abbass(this last one is just for fun :) ).

What the last message to mankind came to teach us is the Real Almighty who Created everything is not from the world He created and can not be looklike anything from what He created. which mean for any True moslem, that Random doesn't exist and it's God who initialized this world with RULES and Regulations that we call now SCience. His intervention is different than his Rules! that's why many people are waiting for his intervention like the SCience was created by them. take care man? I stop here...

Dr Edriss, thank you for calling me a brother. I'm just not sure are you aware that I'm not a muslim.
" there is "!" at the end of that sentence. did you think why I had to put it there? or you thought just hiting wrong key? :)" No, I don't know why it's there. You maybe tell?
"if you equal natural to scientific explaination, why we bother ourselves and use 2 words in dictionary? you gonna be the first to help us reduce dictionary to one word less."
Ahem,how come you came to conclution that I equal natural to scientific explanation? YOU used the word "natural" in your comment. I didn't know what you meant by it, that's why I asked you. Scientific explanation was just one quess by my side, no more no less. But hey, I still don't know what you meant by word natural, cause you didn't tell. Or can't I read?
" don't assume things to fabricate your case? "
Yes, assuming ain't very nice, but I displayed my assumptions in a form of questions, they were not claims. And you are the best one to cut the wings of assumptions by telling your opinions.
I also stated a question to you about the role of science in description of the reality. If you think the question is irrelevant concerning the original topic, just let me know.
" Above, I was just discussing with you, inside your mind, with your boolean thoughts" Oh thanks, now I know why I hear voices. ;)))


Assalam Alaikom Brothers and sisters and Eid Mubarak, may Allah accept our fasting? also may Allah change the situations of moslems all arround the world to whatever better He sees for us? Ameen

no brother Sirius, don't bother yourself using the boolean logic? because I already stated that the boolean algebra doesn't fit to be a model of our world! read all if you want understand what I said? (I read your last comment at least 3 times, while other people here may find it waste of space and time).

there is "!" at the end of that sentence. did you think why I had to put it there? or you thought just hiting wrong key? :)

if you equal natural to scientific explaination, why we bother ourselves and use 2 words in dictionary? you gonna be the first to help us reduce dictionary to one word less.

don't assume things to fabricate your case? I find it funny that you applique a boolean meaning on a word that you still doesn't have a definition of it, later you made a U turn and you tried to paint yourself like you were talking science and I'm the one in the other boolean partner of "sience" (of course all of this in your space of imagination :) ).

Above, I was just discussing with you, inside your mind, with your boolean thoughts( don't underestimate the "boolean" term? without that term you won't read what I type) :)


Dr. Edriss, no, i am not in the wrong website. I am a Muslim brother. However, we might have different perspectives. You answer speaks about your heart, my brother. And I will let Allah (SWA) jugde upon your words.
Allah Knows Best.
Br. Daniel

Dr Edriss said:"there is nothing natural at all!" With use of Boolean logic can we come to conclution that everything is unnatural? ;)
Of course reality as a whole can't be reduced back to Boolean logic. It still has it's realm of application.
I'm I right if I think that you equal "natural" with so called scientific explanation? This leads me to somewhat more general question(s). How do you see science as a way to get knowledge overall? I've got an impression that you don't give it much, if at all, credit. Could you clarify your wiev a bit?


Devil worshipper! OH!!! daniel! my bad, it's night here and light is off, I couldn't see good your name ;). I believe www.gays.com speaks about your problems! you are in the wrong website.

Salaam! It is sad to still see (or read) brothers who disagree with the article with the point of "punishment" in their minds (and hearts?)... I am disapointed to notice how many muslims still are so narrow minded, with lack of compassion, and extra stock of legalism within themselves. I am sick and tired of these "devoted" muslims spreading their own frustrations with their fanatism.... Sorry for them. The article is correct, Allah (SWA) has created all things with natural rules. It might affect some, and it also encourages to act with more compassion, mercy, and kindness one to another.
So, according to some brothers and sisters, being gay, or having AIDS is also a punishment... how sad. Is this the way they teach their children? No wonder why so many young american muslims today, after childhood, don't step on a masjid again... specially teenagers and young adults...

