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Open letter to American Muslims

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the past four years, during the Presidency of George W. Bush, the Muslims and their countries have suffered oppression and humiliation as never before in the history of Islam. There is an obvious connection between the sufferings of the Muslims and the policies and thinking of Bush.

We cannot expect much change to the policies of the United States of America towards Islam and the Muslims under Democrats as under Republicans. But we have a duty to ensure that Bush will not be able to determine our fate for four more years.

Kerry may not be any different. But the candidates for the Presidency of the United States must be made aware that in democratic America, Muslim citizens have a voice and can influence the selection of the rulers of the country.

Bush has shown that despite his protests, he is the cause of the tragedies in Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq. People, including children, women, sick and disabled people, have been and are being killed in these countries who otherwise would be alive today. Under the pretext of attacking terrorists, whole towns and villages with their populations are being destroyed by rockets and bombs.

In Palestine, Israeli gun-ships and tanks razed villages and towns to the ground killing innocent men, women and children. All these are done with the approval of President Bush and his veto in the United Nations Security Council. There is no doubt that he will continue to do this if re-elected.

I need not tell you more about the atrocities committed against the Muslims and Islam. But I would like to appeal to you, the Muslim citizens and voters of America, to be united and to cast your votes against Bush, in the name of justice, in the name of Islam.

You may not be numerous enough but in marginal constituencies you can make a difference. It is your bounden duty to send a message to candidates that they must be fair to all the communities in the United States if they wish to rule the country. Even if you fail to unseat Bush, you can at least reduce his majority. But Inshaallah, Bush will lose and Kerry will realise that his victory is partly due to you. Inshaallah, President Kerry will remember the Muslims in America when he rules the United States of America.

Dear Brothers and Sisters. Vote Bush out of office. It is truly an ibadah that you perform.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia,

15th October 2004 
1st Ramadhan 1425

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  1. Valon Sapp from USA

    The president has surved 2 terms, in this country a president can surve only 2 terms, that is why he is called a lame duck. Altho I would vote for him again if I could.

  2. Abdullah Mansoor from Pakistan

    Dear Peace Lovers

    Assalamu Alaikum!

    Humanity Group is an NGO has been working for human rights, democracy, peace education & tolerant

    awareness since 1994. We educate voluntarily to make awareness for peace education so as to eliminate

    extremism and to recognize human rights. It is really need to honor the religion of every nation so that

    world can become peaceful society. All conflicts and religious differences are due to intolerance. However

    the ill politics is the major cause of political typhoon around the globe. Every war brought (and is bringing

    today) destruction,famine, diseases, nation of orphans, widows, broken families, and bitterness in life etc.

    We want to to promote peace & tolerance education campaign. For this we need financial resources to

    carry on peace activities.

    I will wait for response from any person from Pakistan OR from around

    the globe . You may contact me I have mentioned my Email and mobile phone no.

    Suggestions are welcomed.


    Abdullah Mansoor

    Humanity Group


    Email: [email protected]

    Cell: 92-321-4146170

  3. arusha from Malaysia

    Now we know who have won. But it is all in the decree of God. Maybe we should all go back to the truth whereby God created all of us to care and love each other despite of all the differences in race and colors, that we are one people. Sects are merely created by people who entertain vanities and would like to think that they are better than others. Let us all invite everyone to continuously seek and ask to be guided aright, at least ask for it 17 times a day because the guarantee is 'Ask, and God shall grant' (and God is the best keepers of promises) so that we could discover the peace and harmony within, and these will help us in our daily routine and responsibility. After doing all that is right, and we see the world or a community suffers still, then do not despair and do not give up, just continue with patience and perseverence while at the same time, know that things will not happen if God did not will it to be so. But despite this knowledge, do what is must on our part, on our level, each and everyone of us, because that is our duty. Result however, only rests with Him, most high, most wise. I strongly agree that the fundamental is peace, and wisdom for goodness - not 'for greatness' and far from 'for evil'; but for goodness. Let us all go back and then forward, that all the prophets, Adam and down to Moses, and further down to Jesus and the last, Muhammad saw. are all sent by God, that we cannot compare one with the other, that all of them proclaimed the same message from the one true God. Lets not let satan and iblis devide us human anymore. There is only one God, He is the first and the last, to Him belongs all the beautiful names, generally, He is called God in English, Tuhan in Malay, Sen in Chinese, etc. Whenever in doubt concerning the belief we are in, or the one we inherit, lets go back and ask for God's guidance, ask Him earnestly, and when He sees that we are walking to Him, He will run to us, for He loveth all His creation and is Most merciful.

  4. Hizami from Malaysia

    I agree with the aritcle, but I don't know if voting against Bush can be said as an ibadah or not

  5. MUZ from Malaysia


    There are GOOD point on this. but the main thing is whoever the winner they are SAME. Therefore WE, as MUSLIM need to fix ourself first and dont ever looks for their sympathy on our current situation. WE HAVE TO UNITED... to make our voice heard.If all muslim in the world can go and vote for Kerry then do nothing - result is SAME as now.

    Why dont we (Malaysian muslim) start to work hand by hand with PAS or KEADILAN? can we? or r u will?

  6. Suriani Kempe from Malaysia/ USA

    I agree with Dr. M's article - the Bush regime has caused many Muslim's in the US pain, humiliation and sorrow - what with unjust policies like the PATRIOT Act being passed, legalizing and justifying the marginalization of not only Muslims but folks of color! Not to mention the blatant violation of civil rights!Bush needs to be voted OUT, period!

  7. ashraf from india

    In the name of Allah the most merciful and the most gracious,mr.mahathir mohameds advice to US muslims is cent percent correct to the present muslim worlds conditions created by bush and his allies put to-gether.large no.of innocents are being killed or tortured,humiliated or manhandled on daily is the shame on our worlds islamic rulers that they are not even protesting and raising voice against them.violation of human rights,mass genocide of innocent masses will lead to create more terrorism,chaotic conditions in the peace loving areas rather than controlling their unislamic way of utrocities.hence,this election 2004 in the US,we hope that their rulers may change their foriegn policies towards muslim world and reap benefits from them for mutual development and prosperity of both sides.western world should learn the basic ethic of Give respect and Take respect policy.the so-called demoratic sympathisers in the US,enforcing democratic values throughout the world,first they should practice democratic values in the un security council resolutions whithout using their rights to use vetoes which itself is undemocratic,inhuman and barbarian act.first they should come forward to scrap veto system of vote in the security council or otherwise,propose veto power in the general assemmbly to equate the others rights which will lead to worlds peace and dignity.thanks for your provision to submit my inner feelings to US citizens who cast their votes to-day with more idealistic way.i hope that they will think twice before voting who will be the better, kerry or bush for their benefit/their dignity in the wolds society,and their safeliving conditions for themselves and their coming generation to sincere advice to american brothers and sisters is that they should not stand side by side to their unethical rulers who may reap shorterm benefits to them but in the longrun they will be humiliated,manhandled by other nations.this is what history teaches us.i wish the best

  8. Norzaini from Malaysia

    I agree with his views.

    Dr. Mahathir is an intellect who observes and derives solutions that could be of help to solve issues at hand. He is unbiased and many of his straight forward approaches could not be comprehended by some negative people, who're always thinking negatively of his sincere views or comments or suggestions - thinking, he wants to gain something from his thoughts like some lowlife wannabe leaders who always look for recognitions.

    Like it or not, Dr. Mahathir has already proven his credibility and leadership qualities in many different areas. (* saw some comments on ISA: It's logical to have ISA in helping to stabilize a nation. Infact, our southern neighbor uses it more to just about anyone opposing its govt's policies! & that's abusing the power of the ISA)

    Re: his open letter, his sincere advise is for us as an ummah, to be united and to try to help our Brothers and Sisters who are openly being manipulated and oppressed in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan; in any little way that we can.

    In this US election-case, to help persuade voters to NOT TO VOTE the current president whose international policies clearly favor the Israelis who are themselves outright terrorists long before 9/11 and which still continue openly until today.

    Bottomline, in this little way, by being united, we could insyaAllah head towards positivities - bringing the right perception of Islam, and of Muslims; to the peoples of the world - Bringing peace and harmony to this one world of ours. PERIOD. Wassalam.

  9. Hussein from usa

    I am against anyone who uses my religion for political gains. As an American citizen for over 40 years I never voted for or against a candidate based on his or her religion. I will not recommend it to oters either.

    I am still undecided at this late hour. Each candidate has pluses and minuses and they are very close. I beleive however that neither is going to be responsible for making the Muslim countries better off than what their leaders are willing to do on their own.

    Mr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad had his chances in his country and he seemed to have failed in making a difference too.

  10. Soraya from usa

    It should be known that there is a separation between politics and Islam. Therefore, not to confuse the two.

    Dr. Mahatir (as a former politician) is merely voicing his opinion on something that would affect all people around the world, due to US being a superpower.

    The point is that we (whatever our religion) are free to choose whether to concur or not. There is no "herd" effect as in his convincing all to follow his ideas.

    That is the great thing about Islam too. That there is no compulsion to believe.

    I also advise any student of Islam to be conscientious in selecting their sources of information as other people's opinions are usually biased and this great piece of work revealed to can only be attempted to be translated.

  11. suhaimi zani from Malaysia

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  12. Dr Chaalal from ALGERIA

    You are right 100% ......thoughts of fallujah are pretty depressing.. This not any kind of democracy i ever heard of...Democracy that comes from idiots maybe. I am glad I said it. Well, facts are facts.. I hope he will not be elected again.... lots of terrified people in America ..and he plays on that fear... lots of people are voting for kerry...but i don't know if it will be enough. He is the worst president we ever had ; even worse than Reagan.

  13. John from USA

    Although I disagree with Dr. Mahathir I respect his opinion and would defend to the death his right to express it. His article indicates to me that he may not be listening with an open heart and mind to both sides of the issue. As a Christian; and a student of the Qur'an I am very familiar with why he would say the things he does. However his opinion, although well expressed and honest appears to be biased and one-sided. If Dr. Mahathir is a follower of Allah and his prophet, he should go one step further and openly listen to both sides of an issue before placing opinion and bias to either side. I do admire the Dr. for speaking out and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to give an honest response. I wish him nothing but well being and prosperity. My son is a ranking Air Force officer. I stay in contact with military sources. I am an American but I will be the first one to say that the American media frequently is also biased to one side. George Bush has never one time expressed anything but honor and respect for our Muslim citizens and those Muslims abroad. I believe that if Mr. Kerry is elected that Dr. Mahathir's fears may come true far sooner and much worse than if Bush is re-elected. Good Doctor Mahathir: Be blessed. Live long and healthy. Honor those in authority over us. And please; give both sides an honest look before encouraging your brethren to take one side or the other. Best wishes: John

  14. j_n

    I agree with Mr Mahathir in many respects within this letter. However, it must be noted that even before the election of Bush, the United States has been on a downward slant with regards to their relations with Muslim nations. In other words,it hasnt just started now. If you ask me, it doesnt matter whether Bush or Kerry is elected. Kerry is a sweet-talker for the moment, but that will change if he is elected. The injustice will not stop.

  15. Norshahreen Md Idris from a student in the US

    Salaams..The pattern is clear..I agree with Dr Mahathir. Bush personally may not hate the Muslims but every action of his seems to be potraying exactly that. Bush has robbed many innocent lives in Afghanistan, Irag and Palestine, be it directly or indirectly. Someone talked about how the muslims should clean up their act before blaming others. The only thing i can say about that,is 9/11 happened because a group of muslims who were unhappy with the way the US was treating Palestine and supporting Israel to further destroy Palestine, decided that they couldnt take it anymore.It is not like a group of Muslims, just suddenly decided to attack the US.I fully agree that what they did was absolutely wrong and unforgivable but how Bush reacted to it by demolishing almost 1/2 of Afghanistan was a coward act. I think Muslims are generally unhappy with how the US is trying to dominate the world by using the phrase "Stop terrorism". Bush claimed that his reason to attack Iraq is to get Saddam, but now he has killed so many lives( much more than those that were killed in 9/11), stealing oil, and trying to show the world that America is the World Police...I think the world doesnt need a World Police, it needs compassionate and peace loving leaders, something that Bush is clearly not. Bottom line, America needs a new leader, a man who is not Bush, who thinks for the world's benefit, and not America's, who stops trying to be the World Police, who stops using violence to react to problems, a leader who respects the United Nations and not make it a puppet. Whether Kerry is the man, we dont know but we know that Bush is clearly not the man.

