Stop maligning Islam

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The media must refuse to promote material maligning a race, religion, ethnicity or nationality in the name of freedom of expression.

Recently, a local newspaper featured a political cartoon which used Islamic symbols to satirize an Imam condoning the London terror bombings. Another cartoonist depicted a Hispanic coming to America solely with the intention of benefiting from our welfare system.

Such humor does not always bring laughter. In both cases, the respective communities responded with strong indignation and protest. When the media paint a community with a broad brush, knowingly or unknowingly, for the evils of a few, the entire community then feels compelled to respond.

American media attracts global attention when our leaders speak out on issues through our newspapers, magazines, on radio talk shows, through the Internet and on TV. And the world understands that it is not a very sensible expression of facts to call the IRA "Catholic terrorists" or the abortion clinic bomber a "Baptist terrorist."

But, it should equally be common sense not to name suicide bombers, whether in London, Israel or in New York, Islamic terrorists -- these terrorists do not and must not be allowed to represent 1.3 billion faithful. Furthermore, Islamic leadership should not have to issue religious edicts denouncing such acts when an average Muslim has nothing to do with it.

Should we ask the pope to apologize for the IRA or have local Catholic communities come forward with statements denouncing IRA bombings in London? Do we constantly harass American fundamentalist Christian leadership to be sorry for the acts of Timothy McVeigh, David Koresh and Eric Rudolph?

An Israeli Jew recently attacked and killed four innocent Arabs in a bus. Should we then expect the Board of Rabbis to issue an apology in the name of Judaism and the Jewish populations? Should we have named this killer a Jewish terrorist? Religious killers come in every denomination, but unless they are Muslim, we routinely brush off such incidents as acts of a few crazies. Why then does it become mandatory for Islamic leaders to issue "fatwas" -- religious edicts -- confirming terrorism is not compatible with Islam?

It is wrong to back the Muslims in a corner and force them to plead not guilty for a crime neither they nor their faith is responsible for.

Sure, a few imams are guilty of inciting hatred but which religion has not produced a few zealots? The war on terror begins with the battle for the minds and hearts of the Muslim populations, so says our State Department. Demonizing the Islamic faith will not win the support of the faithful -- it will only be a strategic error.

Let us isolate the terrorists, but not dignify and sanctify their act in the holy name of a religion.

Let us not hold a fifth of humanity guilty for the crime of a small minority. It is against the American justice system and against international norms.

When we associate the name of a faith with a few, we then strengthen their cause and make them martyrs for the faith.

If a neighborhood is attacked for the mistakes of a few, people of that neighborhood have no other choice but to bind together and defend their territory. Tribal mentality then becomes a norm.

Indictment and/or negative portrayal of an entire group of people is simply wrong for the crimes of individuals. Our leaders in media and government must recognize this.

Victor Ghalib Begg is chair of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan.

Source: Detroit Free Press

  Category: Americas, Life & Society, Nature & Science
Views: 9631
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Older Comments:
This article is spot on when it comes to broad brush treatment
of a culture or religion. It misses the point when it comes to
taking a hard stand against those who remain silent about the
terror commit by "the few".
All of Islam must speak out against hatred and violence!!

Victor's voice about poor "reporting" and poor use of cartoons
must be repeated by all!

Race does not exist as a biological fact! the media, governments
and individual should stop promoting the "divide" by continued
reference to "race".
Racisim exists but it will dissipate sooner if all will realize "race"
does not!

The maligning the demonization of Islam and Muslims will continue unabated as long as the Zionist plan of a Greater Israel is in place. Ninety percent of the media is controlled by six percent of media moguls who are proZionist. THey have issued a Declaration of War on Islam so expect things to be worse before they get better. As Muslims, we should strive and make our relationship stronger with Allah SWT and each other before we can expect the help of Allah SWT.

I watched a talk by Yusuf Estes n he mentioned abt Jihad in the Al-Quran.Ppl mistake "Jihad" wich means "struggle" wif "Kital" wich means "combat".Even so there are stringent limits for Kital such as not to harm/damage infrastructure,vegetation,animals n innocent ppl.

well i love this article so much it keeps me more enlightening. keep it up.