we are not giving you break :), you can go to the park and get you nice break. there is nothing natural at all! I challenge anybody to prove this myth called natural?? many people repeat what others says like it was some revealation because they lost faith in themselves can think for themselves!!! The punishment of Allah come after a warning and the Quran is the biggest warning of all the times(after it was revealed). there is not only punishment and no punishment! get yourself out of that boolean Algebra? it does not fit as a model to describe our world. something for sure is: Allah can protect anybody if He wants! if He didn't that's a sign that you are not pleasing Allah enough to deserve His mercy.

the survivors of disasters who believe to Allah should seek what was done that stops the mercy of Allah or, they should seek to defend themselves if they want remain as is.

there are people who were protected in the worst disasters ever seen! they were protected only with the Mercy of the All Almighty.

the moslems of our time set themselves in a level which is not pleasing Allah as much as it is required from Him and not displeasing Him very bad. that's why a small disaster is like a problem that moslems navigate from their own.

First of all, attributing to God a human character(and a bad one) is downright haram/unwarrented/sinful/illegal. People, God is the creator of all things. No vision can perceive Him, but his vision peceives everything. He God is beyond our sensorial world, beyond our perceived reality. God is not another dimention, since all dimentions were created by Him. God is God, The Absolute, The Omnipotent, The Infinite! What kind of shirk/idolatry is this:"God is not a terrorist."? God is not a person, thus He is not a Man-God, God will always be a mystery to mankind, while mankind is an open book to God.

About the natural disasters? Are you guys serious? God's punishment for this or for that? Brothers, give me a break, God has indeed exemplified through punishments. Let's not forget, Sodoma and Gomorra, the A'ad people and Thamud, the companions of the Elephant, etc. However, it is not in the wont of God to punish a people unwarned. Not warnings coming from corrupt mullas that would use religion for their political or economic profit, I'm talking of real warning from God, it should be straightforward, simple and understood by everybody. God is The Most Merciful, The most Gracious, do you think that he would punish people without warning and without giving them a way out, as it was given to the city of Niniveh in the time of prophet Jonas, (pbuh)?

Having said these, as Sirius well put it, there are natural conditions that challenge our existence and of course since everything is predestined by God, everything is God's handiwork. For what purpose, we might not know yet, as the caveman in prehistoric times could not understand the vulcanic activities that pestered the earth at that time and why the earth needed to be divided by waters. However,God allowed us to dip into knowledge and thus to understand the changes in the weather patterns as well as the seismic trends. Please,do not reduce mankind and thus all its achievements to the mediocrity of the illiterate.

all what happens in the world is under the decision of god. God had said in many books (quran , bible, torrah...)
that he had punished people who had done bad actions in the history of humanity, so let god do what he had decided to do we aren't here to judge him... soubhanahou

It is tempting to address these catastrophes as punishments from God. This wiev is anyhow quite problematic, for example for reasons below:

- almost everyone has somewhat different explanation on why and who is punished. So if these events have been punishments no-one seems to get "the message".

-we know from geology that there are seismically very active areas around the world at places where tectonic plates collide. This has been, is and will be in the future. Think about next options:
- people at these areas become as pious as possible. Those ones who don't correct their behaviour are sent away.
- these active areas are abandoned totally
- peoples in these areas are totally exchanged

Question here is what is given as an explanation after the next big turmoil? Who is been punished? Does God punish areas instead of people? I don't think so. I believe God gives "well articulated" punishments, not such things that leave us only confused.



I think the title should be "CAIR is not terrorist organization" and I bet you, All the CAIRies, gonna get offended more from such title than getting offended from "god is not terrorist". I wrote god with small "g" because the title unworthy to comment on.

something we know about our brothers and sisters in CAIR is they are bouncing between what is right and what is wrong. we just give them advices as much as we can, we don't know when our advices gonna benefit them Insha Allah. we just have to do it because they are our brothers and sisters and we will always do our best for them. how fast they gonna learn? depends on their intelligence.

Assalam Alaikom


Assalamu aleikum.

The following comments exceed the 2000 character limit here and therefore only the urls are posted.


