The world hates us more!

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Liberals have their faults, but no one can accuse them of being pigheaded. Two years after left-of-Bush Americans marched against the invasion of Iraq and a year after the Administration admitted it had lied about Saddam's non-existent weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda, the sprouting of a few protodemocratic weeds in the microscopically-cracked cement of Arab dictatorship has prompted them to wonder whether the neoconservatives maybe did the right thing after all by going into Iraq. 

"[Bush] may have had it right," NPR's Daniel Schorr writes in the Christian Science Monitor. Even Harry Reid, the Democrats' fiery-as-these-things-go leader in the Senate, is swooning over the image of flag-waving Lebanese demanding a Syrian withdrawal: "Any breakthrough we get there, whether it is in Lebanon or Egypt, is a step in the right direction and I support the president in that regard." 

As far as I'm concerned, Bush deserves to be impeached for lying to his employers--us--about Iraq's WMDs. He should face prosecution at a war crimes tribunal for the murder of the 100,000-plus Iraqis he ordered killed by U.S. troops. He deserves life in prison for ordering the torture, and allowing the murder under torture, of countless innocent Afghans and Iraqis. Nothing, not even if the Iraq war sparked the transformation of the entire Muslim world into peaceful and prosperous Athenian-style democracies, could retroactively justify such murderous perfidy. I'm not convinced a Riyadh spring is about to bloom. It will take a lot more than male-only Saudi municipal elections held in half the country, in which six of the seven winners were illegally promoted by the kingdom's extremist Wahabbi religious establishment. 

Take courage, wobbly self-doubters! Even taking recent events into account, your "no blood for oil" signs will come in handy during the America-hating years ahead. 

Never mind the dead, the lies or the cash, say the connies. As Britain's John Maples, originally a Bush supporter of the Iraq war, wrote: "The real reason for the war, at least in the U.S., was to create a reasonably democratic, free market Iraq to act as both a beacon and a rebuke to other countries in the region." The Project for a New American Century, the neocon think tank that started Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co. along the charred road to American Empire, stated in 1997 that U.S foreign policy leaders should strive "to shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests [around the world]." Iraq was the first big test of their approach. 

It may be premature to judge Bush's frat pack by their own standards but it's also fair. They've already declared victory. Ross Terrill, whose editor at The Weekly Standard signed the 1997 PNAC statement of purpose, writes: "Success in Iraq, Bush's victory on November 2, Arafat's demise, and the ongoing appeal of economic and political freedom to ordinary folk, all triggered political changes across the globe that lessen the need for massive U.S. military intervention again soon." 

Bush's current foreign policy report card is a mixed bag: a B in Phys Ed and a string of Ds and Fs in more important, heavily weighted subjects. 

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has eased somewhat, largely thanks to an event that had nothing to do with Bush, Arafat's death and replacement with Mahmoud Abbas. But even the Palestinian Authority 's own polls show that fewer than half of Palestinians accept recent elections as legitimate, while 84 percent of the population say they live without safety or security in their daily lives. Basic issues, such as Israeli colonies on Arab land, remain unresolved. Peace with Israel? Not in the near future. 

Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarek, 76, has finally agreed to allow candidates to run against him for the presidency, but his most formidable challenger, Ayman Nour, was rotting in prison until January. He's now under virtual house arrest, which makes campaigning a tad inconvenient. Even the deployment of government goons against pro-Nour demonstrators hasn't reduced the flow of U.S. foreign aid (Egypt comes in second after Israel) or Egyptian anti-Americanism. "[Egyptian-American] relations are going through a seriously bad patch," a diplomat tells the UK Telegraph. 

Libya has agreed to suspend its nuclear program and Syria is being pressured to pull its troops out of Lebanon, but neither move--both in strategic backwaters--significantly affects the economic or security prospects of American interests. 

On to the big subjects: 

Iran has long sought improved relations with the U.S. It is a rare opportunity to form a friendship with an oil-rich, politically influential regional player. North Korea , on the other hand, poses our biggest challenge: a nuclear capable state, led by a paranoid and isolated autocrat who has threatened to incinerate the West Coast. Bush's charm offensive has been so badly botched that he has been reduced to promising that he has no immediate plans to invade Iran. "I hear all these rumors about military attacks, and it's just not the truth," he says. But the U.S. is better poised to invade Iran than North Korea (and oil adds to the motivation). Bush has also failed to reassure North Korea. "We have taken a serious measure by increasing nuclear arms in preparation for any invasions by enemies," the North Korean regime said March 22. So long, Seattle. 