Assalamualaikum brothers in islam.To begin with,I thank Allah SWT who has made it possible for the fouder of Islamic city to come up with such forums to enlighten muslims and would be muslims.We pray that allah should assist Islamic city so that they continue to exist and supply us with good information.

In my own opinion,those who are sabotaging islam are instead promoting islam in the sense that many people have decided to really research on islam.As they do so, they have not seen any area in the Quran and the hadiths that are encouraging violence.They have discovered that islam is really the religion of peace.That is why many people continue to embrace islam.Today,despite the blackmail,islam is the fastest growing religion.I wish to tell the anti islam that "islam is in Quran and authentic hadiths and not the deeds of people." cos some muslims are only muslims by name.
So those who are trying to blackmail islam has made islam to be popular and only those who have been guarded by Allah SWT will see the light of islam.

May allah protect all the muslims in the whole World and protect and promote islam.Ameen.


Timothy McVeigh never clained to be a christian of any kind. He was raised catholic but had no use for religion of any kind. He declared no belief in a god or any higher power.

Jihad is commendable. It's the last resort against oppression and humiliation. There is no point for Muslims to vociferate against jihad. Jihad is the duty of every oppressed to rebel and fight the oppressor, whether Muslim or otherwise. It is a human endeavor. Every war of independence on the surface of this planet including that of the USA was and is a jihad! As long as the despicably immoral US troops do the work of their corrupt and decadent politicians thye ME will be in jihad. Nobody can stop it. It's common sense. You occupy, you have a struggle/jihad for eliminating the occupation. Why? if USA would be occupied by China, God willing, wouldn't the Americans fight the occupation? Wouldn't the American populace become jihadis for that matter? Of course they would, but they would choose another name for it. A pompous one like is their wont, let's say, "Heroes of the Homeland". Whatever you want to call them, guerillas, insurgeants, freedom-fighters, homeland militia, etc., they can be discribed simply as jihadis. Let's not give a simple term like jihad=struggle some extraterrestrial ocult meaning in the American dictionary. Just say what you think and feel,Bradley Alendfa, like:"I hate Muslims and I want you dead because you are not me and you are so different". Stop passing the buck onto the Muslims, it is your hate that speaks out and your racism and intollerance to Asian cultures. You have a problem not the Muslims. US is occupying Muslim lands not the other way around. Therefore your point if you originally had one is blunt and edgeless. Besides, your biased media screams enough your politically correct lies in their attempt to brainwash the unaware citizens. Better take a look at New Orleans, buster, you have Afghanistan and Iraq in your own habitations not because of war, but crass negligence and absolute disconsideration for your human brethren if their were poor! Being poor for your idiotic government translates into dispansible. Bully for you!

My father always said - "talk is cheap". Your readers should be reminded, "the silence of the many, rings a bell of support for the few."

I believe you can understand my views.

A mere handful of Muslim's around the world
condemn Jihad, while the vast majority lend support with their silence.

Their absence of outcry builds a foundation
on which many more will join Islam's world wide

Such a tragedy. Shame in it's most vile form.

My best to you,



forget about them,they are ploting against islam.But ALLAH is the best of ploters.

Islam needs to issue decrees against terrorism and suicide bombings because so many of it's own Imams issue decree's supporting these things.

You say that Catholics and such are not held to these standards, but I say they are held accountable when members of their clergy speak in support of such garbage.

If you want the world to stop seeing your religion in a malign light, then start at home and deal with the Imams that are doing an excellent job of showing you as a group of crazed psycho's. You can bet for sure that Catholics, Jews and all the rest step up when they disagree with some crazy in their own church.
Personally I think Islam caught a social virus hundreds of years ago. The religion isn't too bad, but the social values that were attached to it are ruining it.

Please drop the crap about anyone else causing the tribal thought patterns in Muslims. You've had it since Mohammed first created the religion (no disrespect, his existence created the next step of christianity, Islam). Islamic people were tribal then and for some reason have never managed to shake that old mentality.

