Why London bombings are not the work of 'Islamic' terrorists

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Destruction near Tavistock Place in London following a bomb blast on a bus

When asked whether the simultaneous bombings across London on July 7 were the work of Islamic terrorists, London's metropolitan police commissioner responded that there was not enough information yet to point fingers, but that the culprits certainly were not Islamic terrorists, because Islam and terrorism simply don't go together. He could not have been more accurate in his response. And such a fair and objective answer was especially welcome after Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the terrorists had acted "in the name of Islam," (although Blair admitted - almost as an afterthought - that most Muslims around the world would "deplore this act of terrorism.")

The truth is that no religion - including Islam - condones the killing of innocent people. Already, Muslim clerics and leaders as well as countless Islamic groups around the world have condemned the London attacks on moral, humanitarian and religious grounds. All agree that there is nothing Islamic about killing ordinary civilians taking the subway or bus to work or school. And there is nothing in the Koran or the Hadiths that could possibly condone such a deplorable and calculated murder. In fact, Islamic texts clearly condemn the killing of innocents. Such acts of terrorism are both morally reprehensible and in direct violation of Islamic teachings.

Some might naively argue that the terrorist attacks in London were a political response to Britain's involvement in the Iraq war. True, London has been fearfully bracing for such a possible backlash ever since the Madrid attacks of March 11, 2004. But there is no political message that can be conveyed or transmitted through brutality and violence. The perpetrators, whether they turn out to be fundamentalists or some other group, will fail to promote whatever political cause they pretend to espouse. The only message that they will successfully convey is that they have a passion for bloodshed and violence. While terrorists may hide their love of violence in political terminology, it is the satisfaction of an unquenchable appetite for mayhem that is their only recognizable and sincere motivation.

Sadly, the victims of their crimes are not only those who were killed or wounded or terrorized in London yesterday, but all Muslims, particularly those in the West, where they have been looked at with increasing discrimination and suspicion ever since September 11, 2001. Muslims will undoubtedly suffer even more discrimination in the wake of these latest attacks. In spite of the fact that all acts of "Islamic" terrorism blatantly contradict Islamic teachings, such acts serve to further distort the image of Muslims and Islam.

The ramifications of the terrorist attacks in London will undoubtedly be far-reaching and will be felt around the globe. They are also likely to further inspire a wave of international counter-terrorist cooperation between governments and security agencies, thus wasting valuable resources - time, money, but most importantly good will - that would have otherwise gone toward more productive endeavors.

  Category: Europe, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, England, London, Terrorism, Tony Blair
Views: 20606

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Older Comments:
7-7 could have been done by the British Govt just like the 9-11 was done by the US Govt.
you be the judge....

to comment on Hudd d'Aelia. They dont use Christian to say a Christian did something, because it is a Christian country and the majority are Christian. Better digger deeper for your explanations!!

Well whats surprised me most is the way the world dealt with 7/7 bombings, it was as if the world had come to an end, not saying that it was something small by any matters, but isnt it the same thing that happens in iraq but on a daily if not hourly basis?? is it that the blood of Iraki people is considered 2nd class?? os is it that we just dont matter to the "civilised" world cuz we arent "civilised". Without the destruction caused by the so called WEstern world, with their agent SAddam hussein, Iraq would have not only become a developed country, but may have surpassed challenges Modern scientists are simply puzzled by its complexity.

think its a joke??
think again, The capital of knowledge has always been Baghdad

Of course there are, Perry, we didn't say that. But we say no to the propaganda. In comparison, if thieves or killers other than Muslims, the media doesn't specify their religion like:"Christian father killed his Christian wife and four Christian children in TX(Happened about one year ago). Christian thugs abducted pregnant Christian woman and sodomized her(Happened about four years ago in CA). Christian armed robbers broke in a Malibu home killing Christian owner and raping his Christian wife." Shall I continue?
This is what we opose, a bad propaganda done against Islam as a way of life. As the examples above were not typical of Christian behaviour, although present in everyday Christian life. The same with Islam, people that happen to be Muslims might not follow Islamic issues but economic, political and mob law, but they do not represent what Islam stands for. That's our beef with your biased media.

Are you suggesting there are no terroistrs, criminals, murderers, cheats and frauds etc. among Muslims who are supposed to submit to Allah?

Why can't we admit these people are finding their way to this extremism through Islam?
Al-Qaida didn't create this problem - they are tapped into something that was already there and exploited it.
It's not that we need to change the Quran, it's that 'religious' men, and sometimes women, are reading the Quran and drawing some very different conclusions than hopefully the rest of us are. If not Muslims, exactly who is supposed to set straight this problem?

Weather killing a Muslim or a Non-Muslim by a Muslim or a Non-Muslim is strictly prohibited in Islam. Allah says in The Glorious Quran:

"...whosoever killed a soul not to retaliate for a soul, nor for creating disorder in the land, then it is as if he had killed all mankind. And whoso gave life to one soul, then it is as if he had given life to all mankind..."(5:32)

So every kind of killing innocents is Haram..

thank u



If the bombers were not Islamist Terrorists then what were they? "School Boy" Terrorists, "Innocent" Terrorists? Where did they get their training to blow up the bus and trains? Why would they kill them selves? If all the puzzle pieces fit together to show that they were islamic terrorists, then all followers of Islam need to condemn their actions. The world must unite against terror; no matter who propogates the terror. May God bless our troubled world.

muslims need to stop being so defensive about muslim terrorists. it happens. all people have terrorists. bush is a terrorist. blair is a terrorist. bin laden is a terrorist. it is just that some wear good ironed shirts and others are in hiding. that is all.

for those hell bent on making this a muslim or islamic deal, get over it. it is not. muslims are about 1.5 billion people. how many of them have committed terrorirst actions? not even 1%. but 1% of muslims is more than the entire jewish people in the world.

a little reflection, please. you are humans....... use your god-given brain :-)


To say it is NOT the work of Islamic terrorists is like saying that the Irish who were killing each other, were not Catholics and Protestants when they ARE. Yes, peace loving Muslims do want to distance themselves and avoid being steroetyped but it does look as if you are just "pointing the finger" AGAIN. Accept this , then Cure it within.

Hello Hudd.
" But again, you didn't get my point which honestly surprises me."
Quite often people don't get other's points. Unfortunately.
"I know you as a witty man and you proved to be not an enamy of Islam, not a friend either, mind you, but as long as you are impartial and allow your logics and good sense to override your Christian urges, we are cool."
I'm not evangelising at muslim sites. Nobody here will see a day when I try to convert you people.
" I was taught Christianity at a rate and means that you could not have matched mine by a long shot."
" It sounds stupid the same, "Love your eneamy, bless those that hate you."
So it sounds stupid to you.
"Did you turn the other cheek to the Native Americans, Mexicans, Communists, Blacks, Japanese, Muslims, Terrorists? "
I guess we still see this other cheek thing very differently. So be it. You've said yourself that Islam should not be condemned because of some people's behavior. Well, I see that the same applies to Christianity.
"Don't choose to get me started in a new feud with you my friend because it won't be pretty! You are knowledgeable and so am I, therefore an argument between us would be unnecessarily dumb."
I'm not purposely begging a quarrell with you. That doesn't nececcarily mean that such a thing couldn't happen. But if there is, as I believe, mutual respect enough, we don't have to go too low in it. I respect and tolerate different wievs, and I expect that from my partners too. If this is the case, there should not be major problems.

Back in August, peace.

Hello Sirius, I'm sorry that my comment about the cheek tickled you the wrong way. But again, you didn't get my point which honestly surprises me. I know you as a witty man and you proved to be not an enamy of Islam, not a friend either, mind you, but as long as you are impartial and allow your logics and good sense to override your Christian urges, we are cool. About the cheek I was sarcastic, you don't need to teach me Christianity, I was taught Christianity at a rate and means that you could not have matched mine by a long shot. I know exactly what Jesus,pbuh, meant as well as what he meant when he urged his followers to sell everything and by a sword! Personally, I don't believe that these were Jesus' words. It sounds stupid the same, "Love your eneamy, bless those that hate you." Are you Christians doing that? You consider the Muslims as your enamies. Do you love us, bless us? Did you turn the other cheek to the Native Americans, Mexicans, Communists, Blacks, Japanese, Muslims, Terrorists? Get out of town, Sirius and get serious! Don't choose to get me started in a new feud with you my friend because it won't be pretty! You are knowledgeable and so am I, therefore an argument between us would be unnecessarily dumb. I know you know where I come from and I know you know a battle of words is quite my medium. But hey, we live in a free world, you want a jab at it, let's have my friend.
"Peace!...This untill the rise of morn."(Quran:47-5)

Salaam A'lekum,

So it looks like the suicide murderers were born and lived in my hometown. These people did not lack freedom or opportunity. They did not live in a ghetto, in fact where they lived is quite multicultural. They were not poor or destitute. They were not victimised or discriminated against. They could work, demonstrate, worship and vote as they pleased. From the cradle to the grave, our state provides. Maybe their life lacked a purpose or maybe there's a generation gap with their elders?

Maybe they felt the pull of international Islamic politics. Empathy with fellow Muslims is praiseworthy, however when that empathy does not stretch to the rest of humanity, that is when the fabric of society starts to smoulder. Maybe they were groomed by radicals with the dogma of al-Maudoodi / Abdullah Azam / Bin Laden. If so, that smouldering resentment could turn to burning hatred. A fiery hate so intense, they could not see the evil in their barbaric plans of mass murder. The promise of praise and paradise sealed their fate and that of the innocents they murdered.

The preachers of hate and division have a lot to answer for. They might say they worship and pray to the same God as me, however where they end up is not where I seek to go.


(especially to the latest innocents, murdered and mutilated by a perverted dogma - Iraqi children who will not wake up tomorrow to see a beautiful and fine day).


Paul, I applaud your poetry and feel sympathy for the innocent that lost their lives that morning. And Ronald, I too agree with you and do not understand why we all can not live in peace!

The world is such a complex and politically charged sphere. The innocent are constantly being killed, in London, in New York, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Palestine, etc. And while most of us cherish our freedoms and liberites, there are innocent civilians being held captive in Guatanomo Bay, in Iraq, etc.

Where do we go from here and what do we do about it?

Seams to me: This is BS! Terrorism everywhere where muslims appear.

(Sorry, missed the alternative wiev room.)

It's a bit naive interpretation to assume that one should turn other cheek in every situation. For example: if a drug addict in his paranoia attacks me, I certainly won't "turn other cheek".
Remember Hudd the first contact between us: I attacked you because I misintepeted consept "white man". You counterattacked in a way that our posts were not put on the board at first. Then, without knowing that I had got the word wrong I made a U-turn:made a friendly approach. You were smart and noble enough to realize this, and our situation calmed down. This is how I see this "other cheek"-thing. One should not always give a punch after punch, espesially if peace is the aim.
The other- cheek- principle worked between us.


