Will the Muslim & Arab Bloc Vote Work for Kerry?

The long-heralded Muslim American "bloc vote" was announced on Oct. 22 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The Muslim coalition called for a "protest vote" against oppressive laws and a qualified endorsement for Sen. John Kerry. Muslims nationwide were urged to vote against President Bush and for Sen. Kerry in order to guarantee civil rights.

It got off to a ragged start but it seems almost certain that this endorsement could make the difference in electing Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts in 2004 just as it did in electing George Bush four years ago. There are an estimated seven million Muslims in the United States. Muslims are a potential swing-voting bloc in key battleground states such as Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Two of the ten participating Muslim American organizations jumped the gun and endorsed Kerry three days early. An eleventh group, the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, declined to endorse Kerry. All of the other ten groups supported the senator from Massachusetts.

The dissenting eleventh group, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), said Kerry had not met with them nor was any authorized representative of Kerry present at the meeting. A spokesman for that group said "The senior senator for Massachusetts, Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy, (who had discussed the prerequisites for the endorsement in a conference call with AMT leaders) has been very supportive of Muslims, as well as Christian Arabs. But the members of our group felt uncertain that the group would actually be heeded when serious questions arose."

The Muslim endorsement was somewhat conditional, according to American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT) Chairman Dr. Agha Saeed of Freemont College in California. The AMT is an umbrella organization which includes the American Muslim Alliance (AMA); the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA); Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); the Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA); the Muslim American Society (MAS); the Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA), the Muslim Student Association-National (MSA-N); Project Islamic Hope (PIH) and United Muslims of America (UMA) which altogether cover virtually all the mosques in the United States.

This writer has tracked the bloc vote for many years. The attempt to get American Muslims to work together to call attention to their needs was first tried in 1992. There were too many cooks who spoiled the pot and all went off in different directions. Four years later they almost did it but the individual players were not used to working together, particularly because they needed the support not only of Arab-Americans, but the much broader range of hyphenated foreign-born Americans and their descendants from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and, of course, giant Indonesia. All have common interests and when they work together, they can make a huge difference in the US political scene.

There are also Christian Arab-Americans who number between a million and half voters who work extremely well together on Palestinian problems. They, too, noted that a bloc vote could work after George W. Bush showed his interest in Muslim- and Arab-Americans early in his 2000 campaign. 

The Democratic candidate, Al Gore, and his handlers ignored approaches by Muslim Americans almost to the end, realizing only about two weeks before the November election that they were very likely to lose their endorsement. They had been confident that most Arab-Americans would back a Democratic ticket and didn't understand that Muslim Americans were not tied to any one party. At that point Democratic operatives considered sending Mrs. Al (Tipper) Gore to a Muslim convention. But other Gore staffers vetoed the plan because they feared that it would upset American Jews. At the same time, Muslim Americans and many Arab-Americans realized that they could make the difference particularly in a closely contested election with their bloc vote.

This year there has been a sea-change based on the fact that President Bush seemed to turn his back on Muslim Americans after Sept. 11 by initiating a number of harmful domestic and foreign policies.

Bush increasingly favored the heavily entrenched neoconservatives in his party such as Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle who then was the head of the Defense Policy Board, along with Vice President Richard Cheney. 

Bush also stressed his attachment for his evangelical constituents, including the Armageddonists who are awaiting the reappearance of Christ and who frighten virtually all Europeans as well as most Americans.

American Muslims feel that the Bush administration has been insensitive to their civil liberties and human rights.

A recent poll commissioned by John Zogby International and Georgetown University showed that 68 percent of Muslim Americans were likely to vote for John Kerry and John Edwards, 11 percent were likely to vote for Ralph Nader and only about 7 percent were likely to vote for Bush. Since then even more Muslim Americans have decided to go for Kerry and even fewer to go for Ralph Nader, even though Nader remains popular. 

Of the seven million Muslims in the United States, an expected 81 percent supported the American Muslim Task Force's decision. There are an additional 1 or 1.5 million Christian Arab-Americans who joined with the Muslim American community on this matter.