One last bit I find interesting. Muslims keep yelling "the crusaders are evil". However, the crusades took place after the Holy Lands were invaded by the muslim armies. The crusades were just too little too late in an attempt to take back what was originally stolen from them. Try asking your history books what happened to the convents full of all those Nuns who were virgins? Your generals were very thrilled at all the virgins they were able to sell into slavery at a premium.

In case you are wondering, I am not in any way associated with the Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims or any other monotheistic religion. Your all wrong on that score, but I know not a one of you will believe it. :)

Interesting and very true article...

Asallam Alaekun, it will be difficult if not impossible to change the attitude of current generation of media against Islam. But, hope that with this kind of atticle and continuos enlightment of public about Islam, the future will be favourable. There are signs, we should continue to assist those who are ignorant about the Islam "The Truth".

Read the Koran, it's a terrorists handbook advocating and approving of rape, murder slavery, child abuse...You want to be nice to these people? You must be nutz.

. Do not make personal attacks on others.
WE AS MUSLIMS Do not condemn or degrade others beliefs,do not harass, abuse, or threaten other members, but others are doing whatever hey cn do to paint us as bad as hell while we watch.
think of the media as the author say, totally was given a green light to degrade our right way of live and justice and no single islamic government is making any move to condmn this

NA FROM US said:
Yes, the media must stop promoting Islam to
public "Terrorist" they should report the news.
It's jus a small group of people who using Islam for their cause. Just like the Waco, Texas
that group use Chistianity for they cause.


BIDOR said:
Good article. Even though some of the people commenting
misunderstood it and then became guilty of doing exactly what
the article says about judging a nation of people for the acts of a
"If a neighborhood is attacked for the mistakes of a few, people
of that neighborhood have no other choice but to bind together
and defend their territory. Tribal mentality then becomes a
As the Pope and MANY others suggested and as the quote from
this article suggest, Islam SHOULD be bonding together to RID
their peopple of these terrorists who "kill in the name of Allah",
who "kill in the name of Islam". Americans vote to get rid of bad
Political leaders. Why do not the Muslim vote to get rid of their's?
Why is Islam not in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and other
Groups of terrorists in their countries to rid their society of these
criminals? Why are 1/5th of the world population (muslim) just
standing by and watching? The american main stream media has
their own misguided agenda. They always have. Not even
Americans know what the truth is because the media is about
ratings, not truth.

Assalamu'Alaikum All
I want to make a comment to "KIM" your message 33371 you are at the moment the only to disagree wonder why? hmm? You mention Timothy and his bombings were not committed in the name of Christianity therefor we can not compare, and these acts of ignorance by Bin Laden or anyone else for that matter saying in the name of Islam are one in their own. (Maybe you need to re read this article, what was said was what if we turned the tables,what if media announced him as a "Christian Terrorist" which they did not. Key words "what if" Well KIM I beg to differ, simply because anyone reading and understanding the message from Allah, in the Quran as it is written will clearly see that no Muslim declaring such horrendous acts in the name of Islam is at best a true Muslim, which is precisely the point. So when the media, who obviously no nothing about True Islam declare that this person is a Muslim/Islamic Terrorist, they are flat our wrong in their accusations. The issue is, like with all walks of media, they are in the business to sell. To make money. Not report truth and accurate information, What should have been said back in 9/11 was not Islamic Terrorist but Terrorist alone. Had media or anyone else for that matter researched on Islam, they would know that No True Muslim would do such an act and declare it as such a behavior in the name of ones religion. This is ignorance on both parties, the "terrorist" for stating an incorrect term, and the media, for not investigating the truth enough to know that in the name of Islam these types of Terrorists acts are not condoned..EVER!
Islam is a faith, of love, obedience, tolerance, helping others, and worshiping and praising your God.. End ..Period, Fact!.. Those are Facts, lets stick to the basics. I see, you too are blinded by media enough to not see what this article is trying to say. Re-read it.
Its clear what's wrong is wrong, whether you are Muslim, Catholic,Jewish,Christian,or anything else


This is for my dear sister Valerie, I totally agree with you when you said people should not jump into conclussion when it comes to people they don't understand like the Nation of Islam and it's leader the HMF. Velarie Please go the website of the nation of Islam and read about Farrahkan's Interlegence. He is been hated because of the thruth he speaks, He is like Jesus the christ almost all dead black leaders are. cos they came so the voiceless could be heard.

