Tragedy in Beslan

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Pakistani children hold oil lamps and placards as they hold a vigil in memory of the school children killed during the Beslan school hostage tragedy. AFP/Aamir Qureshi

The first rule, in your moral calculus as a combatant, is that you don't deliberately harm civilians. The second rule is that you most decidedly don't target children, say by taking them hostage, in your fight against the enemy. And, yes, there's a third rule: You observe the above two rules scrupulously, for by not doing so you ratchet up the scale of your uncivilized behavior so many notches that you put yourself beyond the pale.

We may never know what triggered the massacres of well over 350 civilians, half of them children, at a school in Russia's Caucasus town of Beslan, not far from Chechnya, where the victims appear to have perished in the bomb blasts, automatic weapons, grenades and crossfire of a rescue attempt gone horribly awry.

We may never know because Russian officials are notorious for withholding information from their public when they botch a rescue operation, as they are equally notorious for refusing to exhaust all options open to them before they take drastic action.

In October 2002, it will be recalled, President Vladimir Putin, opting not to negotiate with Russian guerrillas holding hostages in a Moscow theater, ended up killing 250 of his own people when he ordered, again before other action was considered, that a deadly gas be pumped into the interior of the building.

Typically, the government-controlled media at the time, which never revealed the exact number of dead, claimed improbably, indeed comically, that the victims died of, well, "stress."

This time around, Russian authorities stormed the school on Friday, again without any plan, and ended up creating a scene of unspeakable carnage, with piles of corpses of children and their parents strewn around - followed by officials in Moscow providing the usual prevarications, false statements, and rumors (known to Russians and dismissed by them as "lozh"). 

Then, in an egregious display of double-speak Putin invoked the specter of "international terrorism" to define what in effect is a regional conflict in Chechnya, triggered not only by a genuine struggle of a repressed people for national independence, but also by this repressed people's reaction to the abominable atrocities that Moscow's occupation army has inflicted on them all these years. 

By identifying Chechens as "prestupnik," or bandits, he shifts attention away from how Russia has refused all these years to face up to the realities on the ground in Chechnya.

After Russian President Boris Yeltsin ordered an invasion of the rebellious Muslim republic ten years ago, his troops turned Grozny, the capital, once a quaintly attractive city of 400,000, into rubble, strewn with copses, and caused tens of thousands of Chechens to flee their homeland.

Commenting on that, the Washington Post editorialized last Friday: "President Vladimir Putin has since made the situation worse, launching a second invasion, cutting off the region from aid groups and journalists, refusing negotiations, and allowing Russian troops to torture and torment Chechen civilians."

Instead of seeking a long-lasting reconciliation between Russia and Chechnya - a nation that for the last 300 years has endured the yoke of Russian domination - Putin instead has sought to impose on the Chechens one puppet government after another, through one transparently rigged election after another.

Just as we may never know what brought about Friday's massacre, we may never know either what the ultimate aim of those Chechen militants was and what drove them, so callously, to take almost a thousand civilians hostage. Were they trying to make a point, perhaps to create among Russians an atmosphere of terror, panic and helplessness in order to remind them of the havoc sown in Chechnya by their occupation troops? After all, the history of Russian oppression - including the time in 1944 when Joseph Stalin ordered the mass deportation of the entire Chechen population to Central Asia in the middle of winter, which resulted in the death of 78,000 en route or soon after arrival - runs deep in the Chechen archetype, historical sensibility and collective memory. 

This, however, we do know: Chechens do their long-suffering nation and their just cause no favor by seizing a school and taking children hostage.

The families of the victims, along with the traumatized survivors, of this dreadful event deserve our complete sympathy. 

Fawaz Turki can be reached at [email protected]

Source : Arab News

  Category: Europe, World Affairs
  Topics: Russia, Vladimir Putin
Views: 6099

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Older Comments:
It is sad to see so many innocent lives wasted, my heart goes out to the parents of the dead children, but the Russian president along with the world leaders could have avoided such tragedy by negotiating with the freedom fighters who wanted there voices to be heard and the atrocities to stop in Chechnya - it is not very difficult to figure that one out. The mass genocide in Chechnya are being ignored where thousands of innocent children have been condemned to death. Why were the world leaders quick to condemn this incident whilst they turn a blind eye to the killing of thousands of innocent Chechen civilians including children. I do not see world leaders come out to condemn Russia. i do not see children around the world hold cadle light vigils or protest about the killing of Chechen children.


