Arrogance of Power

I believe in this beautiful country. I have studied its roots and gloried in the wisdom of its magnificent Constitution. I have marveled at the wisdom of its founders and framers. Generation after generation of Americans has understood the lofty ideals that underlie our great Republic. I have been inspired by the story of their sacrifice and their strength.

But, today I weep for my country. I have watched the events of recent months with a heavy, heavy heart. No more is the image of America one of strong, yet benevolent peacekeeper. The image of America has changed. Around the globe, our friends mistrust us, our word is disputed, our intentions are questioned.

Instead of reasoning with those with whom we disagree, we demand obedience or threaten recrimination. Instead of isolating Saddam Hussein, we seem to have isolated ourselves. We proclaim a new doctrine of preemption, which is understood by few and feared by many. We say that the United States has the right to turn its firepower on any corner of the globe, which might be suspect in the war on terrorism. We assert that right without the sanction of any international body. As a result, the world has become a much more dangerous place.

We flaunt our superpower status with arrogance. We treat UN Security Council members like ingrates who offend our princely dignity by lifting their heads from the carpet. Valuable alliances are split. After war has ended, the United States will have to rebuild much more than the country of Iraq. We will have to rebuild America's image around the globe.

The case this Administration tries to make to justify its fixation with war is tainted by charges of falsified documents and circumstantial evidence. We cannot convince the world of the necessity of this war for one simple reason. This is a war of choice. There is no credible information to connect Saddam Hussein to 9/11. The twin towers fell because a world-wide terrorist group, Al Qaeda, with cells in over 60 nations, struck at our wealth and our influence by turning our own planes into missiles, one of which would likely have slammed into the dome of this beautiful Capitol except for the brave sacrifice of the passengers on board.

The brutality seen on September 11th and in other terrorist attacks we have witnessed around the globe are the violent and desperate efforts by extremists to stop the daily encroachment of western values upon their cultures. That is what we fight. It is a force not confined to borders. It is a shadowy entity with many faces, many names, and many addresses.

But, this Administration has directed all of the anger, fear, and grief, which emerged from the ashes of the twin towers and the twisted metal of the Pentagon towards a tangible villain, one we can see and hate and attack. And villain he is. But, he is the wrong villain. And this is the wrong war. If we attack Saddam Hussein, we will probably drive him from power. But, the zeal of our friends to assist our global war on terrorism may have already taken flight.

The general unease surrounding this war is not just due to "orange alert." There is a pervasive sense of rush and risk and too many questions unanswered. How long will we be in Iraq? What will be the cost? What is the ultimate mission? How great is the danger at home?

A pall has fallen over the Senate Chamber. We avoid our solemn duty to debate the one topic on the minds of all Americans, even while scores of thousands of our sons and daughters faithfully do their duty in Iraq.

What is happening to this country? When did we become a nation, which ignores and berates our friends? When did we decide to risk undermining international order by adopting a radical and doctrinaire approach to using our awesome military might? How can we abandon diplomatic efforts when the turmoil in the world cries out for diplomacy?

Why can this President not seem to see that America's true power lies not in its will to intimidate, but in its ability to inspire? War appears inevitable. But, I continue to hope that the cloud will lift. Perhaps Saddam will yet turn tail and run. Perhaps reason will somehow still prevail. I along with millions of Americans will pray for the safety of our troops, for the innocent civilians in Iraq, and for the security of our homeland. May God continue to bless the United States of America in the troubled days ahead, and may we somehow recapture the vision, which for the present eludes us.


Speech delivered on the floor of the US Senate, March 19, 2003

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Older Comments:
Please someone confirm Senator Robert Byrd is indeed from the USA the world has known lately! There still might be some hope!
Courage is not in the fire power being poured on the innocent in Iraq/Afghanistan,etc. True courage is the voice of the senator and a few others like him.
Thank you senator, for speaking for the majority.

A good and honest man Mr. Byrd is. An absolute rarity in the US senate - indeed in the US. What with a utterly stupid "crusading" mad-as-Hatter and an innately evil president, who is not only cruel and idiotic but an inveterate liar and his cronies of deceitful little evil side kicks, Americans are happy as long as their "way of life" is not jolted, and the country blithe fully goes to pot. Oblivious to the world around them, they selfishly indulge in the daily decadence of their lives, and truly don't give a damn about anything. ... Men like Mr. Byrd, don't belong in that .. country. Mr. Byrd ought to move to Sweden.

I absolutely reason with this US. Government officail on this speech.

