Just Who`s Emboldening Terrorism?

Since the onset of the Bush administration's ill-defined mission and subsequent "long, long war on terror", the American people, even the whole world, have fallen victim to an utterly flawed, yet barely contested voice of reason. Despite the Vietnam-like debacle in Iraq, in which the US administration has willfully immersed the nation, fallacious logic continues to be infused, with the same enthusiasm and doubtlessly with the same grievous outcome. 

An independent and thorough study prepared by the Iraq Body Count and the Oxford Research Group recently concluded that at least 25,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed and 45,000 have been wounded since the US-led invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. According to the study, four times as many victims died at the hands of US-led forces than from the flaring insurgency. And yet the numbers produced by the study hardly tell the story. For one, they must be examined against the backdrop of another comprehensive study commissioned by the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, last autumn, which deduced that at least 98,000 Iraqi civilians had died in the ongoing strife. 

But most importantly, regardless of whose computation we embrace, mere numbers can hardly capture the madness, bloodshed, terror and insecurity sweeping Iraq from north to south. Undoubtedly, one can confidently argue that the invasion of Iraq has weakened the internal security of the entire region and has manifested itself in desperate terrorist attacks targeting civilians in Europe and elsewhere. 

Considering the many scattered lies and forgeries put forth to rationalize the war and to further defend its disastrous aftermath, while keeping in mind the remarkably similar Vietnam fiasco which continues to stain the US reputation like no other, one would think that a more sensible and judicious foreign policy stratagem might prevail. 

Not in the least. 

Recent events on Capitol Hill and new resounding statements made by top US administration officials prove that sanity is not much of a priority on the agenda of President George W Bush. 

On Wednesday, July 20, the House of Representatives resolved that an early withdrawal from Iraq would "embolden terrorists", therefore any such notion must be scrapped. Written off as well by the House decision was the idea of a measurable timetable for any pullout. A withdrawal of the 160,000-strong US forces is only possible when national security goals are met, according to the measure. It also argued that such a move would "undermine the morale" of US and allied forces. 

Capitol Hill's elite, as ever detached, perhaps willingly, from national and international realities, are determined to disregard or diminish the untold losses suffered by the military, economy, and their country's reputation, not to mention the morale of the entire nation. According to a recently disclosed US Army report, triggered by an inquiry into the alarmingly high suicide rate among American soldiers in Iraq, morale among troops is at its lowest, as is the confidence in their units' ability to perform their mission. Fifty-four percent of soldiers rated their units' morale as low or very low, reported the Associated Press. 

This dwindling spirit and lack of confidence on the battlefield is met with increasing agitation with Bush's war, as more than half of the American population now believes that the war has made their country "less safe". The tiring argument that terrorists are attacking us because of our freedom and way of life is losing its constituents, and it is becoming clearer by the day that the price for such hollow rhetoric can no longer be swallowed. 

One must not subscribe to the illusion that the Iraq debacle is just a temporary nuisance that can be weathered by a few billion dollars and a few thousand lives; that questioning the Bush administration's actions is not only unpatriotic, but in fact it provides the enemy with a moral boost and fuels their insurgency; that the insurgents are a bunch of disgruntled Sunnis without a cause, randomly blowing up people because they despise democracy and the spreaders of democracy for marginalizing them, and so forth. Even the US administration finds it difficult to stick to such simplistic views. 

Speaking to reporters regarding the Pentagon's quarterly assessment on the situation in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld admitted, once gain, that the insurgents are "effective and adaptable". Coupled with Bush's remarks following the terrorist bombings in London that his "war on terror" is a long, long one, one can be assured that the morale of the army, much less the entire nation, is likely to deteriorate even more. 

Meanwhile, the news from Iraq, aside from the daily fighting and loss of life, predicts an equally grim future for the US military. A newly declassified Pentagon assessment disclosed, among many other alarming findings, that only three of the 107 Iraqi military battalions have achieved the needed standards to plan, execute and sustain independent counter-insurgency operations. In short, the Iraqi army will not be capable any time soon of controlling the anti-occupation forces that are gaining momentum throughout the country. It also means that the US military, which presently seems pushed to the limit, will have to face its antagonists, for the large part, alone. One must wonder if the 291 representatives in the House who voted against an early and scheduled withdrawal are aware of the bleakness of it all. 

