Rand Report's attempt to change Islam

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March 18th marks the first anniversary of formal release of the Rand Corporation report on Islam, entitled Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, and Strategies.

The report has two fold agenda: 1. Try to create a version of Islam that suits the post 9/11 western agenda. 2. Creating divisions in the Muslim society at home and abroad.

The Rand Report recipe to achieve this objective is to encourage and promote the so-called modernist Muslims and play one section of the society against another to split the society. In another report released in December 2004, the Rand Corporation elaborated on the second point and recommended playing the two major Muslim sects Sunnis and Shiites against each other to achieve policy objects.

We are not sure what impact the Rand report has on the 1.5 billion Muslims living in independent Muslim countries as well as minorities in many other countries.

However, we can see some reaction in the American Muslim community where the so called progressive or modern Muslims are trying to benefit from the current atmosphere of fear and siege caused by the arbitrary arrests, FBI interviews, racial profiling, surveillance of their mosques, closing down of Islamic charities and constant anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda in the mainstream media.

We are experiencing the re-emergence of Orientalism of the 19th century aimed at forcing the Muslims living in US to abandon the basic tenets of Islam. This neo-Orientalism is coming in the shape of such research documents as the Rand Report which questions the authenticity of Islam's holy scripture, the Quran. Even a fake version of Quran is now available in print. It was distributed in a private school in Kuwait.

At the same time, we see cropping up of some Muslim groups such as Free Muslims Against Terrorism, Progressive Muslim Union of North America (PMUNA) and Center for Islamic Pluralism which are not only challenging the basic tenets of Islam but also challenging the established Muslim organizations.

Free Muslims Against Terrorism, established by Kamal Nawash who ran for Virginia State Assembly in November 2003 as a Republican candidate. One can well understand his political ambitions and hidden agenda of his organization. Just one example, how it is working against the American Muslim groups. In January this year the Executive Director of Free Muslims Against Terrorism, wrote an e mail to Enver Masud of an Islamic website, Wisdom Foundation, saying: We are very disappointed in your site and it should be taken down.... I will recommend to our extremist watch committee that we place your site on our list of extremist sites or sites that support terrorism. Here is the website address of Wisdom Foundation where one can see what kind of message Enver Masud has: www.twf.org

The Progressive Muslim Union of North America (PMUNA) was formed on November 15, 2004 by some professed moderates who embrace the simple proposition that "you are a Muslim if you say you are a Muslim -- for whatever reason or set of reasons -- and that no one is entitled to question or undermine this identity."

The PMUNA is now forcing mainstream Muslim organizations to take positions on even non-issues in order to put them at odds with their own community, and if don't take a position they would be considered as the "bad or extremist" Muslims. Sarah Eltantawi, one of its co-founders is demanding the major Muslim groups and organizations to take position on a non-issue, i.e. if a woman can lead Friday prayers. It is not an uncommon knowledge that the status of woman in Islam is now being used by the West to defame Islam.

"I demand to know where the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) stands on this issue. I demand to know where the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) stands on this issue. And KARAMAH, the American Sufi Muslim Association, Women in Islam, Azizah Magazine, and other groups who speak for Muslims and Muslim women," Eltantawi asks.

The PMUNA is not alone in working against the major American Muslim organizations. The first goal of Center for Islamic Pluralism established by Stephan Shwartz, a Muslim convert, is the removal of CAIR and ISNA from monopoly status in representing Muslims to the American public because, according to CIP, as long as they retain a major foothold at the highest political level, no progress can be made for moderate American Islam. By the way, Shwartz claims to be a Sufi Muslim and the Rand study recommends promotion of Sufism in Islam for US policy objectives. 

The Rand Report is silent on the reasons of discontentment in the Muslim world. The report does not address any of the core issues that are central in developing the perceptions of the Muslim world like; Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya issues and the exploitative political systems supported by the American or European elites. No reference is made to the West's support for totalitarian secular Muslim regimes, Israel 's endless pogroms against the Palestinians and ethnic cleansing perpetrated against Muslims in Eastern Europe and Chechnya.

A number of recent studies have reaffirmed that the reason for anti-American sentiments in the Muslim masses is because of American policies. Pentagon advisory group, Defense Science Board, in its November 2004 report pointed out that Muslims do not hate our freedom, but rather they hate our policies. "American direct intervention in the Muslim World has paradoxically elevated the stature of and support for radical Islamists, while diminishing support for the United States to single-digits in some Arab societies."

