God We Made You Angry! (Urdu)

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Urdu Nasheed by Sohail Quadri, written by Zahid Hussain & Khalid Mahmoud

Khuda Naraz Kar Baithe - Ye Hum Sab Kya Kar Baithe 
(God we made you angry - What have we all done?)

Khuda Naraz Kar Baythay Ye Hum Sab Kyaa-Aaa Kar Baythay
Bhot Parwaaz Kar Baythay, Khuda Naraaz Kar Baythay

Bhot Masroof Rahte Thay, Hawaoon Par Hakumaat Thi
Takaboor Thaaa Ke Taqat Thi, Bala Ki Badeshahee Thi
Subhi Masrooof Thay Aysay, Ke Ek Haasti Bhoola Baythay
Bhot Parwaaz Kar Baythay, Khuda Naraaz Kar Baythay

Magan Thay Apni Duniya May, Sabhi Bay-Khof Rahtay Thay
Teri Haasti Bholaa Kar Hum, Sabhi Khaamosh Baythay Thay
Koi Bay Fikr Baytha Tha, Koi Masroof-E-Sazish Tha
Koi Taqtoon Pay Baytha Tha, Koi Dolat Ka Pyasa Tha
Koi Khabooon May Rahta Tha, Koi Maazeee May Bhatka Tha
Koi Tadbeeeer Karta Tha, Koi Tasqeeer Karta Tha
Ke Zulmat Raaj Karti Thi, Khuda Khamosh Baytha Tha
Koi Aansoo Na Chalka Tha, Kisi Ka Dill Na-Tadpaa Tha
Phir Ek Aysee Waba Pahylee, Fizooo Aur Hawaooon May
Sabhi Kuch Tham Gaya Malik, Teri Kalkhay Khudaee May

Ab Usnay Moo Jo Phayra Hai, Faqat Wahshat Ka Dayra Hai
Ke Duniya Ki Har Ek Baasti, Bhayaanak Mout Chara Hai
Khuda Moo Phayer Baytha Hai, Abb Uska Ghar Bhi Khali Hai
Khuda Naraaz Baytha Hai, Kahar Duniya Pey Tari Hai
Abhi Bhi Waaqt Hai Logo, Khuda Se Gid-Gida Ke Tum
Usay Razi Karo Logo, Khudi Apni Mitake Tum
Abhi Bhi Waaqt Hai Logo, Khuda Razi Karo Logo
Abhi Tauba Karo Logo, Nigahaeen Nam Karo Logo
Wo Jaldi Maan Jata Hai, Wo Abhi Tum Ko Cahta Hai
Wo Abhi Tum Ko Cahta Hai, Wo Abhi Tum Ko Cahta Hai
Sitam Humne Kiya Khud Par, Raham Tum Nay Hi Karna Hai
Ye Hum Iqraar Karte Hain, Ye Hum Fariyaad Kartay Hai

Humay Bhi Baaqsh De Yaa Rab, Tujhi Se Aaas Rakhte Hai
Hamay Maalooom Hai Ya Rab, Tu Abb Bhi Hum Ko Cahta Hai
Khuda Naraz Kar Baythay Ye Hum Sab Kyaa-Aaa Kar Baythay
Bhot Parwaaz Kar Baythay, Khuda Naraaz Kar Baythay

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Nasheed, Pandemic

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