Desecration of the Quran

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Who among Muslims would not be upset reading news about the desecration of their scriptures, the Quran? Who among American Muslims would not feel betrayed by their own government that used their tax dollars to humiliate some terror suspects by flushing in the toilet the Book they take as guidance for their entire life? Who among American citizens would not feel sad at the desecration of American values of decency and dignity in Gunatanamo bay by those who claimed to protect American interests and American way of life?

Regardless of the Investigations going on at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo about the flushing of a copy of the Quran down a toilet, the damage to American spirit has already been done. An official probe might hold a few individuals responsible for this behavior and may engineer some disciplinary action against the perpetrators, yet law enforcement agencies cannot claim that they have done enough to sensitize their officers about a community that is part of the American social fabric. 

The desecration of the Quran points to a serious problem that exists among public officials at different echelons of our administration. They reveal the hatred and prejudices that exist against Islam and Muslims despite the rhetorical statements issued by prominent national leaders.

Hatred against Islam is coming from four main centers of power and influence in America. Within the American Christian community are churches and religious clergy that upholds a theological belief that Islam is antichrist and everything related with it is evil. Statements of prominent leaders such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Vines hold testimony to this. All of them have described Islam as an evil religion and all of them have condemned Islam as anti-American. Through their churches, the followers of these leaders are engaged in propagating a message of hatred. Many of our civil servants and military personnel are part of their religious empire. Many in our Administration are the disciples of such leaders. One cannot argue that such people are the fringe of American society. They are now part of the mainstream and their propaganda is effective. 

The second source of hatred is politically motivated Zionist extremists. In order to justify the cause of Israel for its perpetual occupation, they have also engaged in anti-Islamic propaganda veiled in their political jargons. They view everything Muslim, detrimental to the security interests of Israel. In the United States, they occupy positions of importance, as they are part of various think tanks and policy institutes. Our law enforcement agencies have often relied on their analysis and information. 

The third source of hatred is rooted in the liberal politics of our country. Liberalism view religion as a major impediment to social progress. Coupled with the interests of multinational corporations, it has developed a worldview that project Islam as an anti-modern force. It intends to force an understanding of religion that limits the faith only in matters of personal life. They view Islam as the only religion that has put resistance to the culture of material progress. Hence, they view Islam as a dangerous faith that can create a direct conflict to their ideas of development. The presence of these ideas in certain sections of administration cannot be ruled out. 

The fourth center of influence comprises of agnostics and atheists who view religion in general and Islam in particular a useless institution. For them, religion is not a sacrosanct entity. The more it is ridiculed the quicker its influence would fade away, they argue. They too have significant presence in our policy circles. 

How can the Muslim community effectively counter these centers of influence? A conventional way to show displeasure over incidents such as the desecration of the Quran is to take out demonstrations and issue statements condemning it and demanding some remedial measures on the part of law enforcement agencies. However, this may not be and effective or long term solution. 

The better solution is to develop a grass roots movement in America to seek better representation of Muslims in local bodies that influence our every day life. The beginning could be made through working with elementary and junior high and high schools. Through participation in parent-teacher meetings, Muslims can certainly seek a better exposure of their religion in classrooms. In order to develop links with schools, a group of Muslims has to take a leading role in putting in place a simple organizational structure. Through this structure, Muslims in each school district can be identified and parents can be educated about their responsibilities in presenting Islam to others. 

This is not a difficult task. The existing mosques and Islamic centers can be engaged in developing comprehensive data about Muslims in their localities. In some states, such an effort is in the works and the results are encouraging. These efforts need to be multiplied. 

Unfortunately, much of our Muslim work in the country is being organized by a select few. Perhaps, there is a notion among the existing Muslim leadership, however wrong it may be, that policy regarding Islam can be changed by changing the minds of a few public officials or introducing some legislative provisions to remedy the situation. In democracies, such exercise often prove futile because the public officials represent a wide variety of interests and in their priorities, Islam many not be a top agenda item. It is through grass roots work; an effective change can be brought out in the prevalent attitude of people towards Islam. Most Muslim American groups feel shy of this task because of the hard work it involves. However, this seems to be the only way to deal the situation now and in the future.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada and the director of the Muslim Electorates' Council of America. He can be reached at [email protected]


Newsweek is now saying that it is not sure if the the story of the desecration of the Quran was true. The Muslim Observer, a Detroit based English language Muslim weekly has learned that the magazine's editor was under pressure to deny the story.

It is also disclosed by sources close to Pentagon and State Departments that the original source that revealed the incidents, was also put under pressure to deny the event.

However, what has not been denied so far are several news items that appeared on Al Jazeera television and other news sources that disclosed that the desecration of the Quran was a regular affair in the prison as was reported by many prisoners. 

Amongst all the accusations and denials, what cannot be denied is the presence of individuals and groups hostile to Islam and Muslims within various structures of the Federal government.

In some of the emails I have received in response to this article, I was asked if I had taken any position over the desecration of Buddha statue in Afghanistan or the denial of equal citizenship to Hindus in Afghanistan as well.

In fact, I have my position covered in the Los Angeles Times, in which I took a stand against these two actions as well as many others committed by various governments against religious minorities.

The Quran demands from it's followers not to be unjust to people of other faiths and not to to insult their scriptures. I believe in that. I protested when Hollywood made the movie Last Temptations of the Christ. I protested when some artists in New York put the statue of Jesus in a jar of urine.

What is abhorrent in the current incident where the Quran is said to have been flushed down a toilet or the other reports where the Quran was trampled, it was done by those who are federal employees and whose job is to serve all people including Muslim citizens of their country. No one should be allowed to use the badge of authority to insult people of other faiths.

The best thing for Pentagon and the State Departments is not to cover up mistakes of a few, and name those who are accused of the incident.

The Bush Administration has allowed religious bigots to demonize Islam. Mr. Bush and his administration must back up their words with action.

Aslam Abdullah-

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
Views: 13115
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Older Comments:
May Allah guide us to find straight path so we can be true muslims.

Desecration of the wholy book is something that should not be torelated.

I come from the following camp

The fourth center of influence comprises of agnostics and atheists who view religion in general and Islam in particular a useless institution. For them, religion is not a sacrosanct entity. The more it is ridiculed the quicker its influence would fade away, they argue. They too have significant presence in our policy circles.

To get excited about somebody desecrating the Koran, is absurd. It is just paper and ink. It is human lives that are important, unfortunately Islam doesn't but as much importance on the lives of Kuffar as it does for Muslims. Shame on any who teaches the life of one person is more important then another. Shame on Islam.

hi i don't agree with the shotting that has been happening in london and may allah hepl us with his guide us

Wal iyazu billah.may Allah continue to guide us right and may Allah protect us against the evil of the evil fabricators for this is an unfortunate.

Nauzubillah...Everyday new and unthinkable thing happen..First the war and now God's test on the Muslim..I urge all Muslim..This is the time we have strong Iman..This is the time we unite our Muslim Brotherhood...Have faith in ALLAH always..HE IS THE ALMIGHTY..Amr' Maaruf Nahi Mungkar..Istiqamah..Insya-Allah, We all will be safely guided by Him through this testing period..Amin

There had been evil acts from Non-Muslims since the inception of Islam. Unless or otherwise, we Muslims do not act immediately, they will go to any extent they can. This practice should should be stopped as early as possible and the Non-Muslims should be discouraged from destroying Islam's image & damaging Muslim's property and their souls.

wa'iyazu bil lah!
so this is what qur'an became .
when i hear this and my family we cried.
we shall never forget this in the history.
qur'an like a tissue paper!
god punish american government!