To give a helping held in the daunting task of countering the anti-American sentiments in the Muslim world some 'moderate' Muslims established the American Muslim Group on Policy Planning (AMGPP) on December 13, 2004. "The AMGPP is willing to play a very active role in helping improve US image and counter the tide of extremism and anti-Americanism in the Muslim World, the AMGPP founder explains. Now one may ask does this group supports Bush administration's policy objects such as the occupation of Iraq, the war against Afghanistan, torture in Guantanamo Bay, Baghram and Abu Ghraib and support of undemocratic Muslim governments. 

In this context, I would like to refer to a report "Understanding Islamism" issued earlier this month by the Brussels-based International Crisis Group: "The failure to address the Palestinian question and, above all, the decision to make war on Iraq and the even more extraordinary mishandling of the post-war situation there have unquestionably motivated and encouraged jihadi activism across the Muslim world."

According to the report (the quotation of which does not mean its endorsement), Sunni political Islamism, is definitely modernist in most essential respects, favoring non-violent over violent strategies, open to dialogue and debate and interested in democratic ideas. The report adds: that the West can encourage this evolution. But should it choose to do so, it will need to drop or at least moderate its more activist and interventionist impulses where Muslim countries are concerned, display greater respect for their sovereignty, understand their ambition to renegotiate their relations with it over a range of issues and come to terms with and take account of their viewpoints on the most controversial questions in the current relationship, notably the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iraq and the modalitie! s of the "war against terrorism" in general. 

The report warned that if "moderate" is defined to mean "co-optable", it can only really refer to groups and tendencies which fail to articulate the frustrations and expectations of the mass of "ordinary decent Muslims", have little or no purchase on their political reflexes and will prove unable to promote either significant reform in Muslim countries or a substantive modernization of their cultural and ideological outlook. "Rather than reducing the appeal of extremist currents, the patronizing of "moderates" in this sense by Western governments risks reinforcing it, while undermining the modernist tendency in Sunni Islamism to the benefit of fundamentalists and jihadis," the International Crisis Group report concluded.

Returning to the Rand report, Civil Democratic Islam: partners, resources, strategies, the suggestions of its author, Cheryl Benard, are nothing more than a Machiavellian manifesto that seeks to enforce Western hegemony and cultural imperialism through the policy of "divide and rule." The type of Islam that Benard espouses is a passive and weak Islam that can be easily penetrated and hence reformulated to suit the West's agenda. 

The report may be seen as the latest in a long series of policy papers by the "embedded intellectuals" dedicated to further the military and economic objectives of the West as well as cultural onslaught on the Muslims. 

In a briefing - entitled Taking Saudi Out of Arabia - given on July 10, 2002 to a the Defense Policy Board, former RAND analyst Laurent Murawiec described Saudi Arabia as the "kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent" to US interests in the Middle East. He argued that Washington should demand that Saudi Arabia stop supporting "terrorism" or face seizures of its oil fields and its financial assets in the US. Murawiec urged a multi-stage Grand strategy for the Middle East, beginning with Iraq as the tactical pivot, continuing to Saudi Arabia as the strategic pivot and finally to Egypt as the prize.

Abdus Sattar Ghazali is the Executive Editor of the online magazine American Muslim Perspective www.amperspective.com

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
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Views: 18009

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Older Comments:
as you know Allah subhaneutala in the kuran sey ; they are making plans agains the belivers but allah is the best of the planers

The Rand corporation is another Zionist tool aimed at dividing the muslim comunity to better control it.Nobody but God should make us change the way we should practice our faith.I,personely,will never accept any new "improved" version of Islam .WE shouild be aware of the evil forces lurking about.Praise be to Allah.

A.R. FROM U.K said:
We know where you are speaking from! Not as a moral judgement but specifically religious - that you have aligned yourself with those non-muslims who quote the Qur'an saying "Assalamu alaikum brother" to accept the situation as desirable. It is actualized as a kazib, in entire of your comments.

3:61 If any one disputes in this matter with thee, now after (full) knowledge Hath come to thee, say: "Come! let us gather together,- our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves: Then let us earnestly pray, and invoke the curse of Allah on those who lie!"

Asalamu Alykum'
Brother it would seem that you have some sort of preset prejudice your self possibly against reverts and sufis, I quote your article "By the way, Shwartz claims to be a Sufi Muslim and the Rand study recommends promotion of Sufism in Islam for US policy objectives."

