Tancredo: `Stupid, Brazen and Uncivilized`

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By even suggesting that Mecca could be bombed in retaliation for a terrorist attack, Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has made the world a more dangerous place. He is not alone, of course. Ironically, the Congressman has plenty of company among those who, either because of the evil they do or the stupid things they say, have endangered us all.

Now before I am attacked for establishing a moral equivalence between terrorist bombers and unthinking macho politicos, let me be clear: I know the difference. The sick malevolence that led to 9/11 (US), 7/7 (UK), and 7/23 (Egypt) is dramatically and immediately more evil than the lies that led the US and UK into Iraq or the hate-filled incitement practiced by religious extremists of all stripes. Right thinking innocents can reject and counter the latter, while we are all potential victims of the former. 

At the same time, however, it would be wrong to ignore the ways the "evil doers" and the "stupid sayers" feed off of each other. They both prey on fear and anger and contribute to exacerbating the fear and anger that exists on both sides of the ever widening divide. Both the "doers" and "sayers" operate with absolute certainty and a sense of moral superiority. And both commit their deeds and utter their threats convinced not only of their righteousness, but impervious to the damage they do. 

Look at Tancredo's comments. 

During a radio interview, the Congressman was asked what the US's response should be if our cities were targets of a terrorist attack. He replied, "Well, what if you said something like, 'If this happens in the United States, and we determine it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their Holy Sites.'" "You're talking about bombing Mecca," clarified the host. "Yeah," Tancredo affirmed. 

I had the opportunity to debate Tancredo on CNN last week and was struck not only by his insistence that his remarks made America safer-presumably because he felt "terrorists" now knew we meant business-but also because of his inability to understand the damage that his remarks had done to our country. 

He is after all, a Congressman and his words matter. When I reminded him that his words had reverberated all over the world, he seemed pleased. When I observed that the State Department had issued a strong rebuke (The State Department spokesperson said: "Such remarks...are insulting and offensive to us all. Speaking on behalf of the United States Government, let me say that we respect Islam as a religion, we respect its holy sites..."), he insulted and dismissed the State Department. And when I noted that there was no logic, no proportionality, and no moral justification for threatening to bomb the holiest city of over one billion Muslims, he rejected this as "political correctness."

Like demagogues everywhere, Tancredo is performing. He is in search of a constituency and will spare no effort to find one. He is, after all, running for President (having made more visits to New Hampshire and Iowa than any other 2008 aspirant), and like other right-wing nativist zealots before him, he is playing to an angry and fearful base that wants a "strong and decisive leader" to defend "us" against "them."

Having done enough radio talk-shows on this issue and after reviewing a few of the e-mails I received after our CNN encounter, I know that there is a small hard-core constituency out there that wants that kind of champion.

What I also know from the vast majority of the e-mails I received and from the public criticism Tancredo has received from other elected officials and the press, is that should he run for high office, he will fail, as have other demagogues before him.

Where, then, is the danger? Certainly not in the sense that anyone responsible for US policy would take Tancredo seriously. Rather it is that his words, coming as they do from a Congressman, do reverberate throughout the Arab and Muslim world and only serve to fuel fear and anger at America. Far from serving as the deterrent he intended, Tancredo's threats will only play into the hands of extremists and encourage anti-American violence.

That is why I write. To make it clear that Tancredo's brand of "America" is not, at all, American. His comments are the bluster of a weak and unthinking buffoon. 

Ironically, Tancredo said it best a week earlier when he condemned a similar threat from a Chinese general. In response to Major General Zhu Chenghu's threat to use nuclear weapons against the US should China be threatened, Tancredo responded, "For a senior government official to exhibit such tremendous stupidity by making such a brazen threat is hardly characteristic of a modern nation..."

"Stupid, brazen, and uncivilized." That may be the smartest thing the Congressman ever said.