Muslims all over the United States have been working very hard on this election, perhaps even more so than in the 2000 campaign. As people left their mosques each night after Ramadan prayers and every Friday before the election, they were handed letters showing them where to register and vote. People also called to make sure that they had transportation to get to the polls. 

For example, Hasem Ahamed who is from Bangladesh and drives a Washington Flyer taxicab said he had volunteered to give up a day of work to drive Muslims to the polls. He is one of 30 cabbies who have made such an offer. Not all Muslims go to mosques but word got around their communities that they should make sure to vote in the crucial election. It was predicted that Muslims would vote in record numbers, somewhere between 80 and 90 percent. If the enthusiasm continues, it is almost certain that this will make the difference between a Kerry and a Bush victory.

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Older Comments:
This type of failed thinking has gotten Muslims nowhere. The author himself conveniently absolves himself of any responsibility for having "endorsed" Bush in 2000 along with the other laundry list of alphabet soup Muslim organizations and groups (many of which have only marginal influence but leaders who blow a lot of hot air and rhetoric)

The Muslim position is so weak that neither candidate offered to publicly meet or even accept donations from Muslim groups -- this should be cause for serious reflection and concern on the part of Mr. Curtiss and the other Saudi funded groups he speaks for.

Evil has won and the good has been defeated. Its time for Americans to rise and begin a period of 4 years of National Disobedience. Don't pay your taxes. Don't keep your money in the banks. Get thousands together and block the streets especially your Wall Street and major businesses. Empty those churches. Refuse to go to Church and don't give a penny in donations - it will only be used to drop bombs and kill, murder and maim innocent people in the name of Christ. Drive this Evil Man and his minions out of the White House that belongs to you - NOT them. NATIOANAL DISOBEDIENCE NOW !!!

Some one here is pulling wool over his own eyes by suggesting that muslim vote send Bush to the white house in 2000 which by today's result doesn't hold water. The only state with sizeable number of Muslims that went to Kerry was Michigan & OHIO, FLORIDA & ARIZONA went to Bush & all the rest vote straight democrat. You have to start working from the grass root with other groups that share the common cause. If I have my say I would suggest a new leadership that is humble & hard working in your community. Now it is the time for hard work & sweat.

Hay Daniel would you stay away from this Vodka, the muslim vote in America is not 8 million, it is far less than that. The people had spoken & GWB is the prez. for 4 more years. In the next election on the democrat side would be Hillary Bill's wife! & JEB Bush the current Prez. brother. I hope you have learned your lesson & no more qualified endorsement. May be you have to wait another 12 years. What an oppertunity that was lost to arrogance because Kerry did not come to you! Kerry will go about his business & you will dwell on the lost opperttunity. I am not trying to add insult to injury but I have wrote a comment about what would happen if Kerry was not endorsed fully, but alas some wise guy held it back, well see you in 12 years.

No doubt with 8 million votes, the Muslim vote can be a very powerful statement, but the Muslim emergence in the US is still all too new an event and not enough to make any significant difference, politically or economically. Sadly Bush will win- why, because it has been predicted that those states where there is a large majority of college graduates and the average per capita income is greater than $60,000, Kerry would win. However in states where white, blue collar workers make up most of the payrolls and statistically the percentage of college graduates is less than 35% Bush would win., and almost the entire biblical belt falls in that category. Interestingly it is in these 'Bush" states where the worst cases of violence have been recorded against Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians in the past 30 years. To the average Joe in these 'Bush' states it makes no difference whether he has a job or not, that his 'trailer-home' family has survived all their lives on food stamps and spam, or if his entire small hick town is broke and eating dust, all that would matter to him is that he gets his six pack of Coors, his wad of chewing tobacco and the occasional Sunday trip to the church for the screaming priest to tell him that all is ok as long as he accepts Christ in his heart. I think the kind of leader people elect is a directly reflection on the character of the nation - hence the lies, the hypocrisy, the ignorance of this leader is of no consequence Americans as long as they have a crusading President. Woefully with Bush as President again, I am afraid America has a long way to go towards establishing a true civilized society.