I pray for the victims, I pray the bombers (if still alive) would sometime fully repent and ask for forgiveness from God to save their souls from the hellfire.
Some comments.
- it seems that some people wander around without hearing or seeing anything. Muslims (individuals,organisations...) have condemned this acts globally, but still some got nerve to call MOST muslims terrorists. Or is media's state in america really that bad that these news can't be heard? Generalizing is a EVIL thing, cos then you lie about most of the people. It is among the first steps to demonize a whole group of people. The next steps are... well, do some history learnig. This (generalizing) is too common a phenomena, muslims are no way immune to it, as I've noticed for example at this website.Let's all fight it.
- It seems that some muslims can't get that there are people among them who 1)want to commit such acts 2) are capable to carry out them. Mossad, CIA... -cards can't be played many times. It's reality escapism to address them all the time.
- some said that it's muslims task to clean their hordes. I don't disagree, but I want to remind it's very hard task. Why don't you american christians clean your hordes too? Start with that ex-drunk warmonger at the Capitol Hill.
- if it is those bombers aim to islamize world and ruin "western" societies, by their bomb-diplomacy their goals get further and further in distance. Blast by blast. If this is someday going to happen, it certainly not is achieved by those "big children with big fireworks". It is achieved by people, who's living example folks find admireable. These firecrackerboys fail profoundly to understand westeners:forcing believesystems won't do.
- Hudd, you don't seem to be at ease with this "turn the other cheek"-thing. What Jesus meant by this is that you always have an option to give peace a chance. Hate can't be won by hate, its just like trying to damp fire with gasolin. (to be continued)

this makes the third time that I have commented on the London bombing. I do so due to what I have seen on the news.
It is reported that the bombing was done by "english muslims" This to me is great as it shows that the arab and other muslims had nothing to do with it. But while it shows this it is also sad as it also shows that ideas like the way they push their ideas around is spreading and more people will be hurt or killed in the same brutal way. I don't understand and I guess that I probably never will why people can't live together in peace. Whether you refer to Him as Allah or God I for one just know that He didn't mean for life to be like this. I know that there are those who will say that this is just the way life is or something to that effect. The trouble with me is I know that it doesn't have to be. We choose to be like this by the desission we make, and that we can change and make this a world of peace where we can all live together as brothers and sisters.To Allah be praised for the good that people do do is my prayer.
as-salamu alaykum

Umm Iman cont.

I hear frequently from this site about America and its war against Islam. I know there are many Muslim Americans who know better. They need to stand up and speak the truth. America is not at war with Islam. Freedom of religion is one of our most hallowed concepts in our constitution. The problem is the same problem I hear complained about in regard to the American Press. Just because a lie is repeated often doesn't make it so. The same people who say that the terrorists can't be Islamists are the same people who say America is a war with Islam because we fight terrorists. Now tell me, which is it?

I keep coming to this site because I want to understand the Muslim community. I see a lot I like and take exception to what I feel is wrong. I would hope that most of you take my comments for what they are, an attempt at understanding.

Umm Iman,

I appreciate your support of free discourse. I am aware of the Palestinian situation and I believe that most Americans support the concept of a Free Palestinian State. There have been many atrocities committed against the Palestinians who have been occupied by the Israelis. Of this I am aware and do not dispute. There have been many times the door of reconciliation has been opened, only to be slammed shut by hard-liners from one side or the other who tear open another old wound.

What is keeping America from pressing Israel harder to make concessions in the name of peace is not the "Zionist who control the power"; it is the continued terrorist attacks leveled indiscriminately at civilians and the lack of support for a strong leader who will work in the Palestinians best interest. Whether the terrorist feel their actions are warranted or not is immaterial. The fact that they continue to happen is counter-productive to their cause. If the people who have the most power in Palestine are spewing hate toward America and practicing indiscriminate violence, we have no reason to stand up against a country (Israel) that professes to be our friend. In spite of Abbas making a courageous stand against the terrorists, bombings are still happening. The people of Palestine as well as the rest of the Arab world need to accept the fact that: 1) Terrorism is not working; 2) Aid sent to Palestine needs to be spent helping people and growing industry not making bombs; 3) They do not speak from a position of strength. They need to set their testosterone aside and do what is best for their people.

Continued next posting


You may disbelieve if you will, but people who mistakenly think they are moslem DID carry out the attacks on 9/11 and on 7/7, lie to yourselves and convince yourselves it was some conspiracy or look at the real facts.
To paraphrase Apollo 13 "Islam, you have a problem" And to be quite honest, either you take steps to clean it up or we will.
Condemn terrorism? Stop the insurgents in Iraq from murdering moslems. Stop blaming kuffars for everything wrong. Everytime you point a finger three are pointing right back at yourselves.

As salaamu alaikum: Irregardless of who was behind these attacks, this heightens my awareness to one thing - the Muslims need to stop looking to the West to better out lives and solve our conflicts. I read once that the rates of conversion and birth among the British would make Islam the largest religion there by like 2010 or 2015. But even when that happens no way in the world can the Muslims change the political landscape or mindset of those people. The same here in the US. There are millions of Muslim, albeit fragmented, especially here in the Philly area. There are more women wearing niqaab here, and men wearing beards here, than in many places which are Darul Islam. However, we have made very little progress in political, economic, or social arenas, and if anything, the Muslims here are being even more impacted by this culture, and straying farther from their religion. I believe these are the times to begin seeing how we can improve the Muslim world, by taking our talents, abilities, and indeed Western tarbiyyah to these countries and aiding in their development. Will you make as much money - probably not. Will you be able to publically defile the King or leader - no. But what good is freedom of speech here when ireegardless of the number of people in demonstartion or march, you do not affect the policy? We will be making the lands of Islam stronger and facilitating their rise to prominence. May Allah allow us all to earn His Mercy and provide support to the Muslims whereever they may be.

Umm Iman says: "I was born and raised in America so I do have a different frame of reference than people born overseas, I won't apologize for that, I'm here to learn." If you were a person chategorized by Quran as "The people of the Book", I would understand your stement. Since you claim to be Muslim having a name with an Arab ring to it your statement could be either arrogant(Oh, I'm American, thus more than you people born overseas, mind you) or ignorant of tyhe condition of being Muslim. Maybe you are a descendent of early black slaves to America that were either Muslims or animists. They were coerced to convert to the whiteman's religion, which in US was evangelist Christianity. So, if you were before being Muslim one of those, "Jesus Christ Hallelluya", I understand that you are not yet entirely purified of evangelic enterpretation of religion in general. Let me tell you that Islam is 6the way of inner peace with the Lord of the Universe, but we are not Christians, we do not apply the following: "if somebody slapped you on one cheek (be that your face or your butt), turn him your other one. We have the law of Equity(Qissas), the primordial law Allah/God/Yahwe gave to the world. The same law was given to Abraham, Moses,David,Solomon,Jesus and Muhammad,peace be upon them all. In Islam love doesn't overrule the law, therefore you cannot have gay marriages in Islam like in Christianity. Lust doesn't overrule reason, therefore Muslims do not fall in love and then start a romance and marry to divorse next year, but rather Muslims use reason and cold judgement when marry. The fact that you were born in a different place than another Muslim doesn't make you a stranger, if it does(different mindset, different interpretation of fundamental issues, different practices, different philosophy), your Islam is questionable. And if you as a Muslim are a sister to every Muslim as the prophet ordained, then you don't put the questions of the kafir to your Muslim bro, sister!

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

Bruce, I have been compared to you and accepted the comparison based on your ability to share in
iViews. Many people have no desire whatsoever to look at the possibilities, or another point of view. With respect to your comments re the Islamic World not speaking out against the murder of innocent women and children in Palestine do you mean innocent Palestinians? Please remember that what's happening in Palestine is in fact a war..what makes this war different is that one side has been given permission to have an army with all of it's modern missiles and other equipment while the other side has no control over when they can visit their family in the next village (or if a woman can pass a checkpoint to deliver her baby in the nearest hospital). The reality is that the Israelis are occupiers; should other Middle Eastern countries stand up for the rights of the occupiers and not for those who are suffering under the occupation?.
Check out the website Jerusalem Gate. Another reality is that Arab leaders Muslim and Christian have spoken out against the atrocities taking place in this land for years. Palestinian leaders have been asking for UN or outside monitors to come in and see what's going on since the beginning of this Intifada. It is the Jewish leadership that has not allowed outsiders to come in and monitor. Why? Think about it. Palestinian and non-Palestinian journalists/photographers have been shot at and some fatally wounded because of their work. Huum, before the advent of computers, it use to be said that a picture can speak a thousand words, I might add of truth.
So when you say Islamic people are not speaking out against the murder of innocent women and children you are very much mistaken.

Jazack Allaho Khair Omar!

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

Asalam Alaykum Hudd...you did not read the entirety of the last paragraph. If so, it seems you were so insulted by my question (which I admitted may not hold water ) that perhaps you didn't digest the rest of my point. I understand that there would be a root cause, my question is does the end justify the means...my next question was is there another way to address the crisis of atrocities taking place around the world. I now understand that I asked this as though the bombers are indeed Muslim and yet only Allah and the perpetrators of this act know the truth (L.Alahem helped me understand this)and I stand corrected. Unfortunately, there is a time delay in the posting of comments so there exists a break in the dialogue. As far as my sounding like Bruce I can actually accept that ( at least Bruce is having dialogue). Like Fed-up, no I don't accept that. I was born and raised in America so I do have a different frame of reference than people born overseas, I won't apologize for that, I'm here to learn. May Allah guide me to the right. Asalam Alaykum and JZK for your responding.

Assalamou Alaikoum, my apologetic Muslims brothers and sisters, assuming that some of our frustrated Muslims brothers and sisters are responsible for the London bombing, I repeat "assuming", because being conscious that suspicion is a great sin, I will not admit anything, until I see irrefutable, not just convincing, but irrefutable evidences, not the evidences "held" by the accusers with their Hollywood special effects, not the evidences that you, brothers and sisters claim to have obtained. I want to see them myself and I want to be 100% convinced of what I see, just like I am 100% convinced and see with my own eyes, that the Iraqi and Afghan people were bombed and still being killed, tortured and robbed by the cowboys and by the mad cows breeders, then I will consider an adequate and honest response to the world, this of course ONLY after Bush, Blair and the rest of their criminal friends; FIRST, apologize to the Muslim world; SECOND, repair the damage done to Iraq and Afghanistan and their populations; THIRD, after, and ONLY after Bush, Blair and their mercenaries are tried and punished for all the crimes they are perpetrating against humanity. Besides you and I did not do it, so STOP acting irresponsibly and get rid of that stupid complex of culpability engineered by the enemies of Humanity. For this London case, remember one important thing that you probably read or heard in the news, that this is the first time London has been attacked since World War 2. So again "assuming" that the Iraqis or someone else acting on their behalf did the bombing, in general the Britons are smarter and more logical that the Americans to figure out the simple fact that had England not invaded and killed the Iraqis people, the German V-2 rockets would have remained the last destructive devices ever to disrupt London's cozy ambiance. Wassalam

Muslims, by definition are those people who submit themselves to the Will of Allah (SWT). And what is the Will of Allah (SWT)? It is contained, and easily accessible for all to read, within the Holy Qu'ran and the Hadiths. Does either the Holy Qu'ran or the Hadiths advocate the killing of innocent people? Certainly not! How then, can those who commit such atrocities call themselves Muslims if, by doing these deeds, they are opposing the Will of Allah?