MADMAX said:
Aleikoum Assalam Brother Zinedine, well deserved name by the way, considering you erudition in Islam, Masha Allah. Thank you for your feedback, I have been reading most of your comments and the least I can say is that you always put the dot on the I's and cross the T's. Multiple times I wanted to provide feedbacks on your comments which I always find enlightening, but unfortunately time is hardly available for me to get on the Internet and visit such a wonderful site but Allah Ghalb, Do keep posting your very interesting comments, it is such a joy to read them as well as those of other Sisters and Brothers. Puisse Allah the protger toi et les tiens ainsi que tous les Musulmans.

Ramadan Moubarak to you and yours and to all the Muslims around the world.

Allah Hafidh

Salaamu alaikum,

Good answers Madmax. These hard heads, it takes to drop an atomic bomb on New York for them to understand the sufferings of the Muslims!

FedUp and Sheik (it's spelled Sheikh, nice try :-)
I am fed up too, have you never been told not to generalize? It is hazardous to your health.

The answer is: does the faith of the Judeo-Christians ever take responsibility for all the extremists running your countries and imposing wars on others for the last 2 centuries?
My thinking of the Judeo-Christians should bare responsibility for the crimes committed by you countries has no merit, and your thinking about Islam's is zero merit as well.

I would invite you to sober up and re-pose your question one more time.


MADMAX said:
Mark, YES! you should blame the governments for the bloody things going around the world, and you know very well that your own government cannot escape the blame either, they also have a lot of blood on their hands, and if you are honest with yourself you must be admitting it yourself and without my help, you will be more "amazed" of what you will discover, I am sick and tired to see you coming to my home, loot my home, rape and kill my family, and take what it's not yours, and when I retaliate, you start, like brother Abdul-Jaleel said, demonizing me, dehumanizing me then bring all you military might and go on with the slaughtering of the rest of my family. You want to show real sincerity, then start by being honest with yourself. You want to stop these killing games, then start ruminating about the root cause, because you know very well that Muslims did not come to you, you came to them. Muslims did not attack you, you attacked them, Muslims did not steal from you, you stole from them.

You are the only that can stop the madness.
You = the government that serves you and your countrymen.

The only places where you find people killing people for no reason, is in places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London, and now Moscow with all the narcotics and the filth of a decadent and debauched society, not brilliant is it?

P.S. when was it the last time you, Mark, blamed Christianity for the killings of innocent Muslim children? When was the last time you, Mark, heard Muslims people blame the Christians world for the slaughtering of Muslims? When?


Let's all use the two words the Americans always use, "collateral damage". I don't need to say that I feel deeply sorry for the innocents around the world children and adults, no exception, and I know I am,just like every Muslims around the world, they don't care anyway about our sincere sorrow for these children. Personally I absolutely refuse to be apologetic and I believe all the Muslims MUST STOP being apologetic for any catastrophe root caused SOLELY by the imperialists and by no one else, they better know that the blame of the 20th and 21st century misery is definitely on them, period. We have been soooo apologetic after some guys decided to crash planes in New York and causing some "collateral damage" 3000 non-combatant people, not much considering the 100 of thousands of non-combatant Muslim people killed by America and Russia just during this past decade. I am asking all the Muslims only one question; why are we so apologetic and FOR WHAT???, what was the results after these undue apologies? the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the increasing genocide in Palestine, the planned invasion of the rest of the Muslim world? WAKE UP and hear the American and Russian drums of war!!!.

Mr. Putin, the Muslims care about your people more than you do. You know it's true, you have proved it yourself.

Assalum Aleikum Brothers Abdul-Jaleel Mohammad and Mohammad Qasem I agree with you one hundred percent.


If your women and children are murdered and the world turns a cheek to it, you'd want to get someones attention. Islam doesn't allow killing of innocent. Only in self defense. Its a poor choice on behalf of the rebels(those first harmed by russians)to take out their frustrations against innocent women and children. But they could be psychologically destroyed by harm done to them. Anyway, how is it that cameras get in there? How is it that russian government doesn't keep parents safely away from the building. And by the way, now the US wants to talk business with Chechnya about a pipeline? I don't get it.