I wish there were more people like Dr Edriss, and as a result, the World would be a much happier and safer place for everyone.

The question doesn't seem to be what was done to sacred texts or statues somewhere else. If U.S. military forces found themselves maintaining order among millions of Buddhists or Hindus then it would seem logical to start kissing up to the likes of them as well. And frankly there is seemingly no urgent need for Muslims to be distracted by accusations of who did what to whatever somewhere else. It seems more of a question of how alleged desecration of the Qur'an by U.S. military personnel would appear to be of strategic and/or military significance.

Personally I'm thinking the main point would be that it's simply wrong for the U.S. to incite Muslims to get themselves shot by either U.S. military personnel or forces with whom the U.S. has formed some sort of alliance. The first time such an incident occurred it might at best seem to have resulted from incompetence. Granted it seems unlikely that the current U.S. military initiative could sustain much of that sort of incompetence. And each time it occurred thereafter it would increasingly seem to be a sign of hatred (which the U.S. administration seems to think is the same thing as evil) on the part of those responsible.

In the current climate of denial it seems unlikely that the military will be offering up anybody to be punished. So if there are any Muslims hiding in the closet over at the White House or the Pentagon then this might be an opportune moment for coming out. Consider it a matter of national security. If you think it might be too much of a shock to the system then I suggest you at least try saying something nice about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

And peace be upon you also -- with warm regards.

First I got to say that I deeply condemn this low act of defaming Quran. I tend to agree with thouse who see that something like this can be done only by people who don't have faith of any kind. For them holy scriptures are nothing but pieces of paper. The ones who do these things must know where their acts lead: to more hatred.
But some confusing reactions have occured also.
Edriss, who are cross worshippers? Never heard of such a group, must be a newcomer. Okay, lemme think. I guess that's your defamatory way to speak about christians. Would you like to be called a moon worshipper? And you mentioned that "the cross worshippers and the cursed people on Earth can't understand" putting every christian onto the same boat. Edriss, I guess you hate to hear statements like "some muslims blow up places/people---> every muslim is a terrorist"
But you do the very same kind of nasty extrapolotation thing on us. Why?
You seem to understand very well the saudi stance on Bibles. I quess if you accept burning of Bibles there you accept it everywhere. Hope I don't see burning Qurans (and no other religious scriptures) here and anywhere. "those who have the gut to teach from corrupted books..." Yes I have guts to be a so called infidel from your point of you. And you have guts to call priests pedophiles!! Edriss, can you give me any kind of estimate of the "pedophile percentage" among priests? I guess you must consider that remarkable cos you said priests, not some priests.
Please respond if you think that you need to correct me and I treated you unfairely.

This story has been reported many times before. So what do we Muslims make of Newsweek's sudden retraction? The Media is the tool of the government and has been for ddecades. Why do we continue to allow what we believe and what we desire to be manipulated by just another propaganda machine. The western media is neither free or fair. The western media works for western corporate interests (via the US government)! Don't believe the hype!


My brother, don't care that much to those who got filthy mouths? The Earth belongs to Allah and if you reside even in the moon, it's you and the help of Allah who got you there. that's what Allah taught us on how we should use His proprieties.
for those who are not muslims but Allah gave them brain to use better than the AArabs. the logic and the history proves the land belongs more to whoever enter it in peace then to those who reach it thru wars and genocides.
for the AArabs here: please make sure that you get paid for whatever you do? it makes no sense to be easy meal for satan and for free(I mean the real satan.please, don't try to get smart in understanding this word?) :). I remember the story of satan in Badr when he back up on his slaves and said "I see what you don't see, I scare from Allah the Lord of the Univers". I believe if this AArabs put always the mercy of Allah in their faces! they can be the one to tell satan in the future "we scare from Allah the Lord of the Univers" and make a U turn when they are able to do so. the real enemy is satan! it's not me, it's not you, it's not that soldier or that president who ordered that soldier. those who allied themselves with satan, are the one who choose to become our enemies. if you score a win on satan, you make a big step to the big win with Allah.
I just repeated my advices here cause I'm sure the AArabs gonna need them in the future. and if they think about them, they won't find somebody who was worrying about them more than me.

My brothers! if people love you, I must be one of them. If only one who remain loving you, be sure?it's me. if nobody loves you anymore, I must be dead. but my will is you inherite my love to you, to learn how the real brother mosslems should love each one the other.
salam alaikom

Tim, do not generalize. The fury is directed toward US interrogators in GITMO and it will be on the Administration if they will turn a blind eye to it! Muslims did not accused the whole Christiandom of desecrating the Quran, why would you blame the whole Islamic world for some allegations you presented in your comment. Let's analyse them:
1)How about the desecration of Joseph's Tomb in Nablus in Oct 2000? The PLO pledged to protect it yet Muslim mobs tore the tomb down, painted it green and erected a mosque on the site.
answer1) Who was Joseph,pbuh? Joseph is mentioned in the Quran as a prophet or messenger of God, if a mosque was built to contain his remains in a dignified manner, Muslims should be praised for the deed. Who was Joseph,pbuh? Joseph was a Palestinian as well as Jesus,pbuh, himself. The Palestinian people of the Holy Land are the direct descendants of the tribes of all prophets and people mentioned in the bible whom today speak mainly Arabic and have Islam as their religion. The desecration of the tomb could not take place. It would be like the Muslim Palestinians dishonoured the tomb of one of their ancestors, who himself was Muslim as the Quran mentions. They just honoured him by enclosing his remains in a place of worship. The Israelis on the other hand have their ancestry in their own lands, Poland, Russia, Yugoslavia,etc.
2)How about the gunmen who shot up the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and used pages from the Bible as toilet paper? How would you react if, say, the Israelis shot up the Dome on the Rock and desecrated pages of the Quran the same way?
a2)Tim, you know this is bullshit, don't you? The shooting happened in a mosque done by an Israeli and al-Axa mosque was set on fire by an Australian Jew. The bible could not have been desecrated by no Palestinian since Palestinians are both Muslim and Christians and live in brotherhood. The fight is not between Muslims and Christians but between Palestinians and Israelis.

Perhaps the U.S. military might commit itself to promoting respect for Islam. Either that or perhaps it might plan on limiting its presence to Christian places. Either that or perhaps it might plan to stay the course in Muslim places with more adversaries and fewer allies.

Perhaps such an apparently bold move might depend on how serious the U.S. military was about prevailing. Perhaps if it showed more respect for Islam it might matter less for U.S. interests which Muslims over time came to be in charge of Muslim places - in as much as those places might tend to seem a little mysterious anyhow. Perhaps more might be gained by hoping to support their way more so than their regime.

If one takes the long view, how important is the help of those who disparage others' religion? Either your supporters believe in your cause or their support is seemingly temporary. If your assignment remains constitutional (or perhaps simply what your supporters felt was right) then I should think your supporters would remain on your side.

Hopefully there will be a peace in which justice prevails. Hopefully I could somehow find a way to be helpful to anyone seeking such a peace for the sake of others.