I contend that they are, in fact, enemies of Islam intent on creating and spreading hatred against Muslims. Their unwitting partners in this crime, are the media who perpetuate the myth by always preceding the words 'terrorism' and 'terrorist/s' with the words 'Muslim' or 'Islamists'. By saying 'Islamic terrorists', one is not only forming an oxymoron but is also defaming every Muslim in the world.

The Islamic Councils of the world should, on behalf of all Muslims, sue for defamation and religious vilification, anyone who describes terrorists as being Muslims and, furthermore, sue any media outlet which broadcasts such outrageous lies. If anyone wants to claim that terrorists are Muslims, they should be forced to prove, in a Court of Law, that those who commit such heinous acts do so because they have submitted to Allahs' Will and are, therefore, Muslims acting in accordance with Islam, but they will never be able to do that. When terrorists realise that they can no longer count on the worlds' media to spread their hatred and to vilify Muslims, they will soon cease these atrocious acts.

Truly those who commit terrorism are enemies of Islam, but those who commit such acts, calling themselves Muslims, are even worse enemies. Moreover, those who broadcast the terrorists false claims and defamatory lies are aiding and abetting them and should, as a consequence, be brought to account.

I believe the 'War on Terror' will be won, not with guns, but in the many Law Courts around the world.

Amazingly what is lost upon those who are holding Muslims to blame is that any ding dong can post a message on any web site claiming anything. Would it not have been interesting if someone went on line and published in Hebrew that a pro-Israel group did the London deed to protest the Gaza withdrawal? Would the media then have blamed Jews on the strength of that claim? Would people have taken to the streets to beat up Jews and burn down their Synagogues? I think not. Why? Because hate against Muslims goes far beyond reason and common sense. Its an ingrained psychosis entrenched in racism. Typical assumption in the US and mostly amongst the yobs here is that if you speak Arabic you must be a Muslim. No one told these individuals bereft of any intelligence that many Middle Eastern Jews and Christians speak Arabic, not all Arabs are Muslims and there are Muslims from every single ethnic background known to man. Are we going to act in ignorance like the Americans or are we going to demonstrate what we English are made of? Our response to the bombings has already shown the world our nation's character and spirit, which remains civilised.

IMAN (2) FROM IRAQ said:
Does the word "barbaric" adequately describe the behavior of your troops in Iraq? May we ask why the Security Council did not condemn the massacre in al-Amiriyah and what happened in al-Fallujah, Tal'afar, Sadr City, and an-Najaf? Why does the world watch as our people are killed and tortured and not condemn the crimes being committed against us? Are you human beings and we something less? Do you think that only you can feel pain and we can't? In fact it is we who are most aware of how intense is the pain of the mother who has lost her child, or the father who has lost his family. We know very well how painful it is to lose those you love. You don't know our martyrs, but we know them. You don't remember them, but we remember them. You don't cry over them, but we cry over them.
Have you heard the name of the little girl Hannan Salih Matrud? Or of the boy Ahmad Jabir Karim? Or Sa'id Shabram?
Yes, our dead have names too. They have faces and stories and memories. There was a time when they were among us, laughing and playing. They had dreams, just as you have. They had a tomorrow awaiting them. But today they sleep among us with no tomorrow on which to wake. We don't hate the British people or the peoples of the world. This war was imposed upon us, but we are now fighting it in defense of our selves. Because we want to live in our homeland - the free land of Iraq - and to live as we want to live, not as your government or the American government wish.
Let the families of those killed know that responsibility for the Thursday morning London bombings lies with Tony Blair and his policies. Stop your war against our people! Stop the daily killing that your troops commit! End your occupation of our homeland!

Iman al-Saadun, Friday, 8 July 2005

IMAN (1) FROM IRAQ said:
A Letter to the British People from a daughter of Iraq; I'm sending this letter to the British people and in particular to the residents of London. For a period of hours, you have lived through moments of desperate anxiety and horror. In those hours you lost a member of your family or a friend, and we wish to tell you in total honesty that we too grieve when human lives pass away. I cannot tell you how much we hurt when we see desperation and pain on the face of another person. For we have lived through this situation - and continue to live through it every day - since your country and the United States formed an alliance and laid plans to attack Iraq.
The Prime Minister of your country, Tony Blair, said that those who carried out the explosions did so in the name of Islam. The Secretary of State of the United States, Condaleezza Rice, described the bombings as an act of barbarism. The United Nations Security Council met and unanimously condemned the event. I would like to ask you, the free British people, to allow me to inquire: in whose name was our country blockaded for 12 years? In whose name were our cities bombed using internationally prohibited weapons? In whose name did the British army kill Iraqis and torture them? Was that in your name? Or in the name of religion? Or humanity? Or freedom? Or democracy? What do you call the killing of more than two million children? What do you call the pollution of the soil and the water with depleted uranium and other lethal substances?
What do you call what happened in the prisons in Iraq - in Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca and the many other prison camps? What do you call the torture of men, women, and children? What do you call tying bombs to the bodies of prisoners and blowing them apart? What do you call the refinement of methods of torture for use on Iraqi prisoners- such as pulling off limbs, gouging out eyes, putting out cigarettes on their skin, and using cigarette lighters to set fire to the hair on their head?

Umm Iman Zazaakillahu Khair. This article is for non-Muslims moreso than Muslims. Go to islamonline.net and under the "News" section look for the article, "No security solution, Terror roots Must be Tackled", by PM Blair.

The enamies of Islam will never be pleased with the Muslims if they were to give them a mountain of gold. Remember Atahualpa the Inka king when Pizarro promised to leave his land and not slaughter his people if Atahualpa filled his cabin with gold to the height Pizarro draw a line with his sword. What happened? After Atahualpa filled his cabin with gold Pizarro killed him and his people to the brim of extermination. This is what the white European Christians did to those that were different then them. The European descendands of the Crusaders(who still are in the Crusaders' state of mind) are the most vicious and barbaric people on the planet. Just look at the crusading Zionists murdering the innocent children of Palestine in the name of religion! Claiming,"God gave Palestine to the Jews!", yes but they omit when God took it away from them with the promise to give it to a better people,e.g., the Muslims. The Christians of the West that mask their religious fanatism with words such as, democracy, relief, humanitarian aid? How much humanitarian aid was sent to Africa? Where is it? In which Jewish or Christian leader's pocket is it? The West and especially the Zionists are the masters of hypocracy and guile! Every evil has a respite with the Lord and the Lord of the Universe is mindful of everyone's doing. When we will be summoned up in front of him, things would be much as Jesus,pbuh, described. The greatest on earth among the Christians and the Zionists will be the pavement of hell! While the meek of the people at large will be ushered through the gate4s of Paradise. The thieves and the terrorists will be dealt better with than Bush, Clinton, Sharon, Nataniahu and Blair who obviously are responsible of mass murders in M.E. and Africa. The enamies of Islam would want us to denounce the acts of terrorism commited by supposed Islamists. Yeah, we try to denounce the crimes against humanity done by US & UK for centuries, did anybody from the enamies of Islam listen?

Just a single question
If all Muslims are not terrorists, why are almost all terrorists Muslims...?

It is perhaps time for the Umma to wake up and open its eyes...

There is no doubt that London Bombings can never be justified, especially under the banner of Islam. What I would like to know that after the bombings a lot more than few people meted-out verbal and physical abuse to Muslims and their Places of Worship around the World. It is said, this is a reaction because of anger over the bombings. Bombings took place in London yet there was a backlash in New Zealand against Muslims and their Places of Worship. Please do understand that I DONOT condone the London Bombings but is it that dificult to understand that there would be people who happen to be Muslims will react in the same manner because what has been done in their countries where Western Governments are directly or indirectly responsible for the Death Destruction caused all in the name of War on Terror and/or Democracy. When you kill by the thousands of innocent civilians it is called Collateral Damage and only a few of yours are killed its a Monstrous Act of Terrorism. Until when your demand for Justice is not identical to that of Muslims there will always be people Muslims or Non-Muslims alike commit acts of this nature.

are is this editorial for real??
are YOU people for real??????
i used to think iviews was a place for some rational discussion. OY vey.

I feel so shock, angry, and sad if our muslim brothers do the un-civilized works, why, why should they do to innocent peoples is New York, Madrid, and London. If confrim they do that they are not Muslim better they declare they are animal with crazy mind but please open our eyes and minds, think twice and be fair to judge...thems May Allah Bless You Alls.

Why is it as soon as there is bombing any where
people assume it is Muslims.

Doesn't anyone see that it is a planned War of US Bush and Britain Blair'sand in Europe controlled by Zionists pro Israelis, who control the business to mediaand in Europe.

They are the ones waging War against Muslims, discrediting them and than attacking and killing and taking over land and wealth.

One can see the pattern now. Since it happened so many times. I was thinking soon they will find an Iranian or Syrian passport somewhere to find excuse to attack those countries.

It does not matter if it the tallest building in the world, train or bus is wrecked they always seem to find the passport or car parked with passport left in trunk. It is just unbelievable people are so gullable.

CIA, FBI, M15 all are involved. How is it possible England and US are under siege for years now and specially when G8 leaders are coming bombed can so easily planted and blown.
Al-Qaida may have been a small unknown group. Now I think Israel, US and Britain are do these acts and using the name Al-Qaiyda.

Muslims should stop appologising and start asking questions who gives them this right to attack a country on those basis without going to World. They are going blind with power.

May Allah helps us and make our Imaan stronger, Ameen.

What can we say about this? If there is any terrorist attack in the world it reflected to Muslims, whether it is happened in a Muslim country or non-muslim country.It is how the world is going on now. All non-muslims want to kill all the Muslims by saying terrorists. Can they do that?... I don't think so..

These all are happening because of Muslims, muslims are separated from one another and are not blieving the brothers of Islam to unite to be one soul.Allah is the great...

