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When King George V died, we got a day off from school as a sign of mourning. Palestine was then a part of the British Empire, which ruled the country under a League of Nations mandate. To this very day, a central street in Tel Aviv, not far from my home, bears the name of King George.

George V was followed (after a brief interlude) by George VI, who was until recently the last George in our life. Now we have a new King George, not British but American.

The relationship between the United States and Israel is difficult to define. The USA has no official mandate over our country. It is not a normal alliance between two nations. Neither is it a relationship between a satellite and the master country.

Some people say, only half in jest, that the USA is an Israeli colony. And indeed, in many respects it looks like that. President Bush dances to Ariel Sharon's tune. Both Houses of Congress are totally subservient to the Israeli right-wing - much more so than the Knesset. It has been said that if the pro-Israeli lobby were to sponsor a resolution on Capitol Hill calling for the abolition of the Ten Commandments, both Houses of Congress would adopt it overwhelmingly. Every year Congress confirms the payment of a massive tribute to Israel.

But others assert the reverse: That Israel is an American colony. And indeed, that is also true in many respects. It is unthinkable for the Israeli government to refuse a clear-cut request by the president of the United States. America forbids Israel to sell an expensive intelligence-gathering plane to China? Israel cancels the sale. America forbids a large-scale military action, as happened last week in Gaza? No action. America wants the Israeli economy to be managed according to American precepts? No problem: An American has just been appointed as Governor of the Central Bank of Israel.

As a matter of fact, both versions are right: The USA is an Israeli colony and Israel is an American colony. The relationship between the two countries is a symbiosis, a term defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "an association of two organisms living attached to each other or one within the other" (from the Greek words for "living" and "together".)

Much has already been said about the origins of this symbiosis. American Christian Zionism preceded the founding of the Jewish Zionist organization. The American myth is almost identical with the Zionist Israeli myth, both in content and symbolism. Both are countries of immigration, with all that this implies for good or ill. Both governments believe that their interests coincide. On Independence Day in Israel, many American flags are to be seen next to the Israeli ones - a phenomenon that is without parallel in the world.

The inauguration of Bush last week therefore had a special significance for Israel. The state-controlled TV channel broadcast it live. In many respects, the president of the United States is also the King of Israel.

George Bush is a very simple, very violent person with very extreme views, as well as being very much an ignoramus. This is a very dangerous combination. Such people have caused many disasters in human history. Maximilian Robespierre, the French revolutionary who invented the reign of terror, has been called "the Great Simplifier" because of the terrible simplicity of his views, which he tried to impose with the guillotine.

The ideologues who govern the thoughts and deeds of Bush are called "neo-conservatives", but that is a misleading appellation. Actually they are a revolutionary group. Their aim is not to conserve but to overturn. Mostly Jewish, they are the pupils of Leo Strauss, a German-Jewish professor with a Trotskyite past who ended up developing semi-fascist theories and propagating them at the University of Chicago. He illustrated his attitude toward democracy by citing the story of Gulliver: When a fire broke out in the city of the dwarfs, he put the fire out by urinating on them. This is the way, in his view, the small elite group of leaders must treat the ignorant and innocent public, which does not know what is good for them.

In his coronation speech, Bush promised to bring freedom and democracy to every corner of the world. No less, no more. He cited the two countries in which he has already achieved this aim: Iraq and Afghanistan. Both have been devastated by American planes that dropped the message from their bomb doors. Recently, the American soldiers wiped a large city from the face of the earth in order to convince the opponents of "American values". Now Fallujah looks as if it had been struck by a tsunami.

It is no secret that the neo-cons intend to "bring democracy" to Iran and Syria, thereby eliminating two more traditional enemies of the USA and Israel. Dick Cheney, the vice president, has already said that Israel may attack Iran, as if threatening to unleash a Rottweiler.

It could have been hoped that after the total debacle in Iraq and the less obvious but equally serious failure in Afghanistan, Bush would shrink from more such actions. But as almost always happens with rulers of this type, he cannot admit defeat and stop. On the contrary, failure drives him on to more extremes, vowing, rather like the captain of the Titanic, "to stay the course."

