Demolition of Islam's Historical Sites

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Supported by Princes and top government officials Saudi Arabia's real estate developers are considering the demolition of some of Islam's historic sites in Mecca, possibly including the home of Prophet Mohammed .

The 1,400-year-old buildings from the early Islamic period are at risk for being demolished to make way for high-rise towers for Muslims flocking to perform the annual pilgrimage to Islam's holiest city.

As said by a historian in Makkah "Its layers of history are being bulldozed for a parking lot". 

Over the past 50 years at least 300 historical buildings have been leveled in Mecca and Medina.

A number of Islamic landmarks have been destroyed since Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932. A 1994 edict by the kingdom's senior council of religious scholars, ruled that preserving historical buildings might lead to polytheism. 

This edict is conveniently being used by real estate developers to expand their projects. The real estate firms say that their projects are in response to a massive demand for new accommodation to house up to 20 million pilgrims expected to visit Makkah and Media annually over the coming years as authorities relax entry restrictions for pilgrims. 

Developers are spending around 50 billion riyals ($13 billion) on projects in the city. 

One of the most elaborate project is the 10 billion riyal Jabal Omar scheme. Covering a 230,000 square yard area adjacent to the Grand Mosque, the seven-year project consists of several towers containing hotels, apartments, shops and restaurants. 

These developments will dwarf Mecca's Grand Mosque and are a sign of crass commercialization. 

Makkah is a religious city and a sanctuary for millions who visit it every year to attain peace and atonement. The Saudi government has allowed unbridled commercialization of the house of God to please the commercial sector that has close ties with the royal family. The royal family has several high-rise palaces in Makkah and Medina that standout as symbols of extravagance, that are in stark contrast to the principals of austerity taught by Islam and shown by the example by Prophet Muhammad

Saudi monarchy has developed a strong alliance with the religious hierarchy of Saudi Arabia. The religious leadership does not speak on matters pertaining to justice and fairness, two of the most important fundamentals of Islam, while the monarchy does not interfere in the affairs of religious hierarchy. The religious hierarchy has rarely challenged the Saudi royal family on matters pertaining to the demolition of historical sites of Islam. On the contrary they have provoked the authorities to demolish them thus creating a haven of commercial benefits for people closer to the royal family. Saudi Arabia's rulers have often ignored the fact that the religious sites do not belong to them. They are for Muslims all over the world. The Saudi government needs to be challenged on this issue. Perhaps Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC) should launch an official protest with Saudi Arabia and involve the UN that is so keen to preserve historical sites all around the world.

Muslims all over the world have kept quiet for almost eight decades watching the Saudi government demolish historical sites under various pretexts. It is time that we speak against such a practice and inform the authorities that they need to preserve the history Islam.

You can contact the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC or the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission and ask them to preserve Islam's historical sites.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is the editor of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada and director of the Muslim Electorates Council of America (MECA).

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society, Middle East
  Topics: Islam, Makkah (Mecca)
Views: 20397

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Older Comments:
May Allah,the Al-Mighty bless you for this very important article.The lust for amassing,gold and money and political power by the over 4500 princes of the ruling al-Saud family is boundless.Disfiguring of the Holy sites of around the Grand Mosque is indeed very much a Satanic action and to seek any religious justification for it is simply criminal.It is also a clear Sign of the Hour and all honest and believing Muslims have a moral and Islamic duty to protest and pray for the speedy down fall of the ruling clan and preservation of the sanctity of the Holy city.

May Allah show us right path. I would like to condemn the saudi govt. act to demolish the holy historical places for commercial reasons. They are not owners of this holy places. They must be replled back to Najad from they belong and it was not a part of Jazeera-e-Arab.

Saudi Authority can move the historical building to a save distance without hurt the the building. My company is involved to move a narrow historical bridge to a distance about one mile in Media, Pennsylvania, USA.

Due to being over-awed by the Western philosophy and its peculiar mode of approach to life, Muslims sometimes adopt all their aspects of learning, as essential. This includes the field of preservation of old buildings and artefacts for study of history by future generations, which is certainly desirable but not an essential field of learning.At first, Muslims are chastised to break out of their shackled, closed, mentality of 1400 yrs and adapt to the needs of time , both intellectually and emotionally ! But, When they do break out of the status quo and and try to adapt to the purely physical and social needs ( to cater to an astounding 4 million people who want to be as near to the House of God in the weeks they are there ) , they are accused of not sticking to the old and shackled mentality of the western mind, which insists on giving preference to the study of inanimate objects rather than the social needs of a live ,vibrating needs of an ever increasing Muslim Ummah! The old house of the Prophet in Makkah, was not even preferred by him and he chose to be in Madina ! I don't think he would have objected to his house being demolished or to the demolition of his Sahaba's house, so that people of his Ummah would be accomodated to visit the house of Allah with ease. The house was there since the last 1400 yrs, but now it is just not feasible to keep it.You choose something essential , over something desirable !Let's turn back to the study of the philosophies of past Islamic scholars, for guidance on the study of social sciences. They could be right as well ! I would have preferred the old city to be left untouched, but after seeing the unimaginable sea of humanity moving with their eyes fixed on the House of God, rather than on the house of His Prophet, I can understand the difficult decision which the Saudis took for social reasons.What I cannot understand is the destruction of the Iraqi Museum and a part of Islamic history, for a very unsocial reason !