Assalamu Alaikum Victor Ghalib Begg,
As a new Muslim in San Diego, CA. I know of this topic of which you write. Nobody in my family is a Muslim and all they say about Islam is the negative. They say things such as "Well I read an article that says Muslim women are oppressed and that terrorists are Muslim. Muslim is for third-world poor and uneducated people with nothing in life but their prayers. How can you want to associate with the Nation Of Islam and Farrakan?"(I am NOT a member of the Nation of Islam and from what one Imam says they are not true Muslim-I have not met any so cannot say) They say very hurtful things to me like, "How can you want to dress like that and look like a terrorist with that THING on your head?" They do not want to even attend the mosque with me, to hear the Imam speak about what Islam really is. They tell me they "read all they need to know about Islam that they know they do not want any part of it." For me this is very sad. For me, before I make an opinion on a person or group of people, I like to get to know them. Before I became a Muslim, I found myself reading all the negative. So before I became like the rest of my family and filled with negative opinion, I attended the mosque prayers. A wonderful experience and I welcome Fridays when I can go and experience real Islam with real people...not terrorists. I suggest for people, before they come to conclusions about people, get to know those that you do not understand as there can be much learned.

Very well written article, I couldnt agree more. I wish people would not Judge others. The Bible says not to judge others, The only judge in the final days will be God (Allah). Muslims are good people and should never be confused with terrorists nor be profiled. Thank-you for this very good site.

Good article and good comment Faliku. To see how I suggest we deal with this problem, check posts 33332, 33333 & 33338 in relation to Yusuf Islam's article, at IslamiCity, entitled 'Is the problem too much Islam', Article Ref: IN0508-2767


Assalamu Alaikum,
An article posted by Br. Abid Ullah Jan about the Pope delivering a bull on Aug. 21 2005 to the German muslim leaders. It resembles the bull delivered by Pius II in 1458 about the new crusades.Pope Benedict tells muslim leaders: "It is your job to stamp out terrorism, steer young muslim away from barbarism, cruel fanaticism, etc..." In my oppinion, someone should inform the Pope that we (the mainstream muslims 99.99%) do not have label on terrorism and that we are also terrorised and from both ends. With this kind of mindset coming from popes, presidents and other people in high places the world stands a slim chance for peace. I hope and pray for world's PEACE, keep up the good work.

This is absolutely true but you must realize that "they" have declared war on Islam and Muslims and this is all part of their plan. You can read the actual Declaration at the following site:
If you look at the language used in this Declaration, you will find uncanny similarities to the rhetoric used in the media to bash Islam and Muslims. ttp://
Demonize and then neutralize seems to be their "mission statement".

Islam is peace & truth,as seen from it's time of it's birth,if islam had any thing to do with terror all christians & non belivers in arab land would have been destroyed like the natives of america & muslims of spain or the recent killings of Innocents in Bosnia & Croatia converted by force,threats or bribe like christian missonarries do it's not duty of muslim religious leaders or common people to apologise it has to be done by west & their selfish policies even the great The LATE pope when he visited muslim country used hypocracy instead of thanking muslims he askes his missonarries to convert muslims a easyway to rob of their resourses what a easy way to corrupt the life of muslims & their lands The new POPE used threatening language to turk muslims in Germany to teach muslim not to fight west Instead asking his western christian crusaders not to attack muslim countries on false pretext ot lies I think as a Christian Leader The pope must seek the forgiveness from Muslims for all the attrocities commited in muslim lands & on muslims even the missonaries should teach the basic of truth to all christian governments christian media should also start calling christian killers as christ terrorists the west media should start using american army as a crusading force CNN's Christian Amanpour was saying few days back Muslims are killing in Afganistan,in iraq, muslims are killing in london Muslims are killing everywhere.Muslims should stop accepting this hypocracy & false propagation & hit back using the same languages used by this Western freeworld. May be muslims Leaders & Government are at the hand of Cowards who do not oppose reject this lies & hypocracy

The problem is NOT Islam. The problem = Bush jr + Bush Sr + crusaders + zionists. Arrest these criminals and put them behind bar. THEN ALL PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED.

