Kidnapping has no basis in Islam

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French Muslims say the journalists' kidnapping has no basis in Islam

It is not only the government in Paris and numerous colleagues who demand the release of the two kidnapped French journalists in Iraq who have been threatened with death: There are also many voices from the Islamic world, including Amr Mussa, the secretary-general of the Arab League. 

The calls for the release of Christian Chesnot of Radio France Internationale and Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro newspaper have stressed that from the very beginning, France was opposed to the war in Iraq. Therefore any French reporters on the ground would be operating in a neutral capacity.

But this latest case of westerners being held captive under a death threat in Iraq has little to do with the contentious conflict in that land.

It is claimed that their detention and possible execution in fact has its roots in a situation within France, their own country. The kidnappers from the so-called "Islamic Army of Iraq" are not concerned with France's political involvement in the Iraq war but with the headscarf ban in French schools which comes into effect at the beginning of September.

The kidnapping case has revealed a level of public protest more notable and with more supporters than the amount of Islamic federations who stand against the headscarf ban. The protest is against the kidnapping itself and it is coming from a large contingent of French Muslims. 

An insult to all Muslims

French reporter Georges Malbrunot, right, of Le Figaro newspaper, and French radio reporter Christian Chesnot, of Radio France Internationale (RFI).

Those who have joined to protest are angry about the use of the word "Islamic" in the title of the group responsible and in the justification of its actions. They see this as an insult to Muslims all around the world, and reject the claim made by the group that the actions are dictated by the Koran, Islam's holy teachings. 

The French Muslims say that the use of terror tactics, the taking of hostages and so-called "executions" of the innocent have nothing to do with the teachings of the Koran and represent the actions and beliefs of individual radical groups. They believe that there is no religious basis for the kidnapper's actions, which are simply abominable.

Prejudices about a "basic radicalism" in Islam continue to spread in the West -- an untruth not only based on a lack of knowledge or superficial reports in the media. Prejudices also spread because few Islamic voices speak out against actions such as the kidnappings, leaving the extremists to comment in the name of Islam -- extremists who consciously want to stoke the fires of the conflict of cultures.

Murder is a bigger threat to Islam than ban

Demonstrators, including journalists and members of the Muslim community, gathered on the Trocadero Esplanade in Paris on Monday to protest against the kidnapping

But the example of France shows that things can go differently as well. Not only organizations who promote integration but also regular Muslims and even extremely conservative Islamic groups are opposing the attempt to prevent the headscarf ban by threatening to kill people. 

Islamic organizations are committed to reversing the headscarf ban but will not advocate the taking of hostages to achieve it. Their belief that the ban must be reversed in a lawful way points to the fact that even conservative Islamic federations in Europe are becoming more and more integrated into the democratic system and that actions such as the kidnappings only damage their own position.

One can only hope that the actions of French Muslims will have a life-saving effect in the case of the two journalists.

Source: DW-World

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, France, Iraq
Views: 8655

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Older Comments:
From my knowledge, taking of valuable hostage, for ransom is allowed in war (incidentally, in war raiding supply lines is allowed). But the hostages are to be treated as prisoners of war, and such ransom is supposed to be in return for giving back the hostages, not in return for killing them. kidnapping hostages isn't prohibited (in war), but abusing hostages is. torturing such hostages, threatening to kill them, actually killing them simply for being hostages is disallowed.

Funny, I thought I read about the muslims in Medina raiding caravans and kidnapping Meccans for a bounty, but hey thats history. In today's world we'll bend anything to our point of view, today its about being seen as part of the British or French 'civilisations' so I suppose we have to join in with our fellow 'countryman' and condemn these darn Islamic terrorists.

Dear respected People in Training (on Moral) on Earth!

Kidnapping, blowing-up, and beheading innocent civilians are wrong. Its common sense. No need for consultation with theological experts or search sacred texts.

Here is the problem...the West has beed doing kidnapping and all above mentioned from the first day of its emergence out of the cave of Europe. Now, Muslims need to make up their minds, do you want to behave as the real criminals of the West have been behaving...That is the real issue.

To be fair to the people of the Middle East:
Don't sit (Western residents) in the West and conclude everyone in the Middle East is a terrorist. Learn deeply what's going on in Palesine(Israel), Iraq, and in Chechnya. Your gov'ts in the West do not show a squat about the atrocities in those regions.

Always remember!!! "...As you Sow, So will you reap.."-X Sapien.