Republican Congressman Tom Delay commented, "To establish such a deadline [for withdrawal], all but ensuring disaster, would be morally and strategically indefensible." 

But does Delay need reminding that a disaster in Iraq has already been ensured; that it is preposterous to speak of moral objectives after years of daily killing resulting in the deaths of at least 25,000 civilians; that his attitude, one that is defining American foreign policy as a whole, is what has in fact "emboldened terrorists"; that denial of the calamity that he and his colleagues brought upon their nation could only contribute to what is culminating into a new Vietnam and perhaps, strategically speaking, even worse? 

Alas, deceptive logic has once again prevailed and will continue until the American people and those who earnestly represent them take control of the present and the future of their country, salvaging its debased honor and tarnished reputation.

Ramzy Baroud is a veteran Arab-American journalist. A regular columnist in many English and Arabic publications, he is editor-in-chief of PalestineChronicle.com and program producer at Aljazeera Satellite Television.

He is also the editor of the anthology: "Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion."

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Older Comments:
I see that I have drawn the ire of those who do not agree with me. That is good and I appreciate that you have been kind enough to not attack my views personally. Please be assured that I am not condoning the use of the atomic bomb against Japan. I truly wish that there could have been another way of ending the war. Perhaps it is naive of me, even at 66 years of age, to still believe that had we invaded the mainland of Japan many more than the 400,000 innocents would have perished. Japan, after all, had not surrendered and it is the consensus of opinion, by those far more intelligent than me, that the Japanese were brave and/or fanatical enough to fight to the last man, woman or child.
As for my post being "humorous"; I assure you it was anything but. I see no humor in war. As for it not being a problem having to do forced labor; is it not one of the reasons you hate America so much that there was (and maybe still is) slavery here? As for being required to speak Japanese; it it not one of the reasons you hate America so much because we forced Native Americans into indian schools and severely punished them for speaking anything other than English?
Finally, I suggest that no TRUE Buddhist, Christian, Jew or Muslim will wage war since it is forbidden to kill another. The ten commandments were written not in so many words 500 years before Moses by the Buddha. If Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and jews were not being impersonated by scum, there would be no crusades, wars or killings.
I wish you peace.

Stephen, I would much rather be forced to hard labor and have no problem learnng Japanese and German (in fact I would welcome the opportunity), but I would not murder 300,000 innocent men, women and children in trying to avoid hard work, or learning languages, as that seems to be your main concern. Maybe that might have been good for us. Then we would have been a nation of hard working and intelligent people with a command of languages beyond "Ya'aall" , and not the fat, lazy, ignorant couch potatoes we are, drinking in all the propaganda from Fox News or our Smirking Chimp. Mostly we would not have the blood of 300,000 innocents on our hands to pass on to the next generation. Bhuddism you say? Ever been to Sri Lanka or Indonesia. There Bhuddists are happily chopping off Muslim heads.

Way to go Natasha! Yeah! You have shot the arrow right in the heart/"electronic cloud" of the criminals of out time.