That's the TRUTH. If anyone has hard time swallowing this "naked" truth then that's just too bad. After reading my comment, an evironmentally friendly and non-toxic task for you would be to find a ranch and feed cows, INSTEAD of trying to swallowing the truth...

Paagle your comment is erroneous. I read it over and concluded it was not as much malicious as ignorant. This is the great mental condition that characterizes you Americans: crass ignorance. When that is ruling, the individual can be easily brainwashed and spiritually blinded. I don't say,'believe me and disbelieve the media!' I say, read! Yes read both sides all sides, and consider that God is just and he created the Jews and the Arabs as well. God did not create one at the expense of the other, what kind of God would that be? All I suggest is believe yourself for one day to be a Palestinian Muslim and know that that your land, house and assets were confiscated by the Israelis for their kibutzim. And think that your father and elder brother were killed trying to defend your mother and sister from being sodomized by them. Imagine this for one day, that you were dragged out from your home in Iraq and put in Abu Ghraib merely on the allusive possibility that you could be an insurgent. Imagine yourself being stripped naked in front of female soldiers and they making remarks about your genitalia. Imagine yourself being sodomized by males and females cheering and clapping hands. Imagine your virgin and pure daughter being gang raped by soldiers. After you imagined all these, tell me in honesty,"Do you believe that anyone would need a religion to promt him to take revenge?" I don't think so. Therefore the religious aspect of these fanatical deeds is just a popular makeup. It happens to the Muslims, therefore the 'Islamic' coining to it. Muslim should refrain from talking against or pro these terrorists. It's not generated by Islam, how do you want us Muslims to take it upon us? It would mean that we would accept their guilt as our guilt! Hell no! The guilt is yours of your beligerant government's. Not to mention your very "civilized" and "merciful" army! Is it to complicated for you this concept? Islam didn't creat terrorism; Zionism and American imperialism did.

I agree with some aspects of this article, but not with others. It is important not to point fingers at the vast majority of Muslims who have shown no hostility to innocent Westerners. Furthermore many prominent Muslims have spoken loudly against terrorism, and the western media rarely echoes it.

That said there are some important distinctions to be made between the IRA, McVeigh, Koresh (who didn't attempt to blow up anything - what's he doing in this article? nobody's saying you can't be nuts, just not violently nuts). The IRA was a regional organization fighting regionally. McVeigh was one man. Terrorists in the name of Islam (is that better?) are a global phenomenon, speak in the language of Islam, and hide among innocent Muslims in foreign communities and often recruit amongst those communities. It is understandable that non-Muslims who live amongst Muslims would want to hear loud and clear that their local Muslims don't believe the injustices in the ME justify violence outside the ME. Its a matter of communicating with your neighbors ("Hey, guys like you just blew up some guys like me. You guys don't think I should be blown up do you?" "No, you're fine by me. I'm not like those guys for reasons X Y and Z, which means I don't want to blow you up").