There is no way to guess what Bush may perpetrate, now that he has been re-elected by his people. His ego has been blown up to giant proportions, reaffirming what the Greek fabulist Aesop said some 27 centuries ago: "The smaller the mind the greater the conceit."

He has kicked out the hapless, feeble Colin Powell (as David Ben-Gurion eliminated Moshe Sharett in preparation for his 1956 onslaught on Egypt) and appointed Condoleezza Rice (as Ben-Gurion replaced Sharett with Golda Meir.) Now the order is "clear the deck for action". On this deck, Bush is a loose cannon, a danger to everyone around. The results of these elections may be viewed by history as a worldwide catastrophe.

In domestic affairs, he may cause similar disasters. In the name of "American values", he is about to destroy one of the foremost American values: The separation of Church and State. His is the religion of a "born again" convert, a primitive religion without morality and compassion. Imposing this religion on all fields of life may push society centuries back and void the constitution. 

A friend of mine asserts that there are two souls residing in the American nation, a good and a bad one. That may be true for every nation, including even Israel and Palestine, but in America it is much more extreme. There is the America of Thomas Jefferson (even if he liberated his slaves only on his death), Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, the America of ideals, the Marshall Plan, science and the arts. And there is the America of the genocide perpetrated against the Native Americans, the country of slave traders and the Wild West myth.

During Bush's second term, this second America may reach new depths of ugliness. It may offer the whole world a model of oppression. I would not want my country, Israel, to be identified with such an America. Any advantage we can derive from it may well turn out to be short-term, the damage long-lasting, and perhaps irreversible.

One of the advantages of the US Constitution is that Bush cannot be re-elected for a third term. As the popular Israeli song goes: "We survived Pharaoh, we shall survive this, too." Perhaps this could become an anthem for the whole world.

Uri Avnery is an Israeli journalist, peace activist and a former member of the Israeli Knesset. He is also is a founding member of Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace group founded in 1993.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Foreign Policy, George W. Bush, Occupation
Views: 5797

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Older Comments:
Raji: you are my brother in Islam and my brother in humanity. We are all the children of Adam, as our creator, Allah Subhana, made us. No offense is taken my friend; I understand your perspective, really. :)

One of the great things about Islam is that it really is poly-ethnic, and transcends all barriers of race, class and nationality.

Inshallah, eventually more of my European brothers will have the veiled lifted from their eyes, if it pleases Allah, and revert to the deen.

Until then, rest easier, brother, I and others like me are doing what we can.

Your friend,


Follow up to Idris,thanks my hope has been renewed .I can ease up since help is in the mix.I apologize if I offended anyone,but this wide acceptance of the state of world affairs really need some truthfulness from everyone.But white people can sincerely turn the tide.Thanks you are helping ,hang tough.

Pete, Pete, Pete, you must truly be in a bizarro world. Guess who truly installs, backs and props up these dictatorships ? The godd ol' US of A.
As far as Bush receiving more votes, well thats just a testament to the utter immorality and ignorance of the simpletons who voted for him.
I know its useless trying to talk sense with those who blindly support and justify american terrorism, but their comments should not go unchallenged.

Hey, Raji, easy! I am white folks! And so are my Bosnian and Albanian buddies and many converts!
It's cool, though, inshallah :) I'm not offended. Just wanted you to know.

