Do not let injustice lead to injustice

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Do not let the injustice of others lead you into an injustice, says the Koran. Now there is only incoherence. Coverage of the London blasts saturates every newspaper, every television and radio station. The images of chaos and destruction roll in and the words of journalists and politicians pour out. Endlessly, repetitively.

For all the words, nothing is said. What is there to say? For how long can you repeat the obvious that this is a criminal act to be condemned, that innocent people are sacrosanct?

Hours of news coverage pass and the story barely changes. The incessant babble numbs my mind, yet I am compelled to stay tuned. There is something simultaneously aggravating and cathartic about letting the news wash over me in helpless despair.

And so the press release is written and the interview requests flood in. This is all now tragically familiar to me. The words are always the same: we condemn this act in the strongest possible terms; we pray the perpetrators are brought swiftly to justice; our hearts are with the victims and their loved ones.

These words are true. I mean them. But as the dust from the bombings still settles, all the words in the world are empty because those saying them are themselves empty inside.

Stunned, we reach for our own responses, our minds in mayhem as we struggle to make sense of the senseless. And so we babble on. There is nothing more we can do. Thoughts and emotions circulate wildly in an incoherent cyclone, while at the core, there is nothing.

This incoherent chaos is not only terrorism's legacy, but its purpose. It is not about killing: compared with poverty or even road accidents it claims few lives. Terrorism is a language. The symbolic message is the point, the panic and fear of the aftermath is what matters.

Reason and coherence are products of distinction and discernment rather than crude generalization. But terrorism is about the most sinister of generalizations, where a whole nation, a people, a planet is essentialised and deemed indiscriminately unfit for human existence. There are no people any more. There are only causes.

In this way, terrorism is itself what it begets: the suspension of reason, the annihilation of coherence. And without reason, we become like cattle. My mind numbs further as motivations are attributed to those responsible.

A fight against Crusader countries with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Perhaps superficially. I have heard this kind of rhetoric before. Where are the tears of the world for the thousands of slaughtered innocents in Chechnya? Is an Iraqi life not worth an American or British one? We must resist the imperialism of Western godlessness, immorality and consumerism. The cultural hegemony of America and its allies must be fought. They are oppressors. Muslims were also slaughtered in most terrorist attacks since September 11. Most hostages executed in Iraq are Muslims.

I wonder quietly if, in this mental model, their co-religionist executioners are also oppressors who must be fought too. But even in the fringe that advance such arguments, most stop short of advocating terrorism. Some clearly don't. How often it is that oppression comes from those claiming to be oppressed.

Welcome to the battle inside the Muslim collective consciousness, where one side has the overwhelming majority of hearts and minds, and the other has the weapons.

How absurd is this argument! Can terrorism be the response to perceived Western cultural and imperial hegemony? Terrorism is hegemony. The solution cannot be to replace one hegemony with another.

Yes, I too oppose the war in Iraq. I too have my qualms with aspects of the Western treatment of the Muslim world. I too grieve for the slaughtered innocents of Chechnya. But my morality must never be derived from the transgressions of others. Surely then, terrorism is a frank, violent admission of moral defeat. It wins no hearts.

With every terrorist attack attributed to Muslims over the past four years, I have witnessed a community shifting more and more into outrage at the barbarism done in its name. With every desperate act of terrorism comes an intellectual, rhetorical downfall.

For now, waves of questions keep coming. Analysts talk of "sleeper cells" in Britain and Spain. Do I know of any in Australia? No, and if they exist I'm sure they'd be secret from me. Is it a matter of time before Australia is hit? Intelligence agencies say they know of no imminent attack and as an ordinary Australian citizen, neither do I.

My numbed senses perceive these questions are more incoherent babble. I'm busy thinking that my daughter could have been a victim. She is at the age of repeating all she hears and she has learnt a new word: "Bomb." Now is for grief.

Lost in a sea of words, one Koranic passage emerges to hit me between the eyes: "Do not let the injustice of others lead you into injustice," it thunders. Finally, I think. Something coherent.