So thats the relatively non-controvertial stuff. Here's where people get mad at me:

The less you identify with somebody the easier it is to do them harm. This is why so many people have attempted to explain terrorism as the act of the poor and marginalized. Unfortunately its been the educated and relatively integrated Muslims that have commited the big terrorist acts. It appears they've seen the West up close and found it despicable. I've read in the Koran that the greatest sin is un-belief. I don't believe Muhammad was what he claimed. I'm not even "of the book." Does that make me a sinner of the lowest kind? I'd like to know that my neighbors don't think I'm a bad guy for faith rea

ref to remark 33371-Entitled to your opinion, but-The thing is, many years ago during the first settlers from England and other European nations arrivived in US, in the name of Christianity they thought the Native Americans savages and immoral so in their Christian manner killed many hundreds and thousands of them.There was a case years ago where a man, claiming to be a God-fearing Christian killed his own children because he said God told him to, and it was okay to kill in the name of God. Also, another individual man who also claimed to be Christian bombed abortion clinics claiming it was God's command of him. As the article states, there are fanatics in every culture and every religion. Read my previous reply to this article about where before we go to make judgments of a poeple we should truly try to meet them and understand them. For me to say all Christians are murderers because of situations as mentioned and in the 70's(I think it was) where a small group of so-called Catholics went to Vietnam and killed innocent women and children by burning the places that were known as places of prostitution claiming they were doing the Lords work, well to say that all Catholics are murderers or all Christians are bigots and murders would be very ignorant of me to say such a I making sense here? As stated in the article the media tend to write more statements such as "and the Muslim Extremists" or "The Islamic Terrorists" Bad writing.People that do not know any Muslims then begin to think that Muslim=Terrorist. I suggest maybe trying to meet some Muslims even going to a Mosque then you can truly get to know some then you will know for yourself that Muslim=believer of God/Good Person/NOT A TERRORIST. Again, there are weirdos/extremists in all forms of religion. Peace be upon you.

Assalamu Alaikum Victor Ghalib Begg,
As a new Muslim in San Diego, CA. I know of this topic of which you write. Nobody in my family is a Muslim and all they say about Islam is the negative. They say things such as "Well I read an article that says Muslim women are oppressed and that terrorists are Muslim. Muslim is for third-world poor and uneducated people with nothing in life but their prayers. How can you want to associate with the Nation Of Islam and Farrakan?"(I am NOT a member of the Nation of Islam and from what one Imam says they are not true Muslim-I have not met any so cannot say) They say very hurtful things to me like, "How can you want to dress like that and look like a terrorist with that THING on your head?" They do not want to even attend the mosque with me, to hear the Imam speak about what Islam really is. They tell me they "read all they need to know about Islam that they know they do not want any part of it." For me this is very sad. For me, before I make an opinion on a person or group of people, I like to get to know them. Before I became a Muslim, I found myself reading all the negative. So before I became like the rest of my family and filled with negative opinion, I attended the mosque prayers. A wonderful experience and I welcome Fridays when I can go and experience real Islam with real people...not terrorists. I suggest for people, before they come to conclusions about people, get to know those that you do not understand as there can be much learned. I highly suggested before to the school districts here, though do not know what they are doing with this idea, but to offer in middle and high schools a class on compassion, diversity and community relations. An opportunity to get out and meet the different cultures and religions of people for a building of understanding. Bless you for this article. May others be guided to the truth of Islam. Again, thank you for this article that I will share with my friends and family too.

Except for Paragraphs Six and Seven and the last sentence in Paragraph Five, this article is well directed. The honest fact is, the media is generally a propaganda tool. And because of that, it is fraught with biases. In the past, the western media was effectively used to malign Islam; and Muslims sat and looked on helplessly. But one can see that that is no longer the case. Muslims are now using the very media to put Islam in its proper perspective. Western leaders, newscasters and anchors are now very cautious of how they use phrases like "Islamic fundamentalists," "Muslim extremists," "Islamic jihadists," etc. As a matter of fact, the phrase "Islamic fundamentalists" is gradually becoming extinct because the detractors of Islam are beginning to realize what the fundamentals of Islam are; and prominent amongst those fundamentals is the desire to live at peace with one's neighbor. It is a gradual process, but we will ultimately get there, because the process itself is totally out of mankind's control. Almighty Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Qur'an that He has made Islam to prevail an overall religion for mankind. The truthfulness of this statement is manifested by the fact that every time there is an attempt to trample Islam, the opposite becomes the case--Islam triumphs. So, thank you Brother Victor, but do not worry. Salam.