Jazak Allahu Khairan, Br Edriss, finally somebody from the Muslims signals that I'm not entirely forsaken in my struggle with the pest controll! I feel you brother, I know what you are saying and I appreciate your comments. Nobody has the right to ask any Muslim why he chose to emmigrate to the Americas. But every human has the right to ask those Whites that bear the burden of guilt, who gave them the right to distroy the indigenious culture of the Americas, mass murder and marginalize them up to present! I don't know about Britain or Japan, but the first Muslim born in Canada was in the 1600 and around 1800 the first mosque was built with the characteristics of Islamic architecture in Edmonton, Alberta. As for my province, Ontario, first Muslim was born in 1855 and the first Islamic architectural Mosque was built in 1955, in London Ontario. My point is who could send us back and where? And if we go, everybody (except the native Indians) must go!
Having said these, for many good Muslims, the Americas are the single home! The suggestion to return and increase the Ummah in ME is a futile thought. New World Muslims have other life-styles, although Halal, they would be very depressed in other medium than they were brought up into and I'm afraid they would be at loggerheads with both the governments and the people of the ME. I notice this phenomenon in my neighbourhood. New Immigrant Muslims are rather ridiculed and shunned by local Muslims unless they drop their style of dressing, their language becomes "cool" and they follow the trend in the fashion, sports and entertainment. They all can be together humble in the mosque, but once outside this is what happens in the circles of the youths. My children love to go and visit the Muslim lands, but if asked would you like to live there for good? The answer is, Noo! They like to visit over there, anywhere and come back home. Canada, USA is home to an ever growing Islam. As Muslims we should focus on unity! Salam for now!

Hiro or Rick or Observer? Your tricks don't work here,pal. Long before I read your stuff I met a person of your religion while I was vacationing in Greece. TM, Transident Meditation, it was introduced to me by an Iranian prozelyte. Needless to say that we reached into a fist fight after his allegations that he broke the ceiling of prophethood, exceding that of Muhammad,pbuh,(in his opinion) by getting high on spiced marijoana. Among many stupid thing he tied to preach to me was the following.

TM Master's words:"If you want to terminate the lucid judgement of your enamy and turn him into a scorged desolation of the soul, do the followings:'Attribute him your qualities, or rather the lack of them, your lack of character and your criminal doings that devastated his lands and spirit! For example, if you stole from him, call him a thief! If you raped his daughter and wife, call him a rapist! If he is a true man, an"ameen", call him a liar! If he is right to the bone, call him wrong and a cheater! If he is an altruistic charitable man, call him a miser and a pervert! Like that, you bring down in his fury the very angel of god!"

You Hiro .. refrain yourself from intelligent conversations. Whatever you said was meant to be infuriating me like the above example. Poor you, I smoked dudes like you a generation ago(a generation is considered 20 years). So you said to yourself,"let me infuriate this Muslim according to the teachings of TM!" Your mistake is that you assumed you knew me, where in fact you wouldn't know yourself! Or you work for the US government and you try to pull my tongue by provoking me and then when infuriated in order to prove my Muslimhood I would alleagedly divulge info like those in GITMO were supposed when the Quran was desecrated? You think I'm stupid, don't you? Remember, not only I'm a practicing Muslim which proves that I've got goodness in my heart and insight in my thinking,but I'm also Canadian,eh?

Indeed Tim, you are against ridiculing other peoples faith, unless they are Muslim. You are an Islamophobic LIAR. Let me correct your lies.
Muslims did not shoot up the Church of the Nativity, the Israelis did, infact under zionist terrorists Christianity is being eradicated in the Holy land.
Next, Joseph's tomb turned out to be an Arab's tomb named Youssef, not the biblical Joseph. Once again Israelis were responsible for this act knowing full well the blame would be given to Palestinians by morons like you who wouldnt know any better. You're not fooling anyone base hypocrite, we know what you "people" are all about.
Why should we believe .. like you given your track record of torture and terrorism ?

I don't think the world needed Newsweek to break the Quran desecration story or to believe the magazine when it retracts the news. The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Associated Press and a host of other bodies, have earlier asserted those same allegations. So does that mean Newsweek is asserting that it is wrong that it was previously right and everybody else is lieing? Somehow the air stinks of another Bush-wack. You showed you had spine Newsweek, now don't squander this recently established respect by buckling under Ape pressure. Surely if not the magazine, one of its reporters must have some hidden courage and will speak out. Or are they all scared little rabbits like the rest of US journalists.

Yes, its all an "error" just like the torture at Abu gharib, just like the videos from Fallujah of American pilots (war criminals) bombing mosques and killing those inside.
I dont need newsweek to tell me what is already known. To call Americans humans at this point is an insult to the human race, these animals are the scum of the earth.

Captain Hudd. You claim to be Muslim yet you take up arms against other Muslims? It is obvious you don't have the T-Fortitude like the good boxer Mohammed Ali Clay - or else you would have consentientiously objected and removed your self from participating in the massacre of Muslims directly or indirectly. A Muslim looks beyond this world and has no attachments to land or material things. You Hudd seem to place substantial importance to nationalism. There is no Nationalism in Islam. A Muslim loves God and his last Prophet, and believes and respects all the other prophets and books of God. Muslims immigrate because they like anybody else seek greener pastures. But in the US the greener pastures have a price - the cost of freedom. A price nobody is prepared to pay. Hence immigration applications to the US are down 43%, foreign student applications are down 57% and tourism is down by 34%. You give the US too much credit and importance. Once the Asian Free Trade Agreement and the South American/Arab Oil & Petroleum agreements are hammered out, the US and their cronies will be left selling pencils to make ends met. .. You Americans are an irrelevant nation of an equally irrelevant country. yes I too burn the flag each year on the date of the bombing. When you .. murdered our innocents - our women and children. ... Why is it you people cannot fight soldier to soldier why do you always take it out on the innocent people. Why? What they ever do to you What? If I were you I would join many Muslims leaving America and get back your respect. Because right now only you embarass yourself on this talk site.

I am totally against anyone ridiculing another religiom, or desecrating another religion's scriptures and holy sites. This fabricated story was exposed as a lie and Newsweek rightfully retracted it.

But the Muslim world's protests here ring hollow. Too many of the Muslim faith show such callous disregard for the desrcration of the religions of non-Muslims. How about the desecration of Joseph's Tomb in Nablus in Oct 2000? The PLO pledged to protect it yet Muslim mobs tore the tomb down, painted it green and erected a mosque on the site. How would you Muslims react if non-Muslims did the same to one of your holy sites? How about the gunmen who shot up the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and used pages from the Bible as toilet paper? How would you react if, say, the Israelis shot up the Dome on the Rock and desecrated pages of the Quran the same way? And what about the Taliban destroying the ancient Buddhist statues of Bamion in Afghanistan in March of 2001? Where was the Muslim outrage against these injustices?

If you show such little respect for the religion of others then don't be surprised if the others disrespect your religion.