Even the stirrings of electioneering in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the Muslim world cold. Both contests, held amid pervasive fraud, violence and corruption in active war zones where millions are too afraid to venture outdoors, are interpreted as ersatz democracy imposed upon puppet regimes created by a hostile occupation force. And the stooges are disorganized. Iraq's fractious parties haven't been able to form a government; Afghanistan's elections have been delayed until the fall owing to the continuing war with the Taliban. A BBC poll taken in Turkey, a staunch American ally and the model secular state in the Islamic world, finds that 82 percent of Turks consider the United States under George W. Bush to be the greatest threat to world peace. 

Is this a world "favorable to American principles and interests"? Clapping your hands is fun, but it doesn't change jack.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Iraq
Views: 4391

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Older Comments:
Response to Thomas: You believe that God doesn't die. So tell me Thomaswas there no god for those three days after jesus was crucified? who was god when jesus (whom you claim to be your lord) died for three days? Can God die?? No he can't, so how can Jesus be God????? is it like the pope, when one dies you elect another? so who was elected when jesus had been crucified?
I hope to hear you response soon.


My dearest brother, Peter. Asalamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Allah to you.

Go to There you will find one of the most interesting articles on reversion to Islam that I have come across. It was written by a gentleman (I forget his name) who holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Christian Theology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. The two points about his reversion process that stuck out most in my mind was;

1. As a Christian academic, he was surprised to hear his tutors question the authenticity of the trinity and admit that the council of Nicea had no influence from the mission of Jesus (PBUH) or his disciples. Basically, he says that while the preachers stood at the pulpit on Sundays preaching to their people they knew in the back of their minds that what they were speaking of was man-made and agreed upon by, for all intensive purposes, by politicians who Christians themselves question the motives of. He admits to feelings of guilt in that he knew that the people he was speaking to were interpreting what he was saying about Jesus (PBUH) and the trinity literally while in his heart he meant it figuratively. He knew he couldn't back up what he was saying with the historical Jesus (PBUH).

2. He says that for many years (10, I think) he referred to himself as a Christian (He was a Methodist preacher) who believed in One God and that Muhammad (PBUH was the Messanger of God. He says that he struggled to come to grips with his Islam because he had been raised a Christian, referred to himself as a Christian and thought that he would be denying a part of himself if he were to akcnowledge Islam. This, and not the truth of Islam, is what most Christians like Thomas have a difficult time accepting; the loss of their identity.

I ask Allah (SWT), The Creator, The Merciful and The Humbler to humble us all into accepting our rightful places in this world as His, and only His slaves. Ameen. Wa Salamu Alaykum, Peter.

Slave of Allah: A Salaamu Alaikum, my brother. I guess Thomas didn't want to face a former Christian who reverted to Islam. Alas, some fear the truth, perhaps. That is a shame. You know, I honestly feel that if most Christian folk really understood and knew what Islam was all about, they'd revert too. Let's pray for them brother, I really do feel bad for people who suffer under the delusions that have been foisted upon them. There is only One God and Muhammad is the Prophet of God. It is really very simple. Many Christians don't know the phrase (one of my favorites): Bismallahir Rahmanir Rahim, they've lost sight of the Last Day, they've lost the essence of really bothers me. I've known a good many Christians in my life (not the least because I used to be one), most of whom were good people that just don't know any better than what they practice, that follow their traditions because it is what they were taught when they were young. My brothers and sisters in Islam, let us pray that Allah will lift the veil from their eyes so that they might see and know what has been revealed to us through the Prophet (pbuh)

Singh, you suffer from extreme denial......and ignorance...I guess to some Hindu/Sikh fundie the lives of over 100000 Iraqi men, woman and children mean nothing.