Muslims have become so complacent and out of touch with reality. How is it that preserving the house of our beloved prophet(as) is being treated with such simplicity and complacency. These buildings are part and parcel of our ancient civilization. If we do not have the capacity to understand how important these buildings are then maybe the UN can help us.

I am disheartened how ignorant the muslims have become. No wonder why the world is finding hard to understand us. We have forgotten how to be a human race and forgot the simple things of what civilization is about.

Year by year we are demolishing our civilization little by little such that our future youth will have nothing to fall back on.

I guess it is time for conscious muslim educated people to rise up to their responsibilities and voluntarily help lead the muslim communities out of ignorance.

i know i am very opinionated at times and if i have offended anyone, i ask for forgiveness. however, islam is not a religion of frivolity. to be a true muslim carries immense responsibility both inwardly and outwardly. al-amru bil maroof wa nahiyu an almunkar demands action from a muslim. i am not against anyone who is a wahabi or any other faith. it would be unfair to paint all with the same tar brush. criticism is levelled at those in power who waste public money for personal gain. such an act is absolutely against all godly justice no matter what religion we profess. money earned for personal consumption must come from honest toil and even then it must be cleansed by tithing. i don't need to preach to any muslim about such. right is clearly ditinguished from wrong and following/protecting any leader who does such surely does not please God,but often we are put in situations where silence is better than causing harm to ourselves or others. i accept that, yet i would have thought we have progressed beyond fear. may Allah lead us all to His way, including our leaders for where there is life there is hope and tawbah invites Allah's blessings.

Who cares about old building? All of them will turn to dust, while we will rise again to face our maker's judgements. So if it helps pilgrims I say go for it. Nothing in this world will last and if we can do something to elevate and help the Muslims I say do it; the dead old buildings won't help anyone and one so I say go for it. If it is just for extravagance to make a quick buck, that's a different story.

The term "Wah'abism": I have never heard anyone label himself as "Wahabi". They call them selves Salafs or Ahal Al Sunnah wa Aljama or something along that line. Never a Wahabi.

Muslim Ummah definately needs to get together against what Saudi Government is doing.

Brother Ahmed Asgher, I said they are not perfect, I know they invited the Americans and I also know a group among them already make Americans get out of there atleast physically.

You talk about the oil wealth, well brother Saudi not alone, almost all the ail exporters are Muslims, before 80's Iran and Iraq was the major producers, where is there wealth ? spend in wars in killings, did they ever did anything for poor Muslims, the Saudies are not that bad, thats what I said they are best among present generation,

Or they are best among worst.

So, singling out somone for the problem which so general is not fair and dosent really show the reality.

I know in my home country millions of Muslims get benifited from money from middle east. Work, Eductaion for childerns, new Collages for Muslims and so on... beside refreshing the Islam, If other like Iran, Iraq and libya if they all contribute atleast little towards Ummah, that would make a notable change.

Syed Haroon - I'm sure you can't wait until you are rewarded for your unrelenting support for the house of saud...don't worry, your golden toilet seat is on its way so that you can answer the call of nature in style.

Here is a list people's graves disrespected at the graveyard of jannat al-baqi by the Wahhabi state:

The grave of the prophet's daughter, Syeda Fatima as-Zahra (as)
The son of Rasool-Allah, Ibrahim (as)
Hazrat Syedeena Imam Hassan (as)
Syedeena Imam Zayn al-Abideen (as)
Syedeena Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)
Syedeena Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (as)

All of Rasool-Allah's (sawaws) wives except:
-Syeda Khadija (as)
-Lady Maymounah (ra)
-Numerous Uncles and Aunts of Rasool-Allahh (sawaws)
-Close to ten-thousand of Rasool-Allah's (sawaws) companions

If one looks at the graveyard of Jannat al-Baqi where all these people are buried, it will be found to be like a town that was razed up to the ground, and nothing but little stones and pieces of broken rubble and cement are seen. It looks as if an earthquake went through jannat al-baqi and all that remains are broken pieces of junk left there, signifying clear disrespect and displeasure with the graves of some of the best people ever to walk on this Earth. Who would have the nerve to do such a thing? And what an excuse people stop shirk? Please that is such a childish and lame excuse, if you want to stop shirk, stop worshipping your egos, and show respect to those of hte past who were entrusted with Allah's message, and entrusted with the blessing of being closer to Rasool-Allah (sawaws) than anyone else. That is the only way to worship Allah properly without shirk.