Melbourne lawyer Waleed Aly is on the executive of the Islamic Council of Victoria

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Terrorism
Views: 5557

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Older Comments:
To Mr Native, let me appologize beforehand for what I am about to say and also know this my response in no way is aimed at belittiling you. Brother, did you really understand what it was said, "Do not let injustice to lead you to injustice". Because by stating remarks as "get down from your horse ..." you are doing nothing more then adding fuel to the fire of ignorence which is bright and burning in many of our Muslim community. Indeed US foreign policy is wrong and in many cases down right ignorant. But you can not fight ignorance with another ignorance you fight it with knowledge. I am sure we as a Muslim Ummah we have plenty of it in Quran and Sunnah. Meaning of Islam is peace and our prophet forbade us to argue among ourselves. So lets not post anything derogatory any more. Appreciate one of our brothers effort to enlighten us educate us with such article and join hands in solving our problems in peaceful manner. Pateince is a virtue may Allah bless all of us with such virtue.

To Yazid

You need to wake, not me. Just by asking Allah for help nothing is going to change. Allah helps those who help themselves. Allah has sent lakhs of Prophets on the face of this earth to save human kind from ignorance.
He declared that the last Prophet will be our beloved Rasul Allah, you cannot change that, can you.So now who is there to show us the right path, both by logic and Islamic Hadith it should be the Imam, so I ask Imam of this 'Zaman' for help.
Today majority of Muslims are Sunni's having thousands of Imam's, hardly any of them capable of interpreting Islam in the right way.
So what do the young generation do now ?
Make people like Osama bin Laden their idols, who is just a bloody terrorist, there is a complete lack of knowledge, ignorance and hatred is what constitues the Islamic youth today.

Remember the Hadith from Prophet said,
'If I am the city of knowledge Ali is the gate to it'.

You say the state of Muslims have improved in the last two decades, which world are you living in. Hundreds dying in Iraq everyday, what is happenong in Palestine, what is happening in Afganistan, what is happening in parts of Africa, Muslims are starving. What is happening in Pakistan instead of improving their own state, they waste time and energy in fighting for Kashmir, youths are being transformed into terrorists. Youth instead of having books in their hands have guns.
Arab countries inspite of having so much oil wealth, have people begging and dying of hunger.
There are many other places like Syria, Lebannon, Jordon, Russia and the list goes on where Muslims are suffering and still in ignorance, what they can only do is kill innocent people.
If they are real fighters come out in the battle field and fight the nations which hurt you, instead of this cowardly act of bombing innocent people trying to spread terror in the name Islam, cowards.

Very extremist David, don't you find any other patriotic or Zionists sites on the www. where you could get immediate approval and acclaim from your brethren and thus feel yourself realized? On this website you are an intellectual failure, because you just mirror something that is a leitmotif in your fascist world. You said,"seems like the whole "Western World" is obsessed with winning hearts and minds of those poor backward Muslims" Do you call me poor and backward? Where I live, I'm middle class(Canada), where I originate from I owned lands and several estates before your goddamned soldiers pushed my ancestry out of their ancestral homeland. Either situation is not "poor", but tragic caused by Western agression. Backward? Learn English, backward doesn't make any sense, humans are not items of clothing. About USA you wanted to say maybe backwood, oh yeah, the great voting majority of the USA is made up by backwood, stupid and ignorant people, true! However, that would be a Sisyphean task, since the brain you would address your reasoning to, would be dead.
You declared:"And I am a Pro-US, Pro-Bush, Pro-"War on Terror" American" We know that, tell us something we don't know.
Wow,"I disagree with the idea of so-called Western terror on Muslims being as great as so-called Islamic terror on the West. But again, I am from the American side of the world". You might disagree with the fact that the earth is spheroid, fact of the matter stays in both cases. You or your retarded government is not the measuring stick for truth, nay, rather hypocracy, I'd say.
Of the rest of your blabbering I have to say this, Muslims are a relity of thre Western countries. There is no one Western country not to have a Muslim presence, some a considerable one, like USA, UK and Canada from the Anglo-Saxon ones. Any terroristic action on the soil of this countries would affect Muslim lives as it did at 9/11, Madrid, and London. It is your choice to make terrorism an act of Islamic extremism

Thank you. I cannot thank you enough. America, and it seems like the whole "Western World" is obsessed with winning hearts and minds of those poor backward Muslims.

