Muslims condemn London attack

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Deepest sympathy is expressed at the death and suffering which the series of coordinated attacks in London has caused to the families and loved ones who have been the victims of this terrible atrocity.

This criminal attack is condemned in the strongest possible terms. No good purpose can be achieved by such an indiscriminate and cruel use of terror.

The scriptures and the traditions of both the Muslim and Christian communities repudiate the use of such violence. Religious precepts cannot be used to justify such crimes, which are completely contrary to our teaching and practice.

We continue to resist all attempts to associate our communities with the hateful acts of any minority who claim falsely to represent us. In the present uncertainties, we look to all community leaders to give an example of wisdom, tolerance and compassion.

The events of recent years have challenged Muslims and Christians to work together in order to acknowledge our differences, to affirm our common humanity, and to seek ways to share life together. Much has already been achieved, and nothing must undermine the progress that we have made. These attacks strengthen our determination to live together in peace, and to grow together in mutual understanding.

This crime must inspire us to work unceasingly together in pursuit of peace, justice and respect for difference.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Washington, D.C. - This morning, four explosions in central London's public transportation system have killed scores of people and injured hundreds more. The Muslim Public Affairs Council unequivocally condemns this brutality against the people of London.

Islam considers the use of terrorism to be unacceptable for any purpose. Any individual or group that claims that these heinous actions serve as a redress for legitimate grievances is dreadfully mistaken. MPAC condemns the exploitation of people and issues, regardless of the perpetrators and their justifications. This assault is unmistakably an act of terrorism, an attack against humanity.

We at MPAC extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and the British people. As Americans, we are familiar with the imminent and the long-term repercussions of terrorism. Here at home, we stand in solidarity with law enforcement to maintain security, and we have every reason to believe that similar cooperation will take place in London.


(Washington, D.C., 7/7/05) - A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today condemned this morning's bomb attacks in London as "barbaric crimes."

In its statement, the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said:

"We join Americans of all faiths, and all people of conscience worldwide, in condemning these barbaric crimes that can never be justified or excused. American Muslims offer their sincere condolences to the loved ones of those who were killed or injured in today's attacks and call for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators."

The Muslim Council of Britain and other British Islamic groups issued similar condemnations of the attacks and urged Muslims to help in the recovery effort.

In 2004, CAIR launched an online petition drive, called "Not in the Name of Islam," designed to disassociate Islam from the violent acts of a few Muslims.

The "Not in the Name of Islam" petition states: "We, the undersigned Muslims, wish to state clearly that those who commit acts of terror, murder and cruelty in the name of Islam are not only destroying innocent lives, but are also betraying the values of the faith they claim to represent. No injustice done to Muslims can ever justify the massacre of innocent people, and no act of terror will ever serve the cause of Islam. We repudiate and dissociate ourselves from any Muslim group or individual who commits such brutal and un-Islamic acts. We refuse to allow our faith to be held hostage by the criminal actions of a tiny minority acting outside the teachings of both the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him."


TORONTO, July 7, 2005 - The Muslim Canadian Congress has condemned the terrorist action in London and has labeled it as a barbaric action of cowards, and a crime against humanity.

Reacting to reports that Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the bombings, Tarek Fatah, communications director of the MCC, said, "For too long the Al-Qaeda and its apologists among the Muslim community have been holding the Muslim world hostage. This is crime against humanity."

The MCC feels the actions of the London terrorists should cause us all to reflect on the dangers of mixing religion and politics. The Al-Qaeda terrorists have successfully usurped the Islamic narrative and are using faith as their rallying call.

The MCC urges Muslim throughout the world to fight the terrorist cancer, which if not confronted, will affect the entire body of human civilization. "As Muslims it is our responsibility to confront those who use our faith to spread terror and fear in our neighborhoods and cities. We need to speak unanimously in condemning the fundamentalism, irrespective of whether it comes from Bush or Bin Laden," Tarek Fatah said.

For further information: Tarek Fatah, (416) 953-1798

The Islamic Shura (Consultative) Council of Southern California strongly condemns the senseless violence in London.

Anaheim, July 7, 2005:  Condemning this ugly act of terror, the Chairman of Shura Council, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi said, "cycle of terror must stop and pave way for just peace."