If one muslim person accuses another of shirk, and that person is wrong, Allah subhanahu wa ta 'ala will make the punishment of shirk upon the accuser on the day of reckoning. Be careful who you accuse of things, just b/c you want to protect your political affiliations.


sayed haroon writes: "they take the pain in building the country and in removing all unIslamic activities from the land" -
what about gving the defense control to the Americans? didn't Allah warn us of not taking the disbelievers as our protectors? what about ivnesting all that wealth in western economies instead of fueling isalmic economies? brother remember Allah tests not only by taking away but also by giving and wealth alone is not the sign of pleasure from Allah. often it is a curse if we do not look after such wealth, give thanks and share it with the needy. back to my question: take a close look at our plight internationally. Are you happy with it despit the gizillion dollars over the last 100 years. what has the average muslim have to show for it? we are not only materially disadvantages but also politically allienated people. we immigrate to far away lands in order to escape persecution at home. all our countries are run by self-appointed rulers with police states and intolerance for criticism. they do what they like and whoever likes them is given protection. the rest are slaves. otherwise how come a little state like israel can drive away inhabitants of an arab land with such impunity? iraq is the same, next is syria whilst they are beating lebanon into submission. so what is this oil wealth done for us? sure a little here, a little there. is like change for these guys when you consider the billions across the decades that have come into their bank accounts. where is the money? where is accountability? sure for the the poor is happy with crums off the table.

Well, the so called "WAHABIES" are hot product in today's world, the term invented by the Baralveys and Shias, at that time their propaganda was the that the Wahabies working for Americans to destroy Islam, Now the Russians blame them for Jihad in Chechnya, Americans want to punish them with their war to terror and now UK and all other Muslim regimes.

Well if they were working for west how the west become their enemy ?

Wake up Muslims (specially the south Asians), you blame them for the end of Khilafah, there use to be four different Imams (one for each Madhab) in Mecca, and the plimigrams use to pray behind their own Imams, so the Ummah was divided so much that even in Kabba they were four different Jama for the same pray ? Is that what we want in Khilafah ?

Allah will remove a Khilafah, if they go deviant.

After India got Independence, one of the Indian leader Sardar Valla Bhai Patel, was visiting Hyderabad, at that time he promised to bring out the Muslim women from home to sweep the roads in the city, they did work on their plans, and Muslims had hard time to find work (even now in government jobs), But Allah plan something else, he open the doors of Middle East, and thanks to that, we are not only financially sound but refreshed our Iman and Akhedah. Number of Mosques and Islamic schools are build in the city from the money come from Saudi and middle east.

Is there any other so called Muslims country beside Saudi employ as many Muslims from India, Iran is number two in oil production, Iraq was use to be the richest country in the middle east ?


I am an architect working in Malaysia.Being in rapidly developing country myself,i understand the pressure for changes.Our Putrajaya (new adminstrative capital)is an approriate mega project because it's built on oil palm plantations with not much history away from the city centre.

Makkah is the spiritual pulse of the islamic world with a long and deep layering of history.Descretion of part of this layers is akin to vandalism of the islamic culture in the name of what?Crass commercialization?

I plead the Govt of Saudi Arabia,Royal family & ruling religious body learn from the mistakes of western planning of the 20th century.Especially those which alienate people.Architecture is about values,not simply to "house" foreign pilgrims.It part of islamic Ad-deen.

You're doing it all over again.Mega projects has its place.But not by sacrificing these structures.Greed and apathy can blind the powers that be.We are all answerable to Allah."Syrik" is a poor and unintelligent excuse.

Let us show the world,islam has the solution,physically and spiritually.Destroying these architectural jewels is not one of them.

abdul razzak. you contradict yourself. you say house of saud is corrupt and does not follow islam but support da'awa. this is normally called politics. that is to support something you do not believe in but do so for personal gain. then you give their support for afghansitan and palestine as a pious example. let us take a close look at afghanistan and palestine. both countries are poverty stricken and occupied. i have not seen al-saud openly hammer the un for a just deal for either country. and they way it looks both counties have little prospect of any independance any time soon. so much for saudi help! the billiuon they have been spending on themselves and their western stooges should have been spent on the ummah. instead they pump the cash into western economies. sure Allah gives wealth to whom He wants, but rest assured He also tests you and if you do not respect His bounty, you are doomed to destruction. Such is indeed His law, and by the way He does not play politics.