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

Asalam Alaykum.Hena,Abdul Razzaq,Hudd, L. Alahem

Hena..Allah guides hearts..I'm going to attempt to address your question;I'm starting with a question for you. How would someone make you change your point of view or at least consider theirs? For many people, the way to begin to open the door to understanding is to demonstrate first of all that each persons point has been heard; there's value in that and it demonstrates a level of respect for the other person. One can take it from there. As you see though from the way some of the comments are being presented, people are venting..InshaAllah, once they recover from the horror of their own emotional reaction they can return to listen...if not, to them be their way.
If I have said something wrong may Allah SWT forgive me.

Abdul Razzaq, the page you listed for Islam online isn't coming up...can you give the title of the article you're directing folks to. JZK

Brother Hudd, Thank you for clarifying your statements, there was a grey area in your response that could cause people to misconstrue your point. What we are repeatedly subjected to is blame for seemingly turning a blind eye to "these bombings committed by Islamic terrorists/terrorists doing these bombings in the name of Allah etc." "We" are blamed as a nation because so often the atrocities committed against Muslims everywhere is often raised as a result of these atrocities not receiving worldwide attention, sympathy, outrage etc. To some, one has nothing to do with the other. Many have noted what you have, we do not know what happened and as L. Alahem pointed out, even when people proclaim Everybody knows...they were later proven wrong. Alhumdulilah L. Alahem for pointing this out. May Allah guide us all InshaAllah. Salam

Kevin, here is the relation to Jerusalem. From my previous comment you learnt that Roman emperor Hadrian wiped out Jerusalem and after transforming its location in "tabula rasa", he built the Roman city of Aelia. No temple, where the temple stood the city's garbage dump was located. All this bvy 300 AD. Quran was revealed through 600 AD at this time there wasn't such a city as Jerusalem. Jerusalem was destroyed for ever, it was to become a spiritual city located in heaven. Quran says about masjid al-Aqsa, the farthest mosque which is the temple of Solomon or the farthest extent of monotheism. It was a symbolic and spiritual place, since Muslims are the servants of Allah or Yahwe and all his prophets are recognized and reveered in Islam. Fact still remains, Allah refered to the temple of Solomon, though at the time it did not physically exist any longer. The Muslims took the city of Aelia from the Byzantines and Omar built a mosque after he cleaned the dump. So, the Palestinians that in a manner of speaking are Muslim and Christian Israelites built a mosque to Allah or Yahwe on the presumed site of Solomon's Temple in the Roman city of Aelia in the Roman/Byzantine Province of Palestine which now became the Palestine Region of the Islamic Khalifat. What Jerusalem and what Israel are you talking about? The Zionist state is a concoction of Western interests in M.E., a modern time colony of European Jewish prozelytes with a reactionary political agenda! They renamed Palestine as Israel, which is an oxymoron since for longer time and more recently the name of this land was Palestine. They renamed the city of al-Quds as Yerushalaym. When al-Quds was an abreviation of an Islamic title to the Roman city of Aelia, namely, "al-Medinat ul-Musharafah al-Quds" or in English, "The Noble Holy City". Still the name of the city is Aelia not Jerusalem. Jerusalem died and went to heaven where you will enter its gates, inshallah if you were a devotee of Allah, or Yahwe if you will.

Kevin, forget Jamaica, OK, you don't trick me, you are Israeli and you are ashamed to state it in your comments. I feel with you, you are the citizen of the greatest terrorist state and nation that the world ever saw! Hamas is fighting an occupation, pal, whatever you call that, it is a struggle(Arabic: Jihad). You said:"I am yet to find a muslim who will live up to the fact that israel existed long before the word palestine ever existed". Yes Israel existed and died, Palestine was born from the ashes of Israel, what about that pal? If you study world history you discover the followings. In the beginning there was Canaan, the Israelites and the Philistines occupied it, devided it among themselves fought for domination, the Israelites in the long run won and thus assimilated the Philistines that no longer were a distinct society in the kingdom of Israel. So, ethnically speaking, the post Solomon Israelites were a mix between the Semitic Hebrews and Aryan Philistines. Then Jesus came and devided the nation into Christians and Jews, but it was the same nation(Israelo-Philistine) with foreign accents of Aramaic, Persian, Armenian, Greek and Roman. Emperor Hadrian around 300 AD, was famous of entirely destroying the city of Jerusalem and redesigning a completely new city that maintained nothing from the Israelite city, nay where the temple stood, Hadrian built the new city's dump for household garbage and janitorial waste. The city's full name,"Ulpia Romana Aelia Capitolina", or simply, the city of Aelia. He renamed the whole Israelite(Christiajn and Jewish) territories by one name, "The Roman Province of Palestine". The name Palestine lasted untill the Zionist state changed it to Israel. The city of Aelia was referred to as an alternative to al-Quds even today among Palestinians, Christian or Muslim. So who are the Palestinians? They are Arabized and Islamized Israelo-Philistines with a lot of foreign influences who were both of Mosaic or Christian faith. Got it?

Hena, you cant really do much but speak the truth. When you're dealing with ignorant assholes its not east, look at the comments of Bruce.

Sr Umm Iman, obviously you got to US by other reasons than modern times refugees. You might be descendant of early black slaves or descendand of early colonists, one way or another, something brought you to America, even if you were a native. The natives are the oldest inhabitants of the Americas, but technically, they are Asians and Polynesians. Having said these, I give you a scenario. Suppose Palestine would have not been occupied and vacated of people to make place for the colonizing Zionists. In that case, I would be living on the estate of my parents, who were important people in my nation and pursue in their business and endeavours. The Zionist Israelis invaded Trans-Jordan and occupied Jerusalem where I was living at the time(a Western suburb of it), I was left orphan and a refugee(6 mo. old) grabbed by a variety of people with claims of relationship. The case was so intricate that even today I don't really know who the heck I am?! Some sources bring me to Christian Assyrians, some to Arab Muslims and others to Spanish Missionary's illegitimate child. Would all these be in question if I would be living in an independent Palestine that was never occupied by Europeans? Thus as a Palestinian refugee in M.E. I have no nationality and no rights compared to the citizens of the host country. What can I do other than go to those that robbed my country and pushed me out of my habitation and claim there a place like any other people that technically don't belong there, except the natives. Like this I am a Canadian today, due to Western aggression to my country, if it didn't happen I wouldn't be here not for the love of Muhammad!
Yor second point, what are you saying that there is no root cause to terrorism? Being Muslim or Islamic is a terrorist's identity? You call yourself Umm Iman? You insulted me with your inane questions. I expect those kind of Q from Bruce, Fedup, etc! Make up your mind Sr and unswer yourself the Q:"whom do I serve?"

When people such as Osama bin Laden brag about being great Muslims, and claim responsibility for the most horrendous terrorist acts imaginable, when Palestinian terrorists murder innocent women and children in Israel every chance they get, and there is silence from the world of Islam, it makes they rediculous statementm that there or no Islamic terrorists just that-rediculous. People who claim to be Islamic heroes daily flush the Quaran and defile the name of Islam and of the Prophet, yet it is nearly unheard of for any cleric or Islamic group to stand up and say those people are defilers of a great religion and no follower of Islam should follow them or contribute to their cause.
When that starts happening, thinking people may start to realize there is such a thing as a God-loving, decent human being in the religion.
The United States has done more than any other nation to protect the followers of Islam, they brought down a horrid dictator who had murdered hundreds of thousands of your religion, but instead of thanking the US, we are vilified and lied about. How about telling the truth, to include the truth that the ones desicrating the Qaran are in most case actually members or your religion, evil as they may be.
God is the One God of everyone. He created all life, not just the Islamic life. And, in point on fact, most of the great religions of the world were here long before Mohammed came on the scene.
May God bless us everyone.

How can you respond to someone who says that the attacks were in the pattern of Al-Qaida, how can you make them think differently?

How convenient that the CCTV cameras that were on the bus that blew up in the London bombings were not functioning. Imagine my shock!?


In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful.
Since the event of the sept. 11, Mulims have become No. 1 suspect even though there are no convincing facts to prove this assertion as apptly captured by western media and general opinion of Americans and Europeans alike.
The recent bombing of London has further broght to fore this assertion of the west as evidenced by the pronouncement of the Britsh Prime Minister, American President and other world leaders.
In order to solve a problem the root cause of the problem must be identified.
In this view i challenge the West and America to use their sophisticated machinery to uncover those behind this spate of human carnage by prooving to the world beyond reasonable doubt the real "terorrist", so as to exonorate Islam which is princpallly a religion of peace and peacefull coexistance.

I don't know why my alternative view, part of the previous post was not published. However here are a few more thoughts that come to my mind.
An effectively functioning Media is supposed to be the cornerstone of a democracy. In fact, it is the nervous system of a democracy. But, sadly, our mainstream media does not match up to that ideal. An effective media is the one that keeps a constant watch on the Government's activities and asks tough questions. But, sincerely our mainstream media is not doing it's duty. If our media were doing their duty, we would not have been in the situation we are now, being hated not only in the Muslim world but also in many European and Asian countries and by our own neighbours like Canada. Our Media is here only to tote the Administration's line and has continued to support every evil act this government has carried out in our name.
1. It was our media that supported the false claims that Iraq had WMD.
2. It was our media that did not report the war as it was unfolding in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
3. It was our media that was responsible for hiding the real reasons our government went to war with Afghanistan and with Iraq and is now planning to invade Iran and Syria.
4. It is our media that always fails to report about the Palestinian suffererings under the evil occupation of Israel while it never fails to report even a single Israeli casualty . Palestinian deaths to them are "relative calm" while Israeli deaths terrorism.
5. It was our media that did not ask tough questions to the government in the aftermath of 9/11.
I am pretty sure that people like Maureen, Bruce, FedUp etc get their news from the Mainstream media, which explains their distorted view about Islam, Muslims and the so called War on Terror. Unless they start getting their news from independent sources they will continue to remain in the blindspot created by the news sources they follow and they will continue to remain misinformed and mislead about the reali

K KHAMIS said:
Of course Islam itself means peace & summission, It is up to all of the rest of the Ummah to articulate this to the rest of the world & to do this, we must firstly get rid of sectarian intolerance within Islam, The Shia-Sunni dialouge must be opened & joinly a voice from all of Islams 71 sects would convince the world that a handful of terrorists who have highjacked Islam are not representative of the rest of the majority, & strongly condemming this atrocity from countries such as Saudia Arabia & Iran would carry a lot more stenght than silently sitting on the sides and complaining the the world does not understand Islam. The change has to come from within and the rest of the world would see the interal peace that Islam preaches.

Assalamu Alaikum.