Shura Council hopes for a thorough investigation to find the perpetrators who must be held accountable to the rule of law.

Shura Council extends its deepest regrets, sympathy and prayers for those who perished and injured in the inhumane act of terror in London on July 7th of 2005.

On behalf of all the Muslims of Southern California, Shura Council plans to visit the diplomatic mission of Great Britain in Los Angeles to record our sympathies for the victims and support with the survivors and the British people, said Shakeel Syed, the Executive Director of Shura Council.

Islamic Society of Nevada

The Islamic Society of Nevada condemned this morning's bomb attacks in London as irreligious and "barbaric crimes."

In its statement, the leading Las Vegas based Nevada Muslim organization said: "Muslims in Las Vegas join people of England, Americans of all faiths, and all people of conscience worldwide, in condemning these barbaric crimes that can never be justified or excused. ISON is urging Muslims all over America to observer the next Friday as a day to condemn this barbaric act.

Vegas Muslims offer their sincere condolences to the loved ones of those who were killed or injured in today's attacks and call for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. The Muslim Council of Britain and other British Islamic groups issued similar condemnations of the attacks and urged Muslims to help in the recovery effort.

In 2001, the ISON launched an active campaign against terror. The campaign made it clear that those who commit acts of terror, murder and cruelty in the name of Islam, Christianity or Judaism or any other religion do not only destroy innocent lives, but also betray the values of the faith they claim to represent. Nothing can ever justify the massacre of innocent people, and no act of terror will ever serve the cause of religion or any ideology. Muslims in Las Vegas condemn any group or individual who commits such brutal and un-religious acts.

For further details, contact Dr. Aslam Abdullah, Director, ISON, (909) 489-5989, 4730 East Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, NV 89121

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Condemnation, Conflicts And War, England, London
Views: 16328

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Older Comments:
Paul the best I can do to help bear the pain, is to vote out the "extremists", but right now I can't because I did not vote them in, and definitely not support their actions, but you imposed them on yourself and us. You and your American bandits have created and support the totalitarian regimes in our countries, so you need to work harder than that, after you cease your support for them, we can then clean up the excrement you left all over our lands. For the immediate, the best you can do to minimize the damages is to fire you current government and illico, never offer them that job again, pack your hardware, get your mercenaries out of our lands, and most preferably pronto. You voted for the extremists that are running your country, I did not vote for the people that are allegedly blowing up non-military targets. So with intelligent people like the British, I am asking a simple question; from where should we begin? Certainly you and I will always prefer to have fine and beautiful mornings.

May the peace reign

One fine and beautiful morning,

the prosperous countries of the World were set to announce the starting package of alleviating poverty in Africa.

Five days before a Live 8 concert was held in London, one of many around the globe, brandishing the banner of "Make Poverty History".

One day before, London was overjoyed to be voted the privilege of hosting the 2012 Olympics.

One fine and beautiful morning,

the Peace was shattered with explosions which ripped through fellow humanity's flesh and bone. Destroying and maiming the innocent in a City and Country where multiculturalism has taken root and flourished.

It has been quite a week for London,

Peace for the Innocent...

Yes, it's possible this is not the act of Muslim terrorists, but it's not highly probable. And besides, who do we think it is that's made this approach chic among d-bags. For Pete's sake, if we truly don't consider Islamic extremists Muslims, then why don't we tell THEM that? Why don't Imams repeat that in every sermon? Because I don't think they got the memo.

Here's a stretch, how about tell them, and anyone harboring them, they are going to HELL!!!!

It's time for Muslims to get over ourselves and DO something (for a change).

The more I reflect on the bombings the more I smell conspiracy theory. There are a thousand and one reasons why this incident should/could not have been planned or for that matter executed by muslims. Let me proper two, 1) Why should the "terrorists" chose a day when the so call "G8" are gathered together, not when one "leader" is either sleeping or one is having breakfast so that they wont have time to co'ordinate a response, for them to act. 2) Why the choice of end of the week? Why not Monday, so that they disorganise the financial system for the rest of the week? To save lost? These and other numerous questions make the case by Blair untenable.