All AMERICANS must critisize what their present goverment is doing, this is not good at all.


Why must AMERICA Kill HUNDRED THOUSANDS Innocent Civillian just for a change of regime, Ism't there any other option other than war. IRAQ

Why must AMERICA Destroy a country and kill civilians just 4 a single person ( USAMA ).




An honest outburst of a man who is true to his consciece, and may be is afraid of God's Justice yet to come. In the history of America, the people has seen the most unpopular, dishonest, liar President. Leave him in the hand of God's ultimate judgement

Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala will allow somebody to give the message of truth to the mankind, be him from any background. This is the practice of Allah, always. Please refer to Chapter Mohammad
Last verse, from The Book of Allah, AL-QURAN.

I commend Mr. Bird for his insightful remarks. I wish there were more elected officials in the capital that had paused for a moment,thought of consequences of giving a blank check to the president of U.S. to wage a preemptive war in Iraq for regime change.


I realized for the first time there is a Gentlemen in the country like United States of America.

Sir you deserved to be called a SIR!!!.

May Almighty Allah bless you and your family for being a Real Human from the bottom of your Heart.

I salute.

the following link is to a story by someone who leans toward the side of anti-war in Iraq, but he doesn't openly come out and make that statement. However, it provides an excellent account of the events that led up to this conflict "Operation Iraqi Freedom". One point before I post this link is that let us not forget that the objectives of the U.S military forces in Iraq are to free the Iraqi people. President Bush, may or may not, want oil, but the troops' objective is to free the Iraqi people from an oppressive dictator. Here in the U.S, we are taught from the time we enter school in subtle and not so subtle ways that freedom is the ultimate gift of living in the U.S. These troops, to a man, want to share that gift with the Iraqi people. They're commanding officers have constantly reminded them of all of the people that Saddam has gassed, beaten, tortured, and killed. That is against everything that we believe in here in the U.S.

here listed below is the link to the article about the Iraq and U.S partnership in the 80's, Bush #1, VP Dick Cheney, Clinton, and Bush #2.

cut and past the following link into your browser window. If the link doesn't work, you can read the article at it is titled "12 Year Itch".


Why the world community dont ask united states for its act of terrorism against innocent civilians in the intire world.
Why arab countries along with others responsible islamic states are silent on this shamefull tragedy over Iraq and on Afghanistan in the past. These leaders should know they are also responsible for this act and they will be ask, because they are silent on barbarism.
United States is the most terrorist state itself, Every where in the world US use 1st nuclear weapons, they use chemicle weapons in Afghanistan. If compare the terrorism of United States with other terrorist organisations you will find that America kill more Civilians then any other they use nuclear weapons no one use till today they use Biological and chemical weapons. So any one have rights to make its own conclutions.

I agree whole heartedly. There are times when violence could be the answer, this is not one of them. The president hasn't even given us, the american people, a good reason for the war, not to mention an outcome. What does he hope to accomplish by this war? I don't think he has thought it through.



To Weedseed, Why didn't Bush Sr. do away with Saddam 12 years ago? Has anyone proved who did 9-11. Where's Bin Laden? For a kniving regime like Bush's, who's not trusted, even if Saddam said OK come in, they'd have planted something there and say look see! Personal interest! Castro is a dictator sho has posed a greater threat to the US. Our country's children have been using imported drugs. This is a greater threat. The US needs to keep its paws off others' land. If it doesn't it'll suffer unfortunate consequences, because we just don't get it.

To Brewer. Just to refresh your memory. In 2000 Just before taking over the white house. Bush Jr. said. "It would be great to have a dictatorship, if I were the dictator." Hello???? What could that mean. Obviously Bush dictacted to the UN his unwillingness to act in accordance with them. Infact the US has exempted itself from the international court. Gee!!!Geneva convention? The US has been showing pictures of the POWS since the day we captured any. Bush may not say he idolizes Stalin, but actions are louder than words. He's accomplished being the world's dictator. God only knows how many victims' blood is on that mans hand.

