God bless America, a thousand times

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I recently attended a Friday khutbah, or sermon, during which the imam spoke of the goodness of this country. He also spoke of the goodness of its people, and he said that the most important task for American Muslims in the new century is outreach to their American brothers and sisters. He spoke of the importance of American Muslims seeing themselves as fully American, and that as Americans, they must embrace their responsibilities of citizenship. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the khutbah. I feel exactly the same way, and I was very happy that the imam had said such things; things that American Muslims desperately need to hear and understand. After the prayer ended, I heard one of my fellow-worshippers grumble unhappily. He said out loud, "All that was left for him to say was 'God bless America.'" I was very upset at his reaction. I was about to tell him, "Then, brother, leave the country." These words, however, never reached his ears. I did not have the courage to say them to him directly. Yet, they reflected a deep-seated frustration with an attitude that I fear some Muslims may still harbor. 

I came to learn that other people did not like the message of his sermon as well. In fact, someone told me that the imam must have said such things because he knew he was being "watched." This only served to increase my frustration. How could American Muslims, after everything that has happened since the horror of September 11, still harbor such feelings? How could American Muslims still feel that America has nothing good? Therefore I say, in no uncertain terms, the following: God bless America, a thousand times. 

There are a few places on this earth where Muslims can worship God and have an opportunity to fully express their Islamic ideology and America is one of those places. Few places on this earth exist where people enjoy the freedom of speech we Americans also take for granted. Few places on this earth does the rule of law reign supreme as it does in this country. Despite all the negative aspects of this country that people can come up with, this country is still unique where the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Therefore I say: God bless America, a thousand times.

America is a country with an abundant amount of goodness and purity. Its people are a fundamentally good people, with warm hearts and almost boundless generosity. America has a compassion rivaled by few other nations in this world, and in fact, I have personally experienced this generosity and compassion. Yes, this country has been blessed by God from its very beginnings, and so I say: God bless America, a thousand times. 

This is why I get so frustrated at the attitude of some American Muslims who feel America is the epitome of injustice and evil. I am incredulous at these Muslims, especially the immigrants among them, who refuse to acknowledge the goodness of this country. These immigrants came to America's shores to find a better life for themselves and their families. And America opened her arms and her heart to them. For them to enjoy the fruits of America's generosity and kindness--yet at the same time revile and despise her--smacks of ingratitude of enormous proportions. 

Now, I wholeheartedly agree that America is not perfect. In his famous "I Have a Dream Speech," Dr. Martin Luther King said, "When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." 

Unfortunately, America "has defaulted on this promissory note," as Dr. King said, many times throughout her history. From her scourge of the Native Americans, to her enslavement of thousands of Africans, to her persecution of the sons and daughters of those slaves; from justifying indefinite imprisonment of citizens as "enemy combatants" without trial or counsel, to remaining silent while the fires of injustice and hatred continue to burn in the Holy Land, to the illegal invasion of Iraq as the "central front" in the war on terrorism, America has not always lived up to her ideals of freedom, justice, and democracy. America has not always behaved as the "City on the Hill." 

Yet, this reality--rather than be the source of hatred for America--should be the source of inspiration for American Muslims to get involved in their society and change it for the better. America is not perfect, but with American Muslims fulfilling their responsibilities of citizenship, America can become more perfect. America is not always on the right path, but with Muslims in the fray, America can be on the right path more often than not. America is not Utopia, but with Muslims hand-in-hand with their non-Muslim brothers and sisters, America can become more like Utopia with each passing day.

The Prophet Muhammad told us that if we see something evil, we should work to change it with our hands. If we are unable to do so, then we should speak out against it. If we are unable even to do this, then we should hate it with our hearts, and this is the weakest state of faith. Muslims in America, because of the goodness of America, are able to effect positive change with their "hands," which means getting involved in the social, cultural, and political institutions of the county. If a Muslim is unwilling to do this--being content with harboring ill will for America and her people--and yet still wishes to remain and enjoy the fruits of this country's goodness, then he approaches the gravest of hypocrisies, unbecoming of the character and and nature of a Muslim. 

Perhaps America's shortcomings--especially those concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the war in Iraq--lead some American Muslims to scoff whenever someone, like that imam, says that America is fundamentally good. Yet, if America has its problems, which it absolutely does, then it is the duty of patriotic American citizens to struggle and make America better. American Muslims must be at the forefront of that struggle, and failing to do so is a grave injustice. And as Muslims, we can never walk the earth and be on the side of injustice. 

Thus, I will always say God bless America. When God blesses America, Muslims can live and worship in peace. When God blesses America, America will live up to its ideals of freedom, justice, and democracy. When God blesses America, she will use her power and influence to work for global justice and the common good. Only good things can come when God blesses America, and thus, I say, in no uncertain terms: God bless America, a thousand times.

Hesham A. Hassaballa is a Chicago physician and writer. He is author of "Why I Love the Ten Commandments," published in the book Taking Back Islam: American Muslims Reclaim Their Faith (Rodale Press), winner of the prestigious Wilbur Award for 2003 Best Religion Book of the Year by the Religion Communicators Council.

His blog can be visited at http://drhassaballa.blogspot.com

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: United States Of America
Views: 5901

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Older Comments:
Im afraid you are one of the ones who cannot see and cannot hear no matter what proof is brought before you. I feel sorry for you that you love America so much. In the end they will stab you in the back. Just watch.

Hudd: thank you for the kind words. How interesting it is that a Palestinian talks more sense than many Israelis. You are not my nemesis; and if I could make Al-Aqsa safe for you, or return land, I would. I wish you well.

Sarah, I know what you are saying, it's true, as the things are now developing it's hard to believe the obvious. Since we don't know which obvious is relevant to what. The bloody news from over there, Middle East, upset me a lot, I would like to be able to travel over there in peace and security and worship at al-Aqsa mosque without harrassement and witness both sides as I did before in 1980's. As the situation is now, such an endeavour seems like the prospect of sending a man to the planet Mars! What is worse is that it doesn't seem that this situation would end any soon. It always puzzled me the same exact thing you brought up, How on earth a people that passed through the ordeals of the most insane genocide in known history could make recourse to such inhumane tools of containing a class of people?
I admit, things are not just white and black and the grey is a too sophisticated hue to be analyzed in brief postings.
Sarah, whatever you do, be cool. As long as you want to serve the truth you will always find a responding approval from even your "nemesis".

So much controversy! Triathalon, you are
vicious indeed. .. .. Here's the deal: You confuse
American government with American people
and you conveniently forget that 1/2 the people
did NOT vote for the current party. I'll say it
again: American is a big country and extremely
divided in it's opinion. Americans are not of
"one mind," despite what the current
administration wants you to believe. Most
articles on this website have a decidedly
negative slant -- it's more like an
anti-American website (like the antithesis of
Fox News) than an actual news site. So, if
you're going to read articles on here,
remember all Americans do not hate Muslims,
all Americans are not greedy, money-grubbers
like Bush and company. If this is all you read,
Triathlon (And you should not be a coward and
use your real name) then no wonder you're
consumed with vitriolic hatred. It's a good site,
but an article like God Bless America is a rare
occurence here. It's nice to see that Islamicity
is getting with the program and realizing that
being Islamic and believing that not all
America and Americans are evil are not
mutually exclusive. So, Triath, read something
else, get an education and stop being so
nasty. Help change the world's view of
Muslims -- you're just reinforcing all the
negative aspects that the world thinks Muslim

Hudd: If I am taking what you are saying in the right way, then I can't believe it, but I am in agreement with you. You're right, I don't have the solution for the current situation. But I agree that the bullying and racism has got to go. The fact of the matter is that the Palestinians are treated like second class citizens in their own country! What a taste for irony there is in the world, that the Jews, so long the oppressed, have turned right around and done the same to another people. It is sad and disillusioning. I wish that Jews could have moved here peacefully and without fanfare; things would have been different if the British and the Americans hadn't been here, of that I am sure. It is an extension of colonialism, one that is as propped up by fear as any Muslim dictatorhsip ever was. I'm no hero. I keep my mouth shut, I'm too scared to speak out against what I see and hear. I plan to move away from here as soon as I can (probably to Canada), all this blood for a desert, well they can have it. I don't want it.

