Darfur Tragedy: Opportunism and Hypocrisy

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The first point to make is that there is indeed a tragedy in the making there. Although some people may be skeptical of the claims being made by Western and international agencies, there is little doubt that the situation is serious, thousands of people having died already and many more facing starvation as a result of the damage caused by the war that has been going since early 2003.

At a time when the Western media and establishment are presenting the tragedy in Darfur as the fault of 'Arab' militias attacking indigenous African communities, and the US government is seeking to exploit the crisis to score brownie points at home and internationally in the run-up to the US presidential elections (and at a time when US policy elsewhere is sinking more than swimming), it is well worth trying to get past the propaganda and misinformation to understand certain underlying realities of the situation in Darfur.

The first point to make is that there is indeed a tragedy in the making there. Although some people may be skeptical of the claims being made by Western and international agencies, there is little doubt that the situation is serious, thousands of people having died already and many more facing starvation as a result of the damage caused by the war that has been going since early 2003. Although some of the predictions being made may be exaggerated for political reasons, or simply to enable aid agencies to raise more much-needed resources, the reality and seriousness of the problems should not be overlooked. No doubt many have died in the region in recent months, and will continue to die in the future, or to live in appalling conditions and suffer terrible hardships; such is the experience of many in all parts of Africa all the time.

However, at the same time, it is worth contextualizing the situation and clarifying some misunderstandings about it. The first point to make is that this is not, as many seem to think, the result of ethnic or religious conflict between 'Arabs' and 'Africans'. There is, as some commentators have attempted to point out, little or no ethnic, religious, linguistic or cultural difference between the groups involved, all of whom are Arabic-speaking African Muslims. The phrase 'Arab militias' is a gross misnomer based on the attempts by some Sudanese political groups to misrepresent the situation in the same Arab (and therefore Muslim) vs. African terms that they have imposed on problems elsewhere in Sudan. This misrepresentation of the situation is, of course, one that appeals to the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bias in the West. Instead the essence of the conflict is a tribal one, between different tribal groups, on the traditional issues of control of land and other resources, particularly water. In a relatively objective analysis published in October last year, before the issue became politicized, the UN media services characterized the problem in the following terms:

"The conflict pits farming communities against nomads who have aligned themselves with the militia groups -- for whom the raids are a way of life -- in stiff competition for land and resources. The militias, known as the Janjaweed, attack in large numbers on horseback and camels, and are driving the farmers from their land, often pushing them towards town centers."

This traditional-style African conflict has been exacerbated by the growing armed conflict between two local armed groups and the Sudanese government. This broke out early last year, when the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) launched attacks on military bases and government installations in the region. The SLA claimed to be responding to the government's neglect of the region, an allegation not borne out by the facts. Since the Bashir government came to power in 1989, the number of schools in the region has risen from 16 to over 250, and the number of school students from 27,000 to 440,000. Three new airports have been built, and the road network has been expanded threefold.

In fact, the SLA, whose support is based largely on the Zaghawa tribe that straddles the Sudan-Chad border, has clear links with outside powers, who are arming and equipping it to undermine Khartoum. Although much has been made of the Sudanese government's alleged links with the Janjaweed, UN observers have noted that the SLA have better weapons than the Sudanese army, and have been receiving supplies by air, indicating the sort of backing that can only come from states. SLA gunmen are reported to be operating in groups of up to 1,000 men in four-wheel-drive vehicles: very different from the horses and camels reportedly used by the Janjaweed.

That the SLA should receive outside support to fight the Khartoum government is hardly surprising. Sudan's long-running and devastating civil war has long been sustained by support for anti-government forces from neighboring regimes, including Chad, encouraged and supported by Western states seeking to destabilize what is seen as an Islamic regime. The conflict in Darfur is clearly part of this pattern, raising questions about who should really be held responsible for the undeniable suffering of the Sudanese people: the outside powers deliberately stoking war for their own political agendas, or the government trying to defend itself?

The West's involvement in Darfur, despite the suffering caused to thousands of people, should come as no surprise. They demonstrated in Iraq in the 1990s their willingness to inflict massive suffering on civilians through economic warfare in pursuit of their political goals. Even more hypocritical, however, is their attempt now to step forward as champions of the oppressed, talking of possible humanitarian intervention to save the starving people of Darfur. Given their record elsewhere, no-one can take seriously their claims of humanitarian concern. At a time when the US's reputation is in tatters and the Bush regime is facing political crisis at home, the sudden concern for Darfur can only be seen as another opportunistic political ruse; the tragedy is that the political impact of their interference can only encourage those genuinely responsible for the problems in Darfur, and make the situation even worse for Sudan's long-suffering people.