  16. hasan from singapore

    what he said is true,for the last four years world has changed drmaticlly.let us see our world without mr B

  17. Zain Bahari from Malaysia

    I refer to the news item : Mahathir's advice on US elections on your web site. I feel sorry for the old man Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia to have stooped so low and to have written a message calling all Muslims in US to vote against Bush. Isn't this the same man who raised hell and bellows when the former Vice President Al Gore when he visited Malaysia spoke about freedom and democracy even for the opposition parties. What happened to his so called principles ? He, as former Prime Minister should stay out of the internal affairs of a foreign country. It is the privilege of every American citizen to cast his ballot to elect the US President. He sounds like a .. man who as a result of losing his powers which he got so used to for 20 over years now seem to be making some sounds hoping that a few people would hear him speak. What is even more irritating is to see him using Islam to create a wedge among the US citizens as if that is how US citizens live their lives. From this we can all learn and realize that is exactly how this man has been running this country for so many years. He has been using religion and race all the time as and when it pleases him to serve his ulterior motives. My suggestion to the US citizens is to simply ignore this man and let him not bother you in any way.

    Zain Bahari

  18. Khadijah ahmad from malaysia

    STOP! Before bros/sis praise this BIG tyrant, please investigate how he himself ruled Malaysia. He imprisoned MANY Muslims under ISA and split the Muslim Ummah in that country.

  19. nik from malaysia

    i'm totally agree with my ex-prime minister. Bush seems only bring disaster to Muslim country.After Afganistan&Iraq,he try to find another place to test US weopon and to show to the world that only US can be a sole leader on this world.for me it's ridicoulus and disgusting.

    in conclusion,please don't re-elect Bush as Presiden.after this probably Kerry would consider about Muslim power in electing a US president.


  20. Samiya Rafiq from Denmark

    I hope that this letter of the former prime minister DR MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD should be read to all the muslims, specially who r residing in USA.

  21. Hafiz Abu from England

    The sentiments in this letter have been articulated more

    eloquently by more credible Muslim leaders but a call

    coming from Mahathir Mohamad can not go unchallenged.

    Here we have an example of a man who made a career of

    berating the Muslim community in his homeland and

    throughout the Muslim world yet championing himself as a

    defender of his faith. The subservient media in Malaysia

    would do his bidding in projecting himself not just as a

    champion of Islam but of the developing world. Yet when

    once overseas he would not disdain from attacking Islamic

    groups across the spectrum or from talking to the West in

    an apologetic and appeasing manner.

    If American Muslims stand against Bush for eroding their

    civil liberties, lack of accountability, refusal to admit

    mistakes, winning elections by what could only be called

    fraud and cultivating a climate of fear then what would they

    make of a call from a man who has practised all this in

    Malaysia. Throughout his tenure, civil liberty groups and

    non-governmental organisations have condemned

    Mahathir for all the various undemocratic and patronising

    laws. Among these Malaysians have laws that forbid more

    than 4 people meeting for political motives without a police

    permit, laws that forbid printed material to be freely

    distributed without a licence and most infamously the

    Internal Security Act which puts the Patriot Act to shame.

    I hate to burst the bubble in this manner but I am not

    aware of any Muslim political leader both present and in the

    recent past who has come to power yet could be regarded

    as a credible spokesperson for the Muslims. The Arab

    leaders may be worse than Mahathir but Mahathir's dubious

    credentials and legacy leave me in no doubt how informed

    Muslims in America will treat his condescending appeal.

  22. Hafiz Ismail from Malaysia

    Mahathir might be saying all the rights things (after all, he is a politician and the PM of M'sia for a good 22 years!) but one wonders if he's sincere about his sympathy towards his Muslim brethrens.

    I am a Malaysian, and I guess pessimistic enough about the (controlled) official media and other apparatus to have sought alternative views on things Malaysian - right from its Merdeka history down to its involvement in shady oil deals worldwide.

    To me personally, Mahathir is too much a pragmatist to let this one last opportunity (to get his name in "the good book") to blind the Muslim community to his own injustices and cruelty towards his people - many of whom are Muslims.

    I could understand adoring comments and opinions of oppressed Arabs re Mahathir "bold opinions" (after all the silence of the despotic leaders of Ash-Sharq Awsat is deafening when it comes to America and her policies!) but really, the Malaysians should know better....[then again, I regret to say that most Malaysians are ignorant of their own history and their Islam ritualistic, not spiritualistic]

    Bush or Kerry? Really, as Mahathir said, there isn't really a choice. One can't even say which is the lesser devil (perhaps one is a 'proven' devil?). But Mahathir does have a point: American Muslims need to make themselves heard. Prove to America that you have a voice. A voice that can influence the course of American history. A voice that calls for justice, for peace, for equality. In short, the voice of Islam.

    Ramadhaan Mubaarak everyone!

  23. sakinah from Philippines

    Assalamu Alaikum WrWb!!! I strongly agree with Malaysia's PM regarding his stand against BUSH Administration. He has committed a lot of violations even against the United Nations especially on the rulings of the so-called war on terrorism which is actually a borderless war. A lot of Muslim countries have suffered during his leadership. It's about time for the American people to wake up especially the Muslim communities and vote for a leader who will bring back the real meaning of GLOBAL PEACE.

  24. Akram from Pakistan

    Dr.Mahatir should be commended for his forthrightedness. Ofcourse no one is politically ideal for Muslims however, any person endorsing Bush is blatantly misleading.

  25. kzamanahmad from malaysia

    well, i'm 100 % tun dr. mahathir's supporter. he was and still is a leader that no other country yet has.

  26. Abdul Rahman from USA

    What the respected gentlemen refrains form mentioning is the problems of the Ummah are from ourselves. We need to stop plaming others...

    Saddam killed how many of his own people while sat backed and watched (i.e. saudi,..)?

    How about the taliban... where were the muslims to stop them???? Ohh thats right (saudi) recognized them as a legal government... talk to your local afghan brothers about how the taliban where.. and we dont even need to mention how the other "tribes" acted...

    Man, all i can say is this.. we muslims need to clean up our own backyard before we start saying who is bad or good...

    The "oppression" we have faced in America, its cause of bush policies??? or is it from ignorant red necks who really dont know any better??? Did muslims reach out to them before Sept 11th??? We barely give salams to each other in the masjid...

    Lastly.. my question is for Dr. Mahathir directly.. (he wont read this I know):

    Since u were the Prime Minister of Malaysia... how many soldiers did you send to Chechnya do defend the muslims oppressed there??? Whats that.. NONE??? Blame yourself too for the Oppression...

    We All know the hadith... close meaning about the Oppressor and the Oppressed both commit a sin...

  27. AZ from BCN

    Assalamualaikum, Honestly im so proud of my ex-prime minister! What he said is true... Let VOTE OUT for Bush

  28. Shah from United Kingdom

    George W Bush (President of US) is the cause of Iraq destruction. No proof of mass destruction weapon. The reason he claimed for his action. He should pay for the Iraqi for his stupid act.

  29. intan from malaysia

    as a Malaysian,Dr. Mahatdhir has been our aspiration. Since I follow his speech & opinion,I find most of it were right and reasonable. We Malaysian were really thankful and appreciate his leadership that make us proud of being a Malaysian.

    It is true and i'm sure on it that Kerry more or less are quite the same as Bush. But by the Muslim unite and make their voice cried out loud, they can send a clear message to the president that they should treat Muslim with more respect. Muslim too have the power to choose their leader. Muslim must unite, this is the only way to show to the world that we were a loving and friendly people not a terrorist or enemy. It is really sad to see and hear that Muslim are fighting against each other while they should find a way to develop their life to earn more respect. We must stop fighting each other and start unite.

  30. Pyzenvyka from Malaysia

    What happened to Dr. Mahathir's policy of "non-interference"? Imagine what the Doctor would say if Bush poured cold water during one of the Doctor's reelection drive. Now that the Doctor is gone from power, he does what he would have condemned. Reciprocity is the foundation of moral conduct, the reverse is mere hypocrisy.

  31. Ahmad from USA

    This article is correct. I agree that there are atrocities that are committed everyday that are stamped by Bush. I don't believe Kerry is an angel but we must choose the better of the two, which in my opinion would be President Kerry.

  32. BNAK from USA

    Dear American Muslims,


    Please vote to make sure Bush is re-elected. My conscience tells me that Kerry may turn out to be worse than Bush. Atleast we know Bush and his standing on various issues concerning Muslims. In a way, I think Bush is uniting Muslims like never before, with his policies.

    Though I mourn for thousands of our Muslim brothers, sisters and children killed due to the preemptive wars launched by Bush and his cabal of neo conservatives, on a broader perspective for Muslims in general, I think Bush has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

    For some reason, I foresee a more bleak future for Muslims under Kerry, than under Bush. By voting for Kerry, I think we will be repeating history with what we did with Bush-Al Gore, by voting for Bush back then, instead of Al Gore. If I had a right to vote here in USA, I woud vote to re-elect Bush, and NOT vote Kerry.

  33. Ahmed Faisal from Maldives

    I feel how fortunate we might have been if Honorable Mahathir Mohamed was born in one of the Arab nation. He speaks in truth defends Islam in every situation he could, set an example for so called Muslim leaders to follow. Unfortunately he is not Arab, where his influence is very much limited and more often his voice is even unheard in the Muslim world, more specifically in the Arab world. May Allah bring us leaders like Mahathir with true heart and love for the muslim nation as our leaders. Amen

  34. fathima farvin from singapore

    Assalamu Alaykkum WRB

    I was and am always proud of Mr Mahathir's openeess in his views and his braveness.Allah SWA has given this leader as a gift to muslims.His views are true and should be followed.Well,i am not telling the muslims out there to follow it blindly.If some of the muslims are against it,please take a few minutes to review it and make a good decision as it really affect every muslims in the country(this is especially for the American muslims).Last but not least,Happy Ramadan.

  35. Ayesha from USA

    I am impressed with the very articulately written comment by Zainol Abideen. It really sums up the whole situation including Dr.Mahatir's view.

  36. Valen from Malaysia

    I am all admiration for our ex-PM. Malaysia was blessed with such a great leader. With him as PM, Malaysia enjoyed tremendous glory...a small number of people might complain but I see them as naughty kids who grumble when their parents scold them for misbehaving.

    Dr Mahathir leads us like no one has ever had! May God bless him!

  37. Anna Traustadttir from Denmark

    I've been following Dr. Mahathir's speeches since visitig Malaysia

    last year, and I have to say I agree with nearly everything he

    says. He is outspoken and not afraid to say what he feels and

    quite honestly it's refreshing. I think he voices opinions many

    people, Muslim or non, agree with. Few politicians dare go

    against the pro-American current.

    Read his book, co-written by Shintaro Ishihara, "The Voice of

    Asia." It's worth it.

    And Mahathir remembers the Afghani people. Most people talk

    about the war in Iraq as wrong, what about the war in Palestine

    or Afghanistan, aren't these wars wrong too?

    Bush and Cheney have caused so much destruction in their four

    years. I don't like Edwards, esp. his views on "Israel"...he goes on

    about the poor Israelis, completely oblivious to the plight of the

    Palestinians, and their diaspora! But I agree with Mahathir, Kerry

    is the better of the two candidates. But I'm not American and

    cannot vote.

    Honestly, like it or not, the next leader of the US is, in a way,

    everyone's leader. We need to get involved and educate

    Americans. Imagine a first world country where 1 in 5 adults are

    illiterate! That's a shame. Americans should spend more money

    on their own people than bombing other nations' people, or

    supporting regimes that kill innocents.

  38. Zainol Abideen from Malaysia

    Bush has done more harm to Muslim nations by pre-emptive invasion without addressing the cause of the perpetrators responsible for the 9-11 attacks.

    As a Muslim, I shed tears watching the innocents perish both in New York and also in the streets of Baghdad,Palestine and Afghanistan.

    Muslim leaders worldwide are to be blamed for their egos and indifference to the sufferings of their fellow Muslims.

    Crusaders like Bush have taken advantage of the divided Muslims and invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaders such as Dr.M should have called for the uniting of Muslim nations like what Christian Europe has done but he was busy defending his position . Anwar Ibrahim, his anointed successor was in the slammer for 6 years, politically assassinated and only released recently on a technicality.

    Dr.M's calling for Bush's ouster is tantamount to interference in America's domestic affairs but Muslims worldwide have no choice but to support his views.

    Dr.M's no angel either but we leave it to Allah the Almighty to judge him in the hereafter.