Gurmukh Singh, let me remind you that the tacit approval of a wrong deed or the overlooking of a mentality that condones acts of barbarism in the military is as culpable as the open advocacy for killing of the Muslims. Yeah, the rules of engagement that are more a matter of accolades than directives, please! What are you saying, Lion? "This current war in iraq is much more humane and careful of civilian life than any of America's previous wars." You compared it to the ethnic cleansing of the American Natives? Or to the barbaric treatment of the African slaves? What is your point? O, if US did to others worse, it's OK to do half the damage? Tell me, when did US kill so many civilians in such a short period of time with the exception of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki? So, let's say, if a psychopath killed your neighbour, his wife and 8 children in the past and now he killed one of your children. One only, according to your philosophy it's alright because he did worse in the past to others? Are you serious? Oh, according to you, US shouldn't be higher in standards than South Korea, Sadam's Iraq, etc., since you compare their method of torture. Then what's US legitimacy other than the crude in the area? You are saying it, buddy with your own writing! Elections in the Middle East, monitored by US? Dude! In US the elections are controversial? The governmental corruption is without precedent in the USA history! I understand you are greatful to the good life USA gives you, but you don't need to prostitute your principles and deliberately blind yourself? You advice the author:"This author needs to get his facts straight before he allows to political leanings to dictate his findings," Man, you need a brain transplant for the dead one you still keep as an ornament upstairs! There are other 'terrorists' out there that are hardly mentioned. You guess why? They are not depicted like that by the media. They are not demonized like the Muslims are. They are ignored and forgotten.

Thomas still hasn't answered my question!

You reply with all sorts of emotional feelgood phrases about how you love your god and follow Jesus. I still pose my question to you about who the third "prophet" was that the Jews were expecting? They mention him as a third and seperate person. There is a foot note to that passgae in John that refers the reader to Deuteronomy (and I qouted that for you). Just like making the trinity into one God, Christians can't explain this passage either. Doesn't it disturb you that you follow a religion that has so many "holy mysteries" as one priest put it to me?

Also, you continue to call the Bible the word of God. according to your reasoning then, you mean God in the form of Jesus. However, not one word of the Bible can be proven to have come from the mouth of Jesus. The whole book is based on assumptions; the assumption that the words are Jesus', the assumption that the writers of the Bible were honest and inspired by God Himself, the assumption that the other books that weren't inlcuded in the modern Bible contain verifiably false information, which necessitated their removal. Also, as Peter said, it would bother me that 99% of my religion's prayers didn't come from the founder of my religion (in your case Jesus) and that the majority of my religion's holidays and customs are derived from previous pagan holidays and rituals.

In islam, not one word, not one prayer, not one ritual is included but did come from the Prophet's mouth (PBUH) or had his direct approval.

The President did not order the killing of any Iraqi civilians, nor does the United States countenance it. In fact, extremly prohibitive rules of engagement have been enacted specifically to design against civilian casualties. This current war in iraq is much more humane and careful of civilian life than any of America's previous wars. Furthermore, "countless" torture victims is an exaggeration at best. What many in this country think of as torture- sensory seprevation, sleep deprevation, humiliation, threats- is not actually defined as such and is neccessary in any military interrogation. The methods used by the Pakistanis, the Saudis, the SOuth Koreans and others are infinitely worse.
Criticism of the elections in Iraq and Afghanistan obscures an important point- that such elections occurred and that they were relatively free of undue influences, despite propaganda to the contrary.
This author needs to get his facts straight before he allows to political leanings to dictate his findings.

Tommy boy, what a comedian you are. The only solution to this follower of false religion is ship him off to Iraq ...
There is no such thing as intelligent dialogue with armageddonist fanatics and terrorists. This lot belongs in gitmo.

I'm sure that you can understand the full implications of what I've said. But don't take my word for it, check my facts, you'll find that they are true. I've reverted to Islam, Alhamdulilah, but it's a simple reason why: I believe in One God. I don't need anything else. I believe that Muhammad (pbuh) was the Prophet of God, the last in a line of Prophets that includes Jesus, but also Moses, Abraham and Noah (and many others). I pray that Allah will lift the veil from your eyes as He did to mine, and you see that much of what the Christians believe throws veils before them, places blocks between the dedicand and God.
You know, I just realized that Jesus said he would be a stumbling block to the unworthy...hmmm. That's worth a thought or two.
Also, now that I think about it, he also said that when he returned (which we also believe in)there would be those that said they did what he instructed them to do, but he would say that he never knew them....