Islamic Community Net
Wed Oct 19, 2005


Islamic Community Net
October 25, 2005


As moslems, we know 1400 years ago that Mangod is created by men. it's the people raised under other religious umbrella who discover late that mangod is created by men. as long as you do not give Allah His value, don't bother yourself hanging in Islamic website? because it's impossible for you to think that the theory that you believe to is not appliquable in this new world for you.

to be honest with you, you can never learn something new for you by trying to preach in it.

the brother who spoke about the world terrorize in QUran. unfortunatly and 1 million time unfortunatly, Arhaba the arabic word doesn't mean what people means with "terrorize". that's one more huge mistake who fuel the missunderstanding between the middleeast and the so called west. the word terrorize is used by the west to describe somebody who is after you to whip you out from this Earth...you need just look at the KKK foxnews to have update on that word. but Arhaba the arabic word means standing strong to put the fear inside your enemy. they look the same for people who doesn't analyse carefully their words but they are different!

I think God did not create man. It is the man who created the idea of God to cater to his fears of mortality. God serves like Prozac to most people.

NA FROM US said:
This article is bit confusing.
How can God not casuing these natural diasters.

This is a very shallow article. I also am offended by the statement "God is not a terrorist". For God owns this universe and Allah does whatever Allah wills without question. To say that "God is not a terrorist" this is bringing the person close to Blasphemy.

Absolutely correct,we need not let our passionate discontent with the run of events becloud our collective sense of humanity. If the muslim believes katrina was God's reprimand to the US for invading Iraq,Afghanistan and eevnts in palestine, what will they call the chain of earthquakes in Pakistan,Afghanistan and India? His sympathy for them or reprimand for the attacks on London, 911 et al. We need not get petty on these issues, they are still there staring us in our faces. In my opinion these natural disasters should serve as reminders of our collective human frailty. The generous responses to the victims of katrina and earthquake show and how easily we can be united when faced with a "common enemy". If we could offer an enemy a shoulder to lean on in crisis and vice versa it then means we can do it at all times. The natural disasters, though symbolic, but not necessarily in the light that some people would like us to see them. In fact it would help all sides of the religious divide to see them in their true perspectives. It might just give the required leverage to concede some things when going into the negotiation table

R.R. FROM U.S.A. said:
..... And if i find a verse along the lines of "strike terror into the hearts of the infidels"?

Some of the responses to this article demonstrate the intolerance we muslims have within our ranks, and for any opinion other than their own. In their enthusiasm to be critics, most people seem to have missed the author's point. He is not saying that disasters happen without the will of God. I think he just wants us to observe the brotherly response muslims have given to the disaster, and learn from it. Of course, we should all ask for Allah's forgiveness. That is what the people of Pakistan did too. But sometimes when you see bodies of little children, it is important to remind oneself that Allah is always just, and there must be a reason for all this. Yes, it is true that Allah punishes those who disobey him, but are you sure that these children living in their mud huts were more disobedient than those who are the kings of muslim countries. Why don't we just simply ask Allah for fogiveness and his protection.

I am not very familiar with CAIR. But I think those criticizing groups like CAIR need to get over themselves. I think what CAIR and others are doing is educating the American people about Islam, and if Allah wills, many will embrace islam as a result. Didn't the prophet send muslims to other kings to spread the message? So unless we have done something positive for Islam, lets try to appreciate those who are working hard to stop the misconceptions about Islam.

And Dr. Edriss, using your thoughts, why don't we stop blaming the jews and others for Palestine, and realize that whats happeing to Palestinians must be because of their own sicknesses and sins. So why blame others.

I totally agree Dr Edriss

Assalam Alaikom,
From the Mercy of Allah is that He stops disasters from happening! then it's clear if disasters happened, you were not granted that option. When big disastsers happen, people should seek what they do wrong and correct it, not claim it natural. there is nothing natural about disasters. we humans who called them natural because the civilisation leading the world now, used to think God is a man and He push something with his hand to make disasters happen! since they can't see with last technology any Giant man pushing anything in space, they tried another solution which is to say "natural disaster". instead of correcting themselves and drop believing to God as a man with majic stick, they prefered keep their mangod and use the term "natural disasters".
We The True moslems who Believe to: Allah doesn't looklike anything from what He created! we know we can point as the origine of everything is Allah but we do not point as an object or humanbeing and call him God. and when disaster happen, we know it's nothing for Allah to stop it from happening, but we didn't deserve His mercy. that's why we should seek what we do wrong and correct it... and what goes on us goes on anybody else who was not protected by the Mercy of Al Almighty. it depends on if they want acknowledge that or they fail inlove with the term "Natural disasters". I believe manytimes God said in the Quran " did you trust the one in the Heaven to not send on you Haassebah(asteroid)" 1400 years moslems read that and just lately with the last technology of Nasa, we found that many Asteroids are arround Earth! they just don't hit it often!!! Is that not the Mercy of God? and what gonna happen if He stops it? you gonna call it natural disaster? May Allah help all? without His help we are just blind on this Earth.