So my brother in Islam it would appear that the Rand Corporations Strategy is working on you already helping in an oh so subtle way to promote divides in Islam that exist already.

Quran 16:125
Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.


It is sadly unfortunate that Our Muslim sisters would go out of their way, violate their religion and give Sledge-hammers to the Enemies of ISLAM to beat the muslims with; the enemies, who are utilizing everything at their disposal to destroy and damage the reputation of Islam (Of course, they cannot destroy it. This is ALLAH`s religion and ALLAH promised to guard it against every evildoer,unbeliever). The more the enemies of ISLAM try to give this beautiful Religion a bad name, the more people revert to Islam. As ALLAH tells us in the Holy Qur`an ``They (the unbelievers) plan. and ALLAH plans; and ALLAH is the best of planners.`` ALLAH is our Creator and Maker. HE knows what is good for us and what is not. ALLAH never forbids HIS believing slaves from doing what is good for them. So when our sisters are commanded not to lead men in prayer it is for their own benefit and our own. Any body who does a deed not done or approved by the prophet(May ALLAH`s peace and blessings be upon him,his family,his companions and his followers till the day of Judgement) is making a grave sin. Muslims should unite and speak one voice , that is How ALLAH commands us to be. There are attacks on Muslims every where. We must not give the enemies of ISLAM a chance to hurt us. This division of Muslims only benefits the enemies.

Assalam Alaikum. I truly believe that there are munafiqs among the ummah. But only Allah Taala knows best.
You can read the RAnd report here:
http://www.rand.org/publications/MR/MR1716/MR1716.pdf (On the PMUNA website, there is an individual named Aiman Mackie who has connections to RAND.)

Malcolm X (i'm paraphrasing) criticized those black 'leaders' who were given platforms (and publicity) to speak on the behalf of black people; and did not even represent the concerns of the black people.

And I believe the same is happening today. Platforms and publicity are given to those 'leaders' (hand-picked leaders) to speak on the behalf of Islam and muslims, and they can't even address the REAL issues facing the ummah. They only speak what Mainstream America (paralled to the White America back then) wants to hear. And they of course, love the praises and the approval from Mainstream America.

We do not change out deen based on our egos, self-interest or convinience, or to "fit with the modern times." The Word of God is the Word of God. And anything that came from Our Creator is timeless and is for all times. And we do not change it, we accept it, and we submit to it period. For how dare do we even tamper with the words of Our Creator?

But Alas, Allah Taala has already promised to protect this deen of ours from bidah, changes, and ill-intentioned "scholars".

It's a myth. Nobody can change Islam.

Asalam alaikum
Everytime anything happens, we always blame the West,when are we going to start taking the responsibility for our own actions. How many group of people from the so called "West" are blowing people up everyday in the name of west? Maybe if we actually practice the religion rather than just blaming everything on the West, there won't be need for the so called "Progressive" or "extremist" Muslims. I don't support the so called "progressive or extremist muslims" but somethings have to change.

In the process of her gender assassination Dr Wadud commits blunder after blunder.
This kind of contradiction is all-too-typical of Orientalists and their spokesmen in Muslim veneer pitting the Quran against Hadith but quoting hadithic sources right and left if it suits them!

She is the academic face of a Western Islam rife with harmful revisionists that play directly into the hands of anti-Muslim re-fashioners of Islam intent on re-writing not only Fiqh and Tafsir but also the Quran itself. I have no expectation but that my remarks are dismissed as the standard conservative line. But Western Muslims need not be hoodwinked by the Waduds in their midst when they can benefit from the enlightened feminism of Abdal Hakim Murad, Shaykh Seraj Hendricks, and the unpretentious, practical feminism of other Western Muslim leaders too knowledgeable to indulge in frivolous revisionism and the nonsense of blaming hadith and past male scholars. Nor do they say of Allah "He/She/It"!