Dr. James J. Zogby is the President of Arab American Institute and can be reached at [email protected]

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Government And Politics, United States Of America
Views: 6412

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Older Comments:
TO KHADIJA : You did not confused Murtaza Ali and Abu Baker, you scared them to death with you post :)

In reference to Murtaza Ali/33060 & Abu Baker/33073 earlier this week....how much were you paid or promised to say this?? ..? If you are really Muslim, a true believer, you'd know that the power of Allah is greater than all Muslims, tanks, amunition, & people on this whole universe/world. Even though what's going on in Iraq & other Muslim countries is very sad & outrageous, this & anything else doesn't compare to the sacredness of Mecca. It wouldn't matter if a trillion Muslims were out there ready to fight & give their lives to protect Mecca, MECCA IS PROTECTED BY ALLAH!!! He is the ONE AND ONLY CREATOR & He can destroy the whole world He created with just the snap of His finger if He Wills it. Everything happens for a reason by the Will of His Greatness and Allah will guide the believers as to what needs to be done should anyone/anything wants to even DARE destroy Mecca.

Any Muslim knows that so apparently you're either not Muslim or very stupid to think that what Allah has created (all mankind) can destroy Allah's sacred home. And, if you're Muslim, then it seems you're only so by name & haven't studied enough or done your homework. Any Muslim knows (& even non Muslims who believe in the oneness of God) that Allah/God is our Creator & to Him we shall return. I pity you; you need to go hide somewhere. But no matter where that is, no one will escape Allah's Wrath if an attempt is made to destroy Mecca. Now that's what you should fear...ALLAH'S WRATH!!



Tancredo is nothing but a one issue congressman obsessed with immigraion. His comments are nothing but a frusrated terrorist's anger at the US losing war in Iraq. As for "Abu Bakar" and other right wing AmeriNazis justifying terrorist attacks....I've got news for you..be careful what you wish for. As I recall crusaders historically didnt do too well...inshallah history will repeat itself as the american empire is sent to the waste basket of history.

Ahmed Asgher, Iran is not standing up against US, but ready to lick US and looking for opportunities. The only reason they are not doing it so because the Khumainies still control the army, and if they side with US that will bring the end of Khumainies. But the vast majority ready to do anything to please US.

Iran did nothing good for its own people let along Islam or for Ummah.

The only force which is truly against enemies of Islam are the brothers of Alha Sunnah Wal Jama. Basically from Al Hijaz and those spread around the world and involve in Dawah.

Secondly the story of Kaaba you mention was before Islam, we now have the Quran and Sunnah with us, the religion off Allah is complete and its ultimate, we don't need to wait for miracles to protect Kaaba (if it ever being attacked), Inshallah we are enough (with the help of Allah) to protect Mecca and destroy any mighty coming to attack Mecca.

As most of the policticians are thug, Tom Tancredo is one of "white trash christian thug."

Being a congressman in US or somewhere is not important. Great personality of a man does count and valued.

Brother Hudd, your attack against Murtaza is unfair. There is nowhere he mentioned shia or sunni in his post. So why do you jump into conclusion and bring this subject up? It is true that ALL muslim countries are helpless against the US/Zionists/Europe axis of evil. This is a fact undeniable. The best, or should I say the worst, is a bunch of unorganised crazy lunatics running free and killing civilians in the process, icluding their own bretheren and giving us all a bad name. If we look at which muslim country actually stands up against the might of America, we can only see Iran and that is a fact too. All the others are in the Western pockets one way or another. What Muslims need to do is have a joint military power, mighty as ordered by Quran. Our disunity has indeed made us an easy target and Allah has warned us not to let go this rope of unity. The consequences of not heeding this warning is aparent when one looks at muslim communities worldwide.
As for tancredo he should join KKK since all Bushites belong to that camp anyway. They are expert in using rehtorics. It is a Zionist trait.

steve said,"Congressman Tancredo suggested the possibility of bombing Mecca in the event of a NUCLEAR attack on SEVERAL US cities by radical Islamic terrorists. Your article doesn't mention these pertinent details."