Salaam aleikum,

the introductory premise of this article is a bit flawed, and the writer does not seem to see things in context, specifically:

1. God is NOT a Republican nor an American either,
(neither for that matter is Islam American), something to think about while CAIR et al had endorsed Bush for President and continue to have iftars with the administration in a bid to social climb into acceptance on behalf of Muslims.

2. Katrina was not entirely an 'act of God' but a man-made disaster due largely in part to political (in)decisions on envt. policy (global warming), social policy (no care or even concern for poor people, and racial intolerance.

3. Allah (swt) is not oblivious to the human condition, rather both the Tsunami (Achenese v. Indonesian army) and the recent Earthquake (Kashmiris v. Indian army) happened in regions racked in political violence with an ongoing insurgency wars in which Muslims are on the receiving/losing end. This made the casualty figures much much higher in both.


Yes, it is true that God is not a terrorist and does not punish thousands of innocent human beings for the acts, good, bad or indifferent, of a few. However, being destroyed and suffer in this world not necessarily warrant for the conclusion that God intended to punish every individual affected by such destruction. Often times, God decides to bring his wrath upon people or a specific nation and when he does that, there would be some innocent people amongst them who would also suffer. They would get their justice in the hereafter.
There are numerous examples in the Quran when Allah (SWT) describes the nations that were warned for their wrongdoinds and eventually punished. Surah A'raaf lists them categorically in a chronological order. Few others listed below:

2:85 Then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest? but what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life?- and on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Allah is not unmindful of what ye do.

3:11 (Their plight will be) no better than that of the people of Pharaoh, and their predecessors: They denied our Signs, and Allah called them to account for their sins. For Allah is strict in punishment.

3:56 "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."

13:33 Nay! to those who believe not, their pretence seems pleasing, but they are kept back (thereby) from the path. And those whom Allah leaves to stray, no one can guide. 13:34 For them is a penalty in the life of this world, but harder, truly, is the penalty of the Hereafter: and defender have they none against Allah.

13:31 As for the unbelievers, the disaster will not cease to afflict them (every now and then) or to crouch at their very doorsteps because of their misdeeds, until the promise of Allah is fulfilled; surely Allah will not fail


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

"And of mankind are some who take (for worship: idols, statues and ideas) others besides Allaah as rivals (to Allaah). They love them (i.e. their idols, their statues, their ideas) as they love Allaah. But those who believe, love Allaah more (than anything else). If only, those who do wrong (by associating partners with Allaah) could see, when they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allaah and that Allaah is Severe in punishment (in this world and in the hereafter)" [EMQ 2:165]

Earthquake of South Asia is a warning from Allaah (swt), not only to the people of that region, but rather to the whole of humanity, and to the Muslims in particular, that they may return back to their Lord and their Deen. Allah (swt) knows best, May Allah (swt) guide us to the right path.

Allah Hafiz

Allah(swt) does not punish a people because he likes to. He sends warnings over and over again to remind people to return to the right path and they do not listen and then the punishment is swift. This happens to people on an individual level and to nations and the process is the same. Take heed and turn towards Allah(swt) and He will FORGIVE you - but only if you turn to him. The disasters that have happened through out history and are repeated over and over in the quran are an example for us to take heed. Those disasters had one purpose - to remind people to remember Allah(swt), that they had already been warned by their respective prophet(as) and these people had not taken heed and therefore were punished. Allah(swt) is not apollogetic about these disasters - no where in the quran does it say that the people who had been sent a disaster were innocent. No. Allah(swt) says over and over again they did not listen and Allah(swt) punished them. Nothing on this earth happens without the will of Allah(swt) and disasters ARE the result of majority of the peoples bad actions ...not just the actions of a few. So think before you write....because you dont seem to have understood the message that was to be sent from these disasters that "seem" to be ever increasing.