Thomas: I think that Jesus said it best: why do you concern yourself with the mote in another's eye when you have a log in your own. Also: Judge not lest ye be judged.
Furthermore, while Jesus does say that he is a prophet (quote: "it's not easy to be a prophet when in your hometown", this upon his return to Nazareth), he in fact, never says that he is God incarnate. Also, he indicates that a comforter (Paraklytos in Greek) will follow him. One of Muhammad's (pbuh) names is Ahmed, which means "comforter". Just so you know, the Enjil is simply the New Testament. The zebor are the psalms and the Torah is also considered a revealed text.
But aside from that, if you investigate the early history of Christianity it becomes apparent that at an early point it became suffused with rituals and ideas taken from the pagan mystery religions that were popular in the Roman Empire at the time in which Christianity emerged.
I'll give you some examples: December 25 was originally the birthday of Mithras, a Zoroastrian deity imported from Persia.
Transubstantiation (the bread and the wine both becoming flesh and blood) comes straight out of the Dionysian cultus, they practiced exactly the same ritual
The crucified God-form was widespread and well-known throughout the ancient Middle East and Europe (mythologies abound with them).
My point is this: the early teachings of Jesus have been wrapped in pagan trappings that have taken away the tawhid (monotheism) that was core to Jesus' belief and teachings. While a lot of good things remain: love your neighbor, forgive others, Heaven/immortality is for everyone and not the select few, it is important to understand that much of modern Christian belief and ritual has no basis in the early Church.
Did you know that the early Christians didn't call themselves 'Christians'? They called their movement 'the way'. Did you know that they didn't celebrate the crucifiction in their meetings? They, in fact, celebrated the Last Supper

afraid? AFRAID? hahaha

no my dear friend...afraid is the wrong word...dissapointed, saddened...and encouraged are all better words...

dissapointed because of believing that muhammed was a prophet when there was absolutely no need for another prophet after the 'perfect' prophet and God incarnate the Christ who died for you sins...

saddened that islam is practiced and teaches the most far out...mystic, untrue concepts of the one true God which i follow in christ - which was discerned for me through his holy spirit - and is confirmed in me through My father in heaven...see they are not three my dear muslim is one...working in unison...NOT THREE but one...

and encouraged because of the 5 years of studying islam...having muslim friends (very good ones) and being blessed with God's spirit (the holy spirit) my faith attests to the truth of the one true god....i dont care about creeds or man made doctrines...but through the holy is discerned...something that unfortunately your god never has given to you...therefor your faith may be more based in pure intellect rather that God's loving voice...

please muslim...find me the true gospels...the engeel that muhommad spoke of in your holy book...

if christians have transmitted it wrongly...or if they were lost...and if GOd is holy and perfect and his word can never change....THAN WHERE IS THE ORIGIONAL ENGEELS??????????

not one...not a single muslims theologan can answer.

see my dear does not matter how many christian scholars have converted to islam (and it is not a revert because we were not born to submit...but we were born with a sinful you disagree? if so...then explain sin?- so revert...nice try kind muslim)

as much as id like to say the opposite...Christianity has become the world's biggest spectator sport...but that does in NO way mean that it is a lie

i walk in humble obedience to my one GOd... my God proved his love in Chr

Thomas, If you really do like muslims, then why are you saying that The quran and shariah law are 'good enough' for you to never take the shahada.
We all know a lie when we hear one so nice try.
And who on earth said that muslims have hatred for christianity. Maybe there are a few muslims who are racist but that doesn't necesarily mean that ALL muslims are racist. Islam is as the one, perfect, true religion and the way of life that god has chosen. You are weak thomas, weak and afraid of us, Well you should be.
You do what you want in this life of yours thomas, and then Insha Allah when the time comes, you will see that it was you that has been deceived my dear friend.

There is no god but allah
And Muhammad (saw) is the messenger of allah.


question continued for Thomas:

- Who is the prophet mentioned in John 1: 21-23? The people asked John the Baptist, ...he admitted "I am not the Messiah". "Who are you then"? "Are you Elijah"? he said, "I am not" "Are you the Prophet"? He answered, "No".

It continues to John 1: 25 "...Why then do you baptize if you are not the Messiah or Elijah or the Prophet"? - Thomas, Who is the Prophet???

Deuteronomy 18: 18-19 says, "I will raise up for them (the Israelites) a prophet like you from among their kinsmen, AND WILL PUT MY WORDS IN HIS MOUTH; HE SHALL TELL THEM ALL THAT I COMMAND HIM.

If you know anything about Islam then you must know about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). I asked numerous priests and preachers and have been answered, we don't know! That's shocking. there is a prophecy of a prophet who will speak the actual word of God, verbatim, and we dimiss it with "I don't know".