Now brothers and sisters, killing of innocent life nomatter whose life it is, while not in a state of war.( Even in war, children, women(not in arms), the old are not to be killed.) Or life for life, or married committing adultery, or an apostate(considered and prove to be dangerous to the society) or those that spread systematic destruction of society( eg drug barons, armed robbers (that killed at will)). Anybody killed outside of these groups is a grevious offence in the sight of Allah.

I know some will ask how do we retaliate the wanting destruction of our brotherhood? And seeing that our hands have been tied. Lets all return to Allah in serious repentance organise ourselves into the ummah (ummatan wahidah) having one aqidah (that of Islam) as the only one. Then we will face these death fearing infidels (soldiers) and be killing them even with Kitchen knives with Allah's permission. We can't succeed doing it through mass murder of innocents and suicides. It has never happened.


Why are Muslims so apologetic? There is no solid proof that the attacks were carried out by those claiming to be Muslims. Only "hints" and innuendos by Blair, the Zionist controlled Western press and the Islamophobes.During the IRA bombings by Catholic terrorists, did the Catholics become apologetic? when the Tamil Tigers or Hindu terrorists kill, do the Hindus become apologetic?During the Oklahoma bombing by a Christian terrorist, did the Christians become apologetic? No because people who think know that a few nuts do not represent a religion. But then, of course, when it comes to Muslims, the paranoid Islamophobes blame all Muslims.Enough is enough.

This whole sad event is made worse by the media playing the popular blame game of fingering Muslims and Islam as the culprit. Truly what in God's name could they possibly achieve with such notoriety? Absolutely nothing but scorn and derision from the world. Holding them blameworthy just does not make any sense at all. There are wheels within wheels. The world was not blind and deaf when the initial reports ran of Benjamin Netanyahu's sly move and Scotland Yards statement that Netanyahu was informed before the bombing. Neither was the world dumbfounded when both Israel and our government made contradictory statements, with Israel initially claiming it had informed UK months ahead, and our government stating they had alerted Netanyahu just before the tragedy. All this at a time when (i) The Downing Street Memos were exposing Blair and Bush as liars and the whole Iraq mess built on lies and fraud (ii) the Identification Card issue was hotly contested in the Parliament (iii) Bush's ratings were dismally low. Tweedledum and Tweedledee have conspired before to save their skins and to push their mad agenda and this event was accurately predicted by many who have been skeptical of the entire 9-11 affair, which along with the bombings in Madrid and London speak volumes of the extent to which these two criminals will go just to further their agenda. This is a Bush/Blair crime. Let's not let them get away with it this time.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah - no one is justifying the attacks - but i would have more respect for you - if you were to issue the same condemnation every single time that that the barbaraic terrorist United States killed people around the planet, maybe something like this:

"Those who have the audacity of justifying these barbaric acts are the ones who are hurting Islam and Muslims most. The United States of America who commits acts of terror in the name of Democracy are serving the cause of anti-Islam forces. They must be fought tooth and nail.
They are the enemies of Allah."

But the fact is that you and the rest of these groups are cowards - you will never issue such a statement every single day until the US leaves Iraq Afghanistan and Palestine. All this is nothing more than posturing to please Uncle Sam - there is nothing sincere about these proclamations. (On this fact, I agree with the right wingers who say that these things don't mean anything - they don't mean anything becaues you guys are selective when you come out with these statements. )

Kashif, That's what Muslims have been doing after the fall of Khilafah, Only recently, the new blood among them stand up for their dignity, they want to give the enemy the taste of what they been inflecting on Muslims for centuries. You talk about the benefit ?, The benefit is the enemy will now think thousand times before attacking Muslims, it will not be a free walk, because they now know even they are venerable.

Regarding the community living in west, for the sake of a few (who are here for economical reasons, and a majority of them are hypocrites) the interest of Ummah cannot be hijacked.

Allah helps those who help themselves, not the cowards.

Where is the benefit for Muslims in these attacks?? It harms our community, it makes us feel more threatened in our surroundings, and it sparks total negativity especially to the Muslims sisters. So why in the name of Islam is this taking place? Where is the justification, these acts do us more harm than good, what possible good can come out of this?? If there are any troubles touching you, seek Allahs help with patience and Salat

Those who have the audacity of justifying these barbaric acts are the ones who are hurting Islam and Muslims most. Those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam are serving the cause of anti-Islam forces. They must be fought tooth and nail.
They are the enemies of Allah.

