Bush With a TKO

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Yaaaawn. No, I am not exhausted because I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning on November 2 glaring into a fuzzy TV set watching the polls roll in; I am just bored. John Kerry phoned George Bush the morning after the election to concede the race and later in the afternoon gave his concession speech. There will be no fight over the Ohio electorate after all, where the vote split is greater than 136,000.

It is safe to say that hatred for an incumbent is not enough to elect a challenger. Bush is hated, no doubt. But many that supported John Kerry were not excited about his mundane campaign.

Bush not only defeated Kerry in Ohio, he crushed him in Florida too, where the vote margin for Bush was well over 376,000 votes. Luckily the spread was such that Ralph Nader's measly 32,000 votes in the Sunshine State cannot be to blame for Kerry's brow beating.

In fact, it is becoming clear that Nader's presence this year was not much of a factor at all in aiding Bush's victory. Looks like all the time and millions of dollars spent to keep Ralph off the ballot by Democrats and their liberal cohorts, was a wasted effort. Not to mention a dumb idea. Instead they should have used their money and energy to register Democratic voters in Florida and Ohio. Or better yet, allocate those funds to make the case for voting Democrat as opposed to Republican.

Another big loss for the Democrats on Tuesday was veteran Democratic Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota who went down in flames to his handsome younger challenger, John Thume. The Republicans, with the help of Tom Delay's redistricting in Texas, also extended their 12-year reign of control in the House of Representatives.

One of the few major victories of the night for the Democrats, which came as no surprise, was Barack Obama's landslide in Illinois. Look for a center-left fight within the Party in the months to come. Howard Dean isn't dead yet. In fact, Dean's progressive funds helped elect Democratic Governor-elect Brian Schweitzer (who ran with a Republican as his Lieutenant Governor) in the state of Montana, which is solid Republican country.

Anyway, back to Bush. It is safe to say that hatred for an incumbent is not enough to elect a challenger. Bush is hated, no doubt. But many that supported John Kerry were not excited about his mundane campaign. For he failed to distinguish himself from his Republican opponent on a range of issues -- from war to the economy, to trade and civil liberties. It was textbook "lesser-evilism", and like Al Gore in 2000, it was a sure loser.

Let us hope that the left and those that fell victim to the pathetic Anybody But Bush epidemic this year abandon such doctrine in elections to come. Not only was it poor reasoning, it in fact helped re-elect George W. Bush. Sadly, Kerry was only accountable to the Party bigwigs, and not those voters and citizens on the ground. Had he been, the popular vote spread would not be 3.5 million votes. At least this time around Bush's victory is not illegitimate. He won by knockout. Kerry and his supporters should be ashamed.

Joshua Frank is the author of the forthcoming book, Left Out! How Liberals Did Bush's Work for Him, to be published by Common Courage Press.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: George W. Bush, Government And Politics
Views: 4216

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Older Comments:

I do have a passport, in fact I've been to the following countries:
Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Australia. There may be more but you get the point. I understand how you feel about Christ not supporting war. On the same token would Mohamed support what many so called Muslims do? Also I did watch the presidential debates, and followed politics very closely. That is what agonized me about my decision. Like I said I am no fan of Bush. I was looking for a reason to vote against him. I heard nothing from Kerry to give me confidence that he would have a feasible plan for Iraq. I know that he voted for going to Iraq, then he said it was wrong, then when pressed he said knowing what W knew he would have gone to Iraq also. Then I heard him turn around and say it is the wrong war. A leader cannot be indecisive.

I am also by no means a "Christian fundementalist" in fact I rarely go to church. But I do have certain engrained ethics I could never in good conscience go against. I do not believe in Gay marraige, and I am anti-abortion. Considering I had a child at 19 out of wedlock I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I don't believe a vote for Bush is a vote for killing 1000's of people. That is looking at the world very black or white. There are shades of grey, the statement you said is just inflamatory non-sense as far as I'm concerned. Let's face facts, in Iraq Muslims are being killed in huge numbers by other MUSLIMS. Due to car bombings, and suicide attacks. That is the reality. Why do I never hear about this from anyone at this site? If we're all honest about the situation and can dialogue in a reasonable manner. We could be that much closer to resolving the issues. But this constatnt blame everybody else, and Muslims can do no wrong is just delusional.

Mike, I know it's not my soup but still I can't help it but throw my spoon into it! Are you comparable to Bush? In imbecility that is. How in the sane world could you come with such a stupid comparison? You said,"Muslims are hated all over the world and typically hated in the host countries they reside in" You forget that not all countries are like the fascist country of USA. In Canada the Muslims don't live in a host country, they are Canadians living in their homeland, savvy? There are French, German, English, etc, Muslims that are born in these countries and are full citizens of these countries. What kind of Nazi thinking is this, "host country"? Maybe the Muslims are not citizens in USA and thus they are not Americans, that's sad and very discriminatory and fascist! But what do we expect from a country that endorsed slavary in contemporary history and now is lead into the dark ages of intellectual downfall by the laughing stock of the global community? Not other than, moron Bush!
The answer to your question is simple, but first let me clarify to you that Muslims are not hated for their deeds, they are hated for their beliefs and life-style that are judgemental to the unscrupulous mentality of the West. The terrorists are the aftermath of state generated terrorism by Israel and USA. You, Israel and USA had created the terrorists, now deal with them. If USA would do to the Hispanics in the states what they did to the Afghanies and Iraqis you would have them as bloody terrorists, believe me. I mean, are you entirely a numb-skull not to see the light of truth in all this filthy politics of the dirtiest nation on the surface of the Earth? My respect to all those Americans that are clairvoyants and exercise their intelligence to understand the times and causes of hatred and violence. It would be extremely tasteless to even suggest that all the Americans would be of the same stripe like Bush and his stooges.
Media is in US power, they spread hate against Muslims!

