Politically Correct to be Anti-Muslim

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There has been a dramatic increase of books published, news stand articles covering, and news broadcasts reporting on topics related to Islam since September 11, 2001. Due to the already general ignorance about the religion, this abrupt interest in coverage created a recipe for destructive reporting. The media coverage on Islam can be more or less identifiable in two groups; genuine exploration of the topic or deliberate attempts to pursue religion defamation and/or political agendas.

Unfortunate remarks were made about Islam immediately after 9/11, which could be considered as a normal response to an event of such great emotion provoking magnitude. What isn't understandable is that years later slanderous literature about Islam is still hitting our book stores and news stands. Why is it so easy for material that is obviously anti-Muslim to be published? It appears that an atmosphere has evolved where it is not only accepted to produce anti-Muslim literature, but it has also become expected that literature take that course. The bottom line is; it has become politically correct to be anti-Muslim.

We must take notice of individuals such as Paul Sperry and Daniel Pipes who have set agendas to create hatred towards Islam. Paul Sperry's most recent delusional book entitled INFILTRATION is so dangerously misguiding that it should not be promoted by any book seller. I am a Muslim who is proud to live in a free country where we can express ourselves feely, despite what Mr. Sperry may claim. But when literature creates a dangerous environment for a group of people, some action should take place.

If you buy into Mr. Sperry's delusion, you will hate Muslims. The ideas presented in his book INFILTRATION will most likely prompt accepted racist views towards Muslims living in the United States. Mr. Sperry's irrational fear can only result in an irrational solution, which is to deport all Muslims and close the borders to anyone who is Muslim. Well I suppose Muslims wouldn't miss living in the United States, because "freedom and democracy is incompatible" with their religion, as Mr. Sperry claims. 

When reading a book or article, ask yourself "where do we go from here?" If the answer is irrational and does not follow a true free democratic society, then the ideas presented in the book are most likely irrational and/or agenda seeking.

Unfortunately within Muslims there are some intolerant individuals who are taking advantage of the current geo-political environment and pushing their own irrational agendas. Intolerance should not be accepted in any form.

Muslims do belong in the United States. What doesn't belong in the United States is intolerance and racism. We are currently living in a society that is intolerant of a specific group of people. I hope that this is only a phase and not a regression to the intolerant American past.

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Munther Barakat is is a graduate in psychology from the University of Wisconisn at Milwaukee. He is currently working on a doctorate in clinical psychology.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
Views: 3966
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Some opinions are ignored and others are influential and powerful.

The author is a Great Man. A role model for Muslim men. A man with Excellent Moral Values. See yeah In heaven Brother. :)

Assalaamu 'Alaikum,
I think the author makes a good point. It is very easy to be a bigot in this day and age. It is our job as muslims to encourage good and firbid evil. It is important to remember that we must do this first and foremost among our own community and then among the larger society. No matter what others may wish of us, we cannot forget this duty and we must obey our creator.
For those of us who feel this pressure and hatred remember the words fo Allah (SWA) and read your Qur'an daily that you may find the strength you need to resist the influence of the kufr all around you in this world. I recommend the first three verses of The Spider for encouragement. May Allh reward you for your struggles.