Assalamu Alaikkum

This kind of distrction will not be the benefit to the Muslim Umma / Islam. Enemies of Islam will be happy as their work become easy . The culutural and historical evidence should be treated with high respect and it should bot be demolished or to converted for any devolopment (?)

Many chains of transmission: `Utban ibn Malik was one of the Companions of the battle of Badr. After he became blind he said to the Prophet : "I would like you to pray in my house so that I can pray where you prayed." The Prophet went to his house and asked where exactly he would like him to pray. He indicated a spot to him and the Prophet prayed there. Bukhari and Muslim. The version in Muslim has: I (`Utban) sent for the Prophet the message: "Come and lay for me a place for worship [khutta li masjidan]." Imam Nawawi in Sharh Sahih Muslim said: "It means: "Mark for me a spot that I can take as a place for worship by obtaining blessing from your having been there [mutabarrikan bi aathaarika]... In this hadith is evidence for protecting he house of Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon Him) and praying there as a Sunnah of the Sahaba.

Any one who disagrees has goes against Islam.

The Jews tried to steal the Pure body of Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon Him) during the reign of Caliph Harun Al Rashid. They failed. Now they are using their Wahabbi agents to do that step by step. The Wahabbis have presviously also tried to damage Masjid an Nabawi as well as Burnt the Gilaaf of Kaa'ba and promoted blood shed in Hijaz.
This is the proof of their association with JEWs.
And iff anyoen may ask , why I say like this, its obvious, they were empowered by Christian of Europe against the Muslim Caliphate.

They will do everything to destroy the culture and heritage of Muslims because they bear the hatred of Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon Him)

Here is what the Wahabbis are from Hadith :
Narrated 'Uqba bin 'Amir: One day the Prophet went out and offered the funeral prayers of the martyrs of Uhud and then went up the pulpit and said, "I will pave the way for you as your predecessor and will be a witness on you. By Allah! I see my Fount (Kauthar) just now and I have been given the keys of all the treasures of the earth (or the keys of the earth). By Allah! I am not afraid that you will worship others along with Allah after my death, but I am afraid that you will fight with one another for the worldly things." Bukhary (Book #23, Hadith #428)
The wahabbis have no conscience. All they want is wealth and they are twisting Islamic concepts to earn that wealth.

I have no doubts that Jews and Christians will be having the last laugh , as the wahabbis are their tools , doing work for them.

What a pity?? For 1,400 years no one came up with the idea of Shrik, not the Sahaba, Tabiee or the Tibbe-e-Tabiee and neither the Salaf As Saliheen and neithe the Khalaf and neither the Awliya and not the Saliheen.
ANd hey Presto , its the Wahabbis and no doubt the biggest benefactors from this will be the Jews in America who will desing and construct these new buildings under supervision of the Wahabbis.

NA FROM US said:
Don't destroy the Islamic history, perhaps
you can preserve them. As you depart from the
Grand Mosque you see part of Islam and the history that goes with it.

Allah is above His creation, He in no way, shape or form is within His creation. That is not befitting Allah. However, we should strive to remember every living moment is to worship Allah Alone, to be mindful Our Creator is watching us.

As Salam U Alaikm
The way of life of old certainly has it's mystique and beauty, however the physcial structures (i.e. the buildings that are to be demolished) in and of itself have no more barakah than a home in China. The geographical region of Mecca and Medina, however, do have barakah and this is from Allah's blessings. The country is attempting to ensure all paths to shirk are cut off, and this effort must be commended. As Muslims we should be encouraged that Saudi Arabia is vigorously promoting Tawheed al Uluhiya, The Right of Allah to be worshipped alone because shirk in this category can take the practical form, and this form is extremely dangerous. Tawheed is the essence of Aqeedah, and it is dissappointing to see fellow Muslims treat this topic as carefree as they do.

When I get out of the grand mosque I expect to see rows of date palms and old building. I feel much closer to God this way. Now what I see is KFC, McDonld and high-rise buildings. I think it's bullshit that these historical buildings might lead to polytheism. Maybe one day by following this rationale they would remove the prophet's tomb as well.

The argument that removing the building will prevent shirk is proposterous. There is a greater possibility of the people committing shirk, because of their love of wealth and power, than those buildings could ever cause. For too many humans, money is their god.