I fully support this initiative to go against the crime and un-Islamic unethical ways of kidnapping and killings, but all these increasing terrorism and resentment also need to be analyzed. It is inevitable and must to explore the reasons that why people are becoming terrorists and killing others and themselves? Depriving of their rights, fractured economic conditions, harassment by the government and killing of the people by the Russian military in the name of solidarity with rest of the nations are the sufficient reasons of terror rising. Russian government has crossed all the boundaries of crime against Chechen peoples; they have killed at least about hundred of thousands peoples, children and women.

The cruel and callous regime of Russia has filled each person in Chechnya with anger, woe and lamentations. People in Chechnya are fully fractured and frustrated; no home in Chechnya is remained safe from destruction or killings. All the contemptible state sponsored terrorism is fully responsible of these kinds of emerging resentments amongst the Chechens and other people who are supporting them.

The United Nations' irresponsible behaviour and becoming a mere tool of justifying the powerful nations' terrorists act is much responsible too. The Russian government must be forced to give up the killings in masses of Chechnya's peoples and a kind of programmed pogrom. Unless The Russian callous regime suspends its horrifying terrorism against the Chechens the common and innocent Russian people will face the dire consequences of the inhuman acts of their regime.

This is for people like ROMESH
To some degree I agree with your statement, but The quotes of QURAN, original bible, Torah,or Bhagwad Geetha(any religiuos book) are very important to the human beings for the way of lives,character etc.
You said the actions of muslims count. What about the actions of Christians, Jews and Hindus in the countries where the muslims are terrorised/colonised.
Muslims are called terrorists.Will it be fair to use this word terrorist for christians/jews/ hindus ( any nonmuslim) when they torture,kill,rape,destroy homes,suck the resources & destroy the economy of their homelands.
If some groups in any religion are terrorist, we cannot blame the complete followers of that religion.
You further said "Muslim & Ulemmas are stone Silent". What about the christian/jews/hindus saints or religious leaders. THEY ARE SILENT TOO. Sometimes they encourage to build their temples in muslims worship places , atleast I never heard any muslim leader did this.
Do you know consequences in middle east if any muslim scholar speaks.Most muslim Govts are puppets & money lovers.If they are good and follow the correct Islam , The Muslim world would have been a great place. Directly or indirectly the muslim countries are not allowed to become independent(industrially etc).

I personally imagine that the Ikhwanul Muslimin is currently the world's foremost (earthly) authority on Muslim militancy. Whether or not I personally share their vision, if the Ikhwanul Muslimin consider these kidnappings to be contrary to Islam then why should I myself not share that particular opinion? Also, for whatever it might be worth, I imagine that calling myself (and my associates) Islamic would at best be presumptuous - astaghfirullah. Excessive presumption seems unlikely to indicate right guidance, regardless of the vision or the party in question.

Furthermore - beyond simply acknowledging the truth - asserting that I am only doing the will of God would seem superfluous; nothing happens but by the will of God, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. On the other hand, asserting that I am carrying out God's judgement (on someone other than myself) would seem blasphemous - astaghfirullah. In any case, I will surely not in the least be wronged by God. I might of course be wronged by myself, as the case may be, but surely not by God - in other words, surely not by Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.


Romesh, the old lost soul, you said "...And all the muslim governments are stone silent..." I couldn't agree more with you, my question to you is, since when the rotten governments in the Muslim countries ever spoke up for anything other than against their own people, and turning their army against their own people, while at the same licking the filthy shoes of the US governments and getting paid with money stolen from their own nations by their masters. You are not providing any fresh news, which makes you sound even more pathetic Romesh.
Then you said "...and the so-called muslim ulemas are also stone silent", So one more time you chose to play the deaf and the blind on top of being "romesh" when you want, correct? Since you don't read news like you should, then let me give you some fresh news, the two French journalists are in the process of going home safe and sound, certainly shocked and scared like I am myself, and it's not thanks to the French diplomats, not thanks to the rulers of the Muslim countries, but a great THANKS to the Muslims populace and their Ulama (by the way, you don't need to add a 's', it's already plural, my bright Romesh)
Romi, I can never figure out how you always find a way to display your idiotic and pathetic hatred towards Muslims. You chose to burn your energy and consume yourself from within with hate? fine, but at least write or say something intelligent and objective that wouldn't make a modest reader shake his/her head.

Good news, Messieurs Chesnot et Malbrunot will be heading home safe InshAllah in few days.