With so many negative happenings in the world, How can so many more governments stand by and allow them to happen. There are a vast amount of large and small countries with legitimate governments who can intervien. Why lookt these so called super paowers who are not willing to get involved. If muslim countries along with others who share the wrongness of these happenings were to collectively say "NO MORE". It would open eyes and begin change, instead of just saying it's wrong. What I'm realy trying to say is if they can kill, make people suffer and cause mahiem. Why can we not fight back. Bismillah and truly Allah will provide a victory. Amin

Very interesting Romesh, what are you afraid of? Most of the bloodshed will happen past your time. Non-Muslims train their children to fight Muslims, Muslims train their children to fight the enamies of Islam. As long as the non-Muslims will fight and oppress Muslims the fight is on. How long? To the extinction of any. The red Indians could not be exterminated but their numbers decrease gradually. Lack of direction and purpose, I think. Muslims are different, they have both direction and purpose, they are very much like the legendary Phoenix bird, having the quality to be reborn from the ashes of their massacres. Brace yourself, Romesh, mankind have never seen a more determinate and fierce freedom-fighter than the Muslim warrior. A Roman soldier had the belief that he was already dead and his killing in battle was his passege to the true life. A Viking believed that by dying in battle he will join his friends in Valhala. The Mongols of Genghis Khan believed like the Germans of Hitler that the world left them out in the worse lands to pain their life untill death. They felt like dying and killing just for the heck of it. In one sentence Romesh, you don't have the ability to change things, Bush, Putin, Sharon have, but they won't, everybody gets what he bargains for. Life is cheap for those that pain living, remember, you can't build a successful army from corn-fed rich kids, but you can from hungry scrawny-dog dirt-poor children. In every man dwells three personalities, the Master, the Slave and the Warrior. Rub your old head and start thinking, perchance you will fathom the meaning of what I've just said.

I have to say one more thing for those readers who try to justify a crime by giving explaination that Russians kill a lot of more Chechens than these criminals who killed many children.
If answer to a crime is a worst crime in responce then we are in big trouble of morals values.
Don't forget, Forgiveness is valued higher than revenge. Did the prophet of these believers took revenge in Mecca after the bloodless victory. I guess we just like to read stories and feel good about that but we don't want to put these examples in actions. If actions are different than your example you can spend life to justify and get no result as so called muslim rebels of this time getting no result.

I agree with the writter. I have to say that it is our fault to find ourselfs in this situation. Why 200000 muslims were killed in Bosnia? Why 500000 muslims were killed in Iraq (and counting)? Why 30000 muslims have been killed in India (and counting)? Why all others elsewhere? Are they all not victims or only kids in Beslan are victims? Are raped woman in Abu ghraib victims or terorists who got what they deserved by US "liberators"? But yes, it is our fault, not others. There are 52 muslim countries. Why don't we have something like NATO? Why muslim countries have not yet developed huge nuclear aresenals like others did? Why don't we have permanent member in UN to be able to veto resolutions that are not in our favor, like US does for Israel? Why Turkey, Pakistan and say Indonesia can't built defence nuclear system as a deterance force? Weapons is freedom, if you belive differently you live in a dreamland (I know this, I am from Bosnia!). Tell me one big western democracy that does not have huge military? Don't bother, you won't find one. But I will tell you why we don't have all these things. We are not joined togeather! Turkey works against Iran, Pakistan against Afganistan, Kuwait against, well everybody, Saudis against Iran, Syria against Turkey...and so on. As long as this is the case, we will count our victims in tens of thousands, even millions. Noone in west will care about those victims! Taking hostages will not solve anything. Only joint efforts of all muslim countries to build strong community will! Prove me wrong. Salam

The article seems to contain a wealth of historical information. I am also very much in agreement with the author's conclusions. The people of Chechnya have most definitely been brutalized by a long succession of Imperialists, Communists and (more recently) Federalists. The tragedy in Beslan, however, seems quite unlikely to benefit Chechnya. While it distresses me to say it, perhaps the people of Chechnya have been overly loyal to various opponents of the Imperialists, Communists and Federalists in question.

Also, for whatever it might (or perhaps might not) be worth, it seems that victims of the tragedy in Beslan considered their tormentors to be Wahabi. Russians in general - and Christians of the Caucasus in particular - would appear inclined to harbor feelings of goodwill towards Muslims they consider to be Sufi. For example, Boris Yeltsin's '97 invasion of Chechnya was reportedly in response to alleged attempts by "Wahabi" Chechen separatists to undermine the "Sufi" government of the neighboring (Russian) Republic of Dagestan.

It is not obvious what the separatists have attained for Chechnya - or at least not obvious to me - in the years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Actually, they almost seem to be fighting to restore it.

Peace be with you. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) have mercy on us all. Ameen.