Source: Crescent International

  Category: Africa, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War
Views: 11540

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Salam to Muslims and Peace to the people of book

Let's make the prayer :'

Al-Imran (The Family of Imran)

3:61 And if anyone should argue with thee about this [truth] after all the knowledge that has come unto thee, say: "Come! Let us summon our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves; and then let us pray [together] humbly and ardently, and let us invoke God's curse upon those [of us] who are telling a lie." [48]

May Allah Guide us in truth.



I watched and this and cried....

Panorama BBC1 Sunday 3rd July 21:15 GMT "Bystanders - Dafur and the promises Broken"


Peace for All.

P.S. for Hudd

I see what you type, however reality bites for the innocent, when you seek to be obtuse.

"Paul" means "humble" in Latin. There is no wrong in this attribute.

From me (paul), to you (hudd).... Salam A Lekum.

Peace is the only option.

Paul, I can't figure you out. I try to make sense of your address to me:"PS Hudd, I was nearly tempted to trash your comments, but I see passion, however misguided. Remember when you point your finger and accuse there are three fingers pointing back at you! Peace and respect always." Let me answer you in sequence of your delirium: #1-Whether you trash or not my comments it is irrevelant to the situation in Darfur and wouldn't prove anything but your human nature of being able to choose. What are you saying? that you are a free man? We all knew that. #2-Passion there is, misguided? Your .. government, yes, Hudd D'Alhamd, Allah knows better. #3-Three fingers pointing back to me? Like in the trinity? The Father, the son and the holy ghost? I don't think so. I have one judge,pal, that's God the Lord of the Universe. #4-Peace and respect always? Yeah, teach your children that, and teach them that not only westerners are humans but also those that have other system of believes.
P.S. How very funny, the Sudanese are different but belonging to one nation? France or any western country is one homogenoius nation, hm, that sounds fascist to me, since France is not 100% French, nor any western nation and I'm not talking about recent immigration. Why would we divide Sudan in ethnicities and religions you said? .. 99% of the country is Muslim. I know the answer, to destroy it make out of a big country several small ones and possibly democratic, secular, christian and maybe jewish!
.., Paul, get more info, like I said I was in Sudan many years ago and had in mind to settle there, luckily I didn't, maybe I would have settled on the wrong side of the fence and now I would be crying for help. God's ways are inscrutable.
Peace out!

To say all the Sudanese are the same is ignorant and plain wrong: all of them have a long and noble histories; they share rich and diverse cultures; they have different religions, customs, languages and ethnicity ...the Sudanese are different from one another, but share the same nationality. They may aspire to peace and prosperity but they must respect each other's differences first.

As for the warring factions have a look at their websites and see it from their prospective and agendas.. This is far better than the name calling and blaming, as expressed by the article and some commentators.

Sudan Government:

SPLM / A (Sudan People's Liberation Movement / Army):

JEM (Justice and Equality Movement):
http://www.sudanjem.com/english/english.html (look at 'info' for an interesting read)

And one to look at from another perspective:

All I know is that superiority, pride and jealously leads to conflict. However respect, generosity, piety, community, humility and equality leads to peace. (This is far better explained by Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi....respect and peace... http://www.islamicity.com/articles/Articles.asp?ref=IC0211-1795)

Peace for all

PS Hudd, I was nearly tempted to trash your comments, but I see passion, however misguided. Remember when you point your finger and accuse there are three fingers pointing back at you! Peace and respect always.

A. C FROM UK said:
H.A. (comment 26070) I totally agree with you on this.
The more "Freedom Fries" the installed and imposed tyrannical rulers of the Muslim countries eat the more they bow down to their master the USA and the West in general.
Don't forget the USA's mott: Freedom for us tyrany for the rest, especally the muslims.
Summary: Muslims are to blame and God knows that they will pay for it on the day of Judgement for sitting on their hands and doing nothing in the face of tyranny, oppression and persecution.

Sirius as always your comments irritate me as an oft recurring piles! First of all, stop the ethnic cleansing crap! There are two tribal fractions that kill one another to extinction and there are also anti-governmental actions. I don't say it's right. I do not particularly endorse the Sudanese government policies. If you asked me, I wouldn't make my home in Sudan if you made me the president of that country, savvy? All what you say and others of your ilk is sheer assuption, assuption that you wish to put a black spot on the Muslims. Why don't you mind of your own business and assume things about your wife for a change? How easy is to blame and find faults as against finding solutions and deliver relief! You know nothing about Africa or Sudan or Islam or Arabs or the ethnicity of Sudan and how are they represented in their government. You know what you read in your stupid western newspapers. ..Peace out!