Salaamu alaikum,

I don't want to repeat what some brs & srs have already said. I can only add what has not been mentioned:
1- I am just as disgusted by what those defamers of Islam are doing to unarmed civilians as you are but I am more disgusted by President Chirac statements "Nous n'allons pas changer la loi de la laicite sur le voil islamique face aux menaces des terrorists" meaning "we will not revoke the ban on Hijab in the face of the terrorist threat. By saying that this heartless conservative truly jeopardizes & cares less about the lives of the two journalists & showed the world that he has less mercy on them than their kidnapers who finally released them yesterday.
3- The lesser Jihad must be performed against invaders (soldiers not against non-combatants tourists & foreigners) until those criminals are driven out of Muslim lands.
4-Romesh Chandra, I would like you being Hindu as I can tell from your name, to say the same to the Hindu extremists in India that went on the killing spree of Muslims & ask your own people to march against injustice done to Muslims in India by the biggest non democratic country in the world. After all you are the one that said: "ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" how about you say that to the Hindus first. Your hate towards us Muslims has a bad smell to it.
5- This week the Muslims moderates & extremists alike marched & spoke out against the actions kidnapers are the Hindus of India ready to do the same against their criminals.

First of all I have to say that I'm delighted to see numerous muslims all around the world to condemn these latest kidnappings. But it doesn't surprise me at all. I've been sure many/most muslims don't agree with these extremist groups and, as been stated in this forum too, are ashamed of their actions.
It is good that they open their mouths and speak against them. I consider it to be one of the main steps to grasp reality to be able to critisize "your own people", to admit that they can commit evil actions even though they uphold the same religious banner.
This applies to every religion. There have been, and still are, many mean,dirty,evil mutha...s that have nerve to call themselves christians publicly. They are my enemy, no matter they are supposed to be my fellow believers.
I don't hesitate to say that a good muslim is better than a lousy christian, simply because I first register several other things than the religious stamps. And (usually) by the moment the question of religion arises, I've already formed some kind of image of the person, which ain't blurred easily afterwards.
So, I wouldn't resist if peaceloving, moderate people of all religions could find some common basis to work together. It's our task to halt many grim prospects to come true some day. Extremists in every camp, whatever they say, work for the common goal. That is disaster.
Fatima wrote:"By Allah the west will never taste peace and security any longer. They must stop banning the command of Allah they must let people wear whatever they want to. If not then hey enjoy kidnapping and killing then."
So you think these kidnappers are commanded by God? Like those who butchered the nepalese, they claimed to carry out the will of God? Maybe you are unaware of the gloomy long list of the people who have claimed to have been carrying out the will of God and then(because of the supreme backup) have commited atrocities out. Last name on this list is GWB. Will of God??I

It is immaterial whether kidnapping and taking hostages has any basis in Islam; what IS IMPORTANT are the actions of muslims. The quotes from Koran do not impress non-muslims; actions of muslims do. Hostages are being taken and muslims are the ones who are taking these hostages, and for non-muslims that is what counts. And all the muslim governments are stone silent; and the so-called muslim ulemas are also stone silent.


I concur with the previous Sr. Marianne put so very well,
1 - Islam forbids any harm to innocent civilians
2 - If there is no structure and true Islamic leadership as a chain of command, then you are not allowed to take up arms
3 - Temporarily emigrating is the first attempt you would make in a hostile situation where your efforts would be futile in that particular situation or circumstance (eg. Nabi Muhammad (saaw) emigrating from Makkah to Medina)
4 - Attempting to influence the judicial process, however unjust it may be, by killing the civilians of that nation in an occupied Islamic country,who were not involved in that judicial-making process of banning the hijab, has no legitimacy by those claiming that it is part of our DEEN!

Sister Fatima As'Saalamu Alaikum, I wanted to say that I totally disagree with you on two points. One, is that regardless of ban in France and regardless of what has been done to certain Muslim nations as a whole, we Muslims still must persevere through patience and through goodwill by upholding the pure message of Islam.

Second it is really bad to say "what goes around comes around" because regardless what nationality you are, life is sacred and innocent people on the fence do not deserve to die. The Hijab ban is a French issue not a world issue. The Muslim immigrants in France must abide by the laws of the land that do not limit their practice. In actuality the ban in public schools (mind you this is only in public schools) does not necessarily restrict them from wearing Hijab in public. Remember to be sensitive...