Hudd, my beloved brother in Islam. May Allah bless your heart and reward you with the best level in paradise? Ameen.
my brother, the worst job you can get in this life is to put up with some AARABS in discussing something interesting above their level of understanding... and what you gonna say if those AARABS doesn't even know they are AARABS and been categorized in the Quran Kareem 1400 years ago?. I know my brother it's very hard delimma when you see some people paid to argue with you here. all what they seek is to fullfill the best tasks for their masters. I appreciate alots your humbleness and the taking your time to answear Alghawgaa and Dahmaae as they are called in arabic :). their games are not only stupid, but also incompatible! they lack the way to link what they were charged to say with the topic!
I was gonna send you encrypted message so they can't read this, but I found plain text is encrypted for their minds :). be sure? they won't understand anything from what I'm saying to you here :). I feel sorry for them and for real!. the least German, France or British American descendents can make no less than $500 an hour to do the nasty job like the one they charged them to do with pennies. or maybe unpaid! they promise to pay them after they win! cause we are broke in US. we still have just a stock of arms and we can use it to whip them out if they refuse to work :). I wish they get at least a $100an hour for what they put themselves in. I wish also they let them have it home not in our banks :). I just want help them but I know it's hard for them to understand me! they can walk the walk with the satan if they desire to, but they should remember that Allah is the most merciful and forgive us humans for anything (if He wants) if we just make a U turn and go ask Him for that. the only think unforgivable is to die giving him partner. 2 advices from me to help them: get paid the right way for the nasty job you do. make a U turn on satan when you can.

OOOOOOOO FROM ----------- said:
what is an infidel?is it a christian or jew?and why does islam target them to kill them?

Desecration of the Quran is a gravious offence that only Allah knows the punishment He will give for such person or groups that perpetrate it. Allah has told us in the Quran to go accross the land(world) and see what has happen to those that rejects His message and insist in abominations and sins.

We have now in this century gone ahead of not only insisting on committing sins but going to the extent of saying to Allah "we will not relent until Your message is no more", Subhanal-lah. How deluded we have become.

For the avoidance of doubt, the individual that did this act will know no peace both here and the hereafter and if the action is sanctione by the US authority then ..God save America!.

rioting on something that belongs to the Almighty is something that the cross worshippers and the cursed people on Earth can't understand. those who have the gut to teach from corrupted books written by unknown authors and claim it from God, will never understand what respecting the Almighty means! those who claim God has the heavens waiting for them but they are hanging here on Earth to teach lies about Him, know well what's wrong with them.
In saudia, people won't accept collections of books of unknown writers to be taught to people as God's words. GOD'S WORDS is the words coming from God, for those who still can't get out from considering God a humanbeing with some extra magical power...
flag is just a piece of cloth! burning flag is just peaceful way to show those who worship flags, what you are doing is worst than burning that piece of cloth. in any justice the first action is what causes the problem. and the first action was desecration of the Quran to humilate more the Faith of the majority of the people on Earth. I'm talking about the Faith! I'm not talking about the faith which is teach something and do other thing. the pedofiles priests can teach you alots about that faith.
our US gov should take those terrorists who did that to the Quran and send them to be judged in Islamic land. like we expect from any Islamic country to send us any terrorists who threaten our existance. it's clear terorrist act with purpose to threaten the existance of the Faith of Islam. doing so gonna give us more credibility. and why not? we claim those who do this crazy stuff are not supported by our administration and we just have to prove it.


Observer, your comment,"And if a Muslim was the person who did this to clog the toilet and cause havoc? How would the umma react then?" You fail to understand what Muslim means. If a person calling hiself Muslim fails to uphold the fundamentals of Islam he/she is not a Muslim any longer. That person might still have a Muslim name, might know what Islam was, but Islam without practice is just an effegy. So your answer, A Muslim could not do what you suggested and be considered a Muslim. To be a Muslim is not belonging to a nationality, it is belonging to the righteousness of the One God. It's hard to be always righteous, especially if you don't look for its implementation. Saudi Arabia is not a democracy boasting with upholding the humanity's greatest charter, 'human rights', so please, do not compare pumpkins to sparrows! If the bible was destroyed, it is destroyed through burning the same way would a copy of the Quran, rendered improper for use by overuse. Hamas is the Islamic representative of the Palestinians, they wouldn't desecrate any book in which God or any of the prophets was mentioned. PA could have been secular pro-democracy mercenaries or even atheists or communists. You see, nobody wants them in the Middle East except Israel and USA. What goes around comes around. What are you complaining, they are your own people!
Burning the American flag is an international practice. Everybody did it, including the Israelis.
The violence from Muslims is because we give a hoot. Obviously you don't for your flag and holy book. The riot brought us international attention, without it we wouldn't have this conversation.

Thanks Penelope for your excellent retractiong of the .. troll known as Gregory Tyrell. Its flotscam like this which remind me everyday that Americans are terrorists in every sense of the world. How can any sane person defend such actions ?!
These people have no redeemable value whatsoever, ...

Goes without saying, Alwi, goes without saying! If you noticed in my comment before friend there are the three points of omitance by Islamicity censureship. Obviously, the editors don't appreciate vulgar language. So, bro, you have imagination, you can figure it out what the three points stand for in front of friend! That kind of friend you are for me, my ... friend! Don't you be confused, my appreciation of you is reciprocal!
Very funny, Alwi, give me more! So, I damaged Islam more than the state of Israel? You have a follower, Rick from UK, I accept a challenge from you two any time. I don't know about Rick whether he has an agenda like you or it's sheer stupidity from his side, but you my ... friend are the bomb! Your comments are those of a scholar! Well a scholar from the Stone Age, I meant, but still you could have been a Dr and a scholar along history. Not today, though, not today! Today you carry the day in a different way, let's just say it modestly: "Dr" Alwi you carry the day donkey style! God bless you, you need His blessings more than any from His Ibada. But what am I saying? You are not from God's Ibada. You said it yourself you weren't my brother. I am a fundamentalist Muslim, if you are not my brother, what are you? Are you on the level of the people of the book? Islam worships one, Allah(The One God), is guided by three, Quran, Ahadith & Shariah, is built on five pillars and has eight items of faith. How many of these thing do you deny, my ... friend?
I leave you now to suck in your chin and meditate on the question, you poor soul, Alwi, what makes you Muslim?
Salam Alaykum!

What's wrong with you Rick? Why on earth are you making these allegations about me? First of all let me clarify to you something, I am no immigrant and no cannon fodder. I did not say or think the things you said, it was you that concocted them, bro. My comment was address to Alwi to a certain comment he made about Muslims going to USA(Like they shouldn't), I reminded him(Alwi) that the article was talking about Gitmo where no Muslim emmigrated but was brought in shackles against his will. I still mentain my comment about the great land of the USA. Why do you think Muslims emmigrated to the Americas? Because it was hell on earth? Irregardless of what the government does in the world community, resolution is awaited from them anyway, because like it or not, they rule. Prove me wrong! When UN differed in opinion with USA they became irrelevant. However the American people is made up by many strata of society and ethnicity. Muslims are a part of America. You cannot damn the whole USA for the wicked few. And yes, if any Holy book was desacrated in the USA the culprits would respond to the law. Gitmo is ouside of the law, be careful, I didn't say that was right!
Now, you brought the American army and the whole shebang of US aggression in the world and you made me partaker into their crimes. I wonder, how could you reach to such an excruciating conclusion from my little comment. In your contaminated thinking one cannot recognize any good to USA? We as Muslims must recognize and endorse that which is right and forbid that which is wrong. I did not say that it was right to flush the Quran down the toilet. If you understood that, it means that English is not your second language but rather fourth or fifth! Cpt is a mocking to ridicule Alwi who calls himself Dr!
Dear Rick, I understand your fever and sealousness, but take my advice, don't rush into things because you might hurt your own brothers and make a fool out of yourself, sorry! Having said these, I bid you Salam!