It is obvious from your words that you are deeply affected by the position of the US administration.I am sure that the stance of the administration is not the view of the American public at large,yet the this horror has been brought into being and we view it 24/7 is we would do a movie,why do we do this to our fellow human beings? Do we not learn form the leasons history has already taught us and how long are we going to continue on this road to self distruction????
You have my utmost admiration for speaking up for the anti-war movement, we have to bring this conflict to a halt as soon as possible or otherwise we have all failed our future generations. Power to the people (:-)

we muslim condem what sadam did to his people. However, the Americans government should not get involved in muslim affairs. Anyway we know what the American government are after of the Iraqi Oil. The American people are good and kind people who are agianst aggresion and war. I say to the American people to uprise agianst thier government who do not litsen to them anymore, and to show that they are agianst the killing of Iraqi,afganistan and palestinain civilians which i have seen on AlJA-ZEERA and ignored by western media. people should rise and shout 'peice for the world'. may God Bless those people who look for the truth and Justice.

i have just a short comment to make.
some or many people on earth like me have been greatly disappointed by a nation we loved dearly-america.america has a bigger battle to fight after this war,in the way of winning back his ''friends turn enemeis as individuals and as nations.thank you.

Several..Oh more than several,years have passed since Mr Peter Ustinov remarked that "You can say anything you want in America....Because no-one is listening". A joke is deadly serious now. As a boy growing up in Scotland so many of my heroes were American.There are still heroes I'm sure but they are lost among the tyrants. One can only hope that there will be a return to decency or there will be another truism from Mr Ustinov "America,the only country to go from poverty to decadence without first passing through civilisation" (At least I think it was he who said that !

'people will be judged by their leaders, ... your right to choose'

Hello,who slaughters his own people? Gee maybe the same idiot whose idol is Stalin. You know if your heads(anti-war zealots like our backstabbing P.M.)actually could hold a rational thought,an idea could pop up in that void upstairs.Theres no arrogance of power here.Sadam is a ruthless dictator guilty of crimes to humanity and is evil .Evil grows when good men do nothing

Senator Byrd says the twin towers were attacked because those who did it are fighting western values being imposed on their lands. There we go again with half truths all US officials are notorious for.....those who did it have stated emphatically 'get your armed forces out of our lands'.....having condemned the call for war (an illegal invasion to be correct)the senator should have asked the President and the Senate to do this "stop occupying other peoples lands with your armed forces for whatever concocted reasons you do them....leave the rest of the world be....and you mind your own business....peace will then certainly prevail....the whole global community will be each others friends and trading partners and live in peace.

My country is a good country. It does do good by many countries. Unfortunately, the President of my country is like the Dajall. He is much like Saddam. Both of them are killers. He does not stand for the American people. He is besides himself and is taking advantage of his authority. Please do not judge my country by the leader. Just because the leader is bad, doesn't mean the people are.

Thanks God, there are still some honest people in American politics.


very well said. reflects the sentiment of many people precisely.

Atleast there are some people like Senator Robert Byrd ,Robin Cook etc beieve in truth and justice and are not ashamed to stand by it . History is a witness that every nation which which have risen high up the sky on the foundations of Hipocracy,lies and arrogrance have fallen with humilation . God has clearly told us that do not spread mischief in this world when his message has been delivered to the inhabitants of the earth.God ios very just and he loves people who are truthful and just.

America has demonstrated time and again its misdeeds agains the poorest of the poor nations in the world and it is only a matter of time before the Empire of unjusts will fall and most of the problems in the world will be automatically solved.

What you have said is absolutely right. America was the dream of many people of the world. Not because of its might power, not because of its strong economy, but because of its values that were built on. Now all of them are gone. People around the world are neither blind nor dumb. They are human beings like the Americans. They have the same mental capabilities and functions to distinguish right from wrong. They have been seeing all the murders and killings of the American might, and they will not forgive because they know that the Americans have the ability to avoid causalities, death and misery of human beings all over the word.

America has to go back to its roots if it wants to survive. Human values need to be restored or the citizens of America will not find a place to be welcome anywhere. The Americans might start to dislike each other based on the hate that it has created.

Some time back the colonialists took on the responsibility of ridding the world of its problems. They found no people living in Australia, The ones in USA not worth owning it. Else where where they couldnt eliminate people they settled to liberate, civilise them. Some in the USA continue this. First they unseat demoractically elected governments then they go about installing dictators later they want democracy again. Looks like american intrests in the world are more important than the intrests of people living it the countries they interfere.

ok. I have read many of your posts replying to my questions about Islam and about the Iraqi regime.

First of all, I would've liked to have gotten support for this action from the United Nations. It is much to costly financially and in human life to fight a war like this in a 2 nation coalition.

Second of all, yes the U.S did make a mistake in helping Saddam along early in his career. I can't answer entirely for what our government does.