James you asked, "Does the faith of Islam as a whole ever take responsibility for extremist actions and terrorism enacted under the guise of fundimentalist Quoran instruction?" My answer to you is another question: "Did or does any other faith?" Because, mind you, representatives of all known faiths have commited at one time acts of terrorism. No faith ever took responsibility for that. You know why? Simply because those acts were not belonging to the faith in principle. It just happened that the perpetrators were of that faith. If somebody went to your home and broke in and raped your wife and maybe your daughter, what difference it makes to you whether that criminal was of Judaic, Christian or Muslim background and claimes that he did that for religious purposes? A criminal is a criminal, if you want to see or understand a certain faith go to the source. You want to learn about Judaism don't go to Ariel Sharon, go to Moses,pbuh, and their scholars like Rebbi Hillal. You want to learn about Christianity, don't go to Bush, but to Jesus,pbuh, and their scholars and likewise if you wanted to know Islam, go to Muhammad,pbuh, and the Great of Islam. Charles Manson that murdered Sharon Tate the fiance of Roman Polanski together with a dozen others claimed that he had a mission from god Jesus to do that. People and groups can claim whatever they want, we live in a free world. But in the moment you associate their deeds with Islam you attack persons like me. I am a Canadian Muslim and whatever so called Muslims do in Beslan or Darfur is neither my guilt or sin for that matter. I don't care much about them and I care less about Australians. Canada is a big place, I don't care much about what's happening outside Toronto or Ontario, in Canada! What's happening in Iraq is affecting the whole world and especially North America. One reason for a Canadian to care about, savvy? So, stop putting inane questions to an erudit audience.
Peace out!

Sorry being harsh in this post.

Moral calculus. I do not find any muslim asking the question "How can any believer in 'peaceful islam' even THINK of planning to take elementary school children in a school??". Looking at the pictures, none of the children looked older than 10.

What are they going to do next time? Take hostages of children in nurseries!!

Another case of Islamic Moral Calculus. It is nice to know that children in Pakistan at the vigil. But what are the ADULTS doing? Probably, creating Jihadis out of these children!

This article appeared in Arab News (published in Saudi Arabia); but the picture of children is from Pakistan. So what do the Saudi feel? Probably, they are rejoicing at the tragedy inflicted on infidels, preaching Jihad and collecting money to fund Jihad.

Sorry being harsh. But the author of this article shows no remorse at all at the tragedy, is a supporter of hostage-takers, and blames everything on Putin. Well Putin is no saint, but why did hostage-takers even plan for taking of hostage-taking of children?.

Moral Calculus of the author is 'crystal clear'; he is an islamist fundamentalist and supports hostage taking of children.

No wonder the gulf between the muslims and non-muslims is on the increase; non-muslims no longer trust muslims. Probably, Clash of Civilizations has started, especially between muslims and non-muslims; it is likely to last about 100 years and will be extremely bllody for everybody.

Assalaamu alaikum.

My opinion is that the author spent too much time putting the blame on Putin. We Muslims have got to get out of the habit of blaming others for our ill doings. It sickens me to see how we have sunk to the lowest position where we will target innocent people including children to prove some point. It is even more sickening that so many Muslims try to justify or place the blame on other people. It is not the fault of the US government that many Muslims have become killers/murderers. It is not the Israeli government, the Pakistani government, the Saudi government, the Indonesian government, the Indian government, etc. It is our fault that we have become killers and murderers. All these terrorist activities have made living for Muslims all over the world so difficult and I fail to see how a terrorist would think that his or her actions is helpful to me, the Muslim community at large or even to them. The day we resorted to murdering innocent people was the darkest day in the Muslim community's life. We make a big deal about bidaa. In my opinion, these actions are bigger bidaas than the ones we make a big deal about. The sad thing is that so many Muslims do not even realize it. We have sunk so low that we have now started killing our own. There is no nice way to tell all these militants to stop their nonsense and stop killing other people. Let the non-Muslim carry the blood on their hands instead. Right now it looks like we Muslims are carrying most of the blood on our hands. Please do not regard me as a Muslim hater. I am and will forever be, inshaa Allah be a Muslim. This is the only reason that I am so disgusted by all these Muslim terrorist activities around the world. Quit your nonsense. I hope that Islamicity will show the courage to display my letter for I believe that it is time for us Muslims to take a new stance. NO MORE EXCUSE FOR THE KILLING/MURDERING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IN ISLAM'S NAME. Thank you.