Don't stop revealing the truth. May Allah give the aggressor the hikmah.

The author wrote:"Sudan's long-running and devastating civil war has long been sustained by support for anti-government forces from neighboring regimes, including Chad, encouraged and supported by Western states seeking to destabilize what is seen as an Islamic regime. The conflict in Darfur is clearly part of this pattern, raising questions about who should really be held responsible for the undeniable suffering of the Sudanese people: the outside powers deliberately stoking war for their own political agendas, or the government trying to defend itself?

The West's involvement in Darfur, despite the suffering caused to thousands of people, should come as no surprise."
It's tragicomical to see the same people who are eager to blame europeans for expelling indians
in america not to confess what's going on in Sudan. I know it's hard. There has to be western conspiracy behind it!
Anywhere else on the globe the actions carried out by janjaweed would be classified as ethical cleansing in a second. But, when it happens to be a muslim state,some people think, this simply can't happen. Kategorially not.

Muslims are to blame. There are too many of them, especially the leaders, who are busy eating "freedom fries" with enemies of Islam and Muslims. Hence, they've forgotten about Muslims issues and don't give a damn about the welfare of Muslims...

Summary: Muslims are to blame.


As salaamu alaykum,
It appears to me that this violence is geared
toward another opportunity for the USA to sit
back until thousands more have died. In the
end, the USA will intervene at the right time
to take over another homeland of a people of
color. The USA wants that land as bad as
they want Iraq and will probably
"save the day" in a Democratic way.
The people who are suffering, the people
who are starving.......they are all expendable
as long as the end result is the same.
To those who are responsible, may Allah
have mercy on you.
Peace and Blessings

Salaam wa alkum

You have got to be kidding me Muslims are killing Muslims and we act as if this is okay!!! The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) enacted rules for war, do not kill woman and children do not kill the old do not burn fields! If this was meant for Non-Muslim Arabs, it most defiantly should apply to MUSLIM Non-Arabs. WE need to clean house ourselves if we want to get the west of collective backs! That means taking care of tyrants who use Islam to do the most heinous and Un-Islamic acts! About the only thing I can agree on is that Arabs and Africans in the Sudan as in other parts of Africa look alike.

Crescent International appears to be saying that the suffering in the Dafur region is not as bad as was reported by Christian relief agencies and that, in any event, whether by action or inaction, American politicians and Christian militants are entirely to blame for it. Interesting choice for a title by the way.

My understanding is that when Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassalam) instructed his ummah to prevent the Muslim from being an oppressor, there was silence. Yes, dear Zinedine, today Yahya is still too impulsive and the Ummah is still silent. Some things never seem to change. (Astaghfirullah.)

You can almost smell the ethnicity, superiority and pride in some of these comments. And it stinks.

Why can't you help instead of blame?

Hmm...Muslim Nation / Umma... .. . Hypocrisy will lead to Damnation.

Peace for All.

Wow, wow, wow! Ya muslimun! Bring it down a notch! It's kind of creepy the way you attack this article. What heck got in to you people? Neither the article nor any pro comment on this site denied the hostilities! You Paul are the tool of the day, if you know what that means. I ended whatever you called it with "Peace" because I am a Muslim, as my name and attitute and maybe knowledge shows it. For you to make that comment when you bear the name of the person that altered the Islamic message of Jesus Christ to the nowadays errant denominations it is not ridiculous, but rather tasteless and spooky!
I will speak on behalf of Crescent International, Adam Ibrahim Muhammad and my dear old friend, Zinedine. We, meaning the ones mentioned, did not deny the disaster of Darfur, we just did not believe a one-sided fabricated report from the enemies of Islam, UN! We understand that there is a big problem causing a hell of a situation, but we we'll not allow the UN or the Jewish lead media to educate us. They did it enough with Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ruwanda, Zair/Congo(millions died in Congo, who cares? Do you, Paul body?). The situation in Sudan is complex, outsiders even Muslims from whatever country was suggested could not perceive all the intrications of those issues! Why? Would the Turkish government understand the Sudanese? Or the Saudis? Who the Iranians? Pakistanis? Oh, and if this cannot be resolved with outside Muslim force American style, then we call in Rambo(Bush)? What the hell is wrong with you, o, Muslims?! The problem of Sudan should be resolved by the Sudanese people! Do we not all cry that the Iraqi affairs should be left on the Iraqis? Didn't Iraqis had issues with Shia and Kurds? Wasn't this used as one of the pretexes to remove Sadam? Do we have now better? You want a Sudanese Abu Ghraib? Another Muslim country in ruins? All we say, let the Sudanese resolve their differences and pray for them, help them with counsel and advice and relief.