My question would be, does any act of murder from the side of the terrorists legitimate an attack on the holiest place of Islam? It is like UK would have bombed Rome as a form of retaliation for the terroristic assaults of IRA. Strange philosophy you've got up there, steve, I hardly can imagine a mind so detached of reality. The US agression of ME brought about a new breed of international suicide bombers, before it was reserved to Palestine alone, as for now US has some close to a 100 million enamies in the region. By bombing Mecca, US would transform the 1.2 billion Muslims abroad and on homeland into vowed avengers and one of the deadliest enemies there ever were on the face of this planet. I'm not afraid, not even concern of a possibility of US bombing Mecca. If Bush and Tancredo have manure for brains, too much time spent on the ranch I suppose, I'm really doubtful about a green light coming from the congress for this operation. If it would, it would mean that I overestimated the mental capabilities of other than Bushites US politicians. But mind you, steve, Islam like any other creed cannot be destroyed by force. How many times the Temple of God in Jerusalem was utterly destroyed? Could Judaism be destroyed? Even with the great genocidal efforts from Hitler, Judaism survived and prospered. But the arrogant will never learn, he being an ignorant wanted to emancipate. How pathetic! My message to Tancredo would be, 'talk is cheap, let me see you actually do it, God willing'. Everything is the will of God. If God wants to unite us Muslims by means of a catastrophe then He would facilitate to the US to bomb Mecca, as a test for you and us. I can foresee it as the Armagedon you so hardly want to bring about. I wonder, you have a death wish,or what?

Thank you for showing whomever heard or read this article how stupied that congerssman is.

I would add that he can try if he could, some more powerful than him thought about doing the same, and what happened. Maccoa the house of God still standing up.


Inshallah, with the help of Allah the all mighty, Muslims will be enough to destroy any evil force gathering to attack Mecca, I know we still have miles to go, but Alhumdulillah, I am more optimistic about the power of Ummah after 9/11 (working as one body) then the last few (ignorant and dark) decades and that what the enemy is worry about, about the emergence of Islam in new generation, because they were thinking as the time pass Islam will also diminish like Christianity. But hey, Islam is here to stay ...

STEVE said:
Congressman Tancredo suggested the possibility of bombing Mecca in the event of a NUCLEAR attack on SEVERAL US cities by radical Islamic terrorists. Your article doesn't mention these pertinent details.
This, of course, would be a nightmare scenario.

I find it just amazing what American soldiers are willing to die for - 'Democracy in Iraq'. If they can die for something so totally unrelated to their lives as this "US Sponsored Devine Democracy for the World" they must be really neurotic people easily beguiled by some idiotic token banner. What will they be willing to die for next, Cold Beer in Iraq? Hmm maybe that can be debated. Whether the excuse for such foolhardiness is this pseudo-ideology or whether its some goof brained conviction that its for US's national security, either way such an attitude can be expected of drunks or people on drugs, but not reasoning rational people. So to conclude that most Americans are neurotic, infantile, ignorant, belligerent and mentally and socially dysfunctional people would be a pretty fair assessment. These people are to be pitied.

Many Muslims around the globe(including the USA, of course) have been imprisoned, found "guilty" of being terrorists for making statements not as violent in its possibilities as this Congressman's comment.

Nobody has brought up this issue against Congressman, Tom Tancredo. Does the law in the USA give a Congressman immunity from the Patriot Act and other USA laws in the books? The only statement that I have heard in response is that Muslims have asked for an apology from this U.S. citizen. An apology? Come on! Does the world fully comprehend the consequence of such an act, if someone did what this Congressman is advocating? This is an irresponsible and bizzare statement. And, why have members of the House not spoken up against this American citizen? Why the silence? Why such blatant double standards in the World of Global Justice?


Tom Tancredo: curse upon you from Allah!
Tom Tancredo: curse upon you from All Angles of Allah!
Tom Tancredo: curse upon you from All Muslims of The World!
You brazen ! you are 'talking about bombing on Mecca' ! ! ! you are not threating to Muslim,But you have threaten to Allah, Becaouse Mecca is His (Allah's) home. and He
can well save His Home.Muslims have nothing to do with It. Before you ,this kind of Stupid
thing had happend and what did He do with them ? Do you brezen Know????