Wow, Sarah Goldman, talking about impressing, you just did that. I would hardly disbelieve that that wasn't your intention, but hey, isn't that the intention of everyone? We, the human kind thrive on making an impression. When we don't, we realize our mediocrity and get depressed. You are anything but mediocre. However, you too, don't have the solution to the Middle East, since you(as Israeli) are part of the problem together with USA, the Palestinians and the whole shebang in the region. Maybe, as I see it, USA is the greatest problem for the region. If Israel would not be supported by USA that doesn't need to live there, but left on her own, she(Israel) would have concocted a feasible deal with both the Palestinians and the Arab world. That wouldn't be in the interests of USA or Europe. Imagine, Israel becoming a trade partner for the whole Islamic world. Impossible? Not at all, but the arogance and bullying has to go. Besides, Israel has to appear as an original entity not an extention of American and European Imperialism. There is no solution to this, and both Palestinians and Israelis waste their lives for the interests of a third party. In 1980's I contacted Shalom Achshav through a Palestinian peace movement for non-violence and realized that busting in houses through roof-tops and shooting at school children and harrassing women was not the dream of the Israel youth. Nor strapping bombs on themselves and blow up whomever unfortunate enough to be arround was the dream of Palestinian youth. Basicly they wanted the same thing: to study, get a good job, establish a family, raise children, live good and die old. Question still stays, who's game are they both playing? Whom does the situation quo profit? The Palestinians? The Israelis? I wouldn't live in either Palestine or Israel if an arm and a leg depended on it! It doesn't pay to put up with so much pain and frustration for piece of land? Home is in your heart and migration is part of the human advancement.

Triathlon: you misunderstand me when I say liberal. What I mean is that I actually think there are other options to dealing with the Palestinians other than exterminating them. Is that liberal to you? Probably not. Is that liberal to some of my fellow Israelis? I'm afraid so.
But lets be frank, I couldn't care less what you think of me, my religion or my political views. I don't want to be your friend Doctor Triathlon, and am not interested in finding common ground with you, because you are as much a part of the problem as George Bush or his cronies ever were. You are just as extreme in your views and solutions as they are, and the fact that you are on the "Muslim" side of things is just an accident of your birth, nothing more. If you were an American I'm sure that you'd be attacking Wayne for being too liberal and a traitor (just like you did with the Muslims that posted here and didn't tout the line you wanted to hear). If you were an Israeli I bet you'd be the first one to march into the occupied areas and proclaim your right to settle there. The ironic thing is that you don't see it. God, what a madhouse.

Ms.Goldman, take a chill pill, I'm not here to "impress" anybody. Sorry madam, but you being "liberal" means nothing to me, we've had our share wackiness coming from the left.
The reason many of us, including some intelligent Americans have protested this article is because it distasteful and poorly times. To say "God bless america" while it commits terrorism around the world is both irrational and a slap in the face of those who are suffering thanks to uncle sam.
I call it as I see it, so you and the rest of the damage control crew can go take a dip in the atlantic for all I care.

Wayne and Triathlon, you two need to get over yourselves. The only way you'll ever win the day is by getting moderate Americans, Europeans and Israelis to come to your side of the fence; but you sure don't make it seem like that is a safe or sane proposition. I'm pretty liberal in my views, but I don't compromise my intellect to bash some invisible monster (this is a description of Wayne's quixotic attack on the US and Israel) to impress others.
The two of you have spent a lot of time and energy attacking people that are actually on your side like Professor Ahmed, Akbar and Idriss. It's ironic, really; and it leads me to believe that if anyone here is the govenrment plant it is you Wayne, you are the one sowing the seeds of division that prevent any sort of unity in cause and action between the Muslims that you avowedly support. But since you are so liberal, let's hear what you have to say about abortion rights and gay marriage. I'm afraid you'll find no political bed-mates here.
Triathlon, you and Akbar won't be the ones crying a river, it'll be the Palestinians, Afghanis, Iraqis etc that you failed to save because you were too busy showing off what a tough guy you are on the internet. What a soctor you must be, with no compassion, tolerance or patience with others. I hope I never find myself in your clinic.
You lot sicken me. No wonder Israel crushes you beneath its boot-heel and gets the US to pay for it. For my own part, I think only the Canadians are the ones with any brains at all, and I plan to move there soon.

Wayne: Look, I'm sorry, I really came down too hard on you. Chill out for a second and please read my post fully before you jump to conclusions. First of all: I agree with you. I was always against the invasion of Iraq (and I don't buy it that it was because of bad intelligence about WMD. WMD was an excuse we were hoping to use. There's a lot going on there, and it relates directly to why Colin Powell left his position this year. If you want me to elaborate, I will), if you read my posts you will see that. I think that we should leave Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well, our presence merely serves to destabilize things further.
Okay, so we've established that we agreee (or I have, anyway), right? Well, here is the real question: how do we do it? It sounds simple, doesn't it, we just pull out and go home, Inshallah. I wish it were that easy. The real problem is that some very powerful forces in the US government, economy and religious institutions are convinced that we need to stay (I'm sure you know that), and what is more (and this is key) they have convinced the US people that we need to be there as well.
I have to tell you, undoing that mindset is a huge and daunnting task, and it won't be done with angry words, fiery speech and self-righteousness. People turn off and don't listen when you do that. We have to appeal to people's reason and natural instinct to do good (this isn't the time for cynicism). If you're really interested in helping out, that's great. But us yelling at each other on the internet isn't helping, neither is making blanket statements about how terrible the US is. It just won't work, people won't listen to that. What people will respond to are statements that encourage commonality and mutual respect and understanding. That's what building bridges is all about. Check out the Cordoba Society, if you really want to be proactive. I think you'll like it, Mashallah.

As ever, the Qur'an says it best:

Sura Al-A'raf Section 5:43:

"And we remove from their hearts any Rancour; beneath them will be rivers flowing;-and they shall say: "Praise be to Allah, Who hath guided us to this: never could we have found guidance, had it not been for the guidance of Allah: indeed it was the truth that the Messengers of our Lord brought unto us." And they shall hear the cry: "Behold! The Garden before you! Ye have been made its inheritors, for your deeds."

Triathlon, I say Asalaamu Alaikum to you, brother. We are both members of the deen, believers, servants of Allah. We should not contend with one another, but enjoin to work together in solidarity, mutual respect (despite differences), and towards a common good. Do not give in to anger and hate, these things are haram, and for good reason, they are from Shaitan and not Allah at all. (P.S. I do believe in Divine Anger and Wrath, but only Allah knows when it has been enacted and only He can enact it, when He is Allah Al-Jabar).

Professor Ahmed: I am trying to form a non-profit organization called the Subhana Association. I wonder if your brother in law goes to my masjid. Inshallah, I will go to the Emory masjid tomorrow afternoon. I look forward to possibly meeting you. I am trying to earn the right to pledge bayah to the Naqshbandi Tariqat.