The problem in, few of the posters who are true muslims, the others are just fake people with stupid agenda and they believe themselves smart enough to fool us here.

this is about 9 Months since I heard the first brothers who come out from guitmo saying they didn't mind the torture happened to them. they minded only the desecration of the Quran. for those who are fake muslims here, this words mean nothing for them. If the hypocrite so called muslims confuse you with their talk in here, you can know them easy by their acts and the way they are the first to back kiffers against muslims. they are the worst enemy of Islam and they have the worst level of the hell immediatly above the level of satan. if they just know that they are the worst losers in this life and the hereafter!!? they lose benefiting from this life as kiffers do, and they lose the hereafter for being always after Islam(from under table).
the american news just confirmed what happened! and too late, taking it back now is just a proof on how much freedom in US!!! behind the scene all is controled worst than the worst dictatorships on Earth.

It sounds like a case of encouraging the ignorant to be creative in what seems like a strategic assignment. Seemingly it amounts to the best effort those in charge can make anywhere in the world. And thus the outlook for a global war (against terror) is not especially bright.

As for reprimanding those who told the story, at least Americans have a better idea why their country is hated. Would Americans seriously think people elsewhere are unlikely to hear the story told? Perhaps Americans might discover their country was hated more for choices some Americans have made than for Americans having some freedom to make choices. Granted some of the choices in question might technically have been illegal. Who knows?

Plus I too favor a grass roots movement for presenting Islam. Personally I'm not so interested in separating others from their religion as in simply encouraging them to believe and send some good ahead of them.

If a bible is brought into Saudi Arabia and it is found by authorities, it is immediately destroyed. In April 2002, PA forces held nuns and priests hostage for months in Bethlehem's Chruch of the Nativity. Priests reported that the PA soldiers had torn out pages from bibles to use as toilet paper. Yet we don't hear of Christians rioting over the destruction of their holy book, even though they don't like it. The American flag is pretty regularly burnt to a crisp in the Middle East. Americans don't riot over that, even though we don't like that either. What explains such a violent reaction from Muslims? What does all that rioting get you, anyway?

Excellent article, keep them coming!. I think the new Western Empire have done a BIG mistake, they do not fear Allah. They also do not know that since the revelation of Islam Muslims have been fighting to protect out faith, the Holy Qur'an, and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). They have tried to separate us for the past century but I think they just brought us together again. I call upon all Muslims around the world to unite once again for a common cause, to protect our Faith. Persecution against Muslims around the world has gone too far. Start in your local Mosques. We must unite if we are to fight to protect the Holy Qur'an.
Asalamu Aleikum

If one compares and contrasts the treatment of American and English prisoners by the Taliban of Afghanistan or the Iraqis in the initial stages of Iraq's occupation, it is shamefully apparent that whilst the Taliban accorded their prisoners dignity and respect, including women, our soldiers and the Americans, raped, tortured and killed Afghan and Iraqi women - and they did not even spare the children. Now to show of their machismo they desecrate their Koran. It is all most distressing and shameful and I am sure at some point in time Americans will regret their actions if they have any decency left in them.

Dear dear George Tyrrel, spoken like a true American soldier- ignorant, racist and with your head permanently up where the sun never shines. You talk about true men? True men don't massacre Women and children or kick children in the chest or rape women, girls and boys or torture their prisoners with the sexual pervasion and depravity that Americans are now famous for. Neither are true men sadists, masochists or ignorant buffoons thumping the bible to answer any and all questions. Right you are - The dead cannot talk or complain. If tomorrow the dead of Iraq, Afghanistan, N Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Dominican Republic, Panama, Cuba could all talk every word and every sentence would incriminate you Americans for all your inhumanity and bloodlust. You people are all the same. The same disgusting sadism with which your previous generation tortured and slaughtered the Vietnamese, you the current generation improve upon that cruelty and depravity. You Americans are the ones the world does not care for. And given the value of your currency, no eyebrows would be raised if someone were to flush your entire Mickey Mouse currency and your buffoon president too down the toilet. And no it's not the Muslims who are whining. Try Israel, where the Jews to this day are profiting from the holocaust from lawsuits and using you dopes to muscle economic sanctions against any country that doesn't cough up. No Muslims have a valid complaint as victims. You Americans don't, you are the barbaric oppressors. You are not dealing with some poor wretched Red Indians here who will roll over and die. Muslims may falter or now, but history has shown that time and time again, they eventually do kick out the corrupt amongst them, whom animals like you support, and reclaim what is theirs. It may take time but it will happen. Notice no one cares to visit your wretched country anymore? USA is a festering boil.

Previous evidence of the desecration of the Koran is overwhelming as one can read from the link below.

Newsweek can make history by standing up to the Neocons and establishing credibility to American journalism, by demonstrating that they are not camp followers or sheep and can report with truth, sincerety and courage. Go on Newsweek be the only one with courage. You will be respected internationally to no end.

Once again you demonstrate your own demise. You consistantly over-react to stories (c'mon, it came from Newsweek) without getting the facts. It's no wonder you don't receive any credibility. Here you write this article as if everthing "Liesweek" said were the Quran. Quit being so angry and give the facts a chance to play themselves out, as they are now. Will you print a subsequent article and apologiz once you find out the whole story was fabricated? Or will you humble yourself enough to admit you were wrong? It's no wonder the world doesn't give you muslims any respect when you spout off at the mouth the way you have over this latest excuse to riot and kill. This "poor me" attitude you people have is making me weary. Wake up! The world doesn't like any religious groups. Your not that special to be singled out and targeted. The world is more worried about money than they are you muslims. Now if you want to see a riot burn or flush down the toilet some of that US currency. See how crazy people are? Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and start acting like men as you people claim to be!

And if a Muslim was the person who did this to clog the toilet and cause havoc? How would the umma react then?

It is sad and disturbing that so many people can so easily be moved to violence by an allegation. This violence has resulted in more Muslim deaths. Do your reader think there is a remote possibility that this claim was part of disinformation and psychological operations conducted during war?

Capt Hudd, so you can state unequivocally that no copy of a Quran was burnt, damaged, flushed or destroyed on the Great Soil of this Great America that Defends Religious Rights and Freedom? Don't you think that given current facts your statements are ludicrous? It's ok to kill, maim, torture and rape as long as it's not done on "Sacred American Soil". The hypocrisy of your statements rings like a deafening church bell. You are accountable for your actions and deeds Mr. Hudd whether you are on American soil or sitting in some cesspool in Iraq. Your reasoning explains well why American soldiers stationed overseas frequently make headlines (except in the US) for rape and murder. Be it Japan, N. Korea, or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq, you Americans have certainly left an indelible impression with the local populace which festers with hate and loathe for you. Amazingly, then you clowns always spring the ever present Bible, as if God gently forgives all your actions by virtue of the fact that you are Americans. I gather you are an Immigrant working in the American Army? Ever heard of Cannon Fodder Mr. Hudd ? Don't kow? Look at all the disproportionate number of dead Latinos and Blacks being brought back in body bags. And then look in the mirror - That's Cannon Fodder.