See The Holy Quran
[105-1] Have you (O Muhammad (peace be upon him)) not seen how your Lord dealt with the owners of the Elephant? (The elephant army which came from Yemen under the command of Abrahah Al-Ashram intending to destroy the Ka'bah at Makkah)
[105-2] Did He not make their plot go astray?
[105-3] And He sent against them birds, in flocks,
[105-4] Striking them with stones of Sijjl (baked clay).
[105-5] And He made them like (an empty field of) stalks (of which the corn has been eaten up by cattle).
If you are so ironically, then hurry up , donot waist time, and attack on Mecca, and Lets see
what happens with you nonbeleivers in this world.



Bomb Muslim Holy sites?!

Let me think of a scenario. Man, the after math of such an act will be 100 times greater than the Amageddon being anticipated by some lunatics. Cos we are talking about thousands of so called suicide bombers, that hide themselves under some funny looking masks. That day almost all the muslims, and I mean what I say (millions) will turn into a suicide not bombers this time, but 'crazy' bombers. Man I have run short of words to describe what will happen.

But I hope this tomcredo, or whatever he calls himself, swallow his statement and begin to think straight. And if he has any sympathisers let them also reverse their mad thoughts.. Man, is this guy crazy or is he..

I advise Tancredo to take back his word.
Tancredo please learn from past happennings.
Think about the birds sent with stones on to the people of 'FEEL'.They were destroyed by a storm of stones.
Allah's power has not decreased.Allah is most powerful even then and now.

To Brother Hudd,

I too hate this rift between the Sunni and Shia brothers. I also want to see a united Islam. I dream of a day when the most powerful, properous and peaceful nations in the world will be Islamic nations.

If a man gets food to eat, clean water to drink and clothes to wear than he will think about religion, being a Sunni or Shia lies further away. Just be a good human being and do good deeds.

I want to see peace in this world especially in the Islamic world. Insha-Allah

Well Written!!. But Islamiccity, could you, all visitors (fans of Islamiccity), do us a BIG favour and write and article (the history) of how the Ka`ba was protected by ALLAH when Abraha tried to attack it. Because this importantly relates to the article written by zogby and it (The history of AAMUL FIIL) will teach the non-muslims a very important history that there was a time when people like `Tom Tancredo` attempted to distroy the Ka`ba, but instead they were distroyed by ALLAH. I will be very grateful If you could please write something about that History of the Elephant. I am waiting for your generous acceptance.

This news sheds a clear light on the character and mindset of not just the congressman Tom "Sans"-Credo, but Bush and the American people as not just ignorant and selfish, but very dangerous people who pose a major threat to international security and peace. If a nation can use the nuclear option to wipe out 800,000 people in a matter of hours as in Japan and God knows how many countless more with the use of mini-nukes in Afghanistan and Iraq, not even mentioning Napalm, mustard gas, agent orange and numerous biological weapons dumped on the Vietnamese, and yet laugh, hoot and swagger about their "bravery" they may have convinced themselves of their righteousness through their idiotic Hollywood feel good movies, but they don't fool the world who see them for the evil beasts they are and who must be stopped at all costs.

I agree with the article about the comments made by the congressman and their effect on the world.
The only thing Muslims can do to end their terrible situation in the Middle East and Sub-Continent is to unite. As long as they are divided, they will be used and abused by their dictators, corrupt kings, and the likes of the USA and Europe. Since the Ummah fell apart politically, the Muslims have been walked and spat upon by the rest of humanity. Maybe we even deserve the treatment we get, because we know what is right and what is wrong and we don't act to change anything. We as Muslims have the Quran and the Sunnah and yet we sit on our rear ends as though we were the most ignorant fools on the face of the planet.