My third point is that yes God (Allah) knows the heart, as someone mentioned on here. God knows that I would like nothing more than to have world peace. To achieve that peace, however, should we look the other way away from human suffering? In my heart, I don't want to see or hear about child servitude in India, violence and death at Tianamin (spelling?) Square in China, a soccer stadium set up by the Taliban for beheadings or lashings in Afghanistan, etc. However, I feel that the U.S tries to do more about those type things than other countries. God (Allah) knows my heart, but I, personally, don't know President Bush's full agenda for the war. I just feel that Saddam should be out and the people of Iraq should elect their own leader.

My fourth point is that, yes you all have made some good points. I've read many of your posts and I agree that it would've been better to have handled this problem with diplomacy. However, Saddam has had 12 years to comply with U.N sanctions, but he ignored the rules of the U.N.

My biggest question is
why is it that President Bush and America are such villains, but nobody on here condemns the careless acts of Saddam? He seems more interested in saving himself than caring for his people.

Parvez, while I respect your opinion, you ask why is this site Anti-American? Nearly every article posted here condemns the actions of our elected representatives in Washington.

I'm smart enough to realize that CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, and others are biased. This website, however, is

I think we were arrogant prior to 9-11.We believed that we could not be hurt. The fact of the matter is the rules changed that day and the United States was not the one that changed them. We now have to be proactive and the facts are:
Saddam is a madman who would love to destroy us so he has to be stopped.

I am amazed that someone in power can see the truth and is not afraid to speak it.

In defense of Islamicity, the articles are not always anti-American. Robert Byrd's article is not anti-American. Senator Byrd, like many other Americans - myself included- is against the arrogant way the Bush administration has dealt with our allies and forced a war that may have been avoided. Many of the comments are anti-American, some are justified, and others are plain nonsense. It seems strange to say our news never tells the truth, and then say which PBS shows to watch. I saw an interview a short time ago that concerned the estimated 100,000 antiwar protestors in New York this afternoon. The woman they talked to lost her son in the terror attack on 9/11. She said she was definitely not against the American troops, or against the government, just against this war. We are, for the most part, decent hard working people, and the only real reason Bush got support for this war is because of 9/11, and the endless acts of terror that have disturbed all people of faith. America is great, not because of our military strength or our wealth. It is great because of our people; we are all races, cultures, politics and religions; but more importantly, we are free. I wish this freedom for all people, but not accomplished with force or wars. Our efforts should be directed to finding the way to end war, terrorism and hatred.

So many members from USA here tend to think that muslims back Saddam: Certainly wrong! USA didn't go there to shoot him in the head, they're bombing all over the country. Bush and company want oil. They dont care about the people Saddam kills, Since when did USA start caring about people outside USA? Saddam's been like it forever and USA has been helping him in the past. They've got half excuses for the war, but lotta half ones to back up the war. "Chemical weapons..uh..maybe Atomic we mean..and Saddam kill people...and lets see what else...hmm..yeah he funds Al Qaeda.." BushShit!! AlQaeda are muslim fundamentalists, Saddam is hardly muslim. 9/11 has nothing to do with this war, infact they haven't even proven yet if it was Usama/Al Qaeda behind 9/11. Visit and read his book for proofs that it was American government itself that put up this drama in order to attack muslim world and hog up their resources. Lastly I'd like to remind arrogant Bush and his allies that every state/empire that sees a rise sees a fall one day. No empire has stayed number one forever. Fear the time when USA falls...Half of the world is waiting for it!!

I say this a war on islam by USA influenced by the israelis. Islam will inshaallah win and flourish very soon and grow. They are thretened by islam and it's faithful followers.

This is the begining for the fall of the United States and Israel. Muslims will very soon rule the world and spread peace and justice around the world, instead of violence and arrogance under the logo of "Peace".

America is getting weak economically, physically, and mentally. And this will go on until it falls.
Israel will follow this fall with the end of the Palestine occupation, and going out of the lands of Palestine. This occupation cannot end with peace. It will only end once the muslims unite and force the Jews out of our lands.

Everything which America and Israel are doing to the world and islam in particular, will come back on them very soon.

Best Rgards,

This is not a war. It's target practice. Iraq's missle range is less than one hundred miles. The U.S. missiles range over 1000 miles. This is shameful and criminal.

Who is more "Arrogant"one who would rather see his country burn and be blasted to pieces and his fellow people to suffer because of it,or one who wants to stop this? Why didn't Saddam just agree to let the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction continue without interference? Instead he put his own people up to face the retribution he deserves.