Humbly yours,


Triathlon: Or whatever your name is, you need to open your eyes, ears and heart some more. I mean, do you really think that you are going to change the world for the better with your statements? (and by the way, get a thesaurus, I'm tired of reading 'jingoistic' in your posts. Get a disctionary too, you're using the word wrong-or out of context) Why are you so full of hate?
What is this really all about? That's a rhetorical question. I know full well what you're about, and you're no different than the Nazis I've argued with here. I'd imagine that you see youself (and maybe not without reason) as a persecuted person that has been mistreated by the society that you live in; and like many persecuted minorities you harbor sentiments of superiority (hence the heavy duty pretension in your posts). I could get mad at you again, but you know what? I'm not. I feel sorry for you-you've obviously been mistreated by someone. I will pray to Allah for your soul, for it obviously needs guidance. Don't give in to hate Triathlon (or whatever your name is), that is the influence of Shaitan over you (and indeed, over us all).
I wish you peace uopn a troubled soul.

Triathalon: You said it yourself, you hate U.S. Foreign Policy, so why do you make a complete lump sum hate policy of your own against the entire nation of teh U.S.A.? You should first reorganize your thoughts here before you label all of America, including her citizens, as all being bad. I think that is the biggest problem.

If someone has criticism of U.S. Foreign Policy, than I have no problem with that. But to criticize America and say that it lacks God's blessing by blaming all the American people, well then in that case as sad as this may sound, between 50-60 percent and sometimes even more Americans do not even vote in the electoral process. So how is it that you determine all of America as being evil and out to get everyone? 20 percent of the entire U.S. population voted for the President elect to be George W. Bush.

Again I stress here to you one last time, what is the problem in asking for Allah (the one and only God) to send His blessings upon America? We are Muslims and Muslims believe Peace is more powerful than Warfare.

Many others like Ahmed and Idriss and Pete have all made it clear as well if you've read their posts correctly, that tehre is more success to be had in building bridges rather tthan burning them.

Hey Pete! I just read your post. I'm glad you got the chance to come here and see that not all of us are American-haters. I totally agree with you about our generosity, and defended it at an earlier article. I want you to always feel welcome to discuss matters with members of the deen, whether you are Muslim or not. This is what building bridges is all about. If we can have good and open dialogue, trade ideas and share experiences in a safe and encouraging environment, well, that is a good thing, I should think. Anyway, I hope that you hang out here and post more often; and that goes for you, too Irrem and any other non-Muslims out there.

Greetings to you, Idris. If the conference you refer to is the one I am thinking of, then yes, that was me. I am not sure what writings you are refering to, however, I do not believe that I am published here in the States. But no matter. Tell me Idris, are you the same Idris Suleyman that started the Subhana Association? My brother in law Husayin mentioned it to me.
Whether or not that, though, I respect your position. As you no doubt have guessed, you reverted to the deen in difficult times. If you live in my area, please come to the Emory masjid (I do not know if you are sunnah, but regardless, please feel welcome)some time, I am usually there in the afternoons, I would like to meet you.

if people dislike the United States, it is because of its foreign policy and the direction to which it's heading in terms of civil rights. the author doesn't mention at all the roots of Muslim anger at the US. he doesn't mention at all the fate of those at Guantanamo. He doesn't mention at all the fate of those in Palestine. so, brother, please enjoy your life in the United States while you can, but for others the US may not mean the same thing as it mean to you.

Well "Ismail" or should I say "Idriss" or whatever new monicker you're using...I think you need to honestly grow up and quit supporting irrational American policies. I know its hard to shake off pro-yank brainwashing but you should make an effort. Till then, spare us your jingoism.
Akbar, I make NO apologies for my views. I read and see every single day the atrocities american war criminals committ...some of which I cant even post here. What will it take for people like you to wake up and get a grip on reality. Another 100000 dead Iraqi men, woman and children ? More masjids being shelled ?
I dont sponsor the view that criminals such as these are guided or blessed. Dont like it ? Cry me a river.

Brother Ahmed: You are right. I am sorry. I've read your writings and saw you speak earlier this year on Sufism and the Western Tradition (I think that was you, you used similar quotes in your presentation)and am flattered that you would even comment to me. Please forgive my words, if they offend.

Triathalon, the very first lines of the Qur'an read, Alhumdulillah ir-Rabbil aalameen, which means All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Allah's blessing is not limited to only certain "nations" because there is not one thing that happens in all of creation that Allah is not aware of. If a good act is done in America by Muslims in America or a good act is done by non-Muslims in America, Allah is all aware of all that we do, and he provides us with rewards in one way or another for that.

It begs me to ask the question, what do you want on this website, an article which says "God curse America?" Are you going to start asking God to curse the nation state of the United States? Do you think that pleases Allah? Get out of your miserable lifestyle of continuous hatred and anger all the time, and learn to see the difference between social interaction with American people, and the difference there is between this realm of America and the realm of politics. I think that is the very first distinction you need to make. There are 7 million Muslims in America, so NO I do not agree with you Triathalon one bit. May Allah bless America and the 7 million Muslims who live in the USA.


Idris and Triathlon: Peace between you both!
Al-Bukhari: Rasulullah said: "It is not permissible for one Muslim to keep his relations severed with a brother for more than three days. Better among them is one who is forst to greet the other with As-salamu Alaikum."

Also: "And say to My servants that they should only say those things that are best..."-Al-Isra 17:53

Idris, I can appreciate your sentiments, and I even enjoy your passion, welcome to the deen, little brother. But I think that you will find many more will listen to you if you speak with a little more patience.
Triathlon: Idris is new, so I can understand his behavior. But you should know better, you have grown up Muslim. I expect better from such and Surely, Allah Subhana Wa-Ta'ala does as well.

Triathlon, your attacks on others really say a lot more about you than they do about them. Don't think you're going to win anybody to whatever cause it is your for, mate, sorry. Maybe you should stick to track and field until you learn better.

Triathlon, the only troll is you. I watch you bait and insult br.Idriss w/out ever saying things that are good. You needing lesson in manners and set bad example.

Its obvious that Idriss is being a pro-american troll....the man obviously is a by product of the failed American school system to continously deny hard facts.

I agree and am glad that you love this wonderful country as I do. It is a place of unbelievable opportunity and the majority of Americans want to help people around the world like the tsunami victims. It is truly refreshing to hear someone Islamic express their love for this great land. America donated 40% of the worlds relief last year and are always the first to respond to tragedies around the world.

America was a great country but not anymore. We are fooling ourselves if we think that. We need to move back to our Muslim countries and take back our governments democratically from dictators. Only a Muslims majority country can enable you to live an Islamic life and create a state that prophet created in Madina. Muslims not suppose to live an extended period of time in a non-Muslim country as history has informed us. Even when Muslims migrated to Abyssinia to escape Kuffar of Mecca, they were told to come back by the prophet to Medina once a Muslim government was established. You will have make compromises on your beliefs everyday in a non-Muslim majority country like accepting Gay rights, abortions, alcohol and sexual freedom. How long can you protect your kids from these influences? Sooner or later, like many other ethnic groups, Muslims will also be assimilated. Just look at our teen today. Believe or not, majority influence and this influence will show sooner or later on our children. If you realy want to change something like prophet says then why not start this change from your own home country? Why here? It will be easier there than here and didn't prophet take the easy way if that was hallal?

Idris, or John Doe working for the State Dept., the solution is for the US to GET OUT. OUT of every damn country we have been plaguing. Stop the murder, torture, rape in foreign states and the drug dealing to fund clandestine wars and operations, take our responsibility the sole surviving super power seriously and temper our domestic and foreign policy with compassion, justice and good will towards all, and mostly shun Israel until it compensates the Palestinian families for murdering their loved ones, returns their stolen lands and abandons its nuclear program. Idealistic - Yes. Happening - Not in my lifetime or yours.