Abdel Kareem - The very meaning of your name is the slave of the Most Generous. You open your comment in the Name of Allah the Most Gracious The Most Merciful. You then proceed to quote the word of Allah (swa) out of context with out true Tafsir-(An educated explination of the meaning of the translated verse)
Remember you to will be held accountable for all you say and do- especailly when you say it in the Name of the Creator of all that is in existence.
Are you using the same reasoning as those you condem as opressors. Does that not make you an opressor yourself?
As one who claims to follow the word of Allah and the example of the prophet Muhammed (swa) and all the prophets before him you are then to hold yourself to a higher standerd of Morals.
Remember Allah doesnot need any of us we need him , so we must truly be responsible with his words and what we calim to follow. Because if we opress others as Muslims we understand that in the act of opressing others we are truly opressing ourselves. When we do an injustice to another human being we are inevitably committng an injustice to our own souls.

Let me attract attention to a very keen article on Islam online, which hopefully will give some vindication to our Bro Hudd:

So you retaliate for Maureen, Bruce? This means that you understand the natural course of vendetta and feud. We have a beginning.

Your second paragraph puzzles me. Your statement indicates that my inability to send a message across to my non-Muslim fellow humans is liable of being interpreted into enormities. It is not easy for me to find a common ground with you, but I'll try. Don't take me amiss for the second time, the difficulty stands in both cultural and geographic differences. Canada is not exactly USA, with the exception of those extreme WASP's among us who believe that Canada is run by the French Quebecois and that Canada should be under Washington as their Northern Province. Other then them, there is a strong national spirit which flactuates in its approval of American policies with individual communities. To answer to your 2nd paragraph, let me mention the followings: 1st-there is no confirmation of who did it as yet. Pointing to possible "islamic" terrorists is Blair's "intelligent" assuption, picked up by a Zionist-orientated media. 2nd-if you read or follow British news you realize that many Muslim commutors have been hurt and even killed. So it was at 9/11, but Fox news deliberately forgot that aspect out of their broadcast. My comment was nothing about not condemning, agreeing or justifying. Let me be clear to you in one point: I am a Muslim. My guidance is the Quran(The Holy Scriptures), Hadith(The Narrative of the actions of the Prophet) and the Fiqh(Islamic Jurisprudence). According to these, if a man killed another man, it was like he killed the whole of humanity; and if a man saved a life it is like he saved the whole of humanity. I am against war of any kind. I am horrified of roadkills. I am extremely distress when violence of any kind breaks out, be that the thugs from the hood or police brutality! However, Bruce, all these have a root cause and along the line they could be solved peacefully, including the elimination of the roadkill!

Fedup (If that's your real name ;) ) have you actually read it in the qu'ran where it teaches bigtory, racism and terrorism. No, you probably haven't. Why? Because it is not there. Maybe you should do some research rather than listen to all the propaganda crap. And do you even know what a bigot is? It is one who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. Therefore you are a bigot since you seem to hate islam so much (despite you obviously not knowing much about it with your comments). Ironic isn't it?

I have commented on this article before but may not have done to good as I was busy doing other things. So know I will comment on it again but focusing better.
First of all I agree with this article and the way it is written. To me muslim isn't just a people but more importantly it is a wasy of life as well. You cannot be one without the other.
Their are plenty of people who were raised as muslim by there parents, but unless you follow the true teachings of Allah you are not muslim for to be one you have submit to Allah's will.
I know there are those who don't see it that way and it is sad because innocent people will get hurt in the process by those who don't see the difference. There is a good side to muslims and there way of life but due to terrorist and the way they do there own bussiness the world is and to some degree always will be blindsided.
I don't know everything about muslim but I am an admirer of their lifestyle from what I can gather. Especially the way they stress a modest way of dressing and praying five times a day. If more people would pray just twice a day at least with an sincere heart just think of how much better the world would be.
May Allah and His people rise above all of this is my prayer.
as-salamu alaykum

Before anyone starts blaming Muslims for the despicable London bombings, my earnest request to them is please produce concrete proof. Where is it? Nobody has dared to come out with even an iota of evidence linking Muslims to these bombings. Ever since the bombings have taken place all the mainstream media are only saying Islamic/Muslim terrorists committed them without even producing a single shred of evidence. However, this bigotted, blinded and narrow minded view about the Muslims is not new at all. Where is the concrete proof that 9/11 was done by Muslims? Our FBI Director, Mr.Mueller has said in his own words that it cannot be proven that the so called 19 hijackers were actually present on those hijacked flights on 9/11. On the exclusive 911 memorial web site of CNN the passenger lists of the 4 hijacked flights on 9/11 does not contain a single Muslim name nor the name of any of the supposed 19 hijackers that was released by the FBI, nor does the passenger list released by the airlines contains any of the 19 hijackers' names. Whats more, it has already been proved scientifically on many independent 911 investigative web sites that WTC buidlings came down as a result of controlled demolitions and not as a result of impact by the airplanes. Just google "911 investigation" and you will find many web sites that have objectively investigated the events of 911 unlike the puppets of the official 911 commission who were working for the Bush Admin. 911 which is source of all these sad events itself cannot be blamed on Muslims countless of whom we've already killed in it's name.
My fellow Americans, please come out of the blindspot created by the Zionist dominated mainstream Media that's relentless in keeping the common American people in the dark. Unless you stop getting your news from the Zionist sources, you would never know what our government is doing in our name in far away lands as well as our own backyard with our hard-earned tax dollars.








Reading through this essay I cannot help but think it's contridictary to the thesis the author is trying to support.

The following statement:
"The perpetrators, whether they turn out to be fundamentalists or some other group, will fail to promote whatever political cause they pretend to espouse."

Let it be known to all those who write about Islam.

A fundamentalists when used with the word "Islam" is someone who does the following:
- Believes in the Kalma
- Believes in Al Qur'an
- Believes in the authentic ahadith.
- Behaves in a way that's in keeping with the
pillars of Islam.

A Muslim fundamentalists is NOT:
- Someone who practices hate, envy, prejudice
- Someone who believes murdering themselves and
ANYONE else will land them in the lap of ALLAH.
- Someone who uses Islam as a tool to propogate
their POLITICAL cause.

As Muslims, we are bound by our deen to ensure Islam is not distorted or perverted.

We are so pacified by everything in the media, we overlook such statements.

WAKE UP...else our creator will replace us with a better people.



This whole sad event is made worse by the media playing the popular blame game of fingering Muslims and Islam as the culprit. Truly what in God's name could they possibly achieve with such notoriety? Absolutely nothing but scorn and derision from the world. Holding them blameworthy just does not make any sense at all. There are wheels within wheels. The world was not blind and deaf when the initial reports ran of Benjamin Netanyahu's sly move and Scotland Yards statement that Netanyahu was informed before the bombing. Neither was the world dumbfounded when both Israel and our government made contradictory statements, with Israel initially claiming it had informed UK months ahead, and our government stating they had alerted Netanyahu just before the tragedy. All this at a time when (i) The Downing Street Memos were exposing Blair and Bush as liars and the whole Iraq mess built on lies and fraud (ii) the Identification Card issue was hotly contested in the Parliament (iii) Bush's ratings were dismally low. Tweedledum and Tweedledee have conspired before to save their skins and to push their mad agenda and this event was accurately predicted by many who have been skeptical of the entire 9-11 affair, which along with the bombings in Madrid and London speak volumes of the extent to which these two criminals will go just to further their agenda. This is a Bush/Blair crime. Let's not let them get away with it this time.

Yes, my posting was intense, more intense than my nature. I was trying to match your intensity toward Maureen.

Let me understand your reasoning. You will not condemn their actions without examining the root cause of their actions. Does that mean that if you agree with their reasoning that you support their actions? Who decides whether their justification is valid? What checks and balances are in place to avoid wonton acts of violence without justification? Are they justified simply because they are Islamic? What is different between the terrorists bombing London and some vigilante in New York who happened to have a family member die in 9/11 traveling to Canada to bomb a mosque? You would expect me to condemn such an act and rightly so.

I do condemn acts by our government that disregard human life and disregard our own laws and sense of decency. Those people will be subject to prosecution under our laws. I just ask that you do the same for terrorists who act in the name of your religion.

It is true, these terrorists are not "true Muslims" and their bloodlust is in fact very unislamic, however, we can not ignore that most of the large terror attacks are by people who at least claim to be Muslim and who claim to act in the name of Islam. The good Muslims of the world have yet to still embattle these people in their midsts. Salman Rushdie had a fatwa issued against him, to this day no Islamic cleric has issued a fatwa against Bin Laden. Furthermore, the Muslim world has not been honest with us or with itself. These terrorists have nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with Arabism. Hundreds of thousands of black Muslims have been killed in Sudan, where is the outrage in the Muslim world? Where is bin Laden's call for Jihad against Sudan? Why have I never seen Muslims in the west demonstrating against this genocide as they protest the far fewer casaulties of Muslims in Iraq or Palestine? In China, Muslims are not permitted to practice their religion- so why is there more anger among Muslims, even in the West toward the United States than China??? Reason is obvious- racism. Muslims who aren't Arabs are not considered equal; their blood simply isn't as red. These terrorists want the Arabs to be on top, that is their goal, so yes, it had nothing to do with Islam. But isn't it time the Muslims of the world admitted it?

It don't take a science to figure this out. It is proven the bombing was done to protect Bush/Blair; etc. Bush is about to be impeached. Proof see, www.stewwebb.com www.thefloydreport.com; and new doc's to be posted 7-11-2005. They are the terrorists. And americans are seeing the truth, and they are standing up. We were lied to also.

Asalaam Alikum,

Why do I have this sick feeling in my stomach? Could it come from another round of violence and the reaction to violence.

Insha Allah, they will find that the cowards that set the London bombs were demonstrating against the G-8 economic conference. Insha Allah they will find no connection to Muslims, beyond the unbelievably stupid claim from some wannabe splinter fanatic group that imagines itself to be Al Qaeda. One can always hope.

To Bob,
"EVERYBODY KNOWS the world is flat" 1100AD
"EVERYBODY KNOWS that the universe revolves around the earth" 1500AD
"EVERYBODY KNOWS that disease is spread by bad air" 1800AD
"EVERYBODY KNOWS that man can't fly" 1900AD
"EVERYBODY KNOWS the sound barrier can't be broken" 1920AD
"Everybody knows that Islam is a religion of violence" 2001AD
So Bob, exactly who is Everybody? Everybody seems to have made a few blunders over the years, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps you need to do a little research. And the next time you hear the words "everybody knows", get a little suspicious, EVERYBODY seems to be wrong. A LOT.

Perhaps you didn't read my letter to the editor, condemning the bombings. Oh, that's right, it didn't get published. Neither did any of the letters written by hundreds of Muslims across the country. Coincidence? perhaps, but I have my doubts. You don't want to hear us.

My response:
There will be a judgement at the end of days, and these cowards are not going to fare well. This crime is dispicable. There is NOTHING that can justify their actions, not matter who they turn out to be. The same applies to all those who kill innocents, whether by bombs, guns, or presidential mandates.