K2 post 12093, You have asked a legitimate question to the editor(s) of this site, I believe the elaborate answer is satisfactory to you and everyone else. Now I also believe that it is your turn to return the courtesy by answering the question asked by the editor(s) and if I may repeat the question which is:

Please let us know what part of the site is Anti-American?

This site is very easy to navigate and possesses good search tools, so it should take you too much time to find material to backup your statements. Hope to read you soon.
Good day to you and your.

I am very apologise that even in america there are many who are against it .they are batteling for the right thing all the world is against it but the bush`s craziness that war can`t be averted though there is solution by peace.we have shown it way let bush carry on take the life of millions.Have an empire over the deads ....GOD will give him the justice

Insha'llah this war will soon be over. Bosnia stands with the people of Iraq and against the unjust war. War is always a horrible thing, and we should not treat it as a game. It brought back horrible memories of 10 years ago to see the streets of Baghdad on Friday after we had prayed Jum'a. Insha'llah the final judgement will be Allah's and justice will be done as He sees fit. I lived in America for a while and know that there are others like Senator Byrd who are courageous and stand up for their ideals and don't merely wave their flags and blindly follow what their leaders tell them to think. Peace to you from Bosnia, and may Allah (swt) bless your families and yourselves.

Dear Sir,

I write this comment with great respect to you and your people but today as you have stated the present government in USA is destroying the values and principles of law of yours and the world. Isn't there anyone to stop it? Where is UN and its Charter obligations? and general assembly?

You preach democracy yet you don't abide with it. The people of your country and the world is pleading not to wage war. Yet the government of the mother of democracy is no less than a dictator like Saddam. What is the difference between Saddam and G. W? Both are waging war after war against human beings. Since your independence and world war two how many wars have you fought? Are they in the name of democracy and peace? Do you acheive peace through war and by inflicting pain to others?

We never learn from our mistakes!

Why dont you ask yourselves another question why is it that except for a couple of countries like Britan and Spain no other country agrees with these war? Why is every country in this world christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim opposed to war.

why is it that Bush had to brow beat tiny countries into remaning netural or suppourting it by paying bribes? Dont you feel ashamed about your country which has to brow beat or bribe every other poor country to suppourt you. You feel because you have offical statements suppourting the war from a few countries you are right.

Or do you mean Anti-Americanism is suppourting anything that the US does? May be you are one of the arrogant people who belives that you are gods gift to humanity and thus deserverve love and affection what ever you do.

Our friend Robert is a funny guy. Here is USA attacking Iraq the country which it blockaded for 12 years because it did not want Iraq to fall into the hands of its own people but were waitiing for a suitable military figure to emerge with which it could do business.
You want us to like USA, sure we do. Only we dont like what USA does around the world. Not that it would bother you. The same Rumsfield was embracign the Saddam regime and infact supplying him the weapons and deliviry systems to gass his own people.
On the other hand people like Robert would not mind doing the same to any people who want to destory and break up US. Some how if saddam deals with his seperatists they call him evil. What about the people who armed him and supplied him the chemicals and deliviry systems? What about the people who continued to deliver these weapons to saddam? Arent they the evil too. I would say they are a greater evil for they mask their true selves in the guise of fancy words.

Allah knows what is in every ones heart. My advice to robert and his likes is to remeber that.

At a time when USA suppourts every tin pot dictator around the world who wreak havock on their people you ask us to love what US does. Strange request.

Ofcourse, they would only show you Arabs and Muslims burning American flag.that s how it oalways work in Znn (zinoinst news network) and Faux(false in French).
why don't you check out Yahoo photos of ppl from Brazil,Greece,Thailand, ...etc doing the same thing.

Senator Byrd could not have said it any better. It's nice to see that we still have senators like him who knows the that Bush is doing the wrong thing. It's too bad he can not stop Bush or overthrow him.

Robert: You said if we don't like little Bush, we shouldn't "re-elect" him. He wasn't elected the first time. Any protests we would have against Sadam Hussein would also be against the U.S. government. They helped him to power and the C.I.A. trained him. They also supplied him with the very weapons that he used against the Kurds and Iraqis and the means to develop them. Regarding Sadam's invasion into Kuwait, he asked U.S. officials if they would object to this invasion before he implemented it. Bush daddy's representative told him that we do not get invovled in Arab - Arab affairs. Then Bush later used the invasion of Kuwait to demonize his friend Sadam to get the "coalition" to attack him. Make no mistake, this agression on and theft of Iraq, devised by Paul Wolfowitz, is for the benefit of Zionist Israel (oil, water, real estate, exercising racism) and the U.S. (oil and pleasing its master, Israel). To educate yourself more regarding this and other cases of aggression towards Muslims/Arabs, I recommend reading articles on,, Also, watch the PBS television show "Frontline - Long Road to War" and PBS "NOW with Bill Moyers". Our government lies and swears its the truth. The U.S. has bloody hands and is resented around the world for its dirty dealings and everyone knows it but Americans. U.S. history is sanitized and the mainstream press is the facilitator of the lies. We all must get informed so we can speak intelligently on these subjects.