I think that people are getting carried away some things here. Number 1 - the House of Saud does have some corruption and are sometimes negligent of their religious duties, but in many of them is also some good. They have always been supporters of da'wah, and the Sunnah, and the establishment of Tawheed, even if some, hypocritically, don't follow themselves. They have also supported the Muslim struggled everywhere- from Palestine to Afghanistan- and I believe that this stems from genuine care. But they have also done many things wrong. But it is not haraam to be rich - those people have been blessed with the fadl and rizq from Allah- they just have to spend fee sabeelillah from this ni'mah.
Number 2- the Prophet (saws) has informed us of the the holy places in Islam- his house is not one of them - not even the one incorporated into Masjid an-Nabawi. Furthermore, there is debate as to the day he was born, let alone knowing for sure that this dwelling was the home of Abu Talib!
Number 3 - How many people actually knew this place existed before this article? Wallahi, I have been to Hajj and not been informed about the location or importance of this house! But I have seen the conditions of the Hujjaj and know 1st hand they could benefit from better accomdations.

Allah does not shy away from giving a mosquito as an example. to a true Muslim neither the moon nor the sun makes him sway once he finds the security of Allah in his heart, so preserving a building is purely for generations to come, to feel that they had a leader and a glorious past, humble, not one based on high rise building with no soul. let me say this: al-saud have had 100 years of oil revenue. that amounts to gizillion dollars. whay have not they provided the best of transort and accomodation systems for the pilgrims? they are happy to build palaces in every european city with golden gates but i had to travel in an open pick up truck like a goat to do my pilgrim only 15 years ago. the hotels wreacked of fowl smell. the food was barely edible. merchants in every street peddling their taiwanese/chinese junk and everything that is foreign to islam. yes, i prefer to sit in the desert and meditate on how the prophet lived his life and breathe from that love that he had for Allah, then pray that i too be given some of that love. i know i can do that in a high rise building but no thanks, it does not inspire the soul. i might as well go to singapore for hajj. thank you. enough from me.

adil, you are right to assume that i personally equate mecca with prophets huose. both are mere buildings with varying degrees of iconic values. mecca was erected by abraham and allah ordered us to face towards it when praying, as a result of jewish rejection to muslims praying towards jerusalem, so God practically said, well take this. behold mecca. but quran also holds our prophet in high esteem, so his house would be a reminder to every muslim of the way he lived. a visual reminder. neither house though is where Allah lives and if you are suggesting that i said so, then poor show. you have a very small mind. i do not worship stones. i see Allah in all creation and HE lives in my vain and every atom of my heart. brother go to kuala lumpur. they have built the most modern airport 60km out of the city with an electric train that carries you to city centre within 20 minutes. where is the saudi money. why can't they leave mecca as it is and modernise the surroundings to take account of future planning. instead they want to destroy any trace of islamic history and make a quick buck, american style. like i said and repeat that is what zionists want and al-saud is obliging. pretty soon we will have disney-style mecca c/w burger king and kfc! use the surrounding desert land and invest in high-tech transport system. that will make life easy for the pilgrims and will allow future expansion. so you demolish prophets house and accommodate 100 tourists, where to next? islam is the fastest growing religion. millions are waiting to go mecca and you want to preserve the desert but demolish prophets home for a feeble excuse. i have no more to say. it is useless. let there be peace.

I'm neither for or against. I believe that the people of Saudi Arabia should take advice from the rest of the Islamic world, as such they would not appear as arrogant and totalitarian in their decission. I have a comment though. Europeans wiped out identities by destroying people's heritage. Hernan Cortez the conquistador of the Aztec empire, destroyed every standing building in their capital making place for the building of a new city on its site, Ciudad del Mexico. What could the Aztecs claim afterwards? The Spaniards said, "we have our buidings here, this is more our heritage than yours." So did the Zionists, when they took over the Palestinian Lydd, they errased the buildings and build over their debris the tarmac of the Ludd airport. Refugees from Lydd cannot claim anything today. Ludd is an airport not a village. If we destroy our heritage and history, then what is our protest against Americanization? Hotels are in the US, UK, Israel, but ancient Arab buildings belonging to an Islamic glorious past exist only in one place. If somebody would want to prove in the future to the ever denying kafer that indeed Makkah was the city of Muhammad,pbuh, maybe those will ask, "where is the proof? all we see is our buildings, buildings of the financially minded tycoons." On the thought that other Muslims would turn these into idols? Are you brothers serious? If somebody has such a bias that person doesn't need ancient houses for that, that person would grave an image and call it Muhammad or whatever. The ummah should rather be there to educate the ignorant thus preventing shirk of happening. I would feel sad if the buildings would go. Every culture has its architecture, literature, historical sites, etc.
Salaam Alaykum!