Astagh-ferullah! There were most CERTAINLY reasons to vote against Republican candidates on my ballot. (Ya Allah!) I wish to add that my intention is to strive in encouraging, at the very least, candidates I support to be at least as suitable as other candidates, for representing members of the ummah of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassalam) - insha'Allah.

I am sorry. It is hard for me to submit to the leadership of liberals, even seemingly for the greater good of global interests. Doubtless, the people described in the article are in a position to take advantage of such concerns.

I have eternity to criticize what appears to be poor leadership. I prefer to do so now.

I think that paternalism, particularly in matters of foreign policy, and war profiteering are both formulas for loss. A willingness to fight to free the oppressed does not, at least by itself, seem like an undesirable characteristic.

Insha'Allah those who strive for a just peace for others will receive it themselves.

Mike - let me set the record straight for you, and all you like-minded so-called Christians - George W. Bush is not a Christian. Christ taught love, peace and respect. He taught that one should turn the other cheek. He did not teach that one should attack first based on flimsy excuses. Just because George Bush *says* he is a Christian, and even goes to church, doesn't mean that he *is* a Christian. I swim a couple of times a week, but that doesn't make me a trout. I'd have to live under-water and eat flies 24/7 before I'd even come close to being a trout. Bush, by his actions, is merely taking a dip in Christianity. He likes to talk of Christianity, but he does not *live* by the Word of Christ, which is the word of Peace.

A vote for George W. Bush is an explicit statement that you support the killing of tens of thousands of Iraqis, and hundreds of American troops. You have rewarded him for death and destruction. Period. In return, the world has become a much more dangerous place.

Ask yourself - do you think that Jesus would have attacked Iraq? Of course not. Then why would one think that someone who gleefully did is a Christian?

Also, as someone who actually watched the Presidential debates, and didn't just get his information from Fox News, John Kerry was very explicit about what he would do if he were Commander in Chief. He talked about increasing the size of the force in Iraq so that the US would have enough people there to enforce the peace. Bush was interested in winning the war, but he didn't seem to care about the peace. This again is not up to Christian ideals.

In addition, people haven't always hated the US. For a very long time, it was an Ideal - a Camelot, an Aspiration, a Dream. We've thrown our weight around for so long, though that we've arrived here.

Try travelling. Try talking to others outside of your circle. George W. Bush didn't have a passport until after he was elected President - do you have one? U


One last thing you say Americans are hated because they deserve it. Muslims are hated all over the world and typically hated in the host countries they reside in. Do you concede that is becasue they deserve it? And if they don't explain what the difference is.

No Ahmed,

I neither live in a trailer park, nor am I a fundementalist Christian. I do not support the "rape and torture" of anyone. I live in New York and I am an Engineer. I'm also a Catholic and about as far from fundementalist CHristainity as you can get.

Bottom line Muslims in Iraq are currently killing many more Muslims in Iraq by bombings and terrorist acts than the Americans are.

I didn't support the war in Iraq, but now that we're there we have to stay to try and stabalize the country.

Kerry wouldn't have pulled forces out of Iraq anyway so what's your point?

Do you have anything intelligent to say? Or do you just like to throw insults around? I'm guessing the latter so I'll stop any communication with you, Peace.

No Mike, you are sadly mistaken as all worshippers of empire are. You are hated because you've earned it. Invading countries and murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent men, woman and children will do that.
You, and all the other trailer park armagedonists who voted for Bush are hypocrites and have blood on your hands. Ironic, that you oppose abortion yet happily support the killings of innocent Afghans and Iraqis. You supposedly oppose homosexuals yet support the sexual predators and their rape rooms in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Do us all a favor scumbag, stay out of their nations. Oh we all know how thieves are dont we, got a lot of oil to steal for them SUVs. Not to mention trying to get raptured to heaven based on biblical nonsense. You criminals are a disgrace to the human race.

No, Mike, Muslims are told they will have endless opporunties for criticizing their own leaders (if they are so inclined).

Seemingly, Muslims would prefer to criticizing other people's leaders while they still had the opportunity (if they were so inclined).

I disliked Bush, as I did Kerry... Kerry ran on a campaign of we shouldn't have gone into Iraq. Which is moot, we are in Iraq, he never said what he's going to do as Commander in Chief of the military during war time, all he did was point out what Bush did wrong, not what he as president was going to do right.

Because of my religious beliefs I could never vote for a candidate who supports abortion, and gay marriage. I believe if we elect leaders like Kerry who support Gay marriage that is just taunting GOD. I would be afraid of where that would lead our country, I couldn't in good conscious vote for a man like that. He also struck me as a swarthy politician.

Bush love him or hate him, you don't have to mull over where he stands, it's obvious.

Lastly there a lot of people all over the world who hates us true, a lot of you are hypocrites, look at the leaders in your own countries before criticizing ours. And frankly people in the world have always hated Americans, but they like to know we're their to sacrifice half a million of our young men to free France and defeat Hitler. Only to be spat at by the French. Well France gets invaded about every 30-50 years, you guys are about due, and America will not be there next time.

If the people in the middle east put as much effort into building their countries up, as they do hating Americans. The both of us would be in a much better spot.

Don't say "Why do they hate us or attack us"

American leader express the American it selves, so anything happened with american which is caused by their government policies, will be they own responsibilites. it seems, the future of the world is uncertain in the next 4 years.
it's a pitty that they don't understand the real problem or the root of the problem.