K2 FROM USA said:
Why is every article on this site anti-american? Is their no other point of view.

Is everyone wrong except for arrogant muslims? Who blame everyone and anyone who disagrees as kuffar.

Never has it crossed anyones mind that some good may come out of the removal of a tyrant like Saddam. Or maybe I shouldn't criticize him because he is an Arab Muslim?

We are on the wrong path or the crooked path and we will be punished as long as we continue down this path of arrogance, anger, pride and intolerance.

May Allah guide us and may we accept his guidance.

I completely agree with sister Najwah that we never know where inspiration will come from. Sen. Byrd is by far the most courageous and honest senator in the history of this country! My God we Muslims must really applaud this man's bravery who let's not forget represents a pretty conservative base of the mid-atlantic. A lot of his constituents are angry at him for opposing Bush's illegal war on Iraq. But he is unshaken in his resolve and commitment to peace. God Bless him and all the peacemakers like him!

This sounds very impressive, but I am not impressed. Why not? simply because I cannot persuade myself that a man can be permanently good without turning to God. If everything that we all, believers and non-believers, agree is good is not fueld by the believe that God is watching us, that angels are recording our every move, that we will be brought to the Day of Judgment, to Judge God who hates unjustice, lies, greed, and loves honesty and truth, if all that is not inspired by these believes, than all our sense for things we all agree are good is subject to change, is exposed to calculations of the given situation. My message to the author of this article is: turn to God, if you believe in what you are writing in this article, you will find your true self in the wonderful religion of God - Islam.

You are so right Mr. Senator! World has and will change, but not the Muslim World ruled by appointed and supported dictators.

Salaam, as I was in school today I witnessed the bombing of Baghdad. It seems like all the war protests and international objection haven't accomplished anything with the Bush administration. While I witnessed the bombings, I heard a strange, yet familiar sound through all the destruction. Although Baghdad was being bombed, I still was able to hear the Adhan. It brought tears to my eyes. Even though civilians were dying, they still kept strong in their belief of Allah. May Allah help the Iraqi people, and my Allah help all the peace-seekers.

Perhaps no one ever referred to the Persians as "God's chosen people" but the Jews seemed grateful for delivery from Babylon. Naturally, I suspect the Persian's main reason for invading wasn't to free the Jews. Never-the-less, the Jews still seem pretty happy about it.

Please don't fret too much about America's new "getting it done" thing. Just consider it an attempt to undo twelve years of international consensus.

Muhammad is the Messenger of God. (May God bless him.)

Peace and blessings, to you, as well.

Some very good comments on this excellent article. However, some of comments are either wrong or misguided. First, it is very easy for private citizens to criticize the government in America. It is a little harder for politicians who are being called unpatriotic for their dissent; however several of the democratic candidates for President have been openly critical of the Bush foreign policies and the war. What bothers me most is to hear that our press is controlled, and we don't get opposing viewpoints - this is completely inaccurate. Just last night Peter Jennings was explaining what the "no blood for oil" signs meant. On our public television we can get the BBC news, and the Newshour with Jim Lehrer. Both programs offer a very well rounded two-sided view of most issues. One last thing, Saddam Hussein is not worthy of anyone's praise he is immoral and without conscience. He has killed, tortured and persecuted Muslims for more than 20 years. Go ahead and wave "I hate Bush" signs, but please don't praise Saddam. There are thousands of Iraqis living in the USA who have been victims of his atrocities, and who have been willing and able to tell us about what Saddam has done there. I pray for a quick end to this terrible war and for the liberation of the Iraqi people who have suffered so much, and are suffering enormously now.


I must say. You can never know where inspiration will come from. I never in a hundred years would have thought to hear someone who in his past was part of the KKK become such a statesman! BRAVO ! His words are heartfelt and true. In Islaam, we honor are elders. May ALLAH (swt)bring this man to Islaam. Your words are heard by one greater than ourselves. It took courage to say those words in this place and time. Again, I say, May Allah bring you to Islaam.