NA FROM US said:
My deepest sympathy to the family and friends who had lost their lives in the attacks of London.
The people who have done this should not religion for their gain.

Now only if these articles could be published in mainstram US
press, perhaps Muslims will not be seen as a world-wide hate


I can understand Mr. Mirza's frustration. Don't really know what you really meant but i can understand you point of view and somewhat agree with it. When muslims die, no one is condemned. Why not? They feel pain just as others do. I feel for all those victims here but to be totally devasted at this as everybody expects us to, haven't we been hurt and devasted by all those blood of innocent muslims that have been shed in Afghanitan and Iraq. I don't mean that killing other innocents is okay, no it's not. because nobody knows who did this. I as always believe muslims were a easy target to be blamed and the non muslim public has already been brainwashed by the media. So who better to blame right away then muslims.
May Allah grant us all mercy and strength to muslims to oversome this oppression spread by these murderers leaders.

We will see if the Britons are a bit smarter than their cousins of the other side of the Atlantic, in figuring out who is benefiting from this crime against the same people, who have successfully pressured their government enough to finally and seriously start planning the withdraw of the British troupes from Iraq. The desperate cowboys really do not want to, and cannot be, alone facing the brave Muslim fighters in Iraq. The end still justifies the means for the despicable cowboys and zionists, but they will ultimately fail, Insha Allah.

Faisal chill man, you are so into west kissing .. that you forget who you are and what caused all this as Mirza put it, it might be a response to the killing of innocents in Muslim lands. I admit 2 wrongs don't do 1 right, however according to the laws of phisics for every action there is a reaction. The action was horrible, hundred of thousands of innocent people were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh, let me guess, they are dispensible because they weren't Europeans? So, mwhat do you say brother, feel free to kill the Muslims, as many as you want and watch the action from your confortable homes thousands of miles away? Yes, of course, the bombing in London were horrifying but more horrifying were the plight of the Afghans and Iraqis. The terrorists didn't use DU or "smart bombs", "bunker blasters", "incendiary bombs", "cluster bombs", etc. Set the balance, on one plate hundreds of thousands dead, on the other not even 50 souls. It was just a taste, I would say, of what other peoples endure at the hands of the coallition of the willing. Is it right? No it's not. However, this tragedy has the beginning in an apocalyps created by UK for other peoples. Terrorism is one thing you cannot control. For example the Israelis that fought terrorism with terrorism and probably they are the most experienced folks on the planet on the topic, can they prevent it to happen when it's due to happen? Sometimes, but most of the time the perpetrators break through the hottest security barriers. The morale of what I'm saying, "You cannot fight terrorism with terrorism. You will have a terroristic war in which the bulk of the casualties will be the innocent." The coallition of the willing engaged themselves not in fighting terrorists but in terroristic war against a civil population who tragically enough were pro-American and pro-Western. Ask them now what they think about US and the West! Brother Faisal, stop and think for a tick before you snap at others on mere presumptions.

An enemy of Islam today wouldn't find a better way to
harm the cause of Islam than more repeating terror
attacks against the civilians in the west, or any where in
the world for that matter. Whether this is Al-Qaeda act or
not, the damage has already started. Generations of
innocent Muslims wil be paying for this, both in the west
as well as in opressed Muslim countries. God help us
against the backlash, and help the workers who have
been working hard the last few years the clean up the
image of the image of Islam and Muslims.

if ppl think the attack on iraq is wrong, why is not attack on london? yes britain is at war with iraqis, & yes ppl condemn their atrocities in iraq. yet, why do ppl aproove of the same atrocities that they condemn? if they want to fight britain, fight those soldiers who is at war in iraq. not the british who never even pinch you...

the british ppl they bomb might even be a muslim, or even they ones that march anti-war, or even support the muslims. if they wanna fight, fight where the war is. like the true noble jihadist. not a cowardice who approve of blind bombings that even children are killed.

i don't know if it's muslims who did that or not, but i bet we will get blamed. so dear muslims who might think of such bombings, if you see the enemy do such atrocities, that doesn't mean you also can do that atrocities. believe in Allah's guidance, hv higher respect, nobleness & value for your fight, & please fight with the right guidance & the right way -- if you are really fighting for the truth.

fight where the war is. not start a new war in some other place. islam is about defending -- not attacking.

