What`s America got in its shopping bag?

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The news out of Iraq? 

It has come down to a monthly body count if you're American. A daily body count if you're Iraqi. 

126 US troops killed in January! 88 in May! 45 in June so far! 25,000 Iraqis! 58 Iraqis on June 15 alone! Exploding autos! Suicide bombers! Americans hardly blink anymore. Ho hum. It's just the price of "freedom." 

But usually when you pay such high prices, you come back from the shops with something to show for it. 

What's America got in its shopping bag? 

Oil, or at least bargain-basement oil prices, was what neocons promised initially. But now, cheap oil is a pipe dream. Literally. Because insurgents are blowing up the pipes! And expatriate "contractors" in Iraq aren't building or re-building anything, but are instead heavily armed and armored mercenaries paid to guard the guardians of "freedom"! 

What's the US bought in Iraq? A piece of real estate - what bits of it the US can actually control. And on most days, this doesn't even include the road to Baghdad's airport! 

And how to develop our new real estate purchase? Neocons and their influential Israeli spouses, now tell us that Iraq will make a nice base from which to launch that Pentagon plan, described by former US general and presidential candidate Wesley Clark in his book, as "Seven Middle East countries in Five Years." 

"Don't forget the shopping list, honey!" trill the Israeli spouses as neocons head out to Capitol Hill. Hmmmm, let's see: Afghanistan, Iraq. That's two down...well, sort of down, being that even Afghanistan is now re-exploding in fury. So that leaves five Middle East states to go. More or less. Whatever conquering a nation has come to mean these days. 

Iran was next on the neocon shopping list. But those Persians have proved so wily! Instead of gassing up their tanks and parading goose-stepping battalions around Martyr's Square, the Iranians opted to develop an "atomic energy for peace" program. And why not? This slogan enabled US President Eisenhower to make America the foremost nuclear power on the planet. Moreover, it could not have escaped Iran's notice that the US huffs and puffs at North Korea, but has so far failed to blow even one house there in. Not by the hair of Kim Jung Il's chinny chin chin. 

So Iran has gone shopping and now proudly owns a nice new nuclear reactor, designed and built in such a way to make Israeli sabotage difficult and costly! And being savvy shoppers themselves, the Israelis have now decided to let the US make their bargain for them. 

What's the price of bombing, invading, and occupying Iran? Rather incalculable. 

Neocons and their Israeli spouses trying to whip American shoppers into a buying frenzy are meeting a cool disinterest, despite claims that Zarqawi and Osama Bin Laden met with those crazy Iranian mullas. Even neocons' new efforts to stir American patriotism with cries for separation of church and state and disparaging Iran's ongoing elections meet with growing skepticism. American shoppers, never big fans of Iran's turbaned elite since the 1979 hostage crisis, nevertheless understand that mullas have a certain pride of place in Iranian political life. It's not the same in the US, where clergy only very occasionally run for office. But storming Tehran to push the mullas out of politics? Or even to hunt down Zarqawi, Bin Laden, and their minions? 

There's a high price to be paid for that! 

And Americans bought something similar in Iran not too long ago. It turned out to be not a very good deal. It cost America 444 days of grief - stricken waiting, a suicidal, fatally flawed military "rescue" operation that took 8 American lives (a helicopter-full), and a presidential election! 

Neocons and their Israeli spouses are now jawing "War! War!" at Syria. They claim Syria needs invading because it supposedly secreted Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, that when Zarqawi and Osama Bin Laden are not in Iran, they're in Syria, sending their followers into Iraq, and most recently, that Syria has sent secret agents into Lebanon to assassinate a politician and Samir Qassir, a university professor and writer. 

When Marco Biagi, a law professor-writer, was mercilessly gunned down in Italy, supposedly by Red Brigade terrorists, did neocons and their Israeli spouses urge America's military to secure Italy's borders? Did France, Germany, or Spain fret they were being criminally penetrated? Did the FBI examine the bloody Italian crime scenes? What would be the price to run Biagi's killers to ground? 

It would be so cheap. So why aren't neocons and their Israeli spouses interested in securing Italy? 

Think the war for "Seven Countries in Five Years" is all about fighting terrorism? 

Buyer beware. Don't buy what you can't return.

Sarah Whalen writes for the Arab News and can be reached at [email protected]

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Iran, Iraq, United States Of America
Views: 3583

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Older Comments:
We did not have to "buy" anything in Iraq, because keeping in spirit with our history, culture, our heritage, we just held up the store. When we like something we just grab it. To hell with law, treaties, respect for human rights, a country's sovereignty or the welfare of its people. Never mind what we grabbed this time was an angry bull by the tail and the bull did not just kick us, it crapped on us too. Now we would like to let go of the bulls tail but with everyone looking on and that damn rodeo clown Israel who has us by our windongs, we'd look pretty bad if we let go, even if the bull does crap on us and kicks the hell out of us.

i actually don't know what the hell Americans are doing in irag in the name of freedom.