    For the moment being, I would like to see Kerry redeem America's honor amongst the nations of the world after being made the object of hate all over the planet because of Bush's agenda of hate under guise of fighting for freedom.

    We can smell Bush's hidden agenda as a result of his brutal murder of innocent Muslims in Iraq.

    If Saddam was his goal, what the hell is America doing still in Iraq?

    Isn't it obvious that Iraqi oil is their objective?

    Bosnia didn't see America staying on when the Serbs massacred hundreds of thousands of Muslims right in front of their eyes!

    Why? Because there's no oil in Bosnia!

    OIC are a bunch of egoistical hypocrites continuously bickering amongst themselves.

    No wonder Bush and Blair can get away with murder right before the entire world!

    Muslims in America have the choice to stand behind whom they want to vote for.

    Bush is a known devil.We can just hope that Kerry stays just for a better


    Looking at the situation now around the world, something need and has to be done. Why do they have to kill children, women and elderly people in order to fight terrorism????? And remember we have to learn and understand how to distinguish between terrorism and resistance.

  40. Kai Imran from Singapore

    yes, bush and his actions contributed and increased the plight of many muslims.

    Whether u r a sunni, shiah, shafee, hanafee OR watever, shud not make any different! A muslim is a muslim, unite!

  41. khelfa mohamed from algeria

    assalamoualikoum,i am muslim from algeria i agree with you all what you had writed it is the true i hope from god allah that all the leadders of all mulims countries to have like this article,mohamed mahathir i praise god allah to safe you and all muslims around the world and take care from enemies .assalamoualikoum warahmatou allahi wabarakaatouhou

  42. akram

    Was Malaysia governed according to Islamic principles? No corruption. Fair treatment to everyone?

  43. Andi Bhurim from Malaysia

    I don't think things are as simple as that. I hope Kerry is better. A lot of violence and injustices can be avoided if we do not subscribe to hate and violence in the first place.

  44. Jenny Tan from SINGAPORE

    Muslims ought to look within themselves to find answers to "oppression and humiliation" by others. (1)20 Oct 04 AFP reported 2 million maids risk abuse (sexual and non-payment of salary) in Gulf. (2)Latest TI 2004 Corruption Perception Report shows majority of Muslim countries at bottom end. Non achieving above top 20% of least corrupted. (3) Half of Muslim's population (females) marginalized - share husband with 3 other women, must wear traditional clothes unlike man, lack of education & job opportunities, have to bear many children 4) Lack of emphasis on modern education to improve livelihood of future generations (5)Despite given OIL by "GOD", majority still poor.

    If we cannot change our own mindset, then how could we do the same to others? When we use one finger to point at others, there are another 3 fingers that are pointed to ourselves. And many do not realise that. We can only change how people treat us unless we can first change ourselves, our mindset. Otherwise, we could only use "VOICE" (how effective can it be - example is Dr. Mahathir?) or "BLOW-UP overselves and many innocent human beings" to seek attention. At the end of the day, nothing is achieved.

    If no effective change is currently taking place within ourselves, the next and future generations can never be better off than now for majority of Muslims.

  45. Zabedin M. Azis from Philippines

    May the Almighty Allah enlightened and endowed the Arab leaders with the Courage and Wisdom of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

  46. MJ from Australia

    mahathir you are the best muslim leader in this current century,May GOD bless you

  47. Belal Ahmed from bangladesh


  48. Patrick Henry from USA

    You have no right to meddle in our affairs.

    You are wrong. America is NOT against Muslims.

    We are against militant Muslims, such as those

    that bombed our Twin Towers, and the Pentagon.

    We are not going away Mr. Former Prime Minister. And we will not tolerate Muslims or anyone else trying to intimidate us. We can get our hackles up when you try to interfer with our

    politics. We are a democratic country, who loves God. Democracy is what God alone can give to all peoples of the world. It is not too late. Jesus died to save all sinners. Jesus lives and will return soon. You might want to consider that if your religion preached tolerance, and love, which seems to be what You want, then try giving love to others, including America. Thank You.

  49. joha from malaysia

    I'm very support that article's. We are Muslim very suffer since sept 11. US have use all medium to give a bad image to Islam. That's all began with bush.

  50. Zaharah binti Hj Hussein from Malaysia

    I am a great admirer of our ex Prime Minister. We Malaysians are so lucky, with Allah's blessings to have his leadership and guidance.

    Yes 4 long years I have been crying and praying for Muslims worldwide who are suffering being 'bullied' and humiliated by the U.S. Bush government and their cronies. AlMighty Allah SWT help us be strong in body and spirit always.

  51. Mohammed Hassan from Canada

    To the best of my knowledge Dr. Mahathir Mohammed is the only Muslim leader who have always stood up for Muslims of this world and strongly voiced his opposition to all the atrocities committed.

  52. Jimmy from Malaysia

    Dear Readers,

    I am a malaysian & not a muslim, I totally agree with Dr Mahathir & truely understand the need for a new leader in USA. He is greatly an outspoken man.

    However, this is not a new or well thought of problem. It has been since the fall of Othman empire.

    The Muslims & other races/religions somehow form a symbian partnership. Any party that lags will cause a severe problem in some way to the other party.

    Thank you.

  53. md aatif umair from india

    yes bush and his govt is completely against the

    islam and muslim countries it is duty of each and

    every muslim of usa to vote out bush and is regime

    in the presidential election.

  54. garcia

    I agree 1000%. Dr M is a rare human. Just wish we have more Hims in every Muslim nation worldwide.

  55. Tariq Jung from UK

    People like Mr Rama are clearly out of touch. He has no ideas how the US Government in the past lied for years and today continues to lie once again. Once Osama Bin Ladin and Sadam Hussain were allies of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Chaney when it suited them.

    Also people forget How Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Chaney forced the CIA to make false reports against Russia so Ronald Reagan could be persuaded to act against Russia.

    Justice will always prevail and the TRUTH will come out even when people want to hide it.

    USA has killed thousands of innocent Muslims in IRAQ and before in Afghanistan.

    USA wants to have its cake and eat it too. Sorry this is not possible and if USA will not be JUST, people of the world will demand it and they will get it.

    USA is responsible for invading many countries and murdering millions of people since the Second World War. Bribing and threatening is the way of the USA in every part of the world where they tried to get a stranglehold.

    No unjust ruler or country has ever survived and nor will the USA if it does not change now. This is very sad as the American people can be the most hospitable in their own back yard BUT if you find them in your back yard, looks out for the red stuff that runs in your viens.

  56. Muhammad Isa from Nigeria

    Dr Muhammad is a most naturally respected man in my country,especially for his wisdom and forthrightedness.May Allah continue to guide him.

    Most trully we cannot expect a change of policy if Bush is re-elected and i doubt if it will change under Mr Kerry knowing fully of the zionist agenda that teleguides almost all american leaders.

    But of the two we must choose the latter(of two evils choose the lesser).

    May Allah grant us victory.Amin

  57. Peace from Malaysia

    Tun Mahathir has his own opinion and every right to voice it. But I dont agree with it especially when it comes from someone who had no disregard or respect for other religion in his own country when Mahathir "declared" Msia as an Islamic nation. We Msians always say we're sensitive to everyone's religion/race and etc. Which part of being sensitive is that especially when you, Tun, was my Prime Minister that represented a multi-religious, multi-racial & multi-cultured country? Muslims in America maybe in a crossroad or difficult point at this time..... so are other religion in other country in some ways or another. What we can only do is to understand, to love and to help one another to achieve peace and equality regardless of religion and race!!



  59. Ilyas Rasheed from USA

    American muslims are the most powerful and influential muslim group in the world. They have already started proving their power and influence in USA. The next generation of young Muslims born in USA will have a big say in US politics. I believe in Dr. Mahathir's advice and if Allah wishes, the next president of USA will start to respect and honour Muslims all over the world.


  60. Primus John from Malaysia

    i'm a non-muslim,but i really hate for what the americans did to people in Iraq,and Afghanistan.i think the point of view from Dr.Mahathir is true,and reasonable...

  61. Irma Erliza Abdul Latif from Malaysia

    I have profound respects for Dr M and a staunch supporter of his thinkings. That aside, more importantly I am also a resolute believer that peace is not a privilege. It's everyone's birth right. And therefore, anything that can be done to return the right from those it was filched from, however insignificant it seems, will make a whole lot of difference. Insyallah.

    I would write more, but I am rushed for time at the moment. Assalamualaikum to all and Assalamualaikum to Dr Mahathir.

  62. irawan from indonesia

    Yes, that's charming idea of Mahathir Mohamad to suggest to all American Muslims to not choose Bush for the next election, because He always takes action if there is any majority muslim's country againts with his policy, especially he always protect the jews in the world with wrong or false. Please Mr. Bush, you must behave to all people in the world in justice, because you are as a human being same like the others, you must think that the palestine, afghanistan, and iraq or any muslims people in the world as animal that have to kill without get a sin and God never see what you have done.

    I am as a muslim always pray to Allah, my God so you the next election will lose and Kerry will get his victory. Remember Mr. Bush that all human being in the world will die at once and if you die, you face your God to take a responsibility on your damn sin in the world.

  63. Mohammad from USA

    We are Praying and asking Allah to have thousand of mahather between us. He a true muslim leader who care formsot for Islam and Muslim.

  64. Azlan from Malaysia

    What do Muslims got to lose voting for Kerry? You will be stopped at the airport if you're a Muslim, unlike others. Bush's policy is that "Muslims are a bunch of terrorists." Bush discriminates against Muslims in America.

    Also Bush does not care if it's an Iraqi or Palestinian or Afghani life being killed, all he cares about is if the one killed is an American voter.

    All Bush cares about is his American interests. The Iraqis don't have an interest in his books.

    Vote for your own interests!

    Azlan Latif

    Oct 21, 2004

  65. Mr A Ismail from Brunei

    Ya Muslimin and Muslimah!!! I believe that he is the truth Islamic Leader,just follow what he say and he is not a liar. He is a long-Muslim-By-Election leader and as a result of his leadership, Malaysia becomes one of the giant in economy in Asia, his people live in harmony and going towards development.

    As explained by Prophet Muhammad in his hadith "when the world come to an end (Qiamat), "imam mahadi" will be born to fight "Dajjal". When Mecca surrounded by "Dajjal", then Imam Mahadi will be elected as our leader with the support of Prophet Isa by Muslimin, to fight back the "Dajjal". At that time, Imam Mahadi is very old but very influential". Guest - who is Imam Mahadi?

    Who is Dajjal. In my opinion, Dajjal is coming from the west and I believed they are USA and Western. Their intention is only one - to destroy muslim from this world. All their actions are from Jewish's instuction, wants to rule the world by proxy. USA and Western are dying for them. Now, I request you to boycott all the "Dajjal" goods and interest. By boycotting their goods and interest you are doing an ibadah. Now what Muslims leader should do is to sell oil US$1000 per barrel to USA, Western countries and Non-Muslim Countries, to strengthen military, to trade among muslims countries, to employ among muslim ummah, to develop our own ICT, to build a lot of University, to build research and development Management, to choose the right leader etc...

    Now, as you see they invaded one-by-one muslim countries. First Palestine then Afghanistan then Iraq and next is Who? Saudi Arabia and to invade Kaabah is their nasty agenda. They are Syaitan.

  66. Mr A Ismail

    Ya Muslimin and Muslimah!!! I believe that he is the truth Islamic Leader,

    just follow what he say and he is not a liar. He is a long-Muslim-By-Election

    leader and as a result of his leadership, Malaysia becomes one of the

    giant in economy in Asia, his people live in harmony and going towards

    development. As explained by Prophet Muhammad in his hadith "when the world

    come to an end (Qiamat), "imam mahadi" will be born to fight "Dajjal".

    When Mecca surrounded by "Dajjal", then Imam Mahadi will be elected as our

    leader with the support of Prophet Isa by Muslimin, to fight back the

    "Dajjal". At that time, Imam Mahadi is very old but very influential".

    Dajjal is coming from the west and I believed they are USA and Western.

    Their intention is only one -to destroy muslim from this world. All their

    actions are from Jewish's instuction, wants to rule the world by proxy. USA

    and Western are dying for them. Now, I request you to boycott all the


    goods and interest. By boycotting their goods and interest you are doing an

    ibadah. Now what Muslims leader should do is to sell oil US$1,000.00 per barrel

    to USA, Western and Non-Muslim Countries, to strengthen military, to trade

    among muslims countries, to employ among muslim ummah, to develop our own

    ICT, to build a lot of University, to build research & development management, to choose the right leader for the right ummah etc...