Your relegion teaches bigtory, racism and terrorism. How can you please sit there and say that it is not Islam. Your own terrorists claim to be doing it in the name of Islam. For every one Immam who condems it, there are five who condone it. I am fed up with your relegion and I think the whole lot of you should leave the west and go back where you belong. You can bomb the heck out of each other and kick each other's asses. The sad thing is, the few muslims who are truly peace loving have also been injured in the blast, but the majority of you are terrorists. Think again about your relegion. You can never justify killing the innocent in the name of relegion.

A common theme here is why don't Muslims stand up and condemn these acts? Why is that, if Islam does not call for terrorism, we keep seeing terrorism being committed by Muslims?

The first question is easy. Muslims do in fact condemn terror, ad nauseum. In fact, nowadays, that seems to be the only thing we do. But the way the media works, an explosion caused by a shadowy "islamic" group is big news, but subsequent condemnations by Muslims is not. The so-called terrorism experts get paraded on TV news shows, but how many Islamic scholars and leaders do you ever see? America is not interested, or rather the media establishment is unwilling, to have the Muslims' side heard.

The second question is the million dollar one. Why do Muslims seem to commit terror if it's not Islamic to do so? The answer is too long and complicated for this venue, but we need to understand a couple things:

(1) the world is not run by honest, moral, compassionate people, but rather by powerful people who do what they have to to meet their best interests. They can be ruthless, but they smile and wear a suite and can be loved by their people. We can't be naive; we need to realize that oftentimes war is viewed to be in their best interest, and 'terrorists' become very convenient.

(2) indiscriminate violence and carnage inflicted on an innocent civillian population should be called terrorism no mater who the perpetrator is, what color his skin is, what country his origin is, whether he wears a uniform or not, whether he pilots a jet fighter or not, whether he does it in the name of religion or freedom, and whether the death and destruction is featured on the evening news or not. If there's blame to go around, and there's plenty of it, the leaders of the world, including its superpower, need to look at each other and take some responsibility.

Trucks attempted to drive into what used to be the Ayodha Masjid site in India recently. More recently bombs wrecked lives and caused mayhem in London. Both had the potential of nation-wide racial retaliations against certain groups living there.

Perhaps, some group or groups of people have a global plan to cause anarchy and breakdown in societies world-wide.

If this is the grand plan, the culprits could be found in a long list of nations, including various countries' secret service agencies around the world. Paranoia or reality? Who knows!

Only thing that is coming through loud and clear is that Injustice is a Medusa.

This world will find Peace only when all of humanity decides to speak up against injustices and exploitation by the rich and powerful Pharoahs of this Earth. In the meantime, let us continuing praying....

i notice you are saying that these people are not muslims and muslims clerics condemn this act.But isnt these the same clerics that calls hamas suicide bombings against Israel jihad.I am yet to find a muslim who will live up to the fact that israel existed long before the word palestine ever existed.Could you also explain to me why you claim Jerusalem as your third most holy site yet it is not mentioned once by name in the Koran.Do you know it is mentioned over 500 times in the bible.


The tragady of the London incident goes without saying.
I looked in our local paper and find no such statement. I also don't believe a true muslim would do such an thing. I am Mormon and I have read parts of the Quran and while some of it is hard to understand when I read it I don't see a people behaving like those who are terrorist.
I injoyed reading your story and it is nice that someone would make a statement like that and more needs to be done like that.there are some muslims in my city and while I may not know them I admire their beauty of their women. How they conduct themselves. In our comunity there were two girls who won the right to ware thier head covering with thier school uniforms. My children and I thought it was great. I wished more people would try to see and understand the differences in a true muslim and someone who conducts themselves otherwise.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

Asalam Alaykum brother Hudd. I've read and re-read your response to Bruce, and agree with several of your points. I do want to ask you to do something. You are in Canada as a result of Western aggression in the M.E. I have alittle understanding of what this means but for those who have no understanding can you please delve more into details as to how the West's aggression caused problems i.e. if you are Palestinian,
the Palestinian diaspora, people in refugee camps today, lack of work (reason), i.e. Israeli's don't allow Palestinian farmers to export their harvest etc..
I do have a couple of questions to ask you as well: you stated in your response to Bruce that you will not denounce their act without first determining the root cause of this diabolic act. Later in the same response you say, one can not solve a feud by starting a new feud. These points are in contrast to each other. I ask a hypothetical Q: Should I have a friend whose cousin (who lives miles away) killed your cousin, for whatever reason, & your family decided to avenge his death with death, & I was visiting that day so I was caught in the slaughter- would that be just? My question may not hold much water, but my Q is was killing the entire household a real solution. I'm sure you know that many British citizens throughout Britain spoke up loudly against the Iraqi war, at one point it was thought that P.M. Tony Blair's re-election was in jeopardy. Now after this bombing, many of those who spoke out against going into Iraq could possibly be dead, injured or just plain hurt and angry. Regardless of the root, was this a solution? Many people understand that when an oppressed people speak out it's as though they whispered, humans don't pay attention (Allah swt does) but when bombs go off the world hears & sees the devastation. Your points & the pts of others are correct: All oppressed people need to be free from oppression; is there another way to affect change? Sal

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

TO ALL who read and post comments on articles posted on this site:

Many people (certainly not ALL), when giving feedback on an opposing opinion are often accustory towards the PERSON/opinions of those they oppose. When history enters into the dialogue it seems to be expressed in a "check it out stupid" way. One thing about emails is that there is a lack of understanding of intonations one has used while writing their "piece". There is though blatant accusing and categorizing going on, not only between Muslims and non-muslims but also between Muslims. However the responses are delivered, they are all food for thought for those with an open mind. CAN WE BEGIN TO TALK ABOUT WHERE TO GO FROM HERE. In the name of Allah, how many people are working towards understanding? Allah created man of many tribes and nations that we may know one another. We may not agree, and in that case, after listening, we may agree to disagree..we can all live our lives and go separate ways until we find ourselves faced with a castrophe (which we are all seeing alot of these days) tsunami's, hurricanes, landfalls, earthquakes in addition to bombings. War is certainly not new, though how we are able to discuss war is. Let's all open our minds to the understanding that every nation has faced massive suffering, there have been no exceptions. While we may not be aware of that due to the nature of how we live our lives, lets try to listen to our fellow "postees" with an attentive heart rather than coming back with "check it out stupid". One thing we ALL know for sure: we are ALL going to die, when, where, how, only our creator knows but it is a certainty nontheless. How we respond to crises, who we become out of crisis makes all the difference in the world, having a heart filled with contempt without searching for solutions is in itself a crisis-let's not let our souls become buried in despair & darkness. Prayer is a solution for a despondent heart Thank A

Wow Bruce, your comment was intense, too intense I would say. I'm sorry that you have such a negative opinion about me and hosnetly, I don't even figure how on earth did you reach to such an un-orthodox conclusion about my system of believes?! I am not in the West as a product of West European expansion, thus I cannot share in your mindset. However, I am in the West as a result of Western aggression in the Middle East. My position now is a very difficult one. Although my origin is in the M.E., M.E. is not home for me. Living in the West a Muslim acculturizes little by little to the style of life that goes around him everyday, I mean in a good way, not the acculturation to decadence and immorality. By this I don't mean that all North Americans are decadent and immoral, only that this state of affairs is unrestrictably available for every citizen. FYI, I do not hate the West, and Canada I love! What I hate is the indiscriminate and blatant accusation against all Muslims by persons like Maureen and others. Personally, I am not responsible for any terroristic act performed by any claiming Islam as their religion. Nor will I denounce their actions without first determining the root cause of their diabolic act, which again lets me reiterate is Israel and the US and the Coallition policies in the M.E. If you can't see that, Bruce, there is nothing we could talk about. For every action there is a reaction. 9/11 was a reaction to an action. So was the bombing of Afghanistan, a reaction to the action of 9/11. Iraq was an action, now wait and see the reaction. It's logical. Vendettas and feuds are as old as history. You cannot solve a feud by starting another one. So, Bruce, why don't you stand up and denounce your savage and barbarian government of disregarding human life, including Young US troops and divulge to the world the terrible crimes the US government commited from its foundation! Then, and only then, we could have an intelligent discussion. Untill then Peace!

Hudd, I'm glad you took Maureen's comment personally, because people like you are just the people her comments were directed. I have watched and sometimes responded to your posting for quite some time. Your blind hatred of all associated with the west (except for the fact that you can live safely here and have the freedom to practice your religion and speak freely under the protection of western constitutions) prevents you from hearing anything but your own voice. By blaming all the woes of the ME onto the US, you are justifying and encouraging every Islamic (yes, that is what they call themselves) terrorist to commit another act of terrorism against the west. Instead of standing up with a loud clear voice against terrorism, your justification gives tacit approval. Only God knows what is truly in your head, but I suspect you smile a bit whenever you hear of another terrorist attack against the west.

I won't try to justify any of the US actions to you as you are already formulating your reply and will not hear what I say. However, if the US acted like any other superpower in the history of the world we would not care what kind of government exists in Iraq or Afghanistan as they would just be part of the US. Just be glad the US has been around to oppose real dictators like Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, Milosevic and yes, Saddam.

I was saddened to hear your story of your parent's death. Losing one's roots is a great loss. They were caught in a series of events outside of either of our or even their own control. In life we occasionally brush up against the worst of the world. I do think it is time to move on and see if you can put your energies toward bettering our world.

I saw the briefing on tv. it was "very interesting" that the gentleman concerned coughed and almost sputtered and looked uncomfortable while making the statement that Islam and terrorism do not go together. He did not sound that he believed it.There is no such thing as "Islamic" terrorirsm. Is the terrorism of the IRA christian terrorism and the terrorism of the tamil tigers Hindu terrorism?Body language reveals when a person is saying what he does not believe.Anyway there is no positive proof that "Muslims" did it .

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

To Virginia and all other non-muslims reading articles on this website. May our Lord, the Lord of all mankind bless you. Your participation in this site means you want to share and want to learn...and Allah is the best to direct.

I do need to ask a question: Do you believe that I or my Muslim neighbor knows who the perpetrators of these acts are. Unlike a country that declares war, these are random acts, How on earth do we know who's doing them? I'm raising a small daughter alone because her father was killed during a robbery...I take my daughter to school, work in Social Services, pick her up, come home, cook (if i'm in the mood for cooking)eat, bathe her, read to her and that's my day. I drive to visit my parents when I am able to and I enjoy barbacues at my friends house when possible...The biggest difference in how I spend my day and how non-muslims spend their day is that I strive to keep my five daily prayers and read the Quran/books about Islam whenever I can.
Are we really that different? Even if my husband were alive, and I were a stay at home mom, would I really be that different from any other American. I've been to the Mid- East, everyone wants to live a peaceful life, except those who have a sickness in their hearts. Another person brought up the KKK...they had a sickness in their hearts...during that time in the south, white people didn't speak up even when then knew who was hiding under those hoods...We don't know who these sick people are who are committing atrocities, that's the difference. Unlike the KKK, whose members paraded themselves through Southern towns, these bombers aren't doing that...so how would I or my neighbor know who they are..do you?