Open your heart, Tom. Our God is One God Who never begets nor is begotten. Glory to our Creator that he should have a son like us (I have 2 sons by the way one more than God according to your reasoning). Don't judge Islam by the actions of Muslims (I hate to have to admit that) but don't look at Islam through the spectacles of the Western media with their agenda. May Allah open your heart.

another good website is There you can read stories about dozens of fromer Christians, some scholars, from different sects who found the truth.

Response to Thomas:
You say that you love Muslims and the Islamic culture yet your pre-conceived thoughts suggest otherwise. Let me ask you, what can be considered the true word of God, a book that was written by supposedly "inspired' writers who lived 400-600 years after Jesus (PBUH) or a book that seemed to come out of nowhere from the mouth of a man who could neither read nor write? I still cannot get over how Christians seem to think that the Bible is the literal word of God when Jesus (PBUH) who was supposed to be God never wrote a word fo that book.

I'd like to pose another question to you, why is it that there are numerous examples of Christian Scholars who have reverted to Islam yet you cannot find one Islamic Scholar (and I don't mean Western educated students of Islam (as defined by the Christian West)) who has converted to Christianity?

In another section of your response you ask Muslims not to equate Western Governments with Christianity yet you are guilty of the exact same thing. People and the media in the West constantly attempt to paint the dictatorial, secular regimes of Egypt, Libya and jordan as islamic governements. Not even Saudi Arabia, with all its hooplah over the Hajj and being the keepers of the grand mpsque, is a true Islamic government. Yet if you look to history, my friend, the example is there to see. When Christianty governed Europe, the area was plunged into the dark ages and the result were numerous inquisitions (The Spanish being the most famous but not the only). With Islam ruling, you had the enlightenment of Cordoba, the advancement of the sciences (I was watching the History channel last night as it mentioned that the popes of middle age Europe were educated in Islamic Spain), the respect of human rights, etc. Check your history. I do not come to you in hostility, Thomas. You said you respected Islam, so I will show you respect in my responses. I also have a question to ask you in the alternate opinion.

No worries, thomas. You know - come to think of it - my understanding is that a Muslim is not supposed to take as a friend or protector any who mock or make sport of (Allah's choice for) the Muslim's religion. As for whether that same sort of rule might apply to a Jew or Christian it seems logical to me that it would indeed do so.

Perhaps such mockery might be some kind of a sign. Perhaps it might indicate some sort of deficiency on the part of those inclined to such mockery. Who knows?

Peace be unto Jesus (upon whom be peace) and peace be unto you also, thomas.

Please visit:

The Ultimate Dialogue - The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of Science

Miracles of the Qur'an (expanded edition)

Praise be to God, the Lord of the World, Who revealed in the Quran:

In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful

112 Purity
"Say: HE is God, the Only;(1)
the Absolute, Self-subsisting God;(2)
He has not begotten, nor has He been begotten;(3)
and none equals Him.(4)"

The similitude of jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: "Be". And he was.(3:59)

And of His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; do not prostrate yourselves to the sun or to the moon, but prostrate yourselves to God who created them, if Him you serve.(41:37)

Do they then expect (any thing) but (what happened in) the days of the men who passed away before them? Say: "wait ye then: for I, too, will wait with you.(10:102)

109 Unbelievers
"Say: O unbelievers,(1)
I serve not what you serve,(2)
nor do you serve what I serve,(3)
nor shall I serve what you are serving,(4)
nor shall you be serving what I serve.(5)
To you your religion, and to me my religion.(6)"

Thomas worship Allah for it is He Who created Jesus (PBUH). If you do not then wait, I too will wait as I am commanded by my Lord and your Lord until the day when He will decide Who is on the right path.