  67. Tunku Kamil Ikram bin Tunku Abdullah from Malaysia

    One does not have to be a muslim to see that the Bush administration is carrying out a systematic and well planned 'colonization' of territories that they hope will ensure them continued and uninterrupted access to oil.

    Under the guise of many different causes (freedom and human rights being the main ones) America is implementing a strategy that is not new. History has shown that the British, French to name but afew, have all done it. However, the extent and viciousness of the current American initiative is without parallel.

    What goes around comes around, Insyallah. So the Bushs' of this world take note.

    Being a moderate and peaceful muslim I do not condone terrorism, but what we are seeing today is a reaction of those that have been sponsored by the very same people they now attack.

    This is past American foreign policy coming back to haunt them. This is also what happens when Democrats and Republicans play musical chairs with the White House. What goes around comes around.....remember that!

  68. Yahya from Iowa, US

    Mahathir supports George Soros. Before, he supported Bush over Gore. Before, he despised Soros. Mahathir is confused.

  69. Juan Islam from USA

    By far the greatest Muslim leader in our time and during his tenure as PM of Malaysia he has shown how Islam can live with moderinity. We should all take his advice and use it for our advantage. During the last election, most Muslims voted for Bush, but he turned his back on us. It's time that we show him who's in CHARGE...

  70. rama from malaysia

    i do not agree with mahathir's advice to american muslims. u are free to vote and u can elect anyone to be american president, whoever wins he is still an american. outsiders have no business in the american election. if at all he want to do good for muslims he should have done it when he was the most powerful man in malaysia for almost a quarter century and speak at all international forum to remedy the situations in the countries where atrocities were taking place. he had the opportunities then but he has chose to ignore writing this open letter to muslims in america he a citizen of malaysia and x prime minister he is misrepresenting himself and at same time inflicting damage for the present prime minister who is trying to revive the economy of malaysia. malaysia is not at war with anyone including america. malaysia can be the role model to other muslim countries by helping to reinvent the thinking of muslim nations. badawi has actually offered his help at the recent un general assembly. continuos affirmative action will result in positive developments.i want a peace world, including in palestine, iraq, afganistan or any part of the world!mahathir at his age, he should be more wisdom and show good character to the younger leaders. write books/letter of wisdoms for malaysians to enjoy reading. please do not instigate others for ur own pleasure.

  71. amin21 from USA

    The idea that Muslims are in the most dire situation in history right now in America than ever in history or even recent history is ridiculous at best. Muslims are more persecuted in Muslim ruled countries than in America. This is basic fact. No one in America has been arrested for wearing a beard or for praying 5 times a day. Yet it happens regularly in ARab and other Muslim countries...

    The ignoring of the Crusades, Bosnia and Kosovo and the Syrian aliwite regeme as persecutors of Muslims is ignored by the author for the convenience of making and argument against Bush.

    While certainly the civil liberties for Muslims in America have gotten worse under Bush... The author makes claims that he can not back up as to the level of this occurance... All in all it is poorly written and conveniently inaccurate...

    of course it seems that everyone wants to sing its praises despite being so glaringly cliche and decidedly uninformative...

    If you asked me to sum up this article in 4 points...

    I would call it

    1. Unresearched

    2. Irresponsible

    3. Propaganda

    4. Unislamic


  72. P. S. from USA

    Mahatir Mohamad's comments are a thinly veiled attack on those who resist Jihad. His words here and in the past make it clear that he is a soldier for Jihad. As a patriotic American and proud non-Muslim, I resent Mahatir's meddling in our free democratic election process from outside the country. No other world leaders, past or present, have attempted to influence the outcome of U.S. elections. Mahatir does not have the best interests of United States in mind when he protests the "humiliation" of Muslims. The only humiliation of Muslims that the U.S. has committed is to dare to resist Jihad. Guess what? Americans will not submit without a fight to becoming dhimmi. Americans are waking up to the fact that Islam sanctions and expects the humiliation of non-Muslims, and as Jihad's true goals become apparent to more Americans, more Americans will rally to fight Jihad and defeat it. Jihad runs counter to everything America stands for, and people like Mahatir have underestimated the Americans' desire to preserve their freedom and liberty. The U.S. is typically slow to react to threats against it, but once roused, will be a force that will rally to fight and stop Jihad in its tracks. If Mahatir really wishes to help Muslims achieve honor, respect and legitimacy, he should call on the forces of Jihad to cease their work in dar al-Harb, and focus on improving the lives of Muslims in dar al-Islam. Calls for political changes that will aid Jihad in America will only backfire on Muslims, bringing more destruction and defeat, as well as poverty, oppression and disgrace.

  73. Syed Sharjeel Ali Rizvi from Saudi Arabia

    Dear Readers,

    I am in favor of Mr. Mahatair Muhammad point of view but beside this i want to highlight another point which is more important is that " Only way to secure Muslims round the world is we should unite & forget our differences".

    I think this is the only solution by which we Muslim can rebuild our identity.


    Syed Sharjeel Ali Rizvi

  74. Ali Ashraf Khan from Pakistan

    While they have successfully converted their own citizen as deaf and mute spectators of a cattle farm, they use their tentacles to ensure controlled democracy to suit their genesis in the rest of the third world countries through rigged elections, which is an open secret, when the sanctity of ballot held under adult franchise is silenced with bullet under the patronage of super power game plan.

    Mother of democracy, the Great Britain introduced constitutional right to vote, and first created in 1832 fairer constituencies and extended the franchise to middle-class property owner in 1867. To prevent intimidation and bribery the secret ballot was introduced in 1872, after years of campaigning by the Suffragettes in 1928 all women over 21 won the right to vote, which was lowered to 18 years in 1969. What a pity that the meaning of this spirit of adult franchise has now been accepted as a license to rule without impunity and any respect for rule of law, justice and fairplay in consideration of their loyalty of the franchise to WTO and War against Terrorism. So let us bury the bill of rights and privileges, also known as the great Charter of Liberties-sealed by King John in 1215 and its famous phrase ""to no one will we sell, deny or delay right or justice."

    Yours etc.,

    Ali Ashraf Khan

  75. fahturahman from United Kingdom

    I do agree with Dr. Mahatir. His view is our deep feeling about US foreign political policy under Bush. We have seen his double standard movement for the moslem countries. Hopefully, this gonna be changed with a new and fresher candidate.

  76. Aftab Khan from Singapore

    The one & only voice in the entire world...a person who is not a mental slave of west. May we have more Mahathir's...

  77. Asia Akhtar from Pakistan

    I'm quite agree with Dr. Mahathir and I really appreciate his guidance. I feel he is the true leader of Muslims.

  78. Huzir from Malaysia

    Every Moslems in USA should consider Dr Mahathir's advice regarding the presedential election. Bush doesn't has the ability to handle terrorism as we can see. Terrorism is getting worse from time to time. US agression in Afghanistan and Iraqs sparks even more terror globally. His policy against moslem countries cause hatred from the moslems all arounfd the world to US and also the people of US. Not only moslems are effected with Bush's policy, the US nationals do facing the problem of travelling around the world. The are marked and become the target of atrocities and murders. I, therefore plead to not only moslems but all the US people to reject George Bush for the sake of US and the world.


    When he was the Prime Minister , he could have made a big difference to people in his own country.

    Now his vindictive conduct on this website is a shame to all Muslims in Malaysia, especially on this holy month when every Muslim is supposed to be looking inwards for salvation.


    We are grateful to ALLAH that we are now blessed with a genuine and humane person as our Prime minister and leader.

    Thank YOU.

  80. Pregha from Malaysia

    I absolutely agree with Mahathir. Although I'm not a Muslim but a Malaysian Hindu, I detest the sufferings, ill treatment and unfairness towards my Muslim brothers. The Palestine tragedy pains my heart even. Bush has to be edged out to arrest the continution of his errors and unbalanced actions affecting the whole world.

  81. Tim B. from USA

    Mr. Mahathir is welcome to his opinion, but I am glad that he can't vote in US elections.

    I'm no Bush fan but it seems that many of you seem to forget that the US would not be in Iraq or Afghanistan were it not for 9-11. Also, many of you don't give him credit for the fact that he is always defending Islam from Americans who blame Islam for 9-11 and would like even harsher treatment for crazies (or suspected collaberators)who murder in the name of Islam. Believe me, there is rage boiling beneath the surface in the US. A large portion of the US population blames Islam and they also tend to distrust Muslims in general because of their silence in condemning the Jihadists.

    The biggest advantage that Bush has is that he is seen by many, if not most Americans, as the man who can best fight the Jihadists.

  82. Haseeb Sana from Pakistan

    I think P.M must recal his mind that when George W. Bush was elected he also told that i will help Muslims but when he elected he never took notice on any anti-Muslim action. Why, i think like Jhon Kerry he also wanted to use Muslim comunity for his election. When he elected he took U turn.

    I think U.S Muslims shuold bycout this election.

    Thanks & Regrads

    Salam To All

  83. john saah from israeli-occupied usa

    I am a Christian Palestinian from Ramallah and I STRONGLY SUPPORT Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad's statement regarding Bush, the war criminal and supporter of Apartheid Israel !!!

  84. fitri from malaysia

    I strongly agree with him. He seldom make mistake on any of his opinion.

  85. E1 from Singapore

    This man knows what he is talking about...very frank and opinionated...very rare are his views on global and islamic issues far from the truth...and this one is a definite truth! Once again, well done for stating the facts to the world and standing up for what you truly believe in Dr Mahathir.

  86. omar from canada

    I just want to send my great regards to Dr. Mahatir. I hope that we have more leaders like him in the muslim world. God takes care of him

  87. Dino Demars from Syria

    The way I see it:

    1. I think it's abhorent that anyone would vote for Bush this time around.

    2. Holding Bush solely to blame for Israel/Palestine is stupid. He's not doing anything to help, but it's the Israelies who are killing men, women and children, destroying homes, and other War Crimes. It was happening before he was in office, it will be happening when he's gone.

    3. The best way to get Bush re-elected is to make it well known that some 'Muslim leader', wants Kerry in office, even if Dr. Mahathir is a leader in his own mind only. Sad, but that's the reality in the US these days.


  88. Ahmad Khan from Canada

    Doc is correct but look at the choices what we got:


    "We will do a better job than Bush of holding those Arab countries accountable for funding terrorism. We'll do a better job of protecting the state of Israel than they are today"

    ......"I've climbed to the top of Masada and I've stood on the top of Masada and yelled out as the Air Force recruits and others used to from the side of that cliff, the words 'Am Yisrael Chai!'"

    John Kerry,

    Democratic presidential candidate


    in real it is hard to see who is who, but Dr. is still right........

  89. M Manuke from Malaysia

    As a former Malaysian PM, Tun Dr Mahathir is honest and straight forward in giving the advice. To me he is a true leader. Whoever won the presidency would not change their foreing policy towards backing Israel and oppressing the Muslim. But atleast the US Muslim could do is to show that they too could decide who should lead the US.

  90. sam from usa

    SubhanAllah. Fully agree with mahathir. If American Muslims can make the difference, then do it! At least muslims can send a message that not only Jews can make the difference, Muslims too can decide on the president. US president should also look after their interests in future because their votes counts!!

  91. Abdul Hadi from malaysia

    True statement and something that can be done by American Muslims. Apart from that muslims need to pray too. After all, it is by God's will who will become president.

  92. Rik

    It makes no different if either Bush or Kerry wins. Kerry may seems to make an issue out of the war in Iraq, stating that Bush's war against Iraq is a big mistake. Kerry have to say all this things in order to win the hearts and minds of the Americans particularly the American muslims.

  93. Mohammed Munawar from USA

    Undoubtly Muhatir has extremely great vision and we need his consistant guidance in all the matters relating the problems of Muslim Ummah. I am for it and so is my vote.

  94. A Rahim from Singapore

    People like "Concerned" are what the Bush Administration is looking for to be his puppet. If you looking for a CIA implant in a particular country this are the type of people. They are so called Muslim but their hands are filled with Muslims blood.

  95. Ibrahim-khalil from Gusau, Nigeria

    Iam in total support(100%) of this eminent personality's letter/advise to the us muslim's.May the Almigty Allah grand DR. Mahathir long life and good health.

  96. Rabbani from Saudi Arabia


  97. Regin from Singapore

    I think Bush had done his duties as a president for the past few years but unfortunately right now USA needs a stronger leader to overcome unpredictable situation that might happen anytime.