I will go to Basra. I will go to Baghdad. I will go to Baquba and tell the truth about the AMericans as you have stated...Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Hi, Steve,don't allow passion overcome your reasoning, my friend. Your comment to Natasha is amusing as well as not founded. So, there was a Pearl Harbour for US. There were many other 'Pearl Harbours' for other nations too. No need to dramatize on this one, only because it happened to US. USSR won over the Nazi Germany, the US-UK were there to secure the rest of Europe to capitalism, rather than the prospect of having a Communist one. Therefore, the possibility of US speaking German is far-fetched, nay, belongs to the realm of puerile imagination. As about speaking Japanese? Read again Natasha's comment, we didn't need to do that. The war was won! Japan was exhausted and was searching for a way to capitulate in honour. I agree with your grivance on the US politics, which is so sad, a great nation lead by the most racist and selfish economic pirates in the history of man. Yeah, US encouraged individual expression, does she still holds up the freedoms of her citizens, or slowly and steadily she programs her subjects to the mentality of fear and helplessness that the great people of America will put their heads into the system's yoke willfully and benevelently. Thus the great men will become cattle banded together and herded where they didn't want to go. Beautiful! Guess, who will ever want to visit,let alone emmigrate to, US?
Steve, if the world would be Buddhist, there would be supremacy wars. Look at Sri Lanka, two so called 'peaceful religions' Hinduism and Buddhism are at each other's throat for the control of the country. One thing would work, a UN that would have humanity and justice for all and would be recognized by all and every country would be a member and the five would not have veto power but the majority would decide. Then Palestine would exist in sovereign borders and Israel would have never been allowed the massacres she commited. If she did she would be prosecuted in the international court for human rights violations. Justice must be blind.

This is in response to Natasha's comments: Natasha, have you ever heard of "The Rape of Nanching? Have you ever heard of "Pearl Harbor"? Were it not for the blood of Americans. et al, you may very well not have been born and, if you were, you may very well be forced to speak Japanese or German after you worked 18 hours a day for nothing! Admittedly, America has had many and continues to have many serious problems, including the idiotic, lying, Bush administration and the Christian Right, but we're working on correcting America's misgivings. A majority of Americans accept the right of people to worship in whatever faith they choose. However, do Christians, Muslims, or Jews grant each other that right? No. They kill each other in the name of false goodness that a loving God would abhor. Perhaps people should investigate Buddhism. This is not a religion, but simply a way of life and it accepts believers and nonbelievers alike. It is said that if humanity turned to Buddhism, there could be no wars. Think about it, please.

Americ is built on death, destruction, torture and slavery. First it was the Indians, then the Africans and now any one of colour, particularly if you are a Muslim. Has every one forgotten what the Americans did to the Japenese. The Americans still sing their brain washed songs about how the bombs ended teh war quickly and saved lives. What utter rot as nothing could be farther from the truth. In today's article by Diominick Jenkins of the Guardian he writes:

"The idea that it was militarily necessary to drop the atomic bomb in 1945 is now discredited. The first exhaustive examination of Japanese, Soviet and US archives, by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, confirms the argument that Truman went ahead in order to get Japan to end the war quickly before the Soviet Union came into the Pacific war and demanded a say in Asia.

The use of atomic weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not provide the US with the free hand it had wanted and has proved disastrous for the world."

This confirms that not only did Truman's actions constitute a crime against humanity but for Americans and others who persist in repeating that same old mantra that the bomb saved lives by ending the war, only perpetuates that lies and ignorance. currently the new american mantra to justify their same wretched murderous policy is "Democracy for all". When a nation refuses to learn from its historical mistakes then that nation does not deserve to exist. To the world the US is an extremely dangerous parasitic country. Every country in the world would be well advised to be wary of them. Look closer at their "star spangled banner" and you will see the Skull and Bones of Davy Crockett. And the best religion that represents their bloody and murderous creed is a cross up side down.

From all the photographs of different wars that I have seen since I was 11, there is one common theme, some poor wretch screaming in agony, utter misery and hopelessness on the faces of people carrying the corpses of their dead, many children and babies, bloody corpses of civilians, masses of slaughtered humans in pools of blood and always, Americans, Australians, Russian or British soldiers making victory signs with their fingers, taking group pictures with those they slaughtered, with their skulls or other body parts. Joining the ranks of these efficient cold blooded killers are now the Serbs, Croats, Rawandans and Israelis. I really have no faith in the human race any more. Particularly when the citizens of these nations fully endorse the carnage committed by their leaders and their soldiers. I think every sensible nation should arm itself. Because it would be pure foolishness to assume that either the US, UK, Russia or Israel is their friend. I am glad Iran is not backing down on its plans and in fact every Muslim country should follow suit. The only way for Muslims and their countries to survive is to stop being on the defensive and understand that the best defense is offense.