Maybe the truth of the matter is that Islam needs to win the hearts and minds of the backwards West. Then we can move on together, maybe not always believing the same, but surely believing we are brothers in humaninty on this rock called Earth.

And I am a Pro-US, Pro-Bush, Pro-"War on Terror" American.

Brother Murtaza,

Wake up, stop crying, Islam and Muslims are more stronger and know what they are doing than a decade or two ago. The enemy did relize the new emergence of Islam and doing its best to unsuccessfylly to stop it.

Brother ask Allah for help.

People in the west are self-proclaimed civilized people...They brag about how civilized they are 24-7-365 on news networks and at their dinner table..and @ churches...Yet they start war and kill innocent civilians, women and children. They support terrorism thru states (i.e.- Israel) and puppet regimes...

I haven't seen candle vigils for the innocent civilians killed in Iraq and Afganhistan...The war is the making of their own hands...

It is better not to waste any time on these people...They are all hypocrites and lost...have no credibility in the civilized world...

After all, civilized people don't start war in the name of resoruces...

Imam-uz-Zaman so many innocent people are dying in Iraq, why don't you come and help? So many children dying of hunger and poverty, why don't you come and help? So much humilition to Islam of my Rasul, why dont you come and help ? You have promised, so why don't you fulfill it ? why ?

Really Bruce? You have better things to do? Like what? Distort my comments to your reasoning or motives? You said,"La Resistance fought the Nazis. They didn't purposely attack innocent civilians with no military objective" What did I say smarty-pants? I said that if they fought US they would've been called terrorists. They didn't purposely attack innocents? Document yourself more, the idea of innocent seems to be changing accordin to the parties involved. Any German by their definition was a Nazi. Germans in cafees were blown to bit by La Resistance, whether they were military or just innocent servants or civilians but being in France. USA declared war on terrorism, whatever this piece of mediocre idiocy means by waging a terroristic war. What? How many innocent people did US army kill in ME? It seems that that's the target. Still US and UK have better shots. Adding the 9/11,Madrid and London together, the so called terrorists just scraped the western demography, while the Western agression amounts to genocide, can you see the difference? Wow, Bruce, are you for real? Or you just play around the stupid one? Now you declare McVeigh as Islamic fundamentalist in his believes? Are you tripping, man? What was it, angel dust, Thai sticks? Man, sober up before you choose to post anything like this! Oh the US are not the only morons? Trust is to you the trait of a moron? There is your American honesty and dignity! You have the values of thieves and open sea pirates! Nobody is to trust you ever again, don't worry! I didn't say thatn you would have installed a stupid government as you did at present in Afghanistan. You have hardships understanding English? What's wrong with you? I said, US would have re-build Afghanistan and help the population recover and encourage learning and the foundation of learning through modern institutions, thus Islamic emancipation would have been a natural phenomenon, provided USA would have left out her zealously imbecilic evangelists.


I hesitate to respond to your posting as I truly have better things to do, but I can't let your distortions of history go unresponded. Your passion is getting in the way of your intellect.

La Resistance fought the Nazis. They didn't purposely attack innocent civilians with no military objective.

Both the IRA and the hard-line Orangemen who attack innocent civilians are very much terrorists in the same sense as the criminals you try so hard to defend.

McVeigh was a terrorist with the same mentality as the worst Islamist terrorist. The attitude is that my opinion is correct and I have the right to extinguish innocent lives in order to advertise my psychotic rantings.

It sounds like the US aren't the only morons in the world if the Arabs were so easily tricked by the Brits. The goal; to establish a Jewish homeland? A bit paranoid, I'd say. If that was their plan, it took over twenty years to accomplish it. More long range planning than I would say any country is capable of.