When I first read this article I was all for it. I read dissenting views and thought what a load of crock. Then I happened upon this article on Yahoo news today, which briefly describes only some of the truly horrible horrible things we did to the Muslims in Gitmo, the link is below. After reading this and some other related news, I do feel the need to state a few things. Firstly as an American I am so very very sorry for what we have done and are still doing to Muslims, and their countries and this is not just not just in Guantanamo. Secondly I am ashamed, not of my country, but what it has become under an ignorant, mad and deceitful president who in his infantile mind sees himself as some crusader. Finally I do agree with many that this article is a pathetic shameful display of groveling by Dr Hassaballa. You don't get my respect Doctor. Only my disgust.

Here is the Yahoo news link:



Hopefully with all due respect, Dr. Hesham Hassaballa, attributing the qualities of your Lord to your country (which to some extent currently appears to be at war with your ummah) seems unlikely to be well received by Islamists. If you are wishing that your countrymen would be more accepting of you and your beliefs, my suggestion would be to continue expressing good intentions for your country while perhaps taking greater care not to conceal the ways in which you feel your country is in error.

Among other things, striving in fairness appears to make expressions of good intentions more believable to just about everyone concerned. For example: extremists among my own political party seem to be pitting my country against Islamists who possess resources and territory which various extremists (of either of my country's two major political parties) seem to covet. And then, of course, every four years or so perhaps try making your compatriots feel happy they have "elected" to tolerate such candor and sentimentality.

Meanwhile, doctor, perhaps you might wish to consider what if any merit might found in the following request: If God sees fit, may God bless America at least as well as God blesses America's enemies (Ameen). Actually, my guess is that, to those who are habitually ungrateful, blessings could eventually amount to some sort of a curse.

And thanks (to Allah) for your having taken the trouble to express how you feel, doctor. May peace upon you (Ameen).

Okay Wayne, we've heard enough from you about the problems (as you see it). I call you out. Lets hear your solution (s).

Wayne: what in the hell are you talking about? I thought at first that you were a little idealistic, but the wild assertions that you've drawn from my posts (and about world history) make me question your lucidity. But, that said, I'll restate what I've already restated: why is it that the US is being held to a higher bar than the other nations. Russia has a much larger Islamic population and has killed far more Muslims in a brutal war in Chechnya; they also colonized (successfully, I might add) many of the Muslim Turkish nations that were conquered by them and made into Soviet Socialist Republics (the Russian empire with another name, really). We could say the same about India and China. Wayne, come on, man, you are so far left of center that no one takes you seriously except, of course, those who see in you one they may exploit to further their own political ends.
Where did I say lets excuse US war crimes? Where did war crimes ever enter the picture? I repeat: what in the hell are you talking about? Your analysis of history sounds to me like you went to the Pravda School of Tabloid Journalism. And really, that goes for most of the brain-washed turkeys that post here. You guys are doing more harm than good, and I really have to question why you are so angry. I doubt if it has anything to do with the US at all, it just makes a ready and convenient scape-goat.

I agree one hundred per cent with this view, may God bless America because America is truely a great country. These are my sentiments exatly.

Thanks again for your insightful comments,
Idris. And Wayne, can't you read? I never even
mentioned Bosnia/Serbia. Don't go off on a
tangent of hatred like that - it just makes you
look like a fool. I'll say it again: Unless ALL
rabid fundamentalists of all religions throw
down their swords and start at least talking
nothing will change. I'm chagrined to say that
the Judeo/Christian religion has nothing in
their bible that speaks to murdering
non-believers or any such rot. And it's stlll true
-- ALL of the recent terrorist acts in the past
few years have been committed by Islamists.
Israel has it's own problems; and yes the
violence and complicity to commit violence is
still there and needs to change.

My friends: Don't make the mistake of
stereotyping. Every Islamist is not a terrorist.
Every Israeli does not hate every Palestinian
or every Arab. There's a huge peace
movement in Israel just like in the US. And,
many, many Americans are sick to death of
war and Bush and his idiotic staff of
war-mongers. America is a big country both in
geography and population and there's a lot of
diversity. He does not speak for everyone.
Please take the time to realize that before you
condemn an entire nation for the ignorant
actions of a few people in government. Thank

Yes! Allah should bless America when American soldiers are urinating on Qur'an in the Mosques in Iraq. Yes, Allah should bless America when they are torturing and raping women in Iraq. Allah will definitely bless America when it is unequivocally pursuing Zionist policies and trying to destroy any resistance and in the process destroying itself. How many senators and congressmen can you locate who can hold on to their seats if they are impartial and not pro-Israel and how many impartial or senators or congressman people can elect? Yes Allah will definitely bless America very soon Inshallah, since He is omnipotent and Just.


To the few people who repeatedy post comments on the agree section of the site. You talk as if there is only one country in the world where muslims are allowed to practice their religion or women can walk the streets. And so in some we should be endebted to america for this. Well here's bit of information for you there are muslims who live in many countries around the world who enjoy these benefits - with the added benefit of not being labelled unpatriotic if they even utter a word that questions america's foreign policy as was the case post 9/11. (So it's not 'ONLY IN AMERICA').
By the way i lived there for a few years and left shortly after 9/11. This information is for the people who say "well if u don't like it why don't you leave" ....I did, Alhamdolillah!

The person who wrote this diabolical article needs to come out of the depths of igonorance they are quite clearly in. Also perhaps they need to establish what faith they actually believe in.

Idris, if all the countries in the world started bombing the crap out of each other simply on the notion of the threat the other posed, or what they "could have done" or "would have done" or "might have done" or "may have done" then you and I would be rotting in our graves. This notion of pre-emption which Bush, Rice, Wolfowitz, Pearl and Rumsfeld so happily trumpet, may one day be used against us. Given that we cannot gauge the extent of nuclear proliferation, there is no telling who has what and who will have what weapons tomorrow. True the Japenese were no angels, but under no condition would I condone the mass slaughter of their civilians or laying an entire city waste as we did to Fallujah. You are also wrong about cutting us slack over our war crimes, becuase we, as the singular Supe Power, most certainly must be held to higher standards. If others can not expect us to lead by setting superior standards behavior, compassion and justice, then we are no better than our guy Saddam or Pol Pot, and then we go down in history as a nation of cruel and desperate loons led by a grinning madman in a suit, sitting on a mountain of human bones representing all those who did not fit into his scheme of things, an agenda to the exclusion and sacrifice of all humanity.


I can appreciate your views. I really can. US interest and espoused philospohy don't always converge. But nobody's does (nobody=nation state). I respect your idealism, but lets be realistic about matters; it's not fair to hold the US acountable to a higher standard than is set for other nations. There isn't a country on this earth without blood on its hands. Surely you'll admit that the US played a key role in preventing the domination of the world by the Fascists and Communists. And as far as Japanese policy in war, I guess you didn't know that they attacked US civilians in the Aleutians (they were forcibly expatriated to prisons in Japan) and planned to deliver bombs laden with bubonic plague (a sort of poor man's atom bomb) to the US population. They were going to do this with hot air balloons and one actually made it to Oregon and detonated (killing one person). They experimented plague warfare on the Chinese. But if you need good documentation on Japanese military brutality to civilians read "The Rape of Nanking" I think it's something that you can benefit from. Wayne, I want to affirm that I respect your views, and the world would be a better place if more people thought as you do.(I may not agree with the extremes of your points, however) I'm glad you cleared things up about your sentiments towards Israel etc. I agree that Anti-Semitism isn't automatic to criticism to Israel; that saw is too often used to prevent any criticism, indeed.

SABA FROM U.S. said:
One of the best articles from Dr. Hassabella. I completely agree with what's written in the article. It's only in America that a women has the freedom to wear a hijab and have a professional job, It's only in America that I am allowed to do my salah right at my work place. It's only in America that I am allowed to drive late in the evenings with confidence and security. It's only in America that I can walk straight to any men and ask him a question, without any eyebrows being raised. It's only in America that a women can expect the freedom provided to her by the Quran, and by the biggest feminist of the World (Rasullallah). Its only in America right after september 11 when a young hijabi girl is stuck because of a car failure, that an American comes for help with all respect and courtesy. Where in the world can you find this altogether. Therefore I would say O! God Please bless America with Islam, because my future generation has to live here.

Irrem, don't you give me that bull about fighting the Serbs. I was witness to the 450 Serbian tanks which rolled out of Bosnia and Herzegovina and almost 300 out of Mount Pastrik in Southern Kosovo, unscathed, after the cessation of military action. How in the heck did we miss those? How many Serbs did the US kill? How many did we take into custody and charge with the massacre of Bosnian Muslim and Croats Christians? How many detention centers or prisons did we set up for Serb war criminals? We got what a token few Serb Generals, with the real Serb monsters probably relaxing at a ranch in Texas. In fact we imposed an arms embargo on Bosnian Muslims giving "Christian" Serbs and Croats a free hand at slaughtering Muslims like sheep. If it were not for the European journalists who filled the media with pictures of the true situation in Bosnia, we would have let the massacre continue unabated, supported by the likes of Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. And honestly, it was the British soldiers who did the fighting and dieing - not our guys, we took the credit though, as usual.

REEDZ said:
Maybe your work is being "watched" Mr Hesham that made you write this way about the americans!! gone astray, you've supported a country(govt) that tries to reform ME forcefully in adopting democracy and not satisfy until ME change their way of governing a country and ILLEGALY gone war with Iraq even without UN approval. how can you say "when God bless america, muslims can pray and live in peace?!" why not start asking God to bless the Middle East with stability and peace everyday right after your prayers? maybe that'll help the muslims to pray and live in peace from those infidels unjustly acts! Think about our Muslims brothers and sisters who're in the Mid East and then think about yourself in America Mr Hesham! Don't be a selfish!
God(Allah) bless those who're faithful to Him and His teachings. Get this right Mr Hesham!

Idris, I will repeat this until everybody gets this through their thick skulls, criticizing Israel is not Anti-Semitic. Go ask Bush's lackey, Colin Powel, he himself has stated it time and time again. In fact by stating that being Anti-Israel is Anti-Semitic you substantiate my argument by verifying that Israel is perceived by those such as you and your precious US government, to be a state (illegal as it may be) for Jews only not Muslims or Christians. Irrem, if you have ever ventured outside Texas, you'll know that Israel is populated by Jewish Arabs (Russians, Poles etc.), Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs. You did not know that an Arab could be a Jew or a Christian did you? But thing to note is that the Jewish government of Israel abuses its power unchecked. It murders, kills, maims, tortures all with a nod and wink from our government. Why? Regarding Japan You stated that we did not start the war, true, but they bombed our military targets, Pearl Harbor was a valid military target. They did not bomb US cities or wipe out US civilians. If we had responded in kind by bombing their military targets, I would have cheered too, but innocent children, women, men who had nothing to do with the war? You condone that? I can understand what Takahashi is saying, and man I am sorry for him. If you feel that the US was justified in massacring Japanese civilians, then I think you deserve to be serving the US military just as much as Bush and our country deserve each other - we all complement our mindless brutality and ignorance and have 500 years of history seeped in blood and to prove that. The day our country is led by a honest, compassionate, fair and just leader I will wave the flag.

Well the author was trying to please Big Brother Bush. Actually no muslim hates America. What really the issue is, as a blessed country created by God for mankind she should be govern by a blessed President. Unfortunately for America today it is govern by a president whose policies and decisions are inconsistent and biased against muslims and muslim countries everywhere. Most of its policies do not serve mankind but for a few.

Thank you Mr.Takahashi and the others whose comments show that appeasing Americans is a mistake. Its not surprising that pro-American trolls and domesticated serville Muslims are again at odds with history and the lessons that come with it.
May the Almighty bless and give victory to the oppressed and hellfire to their tormentors. INSHALLAH.

Blessing and respect cannot be demanded. Question arises, "what on earth did America so great to deserve blessings?" As Jesus said, "Bless those that hate you, for if you loved your brother what did you do differently than the hypocritical Pharisees? America claims to have Christian values, I see only Crussader values and Inquisition philosophy. Christianity is supposed to uphold the value system brought about by the Prince of Peace. So, I'm asking,"where is the peace? Where is the love? where is the humanity?" Are the Islamist your enemies? Then do what your master, Jesus Christ taught you to do, "love them, bless them and pray for them." You generation of hypocrites that hide behind holy scriptures to justify your crimes, remember, there is a God and He is just and impartial. And I say this to anybody, of any religion, because the assassins of the sahabas(companions of Muhammad,pbuh) were praying besides them in the houses dedicated to God! Nobody is safe from demagogues and hypocrites. As it seems for now, USA is the leader and the master of hypocracy and devious politics. Shame!
Peace out!

Kindly keep your anti-Semitism off our website. While I don't agree at all with what is happening in Palestine, your comments are of no help at all, and, in fact, hurt us all. Thank you, Irrem, for your kind words. I am glad to see that you still read posts here young man, do not be alarmed too much at what you read, most Muslims are good, intelligent, educated, sober and God-fearing people and not brainwashed Wahabi clods like many who post here (invariably, the hate-mongers) Wayne, what do you mean the Russians have the right idea? Was that a thread you never finished? Please explain yourself.
Also, in regard to our war with Japan, you are all forgetting something very critical: WE DIDN"T START THE WAR. That said, guess what kiddies, there is no nice way to fight a war, and we were a lot nicer about it than the Japanese or Germans were, and if you disagree, I'm afraid that you are in desparate need of real history lessons.
Papadapolous, you really amaze me. If it were not for the US, your nation would either be an extension of Italy or a Soviet Socialist Republic. Also, don't try to act like the Greeks like Muslims-there were many Greek mercenaries fighting for the Serbs in Bosnia. I know, because I fought them.
Anyway, in summary, the posts against this article follow the same pattern (almost exactly): lets recite the past wars of America to denounce her, lets talk about her promises unfulfilled, lets make wild and unsubstantiated, uniformed, one-sided statements about a history that we know next to nothing about. You people have no vision for the future, you can't see tomorrow as anything other than some chance for apocalyptic wish-fulfillment to access the power and authority denied to you by Allah in life. Hypocrites! If you despise this nation that has given you its best then leave it! I challenge you to find its better, either in the present or in the past!

Istafirallah. I am tired of muslims being so afraid to speak up and be radical. Why are we trying to please "americans" , When should be trying to please allah. I really Don't care how the american people view me. I am muslim first, daugter second, and mother third. Who has time to try to play the role of an american? why anyway? This country kills innocent children. Steal from others and we should love this country. A true muslim knows that this country is based on satanism. The gov't is the DAJJAL. Why would we went to join forces with our enemy's. I was totally disgusted by this article, so much to the fact that I couldn't even bear to finish reading it.

W FROM USA said:
I can't believe an educated Muslim can say the things you say........how can you love a country so much that murders and SUPPORTS the murdering of your brothers and sisters. WAKE UP, America doesn't care about you(the government)never has and never will....the American government cares only about its power in this world....and will use any means possible to attain that power. How can you support a Muslim killer??? How can you love a nation that loves Israel...How can you say GOD bless America....how can GOD love a country of fasaad, fitna, and kufr.....May God bless and protect all the Muslims.

Bismillahi RaHmani RaHeem

I totally agree with Brother Hesham. I am an American revert to
Islam. We as Muslims should feel free to give thanks for being
American citizens for the fruits this land offers to all without
being accused by other Muslims as being too liberal or even un-
Islamic. As the author says, we can freely pray here, wear hijab
here, go to mosques here, and work together with other
Americans to make this country even better and try peacefully to
correct its failures and shortcomings. BRAVO for showing this
on this website.

fee Amanallah,
Sis. Regina

Irrem, those were Innocent Japenese Civilians we nuked, innocent men, women and children. You support that ? Are you mad or just another kook? How would you like it if some loon decides to punish us for our governments actions ? Would you not complain if those were bodies of our innocent in the streets? Time and time again we kill civilians. We did it in Nam, in Korea, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Whats the point ? I just dont get it. Israel has violated almost every UN resolution since its inception. It is because of Israel that we are in this mess. They egged us on into fighting their war. They are the ones who fed us the lies about WMDs and all that other BS. They are the only ones who would benefit by this stupid war. I get sick to my stomach that while our guys are dying out there, the Israelis are smirking over the fact that WE are getting killed for THEIR CAUSE. This is NOT OUR WAR. We owe Israel nothing. They owe us everything. While our kids come back without legs and arms and faces, their kids work on Wall Street, live in fine homes, play golf and foment hate and paranoia. I think the Russians have the right idea.

Thanks go to Idris who nailed this article with
her comments. I too, am surprised at the
rancor it caused and noticed that no one
stopped to think that the right to disagree
without fear as we do on this site is taken for
granted by many. I have nothing but pity and
disdain for someone hiding such as
"Triathlon" ... and the Japanese person who can't
forgive the U.S. for the internment camps and
the A-bomb (yes, that was wrong) but neglects
to mention that the Japanese worked willingly
with the Nazis to instigate the worst genocide
the world has ever seen. Until and unless you
give up this feudal notion of "sworn enemies'"
and focus on the future of the Muslim world,
nothing will change and countries like the
U.S. and Great Britain will continue to
dominate and rule. The Muslim world will not
get ahead by trying to destroy Israel (formed by
survivors of genocide) the U.S. or other
developed nations. It will only be respected
when it proves that it is trying to help itself by
improving education, rights for women and
girls and by embracing more modern
behaviors and thoughts. Criticize the U.S. if it
makes you feel better or superior, but no one
will listen unless YOU and EVERY MUSLIM
throws down the "sworn enemy" "infidel" 15th
century feudal mentality and attempts to be
part of the world -- the modern world. Religion
and modernity can work together. Ask your
Muslim friends who live in freedom in the

This author is the type of Muslims the government is promoting and maybe funding. They are called 'moderate muslims' or 'modern muslims'. many of his articles are of such views. i guess being a doctor and enjoying a big fat monthly checks will cause one to be intoxicated to a level that they cannot see the suffering muslims are going through. let them keep it up. i hope that islamicity.com is not endorsing such views.

I agree that American Muslims must do more to educate their neighbors and take a more active role in politics. If we don't educate our neighbors then they will remain ignorant of the truth, which will leave their only source of information being from the western media.
The only way to change the American political landscape is to get involved. We must be on the inside in order to affect a positive change. You can be on the outside and yell all you want, it will not change a thing.
This author could very well have genuine motives, but his outright pandering to the US Government is revolting. He is forgetting about the blatant and biased support the US Govenment gives Isreal and it support of cruel dictators not only in the Middle East, but around the world. The US has earned its bad reputation and it can either continue down the path of non-freedom and its neo-imperial dreams, or it can realize what it has done and continues to do, in order to stop those actions and make up for them.

A shamefully slavish attitude and such unmitigated rubbish. Let the writer read about the treatment of Muslims in the US from the link provided below and decide if he still feel the same; and if he does shame on him:


I know from history that Muslims have never been so cravenly servile and obsequious as in the image portrayed author. It is not like Muslims to roll over when kicked, ridiculed, humiliated and oppressed. In encouraging Muslims to conform to the sickening mould of 'good old American values' and hymn America's praises he mocks and belittles the sacrifices made by those Muslims killed, murdered and tortured fighting such oppression. I wonder if this author, who is listed as a physician too, would still be so gung ho about America were he to treat the wounds of the Iraqis and Afghanis tortured by the Americans or if he were to certify the death's of the corpses of those children tortured and murdered by them.

If you are you still singing 'God bless America' .. Mr. Hesham Hassaballa, read this from the Washington Post today (link below), US army's unchecked contribution to the Iraq war includes daily "beatings with rifle butts, prolonged hooding, sodomy, electric shocks, stressful shackling, and the repeated withholding of clothing and food....criminal conspiracy to rob Iraqi citizens of currency at traffic-control points". And these are non-punishable acts because they could not locate the victims ? Maybe they should try digging six feet right by the US army base..I am sure they'll find these victims quite dead and quite unable to complain ...which they will conveniently blame on some previously unknown "Islamist Party" or Saddamists.


Its very simple my friend.
Go deeds bring goodness.
Bad deeds bring badness.

Wealth stolen from some one will never bring goodness no matter how much you donate from it.

Its still cursed/stolen money.

Maybe stealing is ok and not much of a deal.

But infact its a grave crime and one is better of not stealing, in true sense if you can understand.

One can steal individually, or can steal collectively.

Individual injustice/stealing will bring for sure individual badness and collective stealing will again definitly bring collective badness.

You dont wanna believe me its your choice.
Infact its very simple.

How can God (Allah) bless America when America is responsible for destroying Muslim nations, killing innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan and the U.S. government held hostage by Zionists? Also the 9/11 episode is questionable as to who is responsible for conducting it.

Dr. Hassaballa, your article shows your total ignorance of the the Civil rights movements in this country and the role of Martin Luther King. When you say Muslims should "change" things if they do not like it, remember that changes were made in this country not because people joined hands & social clubs or political parties; but because people DEFIED the laws, protested, were murdered and imprisoned (including King), beaten, persecuted, firebombed, lynched and lost families, jobs and homes to effect change in this country. How dare you enjoy the fruits of other people's labor and ULTIMATE sacrifices; and then turn around and say that folks shouldn't say a bad word about injustice in this country. Don't you even understand that the "rights" you have were brought about with my people's blood, sweat and tears, NOT by the goodness of this country. So stop using Martin Luther King out of context. I am so sick of so-called succesful "Muslim" immigrants/natives who have that arrogant "pull yourselves up by the bootstraps..this is a wonderful country" way of thinking. Your comments remind me of the house negroes who condemned the field negroes for complaining about the masters' injustices. The house negroes were really only concerned about their own personal comforts. King DID NOT have the support of house negroes, they told him to be quiet, they liked their comfort. And what is this nonsense about Muslims having more freedom to practice Islam in the USA than anywhere else on earth? This is ANOTHER one of shaytan's lies! Real Muslims are in a struggle everywhere to follow Quran and Sunnah as prescribed. The USA is no different. Get your head out of the clouds if you are truthful with yourself and Allah SWT. This article is just another effort to water down Islam and re-define Muslim to something other than what Allah SWT revealed, in order to be palatable to neo-con, westernized ideologies. Oh..but guess what? It won't work! Your opinion is nothing but delusion.

Author lives in a fools paradise. I have hope Muslims have more dignity than that expressed by this feigning apologist. Is he trying to get a Green Card ?

I feel that in expressing his convictions through this article Mr. Hesham Hassaballa is hoping to score some pathetic brownie points and maybe get yet another Wilbur Award. If brown nosing George Bush and Americans gets him such literary awards then maybe he ought to take it a step further and kiss George Bush next time - in the posterior.

Author should be ashamed of himself in light of the astounding 'Crusade' Americans have embarked upon against all Muslims. Not one day goes by without scenes of Muslim carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan by Americans. May be the writer should travel to Europe and even Asia and see what we witness each day on our tv sets. America is not a friend to Muslims. Seeing what a mockery it makes of international law in the case of Israel, to believe that America cares about Muslims is absolute rubbish. Such tripe is ok coming from dizzy Jr. High school American kids who don't know their East from their West...but a Physician ?

I wasnt aware that the Almighty blessed the wicked. Which diety could this be ? Certainly not the One who inspired and tested the Prophets (peace be upon them all). Its good to see intelligent people reject this jingoistic nonsense despite the attempts of sugar coaters.
Wonder what those 6 kids who had their parents murdered in front of their eyes, in Iraq by American terrorists last week think about this....

Mr. Hassaballa's apologetic tone and the emotionally loaded terms such as "our country" "our forefathers" "magnificient Constitution," honestly makes me puke.

He is so willing to hide himself in the flag of America, one wonders what's his purpose/agenda in writing such an erroneous article is?

If you go to Iraq, you will change your mind.

A wonderful article. Very well written, I couldn't agree with the author more. I am amazed by the rancor that it has aroused, however. People please, you are far too critical of this nation. You find it not fulfilling its promise enough? That's fine, I might even agree with you. I don't think that Americans are lazy about knowing what Islam is, the fact is that Muslims make up only 3% of the US population; so thieir ignorance is understandable as well as regrettable. I'm afraid it's up to us to inform them of the truth, but do not despair, I honsetly believe that if more knew the truth of Islam, we'd have legions of converts. I know, because I'm one of them; a young urban professional with a family straight out of suburbia, no less.

America has a checkered past, very true, but what country doesn't? Really, can you name me one nation state in this world that has behaved any better? Just one. Think about it.

What is more, at least the Americans have a raison d'etre that transcends the tribalism or nationalism that besets much of the world. This is an inclusive society (for the most part), I challenge you to find one that is more polyethnic; it can't be done. It's not perfect, no, but its a dream, and a very good one. Through that dream many nightmares have not come fully to pass: Fascism, Nazism, Communism, even the European empires were dismantled after WWII largely in part due to pressure that the US levied upon the Europeans to comply.

We were the second largest contributor of aid to the Tsunami victims; no one, I might add, helped us when four hurricanes devastated Florida.

To Eileen:

What makes you think his opinion is any more disingenuous than yours? Judging from the reaction on this website, I have a feeling that it took more courage for him to express his gratitude than it would have to spout the usual venom toward the US.

Invoking the phrase "God bless America" is not necessarily a jingoistic phrase. Sure, it has been used and abused by many to curry favor with certain political and religious groups. I do not think that this was the author's intention. I think he was trying to tell his fellow Muslims that hating America is not a badge you have to wear to be a true Muslim.

The phrase itself could not be more appropriate for all. If God blesses America, America would stand more for what its Constitution espouses, not what we as a government and as individual citizens in our imperfections perform. If God blesses America, devout Muslims will gain the voice they seek and affect public policy for the betterment of the world. If God blesses America, Muslims, Jews, and Christians may be able to speak without the vitriol that accompanies us today. Conversely, if God cursed America, would the world be a better place?

What we need is to stop using the phrase as a boast, or a statement. Above all, it is a request, an invocation for God to let his goodness and truth to spread down upon us. The reality is that we do need his blessing and we do need to ask for it.

Are you people out of your minds??? Do you not remember that as Muslims every single piece of land on the Earth is made for us to worship Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala? How can you accuse br. Hesham Hasseballa of being an apologist, when what he is really doing is building bridges of dialogue, instead of giving the regular diatribe of anti-Americanism? What is is that you do not like about America...is it the openness of sexuality in teh society, is it the corruption and racism within police bureau's? Do you not like the fact that Americans might think they aer better than everyone else in teh world? If you answered yes to any one of those things above that I have mentioned or something related to those aspects of American society, well then I am sorry to say but you do not have a good enough reason to be accusing br. Hassaballa of selling out or being an apologist, because if you hate any one of those aspects of American society, then remind yourselves that you should also hate teh fact that Muslims being tortured and killed in Israeli, Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Saudian, and Yemenis Prisons at the same time. If you watn to take teh road of condemnation and finger pointing, that is up to you. But the better road to take is to open the roads to discussion and communication, because what Hesham Hassaballa describes is American life, not American government or foreign policies.

I agree with him 100 percent.

There is a lack of sophistication in this article that is
annoying. While I agree that America-bashing is regretably
a popular sport among Muslims, these kind of articles are
not helpful. LIke many articles of its ilk, this is superficial
and basically casts no new light. I believe in having love for
one's country. But when done right, this love will often be
critical of it in a manner that is forthright and honest.

j. dell

To all who disagree with this article .. I understand and agree with your position about all the bad that this country has done, but I believe you guys have immersed yourself in hating the policies of this country to such an extent that it has clouded any sense of objectivity and you cannot see any good. The author is not denying all the bad that this country has done but he is asking people to recognize the good. Unless we can sincerely recognize both we cannot make things better.

I am an American and I can honestly state that this sort of absurd flag waving and patriotic crap does not impress me one bit. I would have more respect for anyone with a view opposed to mine to have the courage to stand up and speak honestly as much as their opinion is disliked, than come down to this level. I hope Hesham Hassaballa does not speak for all Muslims- that would be truly sad.

I do not think that the struggle by the Muslims to be heard, to be respected and to be accepted for their belief and their faith is at all helped by self-serving apologists falling over themselves to please Americans. I think Muslims have far more dignity than that, and they rightfully should. As much as most would disagree, a careful study would prove that Islam is far more liberal than Christianity, Judaism or any other religion on social, family, religious, moral, legal or other issues important to modern man. If Americans are too lazy to study the religion for themselves and tragically rely upon their media for news and facts, then would it not be more desirable to educate them truthfully about Islam, than to pander to their whims and fancies and feed them the usual rhetoric they are force fed daily by their media anyways, under the assumption that this rubbish is what they want to hear. We need Americans to snap out of their Hollywood mindset and see the stark face of reality about themselves and their country. Perpetuating their ignorance by cheerleading their misdirected beliefs does not help Islam, or America or any one trying to further peace through mutual understanding and the appreciation of truth and the facts.

I personally noticed after the demised of the trade center many immigrant merchants began placing US flags in their windows of business. Why? Fear told them they were being watched.

I have read and replied to many Iviews.com articles but this one is the most convoluted I have read. Why does people here in the West expect others to follow as they chant "God bless America"? America is not the apex of what humans are to become. The author of this article describes how America is much better than other places on earth. America since of freedom and greatness is placed in the backdrop of an ignorant and largely uneducated population- a people whereby the masses are misled by the educated few and this is repeated in countries all over the world. The constitution of American was not written with Arabs, Muslims, or religion in mind. America separated from religion long ago and has never united with any other group.

The author most damming statement is " American Muslims must be at the forefront of that struggler..." "Muslims in America because of the goodness s of America..."

That is like saying African Americans should be grateful to America for being free from slavery.

Why not say God bless the world. To hell with bless America alone.

If the author is a Muslim I would like to see his membership card.

SAY GOD(ALLAH) BLESS THE WORLD and ALL PEOPLE(instead of saying God Bless America). Do not be selfish and pray for the country where you live or pray for your country of origin. This is not Islamic.

GOD(ALLAH) has sent the prophets for the entire World and all MANKIND.Prophets used to treat all people same.