The recent news of the defilement of the Sacred Quran in Guantanamo prison has lamented the worldwide Muslim community; especially the Muslims from Afghanistan and Pakistan have submitted severe and strong protest against the American evil and terrorist ambitions against Islam, even some of our brothers got martyrdom. The American policy is not only to harm the Muslims economically or by military expedition but now it has gone up to the unbearable extant. They have gone on the maximum enmity with Muslims and Islam. They are defiling the Islamic religion by desecrating the Holy Quran, by producing the new and fabricated edition under the title of Al Furqan al Haq with absurd and blasphemous teachings and describing it as a true Quran instead the real one.

We the Muslims are the most peaceful community of the world, we respect the religious persuasions of others and our religious beliefs never allow us to desecrate the deities as well as the religious scriptures of the other religions. But our peaceful teachings and no compulsion policy never mean that we compromise with the sanctity of Islam, Allah, the Holy Quran and the Messenger of Allah, Mohammad SAW. We are ready for sacrificing us in the path of Allah in defending our religion and in defending our scripture's sanctity.

Therefore, we condemn American government on its inhuman, immoral and evil operations against Islam and Muslims; Bush Administration must apologize, for expressing the credibility of their claim of religious equality, they must shutdown all the evil and anti Islamic acts going on within their lands and elsewhere, arrest all those vicious people and criminals who are directly or indirectly involved in Islam bashing.

We love Allah and we believe in His religion. We pay warm tributes to those who are slain in the way of Allah with their utmost belief in Allah SWT. May their souls rest in peace. Amen


Dear Prof. ASLAM : Your article entitled "Desecration of the Quran raises an issue of enormous consequence. how can we, as a muslim establishment, offset the negetive repercussions generated in the aftermath of 9/11 about the ISLAMIC FAITH. It behooves every muslim, man, woman, child and adult to counter this image. We have no other weapon to weild other than informing our monotheistic brethrens - adherents of the Christian & Judiasim - of the virtues of the Islamic Faith, that we are ALL CHRILDREN OF GOD. This is the pervasive message of our Faith, and emphetically stated in the teachings and utterences of the prophet MOHAMMED (BBUH) The Muslim community in the USA should work as hard as they can in every, quarter, to reveal the benovelent and human core of the Faith. Fundamentalist brand(s) of the Faith should be abolished, uprooted, and exterminated from amongst our community.


i salute the strength of the writer regarding this desecration.. if ever you would say that there's an error to that article that U.S soldiers didn't desecrated the holy QUR'AN,then.. go to hell! you don't deserve to be a writer, and how would you dare to ask for forgiveness if your being irresponsible cost of the death of many innocent muslims..? are you trying to play our lives..?
and if they just asked you to "withdraw..?" your articles.. it's your conscience who will wake you up in the middle of the night.
brothers and sisters in islam.. let us unite and shoe to the whole world that we are good muslims, the real muslims. salaaam!

it really hurts to admit that because of the influenced of this Hegemon, most of the non-islamic country discriminate us, muslims or maybe the proper word is "HATE" us.. yes.. they hate us and one great proof is this current desecration to our holy book. This people who hates the religion of islam knew a very LITTLE thing about islam. They don't really know the teachings of islam because what they only knew is what the WEST is saying.. considering that they all have the capacity to destroy the image of muslim people. This is also a call to all the muslims out there to think and reflect to themselves if they've beeen a REAL muslim.
LET'S WAKE UP and fight for islam.. sorry to say but i find the muslims in the philippines as very APATHETIC IN SPREADING THE WORD OF ALLAH.
the u.s government as well as philippine government are using the terrorism issue because they cannot explain to the masses how passive they are in solving for crimes and etc.
every crime that they cannot predict the suspect, they will say TERRORISM, how sad..? in an expense of the muslims..? you Pres. Gloria are shit! get your mask because no need to wear it anymore..your real color is already shown.
i was shaking the moment i received a TEXT MESSAGE regarding this desecration and that time i wanna fly to any country having a rally regarding this.. this is a signal that non-muslim country never respect us and want us to decline.. and this fucking Bush is saying that islamic world must democratise. What the hell does he mean..? simply to convert the muslims! c'mon! you shit people kept on insisting that muslim women are opressed..? it never happened! so DON'T USE THE ISLAM for your OWN INTEREST!


it really hurts to admit that because of the influenced of this Hegemon, most of the non-islamic country discriminate us, muslims or maybe the proper word is "HATE" us.. yes.. they hate us and one great proof is this current desecration to our holy book. This people who hates the religion of islam knew a very LITTLE thing about islam. They don't really know the teachings of islam because what they only knew is what the WEST is saying.. considering that they all have the capacity to destroy the image of muslim people. And we..? the muslims have no chance to explain to the whole world, but anyway.. what's important is almighty ALLAH knows what is true. This is also a call to all the muslims out there to think and reflect to themselves if they've beeen a REAL muslim.
LET'S WAKE UP and fight for islam.. sorry to say but i find the muslims in the philippines as very APATHETIC IN SPREADING THE WORD OF ALLAH.. and we are even westernized, the leaders have been very busy in making money.
the u.s government as well as philippine government are using the terrorism issue because they cannot explain to the masses how passive they are in solving for crimes and etc.
every crime that they cannot predict the suspect, they will say TERRORISM, how sad..? in an expense of the muslims..? you Pres. Gloria are shit! get your mask because no need to wear it anymore..your real color is already shown.
i was shaking the moment i received a TEXT MESSAGE regarding this desecration and that time i wanna fly to any country having a rally regarding this.. this is a signal that non-muslim country never respect us and want us to decline.. and this fucking Bush is saying that islamic world must democratise. What the hell does he mean..? simply to convert the muslims! c'mon! you shit people kept on insisting that muslim women are opressed..? it never happened! so DON'T USE THE ISLAM for your OWN INTEREST!

Constitutional rights in the US are gone due to the so called "Patriot Act". Even the basic freedom of privacy is violated when the CIA and the FBI can listen to your phone conversations, read you emails, search your home without a warrant, put you in a "No Flight List" and last but not least arrest people without a reason or a court order. What a coincidence that this is been apply mostly to Muslims Even my non Muslim friend was discriminated, just for been friends with a Muslim. There is no more "Constitutional" right in this country. Discrimination against Muslims is wide spread in this country, is all because of the one source of information we thought we could rely on, the media. Anti-Muslims propaganda (backed and encouraged by the US government) is exactly what we need to be fighting. None of us Muslims should tolerate any kind of desecration to the holly Qu'ran. This has happened before by US personal in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the "secret" interrogations facilities the US has around the world. For too long this is gone. This is a direct Insult to Allah and it is our duty as Muslims to follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and eliminate this kind of actions.

Asalamu Aleikum brothers and sisters.

Are you really sure that the Quran was desecrated? Or is this all based on here say? Just because it's on the news, doesn't mean it actually happened. Where's the really evidence.

As muslims, the first thing that we must do when we hear about something is to check if it's correct.

I think this a decoy, just a small rumour that puts muslims in a rage. Which is what they want, because when you're in rage, you can't think straight.

One of the rules from the Art of War is "Anger your opponent, and send them into disarray". This is exactly what they are doing. And we're falling for it.

If the Quran in fact was defiled, I'm not sure what can be done, but if it wasn't this just goes to show you that they can easily control our emotions if they want, and we have no intellect to drive ourselves with patience on such matters.