A strong emerging scholarship on the place of woman in Islamic intellectual history should soon refute all such fraudulent endeavours with facts and keep quack feminism out of Islam". (GF Haddad)

No wonder the likes of Wadud, like Dr Syed Alwi says: "Muslims ... assert that religion is the 'absolute truth'. In other words, religion need not be put in context and that it is literal with no burden of proof. They practice (and want others to practice) - a 10th century interpretation of Islam from the Middle East? I totally reject this... I believe that even Muslims can choose to apostatise. The truth is that there is a very severe conflict of values between scientific modernity on one hand, and Islamic values on the other. The way I see it, only a re-interpretation of Islam which is consistent with modernity can resolve these problems. Hence my support for the liberal view". (Dr Syed Alwi PhD Philosophy)
More Alwi? http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/33555


I would ask if those who agree with the article fear Allah themselves...
they sacrifice fundemental high minded moral principles that come from Allah directly....
for the cheap idolatrous comfort of immaterial traditions...
this is Biddah
People who think commitment to a set of materialistic traditions is synonomous with proper praise and worship of Allah are commiting the grave sin of putting partners with Allah... The only sin that the Quran says Allah will not forgive.

dear brothers and sisters
allah has kept sucess in this life and the next in kalima of la illah illallah muhammad rusullah, i wonder if these kaffirs and munafiq understand this,

when we we worship allah the creation is scared and hate us, but when we start worshiping the creation, then we will scumb to be a slaves of this dunya

I am so sad for people like Dr. Alwi and others who support his ideas. Are they afraid of Allah or the enemies of Allah?

My Muslim brothers and sisters, I personally believe that Islam was meant as a way of life(deen) than a religion(milah). What appearss to be at loggerheads is cultural tradition(non-Sunni) which is differnt with every place. Since the Western countries are not "traditionally" islamic, Muslims here try to create an Islamic Western cultural tradition. Not an easy task. The cultural traditions in the Islamic Eastern countries were establish centuries ago in a society that was not too far from Islamic principles in many countries. The Sunni cultural tradition grew togethewr with the local culture, e.g., Indonesia, India, Pakistan, etc. to be inseparable today. In North America the Muslims came to a totally different culture that was one created out of frustration toward Europe and thus very rebelious toward established prisicts of European culture. For instance, nobility and being of noble descent became obsolete in the 13 colonies. What was shameful in Europe was made perfectly alright in USA, things like prostitution, homosexuality, gambling, alcoholism even highway robbery became esteemed through the Hollywood peliculas! The European youth followed suit and rebelled in Europe bringing their countries to the "values" of the American folk culture. In other words, America was in the centre of attention of the world. Now, Europeans fell in line with the decadence of the American humanity, but the Muslims although subjected to dire dictatorship all over their lands stuck to their own cultural traditions, Sunni or local likewise. When I refer to not Sunni traditions, I'm refering to those not practiced by the prophet,pbuh, and not deemed haram(illegal) by the ulamah. However, spiritual and legal issues are still refered to a shariah that is based on the Quran and Sunah. It's a transition time, the New World Muslims must define their place in a decadent society that looks for answers resolutions herself to the socio-psychological crises she's passing through today.

I think that the preservation of tradition is of utmost importance. Without the traditions instituted by the Prophet (pbuh) how can we know what Islam is or how to practice it? If we agree that Allah truly is Subhana, than we must say that He is ulitmately unknowable to normal mortal reasoning, and that the only real source that we have to fall back on is what Allah has revealed of Himself to us; and for that, of course, we have the Quran. I believe that it is of the greatest imperative that we preserve Islam inviolate and not sully it with the taints of modern social relativism. We simply cannot allow our spirituality be determined by the flavor of the day, for human tastes may change but the Will of Allah does not change.
Dr. Alwi, I have to say with all due repsect I do not agree with you. We cannot start dismantling Islam in order to preserve it; if you take it apart and only keep what you like and cast away the rest what do you really have? A religion of your own creation, not a revelation bestowed upon us by God. That is folly and surely can only lead us down the wrong path (a very wrong path indeed, methinks).
I am new to Islam, and I am sure that any one of you knows alot more about it than I do, but I have seen with my own two eyes what happens when you go down the road of changing religion to suit your needs, you only need look at the ridiculous condition of Christianity today to see it: gay priests, women priests, priests with no education or training. The selling of ministry licences on the internet. The publication of books that mock God and His prophets; the publication of books that have no true foundation in tradition and no real validity that seek to pass themselves off as sources of wisdom and knowledge. The use of religion to support edifices to greed and monuments to human vanity and not in praise of God at all.
Lets not do it too; just because other people are doing it doesn't make it acceptable.

Just because stupid RAND and idiotic Stephen Schwartz are using the tradition of Tasawwuf as a disguise to promote their version of Islam, does not discredit Sufi tradition at all. It is just nothing but a sick attack and lie about traditional and classical Sunni Islam.