Also visit and know that we muslims do not hate you


Thomas, who made you the spoesman of Christianity? Besides, you are not a Christian yourself, you are Jewish or at least Zionist, I know Christians, I live among them and at one time I was subjected to evangelization for years. That period of time was the darkest in my life. Before the trial of evangelization, I considered the Christians my brothers. After the attempt, I consider them my nemesis, the kind I experienced, fundamentalist neo-protestant evamgelists. I was exposed to many sects of Christianity, your pattern of arogant conceit is typical to the Zionists.
Yes, Thomas, a lot of so claimed Christians are working on bringing the Armaggedon in different ways. So, Christian, be known to you that the belief of the Muslims is only in God, and we deplore any human futile attempt to alter God's will. Tarry with us, 1400 years ago, there were a dozen Muslims, today we are 1.5 billion. Soon my friend, give it 2 decades, Muslims will be half the population, it's obvious. Well, with a growing gay Christian majority, procreation is arrested in your claimed faith, brother! So, rest assure, the Muslims will inherit the earth. What was Islam in America 50 years ago? Look today, my dear friend and you will smile at the ever growing Muslim presence! Masha'allah!
If Ahmad Deedat didn't impress you, I wonder who does? Would it be Bush? Would it be Dick Cheney? Because I don't think it was the pope!
O, how sweet, you love the Muslims, alleagedly Jesus taught you? "Love your enemies, pray for those that hate you"? or "If someone strikes you on your right cheek turn him the left two"? You ar very laughable, Thomas, but you know what? I love you more, God bless you. It is interesting how God loves the disable and those that cannot help themselves and you my dear Thomas are handicapped, your condition is called, spiritual blindness. You are at fault for it! The super bright light of your self conceit severed your intellect to a confortable numbness. Sleep on, broth

speed up armegeddon? how can a human do that, muslim? chrstians believe it is gods timing...not mans works


i have been to ipc of england...ive heard ahmand deedat and he is the micheal moore of islam...he throws more red herrings than the color red and the number of herrings in the sea....
very unimpressed with him and i have heard over 20 of his debates where he is more out to make the muslims in the crowd thurst for anger than to prove christianity wrong...very poor christian theologian...almost to the point of embarrassment actually

the quran, shariah law, and the hatred of christianity of the muslims is good enough for me never to take the shahada...but at the same time...i absolutely love the muslim...i love the culture and i love the people...i just believe they are decieved as you believe i am...well inchalla we will see...

tawhid is not broken in is emphasized my dear friends...

know your history or you will be doomed to repeat it...

blessings in my Lord and savior the Christ


thomas u are very right in fact i'd like to specify even more, if u call christian to someone who follows Jesus(PBUH) I as a muslim am more christian then the pope. In fact all muslims in the world are the real true christians who follow the messege of Jesus(PBUH) the messege of"tawhid": to believe in One and Only God and not to make parteners with Him (He God has no son, mother, etc). Jesus(PBUH) is like ADAM(PBUH)...any way for more information u can visit these links:
and ofcourse

regarding enjeels...u know when ever Jesus(PBUH) said "i went and preached" did He had a book under his arm?.. the fact is that nothing was written during Jesus(PBUH) life. What we believe in is what was revealed to Jesus(PBUH) and not what you have now "bible" in fact many people make a big mistake translating bible=enjeel..anyway mr.thomas i suggest you to know who is zakir naik or ahmed dedaat...and ofcourse americans are not killing arabs and muslims, in fact it is the bombs ...yeah those unconscious bombs

pd. and dont wait another 1400 years ..go to and there u have what was revealed to Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, MOHAMMED (PBUAT)

all muslims must make one thing clear and make it clear right now....there is a DIFFERENCE between the west/america/democracy.....and christianity

the biggest mistake i have seen from muslims across the world is that they equate the two as equal meaning america=christianity


i know that you have shariah law that barely works that has no chasm between government and religion....

but christianity does....the government and the church is separate...

even though we are all infedels to muslims...dont attack america (verbally, physically) and say that you are attacking christianity at the same time....

there is so much muslims need to learn from an objective ear...not a biased is unfortunate that millions of muslims dont hear it. (pertaining to democracy and ummah's and sheiks telling lies that americans want to kill and destroy arabs and muslims...nonesense)

i suggest that you muslims read the enjeels that muhammad said were books of God. - by the way....where are they? if the christians couldnt handle them with care...then of course God's perfect bible is somewhere because GOd's perfect word cannot be ....for 1400 christians are still waiting for you muslims to come up with them.....

tic toc


that is the most embarrassing...biased...untrue...article i have read thus far from english speaking muslims. more time to chat later...

very interesting..

blessings in Christ my lord, (and yours too)


This article just makes me think about my own
perspectives about all the world issues pending.
And my conclusion is this, there are so many
people who agree very strongly with everything
said here, but not the right people. The numbers
are there to make a difference, but the
connections are not. Polotics is a dirty game, and
obviously, most of it's players are a

I can say that at least in my part of the world, policies and adventures pursued by the Bush adminstration have generated more hatred than goodwill for the Americans