Kidnapping and murder are wrongful acts, no amount of rationalizing makes them permissible. I, for one am very concerned about the 400 children now being held hostage in Russia by Chechen terrorists. No good can come of this, force only begets more force. Terror only begets more terror. It is not God's will that we kill one another. Jesus said (please know that I respect and admire your religion):"I give you another commandment, love one another"

Kidnappings and subsequent threat of killings/beheadings is unIslamic. Allah ta'ala pohibits such things. AlQur'an says "One, who kills a person without reason, is as if he has killed whole mankind"
The hijaab/headscarf is entirely defferent matter and it has nothing to do with kidnappings.
Allah has commonded women who attains menarche should observe the hijaab. It is God given duty- it is sanctioned in the holy book; Muslim women should observe the hijaab in the presence of "ghair mehram" men either at home or outside.She is Muslim at home and Muslim outside(be at school or at work). If the French Government prohibts you, observing this duty, then it it prohibits the religious freedom for Muslim woman. It means either France dose not understand Islam well or wantonly hurts Muslims. It is indeed deplorable! Secularism has nothing to with upholding religious practice. Let France not be confused with secularism and Islam. France should have known Muslims and Islam well and better;let us not forget that France was a colonial power of many Muslim countries in Africa.
Let the French journalists be released immediately!
Let France understand Islam well and let the ban of headscarf be repealed.
Let the wisdom prevails!

Asalamu alikum (Fatima),

Islam forbids us to kill or harm any innocent civilians.
Muslims are not allowed to take up arms [which is only allowed in defense]outside an organized islamic state, i.e. individual muslims acting outside an organized islamic state are not allowed to take up arms to defend oneself or fellow muslims. this is what islam teaches.
persecuted muslims then would have to try to emigrate and if this is not possible, endure the test Allah has bestowed.
As for muslims living in a non-muslim country, as far as i am aware of, we have to follow the law of that country [in this case France]. we can try to influence the law using legal means. However, if that country creates a law, which is in conflict with the teachings of islam [banning of headscarf], we as Muslims are commanded to either respect that law [and find a compromise, e.g. wear a hat]or if this is not possible to emigrate, to move to a country, which does not curtail the performance of our religious duty to Allah [SWT].
To take up arms or kill or hurt innocent civilians is clearly prohibited in islam and doing so would be a sin.
we might be angry or dissatisfied with france's decision to ban the headscarf, but we should still control ourselves and follow God's commandments. Did not Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] say that the strong one is not the one who wins in a fight, but the one who controls himself when in anger?
Another person sinning should not make us sin, too. It should rather make us look at our actions and speech more carefully to avoid sin.

may Allah [SWT] be pleased with all the Muslims and make them steadfast and strong in patience and perseverance, insh'Allah.

[email protected] C. MCFADDEN FROM DENMARK said:
I really think its so sad to see people demonstrate at the streets of Paris because of some kidnapping episode in Iraq. Why arent people demonstrating against the Guantanamo detainees and jails in Israil?

I think its a shame that even muslims wake up for the case of some french journalists. And to be honest I disagree with them fully because the west is getting what it gave. So what goes around comes around.

Assalam Alaikum,

Its true that kidnapping has no basis in Islam. But we must be realize the fact that the west are really playing with the fire when they Ban such a HUGE case like the Hijab which is commanded by Allah SWT creator of whats between heavens and earth. The west always claims to be a nation who respects Islam and its culture. Yet they ban the Hijab. Then how on earth can the west have "peace"?

By Allah the west will never taste peace and security any longer. They must stop banning the command of Allah they must let people wear whatever they want to. If not then hey enjoy kidnapping and killing then. Its true Islam forbids killing and kidnapping like this but hey what goes around comes around. The west is just getting what it gave.

Allahu Akbar

bismillahir rahmanir raheem. As salaam alaykum to true muslim brothers and sisters. I think that the time for intellectual discussion is over. I think it is time for the majority of the 1.2 Billion Muslims in the world to have their voices heard. I think it is time for Jihad of the tounge of the money and of right actions against the terrorists who are terrorizing Muslims with their actions "in the name of Islam" Well they are not doing these actions in the name of the Islam that I know and love! I think the French Muslim women and maybe women all over the world need to take their Hijab off and tell the kidnappers that they will not put their Hijab back on until the prisoners are released! Are you as sick and tired of this as I am?


Perhaps those perpetrators will be brought to justice. No kidnappers and killers of innocent souls have ever added righteousness to the deeds of any nation. The acts of kidnapping and killings in the name of Allah will only weaken the point of Islam that is already termed as the religion of terrorists that muslims should prove false by righteous living.

Good Article. Killing of 12 Nepalese in the name of Islam..damagesIslam even more than kidnapping..What had the poor Nepalese done to Islam to deserve day for Islam