  98. Amin21 from USA


    I guess we are forgetting that for over 1000 years it was completely ILLEGAL to be a Muslim in Europe...

    Muslims suffer worse persecution for being strict adherents in our own countries to degrees far worse than anything Bush has done... While I agree that things have gotten worse for Muslims in General I find that this is just another example of overstating and exageration in our own community...

    "Ever before in the history of Islam"


    "In the past four years, during the Presidency of George W. Bush, the Muslims and their countries have suffered oppression and humiliation as never before in the history of Islam."

  99. napi from Malaysia

    Wake up my brothers & sisters in Islam. Muslim world have nothing to lose by kicking Bush out of the office after what he had done to our ummah in Iraq,Afghanistan & Palestine. If we really love our brothers & sisters in the whole world, make sure we kick Bush out of the office.

  100. doubledip from usa

    Mahathir says, "Bush has shown that despite his protests, he is the cause of the tragedies in Afghanistan..."

    Afghanistan election results at -- indeed, how "tragic" and "humiliating" (no thanks to Malaysia).

    Malaysia didn't recognize the Taliban that oversaw a starving Afghanistan during the pre-Dubya years (only Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and UAE did....and some help THEY were). Afghanistan was in an equally, if not more tragic state then than it is now. But Mahathir, for some reason, chooses not to acknowledge this.

    For all his criticism of Bush, Mahathir can hardly claim any credit himself for making things better for Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine....except to be a political heckler. As someone else alluded to earlier, Mahathir should also be writing to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine as to what responsibilities THEY have in improving their respective governments.

  101. azamk from Mobile Alabama

    No doubt Mahathir is right. American moslems n muslimah must use their right of voting. It is another way of telling BUSH to stop of what he's doing now.

    American moslem maybe unable to influence Mr Bush on his evil actions, but, their voting right can send him out of his office for the next term.

    So DO NOT Vote Bush, instead VOTE for Kerry.

  102. intan from malaysia

    As a Malaysian, Dr. Mahathdir has been our aspiration. To know he is still very much fighting for the Muslim problems and dilemma all over the world make me very happy.

    What he said is very much what I want to said and hope to happen. Kerry might not different and I thinkk he also quite the same with Bush, but judging from what have Bush done, he didn't deserve to be re-elected. Furthermore, if the Muslim were united and have a big voice, this will sent a great message to who ever elected as President that they cannot simply ignore our opinion and our right.

    May we will be united always. That is our strenght. It is very sad to see Muslim fighting against each other. We must be together and united to be strong and to be heard.

  103. Sohaimi Zainal Abidin from Kedah, Malaysia


    That was well said. Muslims, anywhere you are must be brave and speak-up, let the Muslim voice be heard and heard loud and clear. Dr. M has time & again showed that.

    The American Muslims and Muslims the world over must not be afraid to make their stand for the benefit of the Ummah. As citizens of a World Superpower, who are going to elect the most powerful person. The American Muslims should heed Dr. M's advise. Do not let people like 'Concerned' make us doubt of our abilities. He worries too much and doubts a muslim's sincerity.

    Dr. M is right in advising the American Muslims, as it is his duty and also ours to help and advice fellow muslims wherever they are.

    There is no strength in disunity. Unite in your votes, as you, the American Muslims will represent the voice of the Muslim World in the coming Presidential elections. Stand-up and be counted. We, the Muslim community are counting on you.

    As for Dr. M, you are just great!

  104. Rizal from Penang

    Two thumbs up!!!! It is a remarkable opinion with a true facts and smart thinking. As a Muslim not only in America but around the world, we should be united to fight an evil around us.In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, I strongly agreed with Mahathir remarks urged the American Muslims to vote Bush out of white house in the next coming US Presidential Election. Bush is a Cancer to the World not just Muslims, look what happened to Palestine, Iraq etc. He did more harm rather than good to our beloved world. Bush is not fit anymore to be a world leader, American people must throw him out from the oval office. The more Bush is in power, more people will die for sake of Evil Lust. World will be much safer without Bush .

  105. Concerned

    I think Mahathir is doing a disservice to the Muslims in America by his meddling. They do not need his advice to decide what is good for them; in fact what he said would more likely create a counter-effect.

    I wonder why all of a sudden now he thinks Bush is bad... when while he was PM he really took the trouble to meet Bush and be seen photographed with him. In fact Mahathir was so happy when Bush won defeating the Democratic candidate in the first place; yet now he is asking Americans to support the Democrats!

    My personal opinion is that Mahathir is just trying to put himself in the limelight again, when people in Malaysia/world are already forgetting about him. Just like before... he creates contraversies in order to get people's attention.

    I particularly detest the way he signed off as the ex-PM of Malaysia, as if that has any significance at all, but also, implicating us Malaysians. It seems that he wants people to be reminded of it.

  106. Kamal from USA

    I'm strongly agree with Mahathir view and urged muslims in america to be united and vote bush out of the office. Bush has done more harm to Muslim across the world - Palestine, Iraq etc.This is the time to cast out the "Master of Evil" from the Muslim's galaxy. What Mahathir said is true and nobody in the world are dare to say so in the public. Most of them are coward and got no balls. Mahathir is the one Muslim leader who can stand on his own and proven the best - look at how he did to Malaysia. Transforming the poor country of malaysia into one of the asian "golden bowl" . For Anwar Ibrahim, he is stupid and morally low and not fit to be a Muslim leader. He is a puppet to the Bush Administration and neither will be a strong western allied . Show your support to mahathir remarks.

  107. Zack from Malaysia

    It is an ibadah to vote Bush out of office, and remember, any ibadah performed during the month of Ramadan will be rewarded many many times over. Stop the killings of the Muslims, vote for Kerry.

  108. rahim hj gulzar from malaysia

    tun dr mahathir has never interfere in any other countries as a prime minister, he is now just an ordinary man who can tell anybody anything what he feels like just like u and me.

    he has said that either bush or kerry it's the same but at least if bush is out at least kerry would have some thoughts of what is happening to the muslims that he should not be doing it like what bush did it.

  109. A H from Usa

    It is naive and incorrect to say that most Americans do not trust the Muslims. If you don't trust anyone, shouldn't you acquire more knowledge about their beliefs in order to wipe away the bias. The fact is that most Muslims are law abiding, hard working citizens (especially the ones who have left their homelands to live abroad. The only persons who should not be trusted are the ones who hurt others or are trouble makers (whether Jews, Christians or Muslims).

    However, as for fearing or mistrusting others because of their beliefs, maybe one should emulate their example to eliminate the mistrust.

    Ofcourse there is corruption in goverment in "Muslim" countries since some officials choose to exploit others. However, this has nothing to do with Islam. That is their personal ethics.

    Lastly, we can only base our inferences on past experience and thus the comments made so far against Bush by most readers. Kerry may not indeed be the answer for the Muslim community but as Dr.Mahatir stated, in a democratic America they will have a much louder voice.

  110. Nazim Haqqani from US


    Few Muslim leaders in the world have the God-given gift of insight and forethought as Dr. Mahatir has. He has used that very insight to make his country, Malayasia, one of the most technologically advanced Muslim nation in the world. That fact alone made me read his piece.

    After digesting it, I have no doubt of what Dr. Mahathir says is true. To those Muslims who will not support John F. Kerry in the upcoming election because they say, "There is no difference between Bush and him," I say rely less on your emotions and more on intellect.

    Even though we as a collective group endorsed Gov. Bush back in 2000 (a mistake), we didn't know 9/11 would occur. We correctly based our decision on what we knew were to be true at that moment in time. As such, Muslim Americans were instrumental in using that leverage into tipping the balance to Bush. What did that accomplish you say? It showed Americans and the world, that when Muslims vote as a community there voice must be reckoned with. Yes, it was only our 1st election but our record stands 1 for 1.

    Now if we sit out this election or vote for Nader (a good man) we lose that leverage of ours. If John Kerry wins; we will soon know if it was because of the Muslim vote (and we'll be batting 2 for 2). However if Bush wins, we at least will have demonstrated our collective anger with his policies. And if he got tough with us, we'd realize that the democratic process is a long and hard one which takes time, effort, sacrifice and above all OUR MONEY!

  111. foevy from malaysian in australia

    1. Do not make personal attacks on others.

    2. Do not condemn or degrade others beliefs.

    3. Do not harass, abuse, or threaten other members.

    4. Do not post content that is obscene or otherwise objectionable.

    out of the four, my beloved former PM has done at least two. i may not have the qualifications to talk about Islam and the world, but such preaching has more impact on the Muslims residing in the states than we ever thought. if bush was re-elected, God knows what he is doing to my fellow muslim brothers and sisters.

    i am disgusted

  112. Ryan from U.S.A.

    I will vote for Bush, but that dosn't mean I agree will all of his policies. But let me speak for a lot of Americans who read this article, I have nothing against Islam or the Islamic people, I feel we should all worship how we see fit. If it was up to me, I would order all American Citizens out of ALL your countries, end commerce of manufacturing or oil with you, seal our borders from you. and let you kill each other and live happily ever after!

  113. Joe from USA

    This posting is the stupidist thing I have ever heard of. "In the past four years, during the Presidency of George W. Bush, the Muslims and their countries have suffered oppression and humiliation as never before in the history of Islam." is our fault that these Islamic wackos attacked us here on our own soil. I do not think that the people that were on the plane that hit the twin towers were followers of the Coran. I truly hope that George W Bush is re-elected and I will do everything I can to make it happen so that we can take care of the rest of the terrorists....Islamist or not. The attacks against the terroriste were not an attack against Islam, they were an attack agains people that do not value freedom, peoplr that want to opress the world, people that attack innocent people. I heard someone say awhile back " All Islamics are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Islamic....and it made me think....hmmm you are right. That is why the entire Middle East is so messed up now because the terrorists think that blowing stuff up an randomly killing people are a way of solving issues. Guess what....ALL YOU DID WAS MAKE US MAD. You will see how determined our resolve is in making sure that these infadels are erased from the face of the earth...every last one of the.

  114. seattle native from USA

    bush wants radical islam exstremist to pay, not islam it's self....islam is a faith, if you use it to kill then you must die! if you use it to better! the islamic world needs to look at it's self not bush!!!

  115. Robert Boni from USA

    thank you Mohamed. You are doing wonders for those who want Bush to win. Any endorsement from a Muslim for Kerry will backfire against him. Not many people in the USA trust Muslims and uninformed comments such as those in the article will only harden the resolve of most Americans to re-elect George.

  116. abdulAziz from usa


    The world and America itself needs a lesson on American Politics.

    The president of the United States is selected using an electral collage. These are votes that are SUPPOSED to reflect the vote of the citizens of a particular state. Key word there ... SUPPOSE!!!

    The American president's selection is NOT determine by popular vote but by the political power house(s) that runs the nation.

    The concept of voting is a once grand idea....not a pratical application of a democracy.

    So first:

    Every president selected WILL support Isreal and it's policies.... IT'S ABOUT THE OIL ... and as long as there is trouble in the mid-east.... OIL is cheap.


    If Muslims are to be treated fairly....that lessonm needs to begin AT HOME....IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

    Why would some blond hair, blue eyed christian treat some Muslim fairly when he's treated like a 5th class citizen by this own people????????

    Mahathir and the likes of him who are currently ILLEGALLY RULING Muslim nations need to step up to the plate and lead by example.....eventually the rest of the non-Muslim world would get it and start treating muslims with some dignity!

    Peace and love...

  117. Hanan from Israel

    As Mr. Mahathir was the NAM and IOC leader, he always warned other countries like the super-power nations not to interfere into any Muslim country interior politics or election. And now, what is his practice? What a "nave" man, does he think that it will be any different to the Muslim world from the aspect of solving their problems? The Muslim countries should solve their problems by their own by implementing democracy and abandon terror. When this will be achieved then the Muslim world will prosper and Islam will be treated as a non violent religion. Mr. Mahathir is talking about Muslims oppression by others and is ignoring the oppression of Muslims by Muslims. Such a wise man should play first in his own play-yard prior being involved in plays within others play-yards.