Whoa, Pete, hold on there buddy. I know appearances may be deceiving, but most Muslims do not, in fact, support the dictatorships that run much of the Dar Al-Islam (world of Islam). Most of them will tell you that they do not like or care for the governments that form current polity in much of the ME.
Democracy is the obvious solution; but please understand that many are very cynical about American or Western intentions, because they've heard talk about 'liberation' before. I know you feel differently about this, and I respect your view, but, well, here's some history for you:
1) In the 1990s Algeria (currently a dictatorship that is pro-American) had popular elections. Conservative religious figures won the day; but the ruling parties refused to relinquish power and declared the elections null and void. We did too.
2) Qaddafi was educated in the US. For that matter, so were many of the dictators of th ME. Did you know that Schwartzcopf's dad trained the Iranian Shah's secret police (a more brutal regime you never knew, it was supported by the US)?
3) We built Saddam up when he was fighting Iranians. We took him down when he got a little too whacky(to coin a phrase)
4) Thinking it was a terrorist cell, we missiled a pharmacy in the Sudan. Even worse, afterward, we blocked a UN sanction investigation because we could.
5) Most recently: Whoops! No WMD!
What is more, there are foreign troops stationed in our most sacred precincts: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, would Christians feel if the Turks were in Rome, or occupying the Tomb of Santiago? Think about it.
Brother, I am not lambasting you. Please do not take what I am saying the wrong way, I'm just trying to get you to see the other side a little. I am glad that you are here and participating, the mere fact of your presence here is a great thing, and I am thankful to God for all the Christians and Jews that visit Islamicity.

Three years ago I said that America had been hijacked by the Jews and it seems that it is true. I also said that America has a pretty face and also an ugly face. I was a student in that country 20 years ago. America had a pretty face then. But today it shows its ugly face

I have great fate in the American people. They will strive to get back their once pretty face.

Thank you.

You are obviously very confused and insecure. If you think that any type of ideology has been imposed in Iraq, you need to look again. Bush recieved more votes by the people than any other president in the history of this country, and that is for one reason. The people want the un-reconcilable wing of Islam dealt with and to allow peace and freedom loving people to recieve that gift that was given from God but taken away by tyrants. I hope someday that you see the light and that you to do not also fall under the brutal dictatorships that you so blindly support with with your words.

I have heared this from other people, this is my time hearing it from an Israeli.Great piece of work,but it will not have the least impact on white folks.I would love to be wrong,King George and the rest are bent on destruction.That "good" America was never a real thing.

Difference between the mindset of our ruling polity and that of Israel is that we have a simpleton in power, while those Israel govern with a cunning and deceit that would make the devil blush at his own ineptitude. George Bush whose brain has been have pickled for God knows how long, is no more than a puppet on a string. Did they really think that putting a guy whose library at home was comprised entirely of a singular book on 'Fart Jokes" (I am not joking this is totally true), is more comfortable with his hogs, is completely blank on matters concerning geo-politics, history or anything at all for the matter, can barely speak intelligently without that now-famous prompter strapped to his back, a life time honorary member of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), has a DUI record in Maine, a vocabulary limited to grunts punctuated by inappropriate and goofy grins, whose usual responses include giving people the finger or cursing them out...would have the stuff befitting of a President ? We know that there are wheels within wheels and there are a whole lot more surreptitious and devious happenings behind this blank eyed president than even he knows.

Well done! This author did an outstanding job of explaining the relationship between Israel and the US. He was also insightful about Bush, the neo-cons., and their agenda. Bravo!

I do hope everyone gets a chance to read the Guardian today, particularly this news about George Bush's ancestry. Here is a bit from that news, describing one of George's great relatives, Dermot MacMurrough, the Gaelic king of Leinster reviled in history books as the man who sold Ireland for personal gain (I just love this bit):

..Even before MacMurrough earned the title of Ireland's worst traitor by inviting Strongbow's invasion to save himself from a local feud, the Irish chieftain had a reputation for gore. One English chronicler told how MacMurrough, recognising the features of a personal enemy poking from a pile of severed heads after a battle, snatched up the rotting flesh and tore it with his teeth in a "hideous frenzy".,12271,1399353,00.html

The Guardian's news today revals that geanological experts studying George Bush's ancestry have discovered old George to have descended from a fine line of traitors, rogues, murderers and cut throats who caused 800 years of misery in Ireland. Which explains a whole lot. The link below certainly explains George's madness:,12271,1399353,00.html

Yes thats your King George - Mad as Hatter and naked as the Emperor without any clothes - yet alas! no Americans seem to notice. What does that say about the Yanks I wonder. I wonder if the kind of creature elected by a country reflects the general character of the nation? If so, Good God ! What a disaster.

A very good article. Very scary, too, I might add. My only caution is that we shouldn't underestimate President Bush, he isn't as foolish as you may think (I watched the Dems make this mistake in the elections).