In Islam there are clear rules of engagement. In South Africa our Muslim organizations have been vocal in condemning America's occupation of Iraq. Muslims worldwide should engage in serious introspection regarding our own behaviour and way of life.

Mirza, you cannot commit one wrong to right another. Education is key - what are you doing to educate your fellow man about the beauty of Islam?

we muslims seem to be apologising for evrey vile act made in our name. can the christians and jews now stand up and do the same please. yes indeed that is what is needed. no ordinary citizen should remain silent when atrocities are done in their names by their goverments or dubious organisations. whilst i did not elect alqaeda as a party or obl as a president, those western democracies do elect their governments, so they are complicit in aggressive acts by their governments and should feel guilty than most muslims do. this message is not a criticism but a wake up call to truly join hands with those who preach peace in all camps and to denounce aggression period and demand restoration of justice to all the victims of organised terror.

You are a confused and misguided individual Mirza. People are dead, and all you can think about is playing the blame game. Do you think you are a hero for your comment? What have you offered in the name of peace as an individual? Think hard...

CIA and Mossad did it again, it's all part of the big plan, just like for the 11th of September 2001 destruction of their own people, IT'S THE BIG PLAN stupid, 3000 or 37 murdered people, that is not much of a big number for them to sacrifice, in order to be the masters of he whole world. Pay attention to the patterns, read, read, read, research and analyze Wake up people and have a clean conscious.

Mr. Mirza I am appalled on your comments. You cannot retaliate by killing innocents in any communcity. This is a clear violation of the Quran and the Prophet. Whom are you trying to follow? Allah or your own Self?

I`m (as all muslims) deeply shocked by the innocent lives that were lost. But what is more outrageous and frustrating is that the real criminals and murderers are watching in their cozy homes and laughing as their satanic, horrible crimes are being blamed upon the Innocent Muslims; as it has always been. Because they`ve been doing this for ages. Because this is what they wanted as this was their main motive for carrying out such senseless acts. There is no doubt in my GOD-given mind that the perpetrators are non- muslims. And anyone with a clear thinking mind can easily tell and know who the real criminals are. What is even more frustrating is, these criminals control the media so you will never hear from their corporate so-called `news media` as to who carried out these abhorable attacks on the innocents masses and what their motives are. But I have a complete hope and trust in ALLAH that one day, ALLAH will uncover the Truth and show the whole world who are the real criminals who are causing these unimaginable, miserable pains unto the innocents and misleading the public. I cannot wait for the truth to be uncoverd and all we need is to be patient.

This was long over due.

Britain participated in massacre of Muslims with US, why don't these so called Muslim organizations openly condemn the attack on innocent Muslim women and children's (killed in thousands) in Iraq and Afghanastan.

Cowards, selfish and hypocrites.


As an American Muslim, I was shocked, appalled and absolutely stunned to hear the news of the terrorist attack.

The attackers/"terrorists" are not human and are shameless cowards who deserve no mercy.

Also, it angers me that they are potentially thought to be radical "islamists" - NOONE who dares even thinks of such acts can be considered even a whisper's breadth close to Islam - I wish the media would not call them radical Islamists as they don't portray my religion -

They portray cowardice and barbarism.

PAULO said:
We will pray for those who died by the hands of terrorists with no religion, with no Fear of GOD.
They will be burned by the candles of Christians, and by the payers of us, Muslims.
Why they do not attack, the leaders of the oppressors, or military head quarters, instead killing innocent people who are against war and against violence in middle-East.

As Salaam Alaikum

Thank you for that article for clarification of this issue since it deals with a huge picture, revolving around the tarnishing of the beautiiful Noor (light) known as Islam since they are done by 'people' who done it 'in the name of Islam'. No Muslim in his right mind can think about doing such as thing or wind up doing it. I think there are exterior forces that are inolved here but Allah knows best! I think this act is not done by Muslims, but rather a enemies of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)!

As horrible, terrible and cowardly this act was, I hope the world took notice of the news regarding the fact that Israel knew of the bombing before it happened and that Scotland Yard alerted Benjamin Netanyahu before the tragedy. So how in the world did Israel and Scotland Yard know of the terror before it happened. Here are the links: