Human rights group compares U.S. to Hitler

The head of Turkey's parliamentary human rights group has accused Washington of genocide in Iraq and behaving worse than Adolf Hitler, in remarks that underscore the depth of Turkish opposition to U.S. policy in the region. 

The U.S. Embassy rejected the comments and said they were potentially damaging to Turkish-U.S. relations. 

"The occupation has turned into barbarism," the Friday edition of newspaper Yeni Safak quoted Mehmet Elkatmis, head of parliament's human rights commission, as saying. "The U.S. administration is committing genocide ... in Iraq. 

"Never in human history have such genocide and cruelty been witnessed. Such a genocide was never seen in the time of the pharaohs nor of Hitler nor of [Benito] Mussolini," Italy's World War II-era fascist leader, Elkatmis said. 

"This occupation has entirely imperialist aims," he was quoted as saying. 

Elkatmis does not speak for Turkey's government but is a prominent member of the ruling Justice and Development Party, a center-right group with Islamist roots.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul played down Elkatmis' comments but defended Turks' right to speak freely. 

A diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara said, "Such unfounded, inaccurate, exaggerated claims are not good for relations, especially at a time of strain when Turkish public opinion is so critical of what the United States is trying to do in Iraq."

The diplomat said Elkatmis had overlooked the fact that insurgents like those in the Iraqi city of Fallouja had abducted and beheaded a number of Turkish truck drivers in recent months. 

Elkatmis' comments drew barely a flicker of interest in Turkey, where polls point to growing anti-American sentiment. 

Turkey has been especially disturbed by the recent U.S. offensive against insurgents in Fallouja in which civilians have died and mosques have been damaged.

Source: LA Times

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Older Comments:
Bush and his armed forces are killing the Iraqis in a way that, even the people of the so called "Thirld World", wont even kill cockroaches or dogs for that matter.
Therefore the so called "Third World" countries, are millions of time more civilised than the States of North America.
It would be better if Bush would carry out introspection of himself and his compatriots, make an honest appraisal and if he does become honest, he will surely reach the conclusion that the so called "Third World countries" are indeed millions of times more civilized than his country.
The Turkish writer deserves our appreciation for writing such a fine article

One of the more interesting comparisons between Bush and Hitler I have seen made the point that Bush isn't a new Hitler but that Hitler was an old Bush. The difference being that Bush (et. al.) have learned from and progressed the practices of tyranny into a science. The evidence pointing to this analysis was that while Hitler's group was known for telling the Big Lie (over and over) this group has also expended extraordinary effort to attempt to prevent evidence countering the Big Lie from coming out.

For instance the first objective in the attack on Fallouja was the hospitals and medical clinics. While this could have been played as an attempt to ensure there was medical personnel in place to treat the wounded, the embedded press indicated that it was an unabashed attempt to prevent a "body count" from getting out.

Where this points, to those with enough humanity to think about it, is that the wounded would not be taken for treatment but left in the streets to suffer and die. No matter where the wounded were taken, there would have been a congregation of wounded that would have received at least minimal press.

The evidence to support this comes from the shouting incident that has received so much press. Instead of the wounded being taken for treatment they were left in the mosque, resulting in them being shot the next day.

Now they wish to step up their propaganda efforts to "win the hearts and minds" of the muslins. May I suggest to the one's monitoring this web site for the administration, to remind the administration of the words of Jesus "do not ask to take the nit from your neighbors eye until you remove the log from your own". And if not that, then remember that God's awareness pervades the universe. Including the future.

Legalism is not an excuse for a lack of humanity.


Let's just say it is a continuation of ANGLO SAXON,pagan/infidel,polytheistic,sodom/gomorristic,hedonistic,BLOOD THIRSTY,"way of life"!!!!

This type of "amerikkkan" behavior has been in existance going back to the TRANS-ATLANTIC EUROPEAN SLAVE trade where up to 100 million Africans(60% or more were MUSLIM)died and the "well planned and systematic MURDEROUS DESTRUCTION" of those who were indengenous to the western hemisphere(between 20 to 50 million[many of whom were MUSLIM])

Many immirgrant "MUSLIMS ?" in the u.s voted for bush in 2000 and unknowingly helped this SATANIC mess get started!

If uncle sam thinks he is stupid enough to believe that MY MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS need or would want a pagan greco/roman DEMOCRACY spinkled with trinitarianism, then the EVIL joke is on "sam".

The poor,deaf,dumb and blind African"amerikkkan" christian has been fighting in "wars" for his SLAVE-MASTER going back to the "amerikkkan revolution" where he was promised his freedom if the amerikkkan side won.

After that the "black slaves" endured another 90 years of animal chattle amerikkan slavery and the rest is history.

The MUSLIMS in the u.s are at the crossroads.

Is it even lawful for MUSLIMS to make HIJIRAH to lands where shirk and jahiliyah exist and doing DAWA is an after thought.

Realistically, just how long will the amerikkkan econmy hold up when she is up to her RIBA stained neck and bubling over with a debt so massive that has never been seen before in recorded human history.

The u.s was founded on bloodshed,tricknology,and a SATANIC GREED never seen before in human history and has always maintained itself on such RASCIST WICKED actions.

The only way out for the u.s is to repent and accept ISLAM and live by the SHARIAH, if not, then the 500 year old sins perpetrated by
the "man" and all of it's subjects will be on
"his head" on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT!!!

Every sensible human being on this planet says yes indeed USA is worse than Adolf Hitler