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

To Gene and all others who believe we can stop these despicable acts:

How? How many people stood up and marched, lobbied their congress people, wrote letters, emailed newspapers, radio stations etc against the IRAG war or for that matter against Vietnam.
Did it help? How many parents are members of DARE..the group against drunk driving, how many parents shout: Save our children from Pedophiles, how many people stand up to say stop violence in our communities. Yes, change is possible, we must all be optimistic that these fires can all be put out...but it takes time, lots of it...remember this important quote from our own American History, " You can change the laws, but you can not change the hearts of man"

What each of us can do is pray for peace, peace for all of humanity, and during these days of such suffering, pray for peace to descend upon all families in every part of the world who are losing loved ones to the multitude of despicable crimes. For those who do not believe in God, have moments of silence to reflect on the shape our world is in, and release energy towards the positive. Our Lord's light will not be turned off, there is light in being able to communicate in this forum, can we respect each other and learn from each other and not cast blame on the innocent...Would it be right for African - American people to blame every white person in America for slavery..how many of you bought and sold slaves? Should we condemn all Whites for that atrocity..of course not and why should we..I understand the anger, but please, lets work together as there are Jewish and Arabs working together for peace..Jewish families who have lost loved ones in this intifada and Arabs who have lost loved ones in this intifada...if they can come together, even in small circles, why can't we. May Allah guide us all to the right way.

What would Imam Hussain do in this current environment where Muslims all over the world are being troubled.

Would he spread terror, by cowardly blowing of innocent people ?
Answer is no.

Than what would he do ?
He would sacrifice his entirely family in the name of Islam. Fight like a brave lion on the battle field, well knowing that the end is death.

He would leave his son Imam Ali Zainul Abedin to be tortured after his death.

Even though Yezid matyred the entire family (Ahlul-Bayt) of Imam Hussain, do you think he won the battle ?

Why don't we see in todays Muslims who fight for Islam the knowledge of Imam Ali, the bravery and sacrifice of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain, the forbearance of Imam Ali Zainul Abedin and above all the 'Noor' of my beloved Prophet Muhammadan Rasulallah (SAW).

So now the question remains why has Islam turned into what it is today ?
Well we all the know the answer both historically and logically, yet we deny it, so be it.

Firstly condolonces to those who have lost a loved one in this carnage our prayers are with them.

It is imperative that we are not mislead by the mainstream media, the easiest
assesment is to point the finger to 'Islamic militants.' After all Lord knows they hate our freedoms and are barbaric people
there can be no other explanation right?

Unfortunately our governments have proved themselves to be nothing other than serial liars who tricked us into war for their personal gain. I can't help but question the timimg and motives of such an attack.

The G8 summit burning issues of Climate change and African Aid now firmly on the back burner,
reason for UK troops to stay in Iraq, just watch the ID card legislation being passed through with
little public opposition.

I feel such anger I can hardly bear it.

In response to Virgina and Elizabeth - The first thing I would like to say is to not ask a question if you have already in your mind decided what the answer is going to be.
If you are truly interested in what Muslims are saying go to your local mesjid and ask one. Obviously you are not in contact with many if your view points are so narrow and judgemental. The average intelligent person knows that they need to look beyond their local news to get a true diplomatic view point on all issues.
I for one am not going to go up to every non- muslim and say I am very sorry for the acts of those that I have no association with. Do you Elisabeth and Virgina go up to every Native American and apologize for the Genecide that occured to their people? Did you go up to every Iraqi and apologize for Lindie England and the others who raped and murdered those in Abu Ghraib? Do you go and apologize to every African American who's ancestors were enslaved for centuries? - Probably not.
As to answer your question there are many Imams and ordinary Muslims who are constantly condeming the act of murdering innocent people, because it is not part of the tradition of Prophet Muhammed (SWA) and Muslims themselves have been victims of these crimes way before September 11,2001. So once again instead of taking the easy road and point the finger and deem yourselves the superior look again at the true problem. It is opressive governments all over the world, corruption and poverty. Before you decide to blame a religion followed by billions learn about the religion from the right sources and make an educated comment not one filled with conjecture and hearsay.

Assalamu alaikum
why whenever there is a 'terrorist' attack we automatically think of Muslims , the beautiful name of Islam is linked to terrorism, how many innocent poeople are killed daily in Irak and Afghanistan to bring 'democracy' to the region , is democracy brought on war planes and war ships? but who dares say that USA and Britain are the founders and leaders of terrorism around the world?
Islam forbids the killing of Innocent people , kids and old people on periods of war , hundreds of civilians are killed daily in the name of freedom, democracy , etc.
Amazizng to see that many people automatically stick the 'terrorism' labour on Islam when we find that British officials have not yet found out who did it. This illustrates the hatered of some westerners of Islam , but ALHAMDULILLAAH Islam is well and it is spreading all over the world because it is the religion of truth , and because it is the true religion chosen by Almighty Allah to his creatures , and there is no better than the creator to know what is good for his creatures....Islam statreted as 'strange' spreadibg in the Arabial Island when the idolatery was leading the world at that time same as modern idolatey is leading the modern world...Islam won over idolatery 14 centuries ago and it will sure win over the modern pharaons of the 21st century, there is light at the end of the tunnel , and Allah's light will spread all over for sure , for after night there will surely be daylight however long night may be ...INCHAALLAAH TAALAA

In response to Elizabeth Davis' statements which I have pasted below:

In which you urge us to:
"Cast out and condemn those who dare call themselves Muslim and commit terrorist acts
such as these, Absolutely do not accept them, do not shelter them or feed them and do not recognize their affiliation with the Muslim faith".

I just wanted to let you know that everything you have outlined is EXACTLY what real muslims do and are doing. It's already being done - you just don't see it because the media does not portray anything positive about muslims so how will you get to hear it? How many real muslims do you know before you make such remarks? Have you read what organizations such as CAIR are doing? You can't expect an average, good muslim to suddenly take on superhero powers and with his x-ray/terrorist-weeding-out vision destroy the bad guys. Trust me, nobody hates the terrorists who carry out such atrocities in the name of Islam, more than TRUE muslims. You pale in comparison. True muslims DO not accept ANY aspect of such terrorists. (Read the views and articles of islam.org even; OR do you even know of the petition that hundreds of thousands of muslims have signed on the "Not in the Islam campaign against Terrorism?"

Look around and try to find out what real muslims are doing before thinking that each mosque is allowing hundreds of prostrating individuals to cheer on and create terrorists! (just like the Fox TV Channel would like to imply!)

For sure this is a dirty works from the Zionists not from the Muslims. ..!

I want to know, as a non-Muslim, what the Muslim
community is doing to combat racism and intolerance in
their society. Are fundmentalist clerics condemned for
preaching violence? Is there a movement for increasing
tolerance in the Muslim world? Could I wear a crucifix
in public in Saudi Arabia, or openly celebrate
Christmas? When will women in all Muslim countries
be allowed to drive, work, vote and participate fully as
human beings? Why does the Muslim community keep
itself so isolated that the police need to form special
"outreach" groups seeking their cooperation? If you
realy condemn violence you'd cooperate anyway. And
what hubris it is to enjoy the freedoms and economic
progress of "infidel" nations and then to condemn them.
The person who suppported a boycott of American
goods really clarified it, boycott everything but those
American products that keep you healthy. Why not only
support Muslim pharmaceutical companies? Oh right,
ou don't have any.

Islam was once the basis for a great civilization and
was a light in a dark world when Europe was still a
colleciton of farming communities. Modern Muslims
have squandered this heritage. Don't blame the
Crusades, that was over a 1000 years ago and the
Muslims were not exactly blameless. Look at your own
bloody takeover of Spain prior to the 1400s.

This attacks won't stop until Muslims take responsibility
for them. You know who the perpetrators are. Don't
hide behind the civil liberties of nations you hate. Help
the world, not just Muslims, for a change.

Your spin is as good as the Bush administration's!!
Don't play semantic games -- chances are 1 in a million
that this is NOT some sort of Islamic-related terrorist
group. I know what you're saying -- true Islam
condemns this. OK -- fine, but we don't see enough
"true Islamists" standing up to these people and saying
once and for all that they will NOT accept them as
"brothers" in the fold. Why aren't "true Islamists" forcing
them out of their community then? Too many people
are guilty by association -- they KNOW who these
terrorists are in their midst yet the clan will not reveal
who they are.

Better that you should look to the people who preach
their hatred against anyone not in the Muslim tribe
instead of these weak, childish, defensive statements.
Get Real. Anyone who does NOT condemn this
behavior is just as guilty as those filthy creatures who
commit these crimes. Cast out and condemn those who
dare call themselves Muslim and commit terrorist acts
such as these, Absolutely do not accept them, do not
shelter them or feed them and do not recognize their
affiliation with the Muslim faith. THEN, maybe they will
see that these crimes only reveal them for the trash that
they are rather than heroes.

May Allah grant mercy on the oppressed. We often disregard the ones who are truly oppressed. It was not only the victims of this explosions but also muslims around the world who have been blamed for it. Sounds like same thing George Bush did here. the 9/11 which was a total set up by bush. And his boyfriend Tony bLIAR did the same. What other options did that idiot have after losing his popularity with the british ppl. Now he can show them how he takes care of them and i guess gain his popularity back.
Unfortunately, some self proclaimed civilized people refuse to put their own minds to work and put the clues together to figure out the truth but just go with whatever's on TV.

If we want to stop terrorism by Muslims (which is a big problem regardless of whether or not this particular bombing was done by Muslims), we have to have strong alternatives to violence. Clearly, there are lots of Muslims who want to protest or stand up to the imperialists and those who support them. I hope islamicity will have more articles on strong and effective ways in which Muslims can retaliate without the use of violence. I suggest a few: 1. NON-COOPERATION: Muslims should refuse to co-operate with any of their governments that support the imperialists -- govts such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt etc. If a majority of the population refuses to co-operate, then these govts will have no choice but to listen to their people. Such techniques were used effectively in India to throw the British out.
2. We should boycott all American goods and services (except ofcourse medical equipment etc. that are necessary for our safety and survival), and also the goods and services of anybody who allies with the imperialists.
If there are strong effective nonviolent ways for muslims to react, then the violence will largely be unnecessary.
Speeches and articles condemning violence wont do a thing, unless there are other effective alternatives Muslims can use to fight the imperialist menace.