I really find it a good thing that the buildings are demolished. Even though there is no reason why there are extravgnat buildings there for the royal family, there is nothing wrong with buildings that will make life easier for those performing Hajj and Umrah.

Islam opposes any form of idolatry, and keeping a house erected when all it did was house the prophet is a very immoral concept, because to the prophet it was just a house. The good qualities of the prophet would be to tear down the house to erect housing for hundreds even thousands in the same area.

A house is a house, and building is just a building. We must think of the greater good, not just some historical ideas we want to hold onto.

I find it disgusting that the Saudis' get away with what they do. Between the royal family and their cronies in the religious leadership, they have created the most intolerant and ignorant of religions this world has seen in many years. They view themselves as the saviors of Islam when in fact they are the destroyers of Islam. The Ummah must unite and stand against this corrupt regime. I'd much rather have the Iranians running the show than the Saudis.

I myself work in Saudi and I know some of the big developers in Mecca, like Bin Laden, Dallah Al Baraka, Haji Hussain Ali Reza beside and lot may private companies and have nothing to do with royal family, they do have some companies belong to prices like Saudi Oger etc..

Whoever be the developer, we need good service at reasonable price, more developers means more facilities for Hajis at competitive prices.

And the area they talking about the development is no better than a shantytown and lot of illlegan settlement, and a hub for crimes around the holy mosque. I think it's a good move to develop this area and make space for pilgrims and I hope this will give more choices of Hajies.

So, people research before you talk and stop accusing other Muslims of being wrong with out any evidence.

Allah knows the best.

Ahmed Asgher, knowingly or ignorantly in your message you yourself equate the house of prophet (it may or may not be) with that the house of Allah, by suggesting, "then why Muslims need mosques and even Kabah", mean your subconscious mind already start praying to this places, and this is the very reason this has to be demolished. Else people like you will treat them equally. And this is a message for Dr Aslam Abdullah as well, I am sure he will be reading this messages.

I am not a fan of Saudi royal family, but man what will you do if you got to be the custodian of the holy places, equate Mosques and Kaba with Shrines? Rest assure Allah empower those who server him rightly, and will destroy them if they go deviant. So before finger pointing others look at your own self.

May Allah show us the right path.

The historical places of Islam should be preseved for the future generations, specially the house of our prophet Mohammed(PBUH). Once it demolished it is gone for ever

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is right in every single letter of his article and every genuine Muslim should express his support to him.
One of the brothers who commented about the article said that he would pray to Allah to wipe out the Saudi family from the Haramain. Well, I say that the Saudi family are just part of the problem. The major problem existing in that area is the wahhabi ideology that dominates that area for two centuries now. Their "sheikhs" have already destroyed many tombs of the Prophet's companions and people of ahlul Bait. I wouldnt be surprised if some day they advocate the demolishion of the Caaba saying it's a symbol of polytheism.

i do not know we muslim are liveing in the world of delima or illusion the rich are getting richer and our poor brother are starveing to death lack of education or the policy adopted by the us to give us knowlegde and guide us due to our own ignorance to teach the islamic knowlege to them and guide our self from lust and power if these things repeat in future i do not know what will be our faith .khuda hafiz

Anything we will do in our lives has to conform with the Islamic Teachings, period.

Improving our lives by having new and viable structures for shelter is one of those things that Islam does not go against. "Preservation of Historical sites" is to me a new innovation, I can understand preserving places for specific ISLAMIC rites and usage, e.g. the preservation and improvemnt of the Masjid Al-haram for worship, likewise the Prophet (SAW),s mosque in Medina. But to preserve Prophet,s house for tourism? I beg your pardon? No Sir! There other issues for us to tackle than this deviation the Dr Aslam is trying to create.

It is very sad to know that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is destroying historical sites. Other countries do their best to preserve their historical sites which instilles a sense of pride and achievement in the people. The youth of that generation know what their history is and how they developed. They should have a plan to build around these historical monuments instead of destroying them, a solution which does not hurt anyone. But what I see in the Middle East, is that people have very little tolerance for other religions and its people. Let alone other religions they keep fighting as Sunni's or Shia's or God knows what else. I don't understand what sort of religion these people follow which make them behave in such a manner, I am sure its not Islam, and if it is Islam I don't want to be a Muslim.

This to me epitomises the reason for the birth of Islam in Makkah, which was rampant commercialism and worship of money in the name of accommodating pilgrims; Today the Saudis prefer to destroy the humble homes of the founder of Islam, our prophet Mohammed (SAW) and the Sahaba (RA)so that the pilgrims can buy Taiwanese made nik-naks from the holy city in 5 star opulence. Its absolute nonsense!!