  118. Craig from USA

    This letter shows the sad ignorance of the true soul of the USA by the abusive leaders of Muslims around the world. The US has given many millions of dollars to the Palestinian people that has gone into their leaders pockets and not to the long suffering children in the territories. There were Muslims in the World Trade Towers. What was their crime? Afganis are voting for the first time in their history. How is that bad? Did women in Iraq have a chance to reach their true potential under Sadam? Please examine the information given to you by your leaders. Look at all sides of the equation by seeking out other sources for your information and I believe that you will see the truth and righteousness for humanity in what the US is trying to do for all religions and peoples of the world. If people can choose their leaders and conduct useful trade with one another the chances for war and destruction are almost eliminated because of the mutual dependence that trade brings. The government of the US is molded by the desire of the people of the US to give some of what we have worked so hard and long to achieve to the people of the rest of the world. If you readers could understand that we are driven by the same desire you are to have a long and fruitful life you would see the lies in what your divisive leaders tell you. Americans would much rather live in harmony and cooperation than the turmoil we were dragged into. Look to the countries we fought in the past. they are all partners with us in the world today with all the ups and down of friends. Look to who and what makes up the US and you will see who is telling the truth.

    Peace, health and success.

  119. Ryan Cook from USA

    If Muslims support hateful, untruthful persons such a Dr. Mahathir, then it is no wonder that most Americans are distrustful of Islam and its followers. Blaming President Bush for woes in the Muslim world is like blaming the sun for it being too hot. President Bush intends only good for Muslims; Muslims have only themselves to blame for any perceived inequities in the Muslim world.

  120. Scott from USA

    I find it interesting that Dr. Mahathir chooses to decry the actions of George W. Bush as the cause of suffering for the people of Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq. In a little over 2 years, George W. Bush has brought democracy to Afghanistan where none existed during the entirety of Dr. Mahathir's life. Palestinian people suffer because of the terrorists that Arafat directs. Other Muslim countries could have helped the Palestinians educate themselves, build an infrastructure or choose the negotiating table rather than the battlefield, but they haven't and show no signs of doing so. With one hand they give financial support to Arafat and the PLO and with the other hand support terror organizations that do nothing to advance the cause of the Palestinian people. Saddam Hussein invaded another Muslim country (Kuwait) and when that happened, Muslim Nations were only too happy to have the United States come in and kick Saddam out. The Muslim world has more to do with it's own suffering because of their refusal to govern in a secular manner than the United States does. The Muslim world will always be stuck a generation behind the rest of the world because they refuse to take action against fellow Muslims and look at terrorism and violence as an acceptable negotiation tool. Where are the open letters from Dr. Mahathir to militant Islamics radicals that kill innocent people? Where are his letters to Arafat and the clerics in Iran who oppress their own people? Where is the open letter to the terrorists who blew up a nightclub in Bali? There isn't one, because Dr. Mahathir is like countless other Islamic leaders who fail to condemn the actions of fellow Islamists in strong forceful ways and take steps to eradicate this type of thinking among the rest of the Islamic world. As one looks accross the developed world we see that Islamic nations are the only ones that still teach hate to it's younger generations. Where is Dr. Mahathir's open letter addressing that? There isn't one!

  121. Garba Malam from England

    For me Bush and Mahathir are one and the same. Look at what He did to Anwar, that is exactly what Bush is doing to the muslims.

  122. C. M. Naim from USA

    As a Muslim citizen of the United States I strongly object

    to Mahathir Muhammad's advice. I will vote against

    Bush but I don't need Mahathir to tell me. He used

    every means to hold on to power in Malaysia and now

    that he is out he poses as a Muslim leader. His

    comments will only be used by those who subscribe to

    a conspiratorial view of islam and Muslims. American

    Muslims do Not need a fatwa or advice from outsiders.

  123. Sabbas from malaysia

    I agree with what Dr M had suggested. I hope the American Muslim will consider his suggestions. However, I think Bush will still be the choice of the majority Americans as they feel with him around their safety will be much protected eventhough he had made mistakes before.

  124. DR. MELAYU from MALAYSIA.


  125. Jan from NZ

    We must carry & pass the message to all arrogant and unjust rulers, who oppress others, that they should fear the one and only God and return & believe & worship Him only and rule justly so that they may be forgiven by Him. If they don't than God himself will take nesessary action as in the case of Pharaoh & earlier generation,God's prophets were asked to pass this message to the unjust people and rulers, Noah PBUH to his people - Moses & Aaron to Pharaoh.

  126. William D from Malaysia

    During his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir has always warned foreign countries, especially the super powers from interfering in Malaysian politics. Does not his letter to American Muslims construed as interfering in American politics?

  127. Abu Bakr from Michigan, USA

    Mahathir resigned prematurely because he failed the Muslims. He accused our brother Anwar Ibrahim falsely and his own regime was corrupt. I do not believe he qualifies to tell us whom to vote for. I support neither candidates but I will vote the lesser of the two evils; I will vote Anwar Ibrahim. I urge my fellow Muslims to disregard Mahathir's sinful advice.

  128. True Malaysian from Singapore

    The people of America should allowed to select their leader . No words should influnce them. What happen in Iraq and Afganistan would happen with any American president.

  129. Isa from United States

    The controversy surrounding Dr Mohammad notwithstanding, I think he has it exactly right. Four years ago Muslim organizations -- Council on American-Islamic Relations, American Muslims for Jerusalem, and Muslim Public Affairs Council -- asked their constituents who should be endorsed for President and why. This had never been done by Muslim organizations in American history and most decided to support Bush. They went on supporting him even after 9/11 because the President visited mosques, said Islam was peace, the War on Terror was not a war on Islam ... and look how false all that was. This time, we need a leader who will realize that we, too, matter in the United States of America, that our voices count. Kerry for President -- anybody but Bush!

  130. Bethani Rakmani from United States

    Dear Doctor: I appreciate your article and all of the

    prayers that are directed toward America and it's

    people. My husband and I are not Muslims, but we are

    so worried about the people in Iraq, and about what is

    going on in American politics. We are a good people,

    and some of us feel that we are losing control of our

    government. Please continue to pray for us, and the

    direction of our nation. We are truely all God's people.

  131. Terrified Savant from MALAYSIA

    Assalamualaikum wbt.

    Ramadhan kareem.

    First of all, this letter is just a cheap propaganda from Tun Mahathir. Anwar, his former deputy has been receiving all kinds of accolade since his release from politically-driven sentencing, and Mahathir needs to show Muslim world that Mahathir is as muslim as Anwar, if not more Muslim. I will personally rebut this so-called muslim world leader in the face if not for my fear of my own life in Malaysia.

    American muslim should start to put their own as a presidential candidate instead. Their own muslim party. Show that muslim needs muslim as a leader, not Kerry, not Bush, not any non-muslim. Yes, muslim may not win this election now, but, what is the choice of an alternate candidate to the American would be? Even non-muslim would vote for a muslim, of good character. Just don't nominate someone like Tun Mahathir.

    Lastly, thanks to for highlighting this mail. Else, I would have missed this cheap attention-grabbing piece of Mahathir.

    Keep the good work and

    Terrified Savant, Malaysia.

  132. Ron E. from United States

    I agree that brutality in any form is dispicable. It is unfair however to overlook the attack on American soil September 11th and the prior other attacks against United States targets that let up to the current situation.

    There exist a truth that a change in the presidency of the United States is not likely to alter foreign policy much. The extremeist that have provoked this response by the United States have accomplished their task. It was a no win situation. If the United States fails to respond to the hidden enemy it now faces, a message that the United States is open to attack is assumed. If the United States does respond, obviously innocent people will be injured as has occured, leaving open the ability to paint a very negative image of the US. It is a no win situation for the United States.

    In the long run, I think it is important to be educated on exactly what one speaks upon. The United States has always responded resoundingly to any country in need. This is done both by the government and the many charitable non-governmental agencies within the United States. Although not faultless, the people of the United States have a very giving heart and spirit.

    As stated in a previous message, two wrongs do not make a right. It is a shame that the extremeist that have pushed for this response by the United States do not represent the vast majority of Muslims internationally. It is foolish for one to think that a change in the office of president will dramatically change policy in the shadow of the tragic attack made agains many innocent people and upon their native soil on that fateful September, 11th.

  133. Amir Shaukat from Pakistan

    Four years of G. W. Bush as President of USA tell us that he is an good speaker who uses Hollywood one-liners with political inflections and overtures. Nobody believes that Mr. Bush understands the implications of what he says or that it is particularily relevant but the "simple folks of America" understand hollywood and they can't give up their memories. Muslims must go beyond politics to make them understand that Hollywood is make believe this is the real world. Only person who can do that is Dr. M.; We wish instead of President M we had him here.

  134. the Punisher from U.S.A.

    Bush and Dr Mahathir is a similar person.

    Both try to destroy Islam.

    Both try to have power and money.

    The differents is:

    we can vote or against Bush in U.S.A., but we have to vote for Mahadthir in Malaysia (no choice, the choice is already given).

  135. Sinnachi from Japan

    yes, President Bush must be defeated not only in the interest of Islam but also in the interest of every one

  136. zalehah from malaysia

    In answer to his critics! what Mahadhir has done to his deputy is a jihad action for the ummah.On him is the burden of the hereafter if he let a homosexual rule Malaysia.A person who would be in the HIGHEST POSITION OF POWER must not have a skeleton in his closet...which can be used to blackmail him and the country in the future! Being in the position of knowledge and still letting Anwar be the next Prime Minister is tentamount to an extreme sins of Betrayal and treachery to the Malaysian ummah in particular and Islam in general.Mahadhir is no coward who is afraid of brickbats by ignorant and shallow thinking Malaysians!

  137. True Malaysian from Malaysia

    I agree with you.

    Unfortunately, what you're saying here are irrelevant .. because:

    - YOU said that we have the power to VOTE, but we don't even have it in Malaysia, because of YOU.

    - YOU said that we MUSLIM have to fight for our right, but YOU try to destroy ALL the muslim parties and organisations in Malaysia.

    - YOU said about PEACE and TOLERANCY, but you JAIL your OPPONENTs.

    I think, all of these are your POLITICAL plans for UNITED NATION top position.

    I hope that you'll 'insaf' and 'taubat'. We ALL hope and 'dhoa' that YOU'll realize, POWER and MONEY are nothing. Compared to the benefits of 'Syurga'.

    Insaallah, PEACE BE UPON YOU (assalammualaikum).


  138. Dr. Jacob George from Malaysia

    Fair Comment by the former Malaysian Prime Minister.

    It is a fact that Bush adventurism has made the world an unsafe place but in all fairness we must also point out that "extremism by fundamental and extremist religious groups" must also be condemned!

    Two wrongs do not make a right! And in all cases the victims are civilians and others who have not played a role in the ensuring brutalities we see the world over!

    Let us work towards peace and all things peaceful.

    Let us stop been hypocrites saying and doing one thing in the domestic scene and another in the International arena!

    May Peace and Goodwill endure!

  139. rakyat malaysia from malaysia

    During the Presidency of Dr M, his deputy a Muslims suffered humiliation as never before in the history of Islam.

  140. Malaysian from Malaysia

    I agree with him. But dont forget about what he has done to his deputy Anwar Ibrahim

  141. eddy herman from malaysia


    For me, it is an overall look on a problem that arose in the whole muslim country. When you have power to vote, then vote to change if you feel so. But doesn't mean that it will solve the problem. American Muslims must 'istiqomah' in giving their opinion and seek their rights when voting Bush. Knowing that a same problem will arise with a different leader, it is wiseful to retain Mr Bush because we don't know what Mr Kerry will do if he win the election. Allah s.w.t knows.

  142. Yati from USA

    Another political rambling. Instead of telling us Americans how to vote,why don't the former PM tell the terrorist to stop spreading fear and destruction. Isn't it bad enough that now we have to defend Islam? Kerry is backed by the mighty Hollywood group. Definitely not voting for Kerry for moral purposes.

  143. Moh Sofi Abdullah from Malaysia

    Truth be told that Bush is a disease to the whole world. However, none of that matters, anyway. Because, if Kerry is elected, he doesn't seem like a credible American to lead the way: The way of the truth. Both have vowed to "entertain" the Jewish Lobby.

    They have voluntarily "mentioned" about killing the "Islamic Terrorists even though the challenger did make a contradicting remarks over and over again.[notice the word "Islamic" even though we never label other terrorists with religion... only when it comes to muslims]

    Kerry is good at that. So far, he proves nothing to me, except that Bush is a liar. Well, if you really want to know if Kerry is also a liar, defeat Bush and elect Kerry. Otherwise, maintain Bush... at least we know that this guy is out to kill muslims, but steadily getting cornerred by the people into the mounting flames of blame, just like when his father was elected to the presidency and groomed to do.