Let these new age modernist disgust me as well. Really it makes me sick to see people leaving the following of the 4 Sunni madhahib and leaving the 2 schools of Aqeedah. The best way is that of Allah's beloved Muhammad Sal' Allahu 'alaiyhi wa aalihi wa salam. We have traditions, we have Islamic etiquette, and we are not going to start to abandon all the Muslims in the world just because some power freak organization wants to mold Islam to their liking. This is not to say that we have many problems, but so does everyone. THe fact that these organizations are making such a big deal about our faith as some sort of threat, goes to show how much they love Islam. It goes to show, through the silence of so called leading Muslims organizations of North America, how much they love Islam.

There is nothing wrong in cooperation and respect with American officials, but don't expect us ask how high when you say jump.

Allah humma Salee 'Ala Syedeena Muhammad, Sal' Allahu alaiyhi wa ahlihi wa salam.

assalaamu caleykum
firstable, there is no progressive, modern or extreme muslim. there is just one muslim, one right religion and it is not confusing. so who is right? the Prophet Sala-allahu Alaihi Wasalam describe those. the Prophet(SAW)said, "My ummah will divide into seventy-nine firq(groups), all of them will go hell except one." the Sahaba said"which one is that?" he replied, "those who follow what me and my companion are following today." and we all know what is that. that is the Quran and the Sunnah. some of my brothers/sisters are worrying about how they can survive in this country whithout become "progressive" or "moderate" or whatever they call. let me tell you this, there no more powerfull protector than Allah. he is the one who safed the prophet (SAW) and Abubakar(R.A.) when they were in the cave. Allah is the one who saved Prophet Ibrahim Alaihi-assalam from the fire. the righteous are always the winners. Allah said in sura 7(a'raf):verse 128 pray for help from Allah, and (wait)in patience and constancy: for the earth is Allah's, to give as a heritage to such of his servent as he pleaseth; and the end is (best) for the righteous. I recomend including myself to learn our deen. that is the only way we can survive in this world and here after. today it is easy to learnn the deen. don't say i live next to sheikh that or this.
May Allah guide us the right path..aamiin

Well written and to the point. I wouldnt worry about dr.alwi and amin, I'm sure they are the same person....trolling never gets old does it ?
As for "progressive" Muslim everyone check out living-tradition.blogspot.com for the lowdown on these munafiqs.

As salaamu alaikum.
What people such as Dr Alwi have said here is a disgrace. The greatest scholars of Islamic history were the people of Hadith and Fiqh, not the people of theological or philosophical rhetoric (Kalaam). There is no moderate or extreme Islam - there is Islam as send from Allah and practiced by His Messenger and his Companions. So you either follow the Qur'an and Sunnah or dramatically increase your probability of punishment in this life and the next.

Salaaam aleikum,

Article shows a lot of promise, but sadly the author does not delve into much more needed detail. Specifically:
1. All of the so-called "moderate" individuals and "progressive" groups mentioned in here were all started by people who were heavily involved in so-called "mainstream" islamic groups -- ISNA, IIT, MPAC, etc. -- they saw an opportunity to strike it out for themselves by prostituting themselves to the center of power and took advantage of it, this is not to say that the so-called "mainstream" groups will not go in the same direction.
2. The Sufi angle is not coincedental, all of these named groups and individuals far from seeing Islam as a completed system or way of life, learned it as a set of dead rituals or an
academic exercise (even her highness Amina Wadud had kaffirs certify her with a phD in Islam before going off on her own). All of this was well documented nearly a decade ago in a book by Ahmad Ghorab, called "Subverting Islam" all Muslims should read this book.
3. We must not forget that according to the RAND report, the Muslim masses overseas and NOT in America are the ultimate goal, henceforth this quote from a professional 'handler' of "American" Muslims must be kept in mind:

"the U.S. government has delegitimized the Muslim
leadership in America,'' their efforts are unlikely to win support abroad."

``People in America think they are going to be the vanguards of change,'' Haddad said. ``But for Arab Muslims in the Middle East, American Muslims continue to be viewed on the margins of the faith.''

Yvonne Haddad in the New York Times 3/19/2005

May Allah (swt) protect this deen from all of the kuffar, 'progressives', "moderates", and munafiqs.

salaaam aleikum,
s. kashif haque

Dr. Syed Alwi:

There is no such thing as a liberal/progressive Muslim. Either you accept Islams teaching or you don't.

For the punishment of crimes you mentioned - stoning, cutting of hands etc - these were practised by Prophet.