Yes, we had a common enemy in the USSR with the Afghani resistance. Are you saying we should have put our own army in after the USSR withdrawl and put in a government more to our liking? I don't think even the "moronic" US population would have thought that a good idea. I thought you said we were anti-Muslim. Why would we even help the Afghani reisistance? We didn't compel them to fight, we assisted them in the fight that they were already engaged in. What thanks did we get for that? We were shelled by the same mortars we had given them.

It is not games we are playing and it is not I or the US government that is bringing Islam into it. It is ME politicians/mullahs who are making political issues into Islamic issues.


BRUCE!!!! I just want you to check out this Truth-revealing Website. And bear in mind, my friend donnot be blinded by prejudice in thinking that this website I am giving you is an `Islamic site`. This website I am giving you is a non-Muslim website which is committed to the Truth. You will not read on this website the Crab and the Garbage people watch on the so-called `newsmedia` in the US or in the WEST which are controlled by the zionists. My friend, the site is ..WWW.THETRUTHSEEKER.CO.UK. I hope and pray that ALLAH, the ALL-mighty may grant you Guidance and show you the truth.

There are no bright or intelligent people in the US administration. What we have are recycled reaganites, burnt out cold war hacks, ZIonist expansionists and last but not least armageddonist prostestant Christo-Fascists. But I guess to millions of brain dead Americans, war criminals like these would appear smart.
This is by far the MOST criminal administration in the history of the US. But we dont really that need as a point of reference, look at US history and their wars of terrorism.

Assalamo alaykum, I have no comments on this article other than to say that why does 'IslamiCity' spell KORAN instead of the correct word Qur'an. This is very depressing indeed. *** See your own title on this article below ***
Lost in a sea of words, one Koranic passage emerges to hit me between the eyes:


I do understand the frustration of Muslim youth against the western oppression of Muslims, and I feel a lot about their ultimate scarification, may Allah grand them Jannah. But brothers you worth a lot more than giving your life so cheaply, you don't need to attack civilians, even when you are weak.

There is more can be done, by other means, by aming much higher, you don't need to give away life so easily, its you, the Muslims youth Inshallah will be saving the world from the western monster, brother spend your time on research and development. Technology and science is not some once property, we need dedication and firm believe and Allah will help, I am sure there is abundant talent in Ummah, what needed is patient, dedication and time, and make better defensive (small) weapons, defeat the enemy in what they have advantage over us, they oppress people, because they have technology, fighter jets, tanks and aircraft carriers and can attack any city full of civilians any were on earth, but technology it not the slave of west, something can me made so simple and handy which can defeat the enemy in its own field.

Finally, even though they enemy is as active as ever in oppressing the Muslims, its glad to see Muslims answering back, its no more a one way street.

Allah Hu Akbar

Bruce! Come on, man, it is impossible for me to believe that even if an American you are so severely detached form reality. Who created terrorism? Who for the first time in history used terroristic actions? Did you hear about "La Resistance"? You call them partisans and underground freedom fighters. Why? Because they fought against your enamy, Nazi Germany. What if US have been the invadors of France? Then of course, "La Resistance" would have been a terroristic organization and its members terrorists. I wonder would you have called them 'Christian terrorists'? You didn't call the IRA 'Christian terrorists', neither McVeigh was classified as one. I could say, Christianity is at fault for their terroristic actions, e.g.,IRA! The Brits tricked the Arabs to fight in the name of nationalism the last khalifat, or the Ottoman Empire, as you like to call it. Their pupose? To take hold of Palestine and create the Jewish homeland in the land of other people, namely, the Palestinians. Yet, acts of terrorism were on International arena, sometimes not connected with Palestinians, Carlos "The Jackal", wasn't Muslim or Palestinian. With the invasion of Afghanistan by USSR, US felt herself threatened by the Commies. This especially when Afghanistan was devided politically in supporters of USSR and religious oponents. US engineered an ideology in Afghanistan that was religiously extremist and a sworn enamy to the kafir. US hoped that the kafir will always be the Commies. If US created extremism, after they prevailed of the endeavour, US ought to immediately take care of Afghanistan in the manner of rebuilding their infrastructor and encouraging positive Islamic forces to bring a serious oposition to the extremist Taliban. Instead, US left Afghanistan to lick her wounds alone and get from extremist to desperation. A legitimate question arose:"We, Afghanis, fought their war(USA) and now that we won, US forgaot us and our package of the deals we struck before."

