Londoners 'paid the price' for Iraq war: Galloway

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Firebrand lawmaker George Galloway said Londoners had "paid the price" for Britain sending soldiers into Iraq and Afghanistan and warned there was more to come after bomb blasts in the capital Thursday killed at least 37 people. "We argued, as did the security services in this country, that the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq would increase the threat of terrorist attack in Britain," Galloway said in a statement.

"Tragically Londoners have now paid the price of the government ignoring such warnings," said the Respect Party MP for east London's Bethnal Green and Bow said. Later, the left-wing politician told parliament the attacks were despicable but entirely predictable. "There was nothing unpredictable about this attack this morning. Despicable, yes, but not unpredictable. Entirely predictable and, I predict, not the last either.

Galloway earned a stinging rebuke from Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram, who accused his former colleague of "dipping his poisonous tongue in a pool of blood," adding: "I think it is disgraceful." A fierce critic of the March 2003 US-led war to remove Saddam Hussein, Galloway was expelled that year from Prime Minister Tony Blair's governing Labour Party, which he had represented in parliament since 1987.


  Category: Europe, World Affairs
  Topics: Afghanistan, Conflicts And War
Views: 3118

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Older Comments:
Yeah, it was like Blair was waiting for this terroristic act. As soon as he opened his .. mouth to opine about it, was "Islamic fundamentalists". Let's face it, this is what he needed. When his popularity fell, when British people started questioning the war in Iraq what better way of getting public boost in your rampant campaign in slaughtering Muslims in M.E. would be better than a terroristic attack? Four terroristic attacks. There you go, it happened. With Bush, when there was no way for him to start aggressions in the M.E., out of the blue came OBL, al-Qaidah and the 9/11. It seems to me as a Hollywood type of production. Everything fell in place as planned. US could attack anybody they linked to the 9/11 and the world could say nothing. US blaming Iraq for 9/11 is less realistic than if they would've blamed Germany. The terrorists came from Germany, if we decided to swallow the crap the American media is feeding us. Too very often, these terroristic acts coincide with some political need to boost the less informed masses for support for the most barbaric acts done by governments in the whole history of mankind. The death toll of innocent people, Muslims or otherwise orchestrated by these bastards in the West already surpassed that of Hitler's holocaust! The Jews hide behind their holocaust and use it as a political burgaining chip, while others have no right to even mention their own holocaust. This is racism and double standard, the life of a poor African, Asian or Native American is as precious as anybody else's from the rotten West! There is the party of the Whites that dominate the West. I pray to God that more and more Caucassians would disassociate themselves of these vile thugs and denounce publicly their crimes against humanity. It happened in South Africa, Caucassians helped the African Congress on the price of even their lives.
Wake up mankind to the values that the Lord of the Universe entrusted you with, it is our duty to gard them.

I used to hear the phrase "One in a million", but this guy, Galloway, is one in the whole Western world plus the Muslim world. He is the ONLY guy in the government who speaks the truth and tell like it is and is never afraid about the jewish-controlled media. He is the only true patriot who cares about his country and the lives of others. Sadly, he is in a sea of wolves who care only about their economic gains and world domination. Some day when he is long gone, his people will understand things then and maybe build his statue.

I agree with Mr. Galloway. Unfortunately it is predictable that he should have earned ridicule from those who have accustomed themselves to the official propaganda. When propaganda rules there is no openess to truth. We are in tragic times...of Shakespearean proportions. I salute all who have the courage to state the truth in their hearts.

When you know that your doings are inequities, you might make an intelligent assumption like Mr Galloway, would be just sheer common sense. I personally believe that great nations should not engage themselves in inequities in the first -place. If nations like UK and US wouldn't want to change the way the Muslims live, they wouldn't have a problem. It's not the Muslims that want to change the Western way of life, but rather the Westerners as always want the rest of the planet to adopt their way of life. Could one get more racist than this? The West invaded the rest of the world, not vice versa. We started the 3rd millenium with Western atrocities in Palestine, Jennin, Afghanistan, Iraq. The West dragged over into the new millenium all their deseases and plagues of the last century. I can't cry for you London, my eyes are dried out of tears, yeah, I cried them all out for the Ummah for years and years. Although I can understand the pain of the bereft and pray to God that such a tragedy never to befall us again, how could this be even prevented, let alone fought? Not as long as UK, US and other Western troops are gloating in the blood spilt in the killing fields all over the Middle East. It is spiritually detrimental to reduce a party of the human family to the level of expendible cannon target, the US and Coallition soldiers will have a hard time to live with themselves when they will come back to civil life and then they will realize one day what they've done. The suicidal terrorist kills himself in the process, so that he doesn't need to live with the nightmare he created for the rest of his life. In the London bombing we still miss the:"Who?", "Why?" and "What?"