Maureen Micheal, who the hell gave you the right to put me in the same pot with the terrorists? I am a Muslim and not only a meak Muslim, I am an Islamist on which your moronic government declared war. (I don't know where you get your info from but you are all erroneous in your assuptions. Although I admit that many distortions occurred in Islam, murder is not among them. The problem is not in Islam, how mediocre can you be? The problem is political. Occupation is one of them, starting with Israel putting the starting date for modern terrorism the year 1948. Since 1948 the Middle Eastern countries were subjected to humilliation, occupation, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, to name some, indiscriminate bombing of civilians and infrastructures in Sudan, Lybia, Somalia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered by either Israel or the Coallition of the Willing! I'm asking,"Do you really need a religion to tell you to retaliate or common sense would do?" US retaliated after 9/11 by killing for every person killed in the towers a thousand civilians. Now, they are bastards, are they not? Where you put that 9/11 came after thousands of innocent were killed in the Middle East by both Israel and US! It's common sense, what goes around comes around. When the Spanish incident took place, no big drama was played, but if Anglo-Saxons or even better, Jews are involved then:"Wow! We are victims! We are innocent! We just were commuting or going to work to serve the society!" Yes, a society that murders every day innocent people away and afar of her citizens that are kept in a bubble of lies about the true business their government is in! Shame on you, Maureen, to even open your mouth when you are insensitive to Islamic issues or Muslims in general. Try thinking of Muslims as your fellow humans, feel their plight, try to understand the pain of million of mothers that mourn after a loved one slaughtered by your military!

Why is it always that islam is fre of blame? Murders in Africa, the UK, US and the middle east are all done in the name of "allah" or "islam". Who flew the planes into the world trade center? Who drove the boat into the USS Cole? Who has declared a holy war against the US ? Islam has - so if it is really a religion of peace, then speak out and take control of those that use your religion to hide behind. You make them stop this self proclaimed holy war.

I'm pretty sure Muslims did not do such a barbaric crime. in the name of Islam. I'm also confident that Muslims are not responsible for 911's sad event. Bush and Blair know very well who was responsible for those barbaric crimes. But they are afraid to take their name. Very much afraid to point fingers at them. Certainly they are Jews who were or are responsible for this barbaric crime. History is witnessed about their notorious crimes. I'm asking to you Bush and Tony Blair if you are true Christian or if you really believe in God Almighty you know who is responsible for 911 attacks. Bush God is watching you for your ugly sins. I know why bush and Blair quickly finger pointed on shadowy al-quiada because they wanted to form another war in other Muslim countries. Bush and Blair just got excuses to go for another war in to other Muslim countries and bombed them in barbaric way, uncivilized, and in inhuman way. That is all I wanted to say.

Salam, for those who without any knowldege blame Muslims and the whole Umma and bother them without any valid reason let me warn them about the punishment promised by Allah(swt):
85:10 Those who persecute (or draw into temptation) the Believers, men and women, and do not turn in repentance, will have the Penalty of Hell: They will have the Penalty of the Burning Fire.

Beware. Allah is Juste.

Maureen Michael - you are wrong. As an african amercian, just like when black nationalists and radical racial groups committed acts of tyranny and oppression during civil rights times and ALL black people did not have to condemn their actions, and I don't have to come I don't feel like I should CONTINUOUSLY apologize for the actions of these Muslims when we have been stating for the past 10 years that this is NOT Islam. And you are also wrong that Muslims in the lands of Islam and the leaders, whether good or bad, have spoken against these treacherous activities. Indeed in the Muslim lands you will see that the gov'ts there are the hardest upon their own Muslim constituents. Most of these countries are harder on radical muslims because they will undermind their gov't's authority. I would be the first to confront any of these cowardly terrorists and express my feelings - but obviously they do not care what the world thinks - they don't care what the Muslimoon think and, clearly, they don't care what the Qur'an, hadith, and consesus of the states as regards they barbarism. These are geopolitical, economic crisis at its roots and until educational and economic opportunities are made better in the Muslim lands, these fools will find fertile ground in the minds of impressionable, idle, disgruntled Muslim youth.

Dear Ms. Micheal,
Although I sense your fustration and anger. It seems to have clouded your judgement and many others who like to collectively put the blame on ALL Muslims. (Isn't that what the terroists are doing- collectively blaming the West for their reasons of doing this) The people who have done this are a gang of criminals outside of any law and religion just like the criminals who kidnap, rape and murder in the name of what ever cause they want to name inorder that they feel justifiedfor their political cause. They can say it is in the name of whoever and whatever. Just like the KKK (Or Christian Terrorists if I go with your logic) and many other terroisitic groups throughout history.
It seems that you have not been really listening to the Muslim community all over the world condeming these acts, since you're already convinced that we are all to blame. The author of the article himself is explaining that this is outside the fold of Islam. And it has been repeated many times over.
I for one am an American Muslim who lost a family memember in the World Trade Center attacks and there are probably many Muslim families who have been victims of yesterday attacks.
Unless we sincerly look into the reasons why this is occuring and other indiscrement killing of innocent people all over the world and try to find a solution, then it seems we are no better then the ones commiting the crimes.

maureen micheal. sadly you seem to know very little about what your successive govts have been doing in the ME for the last 50 years and 50 years prior to that by the british. Before you point the finger at us take a look at your own sad history in America. You wiped the natives off their homeland. Remember Crusaders? But let us stick to the last 100 years since it is having effect on your intelligence. Your govts have done everything to kill voices of democracy and people. You have sided with despots and armed them against innocent civilians. You have stationed your troops to protect these despots and to plunder our lands from the wealth which belongs to its people. You have continued supporting Israeli aggression against defenseless natives for 50 years. You have robbed them form their lands and are killing their children daily. You do whatever you want through UN resolutions and seem to be blind to the plight of the innocent. Your Zionist-controlled media hardly shows you what your government does overseas and you choose to ignore it and are incapable of educating yourself in such matters. You prefer to attack a collective 1.2 billion people of various races based on their religion, a ploy sold to you by your media and politicians who seem to put the interests of Israel above your own country and thus continue your aggression in the ME. You have had military camps forced upon us decades b4 911. Your next target is Iran despite all the lies your president has told you but you will send your children to die and drop DU bombs on far away lands, all in the name of democracy, freedom and fighting terrorists. If those who did 911 come from Saudi Arabia, why did you invade Iraq? Is your geography as bad as your knowledge of Islam? Frankly, I would be wasting my time trying to ask you to read more. You are no different to those you acccuse. You sure deserve each other and may be that is why most of us prefer to remain silent? Take a deep look in the mirror.


Your article seems on the surface to have merit, but please read the following 3 excerpts I took from different websites in wake of the London Bombings. The distinctions you make may be lost on the impartial observer who would read both your article and these below.

Bob Kirby


......Say what you will, Islam is certainly NOT a religion of PEACE and never was....in view of the fact that Muhammad himself was a killer and advocated the killing of "infidels"as a way of furthering his cause. Neither Jesus nor Buddha had blood on their hands. They never once advocated the killing nonbelievers, as did Muhammad. EVERYONE KNOWS that all Muslims delight in the prospect of Islam taking over the world, by any means possible. So while publicly condemning the viscious, subhuman barbarisms regularly committed by their "fundamentalist" bretheren (to ward off suspicion to themselves, of course), they secretly snigger in their sleeves, and applaud the prospect that each new terror attack brings Islam that much closer to controlling the world. Many in the Civilized World are fed up with these Muslims, who come to our countries, and live off the welfare we provide, like parasites, while simultaneously plotting the destruction of the host country that offered them aid. Muslims contribute next to nothing to the Global Society at large. They are happy to parasitically live off, and make use of, the innovations developed by the skill and diligence of OTHER societies and cultures, such as automobiles, airplanes, ships, telephones, television, cameras, computers, electric lights, home appliances, construction equipment, & medicines, just to name a few....while contributing NOTHING of value themselves. The Arabs' greatest talent, for example, seems to be to suck oil out of the ground using pumps and refinery equipment created by OTHER countries. Most are so backward that (continued next email)


terrorism is not a problem, terrorism is a reaction to the a problem, the real issues is social political and economical conditions of both present and past of the muslim lands that are causing people to be radicalized and have wrong ideas,which itself a whole debate,iam certainly not justifying what happened in london, but unless we get to the real underline issues, we can't just put labels on everything.... america


This incident is so unfoourtunate and is uncalled for.Muslim world does not support this. The real Muslim World will regret this act because it is not consonant with the any provision of the Holy Quran, if any of the Islamic organization is behind the scheme.

Whether some people hide under Islam to do this and they claimed doing this in the Name of Allah does not mean they are truthfully representing Islam. Remember in any religion of the world there are bad eggs using teaching of their religions or way of life as some guys will qualified thier to perpetrate evil doings.

Famous Islamic leaders have stood againts this evil acts vehemently even in the US after 9/11 attacks. There are many publication to butress this.

The leaders in the WEST should treat the Islamic World with just. There should be no hidden agenda in their movements or acts Because God loves who is just and know everything that is going on.

I personnally strongly condemn this act and it is not Allah the instructed any body on this ugly act.

These are murders committed by men in the name of Allah. Regardless of how much you want to seperate yourselves from these murderers, I believe somewhere along the way in the teachings of Islam, messages and truth were distorted into these hateful, murderous acts. Too many world terrorists today act in the name of Islam and Allah. Until more Islamic activists and world leaders stand up in public and condemn these atrocities, and verbally state that these men , these radical idiots, will not go to heaven, are not true Muslims, and will not be considered martyrs in the name of Allah, nothing will change. These murders started with some distorted teachings of Islam, and will only end when the Muslims of the world actively stand up against these maniacs and combat their evil. As an American I do not hear or see enough American Muslims or world leaders from muslim countries stand up against these men. These men were created from the Muslim world, whatever their distortions, and their evil and murderous rampages can only end with the Muslim world standing up against them in numbers, in voices and in their power. I don't hear or see enough of you speaking out against these deviants. All I hear and see is the Muslim community saying poor us, what ramifications will this have on us, all of us will be persecuted and discrminated against by the Westerners. Poor me. Meanwhile, these ugly, dispicable men were created by people in your religion who have twisted the truth. The 9/11 attackers were mainly from Saudi Arabia and we know for a fact that Saudi Arabian textbooks and education is full of racist , blaming, distorted bull crap, where they blame the Jews and Americans for all their problems. Their governments and societies have failed them. Until you Muslims take responsibility for the evil and hatred that you have created in this world, none of this will get better. You have created your own monsters embodied in a generation of angry young men who kill and murder innocents

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

Shaitan is roaming the earth, collecting souls that lie in the deepest caverns of darkness.
Shaitan can not shut down the Nour of Allah.