Come on Murtaza Ali, what are you trying to suggest, Iran was the single Muslim country that could challenge US? Your Shiism hits through your pores, man, how long are you still going to bear rancour against the Sunnis? Islamophobia is directed against Islam as a whole, in the end, if it came to it, US would not differenciate between Sunni and Shia. They would nuke them both. They just use the rift to create more strife and division between Muslims and you brother fell for it. I personally can't understand what the hell is your quarel with the Sunnis? Whatever happened it's over 1000 years old, how dogged fanatics can you Shia be?! What do I care who killed whom 1000 years ago? All I care is for my time and the ones killed today. As for my religious convictions, I do not follow any particular madhab, which again I consider a division. Rather I dip from all five, Hanafi, Malaki, Hanbali, Sha'afi and Ethna-asharah, follow that which is common and avoid that which is particular. But this is what Hasan al-Banna promoted as a revolutionary turn in a stagnant and refractory Islam. He awoke in Muslims the notion that we all, regardless of our differences are brothers. As such, we have a family duty toward every Muslim in this world. We cannot achieve a state of brotherhood by keeping to our sectarian/madhab dogmas and marginalize our brothers that follow differently! All I can say is what Ayatollah Khomeini reiterated over and over again: "O, Muslims, unite, unite!

I will say one thing. This fellow Bush has, without any doubt, been the most dirty, ignorant, insulting, murderous, scheming, conniving, cruel, lieing, shameless, arrogant, creepy, dumb and haughty president in American history. And hey, he claims to be Christian.

This article highlights the thinking and attitudes of the leaders of this great "civilized" nation. It is not far from percieving such an attack, and the comment listed before points out a few things...but one in particular, what can the muslims do if an attack were to take place? There are no Islamic nations in Africa and Asia that would be able to retaliate, but understand, that such an attack would upset the balance of power throughout the world, there are muslims on every continent, in just about every country, not to mention those that if Allah wills would flock to dean by the thousands or millions if such an attack were to take place, can something like this happen, absolutely, but the consequences for such an attack are enormous, as it would be a direct attack on Islam, not countries where its inhabitants are muslim, but their leadership and governments are socialist or capitialistic.

Oh Muslim brothers out there please leave the West alone. We are no match for them. Do you want them in their fury to decimate Mecca and Medina? There are even frightening talks that they are now considering manufacturing swine bullets and swine bombs encapsulating the devil's blood. Oh please stop all these nonsense. Let's us jihad in advancing our standard of living. Our dream is to be in paradise with Allah (PBUH). We can't afford to be defiled because of some jerks' actions. To the West, I say please be patient. These are but fanatics.

Dr. Zogby is an excellent thinker. I would endorse every word he wrote in his article. But it does not take a lot of thinking and analysis to find out who this individual called Tom Tancredo, who happens to be a US congressman, is trying to please. No doubt his words would sound like celestial music to the ears of the mighty Israeli lobby at the American congress; or would taste like the best of honey to the palate of the wealthy Jewish donors. I can't believe that this guy, Tom Tancredo, really belives in the stupidity that he expelled from his mouth. I think he's just trying to please the Jews so he can guarantee his name as one of the recipients of the Jewish donations.

Okay, tommorrow if they bomb Mecca, what can the Muslims do ? What did they do when they attacked Iraq, which is still pouring forth blood like an unattended wound. What are they doing when kids in Iraq are seeing their parents being bombed. When parents see their innocent kids dying. What will they do ? When Muslims are killing Muslims.

Say for example they attack Mecca, who will come for help. The maximum they can do is become suicide bombers and kill innocent civilians who are not at all responsible for anything.

The Mullahs will scream on top of their voices from minarets. Thugs like Osama will collect some more of their kind. That's what the Muslims can do, nothing else. Basically they have become cowards, but not only cowards senseless and stupid cowards.

It is better that Muslims don't even think about what they will do if someone attacks Mecca, because they are incapacitate in every respect. Saudi Arabia is a puppet of the USA. Turkey continuosly being spat by the EU , but still begging. What will Syria, Lebannon, Jordon do, they themselves are in trouble. Pakistan a totally corrupt country. Afghanistan, God knows how many years it will take to restore this country. I can see only one country fighting by itself and that is Iran. So this is the state of Muslim countries today, guess who will come to to help if they attack Mecca.