The Saudis could take this development to the outskirts of Makkah, as we all know there is need to accommodate and feed the pilgrims. But this is a grandiose design to line the pockets of the wealthy Saudis so that they can squander their wealth on mini skirts/ Rolex's/ horse's in Disneyland/ Dubai and Dallas. They do live Islamic lifestyles so they can't use preventing polytheism as their business plan.

I dream of the day I will breath the air of Makkah and Madinah to revive my blood and eemaan. Seeing the humble home of our Beloved Prophet SAW will remind me of His (SAW) origins and our need to remember our roots. Perhaps that's why the Saudis want to demolish it so that they don't look like extravagant and palatial hypocrites.

I agree whole heartedly that these site should be
left alone. Why would they want to tear them down. I am sure there are many other places to build hotels and shops not on the site of the Prophets pbuh home or any other sites important to Islam

I do not see what is the big fuss about what the Saudis are doing if their intent is to help ease the pain that comes with huge crowd of hajj. When I performed my hajj (alhamdulillah) in 2002, many in the group where complaining about why the Saudis are not doing enough to do this or that and help solve the ligistic problem of moving around 4 to 5 million people during hajj. People must understand that every inch of Makkah is historic, specially near the Kabbah. You cannot build anything there without destroying something historic. It as simple as that. Makkah was a very small city during the Prophet's (saaw) time, but not anymore when you have 1.5 billion Muslims aspiring to visit there one day.
As muslims I do not believe we should attach ourselves to historic artifacts. That was not the behaviour of the Prophet (saaw) or the Companions (ra). As a matter of fact Omar (ra) had a tree cut off during his rule because he did not want Muslims to become sentimental to it. This was the tree during Hudaybiya where the Muslims took a pledge to fight if Othman (ra) had been killed by the Qurashis.
I see this author as being ignorant of Islam and have become like the Kuffars in attaching themselves to meaningless objects, rather than solving the problems of Muslims.

Firstly, we all need to preserve the sites. It is where we can see a piece of history in the time's of the prophet. The future generations NEED these ancient sites to see the life of our Beloved Prophet , peace be upon him and the environment he's living in. If his house was to be demolished, then where will be the proof that he lived in austerity? . All these sites are the proof for our Religion. Destroying it will only destroy the future. A saying i have read goes : To have the future one must have a past.

I am not fully against your article as some good points have also been pointed out.
Before launching any protest we should seek guidance from Shariah( Islamic Law). Whether preserving historical sites is important or providing better facilities to pilgrims. This question needs to be seen in the context of Shariah leaving aside emotions and hatred against a particular group. We should seek guidance from SEERAT( Life of Muhammad Salallahu alaihi wasallam)and islamic history.
May Allah show us the real path.

6:11 Say: "Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who rejected Truth."

The Quran is full of visible landmarks, some remain like the Pharoas, some no longer there, some positive, some negative. These are all signs for humans to ponder on and the aim is to glorify the ONE GOD and learn from history. Muslims do not worship the walls of Mecca when they visit that house. They worship the Lord of the Universe. So what other reason you have for demolishing our beloved Prophet's house?

Dave: no it is not impossible to know who the developers are. Rest assured in the Saudi system the ruling family and their stooges control every dime the system produces.
Adil: suggests we should forget what the ruling family does! When the guardian becomes the robber then what example we can set up for the Ummah? It is an insult to the intelligence of Muslims to accuse them as you do. A Muslim prays for Allah alone, recites Al-Fatiha and Al-Ikhlas 10 times/day at least. How dare you accuse him of shirk? Are you assuming yourself the mantle of God, heaven forbid. Judgement belongs to HIM alone. How dare you demolish the house of the prophet then say you do it so that people don't worship it. Why do Muslims need mosques or even why they need Ka'bah? Might as well demolish the whole Islamic icons and eradicate its history. This is the Zionists dream fulfilled by Al-Saud. Money is indeed the root of all evil.

This is absoultely unacceptable!!! There is no excuse for demolishing such historical Islamic sites! These are the signs of Allah. If they lead to polytheism, then does that mean that all the signs of Allah such as plants, animals should also be destroyed?
The Saudi regime is totally corrupt, they do not deserve to be the guardians of our two holiest places. I pray to Allah to raise in faith another people within Saudi or outside so they can inherit the guardianship of these places!

Do you think the Prophet (PBUH) would make a huge fuss over preserving his house. Or I wonder if he would rather see more Muslims be able to perform hajj. As for the developers, it is impossible to know their intentions. Allahu Allum. Also, is it harram to make money?