Wassalaamu alaikum

Does the faith of Islam as a whole ever take responsibility for extremist actions and terrorism enacted under the guise of fundimentalist Quoran instruction?

What does this mean? Is this the degradation of the human soul or is it a severe callousness of emotions? On the side of the kidnappers is the desperation of a deadend for any attempts to achieve independence of Chechnya, added sorrow being their murdered or imprisioned relatives. I do not try to justify the act of kidnapping children. It is doubly wrong: 1-they are innocent. 2-they are the most vulnerable. I have one question though, to any of you on this site:"If it was your own child kidnapped and you had the utmost authority to negotiate and decide; would any rescue attempt have gone wrong?" We have to realize the hate against an ethnicity that would go as far as harming self for a miserable standoff bravada of authority and force without feelings for your compatriot. Who is better? A desperate ethnicity that does the insane thing as a last resource to make a point, or a stubborn and ruthless totalitarian regime that would harm its own people including children to convey a message of non-negotiotion with terrorists? I know, if it was my child, I would have offered myself in exchange and there would have been no way in hell that I would have jeapardize one thread of his hair if it was in my authority to do so!
Peace out!

I am muslim yet love the Russian culture and have friends whom are both.Islam is getting a 'bad rap'worldwide because the infidels, the khafiroon are liars and are up to mischief. In this case both sides of the story needs to be told including the horrific destruction of Chechnya / Chechens."THE EVIL AGGRESSOR WHO STARTED THE CONFLICT IS TO BLAME. MAY ALLAH(SWT) PROTECT US AND GIVE US VICTORY OVER THEM WORLDWIDE ALWAYS (INSHA-ALLAH)" ALHAMDULILAH

I have to admire the great gesture of sympathy Pakistani children showing in the photo. I also wish this kind of peaceful vigil also happen for their other brotherens those are slaughter and humiliated everyday in other neighboring countries.
This article does not explain anything. It is in fact putting the burden of guilt on Putin. This is the real dilemma with Muslims in these days. Either blames west or their rulers for all the screw up things done by other Muslims. The definition of a crime is "An act committed in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it". Looking at this definition there is no explanation in the world that can justify crime committed by Chechen Muslim rebels. Yes they violated their own religious law that commands them not to kill or humiliated civilians including children or non combatants. The problem is with Muslims as they have cross over the grey line of their moral values to dark moral values. No wonder doing this immoral jihadi struggle by these Muslims is producing any fruitful results. Can't these people see?
It is time for fellow Muslims to correct their priorities and understand their own religion with open mind and follow the path of their prophet. Make peace with everyone even if you have to loss on a lot of things. You are a defeated group just because of your own misdeeds. Educate your people and learn technologies and revitalize Islam of the coming centuries. Rather than go back to 7 century and make your own people suffer for the actions done by the few ignorant.
Only the silence majority of Muslims can eliminate this Jihadi attitude and terrorists among them. If you feel things will become better by keeping eyes close, it is the mistake of these sleeping Muslims. You will be judge for not forbidding the evil among you irrespective if you are involve with this crime or not.

Peace with everyone

Where was the American and world media when innocent civilians (included many children) were being slaughtered in Chechnya? What about those children killed in Kashmir and Palestine? How many of you have even seen the pictures of the horrific violence perpetrated on the Chechens by Russia? How many of you even know the history of the Russian abuse of Chechens? Yes, what happened in Beslan was terrible but what has happened in Chechnya over the years has been far more horrific than what you see now. I find the selective moral outrage disgusting! Russia is getting a taste of its own medicine in Chechnya. For those who are 'shaken' and all roiled up about Beslan, the best way to protect yourself from these images is to stand up for the legitimate rights of the abused Chechens. If they have world support and if there are international bodies willing to stand up for their rights as humanbeings, then they wont need to protect themselves by the weapon of the weak: terrorism. Those outraged by Beslan should stop their melodrama and accept responsibility for their complicity in the abuse of Chechens that has brought things to this point. Yep, personal responsiblity is what is needed here; personal responsibility cuts both ways. Islamic militants have to accept responsibility for their misdeeds, something I have talked about ad nauseum around fellow Muslims. But so do those who create the abusive conditions where terrorism grows. We are not innocent victims of terrorism. Its about time we take responsibililty for what we have done to bring things to this point.

Ask Potin about the children of chechenya, Bush about Iraqi children and Sharon about the children of palestine. If they condem or disagree with what is going on there, I will condem and disagree as a Muslim with Beslan.
If no person is allowed to talk about our children, let the world be burned, I do not care or blink if it was a million children burned alive.