    I want all of you to "fire" Bush... Believe me, I am all for that... But, Kerry seems like the kind of candidate who could come up with the more deceiving excuses. Well, he has maintained that Israel has the right to protect the nation, even though he forgot to mention that 85% of the terrorist nation of Israel was built from invasions, after invasions. I mean, what kind of manipulative lies are those? forgetting the "original sin" after another on such a dramatically staged eventual occupations renewed monthly, or even weekly.

    The indirect hit at muslims by saying that Israel has the right to protect herself, is nothing but a misleading excuse for continuing this saga of Bush's: To occupy the Arab World slowly but surely. All Bush did was to come forward and said it without hiding behind that nice face of Kerry's.

    The People need to work together to lead it's own charge. Elect a leader of their own, the leader that comes from the people, for the people. Not from some "rich and bold" history.

  144. Ahmad Fuad from Malaysia

    For an appeal to be "heard" the appelant must have some form of credibility.

    Who is this character who's now taking the moral high ground when he himself practices "buhtan". Does he not know that "buhtan" (in the Quraan) is likened to eating the meat of a dead Muslim? Is he not too the leader of the nation that endorsed the bombing of Iraq (the first time around)? Did he not too "advised" Blair to kill Sadam, a Muslim brother?

    Why now "Muslim brothers and sisters"? I sense a very weak and futile attempt to neutralise Anwar Ibrahim's appeal to the true brotherhood!

  145. Abdull rahman from U.S.A.

    I wish nothing bu the best from Allah be with you and your family oh DR MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD.

    Abdull Rahman Jundullah

  146. Hubimo Kalimanjaro

    I would call upon American Muslims to excell in scientific achievements and to increase in quantity and quality. What I mean is, every American Muslim should aspire to be a scientist. If there are 10 million then there should be 10 million scientists. When this is achieved will then they have political weight and respect. It will not be far-fetched to hear Muslim names as the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defence, Chief of Staff, even astronaughts if God willing even the position of President of the USA in the future. Hold fast to the rope of Allah.

  147. azam kamil from Malaysia

    Those who hold US presidency must realized that the world might not be in peace and harmony if ego-centricism dominate their mind.

  148. Dr. Aminuddin Mohd Yusof from Malaysia

    I strongly agree with Dr. Mahathir. Let us begin to rebuild a peaceful world by voting out Bush of his office.

  149. Dr. S.M. Ghazanfar from USA

    Very well stated. Even Brent Snowcroft (Bush Sr.'s

    National Security Advisor) has said today that "Sharon has him (Bush Jr.) around his little finger. I think the president is mesmerized."

    Neither Bush nor Kerry are impressive, but Kerry seems preferrable under the circumstances.

  150. Rizan from Malaysia


    It's time to call it a day for Bush administration,give Kerry a chance to prove his words..i agree with Dr. Mahathir,he speaks through his experience,from Reagan to Bush administration he deals with all of them during his 22 years as M'sian PM...don't let the cowboys ruled america for another term,it's about time for American muslim's to act by rejecting Bush as the next President of the United States. May Allah bless all american muslims. Peace

  151. Elias Yusuf from Bangladesh

    Tun Dr. Mahathir is right and he is really hero for the Muslim world. I wish more Muslim leaders come to speak out like Tun Dr. Mahathier.

  152. ghos from United Kingdom

    we have already know how BAD BUSH is.. and yet to know kerry if he is appointed. We cannot expect much difference as they are both next-to-become US PRESIDENT!! but at least it is ENOUGH for BUSH to rule and the cause all the tragedies to muslims.. anyhow.. vote bush out!!

  153. Zahari Zainan from Malaysia

    I fully supported the move at least to give a signal to the next president of USA. Insya Allah

  154. ilyasa from Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum... to whom it may concern... no need to think twice, kick The Bush out of White House and vote for Kerry.Four year of being a president is enough for us to see the innocent people that suffering, crying, abusing and many more terrorism that has been made by The Bush... think it..... As-salamualaikum...

  155. Ahmad Faruqui from USA

    Very well put. Kerry may not be the best option for Muslim Americans but Bush is clearly a worse option. We need to vote him out of office on November 2. Not only has he mishandled the war on terror, by increasing the number of terrorist incidents rather than decreasing them, he has messed up the US economy, raised the budget deficit by giving tax cuts to the very wealthy, and destroyed the civil rights of Americans.

  156. Rahmat Osman from Johore, Malaysia

    the choice between the bad and the ugly. nevertheless something needs to be done. Stay united brothers and sisters.

    May Allah bless Dr Mahathir(semoga panjang umur)...amin

  157. PHL from Malaysia

    I totally agree with Dr M. Muslims in US now should utilise their votes in hands optimally. Should Bush stays in White House? The answer is clearly no. The world has become chaotic and much like a hell simply coz of Bush's policy. I hope Mr. Kerry could restore the peace of the world which all of us, regardless of who we believe, were enjoying.

  158. nome from malaysia

    i'm fully support what my ex-prime minister mahathir that we should need a better world without george w bush.even though we don't know what in john kerry's mind,but during bush administration,he does create a disaster,not just for islam,but the world...bush try to win against the terrorism,but what he just did is just errorism.

    actually,he is the weapons of mass destruction.

    let world peace without bush...

  159. Irshad Ahmed from India

    Perfectly said...I wish other muslim leaders and statesmen would also come forward with such honest and impressive comments

  160. james ndukwe kalu from Nigeria

    dr mahathir i like the courage with which u defend the oppress please keep it up and make go wider thanks and god bless , but still much should be done in re- orientating the muslim youths who are behind the scene of events . i believe it will good for us to have a beatiful world of peace and harmony.

    james n .k

  161. Deen from Malaysia

    Bush or Kerry..the victory is Tel-Aviv. However, since we already knew what Bush had done, might as well kick him out of the office.

    Ramadan Kareem..

  162. mohd asrol sany from malaysia

    Dear my brothers and sisters

    what you all need to do now is to excersice your right in next coming elections by vote bush out from his office

  163. patrick lim ah kow from malaysia

    Don't vote for BUSH ...the Global Terroist Master! Jesus must ashamed on what you had done to tha world.

  164. Mr. Monchu from South Korea

    Assalamualaikum my brothers and sisters. Cruel, disasters, selfish and naive is what Bush really are. He dont give any respect to any muslims all around the world. Killing the palestinians, afghanistan, and iraqis, with no approved reasons, it's shows that the bush family are really into destroying all muslims. Bush is no more less than a liar (9/11 tragedy), a killer(iraq,afghan,palestin) and the most stupid president on earth which continuously repeating the same mistakes that he and his father made. Americans, please notice that at this time, at this moment, Bush family once again abundent the social right of muslims in and outside of America. But once they're done with it, you are the one that will be attack by Bush. He'll take all of your properties without any proof-reasons, put you in jail without any trial, rape your family in the prison and kill your siblings and say that they dead because of high flue. please... I'm begging to all of you, kick bush out from the White House. we dont need bushes in the White House. What we really need is respect, loves and cheerish each others. there's enough lies we heard form Bush. It's time for us to act for the rights of all the peoples around the world. and may Allah bless all of you. Let's vote for Kerry~!!

  165. chyrill from malaysia

    i fully agree with dr. mahathir. although i'm only 18 yeays old, but i now he is a very best leader to lead muslim in this century. his opinion is very good ann we should stand with him. may allah bless him and all of muslim around the world

  166. abdul ahad haleem from usa


    When you talk about oppressed muslims, you mentioned the names of Iraq,Palestine and Afghanistan,but you did not mention the name of Kashmir? Why is that?

  167. S. Kashif Haque from USA

    Salaam aleikum,

    I am NOT for Bush or Kerry as both are really 2 sides of the same coin however, reading this "advice" really takes a lot of nerve, especially coming from someone:

    1. Who was charged by his own slavemaster (the U.S. State Dept.) as having intimidated the press, used his police force and courts for arbitrary arrests of political opponents, and his manipulation of electoral procedures to favour his cast of sycophants and lackeys in the ruling party.

    2. Has invited Israeli sports teams into his nation and has at various times floated the idea of recognizing Israel (hence lending legitimacy to a criminalized theft of land).

    3. Claims to regard and speak for Islam and Muslim values yet was in power in a govt. that ruled from OTHER than Islam, Mr. dictator/er "former president" Could you kindly explain how Surah Ma'ida v. 44-46 relate to your right to rule?

    4. Who in May of 2002 had said that his "West bashing" image was misconstrued and boasted of long-standing ties to the U.S. govt. and work in it's service.

    My question to you Mahathir, by putting on the garb of Islam -- who are you trying to fool? -- yourself, other Muslims or Allah (swt)?

  168. stranger from malaysia

    both of them kerry and bush are not good..

    but as a human and a muslim you only have 1 man to choose between 2 of them...better to give the chance for a man who are not will to kill than giving to the killer..

  169. khulafak rasyidin from malaysia, johor


    saya sebagai seorang rakyat malaysia berbangsa melayu islam amat berbangga kerana memepunyai seorang tokoh yg begitu di kenali di seantero dunia iaitu Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed bekas perdana menteri malaysia. Melalui kenyataan tun saya amat setuju sekali demi kesejahteran umat islam sejagat. Tun Dr Mahathir sebenarnya menjadi sumber inspirasi kepada semua umat islam supaya menjadi lebih berani, agresif dan proaktif dalam menangani isu serantau iaitu isu umat islam yg tertindas oleh bangsa yang memusuhi islam contohnya yg terbaik di Palestine. Di harap Tun Dr Mahathir teruskan perjuangan dengan berani dalam memartabatkan dan demi mengembalikan kedaulatan agama islam di dalam kemajuan ekonomi, sains teknologi dan sosial.

    " Tiada kemiskinan yg lebih fakir melainkan kebodohan. Tiada harta yg lebih kaya melainkan akal fikiran. Tiada keyakinan yg lebih hebat melainkan keimanan"


  170. AsSyahir from Malaysia

    Assalammualaikum dear brothers and sisters,

    As a muslim I think we should all stand together and take Al-Quran and Hadis as our guidance. Thanks to Tun Dr. Mahathir for his support and advised. I hope there will be more muslim leaders such as Tun Dr. Mahathir still existed in the world. Not only good in speech but really profesional in taking action without thinking the risk for the truth. May Allah bless you and I always give my support to you for better Islamic future.

  171. Dirwan from Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum... I'm glad the world have a human being namely Dr. Mahathir, only he the one bravely spokes what was done by USA and the Jewish to the muslims around the whole world... I'm proud of him...

    Why there is so many muslim leaders just shut up their mouth when our Muslims members have been killed by bullets and tank of US & Jewish??? Why they didn't boycott the US economy, where they're the biggest investors in US?? (as told in documentary film - FARENHEIT 9/11) Actually, one bullet made by US is come from the investment of outsiders... Just think the relation of it???

    We're as muslims should always be together to show what is the power of ISLAM and Muslims... ALLAHUAKBAR!!!

    -Dirwan The UMNO Members-

  172. redzuan fitri from tokyo,japan

    Dr. M is very telented person and i'm very salute to him.

  173. Zakiyyah Muhammad from United States

    May Allah bless him for his courage to speak truth.

  174. Dr. Zainul Azizan from USA

    I fully agree with Dr. Mahathir that Bush must be voted out of office to save the Muslim ummah in USA and other parts of the world. President Kerry would take this indication that Muslims have voting rights and casting their votes could make a big difference on who will be the next president of USA. Let us pray that President Kerry would not bow to the pressure of George Soros, who is his major sponsor, to economically destroy the financial institution of developing countries under the pretex of financial freedom and democrary to trade. Asia has learnt such bitter lesson and that incident orchestrated by Soros, has set-back most of the Asian countries by 30 years.

  175. Badr Abuomar from U.S.A

    I agree that Bush must go. However, we have to send a message to Kerry as well. In states where Bush has no chance of winning, such as CA or NY, we should vote for Nader. In all other states we should vote for Kerry.

  176. AGA from USA






  177. abdul from US

    I agree. No matter who is elected, the foreign policy especially and national policy on muslims and their oil may not change. Because these policies are not made by the president but are made by radical christians and jews.

    Think a lot before vote and we have to a candidate who is better than the other for muslims.Not for their issues(gay-antigay, abortion-antiabortion).They can't do a lot.You will find these people in US no matter of the results.May ALLAH bless Muslims and Muslim countries and the resources.

  178. Ahmad Sirajudin from Malaysia

    Dear Tun,

    You have said what I always want to say

  179. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Very well. I am fasting. The Muslim is in a position to determine the outcome of the US Presidential Election. My suggestion is for the Muslim worldwide to maintain polite communications (insha'Allah) with whomever (masha'Allah) the Muslim enables to attain some form of office. May Allah be with all who - by Allah's unsurpassed mercy - believe in Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.