In my view these are basically objects made of mud and stone. However it seems sinful to destroy what could reasonably well enough be moved and reassembled to provide the needy elsewhere with revenue from tourism. I doubt that either the preservationists or the "demolitionists" would immediately embrace the idea. But perhaps the needy elsewhere might think it has merit.


i have agreed with the article and i am against demolition.

their was error in clicking.

Assalaamuaalikum,we need historical places to prove the history of Islam.Demolition is not the solution to hamper polytheism.
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Thank you Dr. Aslam Abdullah for bringing this issue up front. I witnessed with my own eyes Masjid al-Haram in Makkah was under sieged by high-rise buildings during my Haj pilgrimage in year 2000. While staying in Medina, I took a tour to visit some of the historical places in the history of Islam but there were almost nothing to see except the Tomb of our Beloved Prophet and the plain of Uhud. In Makkah, there were almost nothing except Mount Nur!! I wondered to myself where were the house of the companions in Makkah and Medina, where were the battle of the Ditch. All had been erased from the face of the earth as though the history I've learned about Islam is only a legend! Had the Tomb of our beloved Prophet were not contained in the Masjid of Medina, they would probably destroy it too. I could not believe what I witness, a total disregard to history. Well, if the facts about Islam, our own values have been destroyed in front of our very eyes then it must be easier to destroy historical facts of other cultures as in the case of Buddha statue which the Taliban destroyed during their reign in Afghanistan. Is that what Islam is all about? A religion without tolerance toward our past and no tolerance toward other cultures? What is wrong with these people?

Its sad and I don't understand why Muslims are destroying Muslims and their heritage. If it was not bad enough that governments from Asia to Europe, Christins, Jews, Hindus and Bhuddists are all ganging up on Muslims with the intent to destroy them. For example in Norway the Democratic Christian Party's web site openly declares,"This is a Muslim Free Zone" and last week they held games with minor parties in the Hurum Peninsula, in Norway where they dressed up people as Muslims and shot them with paint balls, they called the game, 'Shoot a Muslim'. Muslims need to react to this madness. They have nothing to apologise for so they need to stop wasting their time doing that. Christian Church in Bulgaria and Romania openly advocate killing Muslims. Interestingly these countries have pledged to add to their presence in Iraq with more soldiers by the end of the month. Maybe there are not enough widows in Bulgaria and Romania. I am sure their misadventure in Iraq will fix that too. Muslims need to stop being pacifists and hit back with debate and anything else they have got. Certainly there is an evil insidious movement against them. It is this movement that is responsible for all the bloodshed and misery and in a classic way its supporters ensure that whatever bad happens - the Muslims get blamed. The idea is to turn the world against Muslims and Islam. When Muslims stop fighting and killing each other maybe they will realise that the enemy is in plain view if they would only take the time to look instead of killing each other.

Great article.

Honestly, can the Saudi Monarchy .. do anything else to cause trouble in this world?

I am seeing their list of wrongful acts getting longer and longer.

its not fair to distroy d prophet's house which suppose as historical site of the muslims.

Look like Dr. Aslam Abdullah is in the mood of creating a Fitna, forget what Saudi's are doing, tell me what is the importance of this place in Islam ? I live in Mecca, I never visit any such site or sites and if you publicize this kind of things a lot of people specially the South Asians will make it obligatory to visit this places as the grand mosque itself, house of Allah and house of Prophet (Nauzbillah).

Commercialization is not bad in every case, thanks to the ease of transportation more Muslims visit Mecca and Medina then ever before, and these will keep on increase, we do need enough place to accommodate this people.

You talk about going to UN, what an filthy idea, the same UN was trying to preserve the Buddah statutes in Afghanistan. By naming UN in you message you loss the respect of many Muslims.

You talk about the Saudi Monarch making palaces, this has nothing to do with the main subject, the demolition of home of prophet, seem you are trying to use the emotions of people for one cause against another.

Ummah is facing more serious problem, please spend your energy for a better cause.

So The Saudi Royal Family and Government believes bulldozing Prophets Mohammad's pbuh historic home is to prevent polytheism But how about builiding high rise apratments paid for by the same royal family with investments in land development. Isn't this worship of a worst kind and totally against Islamic teachings? Saudi Royal Family are the most hypocritical of all. They gather billions yet turn a blind eye to the plight of muslims. Perhaps by demolishing the Prophet's humble home they hope to eradicate any visual example of a great leader who chose to live a humble life. Such an example would indeed interfere with their own extravgant and lavish lifestyles. Indeed OIC must dictate upon Saudi Government that such sites belong to ALL muslims not only the ruling family. It is high time The Umma had a say in its own affairs instead of letting wealthy developers decide on such important historic matters.