COVID-19: Aviation’s Fight for Survival

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This video take a closer look at the current state of aviation during COVID-19 crisis. How Aviation is fighting for survival during COVID-19?

Take a guess Just how many flights in the sky on an average day?

The number of flights in the sky have fallen more than half recently and the number continue to drop around the world. The sky is getting empty! Take a look at all the airplane grounding footage from all over the world. 

Airports are getting empty, so as airline lounges and the flight itself. In the video, we discuss about the social distancing inside airplane.

While passenger flights and numbers are falling, air cargo operation have play a crucial role in times of crisis, delivering lifesaving medical supplies and materials. Lot of airlines are now using their passenger planes to carry cargo only. We examine the cargo operation closely.

It is not all bad news during COVID-19. Private aviation is booming with high demand of private flight for charter, repatriation and transportation of medical equipment use. Qatar Airways have recently increased 10,000 seat and deploy A380 on route to London, Paris and Frankfurt due to increase demand as other airlines have suspended operations.

We also saw a 51 year old DC-8 of Samaritan’s Purse (US Aid Organization) recently flew to Verona, Italy. This latest mission saw the aircraft perform a flight to Verona in Italy, where it unloaded a 68 bed field hospital.

To end the video, I hope the sky will return to normal. Enjoy the time-lapse footage from London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

  Category: Featured, Videos, World Affairs
  Topics: Coronavirus, Pandemic, Travel
Views: 993

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