'in war scenario, sometimes the legal one can be illegal (eg. Pork is not allow in Islam, but in certain circumstances it is O.K), this is one of the beauty in Islam'.

this is something to think about my Islamic friends (as seen on another message board)
regarding left wing liberal democrats in the U.S.

"The total hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. Saddam has killed as many as 1 million people.
He wiped out entire villages with chemical & biological weapons-
so where were the human rights protesters?
He set fire to hundreds of oil wells after the gulf war. So where were the environmental activists?
He ordered the torture and rape of women and girls
So where was the national organization for women?
Anyone talking out against
Saddam gets his tongue ripped out
So where were the civil rights activist?
France has done over a billion dollars worth of business with Iraq
So where were the signs that said "Protecting mass murder for profit."
There were over 6 million Jews, Catholics and Homosexuals exterminated by Hilter in the 1940's Meanwhile, the death count in Iraq is over 1 million. Containment has cost too much in human lives already. How many more must die before the moral police (here in the U.S) decide that it is worth fighting to stop?"

Here is my viewpoint. How many of his own family or friends has Bush killed to become president? Answer: none. If the American public disapproves of him, he will not be reelected.

If left undettered, how many will Saddam kill to stay in power?

something to think about!


Has anyone noticed that like Israel, the U.S. does the murdering at prayer times (Fajr and Maghrib)? This compounds the insult. If that's possible.

A great American

Thank you Robert Bryd and thank you Rajpaul. It is true that what people looked towards america for inspiration. They admired its percived values. Some americans mistake that as awe of achivements.
It is sad. But as many such arrogant people have discovered throught history these arrogant people waging a illegal war will also come face to face with the truth of the human capacity to overlook power and side with the just.

I came to this site to try to understand the Islamic opinion a little better. After seeing Arabic people in Yemen, Egypt, and Jordan burning the American flag, it's frustrating to see people who have such disdain and disrespect for this wonderful country that is the United States of America. I didn't come here to engage in name calling or to stir up trouble. I just simply don't understand how the Islamic world, as a whole, can support someone like Saddam who has engaged in such vicious atrocities against his own people. While so many of his people live in poverty, he is proported to own at least four different palaces throughout Iraq. He murders his own people including two different son-in-laws and any government official who opposes his political objectives. Yet even with all of those facts, he has the fortitude to call President Bush "that little criminal Bush". Saddam allows no freedom of expression and doesn't even have the courage to surrender in order to save his nation. Instead, he has, in the past, hidden himself and his army behind "human shields". How can anyone have respect for such a leader?

I think we need more people like Senator Robert Byrd need to stand up for peace and justice for all people and the people of Iraq. Look at how divided the Muslims and Arabs are of the world, may God unite all the good people to stand together for peace and justice.

I just cant believe how difficult for the American peoples to stand up against their governments and denounce the whole idea of going
to war. Most American citizens were too patriotic and said "let the United Nations decide" "Lets give peace a chance". They should have said: "We need the evidence that Saddam, (Mr Evil) does provide military & logistic support to AlQaeeda and we need evidence that Usama is behind the bombing of the twin towers and the Pentagon".
I guess they hate us too much and they dont care about Arabs lives to the point that assumption and suspicion seems to them as evidence to go to war. If it wasnt for the international community that stood against this mouse/elephant war, most Americans would just say: "Sorry Iraqi children the ends justify the means". What the son of a Bush and Dick Cheeney call Operation Iraqi Freedom should actually be termed Operation Iraqi Genocide or White Genghis Khan Invasion Part II or The Fourth Crusade. I will be very surprised if the American peoples demande the right to Zionist free media and a chance to watch the Arab point of view. -Why Arabs and others are almost always represented by the zionist/western media?
-Dont you think you should use you brain and fight to know who the real Arab is and who the real oriental is and who the latino is and who the real indian is? For Allah's sake let Aljazeera newsnetwork air in North America and Europe to speak for us. Why you like it if the Iraqi Newsnetwork replaces CNN to represent you to Arab Nations???

May light and peace overcome,



Thank You Senator Byrd for saying what so many of us who dont have the stage want to say. It is time for all those who see the injustice of these attrocities to take a stand and not wait for God/Allah to save us. I am shocked but certainly not in awe of the latest show of might! My heart is with the innocent citizens of Iraq.