Anger your opponent and send them into disarray.

Think about it.

There is no doubt about it that it is a very disgusting and humiliating act to the Muslims all over the world. This is not the first time it happened. InshaAllah, this will only strengthen the Iman (faith)of the millions of Muslims all over the world. May Allah Subhanwata'alah give courage and patience to the persecuted and oppressed...Ameen

Hudd - you are not my "brother". And your manners speaks volumes about you and others like you. Perhaps it is you and others like you who have done more damage to the image of Islam than even the State of Israel.

Dr Syed Alwi

Desecration and damage of the Koran by Americans is old news. Both in Guantanamo and in Iraq, in the earlier phases of the American occupation, the tearing pages from the Koran and stuffing them down the throats of Muslim prisoners was a common tactic used by the American, British, Polish and Bulgarian troops- learnt well from the Israelis. . British soldiers had even complained to their officers about such acts by Americans, but were stonewalled by the US Army and US Marines. The Russians did it quite openly in Afghanistan and continue to do so in Chechnya. Given the initial news coverage, was it any wonder Muslims were enraged? Anyone with any common sense would have easily predicted the violent response that ensued. But we are talking about Americans here, so common sense, or any sense for the matter, takes a back seat. There is now panic in their ranks as they see the Islamic world up in arms, threatening not just Americans but their puppet regimes all over the world. Very conveniently all of a sudden Newsweek wants to retract. From 'a very reliable source that had observed the Koran desecration' a week ago to 'sorry but our source was unreliable', smacks of a blatant cover-up under pressure from the US government. This clumsy move makes Americans look even worse. But Muslims all over the world know that the Americans are guilty of the act, just as they are guilty of the senseless murders and torture of scores of Muslims across the globe. These child-like maneuvers do not fool 3.5 billion people.

This is truly a despicable act that has been committed. We are
now beginning to so the true face of the enemies of Allah(swt).
Brothers and sisters must wake up and hold fast to the Qur'an
and sunnah. We are all at fault for the humiliation that the
ummah of Muhammad(saws) is in today. Brothers, sisters, and
children are being killed/raped while many of us practically bow
to the kufaar and negelect our spiritual brethren. Only when we
begin to totally apply islam will disgraceful things like this stop
happening. This act was unbeliveable and things will only get
worse if we don't change ourselves.

Alwi, my .. brother, no Muslim migrated to Guantanomo Bay, stop ridiculing yourself you despicable hypocrit. Quran could not have been defiled on American soil where the American constitution defends the freedom of faith and the honour that comes therewith to any religious item. How stupid can you be, for crying out loud! It is really painful to see a disturbed person like you assuming titles like Dr and believes like being Muslim. You are as much a Dr as Dr Dre and as much a Muslim as Salman Rushdie.
So long!

Assalam alaikum...
Although this is a very interesting subject, should be taken with a lot of caution. The forces we as Muslims have to battle are many but they all come from one source, the same source that tries every day to divert us from Allah(swt). If we all react to every bit of info that comes floating in the mainstream media we could fall into the sharp skilled claws of evil and cause a greater damage like the deaths during protests abroad. I am concerned and hurt that our HOLY QRAN has been disrispected (so it is said) (I didn't witnessed it) but as a Muslim I have to value life over all other things as Allah(swt) has asked us to do. One has to act with caution and not allow passion to divert us form our path.
Assalam alaikum


I believe brother bob said it all. thank you


Dear Readers.

I have already given some comments on this article. Some addition on reading responses.

Dr. Syed Alwi (31648) says Muslims should not live in USA. Then how can he live in Singapore. Singapore is not Islamic republic.

Robin ( 31640) pointed out "Not a word of protest from North America" ? Well, Muslims in USA are too vulnerable to deportation under Patriot act. What about countries other than US ? Yesterday an article in "South China Morning Post" of Hong Kong referred to those leaders of Muslim majority countries as "impotent". Count all the middle east in the impotency list.

Scott Stanton (31639) says nothing happened, like Condi says nothing happened & Meyers says nothing happened - because there in no proof yet ? Are you going to wait until US Army & the whole line - Bush down to that specialist contractor in-charge of interrogating prisoners and those ordered to soften them up ( Jews & Christian), the Muslim haters in the Prison system - get into an act of self incrimination ? Scott is either a administration mole for damage control or he is just ignorant. For the latter ailment - read

Nasser (31635) with a good intent recommends sending e-mail to US President. Present incumbent said on TV that he does not look at Papers/TV or listen to radio about what the world says about USA or his administration. He goes by what his handlers tell him. Will he read thousands of e-mail that come to this address ?And the American people elected him again.

If all Muslims, and the rest of justice loving people of the world stand against America - Bushies, Condies, Chennies, Wolfies, Rumsfies - all will be shown the door.

That's a tall order. Let the world at least protest at the goings on in US operated illegal prisons all over the world.



It is the opportunity of non-muslim because at the early stages of Islam, Quran has been used to get maximum political means by leading islamic caliphs and these days muslims themselves disgrace Quran to blam other muslims. I am against it and against any force that want to do it.

This is exactly what the infidels do...I am not surprised...

Assalaamo Alaikum.

The author has done a commendable job to point out the sources from where hatred for Islam & Muslims is generated in the US. Since US media is read / seen /heard all over the world so the poison spreads uncontrolled. I agree with point 1 & 2. Hwr points 3 & 4 are not valid. The point under discussion is hatred for Islam and Muslims. Liberals & atheists have not shown their hatred for Christians & Jews or Bible & The Towrah in the same way at the prison. What community is the detainee in that prison and which religion was insulted ?

Author's recipe to start work at grass root level is like the advice "to plan" "to dig a well" "to get water" "to extinguish a fire" - in the meantime your burning house is nothing but ash. Timing & urgency is the essence here. Nero was playing the fiddle while Rome burnt - nothing wrong with the fiddle or playing of it.

Author's condemnation of "existing Muslim Leadership" smacks of petty mindedness. We have to keep the personal jealousies & rivalries out when such a grave incident occurs.



Of course the KUFAR will Desecrate our Qur''s what Kafur's do!

What's a SIN:
The Qur'an is being Desecrated by Arabs, especially the Saudi's when they interject as transliteration ... an interpetation that's in keeping with their CULTURE in it!

Dr. Abdullah,

When I first read of this in the news I immediately thought that this was something that could be easily ignored. At times I view trivial attacks on Islam like this as nothing but provocative. This instance while definitely disrespectful, should have a word from muslims. I believe a condemnation of one, but most importantly a word that tells the world that this can have no effect on our faith or Islam. I think it would be better to understand that there are many people who have done worse things to a Quran and muslims. Thats why I view provocative news such as this unworthy of even a comment. Allah says in the Quran, "when you see the ignorant say peace" "I think this situation is a prime example of us as muslims needing to learn to ignore. We should not let the actions of so few, upset us. There should definitely be a response, but we should educate the world on how exactly we view ignorant acts such as these.