I am aware of some respected Muslim Americans trying to organize our Muslims brothers and sisters to speak out effectively and constructively on this tragedy of the mass killing, raping, and also of the potential deaths of over a million Muslim people of Darfur through starvation and disease caused by the Sudanese government backing of the destructive Janjaweed.
(Ya Allah please help the suffering people in this critical situation... Ameen) If anyone wants to help, please email me, Omer, at:
[email protected]
My personal understanding is that because Muslim countries worldwide are not doing their duty to intervene to stop the killing and starving and because the nonrepresentative Sudanese government is not fulfilling its responsibility to protect the people in Darfur, we have no choice if we want to help prevent the deaths of 1.5 million Muslims...we will be partly complicit if we try to prevent intervention...we must urge international intervention...intervention by the African Union can also help and must be promoted but we must urge a large enough intervention by the African Union to protect the people.
The Sudanese government needs to understand that an intervention to protect the people and secure the delivery of aid is good because it will protect the people of Darfur and prevent a tremendous amount of deaths...Let us all pray to Allah, subhana wa ta 'ala, to open the hearts of the Sudanese government officials and urge them to fulfill their Islamic duty in protecting the people and in welcoming any intervention to help prevent over a million deaths.

Salaamu alaikum,

I am glad brother Hudd is here to support the truth. He can take care of these guys alone. There is an Arabic proverb that goes: " Maa ashbaha lyawma bil bariha" meaning: Wow, today really looks like yesterday.
There is another one in French that goes: "Cherchez la femme" meaning look for a woman meaning a woman is behind every trouble because I am not sexist I changed it to: "Cherchez l'Amerique" meaning look for America. You know what I mean if you are slow it means: America's foreign policy makers. We know them by their fruits.

I just love the people of Sudan; most of them are even nicer than my people: the Moors!


Whatever the reasons that the conflict first emerged in Darfur, there is absolutely no justification for the extremely disproportionate actions done by the nonrepresentative Sudanese government in arming the Janjaweed (bandits, criminals, and Black Arab tribesmen) to kill and rape huge numbers of people, and uproot millions of people from their homes. As a Muslim, I am shocked how we rightfully get upset if hear that our Palestinian brethren were killed, but some of us try to find excuses for the murder of tens of thousands of Muslims with darker color skin and instead of urging the international community to save the 1.5 million Muslims who may soon die of starvation and disease, some of us are trying to prevent such an intervention! Shame on us! Allah will probably not forgive us for this! I plead my brothers and sisters to keep an open mind. We will pay greatly here and in the hereafter unless we mobilize to demand the world to immediately do 2 objectives: provide security to the displaced people and to secure the delivery of aid. These 2 objectives will not result in an attack on Khartoum; it will rather save millions of our brothers and sisters. We must demand Sudan to do a huge amount more to protect the people...and to stop putting "big pressure" on people in camps to go to their unsafe villages which have no food:"Thousands of Sudanese who fled their homes because of attacks by government-backed militias in the Darfur region are being forced to leave refugee camps and return to their villages, Jan Egeland,the U.N. humanitarian chief, recently said. [Egeland] said the United Nations has received reports of 'big pressure' forcing people from camps in western Darfur. 'This enforced movement of people is very, very, very, very worrisome at the moment,' he said. 'This is one of the key points to monitor in the next days and weeks---that return is voluntary, and that security is re-established for the civilian population.'" (Associated Press, July 15, 200

It's a bit of an ignorant article, it's far more complex than it makes out. For a full blown analysis of the tribal nature of the conflict look at http://www.ifaanet.org/The%20Inversion%20of%20Ethnicity.htm (written in 1997!)

I don't care what tribe / ethnicity they claim to be ...it is still MUSLIMS KILLING MUSLIMS.

4:93 "If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (For ever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him."

In fact I don't care what religion they are. Murder is murder.

5:32 "... whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if be had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind."

Peace for All

P.S. Hudd you end your diatribe with 'Peace'...very ironic.

It is obvious that the ruling government in Sudan cannot
or will not control the situation. There should be no
doubt that the correct thing to do is intervene and stop
this crisis before it gets worse. Given time hundreds of
thousands will die instead of the estimated 30,000 that
are all ready dead. To claim the West is going to inflict
suffering cannot be taken seriously. If Sudanese and
Muslim pride is more important than human life more
will die and the blood will be on their hands. By
distorting the truth you give sanction to the Janjaweed
terrorists and have already bloodied your hands. When
people decide to do what is right and work for progress
their problems will disappear.