The question will have been what does bush and the neocons bought in Iraq. Cos the average American 'm sure when asked does'nt want anything to do with this "investment".

The good thing is that investments are for future gains and time is now telling and will tell the story. For he who laughs last...

What did we buy in Iraq? A big friggin headache - one that is not going away soon. With over 2000 of our guys dead, 15,000 disabled, gas at $3.00 a gallon, what in the hell were we thinking? Looks like the only ones who made out like bandits were the Israelis. Someone please tell me why we are in this mess for them? Just so that Israel can get cheap gas and be safe? So that they can continue to spy on us, sell our weapons to the Chnese, and keep begging for more and more of my tax money each year? I say its about time we opened our eyes and and look at the real problem country that pretends to be our friend. I say no more aid for these scoundrels, we need the money here. Tell Israel to go and beg somewhere else. And no more idiots for president. Lets get someone honest for a change - someone who works for Americans and puts us back as a nation which the world admired something we Americans have not seen in 50 years.

The good thing is the earth is nothing but a delusion, no one is going to live for ever and there is a final judgement where the zalimuns(evil doer) would end up in Hell (an undescribable everlasting torment), and heaven for the al-muhsinun and as-sabirun (good doer and the patient). So let them keep bullying, killing and stealing for wordly things, claiming to be nUmber power on earth and i guess number one in hell too.

Jean, Angry and bitter? Wouldn't you be if the US was attacked and taken over by a foreign government on the excuse (and rightfully so) that we had weapons of mass destruction and had exhibited wanton disregard for human life and suffering by being the only nation on God's earth to have used it against other fellow humans-Remember Japan? Would you not also be bitter at being taken over by yet another tyrant? Jealous ? Are you kidding or alluding to the fact that they are jealous that we here in the US have running water, electricity, food, jobs, hospitals and schools while our bombs not only destroyed Iraq's infrastructure but reduced the average Iraqis to destitution. Not a single household remains in Iraq where some innocent family members has not either been slaughtered by us or imprisoned on unsubstantiated charges? Muslims killing Muslims you claim? I don't know what gobbledygook nonsense you have been slurping up as news Einstein, but had you been paying attention to news other than Fox News, you would have noted that in every instance where supposedly Muslims are killing Muslims, the "Muslims" doing the killing are doing so at our behest; they are our Cronies, our Puppets our Bogey men. Saddam was our principal weapon against any state in that region that aspired to Islamization. "WE" supplied Saddam with every weapon we accused him of possessing. "WE" used him to attack Iran and "WE" used him to quell Kuwait's ambitions to lead OPEC to oil reductions and price increases before Desert Storm. That our Pit Bull Saddam went mad and decided to pillage and loot Kuwait was a well thought out plan by "US" to strengthen our case to the Saudis that they needed our protection and presence in Saudi Arabia and legitimized our invasion of Kuwait, to which Saddam was conveniently dispensable. Brilliant strategy, but deceitful, murderous and the very essence of evil. It might do you good Jean to educate yourself and not rely on US news - no one in the world trusts it.

The article seems very bitter, angry and jealous. Interesting that muslims are killing muslims...and blaming America.

Yes, Americans are paying for the oil in Iraq (not the freedom). Unfortunately, the people who ordered the war are not paying in anything. Ordinary Americans are paying.


The US does not buy anything they simply take it by force leaving blood, destruction and misery where ever they go. I think the American flag should be replaced with the Skull and Bones black flag of pirates. That would be much more appropriate and such an honest representation of all that the US is.

What the US bought in Iraq? That's an easy question. It bought the hate, disgust and loathe of the Iraqi people and just about anyone and everyone in this world who has any sense and humanity. The US stands as the most hated and despised country in the world, even more than Hitler's Germany. All this in return for stealing oil (when the theft was supposed to bring down the prices to less than water) and protection for a fascist and racist Israel. This insane and absurd quest to prop Israel in that region as the sole unchallenged military power backfired too as all previous secular, communist, socialist and Islamic militants have joined forces against a common enemy - The US and Israel. Bullying Europe and the UN further earned the US and Israel the world's hate. Amazingly now this US government is bullying its own people. Passing draconian laws that would make Stalin and Marx proud and turning the US into a police state. For the average American he can take comfort in the knowledge that the US government citing "Eminent Domain" can now confiscate his home. In plain words legalized Grand Theft. If stealing people's property was not enough there are bills in their Senate and House to push the Draft. A great way to Force Blacks and Spanish people to join and be used as cannon fodder for Israel. And if that was not enough, all the tax money these Americans had been paying towards their retirement is soon to be wiped out as Social Security deposits are to be handed to greedy and grubby money managers and financial institutions which mostly are in the hands of Israeli companies either directly or indirectly. US - A government of the Rich for the Rich and by the Rich - and of course all for Israel.