In these matters - if one is convicted of adultery etc - there is no need of ijtihad. Just because you cannot accept these as acceptable forms of deterrence does not make them out-dated.
Divorce was also practised at the time of prophet. Divorce and stoning are not complements to each other. If you cannot understand this, please try to refresh your basics - you are after all a doctor and would have some semblanc of intelligence.

Ijtihad would come in modern matters - stem cell research, test-tube babies to name a few. Ijtihad is done by qualified ulema not by any tom/dick/harry. It is as wise for your layman Muslim to do ijtihad as it is wise for me to pass a medical opinion on how to treat AIDS.

You can feel proud at your "moderness" but you are seriously flawed in your understanding of Islam.



As an American Convert to Islam I have to point out to Dr. Syed Alwi that maybe if we did still cut off the hands of thieves and stone adulturers then adultery and robbery would be less of a problem in today's society. Ever think of that? American Society is a mess and needs to be cleaned up. But Im not holding my breath waiting for a Muslim government. Inshallah Allah will set things straight before judgement day.

I agree completely, unfortunately so many Muslims fall in the cracks and get mixed up with these groups, not knowing what the true goal is in the end. I hope that the so called "progressives" understand that Islam has withstood 14oo years of change and inshallah it will withstand it forever. If only you could see, that is what makes us so great. If we hold tight together and to the Quran and Sunnah we would be uplifted by God. Don't let the disbeleivers ( and some so called beleivers) mock us and seperate us. I am a Muslim women and I don't need any unions to tell me what my rights are, the Prophet (sas) told us 1400 years ago. Women out there let these people know we can speak for ourselves, they do not represent us.

As a liberal Muslim living in Singapore, I am opposed to this article. Firstly, with or without the Rand report, I believe that the time has come for a re-interpretation of Islam - open the gates of ijtihad once again. As a plural multi-religious community in Singapore, I do NOT condone many aspects of the Syariah derived from the ijtihad of 10th century Middle Eastern scholars. We cannot kill apostates because that violates Article 18 of the Human Rights Convention. We cannot stone married adulterers to death because thats just barbaric by today's moral standards. Isn't divorce a more civil action ? We cannot chop off the hands of thieves. The list goes on and on. But the point I am making is very simple. Rand report or not, there ARE many aspects of 10th century Middle Eastern Syariah which needs an urgent review. Because of that, I support the liberal camp in the Muslim world.

Dr Syed Alwi

Assalamo Alaykum

I think what John is enough. I repeat the same thing Allah says in the Quran close meaning of which is that the disbelivers want to extinguished the light of allah (quran, sunnah ) with their mouth but Allah will perfect it even the disbelivers do not like it.

Moreover, Allah wants to filters the belivers from the disbelivers & munafeqeen.


It is very important to inform the ummah about these kind of works.
This kind of effort made to spread doubdt about certain islamic well known rules is not new.
Even during the last year in the life of our Prophet(saaw), some people prented to be prophets from both sexes. As any one can see, they are gone but Islam is not gone like they planned!
Allah promised to protect this religion. So who can defeat Allah(SWT)? of course none!


Assalamu Alaykum-
In order to best serve the Muslim Ummah of America--we need a name for those Muslims who wish to divide and cause internal strife. I recommend a list and a website--
possible names are:

Self-Hating Muslims
Uncle Tom Muslims
Watered down Muslims
Wannabe Muslims
Puppet Muslims
Progessive-ly idiotic Muslims

just some suggestions


I agree that the webpage is extremist...
It is more of the same old hateful conspiracy theory almost blind cultic anti-americanism that prevades the Muslims world and blinds us and keeps us from progress...

It is just the same old blame everyone else...
and not Muslims and not the Muslim community for the plight of Muslims, convincing Muslims to take a sideline role that involves pointing fingers about why the Muslim world is in the situation that it is in... rather than accept responsibility for why we are in the state we are in... and pragmatically initiating innovative change in our communities to overcome or status as the world religion that both grows larger and more destitute than the other major world faiths.

Progressive Islam is the only way we will survive without becoming worse than we are now.

This is just a test of our faith. We are being tested. Nothing to worry about...

Trangressors/inventors will NEVER succeed, neither here nor there...

Just exactly what Allah says in the Qur'an that the disbelievers will try to extinguish the religion of Allah BUT Allah will make it prevail even though they don't like it. Let us HOLD ON to the rope of Allah.