    I remain grateful that Americans have mostly been denied tribute for what America's leaders have done in God's name. My prayer is that this continues to remain the case (Ameen).

    May peace be upon you (Ameen).

    Fi aman Allah.

  180. faizal mohaiyin from MALAYSIA


    Im proud with you Che are really our hero&fighter. Lets together against Bush. We are not supposed to follow his order&instruction. We are strong, stronger than Bush. Dr.M..semoga Allah merahmati&memberi kesihatan yang sempurna pada mu. Terima Kasih, Malaysia&Malaysian proud with you.

  181. Kazim Hayat from Canada

    Mr. Mahathir is right, Americans cannot afford to have Bush as their President for 4 more years. Either vote for Kerry or do not vote at all. Khuda Hafiz.

  182. kzso from malaysia

    hope they vote wisely... it's up to the american themselves....

  183. Abdullah Al Mamun from Tempe, AZ

    Ur, a city in IRAQ is the birthplace of Prophet Ibrahim (A), the great great grand father of Prophets Moses (A), Jesus (A), and Muhammad (SWS).

    If Bush is reelected, Muslims in the USA will face what the Bosnian Mislims have faced in the 1990s. The 41st and 43rd presidents of the USA have destroyed USA by attacking IRAQ twice. Bush represents Zionist-Christians of USA, UK, and Israel. In the 20th century, the nmankind saw: Germany, Japan, and Italy. In the 21st century, mankind sees: USA, UK, and Israel.

    Before talking about 09/11/2001, "Homo Sapiens" need to talk about 09/06/1666, "the Great Fire of London" London, UK. 09/11/2001 = 09/06/1666: Redefining the Anglo-American (Oil-Driven) Civilization.

    "Mankind" including MUSLIMS are warned!


    (More or less) translation:

    "(We) will not leave a single place on earth without destruction or, putting it's people in severe torment; it is written in the Book" - The Holy Quran.

    "(We) will not leave a single house on earth without it's people knowing about ALLAH (SWT) and HIS prophets" - The Holy Quran.



  184. Mohamed from USA

    Both Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry seem to be running for the presidency of Israel. They really do not care about the US.

  185. Niran Noor from Malaysia

    Dr Mahathir has shown time and again to be consistent in expressing his views without fear or favour.

    His concise message to the muslims of America will, I hope, be recieved with an open and sincere heart and I hope they will act appropriately.

    I am sure I will probably face difficulty getting into US after this but I do believe Dr Mahathir has a higher price to pay for his latest sincere comment. I, none-the-less and at the very least, stand by and support him all the way.

    God Bless Dr Mahathir and God bless the Muslim ummah wherever they may be.

  186. Houria R. from USA

    As salam alaykoum

    As Muslims, we do not have really the choice but to make sure that Bush is not re-elected; otherwise his war against Islam will be all over the world.

    As Muslims, we are responsible and I am shocked to see that the Muslims countries are just watching, doing a lot of talk but no action. Is that the meaning of brotherhood in Islam?

    Again, make sure that Bush is not re-elected and that Kerry will have to count with all the Muslims of the world.

    I breaks my heart to see people dying everyday and Muslims leaders doing nothing about it.

    Anyway, Ramadan Kareem and I hope that Muslims of the world understand that they cannot stay on the road side watching the killings of their brothers and sisters.

    As salam alaykoum

  187. Shabir Jalal from UK

    Dr Mahathir has been praised for his affections and keenness to make aware of Muslims their right to stand with equality and with strength. Muslims sufferings of course have been widened during the ruthless reign of president Bush. Its more than shame for muslims of United states that only 2% Jewish lobby has seized the powers of the world's super power. The whole muslim world and especially Arab world has paralysed and astonishingly they are found to be proud of being allies of brutal Bush. Tragedy with Muslim world has been the creation of people like Musharraf, Karzi, Abdullah hussain, Husan-e-Mubarik and many like them. Unfortunately this figure is becoming higher and higher. Every Muslim Leader tries to ensure anti-muslim america that his loyalties are to serve united states and not to the ISLAM. I feel ashamed of being Part of this selfish muslim world.

    I beg to be forgiven being done nothing for my muslim brothers, sisters, and mothers of Plestines, Iraq, Chechnya and Kashmir.

    Everyone knows "strengthening cruelty never make anyone safe" then why do these muslim leaders realise this.

    hoping for safer world for every man on the face of world.

  188. Hyat from Canada

    This is so true Bush or Kerry, neither one care about Muslims. But Muslims have to take care of them selves. We have to stand united as black Americans did. Luther King didn't die for nothing. Someone should remind Bush that we are in the 20th century every humane being is equal doesn't matter of color, race or religion.

    This should never happen again at the expense of Muslims or with any humane beings. But Bush is letting it happen to Muslims and anyone for that matter with an Arabic name. It seems that the Bush administration wants to repeat this horrific crime. Bush's administration is inviting, gathering/collecting Muslims by the thousands and imprisoning them without charge. The justice system states a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    He is no different then the Israeli Prime Minster. He is a murder. He should not win the election he should be charged with murder and tried for the murders of thousands of innocent lives and for destroying property namely in Iraq, Afghanistan and aiding Sharon in Israel in the slaughtering of Palatines.

    American Muslims should send a strong message to all candidates that American Muslims should be treated as other Americans and Muslims in other parts of the world should not be killed for any price even for the black gold "oil" The justice system states a person is innocent until proven guilty. Here Bush is the judge and juries no justice for anyone who is not with him. He sent young soldiers to their deaths but of course no family members among them. All this killing and he didn't kill the ones he went after. Ben laden and Saddam he must be waiting for the right time. Maybe in his next time around he could use the same tactic to invade yet another country because it would seem that killing of innocent people is part of his Presidential Policies

  189. kariem Abdul Haqq from USA

    Muslims should vote for the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has been the worse enemy of the Afican American in American and it is a Socialist Party with a Democatic name. Some people look at the glass half enpty some look at it half full. I look at Bush not oppressing 25 million people in Afganistan nor 25 million people in Iraq, but I look at Bush giving a total of 50 million Muslims a chance for freedom FROM oppression. Now their leaders will 'rule by the consent of the governed.' The Taliban were not teaching Islam properly and were killing Muslims. Sadaam came into power by illigitimate means and caused more than a million Muslims to die (Iranians, Kuwaities, and his own people). He imposed a Socialist philosopy (originating from Karl Marx, a Jew) on the Muslims of Iraq. Where were the Muslims around the world trying to stop these people. Maybe Allah in His Mercy sent a Christian ruler over there to do what the Muslims in the world would not do. And that is stopping so called Muslims from killing and oppressing other Muslims and robbing them. So I support the Afghans and Iraqis who are tying to build their countries based upon freedom, justice and equal opportunity for all, not a dictator or tyrant whether it is an individual or a small group. The writer is talking about having the right to vote and influence who our leaders will be but at the same time supporting the old regimes of the two countries named above who would never allow such a simple and basic right. He urges Muslims to vote for a Party that advocates men marrying men and women marrying women, abortions, etc. John Kerry is an imposter, fraud and a fake. He down plays the fact that he is a Jew. Kerry is not his family name. His family name is Jewish, something like Koen or Koneig. I'm not sure. I was told but I forgot. You can look it up yourself if you want. Being a Jew do you think he will care anything about Muslims. You might have worse than what you have now.

  190. Dr. F.M.Qureshi from India

    Sub'hanallah for this bold and just letter. May Allah reward you for this gesture. Aameen.

  191. Ahmed Asgher from Bahrain

    M/s Azam

    islam sets a precedent that is aimed at people like you. If you are faced with tow problems and you have no choice but to confront one of them, then you must choose the lesser of the tow evils and Allah is oft forgiving.

    Surely killing Muslims is the greatest sin and electing Bush means accepting all his crimes towards the Muslims. now how your heart feels when comparing that to what kerry says about the issues you mention. remember kerry addresses his own people and you, as a Muslim, do not have to agree to that and Allah knows best what is in the hearts.

    Allah even allows wthat which is forbidden under extreme cases, as the Quran states regarding eating dead meat if confronted with severe life-threatening hunger.

    Under no circumstances a Muslim should vote bush. The man has openly declared war (crusade) against those Muslim countries who oppose his policies.

    if you vote Bush, then pray harder that Allah accepts your other deeds, for you will be voting for the devil himself.

    Sure we know Kerry is another chip of the old block, but like many have said, at least let them know that if they do not respect muslims, you guys are united and they will not get a second chance. That is a grand united statement Muslims in America can make.

    Unfortunately nader has to be the choice but he has no chance so this time you are really voting the despot bush out and that is a grand statement. GO FOR IT.

  192. Ahmed Asgher from Bahrain

    I wish more msulim leaders had the guts to speak out like mahathier. sadly most are in the pockets of the US. those who oppose US are hunted down thro being branded as rogue states, thus punished by bombs, sanctions or trumpt up terrorist charges.

    time has come for our leaders to stop pussyfooting and call the spade by its real name. in Allah's kingdom there is no room for doble standards - that is NEFAQ - there is only the truth and it applies to all HIS creatures.

    Ramadhan Mubarak and may Allah accept all your devotions.

  193. Yahya Bergum from USA

    As far as I can tell, Kerry is every bit as partial to Israel as Bush is. The main difference, with respect to foreign policy, is that Bush enjoys functional arrangements with a number of Muslim regimes (for better or for worse). As far as I can tell, Kerry enjoys no such relationships. Has anyone heard if Kerry has explained how he plans to make the oil exporting nations increase production - as he recently indicated he would do, in one of his little campaign speeches?

    As for various foreign voting instructions pertaining to Muslim Americans' service (insha'Allah) in the cause of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala)...

    Ramadan Mubarak!

  194. Ajmal Khan from Germany

    Assalamo aleykom

    first dr mahatir is a very strong and well leader. i am very glad that there is somebody who can write such a letter. I agree totaly with him. He express exactly what i feels. We must help each other. tanks dr mahatir

  195. Ms. Azam from USA

    I cannot in good concious vote for a man who is pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage, and pro-stem cell research on embryonic tissue. As well as someone who supports increase in mimimum wages and who will increase taxes on the middle class. Will the Iraqis be saved if John Kerry is president? But at what cost? Telling our children that same-sex marriage is okay? Telling our children abortion is okay? Telling our children that what they earn should alomost all be handed over to the government? That they can live a decent life on minimum wage because it will go up?

  196. Abul Hassan from USA

    I am sure Kerry is not going to be big help for Muslim. At least they will know in the future that Muslims can change a leader every four years if they want. In my family14votes for Kerry. Insha Allah We muslim in America has to be united.

  197. rahshee abdul from united states

    as salaam wu alaikum.

    ramadaan kharim to all my brothers and sisters.

    without having written an extended essay or book to express the urgency of our position in these elections, Dr. Mahathir's article speaks volumes.

    inshaAllah we will be motivated and our actions will be an illustration of forward progressive; for the ummah and the world community to note.

    Fi Aman Allah

  198. Ansaruddin Rahimi from The Bahamas

    This is indeed a bold article which I like very much. We should have more great leaders like Mahathir in this world to voice agianst the atrocities being done to Islam amd Muslims in the pretext of terrorism. Another voice is that of Predident Mushraff, who very much spoke eloquently about the iron cutain drwan on Muslims and Islam, last month in UN General assembly.

  199. Rashad Abdul-Azeem from USA

    I agree with Dr. Mohamad's premise that the two party system in American is almost one in the same. There was a difference years ago. Bush's war on terrorism is truly a war on the weak and oppressed, because it is they who suffer the most.

    Four more years under Bush may make an invasion of Iran very plausible. Muslim Americans must rally with one voice and vote to send Bush back to Texas along with those who are really his 'brain'.

    In this way at least those who led us into the most catastrophic blunder in American history won't be able to ever do it again. It's really a choice between two lesser 'mistakes'.

  200. Faisal from Canada

    It's true that muslims in America need to unite and vote this man out of office. He has brought suffering and agony to muslims around the world. After all, it was him who told the world that Iraq had ties to 911 and that Iraq developed WMD; eventhough it has been found that both were invalid. It is because of his lies that thousands of Iraqi's lost there life. CHILDREN IN IRAQ ARE COUNTING ON YOU TO END THEIR AGONY AND SUFFERING BY DEFEATING BUSH! THINK ABOUT IT!