Of-course there are good things in all religions,(in Hinduism, Judaism, Christanity, Buddism,and so on) as long they are not changed or revised by extremists like some Pujarees, Rabbayees, Evangelists. This does not mean you can encourage them,praise them and follow them.

ALLAH knows best the Western world's intentions and HE can deal best than any superpower as he watching. What goes up in the air will come down.

"ALLAH bless the WORLD and all MANKIND" AAMEEN.


Lets see, a chequered history, dotted with massacres of Red Indians, South Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Afghanis, Iraqis and many more, establishing and supporting homicidal regimes of tin pot generals all over the world, singularly contributing more than any other nation to world poverty through globalisation and destruction of the eco-system, impoverishing generations to come with an insatiable greed for natural resources devouring more than 43% alone of such world resources, shoving a hypocritical agenda of democracy and freedom down everybody's throat at the barrel of a gun threatening nuclear destruction. I think the statue of liberty is not simply holding the torch; to me she seems to be holding the Bible in one hand and Torching the world with the other.

I agree with the author that Muslims living in American, particularly those that are American citizens by naturalization or birthright need to be more active players in America's destiny.

As-salaamu 'alaykum,

I am shocked at the thoughts expressed by the author: I told him, "Then, brother, leave the country." This statement is indicative of an Anti-Islamic mindset--it is nationalist, rascist, and not in keeping with the Qur'an or with Sunnah of the Prophet (saw). Yes, there are many positive things about this country and its people, I agree. But both historically and currently this country and its people have been the agents of genocide, tyranny, oppression and injustice both here and abroad. When I became a Muslim I became part of the Ummah. My race, my nationality, my citizenship became secondary to my identification as a Muslim. My constitution is not in Washington D.C., it is in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw). This is the only constitution that will give real freedom and justice to all of us. Br. Al Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) had a much more accurate assessment of the situation we face, and he has been gone for almost 40 years, his assessment is still the most accurate. I suggest that the author of this article study the life and work of Br. Malik El-Shabazz.

I wonder if Muslims will still feel like singing 'God Bless America...a thousand times' when they are incarcerated and are peering from behind electrified steel fences topped with razor wire, with their bank accounts, homes, all their property and possessions confiscated, forced out of their jobs, schools and even denied their pensions and social security benefits? I do not think the author has experienced being assaulted publicly in full view of the police who looked the other way, spat on, and racist taunts by people on the street as well as the media who called us yellow dogs, yellow vermin and worse. Initially we also felt the way this author does. There was no way that the American government would send us to prison camps, where we would be interned indefinitely, or steal our property and money or deny us our basic rights, because after all many of us served in the US military, we were all "Americans", we paid taxes, owned business and were solid citizens, and this land was made up of immigrants who make up this 'wonderful country'...right? WRONG!! They made us drop everything and dragged us off, entire families to these human cages. They physically beat and tortured men and women whom they thought as being "enemies". News media, much like Fox News and the New York Post were complicit in our torture and suffering. These news agencies openly demonized us and shamelessly supported these camps and even went so far as to call on Americans who knew of Japanese living in their neighborhoods, to call their local Army units and let them know of our whereabouts. When we were finally released we had nothing to go back to. We had no jobs, property or any thing. Many of us immigrated to Canada or went back to Japan, only to witness the true horror of what the Americans had done to the piece of earth once called Japan. The charred bodies of humans lay about on streets mixed with carcasses of animals. I wonder why I don't feel patriotic now?

1.8million rapes yearly,millions of crackheads/dopefiends,2million in prison,sexual diseases everywhere,10,000+children/babies murdered yearly.

Will "uncle sam" blame "Al-Qaida" for all of the MORAL DECADENCE,homosexual t.v,SODOM and Gomorrish behavior that DOMINATES this "wonderful democracy(demon-crazy)" that "sam" wants to want to "spread" to the MUSLIM world???????????

Will God blast america for the GENOCIDE of tens of millions INDIGENOUS people that were here first(many of them MUSLIM),or how about 400 years of chattle slavery/JIM CROWISM against AFRICAN MUSLIMS (still waiting for REPARATIONS),POLICE brutality and MURDER etc.

Tens of thousands of "PATRIOTIC AMERICANS" are kidnapped yearly often to find their picture on the back milk carton.

Will any of us be next the VICTIM??????????

Many of our Muslim youth have intergrated in this greco/roman(western society)and are paying the sinful price.

Third-party Presidential candidate and television talking head Pat Buchanan predicts doom for Western life as he knows it. Citing demographics, he sees a threat to Europe and America from large waves of immigrants that have already changed the racial composition, and he criticizes liberal influences and values as harbingers and facilitators of these changes in America.

Now(ha,ha,ha,)if the whiteman is telling us that
"the show is over" will we(MUSLIMS) be stupid enough not to believe them.

The QUR'AN AND SUNNAH if studied properly verifies the destruction of past nations for ther corrupt and immoral ways

May Allah Bless America where a Muslim can practice Islam better then in his/her own country. Having said that the Muslims also have legitimate grievances towards American politics, and politicians. Until the politicians speak or have the guts to speak the truth and not labeled anti-Semitic the Muslim frustration and the frustration of the remaining world towards America will not go away. Muslims in general realize the truth, but when they see that Muslim countries elect through fair election a democratic government (most cases Islamic party) America puts her nose and help the military or any other out-laws to oust the elected government. They do not realize that democracy has to start somewhere. Also when the injustices, illegal occupations, slaughtering of innocent Palestinians without any condemnation from America, Muslim fault the American politicians. Yet after all these we have to be good Muslims only then we would be successful in America.

it is offensive to say 'if you don't like it then leave', as if this plot of land belongs to those from europe, who by the way stole it from its rightful owners, and as such it does not belong to any other person who does not share their mentality.

then what happened to the isalmic belief that this world was created by God and given to adam's progeny and thus all children of adam have the right to be wherever they want to be. thus this earth belongs to allah and none other and as children of adam we have the right to be here and that ardhu'allah waseh' = God land is plenty. doesn't democracy allow diverse opinion?

instead of saying 'god bless america' perhaps we shud say god bless mankind. this nationalistic fervour can be humanity's downfall. america, like any other place, has good and bad - indeed more than 50% of them voted for bush and his war-mongering machinery to wage more planned wars in the ME. Perhaps that is why muslims don't like this idea that american government can be a puppet of isreal and drop bombs on muslim countries while they are expected to say 'god bless america'. that sounds hypocritical. has the writer missed this angle? truly most decent americans can see that muslims have no gripe with them. except with their one-sided foreign policy, as dominated by zionist neocons, who know nothing about God and his messiah Christ, the Prince of Peace.
perhaps when america stops confiscating islamic charity money destined for orphans, when it stops its one-sided support of israel against innocent palestinians, when it stops its ill-gotten designs in iraq, iran, saudi arabia, egypt, syria, etc, when it sides with right, then we can say God bless america. until then we just leave it to God to decide and just pray that we are all led to the right path, insha'allah. no offence to good americans. i take the same attitude towards my own family. bless the good ones, ignore the bad! and pray for peace. too much nationalism can blind one.

Jazakum Allah Khairun. Hesham Hassaballa, you write very good articles and I am very happy to see them on Islamicity. We need more writers to bless America because it is the land where Muslimahs can adorn their hijabs peacefully without being threatened to remove them; America is the land where we can practice Islam freely; America is the land where we can live peacefully and co-exist with peoples from a hundred different faiths; America is home to millions of Muslims who will not be persecuted for practicing their faith - it is the place where we can openly declare that Islam teaches us about Muhabbah and Salaam and Rahmah, for ourselves, for the Ummah, and for all of humanity.