Ahmed Asgher,

Each society writes their history from their own perspective. I have some work to do to understand history from the ME perspective. The US has made many decisions that in retrospect seem to be blunders. Most of those decisions were made by intelligent people in consultation with other bright people but in the context of local, national, and global politics, and with the blind eye all societies have to others. We are not able to predict the future affects of decisions or for that matter their alternatives. It is difficult to unequivocally call any decision a blunder until we know what the result of the alternatives would be. It is in this sense that I say "though not of our choice". Which decision was it that warranted 9/11? Do you tally decisions that benefit Muslim countries? Do only negative decisions count?

I do feel that it is wrong to conclude that the US is waging a war on Islam just because US policy may have an ultimate effect of harming a Muslim country. My point is that framing the US as being at war with Islam changes this into a religious war. Religion is by definition a matter of faith and as such does not lend itself to rational discussion among people of different beliefs.

I would be interested in your favorite websites in English with a summary of US policy toward the ME that seems balanced from your perspective.

Its convinient for trolls like bruce to call anybody who oppses their totalitarian policies as "terrorists." The same people who gave us 2 bloddy world wars and countless others are playing victims. Sympathy and support should be given to the oppresed, not to the violent, sadistic and perverted war criminals who launch crusades.

According to a recent estimate was compiled by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies and published in its latest annual small arms survey, released at a UN news conference on Monday, approximately 30,000 Iraquis have been killed by the Americans. A further report by The Lancet, a British medical journal, last October, concluded that there had been 100,000 "excess deaths" in Iraq from all causes since March 2003. So the question that beggars to be asked is that since the US and the UK are responsible for the 130,000 slaughtered Iraqi, men, women and children and the 56,000 butchered civilians in Afghanistan, should Muslims rampage and attack US and UK citizens holding them responsible for the evil of their governments? I would say no. Similarly it makes absolutely no sense to attack Muslims and burn down their mosques for the actions of a 4 misguided and now very dead youth. Just as we as innocent civilians do not expect to be blamed for the Bush?Blair blood lust, similarly we should not be holding Muslims responsible and Islam at fault. 186,000 dead Iraqis and Afghanis is a lot of dead - enough for US and UK actions in Iraq and Afgahnistan to be termed as genocide.

For somone who has studied Western history I think the West have been the "terrorist" in the world all along. They are now tasting their own medicine.

May the Peace and the Blessings of ALLAH be upon you My brothers and sisters!!. Brother, Waleed you said it right although I donnot believe that the bombers were `muslims`. I believe that those who carried out this ugly act did it to drive their anti-islam, anti-humanity satanic agenda.And they have been doing this for so long by then blaming their devilish acts on the muslims in order to kill more muslims and rob their resources. Everythinking man or woman with reason can see who the real criminals are. It is miserably unfortunate that the Muslims where ever they may be have ` A pillar of convenience`. Every time these Criminals carry out their devilish acts they put the blame on the Muslims on purpose in an attempt to further their satanic plans; but they will Insha`ALLAH fail and be destroyed. Because ALLAH is Watcher over them and ALLAH doesnot like injustices and devouring and robbing others` properties without right. These Criminals are not only putting the Muslims to misery, but the whole humanity is suffering under their greedy, deceptive and cruelly engineered plots. They are not only the Enemies of Islam, but they are the Enemies of Humanity as a whole; but it is a matter of time