Ref. Comment: 33371 >If America just wanted to kill Iraqis as the muslim >terrorists wanted to kill all americans, America >would've just dropped one bomb on the whole Iraq >and call it done, instead of sending troops to >ground and suffer this much casualities trying to >protect the innoncent law abiding Iraqis.

The above has to be the sheer stupidest leap of illogical b.s. ever put on here. What this low IQ Republican-spinning individual fails to understand is that if America didn't give a damn about the oil that is sitting on in the ground, they would literally drop one bomb and let it go at that. Their indifference to human suffering stands as clear testimony to that fact -- silence on Rwanda, subsidizing Israel's brutality and cruelty of Palestinians (something which makes YOU an accomplice, and which YOU and every taxpayer NEVER is asked to apologize for) and their enthusiastic re-election of their primate as commander-in-chief
never mind that nearly 2000 U.S. soldiers have died for a war waged on the basis of a lie and spun as being done for the "innocent Iraqis" -- were they just as innocent when Rumsfeld was shaking Saddam's hand? When Bush's daddy was using federal banks to send him loans? When American warmakers were selling him arms?


Jorge: in one simple word - leaders. Once leadership is strong, the people will follow.

They (govt) have to have guts which they don't


The examples you listed here are not accurate, McVeigh did not bomb Oklahoma in the name of Christianity and therefore religion had nothing to do with it in his case. Can you say the same about bin laden? NO, he's committing all his crimes in the name of Islam, and yet very few in the Muslim world are criticizing his acts, in fact the majority are glorifying and justifying most terrorism commited by terrorists who happened to be muslims and who happened to be commiting their crimes because of their islamic beliefs. Because of that, not only is defending Islam is due, but defending it by words is not enough, you should clearly denounce this terrorism activity, stop supporting terrorism under any circumstance, stop justifying it, stop equalizing it with American troops enforcing public security in Iraq. If America just wanted to kill Iraqis as the muslim terrorists wanted to kill all americans, America would've just dropped one bomb on the whole Iraq and call it done, instead of sending troops to ground and suffer this much casualities trying to protect the innoncent law abiding Iraqis.

Thank you for this article. Media is very unfair with Islam, the religion. They thrive on maligning Islam. I hope the media personalities realize that they are loosing their credibility by depicting innocent Islam as guilty.

On a recent speech by Bush to members of his Evangelical voting grooup he quoted teh following from the bible:

"And when the Lord thy God hath delivered [a city] into thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword: But the women, and the little ones... shalt thou take unto thyself... But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth." - Deuteronomy 20:13-16

"And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them."- Deuteronomy 7:2

"Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city [of nonbelievers] with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword." - 1 Samuel 13:15

"Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep,
camel and ass." - 1 Samuel 15:3

So now explain to me again what is Mad Mulla Bush's foreign policy based on? Seems to me he's ready to join the Taliban.

I think it is time for Muslims all over the world to stop apologizing and blaming and crying foul and do what our Hugo Chavez Venezuela is doing; courageously defying and opposing the Bush and Blair governments at every turn. Breaking the greedy grip of US and UK oil companies and other such parasitic foreign companies. Confiscating vast property illegally obtained by the US and UK governments in Venezuela and distributing it amongst the poor and oppressed of Venezuela. We have finally broken the shakles of colonialism and American facism. You Muslims have the numbers, you also have the oil and you even have the weapons. Mostly you have the passion and anger that fuels the years of oppression and murder you have been suffering. What is stopping you from doing what we did?

It is amazing to me to read this. This article adresses EXACTLY what I have been telling my friends and family. Why is it that the terrorists are called Islamic Terrorists and if so, why is Timothy McVeigh and so many others not called an Christian Terrorists? I don't understand. I live in the US and mass media and the government are responsible. They give a false view of Islam and its followers. People of non-Muslim faith, who don't think for themselves, assume all Muslims are potential terrorists. Its appaling. This article should appear on the front page of USA TODAY and newspapers across the US to elighten people or at the very least give them something to think about.... Thank You