I too cry for my country!!!! This war is WRONG!!!Why isn't our President listening to not only, america's but, most of the world. Its trully an American SHAME which "WE" will all have to FOEVER live with. May Allah continue to guide and bless us all

It's not so much that other nations suddenly think we are arrogant. Be honest: read posts in the past on this board! This just brings everyone's true feelings to the forefront instead of hiding behind the status of "friends and allies". In truth, America already had few real allies or friends. Surely there is sympathy for the people killed here on 9/11--if you don't have that, you are simply inhuman, but there was never much support of US politics and power ever. The US is condemned no matter what it does: if it takes action somewhere, it is condemned. If it is inactive somewhere, it is condemned. We have no real friends and can trust no one, and it's time all of our politicians realize it. Byrd, like others, had his head in the sand. We know what type of "byrd" he is now: an ostrich!

I would like to say that war on Iraq is a crime. It is illegal, injustice. There is no difference between Alquaida and Bush Administration. Bush administration is modern Alquaida. Rumsfield is keep lying because, he knows American people are ignorant and nave. American government always makes his people misguided and giving wrong information. Too much lie still they called civilized themselves. Saddam was not danger to the world not in the past and not in the future. He did not attack on any country in the past specially America and Britain. America and Britain is the biggest danger now and in the future for the whole world. Now every country is afraid of America because America is great danger for peace and harmony. History is witness. Last but not least I would say America and Britain is not the peace keeper they are war keeper. They are enemy of peace. This war must be stop. It is crime against humanity.

tish war is totally unecessary.blair and bush both are going wrong with the whole situation.they don't seem to understand how to let muslims live in peace first they were after bin laden then arafat and now sadam who's next??
we want peace....
may allah (saw) help the muslims

As a Christian woman from the US, with a great deal of respect for all faiths, I wish to express my sincere love and prayers for my Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world. I am disgusted and irate at the actions of my country today, and pray that our God bring us to peace and understanding. In the name of Jesus Christ, I wish to reiterate to all Christians worldwide: we have been told my Our Lord not to commit murder. We have been told to love our brothers and sisters, regardless of our differences. When are we going to live the faith we claim to have?!

E. I FROM USA said:
Thank you for the truth that American citizens should have the ability to know and understand. Sadly, they just get their source from the propaganda-controlled media. I just pray to Allah(SWT) to bring justice to all and mercy to the innocent

It takes courage to stand up to ones enemies, but it takes more courage to stand up to one's people. My Allah (S) bless Senator Bryd for standing up to what he believed in, for justice and truth. May Allah (S) give the courage to those who recognize the truth to be able to stand for what they see and believe. Assalam Aliukum

I can't believe at last someone has seen the truth and spoke aloud. Why can't Bush see the senators point of view which is so obvious to us US nationals living outside the US. Wake up USA, and understand what is going around you. Not everything that Bush or the US media says is correct. You need to live outside the box(USA) to see the truth and then judge for yourself

I think this war was not necessary, but I feel we the muslims are getting what we deserve in a way because we do not unite. We are letting the United States into the middle east and it is making it easier for them to do what they please. Allahuakbar.....

The senator echos the thoughts and feelings of many of us. We are caught between a rock and a hard place: we love our country and believe that we are to do right by the world and ourselves, but are not convinced that this is the right course.
Allah, in your wisdom and mercy, protect us all.

I totally agree with Senator Robert Byrd. America's value lies in it's ability to inspire the world for freedom with justice, not showing power through arrogance. God does not love arrogant people. Justice is close to piety as Qur'an tells us.

May the peace and blessing of Almighty Allah be upon All of us.
I must say that how i wish a man like Senator Robert Byrd had been elected the president of the USA.
I pray Allah's protection for the people that will be affected by this unwarranted act of terrorism.
Ma salam.

we need more honest and sincere leaders like senator byrd to stop this new wave of arrogance ,agression and double standards in dealing with nations. thank you senetor byrd

Excellent speech! For my brothers & sisters in all parts of the world: Please note this man is a great American leader, and he represents the thinking of many of his countrymen, myself included. Everyone here knows that the only reason the Bush people were able to convince the country to go to war was because of the 9/11 attack. You can hate the President and his cronies, I don't blame you, but don't hate all Americans. Their are millions of us who want to help the peaceful Iraqis, the Palestinians and yes even the Israelis.

The question was "What is happening to this country?"
Two hundred years in the making, it will be a fraction of that period for it to be flushed in the toilettes of history thanks to mediocre politicians and ignorant cowboys that form the last 5 or 6 US administrations, what a pity for such a great country.