Allah said in the Quran "it appeared the hate from their(the kiffers) mouths and what their chests hide is worst" and Allah always speaks the Truth.

they were cursing Islam, threatening Islam and muslims and spewing all kind of hate all over US... in sametime the game was to put us in sleep mode. like that their task become more far as they think!
I disagree 100% with the brother when he said "The existing mosques and Islamic centers can be engaged in developing comprehensive data about Muslims in their localities.". we all know only Homeland security who can finance this kind of data gathering...I wonder if it was a mistake from the brother or something...!!!???

as far as we heard Rice saying, the US Gov doesn't know about this stuff!!!!! believe it? maybe true! who knows!? some people want to believe whatever to satisfy themselves and do nothing about it.
The root of the problem is a war waged against muslims without their permission. in this war, it's clear that you are hated just for believing God is One and His last messenger brought the last Truth to mankind. doesn't matter your color or your semitic ethnicity, you are hated for following this truth. you are hated for following a message that teachs you to respect the prophets like Moses or Jesus and respect their corrupted books...
are you able to stand on the right side? be patient?and do just the right things that you can do? or are you gonna, one way or another, find yourself practicing something outside the truth of Islam? you decide.
the muslim organizations in America should work on helping their communities to come together and work for the seek of Allah. not for the seek of $$$.

Well this just goes to show that Muslims should NOT migrate to Non-Muslim countries. I do NOT sympathise for American Muslims. Why did they go to America in the first place ? Non-Muslims can NEVER provide for a proper Muslim leadership. They have different aspirations, values and world-view. So how can Muslims hope to find relief by migrating to a Non-Muslim country ?

Dr Syed Alwi

I don't know what to say about this really. Very much socked about this news. We muslim needs unity to keep our identity. ALLAH knows best.I think it just started and Dajal is coming soon only Jesus pbuh will end this fight.

Bismillah. I am in agreement. These local Muslim groups must
also seek out the reverts to Islam in their areas. These reverts
hold a special place in presenting Islam to non-Muslim
Americans. Of course all Muslims play a special role.

was once told by a holy person that a Muslim can tolerate ANYTHING except two:

1) Insult and Blasphemy to the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

2) Desecration and defilement of the Holy Qu'ran.

The gravity of defaming the holy Qur'an and the Prophet is ranked even higher than an insult to Allah. Scholars say God is a "theoretical object" for many people, you know Ghaib (unseen being). So, God can't be seen or grasped, whereas the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran WERE and ARE concrete objects whose existence can only be doubted by the insane.

Thus God can forgive insults towards him by the ignorant ones, but he DOES NOT tolerate DISRESPECT of his message (Sacred Holy Books, Koran, Gospel, Psalms) or to His Messengers (the foremost among them being the Prophet Muhammad).

We all have at least one special someone to whom we love so much that we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT tolerate any CURSES, INSULTS, or DISRESPECT. There is always that special dear one, so close to your heart (like a mom, dad, husband, wife, sister, son, daughter, etc) whose dishonor ONE ABSOLUTELY cannot tolerate.

So if that's the case, just imagine how can we Muslims stay silent in the face of slurs and insults hurled towards the Holy Prophet, so is (or should be) very dear to us? Isn't he the chosen one and BELOVED of God, whom God has given the most special of honor (waseela and fadeela)? Didn't the Prophet once say to his companion Hazrat Omar (RA) "Oh Omar, emaan (faith) DOES NOT enter your heart completely unless you love me ABOVE all else (possessions, fame, honor) even your own life?"

And it should never be taken as "OK" when sacred books are disrespected. Remember Allah NEVER guides the one who disrespects his Holy Books, matter of fact, he leads them astray!

So if reading this article makes us sad, that's good because that means we care and feel hurt when the things we love are bad-mouthed. It is though we still have imaan (faith) albeit at a very low level.

I agree with the writer's views. There are a lot of misconceptions about Islam. We must try to educate the people. The desecration of the Holy Quran is an act that should also be hurting the feelings of others also. As an example, we know that the Holy Quran, gives us the same message that was given to Jesus (pbuh) and to many other Prophets of God such as Moses, Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, etc. (pbut), who are respected and followed by Christians and Jews. The Holy Quran also narrates the story of the miraculous birth of Jesus (pbuh) and regards his mother Mary in very high esteem. This act should be condemned by people of all faith as an attack on all religious beliefs.

Whoever did this horrific and satanic act is so sick that no therapy could ever be used to cure or relieve him of his hatred towards Islam and the Muslims. Perhaps, he was brought up that way. Otherwise, he would have wondered and asked himself: supposed a Muslim desecrated the Bible, how would I feel? Would I not be outraged? Is the Bible no different from the Holy Quran? It's my Holy Book. It's sacred. But such questions are not forthcoming in his mind because he considers himself above everybody else. To him, his action presents no moral consequences because he is arrogant, conceited and, above all, he is doing this in the name of his country and the people he represents. How could he be guilty? Perhaps, if he sees a Bible in the toilet or in the trash, maybe he'l wake up and realize that what he just did was uncivilized and, most importantly, unChristian. Or perhaps he'll never wake up at all and eternally be plagued by ignorance and self-destruction. I thank Allah I am a Muslim.

dear brother in islam
what a shame there is not one word of protest in the whole of arabia or north africa. our iman is dead.


I would only add, Brothers & Sisters, peace be with you, that these allegations have not yet been proven or verified. It may be that the injuries and deaths are the result of irresponsible journalist not bothering to confirm the accuracy of their stories. If it is true, it is the result of a predjudice that cannot be legislated away any time soon.

While american "Jews and Christians" love to do nothing more than KILL.

This is the real reason for all venom spewed above is going to bite all of us in the ass.

You see Jews and Christians have shit for brains, they dont bother to read for themselfs, but rather be lazy turds and be led to HELL by a few Faggots and Pedofiles raping their girls and boys and wifes, hell they even mary Piests with Priests and Rabies with Rabies.

How can anything GOOD come out of such people and way's of life.

Ignorant as they are they fight you mining your own business.

Assalaam Alaikum.
Brothers and sister of Islam We must voice our objection to this vile act. These people are chopping away at the root of islam. If we do not protest this act we are in trouble, with Allah not this administration. I included a link to the white house where you can let the president know how you feel. Be kind, logical, and don't forget to do some dahwa.

The so called "american moslem" are all hypocrite!. They all are
afraid to face reality, they live good enough life so they don't
want do something to do about it.

Very authentic analysis indeed. I appreciate the author. The intensity goes deeper through Business Globalisation Icons of Europe who view the Muslim world as their next business expansion. Denigration of Islam to lean humanity towards materialism is must to explore their business. A vast chunk of propaganda tools are funded by them. Denigrating and desecrating Islam is not a new phenomena. Similar & some times even more intense propganda is reported in the history during prophet's life time and thereafter. We must rediscover the tools used by the prophet & his companions to counter such threats. I think one and the only tool is our true islamic character. We should inculcate true Islamic knowledge based on Quran & Sunnah & mould ourselves accordingly. Initially it remains very painful, humilating and slow-pace, but the impact is deep-rooted, effective and irreversible. The world is waiting for American mind with Islamic principles. We should not dance to the evils tone, rather, we should be cool, calm & patient and apply a well calculated strategy. "Ho agar Aaj bhi Ibrahim sa Insan paida:Aag Kar sakti hai anda-ze Gulishtan paida. Amin - sarfaraz

Abu Gharib, Guantanomo, war in Afghanistan, Iraq... and now desecration of the holy Quran. Seems like bashing against muslim has no ending. And yet they still claim they're civilised. Where's democracy, tolerance, human rights that they always glorify?