As-salaamu alaikum. First rule of thumb, Allah(swt) says in the Qur'an that when a wicked person comes to you with some information, ascertain the truth lest you hurt people unwittingly and afterwards become full of repentence for what you've done. Qur'an 49:6. the second rule is that Muslims all know, at least we should know, that there is an open war against Islam and the Muslims. This information comes from the lying enemies of Islam. They lie all the time. The enemies of Allah are plotting against the Muslims all the time. They have think tanks that plot and think of nothing but Islam all day. Look at the tape that "someone" sent to the news. It shows what they want us to see, which is: 1) women with their heads covered. 2) a woman with a child walks slowly across the screen and lots of children. And 3) men making and setting up bombs everywhere. Look at how the world views this. They say these people are evil and that they are inhuman. How could they do this? At this time the mind frame of the people are being set up. Muslims know that Muslims do not do this. But, this is the same methodology the west has used for years when they at war or want to go to war with someone. The plan is to first demonize the enemy, then dehumanize them thereby making it easier to wholesale slaughter. When they came to amerikkka in the 1600's this is what they did to the Indians to take their land. They did this again to the African slaves. And it continues on til today with the Muslims. And yes there is a third rule, remember Allah's words when we think of listening to their news sources. These people lie all time even in their sleep.

Violence begets violence. Those that live by the sword, die by the sword. The simple statements abound because they are statements not only of human nature but of system dynamics that insure the escalation of violence even among brothers that decide to "trade hits". This simple dynamic will be played out in increasingly dear terms as long as the west continues with its "war on terror".
The simple fact is that those that believe "the state should have a monopoly on violence" is overlaid with those that believe that a cluster bomb in a china shop is the way to human progress. This being supported by the group that can be considered the "core of evil" on this earth.
Isa once said "I say unto you, thou shat not only love your friend but thou shalt love thy enemy as well. For what profit is there in loving ones friends only. " The system dynamic of escalating violence in occupation and resistance leads to a simple conclusion--> Occupation is terrorism, and the "war on terrorism" is a war of terrorism.
Now that baby Bush's nescient realization that the "war on terrorism" can not be won has been replaced by political self delusion in support of the Christian Right and Zionists it will spread through out the "western" intersection (Christian union Zionist) world. (There is plenty of depth left to the spread.)

I am amazed that once again moslems are blaming a goverment for actions taken by islamic terrorists.
A group are not always right because they are moslems.
I am a white english christian who abhors violence committed by any group of people regardless of colour,nationality or religion.
To try and excuse or understand these vicious and depraved terrorists because of their religion only further harms the great islamic faith.
They call themselves moslems but how can they be?,
Islam is a religion that preaches kindness and understanding,yes some of the penalties and punishments do seem a bit severe to me but I defy any moslem to show me where in the Koran it justifies the killing of innocents and if you can,Islam is not the religion I thought it to be

The grievous killings of the innocent civilians especially the children are absolutely a blot on human values and ethics. This crime by any means cannot be justified. But can we assure that in the future the same crime against humanity will not repeat? Who is really responsible for the sheer humiliation of the human values up to this extant? I have one of my close friends from Chechnya, who is highly educated and is working for a MNC. He expresses his condolence and grief over this massacre. But whatever he says these are the words of really consideration, "For the last 6 years the Russian military has crossed all the limits of tyranny and forty seven thousand only children are brutally massacred in Chechnya. No home is spared of killings and destruction, each Chechen is frustrated and fully broken. There is no hope in Chechnya; the United Nation has become a mere tool of justifying the state sponsored terrorism of the world powers. When the tragedy touches someone and he sees his dear ones slaughtered, only one cry is heard, this is avenge and avenge!! You cannot expect from the annoyed and downtrodden peoples to follow ethics, values and general principles of war. They raise only weapons, irrespective of gender and age they kill as they are being killed."

Of course these words have great meanings. President Putin himself has accepted that the Russian military has committed crimes against humanity in Chechnya. The United Nation has not done any thing to secure the rights of Chechen peoples except being a mere watchdog and justifying the brutal Russian terrorism. No guarantee could be given in future that the same killings will not happen in Russian lands. Unless the regime is changed in Russia, the Russian war criminals including Putin is brought to justice and the Chechens are given their homeland free I do not think that the Russian civilians are safe.

May Allah protect all of the innocent people being victim of the crimes of the so called leaders.