How can the crescent international insult our intelligence. Although most of the tribes are black (in the color of their skins), nomades have always been a problem in the history of Africa. After having capitulated to the south under the leadership of Bush, General Bashir has betrayed the islamic movement. And this conflit is the result of his treason of the mujahideen, who sacrificed themselves for Islam and the Unity of Sudan. The Janjaweed remind me of those berbers in Mauritania who believe that they are superior to us living in Senegal. As my Kunia says I am from the fulani nation and we know first hand the oppression of 'muslim-berbers'. The same thing applies to the arabs be they Irak, Algerians, Saoudi and even Pakistani etc... The problem that our oummah face is to come back to the teaching of the Quran in our heart and minds.
'O mankind we have created you from a male and a female. and have made you into nation and tribe so you might relate to each other' and not kill each other or enslave each other.
It is time to reform our way if we want to become victorious again.
'Allah will not change the condition of a nation until it changes itself'
Let us not be credulous, there is a problem in us. I do not blame my ennemy for fighting me, but I will blame myself for not being ready for the fight. WE need to tell the truth to the Sudanese Governement with its corruption and lack of sincerity.
May Allah bless the mujahedeen in Darfur and destroy the Janjaweed.


salaam wa alaikum.
"you alone do we worship and your aide do we seek".....(suratul al-fatiha). brothers and sisters we have to realized, open our eyes, understand and most of all (think). why is everyone pointing the blame, ie. because this country did this or this country did that, or had it not been for such and such....people please. lets ask this question are these people worshipping their creator, are they commiting shirk, do they adhere to the quran and sunnah. this is a punishment from allah and not only to this country but any other country who has earned allahs anger of what their hands has done. lets stop pointing the finger and ask allah's forgivenes as it is only he who can remove the infliction on these people. no matter how hard we come together to help any counry in need, it will do no good by allah's decree. we must understand the taweed, we must adhere to the sunnah. we must follow the shariah. and if we dont then know that allah will send his punishment in the form he sees fit. may allah forgive us our sins and guide us aright, ameen.

This article is an unfortunate product of a mind ill-
prepared to dismantle stubborn paradigms. It was a only
matter of time before Muslims cite the West for the disaster
of Darfur, which is fully the concoction of modern Muslims
and their movement ethos. This article should never have
seen the light of day. Such mental shrinkage belongs on the
shelf. No wonder the author's name is withheld.

In order to disarm the West from this successful (to them, anyway) tactic of 'intervention', we should ourselves be doing something to defuse the situation. Although most of our countries try not to meddle in other countries, when Muslims are killing Muslims, perhaps the Muslim world should try to do something to fix the situation?

The truth about Dafur and Sudanese crisis is finally trickling out. This is hoping that it is not the case of too little too late, as the UN or US, whichever you choose they are one and the same, had already seen the crisis in the eyes of the Western media.

The call here is for all muslims to open their eyes and see the evil machinations of the crusaders of total anihilation of the muslims, in fact the entire world and act towards thwarting their efforts. They may have the guns, but we have faith, faith in Allah, so lets get going. How about checking the excesses of our home governments first, they are so blinded with the US Dollars and the material gains of this world that they are selling the DEEN and US for miserable price. Lets reflect and ponder and act. The time is now.


Whatever games neighbouring countries maybe playing in the Darfur region, the fact still remains that mass-murder is being carried out.

UN observers, human right organizations, and the victims themselves have reported that the Sudanese army is fighting side by side with the Janjaweed. This is simply Muslim on Muslim violence and it needs to stop. If Muslims slaughter one another they way the Janjaweed is doing (and others have done in the past) than just what justification do Muslims have to criticize America or Israel. Muslims don't need America or Israel to kill Muslims, they do it pretty much themselves.

...and if the rebels are better equiped then the Sudanese army, as the article claims, then why are the victims overwhelmingly Darfurian "Africans"

Even though there is a context to the conflict, this does not take away from the fact that Muslims are killing Muslims and the Muslim world is sitting idly by.

Alhamdulillah. I was waiting for an article like this. I was in Sudan many years ago and I kew and even posted my comment that all the people living in Sudan were black/African for God's sake, regardless of what language they might speak and believe me ereywhere I went Arabic was the language of conversation! God bless you Crescent International for clearing this doubt from the hearts of the Muslims. This is another wake-up call for people all over the world to the sordid means of the media to gain political support for governments that are promoting Israel and are sworn enemies to Islam and bound on destroying the Arab nation and the spirit of the Ummah!
The new crusades are here, girdle up, o nation of the Saracens! Salah id-Deen is dead, the Mamelukes are gone, who will be there to fight the neocrusaders?
May Allah grant us the means to the final victory, insha'allah!