Bruce, this is what your wrote, "We are at war with terrorists, although not of our choice." whilst your statement is very reasonable at first glance, you seem to indicate that it was the terrorists who started this busniess. You forget that 91 was a retaliatory act. An act against America's 50 years of unjust foreign policy in the world in general and in the Midle East and Islamic countires in particular. If you believe otherwise, may be you should start reading what your (US) subsequent governments have been doing to toher people. If you are a reasonable person, I am sure you would not like what you see/read. and if the US continues to do what it has been doing, then expect more retaliation, since these guys do not have an army, thus they resort to terrorism. I do not condone such acts against innocent civilians. I only point out to you that you reap what you sow, simple as that. The rest is rehtoric and politics. I pray for the day, all people of the world come to realise that treating others with dignity is like treating yourself with dignity. As a muslim, I believe in the words of God who tells me that humanity is created from one spirit.

The United States is the #1 nation comitting slaughter all over the planet - you can write any numbers of articles - the backlash will not stop.

It cannot stop, until the United States stops its terrorist slaughter of innocent humans all over the planet. Instead of preaching to Muslims from your high horse get down - and immediately get your government to stop its slaughter policies -

Such preachings are nothing more than hypocritical rants from Muslims living in comfortable lands.

I agree but the fact remains that, without appearing or trying to be apologists for Islam, (as true Islam is really a pure and clean way of life free of the horrors perpetrated by a few mindless loonies) we have our work cut out for us. It is only in the interest of Islam and Muslims to encourage knowledge and education and remind our youth that the best Muslim is an educated and tolerant one and one who uses his head and not blind passions as guide. Islam places the greatest emphasis on acquiring all knowledge not just religious -so why is this fact lost upon so many of us? Even in the days of our Prophet (Peace be upon him) the Chinese society was considered to be one of the most accomplished and China was considered to be a beacon of education. Though journeying to China was considered to be an enormous task when the only means of transport were camels and horses, yet our Prophet stated that in an effort to acquire knowledge Muslims must even travel to China if they can. Though it is certainly true that we Muslims are victims of the worst era of oppression by both foreigners invading our lands and by our own corrupt leaders, but we cannot change our status quo by idiotic and mindless suicide bombings when the very concept of suicide is in fact an abominable and forbidden act in Islam. Lets get back to real Islam and lets change ourselves first before we point the finger of blame on the oppressors, because for them it was only natural to grab what they could because to them might is right. But had we been true to Islam would we have been in this predicament we are in now? I think not.


Your continued repetion that the US and its media are at war with Islam does not make it so. We are at war with terrorists, although not of our choice. Let me quote myself from a previous post. The same people who say that the terrorists can't be Islamists are the same people who say America is at war with Islam because we fight terrorists. Now tell me, which is it?

Slow down Jordan, the same can be said with even more vehemence about the genocide US is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people died at the hands of the US and UK bestial assaults on sovereign countries. The killers of the world and the war mongers that distroy every bridge diverse cultures tried to build for peace. When the US and UK governments attitude in their policies around the Muslim countries will be that of peace, respect and mutual economic profit then if these thing happen be sure the Muslims will not only speak out but take physical action. For now there is US & UK to controll terrorism in Iraq and their own countries. They are not very good at it, I would say. Terrorism is faceless, a terrorist is a terrorist, whether he has Islamic,Christian,Sikh, Hindi or Israeli identity to it. Too much the media is leaning on Islamic terrorists, it is fuel to their war against Islam. Well, bite your lip and suck in your chin, Islam is here to stay. If the persecussion of Muslims would become unbearable, all Muslims will go underground and the West will need to cope with even a greater problem. Do not hurt the Muslims and take care whom you charge with terrorism. It would serve no purpose to condemn the innocent and acquit the guilty.

Why must every article from a Muslim writer warn non-muslims not to blame all muslims. Why can't their articles simply condemn the bombing as the atrocity it is and speak out loud as a Muslim saying they won't stand for this behavior by a significant portion of their community anymore. This is the issue. It's not about the potential reactions of those who have been attacked by Muslims, it should be saying that enough is enough with Muslims killing those who disagree with them.